Yes, the time is imminent and draws ever closer. The time draws closer for what? The End Time or the end of this age or the Fourth Age of man and the entrance of the Messiah draws close.

Before this topic is introduced, it would be wise of me to say a few things. In over half a million written words and hundreds and hundreds of quoted verses and hadiths, I believe that only around 5 or so hadiths were mentioned but the source was not given. That is not a problem because the hadiths I use are from approved and well known sources. However, there is one saying I used which I cannot document and that was made clear to the reader in open terms. The statement was that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) {supposedly} stated that no man can love Jesus the son of Mary more than him. I remember reading that statement but I can’t recall where I took it from.

I say this because I will introduce another statement which I am under the impression comes from either the Dead Sea Scrolls, Old Testament or New Testament or perhaps it came in a dream – I just don’t recall. That statement, which I will discuss later, Insha ALLAH, states that there is one country whose demise, or destruction will cause the nations of the world to weep and the understanding of why that is important. Now to get back to the topic at hand.

When certain things that have been covered are uncovered, then expect the Messiah – Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) to enter the Earth’s environs in a few decades at best. And certain things in this article will be uncovered to make things clear from whence things were not so clear as before. With the aid of the Holy Records, Comparative Religion and scientific probabilities, things will be made clear. Yet things take thought and real deep thought to comprehend. In life’s simplicity there is extreme complexity if only one would understand and be patient.

Literally what that amounts to is that only a partial sentence from all the books in all the libraries that have ever existed in the world will be presented and hopefully that will be enough to open up an understanding. Anything beyond that simple understanding is dangerous and frivolous guessing that adds nothing but inventive confusion. Therefore it is prohibited.

There is a marvelous oneness and harmony in this physical universe that can be appreciated by the rational man who attempts, just for the sake of ALLAH, to wonder about HIS ABSOLUTE GREATNESS, PERFECTION AND POWER AND ALL THE OTHER EXHAULTED ATTRIBUTES ATTRIBUTED TO HIM FROM HIS NAMING OF THEM.

It may have sounded somewhat cheeky coming from this source to challenge the New Testament’s saying that there were not three wisemen to visit the baby Jesus but there were actually five wisemen who came to pay homage to that blessed baby sent from on high. These five wisemen were the symbolic representatives of the five races of people that inhabit the Earth.

ALLAH is the AUTHOR of SALVATION and no one else! The Holy Records agree about this.

I, even I, am the LORD; and besides ME there is NO SAVIOR.      Isaiah (43: 11)

To the ONLY WISE GOD our SAVIOR, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, both now and ever. Ameen      Jude (1: 25)

Jesus the Christ is the ‘opener’ for salvation as it was set in him to open those doors that salvation would come. Some people might think that the ONE GOD is jumping around like an imaginary Santa Claus or his helpers in dabbling here and there in soul development but GREATER IS HE than that and truly ‘NO just estimate does man have of the ONE GOD’.

Can it be proven? Of course it can be proven! All ALLAH had to do was say “BE” and so it became – unfolded. As to Jesus, the New Testament itself declares that Jesus (pbh) ‘opened the door’ or WAY for the salvation of mankind:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on {in} me the works that I do shall he do also; and greater {shall be his} works than these {I have done} shall he do; because I go unto my Father {CREATOR LORD}        John (14: 12)

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I depart {and go into the heavens}; for if I do not go away, the Comforter {Prophet Muhammad (pbh)} will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will { he will be sent unto you}.

And when he {this blessed soul for salvation is come}, he will {be the prophet to the entire world as} he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness {by commanding man that which to do as holy as he will bring his DIVINELY GIVEN LAW} and of {Divine} Judgment {to come}:

Of sin because they believe not {the truth} on me; of righteousness because {I have been made clean and} I go to my Father {CREATOR LORD};

Of judgment {to come} because the prince of this world {has been judged and found acceptable to the ONE GOD}.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but you will not be able to bear them now.

However, when he {of whom I spoke} {that is the spirit of truth or trustworthy soul} he will be the one to guide you into all truth {for salvation} for he shall not speak of himself {glorify in himself} but whatsoever shall he hear {receive by the spirit that brings Revelation} that shall he declare {directly to you} and he will show you {the future of} things to come.                           John (16: 7: 13)

It is clear from the New Testament for those who understand that Jesus opened the door for salvation and that this salvation will be the blessed ‘kingdom’ led by the Messiah (Jesus) to come. Furthermore, this blessed kingdom which I have discussed at some length in some of my writings will be a kingdom with the Quran as its Book and the Sunnah as its Law – except for one small Sunnah of taxing non-Muslims because there will exist none but Muslim people… until the time that ALLAH decides.

So now we can go to the Dead Sea Scrolls and actually figure out what one of the sayings mean. That saying has a group of people (prophets) sitting at a table with two other prophets – that have a prominent position or role – the priest-king and the king. No one can partake of the ‘blessed food’ or peoples as each prophet has a set of followers (from none to a huge number) UNTIL the priest-king BLESSES THE FOOD and NOT EVEN THE KING HIMSELF CAN EAT OF THAT FOOD UNTILL THE TIME OF THE MESSIAH COMPLETING HIS TASK ON EARTH. THEN WHEN ALLAH WILLS AND ONLY WHEN ALLAH WILLS SHALL THE RESURECTION AND THE SORTING OUT OF SOULS BEGIN.

