“But how many generations before them did We destroy (for their sins) – stronger in power than they? Then did they wander through the land: was there any place of escape (for them)?”                                Quran (50:36)

Lots of things can be written but can they be backed up by fair logic and supported through what is called ‘Sacred Writings’? It’s not that easy so here goes.

What was meant by adam being different people like Joseph in Egypt, Joshua bin Nun from Palestine and finally Jesus the Christ (pbh) given as examples?

Technically speaking they were different individuals but the soul was the same, Insha ALLAH. If that soul was going to be ‘THE MESSIAH’, it had to come at a cost. That is like anything else in this world of value. One respects that which is EARNED AND NOT JUST GIVEN AS A HANDOUT!

The Messiah is a station for all the believers to be put under just like ISLAM is that RELIGION for all the BELIEVERS TO BE PUT UNDER! ISLAM is that one approved building block of TRUTHFUL CONSISTENCY given to the peoples in ALL AGES NOT JUST ONE!*

                                           {*It was narrated that Abu Dharr said: I said: O Messenger of ALLAH, how many Prophets were there? He said: “One hundred and twenty four thousand.” I said: O Messenger of ALLAH, how many of them were Messengers? He said: “Three hundred and thirteen, a good number.” I said: O Messenger of ALLAH, who was the first of them? He said: “Adam.”This hadith is considered weak although it has several good points mentioned in it.

Verily, WE have sent you {O Muhammad} with truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and as a Warner: and there never was a people without a Warner having lived among them (in the past)                            Quran (35:24)}

So, the ‘Messianic Ship’ had to be built up AS ALLAH WILLED because it as well as everything else belongs to HIM. It is by HIS COMMAND**

                                        {**Blessed is HE in WHOSE hand is DOMINION and HE has POWER over all things.   Quran (67:1)

Do they not observe the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them in? NONE CAN UPHOLD THEM EXCEPT THE MOST GRACIOUS: TRULY IT IS HE THAT WATCHES OVER ALL THINGS. Quran (67:19)}

Of course, the vast majority of us take GOD out of the equation (due to our worldly concerns in life) over 90% of the time and that’s the human nature of giving the ‘devil his due’!

So, if someone is going to be a ‘Standard Bearer’ for the human race, he had better be tried in the fires of experience and pass the tests given to him ONLY OF COURSE THROUGH GOD’s GUIDANCE, MERCY and GRACE setting THE TONE for the human race (at least that part that he was a member of) as to the pathway of salvation.

Just because he is the Teacher (of Righteousness) doesn’t mean he is more than a human being. An exceptional human being is he as he was a prophet and he was obedient to his LORD.

But he, as we all are put under life’s little ordinances, did not come to instant fruition but had to travel as it were through stages of trial, learning and growth***! Yes, he is a DEVOUT SERVANT OF his LORD and NOT a frivolous being!

                                           {***You shall surely travel from stage to stage.  Quran (84:19)}

Oddly, and this can be verified through the actions and beliefs of mankind throughout history, he (the Christ-soul) like Paul can be a helpmate or a stumbling block to success. I mean, how is he perceived by the various groups of people? Now there is a tale for all people to reflect on!!!

However, one does NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION to go ‘fishing’ about others because:

  1. 1. We have already been given the highest amount of guidance in the completed form of religion.
  2. 2. Other so-called ‘juicy’ tales probably can’t be verified for of a surety.
  3. 3. Satan makes things look attractive but twists the facts to suit his purposes and one probably won’t know what those things will lead to.
  4. 4. Sticking to the SURE PATH is far better than gambling on touching hidden items that may or may not exist!

In touching on #4 above, it might be said that while the REAL CORE OF RELIGION DID NOT VARY down through the ages, certain discoveries or pieces of knowledge may have affected the human population in detrimental ways. These ways would cause the population to be ‘manipulated’ in certain ways that would cause slippage and act as a slow working poison on the supposed society at the time.

An example of this is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The story of Melchizedek is quite puzzling but if we deduce that the famous FLOOD OF NOAH (pbh) occurred sometime around 30,000 years ago, give or take a few thousand years, we might get some insight into what #4 above is talking about.

In short: The father of Melchizedeck accuses his wife of being unfaithful and this occurred sometime before the Great Flood. Why the trouble?

The mother of Melchizedek was pregnant with child while the father was away for some time but in the end he was persuaded by his wife that the babe (Melchizedek) was his.

His original complaint about the child was that his wife was impregnated by ‘the people from the sky‘. So, who are these people?

