There are more than a million reasons which can answer this question and most of the best reasons have already been given and can be found on TV channels like Huda and Peace TV by people who are much more abundantly gifted than myself. In keeping with my first article, however, I would like to offer some reasons why it is important to acknowledge Islam as the final revelation and the representative of The Way. I will attempt to do this, God Willing, by the use of the New Testament and the Quran.

Religion is not about mysteries nor is it a sideshow for amusement. It is about SALVATION first and foremost. It is true that there are mysteries about many things but it is a wise person who does not get caught in the trap of trying to go where one is told not to go. That does not mean that mankind must remain stagnant without the use of reason. It means not to invent situations, herein called lies, about the One God or His System. Men can have wrong ideas and that is a normal thing but as long as he doesn’t invent lies about his Creator Lord and honestly seeks for an understanding to help his soul, note that the One God is The Most Forgiving, The Most Merciful.

Man was created a very long time ago after the pattern set in Adam (pbh) and in this pattern was the promise of dominion such that man was given the responsibility (and test which he undertook with a type of immature haste) such that he was made a vicegerent or leader of that which would be under his dominion including those angels that were appointed for him. History has shown that most men did not come out of this test with flying colors but that is to be seen as a learning experience.

“We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it: He was indeed unjust and foolish.”   Q (33: 72)

There are basically two homes for the spiritual man after paying his dues in whatever way that has been decided – a way known only by His Creator. The two final homes are Paradise and Hell-fire. These two places are a fitting reward for mankind’s struggles whether he believes he is being guided or not. In other words, man is given chances but he should know that he possesses nothing, owns nothing and is totally dependent on his Lord Who created him. And he was well aware of these things from before such that he would have no excuse in front of his Lord come the Day of Judgment.

“When your Lord drew forth from the children of Adam – from their loins – their descendents, and made them testify concerning themselves saying: Am I not your Lord (Who cherishes and sustains you)?” They said: “Yes, we do testify!” (This), lest you should say on the Day of Judgment: “Of this we were never mindful”:

Or lest you should say: “Our fathers before us took false gods but we are (their) descendents after them: will You then destroy us because of the deeds of men who followed falsehood.”   Q (7: 172-173)

Burdens are always carried by man when and where they are placed but man has no control of these things and little or no knowledge of these things. But some will not carry any burden and are haughty about this and refuse to see what is commonly called ‘the light’. They could be called to account for it but their souls are so warped that they DEMAND THEIR RIGHTS OF LORDSHIP for their own pleasures.

According to Paul:

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe in a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”   2 Thessalonians (2: 11-12)

“You have met this fate because you rejoiced on the earth in things other than the truth, and then exulted in it.”   Q (40: 75)

The One God is not unjust and if the soul is so bent on its destruction, then so be it. The soul that sets itself up as a ‘god’ gets a portion of that self-glorification unto its own damnation for it rejected HIS WILL and chose another route for itself. It is true that the One God could force the soul, any soul and in fact all things, to comply with the truth in that all would become perfect but that is not His Way. Once man accepted the challenge of ‘greatness’, he was put on notice that life was not going to be all ‘wine and roses’.

This is because of the (unrighteous deeds) which your hands sent on before you: for Allah never does injustice to those who serve Him.”   Q (3: 182)

So man has various dispositions he carries around with him like excess baggage – learning here and there about things that he needs if he but will except them – voluntarily. That is in part what makes life interesting and also purposeful. We may not know exactly why we were born or the purpose behind it but rest assured that the One God does for He Alone Knows All Things.

As Allah (the One God) has warned in His Word and as Paul has warned in the New Testament, there is a reason why there is such diversification in life patterns presented to the human race. Some of these things are a thing of beauty but other things are more like slots where people have fallen into and are trapped. Trapped? Well, if a person utterly demands with haughty pride to be in a certain way taking all heed to reject His Way, then that is what he gets. This does not imply a final judgment nor is it meant to because a final judgment is reserved for ONLY THE ONE GOD!

So what is being said? What is being said is that Allah is the Controller of time, space and condition and if one rejoices and INSISTS on being a willful rejecter of His Dominion, Power and Absoluteness, rejoices in and demands self will, he then gets it. That is, he gets to rejoice in his own delusions and remains unaware of the light that he has had pleasure in rejecting. So what does truth mean to him? To him, truth means absolutely nothing. And where Allah places no light, there is no light.