Why is it that there were five wisemen instead of three? I cannot imagine that salvation is for only three races instead of the five races. And we know from hadiths that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) could look from horizon to horizon and see his people such that Muslims compromise the 5 races of peoples that inhabit the Earth.

It would be strange indeed for the Messiah to be a Sign for only three races of mankind. Indeed! These two souls will be buried together and will be raised up together. What a harmonious piece of work and skilful planning from the ONE WHO IS BEST TO PLAN AND TO CARRY OUT HIS PLAN TO PERFECTION!!!

Take a close look at your hand. It is one hand but it has five fingers. The five fingers represent the five races of mankind that was originally one harmonious community. Now look at a very highly intelligent non-human creature. The dolphin has a very complex language with complex behavior but it has flippers instead of fingers. It is partly the fingers that allowed mankind to rise above the complexities of the animal kingdom and symbolizes man’s superiority.

The five fingers into one hand represent as a symbol the five daily prayers that needs be done by the Muslim community (a one brotherhood of believers) as a unifying faith in behavior of oneness – for our LORD is ONE. Some people may be so clever as to suggest that we don’t have only one hand but actually we have two hands. That is true but there is a type of symmetry involved here. Yet some clever people are going to be sticky on that issue and won’t let it go. I say, “Well good for them” but that will not be a problem.

Ten fingers times the five races equals the number 50. In a correct hadith, Prophet Muhammad (pbh) in his Ascension into the heavens was told to establish 50 daily prayers. After repeated consultation with Moses (pbh) that number was reduced to 5 daily prayers by ALLAH BUT WITH THE GRACIOUSNESS AND MERCY OF ALLAH THE NUMBER OF DAILY PRAYERS BEING REDUCED TO FIVE WILL STILL COUNT AS 50 FOR THE MUSLIMS!!!*

Millions of years ago man entered this realm or Earth’s environs but was NOT considered firm in his resolve. Man entered Earth as five races at relatively the same time so as to learn from each other so to speak. However, they entered more or less as what I would call ‘expressions’ and not to be thought of as what we see of man today. In fact, that was mentioned in one of my books in developing the Six Ages of man theory such that man was in ages gone by more spiritually oriented and less physically oriented than we see at present.

WE had already beforehand taken the covenant of adam** but he forgot and WE found on his part no firm resolve.   Q (20: 115)

Several things lead to that conclusion. The first thing is the topic of fallen angels as recorded in the Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, in the Pure Word (the Quran) we know that angels cannot fall but rather must be strictly obedient to their LORD. Therefore, these so-called angelic creatures were what has been described as above or ‘expressions’.

They (the angels) fear their LORD, HIGH above them, and they do ALL that they are commanded.     Q (16: 50)

The next thing that gives us a clue to this puzzle comes from science. The discovery of hominoid creatures that look like apish or monkeyish shapes found in the ground as fossils. Once they were considered to be the tricks of Satan put in the earth to confuse people. Moreover, scientists at one time believed that they could detect a history (the family tree) of ancient prehistoric man as it made progress from ‘monkey or ape to civilized man’.

According to the scientists, that theory proved to be wrong as modern day scientists have uncovered much evidence to suggest that the complete opposite is true. It now appears under the modern findings that these apish creatures sometimes advanced and sometimes fell backwards on the so-called evolutionary scale. In addition to this, there have been findings showing that several very different species of these creatures existed at the same time and at the same place. For example, at one place and at the same time there appeared at least three different upright walking hominids – a giant, a smallish one and a dwarf type creature.

In topping this off it does appear that a possible form of cannibalism may have been practiced between the different species although that is not known for sure. What does this mean? It means several things but it is important to stay on safe ground rather than inventing things that never occurred.

Current theories suggest that modern man developed from what I call these ‘freakish’ forms. Scientists believe in general that man developed from an animal called a monkey or ape and before that he should be able to trace part of his lineage back to the cockroach and beyond! This must be the ‘one follows the other theory’.

Another desperate twist to that theory for those who are uncomfortable with the notion of a cockroach being one’s distant relative is that a completely new and perhaps unrelated animal to the monkey or ape made some kind of magical appearance on this Earth and started changing every so often from primitive primate-like to modern human.

There is a problem with this theory. It is blasphemous because it shows that there is a god who is tinkering around in trying to get his creation perfect but needs lots of trials and errors to try and get it straight while sometimes going backwards instead of forwards.

A problem with the monkey-ape theory is very laughable. It shows a multitude of many creatures hard at work developing future human traits but that when modern man came along, these creatures must of got together to agree to stop progressing. I mean why practice walking upright or developing a rational language or even a human hand shape. It already has been taken. Besides, living in a city can be worse than living in a jungle, so why bother being human.