They were not monsters or an ‘other worldly’ population from outer space but they were from a so-called advanced civilization at that time. Somehow, as they didn’t live in the sky, it rationally figures that they had some way to traverse the skies by some sort of mechanical device. And this would be sometime before the GREAT FLOOD of several tens of thousands of years ago.****

                                       {****There are ancient (prehistoric) descriptions of so-called ‘flying machines’ from some Indian (on the sub-continent) literature but some people would call that wishful thinking even though it is kind of somewhat technically vague as to these prehistoric machines’.}

Science would say NO! but science is not perfect. However, the idea is A BIG DEAL!!! Traveling by any device back then (balloon, aircraft or anything else DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESS ESPECIALLY IN THE HEREAFTER). So, one should take a warning from this! Your computer or cellphone or any advanced machine does NOT guarantee Paradise!

So the ‘superior technological powers,’ whoever they might have been, seemed to have taken their ‘earthly’ duties more seriously than their religious ones – probably being puffed up in some sort of pride.

Well, we have conformation that that didn’t last or else their advanced position, scientific-wise going back tens of thousands of years, would have been passed on to other generations and be a wonder of recorded history*****.

{*****How many a community that dealt {behaved} unjustly have We shattered, and raised up after them another folk!                           Quran (21:11)

Now when trouble touches man, he cries to US: but when WE bestow a favor upon him as from US, he says; “THIS HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE ( I HAVE)!NO, BUT THIS IS JUST A TRIAL BUT MOST OF THEM UNDERSTAND NOT!

Thus did the (generations) before them say! But ALL that they did was of NO PROFIT to them.     Quran (39:49-50)

How many populations that insolently opposed the Command of their LORD and of HIS Messengers, did WE not then call to account, to severe account? And WE chastised them with a horrible chastisement.

Then did they taste the evil result of their conduct and the end of their conduct was perdition.

ALLAH has prepared for them a severe punishment (in the Hereafter). Therefore, fear ALLAH O you men of understandingwho have believed! For ALLAH has indeed sent down to you a Message.

A Messenger who rehearses to you the Signs of ALLAH containing Clear Explanations that he may lead forth those {in any century} who believe and do righteous deeds from the Depths of Darkness in{to} the LIGHT! (as Isaiah (pbh) Chapter 42 from the Old Testament has proclaimed)}…     Quran (65:8-11)}

Read the Quran in any language and see for yourselves ‘what was the end of those’ who played loose with their ‘religious duties’. One can surmise by all of this ‘speculation’ that the ‘Tales of the Ancients’ were based on actual reality and thankfully mankind has remained somewhat unaware of certain ‘prehistoric’ follies which would burden his brain.

We have enough follies in our current historic setting to feel quite uncomfortable as the world is going. Always, like the repeating cycle of life, there is the repeating occurrences as each new cycle of learning comes about and the ‘older Age’ or previous Age gets buried into ‘Tales of the Ancients’.

The Quran being a ‘Timeless’ Book can express itself with this Age as well as unknown ages of the past. Man, as well as history, is much more like the ‘newly’ formed theory of the universe as to its shape. Once thought to be ‘flat’ it now appears to be circular as roundish in nature. So, what goes around comes around.

We already know that man existed on some level that was NOT physical as to having a body made from ‘Mud’. What type of life, what type of varied societies did they have, etc. etc? That is really not our main concern!

The truth still remains, however, even though it is sort of mind blowing and that the Quran as to its Miraculous Nature can be applicable in ALL Ages, under ALL conditions****** when understood.

                                    {******For them {the Believers} are glad tidings in the life of the present {such as the guarantee of Paradise for them as to them being on the Right Path} and in the Hereafter: NO CHANGE CAN THERE BE IN THE WORDS OF ALLAH. THIS IS INDEED THE SUPREME TRIUMPH.     Quran (10:64)

This Quran is NOT such as can be produced by other than ALLAH: On the contrary, it is a CONFIRMATION of (Revelations) and a FULLER EXPLANATION of the Book *******wherein there is NO DOUBT – {it being} from the LORD of the worlds.        Quran (10:37)}

                                {*******Can one completely grasp the Glorious Quran in ALL OF ITS SPLENDOROUS WONDERS? The answer is fortunately NO! But what mankind needs in this time or ‘the here and now’ is readily available to those who have studied the Quran as to what mankind’s commitment should be as a living member in the ‘sons of adam’ group.

The only real benefit from knowledge what was presented above is to ‘touch the soul and open the heart’ to the light pouring forth from THE LIGHT! Who but a deformed and blinded soul could not appreciate THE QURAN as a MESSAGE OF EXCELLING GREATNESS TO ALL THE WORLDS!