Since people can’t compare themselves to Prophet Muhammad (pbh) in worth or character and he can’t enter Paradise by his own deeds without the Grace and Mercy shown by His Lord, then what is the average person going to be like on the Day of Judgment when he brings his own worthless history of ‘swagger’ in front of his Creator?

“The people only know the outward aspect of worldly life, and of the Hereafter they are heedless.   Q (30: 7)

It is great that people have their opinions. If they want a more trustworthy understanding, they should go to the records that talk of these things in the first place. These things are known as the Holy Books. However, the Holy Books must be respected and not treated like glorified ‘comic books’ but should be understood as much as one can. The problem with some is that these Books can be misinterpreted and therefore misused which will send people off in a completely wrong direction.

Now let us look at some facts and not fiction and these things are based in what man has considered the Holy Books. Various races, countries and named religious sects sometime get in the way of looking at these Books in the right way such that arrogance and self-pride raise their ugly heads so one must be careful to be honest about things.

The New Testament, the Quran and approved hadith material each in their own ways both agree that Jesus (pbh) will return as in a second coming. This second coming will result in a kingdom on Earth which can be suggested is an Earthly paradise. This Earthly paradise is not forever but it does precede the Heavenly Paradise. The Earthly paradise is filled with great wonders and joy and will be unified without the blemish of strife, vanity or conceded arrogance. Islam goes further in suggesting that this Earthly paradise will be under the banner of one religion and one main language but will come to an end when a breeze sent by the Creator Lord will usher in a new age which will contain only human trash.

The New Testament does declare with the proper study that the SYSTEM IN THIS EARTHLY PARADISE IS ISLAM, THE BOOK FOLLOWED WILL BE THE QURAN AND THE MANNER OF WORSHIP WILL BE THE SUNNAH OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBH). Not only that, but there will be no debate on the matter at all. Quite frankly, no soul worthy of salvation would ever want to challenge the One God as to what He has decided.

This Earthly paradise – headed by that soul known to many as Jesus the Christ (Messiah) – will be so blessed that all manner of sin will be forgiven and that man will be aided to subconsciously do the right thing and be right blessed while doing it. Those are high and mighty claims! That is true but a look at a few verses from the New Testament and a true understanding rather than a false one concerning Islam PROVES IT!

The following excerpts were taken from the book, The Non-Crucifixion of Jesus, found on various pages 112 to 120. This information concerns that ‘other Semitic line’ from Prophet Abraham (pbh) showing the connection between one scripture and another. The date of this manuscript called, The Acts of the Apostles was written probably in the late 70s of the first century or the early 80s.

“And He shall send Jesus Christ {again}, which before was preached unto you (Jews):

Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.

For Moses truly said unto the fathers, a Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall you hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.

And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear That Prophet, SHALL BE DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE. ACTS (3: 20-23).

From among ‘your brethren’ is an interesting piece of information. Historically, the Semitic peoples have two separate lines coming from the line of Abraham (pbh) – the line of Isaac (pbh) and the line of Ishmael (pbh). Jesus being the last of the ‘Jewish prophets’ is the last of the line called the Isaac line. The words ‘your brethren’ therefore must by all logical definition be amongst the ‘other’ line or the Ishmael line which is considered today as the line called the Arab line.

A few Christian notables in the past have spoken that they knew very well that another prophet would come after Jesus and that this prophet would be from the Arab line. However, these notables gave no indication that he would come from Arabia. Historically, it seems that the thought of another prophet (kept very much secret from the going concern outside the priest-class) was going to come from the land now known as Syria.

The discussion of these verses together with a few other verses in the Old and New Testament shows without ambiguity who that new and expected Prophet will be. To deny these things for any reason, except for those mentally incapacitated, is a sign of pure ignorance and contempt. It cannot be hidden from men nor will it be hidden in the heavens and there is no place to hide or to pretend a cover-up. The ONE UNIVERSAL GOD, the God of all the creation and of humankind is not duped, tricked or outmaneuvered by His created things.