Another key is found in the anatomical attachment of the spine to the head region. As an example of how scientists have progressed at ‘reading bones’ one can take a look at the famous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. Several decades ago, this dinosaur was pictured as walking upright at approximately 18 to 20 feet tall. However, modern science upon reading the skeletal features together with the muscle and ligament connections of this animal has declared that if this animal tried that maneuver, its back would become broken. So now we know that Tyrannosaurus Rex actually moved with its head and tail nearly parallel to the ground.

The most recent finding of prehistoric hominids places a certain creature’s existence to be around 7 or so million years ago. This creature while looking quite like a monkey actually walked upright like a man. This intelligence was gathered by using advanced technology to study the placement of the backbone in connection with the opening of the skull. In other words, it was no monkey or ape but a creature that actually walked upright in its natural style. No monkey or ape has ever had that bone alignment for upright walking. And even in this modern age, no monkey or ape has developed that trait.

It appears that we are stuck but that is NOT the case. The human consciousness is a strange entity and sometimes it can sense things deep in the recesses of the sub-conscious and have a form of what some people call creativity by reflection. That would be too difficult to explain so I use the term ‘there is nothing new underneath the Sun’ showing that the wheel revolves again and again. It may be a different terrain and a different time but if a certain section of the wheel was painted, one would see the general trend keep repeating itself.

This is nothing radically new in religion by the way as prophet after prophet came to their peoples about generally the same things and nation after nation fell and rose due to disobedience and obedience. The sun rises every day and sets every day and the Earth spins around and around. The seasons change but they get repeated. This is really too simple of an explanation but it generally holds water.

When looking at that valuable and great creation of man by which man should be very humbled and grateful, one will be sickened and horrified by the book written by H. G. Wells or the 1996 movie, The Island of Doctor Moreau. For sure over 90% of this book or movie can be called fantasy-fiction but man has been known to vilify his true nature or greatness by turning away from his CREATOR LORD and trying to become himself a god even though he was brought into existence by the MOST HIGH, the MOST PURE, HOLY, EXHAULTED and GREATEST ALLAH.

Man can only glimpse the past as if trying to see a picture in a completely darkened room – and that is for man’s benefit or for his sanity. However, in trusting in his CREATOR LORD, he may yet seek out an understanding to his LORD’s GREATNESS as well as his total dependence on HIM.

So what is man? Synonymous with the name of man is adam – the five races of man. We are not talking {at this particular time} about Adam (pbh) the first prophet to mankind.  Adam (pbh) as was suggested in some of my writings came around 250,000 years ago but ALLAH KNOWS BEST. He, being a member of the brotherhood of prophets was NOT negligent, slovenly or slow to do his duty. As all of the prophets, Adam’s (pbh) eyes did sleep but his heart did not and he is greatly honored by his CREATOR LORD.

ALLAH did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham and the family of ‘Imran above all people

Offspring one of the other and ALLAH Hears and Knows all things.   Q (3: 33-34)

As was said before, adam is synonymous with mankind or the five races. This name adam can be likened to a collective noun in English like the words ‘family’ or ‘team’ and the five races being of one community formed a ‘he’ rather than a them. This adam was made to swear his fealty and strict devotion to his CREATOR LORD but ‘he’ wandered off the True Path. Hence, adam fell into disgrace and was covered with darkness.

When your LORD drew forth from the Children of Adam – from their loins – their descendents {all together} and made them testify concerning themselves (saying): “Am I not your LORD (WHO cherishes you and sustains you)?” They said: “Yes! We do testify {to the truth of this matter}!” (This), lest you should say on the Day of Judgment: “Of this we were never mindful {aware}”.

Or lest you should say; “Our fathers before us took false gods but we are (their) descendents after them: will YOU then destroy us because of the deeds of men who followed falsehood.      Q (7: 172-173)

As I have alluded to before, mankind forms groups or nations like the many leaves of a tree. Each nation or group is separate and has an appointed beginning and an appointed end so that another group or nation may take its place. For example, we don’t mix the Ad peoples with the Thamud peoples. When the Ad peoples were dealt with in all fairness and justification, they were locked up and ceased to exist as a viable nation. In other words, they were history.

Abu Huraira reported ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) as saying: “Souls are troupes collected together and those who familiarized with each other (in the heaven from where these come) would have affinity with one another (in the {physical} world and those amongst them who opposed each other (in the heaven) would also be divergent (in the world).”   (Muslim)

Hazrat Ibn ‘Umar relates that the Holy Prophet (pbh) said, “When ALLAH inflicts punishment on a people{s}, it covers all the (members) of that people. But on the Day of Judgment they will be raised up according to their conduct in life.”   (Bukhari and Muslim)

Some people are going to be hollering and raging against this idea because in their minds this will cancel out the Islamic notion of Fitra. So who told them that? It most definitely does NOT cancel out the notion of Fitra! And we can get that idea from Paul no less as is found in the New Testament and this is yet another key for our understanding.

Because the law works wrath {as in one willingly breaking the law laid down by the prophets}: for where there is no law {no prophet giving the WORD}, there is no transgression.                Romans (4: 15)

(For until the law {before the law of Guidance brought by the prophets} sin {corruption} was{evil was indeed practiced} in the world; but sin IS NOT IMPUTED WHEN THERE IS NO LAW.   Romans (5: 13)

Behold, your LORD said to the angels, “I will create a vicegerent on Earth.” They {the angels said}, “Will YOU place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood while we do celebrate YOUR PRAISES and GLORIFY YOUR HOLY (NAME)?” HE {ALLAH} said, “I KNOW what you do not know.”              Q (2: 30)

If sin is not imputed upon those particular souls, therefore the concept of Fitra still stands!!! So how do we know that? By the simple reasoning that millions of years ago is a time period that CAME BEFORE THE FIRST PROPHET Adam (pbh). ALLAH ALONE KNOWS BEST!

According to the misconceptions of many so-called born again Christians, the above sayings of Paul supposedly mean their peculiar belief in Jesus (pbh) declares their freedom against the stain of the finality or accountability of sins in that Jesus, their personal savior, died for their sins. However, Jesus declared:

Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am NOT come to destroy but to fulfill {accomplish}.          Matthew (5: 17)

The Big Bang Theory has been shown to be discussed in the Quran. However, some people might deny this because they do not find the exact words ‘Big Bang Theory’ in the Quran. And according to some religious program I watched, it was stated that ‘some scholars’ answered a roundabout statement of why the city of Medina feels more comfortable than the city of Makkah in the hearts of many even though the prayer value (which is extremely important) is 100 times more in Makkah than Medina. The answer given was concerning the nature of Muhammad (pbh) which may have been extracted from Q (9: 61) and the speaker ended with the appropriate statement that ALLAH KNOWS BEST.

The above is pointed out to show that it is permissible to be able to think about things as long as one is NOT trying to spread mischief or engage in random, frivolous speculation.

This leads yet to another notion and that is that man is a heavenly creature first and foremost. According to Abu Huraira, mankind has some sort of experiences in the heavens which reflect his relationships no matter how complicated with those he will meet again on the Earth. This I noted in my discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls topic of the sons of light and the sons of darkness and the war waged between them. However, to dwell on these things beyond the knowledge that is given is most definitely and strongly discouraged.

So what is the difference between adam and the sons of Adam (pbh)? This then is important for our understanding. The sons of Adam (pbh) are those who came in likeness to Adam or what can be said as those who came in the flesh as what we today would call human beings. Salvation is NOT given to ‘expressions’ but to those who enter into this world in the flesh after the likeness of their father Adam (pbh). Therefore, the great holy war or the war of the nefs is born such that man toils on hopefully making himself presentable to his LORD.

Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) who is honored in this world by Muslims and in the next heavenly world paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in that he was born sinless and remained sinless. That was his sacrifice! His sacrifice was in remaining pure and undefiled and not what the others who have become deluded believe as in the crucifixion because as one who studies the scriptures in earnest knows that he was NOT put on the cross NOR was he killed. And so the saying, “Of sin because they believe not {the truth} on me; of righteousness because {I have been made clean and} I go to my Father {CREATOR LORD}” has been proved against them.

It is not from working miracles for three years that Jesus (pbh) is highly blessed but what has been discussed here as to his ‘great sacrifice’ that we can begin to understand the Holy Words of Allah when it is stated:

Behold! The angels said: “O Mary! ALLAH gives you glad tidings of a Word from HIM: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to ALLAH.”        Q (3: 45)

Truly Jesus (pbh) is a man held in high honor and dignity forever and ever as one of the leaders of the sons of light or those who willing bow down as loyal servants to the ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR GOD – ALLAH!

To think that man can snap his fingers and demand the great prize of Paradise and show no work or tested loyalty to the uniform guidance brought down by the prophets is nothing more than egotistical nonsense! Hence, the often cruel war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light – a war waged in heaven as it is on Earth and ALLAH has declared the winners to be the sons of light and the losers to be those who desire to stamp out HIS LIGHT.

Abu Huraira reported the Prophet as telling that when ALLAH created Paradise HE said to Gabriel, “Go and look at it.” He went and looked at it and at what ALLAH had prepared in it for its inhabitants, then came and said, “O my LORD, by THY MIGHT, no one who hears of it will fail to enter it.” HE then surrounded it with disagreeable things and said, “Go and look at, Gabriel.” He went and looked at it, then came and said, “O my LORD, by THY MIGHT, I am afraid that no one will enter it.” When ALLAH created Hell HE said, “Go and look at it, Gabriel.” He went and looked at it, then came and said, “O my LORD, by THY MIGHT, no one who hears of it will enter it.” HE then surrounded it with desirable things and said, “Go and look at it, Gabriel.” He went and looked at it, then said, “O my LORD, by THY MIGHT, I am afraid that no one will remain who does not enter it.”     (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Nasa’i)

The simple answer is ‘because that is the way it is’. There are a lot of sad stories out there in the world of poverty and abuse; social deterioration and some of the stories are even of depraved individuals hacking off someone’s body parts or other forms of tyranny. Even the Islamic territories, territories that have a Muslim majority population, are under threat from many areas including lack of Islamic knowledge or a thirst for worldly interests above the levels of decency. What does this portend and why is it difficult for many to acknowledge the truth? And even of those who admit that Islam is the truth, why do they not desire to follow it?