Frankly speaking, Jesus (pbh) was taken up to the heavens 40 days after his Passion according to The Acts of the Apostles. Therefore, the Jesus that was preached to ‘them’ has left the earth for several decades and won’t come back until his much looked for SECOND COMING. Hence, when he comes, he will not declare that religion is out of vogue but will follow a BOOK, A WAY and A PRACTICE (SUNNAH). That particular book, way and practice will come from That Prophet who was sent after him or after his first coming into the world.

Because Jesus will follow those practices already established, it becomes crystal clear that those who do not hear (CONFORM TO THOSE PRACTICES, WAY AND THAT BOOK) will be ‘DESTROYED FROM AMONG THE PEOPLE.’ And this thought is further enhanced from Math. (13: 41-42):

The son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.        Math (13: 41-42)

People can argue that the Arabs (but they are not the majority of Muslims) have woefully neglected their religion or do not perform according to its standards. Argue away but acknowledge the Pathway. Failure to do so puts the mirror on those who desire to define themselves as ‘knowers’ of His Word over even Himself. And even those who do this, even if they were to bring a ransom of a mountain of gold for their souls, it would not be accepted. Why? Does the Creator Lord feel poor or frightened by any worldly power? Or is it man’s arrogance that becomes his ‘god’ or real lover. In any case, the turning towards the Real Reality is a prime requisite for salvation and not by gimmicks will man be saved…

Some people might ask, “When were these thoughts concerning the coming of a new prophet lost in historic times?” It would be difficult if not impossible to come to a definitive answer. A hard look at Christian history shows several ‘dark’ periods where vital knowledge is missing. The best evidence so far, which is admittedly spotty, shows several things.

There is no general trend after 100 AC that is known that shows any major evidence for a strong remembrance of another Prophet to come after Jesus. It is true that there arose many different sects concerning Jesus of Nazareth. It is also true that a formalized version of ‘true’ Christianity did not appear until around about 130 AC. It is also true that one of Paul’s favorite ‘churches’, the Corinthians, were one of the last to hold out for the non-crucifixion of Jesus. Finally, it is true that the formation of a real coordinated New Testament of some sorts came around 170 AC. So what can be made of this?

It would appear that through martyrdom and generation dilution, as to true knowledge of the faith, the idea of a new Prophet to arise became lost in the shuffle (out of sight, out of mind) as an important issue somewhere around 100 AC. A few sects probably held on to that idea as a major tenant of belief but because of Fitna (turmoil) spoken by Jesus, John (16: 33) caused so much trouble along with the ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ or corrupt spiritual guides, the knowledge of a new Prophet became reduced to a trivial matter.

In addition, since there were no printing presses at that time, various sects were like islands in a strong sea being eroded by all sorts of foolish notions. Hence, the philosophical nonsense, which engulfed the church later, could easily bury the situation under the guise of running after the total foolishness of trying to cut open the Christ and see how many natures he had!

The declaration of Acts (3: 20-23) is important for two reasons. First, it gives testimony for those who desire salvation to take heart that the One God did not leave His ‘people’ who He cared for in a defenseless position. His people are not defined, as being a race or nation, but those whom He has chosen from the beginning and that knowledge is with Him alone! He is the One Who possesses and owns. Nobody, no person, race or religion owns, dictates or sets limits to Him. Therefore, there is no chosen people per say but there is a chosen Way which is judged solely by Him as laid down through the institution He created – the one brotherhood of prophets. These prophets were not sent to force humanity against its will but to enlist ‘helpers’ and loyalists of these prophets in surrender to the One God and His Will.

The second reason clearly shows that there will be another Prophet after Jesus. Why must this be so?

Why should another Prophet be sent and what is his purpose? Prophets are not sent to the obedient peoples because they come to instruct, purify and teach that knowledge which is lost or twisted and bring a cleaned remembrance back to the Creator Lord as He Wills it. When, however, a special Prophet is sent to all of humanity, this symbolizes that humanity is to be discussed as a collective whole. That is, that the Last Hour is NOW and that the paradise on earth as well as the Last Day of Judgment is somewhere in the future. Moreover, being the last Prophet sent gives humanity a warning that is clear and unambiguous. It also gives people a chance to refresh and renew their commitment to their Creator Lord.