This is a complex subject but it is simplified by the following saying:

According to what Prophet Muhammad (pbh) stated, “O People! Time has gone back to how it was at the time Allah created the Heavens and the Earth. A year has twelve months, four of which are sacred, three consecutive, Dhul-Qi’dah, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram, and Rajab.”     (Bukhari)

We can only surmise at what the above hadith is talking about. The world has been called the ‘Devil’s Playground’ meaning, I suppose, several things. Since we are ‘lordly creatures’ in contrast to what we would consider as lowly-type creatures meaning that we are on a higher level spiritual/mental-wise, this planet features a peculiarity that kind of slows one down. In Arabic this place is called the Dunyia and it acts in many ways as Novocain does at the dentist’s office. In other words, it dulls our wits to the acts of worship and the importance of real existence.

However, lessons can be learned from this without going into ‘questionable’ detail! This lesson is very, very important and is based on the hadith mentioned above. When ‘Time has reverted back to the original’, signals that things are not necessarily like they were before. That means that what laws, rules and occurrences that happened in the past are not necessarily binding now.

Therefore, playing at theory building about the ‘finer workings’ of the universe in soul development/relationships, which may have been valid before, are not necessarily true today and that is because Time has reverted back to the original.

The result being in the original, going back to the beginning, the rather smallish number of earnest believers are followed by a much bigger group of tepid, though concerned individuals which are followed by people who are basically clueless but still they have managed to remember their own names and those are followed by the largest group or the 999 out of a thousand individuals who try and find a way to get individuals out of their natural state of felicity – especially by appealing to corrupting the senses or making the sensual dominate so as to cause people to behave in an unruly manner.***

We are most definitely responsible for behaving or learning to behave correctly. The mountains and the heavens refused to take on the ‘lofty challenge of greatness’ but man took it on and he will be elevated or defrocked mainly according to his intentions and therefore the intention of obedience to ALLAH and HIS Prophet (pbh) is considered very important in Islam.

So we have to bow down our heads and become committed to honoring our pledge of obedience to the ONE GOD. AND THAT IS A TEST AND A TRIAL in itself because the world is calling one to dance to another beat, to another drummer.

Making good use of this tool is Satan that clever dog who along with his crew constantly perpetuates illusions and false assumptions to attract souls away from the TRUTH. This can be done in many ways including the dullness of religious knowledge and what has been called generically ‘the love of the world’ or idol worship as in worshiping some foolish Sufi shrine. ****

On top of this the job of Satan and his unholy crew is to incite violence and hatred between men and women, men and men and women and women. Therefore, helping one to understand the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbh) better becomes what amounts to an invasion of privacy or at worst an ‘act of war’ which must be met by harsh words or evil actions.

So the goodly soul tries to swear loyalty to ALLAH and is willing to undergo some form of being straightened for the piper has to be paid but by HIS GRACE and MERCY the payment is in pennies not pounds AND FOR THAT WE SHOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL.

So what happened in the sky between peoples and other doings is thankfully unknown to us but the trials and tribulations must continue and so we know that Paradise and Hell were surrounded by things of opposite nature making it not an easy choice to undergo obedience for the sake of ALLAH, i.e. to surrender to HIS WILL (the way things were PLANNED OUT by acknowledging that ALLAH IS THE BEST TO PLAN).

And why say this in the first place? This is said to hopefully gain a better understanding into the saying that “No soul can bear the burden of another…” Generally in Comparative Religion this idea has been expressed to show that it is ONLY ALLAH THAT CAN FORGIVE SINS AND THEREFORE IT IS HE AND ONLY HE THAT HAS TO BE APPEALED TO FOR FORGIVENESS AND NOT ANY OF HIS SERVANTS, FOR EXAMPLE, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh).

Let us reflect back on the hadith that states:

O People! Time has gone back to how it was at the time Allah created the Heavens and the Earth. A year has twelve months, four of which are sacred, three consecutive, Dhul-Qi’dah, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram, and Rajab.”     (Bukhari)

That was a time of simplicity. Nowadays we have a world of many divergent pathways and therefore many traps placed along the pathway of spiritual growth. Our senses are bombarded with music, having a good time, admiring the body physical and all sorts of delusional notions of what brings success.

Most people find Islam to be ‘strange’ because of the perceived narrowness of Islam. Let’s face facts. Many people want to have fun and feel constrained by what they would perceive as ‘Islamic restrictions’. The purity of the ‘original way’ developed for mankind does not suit worldly interests and this is even reflected in the many religious factions that have been re-worked and re-translated so as to make religion ‘tasty’ to the modern way of the world. However, the taste comes from the forged ideas invented by man and his evil partners the evil Jinn.

So basically we find two groups of worldly people who have thoughts about Islam. One group is the group that exudes hate about Islam. They are called Islamophobes. By all costs, by all means and by all methods Islam is feared and hated. The idea of Islam spreading across the world terrifies them and they commit themselves in trying to undermine Islam at every turn and penalize Muslims as being backward and anti-social.

This group fears that their ‘invented’ way of life will be threatened. As long as Muslims are held in check, there is no way that a real Islamic revival can take place so the plan is to divide and conquer thus holding back in their psyche the Judgment of ALLAH. What these people fail to understand is their ridiculous and fruitless position. They should learn lessons from history but their wretched insanity is driving them ever closer to the ‘Pit of Perdition’.

Have they not seen that Pharaoh had driven the children of Israel to the brink of destruction by his treatment of them? Then when all seemed lost and they were in a state of such weakness he and his army were going to wipe them out. Pharaoh’s soul became drunk with expected victory and then when all seemed lost to the children of Israel, it was Pharaoh and his army that were drowned and humiliated.

Do they not consider the case of Jesus (pbh)? He was taken and buffeted and his end and the end of all that he stood for was close at hand. The Jews of Israel were standing at the door of victory and they did not need him or ALLAH’s Plan for guidance. They believed they killed him and were exultant but their faces were soon to be covered in humiliation as the deceivers were themselves deceived.

In the case of Muhammad (pbh) and his people, they were after several years just a small band of believing men and women who were near the brink of extermination by the ruthless, powerful, pagan tribes of Arabia and the treacherous Jewish clans. Together the pagan tribes and Jewish clans were going to annihilate the fledging Muslim community. After all, being outnumbered by way over a thousand to one, surely this community of Muslim upstarts would become extinct. Yet after only two decades and a little more, the backs of the pagans and Jews were broken.

The whole concept with these Islamophobes is to fight against ALLAH and HIS PLAN and to declare that their accustomed way of life will be maintained at all costs and if anyone tries to go against this grain of idea, he or she will become an enemy of the state or an enemy of the peoples.

Hence, in their deluded minds, if Jesus (pbh) were to come back and institute a world-wide Islamic state, he would have to be eliminated – just exactly like it was in their deluded minds when he first entered Earth’s environs over 2,000 years ago. That is just not going to happen! They got their history wrong and they can’t even interpret their records correctly even when they bother to read them at all.

People may be expecting changes to take place slowly over millennia and when they die who cares what happens in this world.  People should spend more time reading truth rather than idolizing fiction.

According to Prophet Muhammad (pbh), when the BIG SIGNS occur, they will be happening at a very fast pace much like what happens when a string of pearls is cut and the pearls all tumble out one after the other in rapid {and devastating} succession. Or one can think of popping popcorn. When the first few kernels start popping, the rest will follow in rapid succession.

Now as to the statement I made in the beginning and from where I got it from admittedly I am not sure. But most importantly there is scientific proof for the idea and that will be given.

The statement is roughly as follows: There is a country in this world whose destruction will cause the nations of the world to weep. The interpretation is as follows. This country is America and the countries of the world weep because a kind of barrier to destabilizing factors – supposedly economic and social status quo will be brought down which in turn will pave the way for the deadly Gog and Magog fiasco.

Several things can be noted about the above. Firstly and in random order, money that moves around the world goes through America***** first and the world is still on the dollar standard. Secondly, America acts as a buffer zone and a stabilizing force between the unruly peoples of the north who have been known to eye other peoples lands and territories as ‘ripe for the plunder’. Thirdly, America does preach a kind of ‘democratic’ freedom of expression as long as it doesn’t get in the way of American ideals or doesn’t upset the proverbial apple cart. They can do business with people like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi as long as a certain ‘show’ of civilized behavior takes place and those people follow the American lead at least behind the scenes. Finally, one can always count on American foreign assistance in case of drought, hurricanes, floods etc.

However, America doesn’t believe in giving away the bank for nothing and it is too busy preening itself to realize that its image is not done for the sake of the ONE GOD but for the want of a better word for the ‘praise of mankind’ and the American way of life. An example of this happened during the Palestinian ‘democratic’ elections. Leading up to the great experiment in democracy for the poor Palestinians, American politicians seemed to be smiling broadly at giving a ‘primitive people’ an introduction to a form of correctness.

When the people voted for Hamas, democratically of course, one could see the frozen smiles on the face of American officials as if they had just eaten some fetid garbage but had to keep smiling. The lesson was simple. The Palestinians wanted democracy without strings attached or freedom of expression without being a puppet of the United States Government. Apparently, the American government had another idea.

Why is America so great? The answer according to many is that this greatness stems from the American way of life, its principles and ideals. A look behind the scenes tells another story but that is the world and its illusions and the blindness that comes from self-love.

The above assessment is a practical one and not meant to demean any one country because the world is the world and that is the way it is. However, in boxing terminology one can say, “Kill the body and the head dies.” Do we have proof of the above unsubstantiated saying? As I stated earlier, I can’t seem to find the source of this saying but the important thing is does this assessment have any scientific basis? Well it does but the time factor cannot be given by these scientists.