However, people who are in the grip of being ‘asleep’ as the New Testament declares or those who are under the spell of a corrupt priest-class (willingly or unwillingly) cannot seem to grasp the logic of these things and therefore are divided and held back from seeing the obvious. If only they took more time to study the scriptures and ask for awareness, perhaps they might come to a realization of truth and harmony between people of good faith.

But lo! What has been set in motion from the beginning of time has to be completed to separate the wheat from the chaff and to complete the restitution of all things. That is one reason the Believer is asked to pray in earnest for His Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness in sincerity. And He is going to be the Judge of who is sincere and who is only pretending to be sincere. Therefore, no one can escape His Perfect net and He will collect the ‘fish’ and separate them as He Decides and no one will be able to argue with Him.

A person covered in slime is as a person covered in worldly affairs. If he remembers to take a bath, so much the better for him as he goes out to meet his betters. The same holds for his soul and what that person presents to his Creator Lord. This is not done overnight but if one truly remembers Him, He will not forget that person.”

People should ponder about whom that Prophet was who came after Jesus (pbh). People should not be mislead or be weak but take an approach of studying a sacrosanct subject as ‘religion’ with all earnestness of the heart. How can people trash gold or let themselves be lead through the nose by some self-serving individuals especially when the sacred rites of religion are discussed? Sometimes it takes courage to stand up on one’s feet but this is not for acting superior to the human race at large (a bad thing indeed) but rather this is what a person can do for himself. After all, it is his own soul that he is dealing with and so THAT TREASURE should not be entrusted to the foolish or the devious mind. Since the ‘intention’ is ½ the religion according to Islam, it behooves man to ‘step up’ and put in some kind of effort at least showing that even if the flesh is weak, the spirit is still willing.

“And whoever repents and does good {deeds for Allah’s sake} truly has turned to Allah in repentance.”   Q (25: 71)

Why should a person become a Muslim? That is, why should a person truly accept the unity of truth, believe in all the prophets including Muhammad (pbh) and try his or her best to follow the practices of the Prophet (pbh)?

“O you, to whom the Book had been given, believe in the Book We have sent down NOW {The Quran} confirming the Book you already have with you; believe in it before We distort faces and set them backwards, or lay down Our curse on them as We laid Our curse on the Sabbath-breakers – for the decision of Allah must be carried out.”  Q (4: 47)

“Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifestly clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord witnesses All things?”   Q (41: 53)

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam {The Way in any age following the right guided prophets – especially including Prophet Muhammad} never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost.”   Q (3: 85)

So what can a person do? Real faith is in the heart and also expressed in actions and deeds. If a person wants to find out about Islam there are several sources available to aid in the understanding.

  • A person can use the phone book or local operator to find out where the nearest Islamic Center is and then call or visit the place.
  • There are many Websites that offer ‘free literature’ from an introduction to Islam to guides on what the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbh) is about. Islamicity is one as well as Huda and Peace TV Websites.
  • There is the local library which can help with information or show one where to go for that information.
  • Finally, there is the one-on-one contact with individuals.

The most important aspect of Islam is simple. The belief in One God Who has no peers, partners nor is there any likeness unto Him and the belief in the Final Messenger who was sent to all of mankind and not just to one nation to enlighten mankind to the TRUTH. This is the first and most important Pillar of Islam, of which there are 5 Pillars, by which faith is based and qualifies a person should he die to be considered a Muslim. This was shown by the Prophet himself (pbh) when a slave woman was brought before him who could only point in answer to his questions about where Allah was and who is His Messenger and Slave. The slave woman was freed and accepted as a Muslim just on this basis.

The other Pillars of Islam such as prayer, charity, fasting, special charity (Zakat) and pilgrimage before death (if possible) can be studied from simple books or pamphlets discussing these matters. The Prophet (pbh) sanctioned moderation and consistency in all things if possible and Allah (SWT) has mentioned that the real faith has NOT been placed on mankind as a burden. So there is no need to feel like one has to go overboard or do the near impossible to become a Muslim.

Mankind has already built up a track record of his judgments and been found wanting. The Only True Judge is Allah (SWT) and He knows the limitations of each individual and what is in their hearts. So, one who puts his or her trust in Allah (SWT) has indeed grasped the idea of The Way.