The scientists that I am thinking about are those educated geologists who have earnestly studied the North American continent as to its structural integrity. We are leaving off South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada and other parts of the world in order to simplify things.

America is considered land-wise as being unstable and ripe for massive earth movement and landscape restructuring in its western, central and northern territories. America also has a growing super volcano underneath its territory. In addition, one of the Canary Islands poses a threat to America’s eastern seaboard by hypothetically being able to produce a supper tsunami. Finally, lands may sink but they may also rise and about one-fifth of all the surface fresh water in the world is locked up in the Great Lakes region. If this area became elevated, then all of that water would come cascading down causing massive, unbelievable destruction. That area of land is rising but very, very slowly. However, when the popcorn starts popping…

So geologists know this but in their own words to be fair, these things may occur tomorrow or in a hundred thousand years from now. And self-love isn’t going to cut it!

Hazrat Ibn ‘Umar relates that the Holy Prophet (pbh) said, “When ALLAH inflicts punishment on a people{s}, it covers all the (members) of that people. But on the Day of Judgment they will be raised up according to their conduct in life.”   (Bukhari and Muslim)

No people can hasten their term, nor can they delay (it)    Q (23: 43)

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

By the time

Verily man is in loss

Except such as have FAITH and do righteous deeds and (join together) in the mutual enjoining of TRUTH and of PATIENCE and CONSTANCY.     Q (103: 1-3)

There is another group of people who admittedly, behind the scenes, acknowledge that Islam is the truth but prefer their current life in this world without committing themselves to Islam or defending (real) Islam. Generally, they are not aggressive against Islam but prefer their way of life or cultural advantages******. Maybe things will change for them and maybe things won’t. However, it is much like a person who is watching a woman being raped. Why not just let it go because the person viewing this heinous act is not really involved. If that is what the HOLY RECORDS declare, then they are safe. If not…

So it is OK at times to wonder about ‘why me’ but how great that soul is who says, I Praise ALLAH for the opportunity to get to Worship and Adore HIM under the conditions that HE in HIS ETERNAL WISDOM AND BOUNTIFUL MERCY HAS GIVEN ME.

Now many people have come up with theories about the mystery of life, birth and death. It is more important to get involved with praising ALLAH for granting one to experience life and being thankful while acknowledging complete and total dependence on HIM WHO CREATED AND DESIGNED ALL THINGS to a perfection and harmonious balance that we can only dream of.

So we can leave off from the wandering into areas that don’t concern us unless it is a religious lesson in being a better person for the sake of ALLAH. Being just a better person should mean absolutely nothing and worth absolutely nothing because that may be a cultural bugaboo. Islam is quite a step up in class from those philosophies that ask people to be good for goodness sake.

However, when the phrase, “FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH” is added into the mix, then it becomes quintessential and like a measuring stick it can be used in the Hereafter to weigh the difference between those who believed with those who did not. Hence, one can understand the various degrees of excellence in the Hereafter. As gold is considered more precious than silver, actions done ‘FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH’ are of the highest quality and hence receive the highest rewards.

Whosoever is an enemy to ALLAH and HIS angels and prophets, to Gabriel and Michael – Lo! ALLAH is an enemy to those who reject faith.     Q (2: 98)

*The topic of numerology is extremely controversial and dangerous. People should not become mixed up with this because it can turn into the devil’s playground. However, like all actions, including reading the Quran by which some people will be put in the Hell-Fire according to hadith, it is the intention that is important. Still, numerology is highly suspect and not considered a science!

There is a difference between practical knowledge and REAL KNOWLEDGE. Both are helpful but REAL KNOWLEDGE is by far the most fruitful. In fact, this KNOWLEDGE can be considered as ‘open secrets’ to those who understand and Islam is filled with such beneficial KNOWLEDGE. This KNOWLEDGE comprises certain sayings and actions and when heartfully done, raises the amount of spiritual rewards immensely. So people should seek out these (special but approved rather than innovative) blessed sayings or events that carry extremely heavy rewards to be put on the Scale of Judgment to be used as a witness for a person’s desire to enter Paradise and avoid the Hell-Fire.

Why should a person do this? What came to my mind was the following: A person who flies over the bridge that is placed across Hell-Fire is better than the person who rides a swift horse over that bridge. A person who rides a swift horse over that bridge is better than a person who runs over that bridge. A person who runs over that bridge is better than a person who walks over that bridge. A person who walks over that bridge is better than a person who crawls over that bridge. And these people are infinitely better than those who fall off of that bridge.

**This verse in the Quran can also stand for Adam (pbh) in that he disobeyed his LORD although he did turn towards his LORD in true repentance and was forgiven. However, in order to make the discussion easier and stay on the topic at hand, adam symbolizing the human race was developed. A helpful Sura to reflect upon is Sura al-Tin pronounced (At-Teen) which shows that under any condition man has never had a free hand to do as he pleases without having some form of consequences fall on his head:

WE have indeed created man in the best of moulds

Then do WE abase him (to be) the lowest of the low

Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: for they shall have a reward unfailing.

What then can after this make you deny the LAST JUDGMENT?

Is not ALLAH the WISEST OF JUDGES?        Q (95: 4-8)


***Found in certain hadiths concerning the ‘End Times’ are phrases like people behaving like unruly jackasses and the idea that people become contemptuous towards virtuous life (and act towards parents and authority as in the expression, “You owe me”) as in the slave-girl will give birth to her master.

Abu Huraira reported: One day the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) appeared before the public that a man came to him and said: Prophet of Allah, (tell me) What is Iman? Upon this he (the Holy Prophet) replied: That you affirm your faith in ALLAH, HIS angels, HIS Books, HIS meeting {with you on the Last Day}, {all of} HIS Messengers and that you affirm your faith in the resurrection {in the} Hereafter. He (again) said: Messenger of ALLAH, (tell me) what does al-Islam signify? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: Al-Islam signifies that you worship ALLAH {alone} and do not associate anything with HIM and you establish obligatory prayer and you pay the obligatory poor-rate (Zakat) and you observe the fast of Ramadan. He (the inquirer) again said: Messenger of ALLAH, what does Al-Ihsan imply? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: That you worship ALLAH as if you are seeing HIM, and in case you fail to see HIM, then observe prayer (with the idea in your mind) that (at least) HE is seeing you. He (the inquirer) again said: Messenger of ALLAH, when would there be the hour of (Doom)? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: The one who is asked about it is no better informed than the inquirer. I, however, narrate some of its signs (and these are): when the slave-girl will give birth to her master, when the naked barefooted would become the chiefs of the people—these are some signs of the signs of (Doom). (Moreover) when the shepherds of the black (camels) would exult themselves in buildings—this is one of the signs of (Doom). (Doom) is one of the five (happenings wrapped in the unseen) which no one knows but ALLAH. Then he (the Messenger of ALLAH) recited (the verse): “Verily ALLAH! With HIM ALONE is the knowledge of the HOUR and HE it is WHO sends down the rain and knows that which is in the wombs and no person knows whatsoever he shall earn tomorrow, and a person knows not in whatsoever land he shall die. Verily ALLAH is {the ALL} KNOWING, AWARE.” He (the narrator, Abu Huraira) said: Then the person turned back and went away. The Messenger of ALLAH (may peace be upon him) said: Bring that man back to me. They (the companions of the Holy Prophet) went to bring him back, but they could not find him. Upon this the Messenger of ALLAH remarked: He was Gabriel, who came to teach the people their religion.      (Muslim)

****Going throughout the Muslim lands one can find certain ridiculous and downright foolish notions or practices as was predicted to happen by our beloved Prophet (pbh). Instead of taking a sledge hammer or a vigilante approach to the subject, it would be better to call for discussions of what is better, ‘renouncing the Prophet (pbh) or following him and being prepared to back up one’s arguments with proof’. I agree that corruptible practices must be condemned but in the proper manner so as to lessen the possibility of Fitna and to show the common folk real Islam is not tyrannical. Otherwise, halfwits will join the side Satan pushes them to and those deluded Muslim people will defend anti-Islamic behavior wittingly or unwittingly.

How to accomplish this? Firstly, it is a good idea to remind the people of certain good men living around the time of Noah (pbh). First, they were honored. Then Satan got people to build statues to so-call honor them and later they were turned into gods. Secondly, mention the 73 sects of Islam and only one of them will get into Paradise. Next, bring forth the Quranic and hadith evidence against drifting into idol worship. Finally, treat the defilers as human beings but have nothing socially to do with them.

If the vast majority of people in an area want to destroy a bridge or move it to another place, it is NO business of the World Heritage Society no matter what they claim. That land and or territory does not belong to them. The World Heritage Society is NOT a religious body and does not operate with religious intent. Lastly, the job of a reporter is to report and not to legislate. In other words, if you know a carpenter who knows nothing or next to nothing about electrical stuff; don’t get him to do your electrical work! Religious works are best handled by those who have a strong background in religious affairs and it is their necks that are on the line.

*****As I have alluded to before in these records by using Comparative Religion, the great benefactor of Israel which is America will be brought down low. And the Israelis, who are so greedy for life as ALLAH declares in HIS PURE WORD, will then turn to the Anti-christ as their only hope but they will be wiped out and removed from the very soil they are now contaminating by their evil, deceitful presence. Such is the bane they have inherited for most of them are enemies to the TRUTH as they persist in lying against THE ONE GOD and HIS Prophet (pbh).

******Cultural advantages, billions of dollars and a whole host of other things will be turned into dust. In other words, these are all transitory things that have no value of and by themselves in the Hereafter. So I guess it depends upon what and where a person places his values that go into making him what he is and will become.

Science, Comparative Religion and intuitive logic are all fine especially if done for the Praising and Glorifying of the ONE GOD. However, these things mean nothing if the heart remains dark yet immeasurably far, far better than the above is the willful obedience to ALLAH and HIS Prophet Muhammad (pbh). And no greater Muslim than Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will show this when the return of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) comes about.

As is my usual custom, the symbols { } have been used to clarify certain concepts found in scripture.