This is my 99th or 100th article and quite frankly I didn’t think I could do it or if I had to write one as requested then only one would be brought forth. As I recall, when I was first asked to write an article, I balked at the situation and quite frankly, I refused. I refused, at first, because I had no idea of what to write or how to even start. Well, that must certainly have changed. Now I can hopefully go back to my private life or what is left of it.

The world is being setup for the coming of the Anti-christ and the real Christ, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh). Look at the many deplorable conditions being set forth. The arrogance of the state of Israel in denying the rights of the Palestinians based on the premise of Jewish racial (certainly not religious) superiority; the emergence of Russia as a dominating world power with ‘mafia’-type hidden rule that is able to successfully (this time) meddle in the affairs of state of various countries and regions; the continual fomenting of trouble by Iran and its fanatical clerics and the improbable actions from the people of a supposedly ‘advanced nation’ (America) to the welcoming and acceptance of a buffoon-like and morally weak President such as Trump. There is much more but one can easily get the picture.

Once again, this is NOT like an individual city or a country being ravaged like in the past because it threw back the advice of their prophet. THE PROPHET was sent over a thousand years ago to the whole world and like a shrinking violet, this religion is returning to its roots, letting the world to go to seed as it were.


Abu Hurairah said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”    (Muslim)

Al-Sindi said in Hashiyat Ibn Majah:

“Strange” refers to the small number of its adherents. The basic meaning of ghareeb (a stranger) is being far from one’s homeland. “And will revert to being strange” refers to the small number of those who will adhere to its teachings even though its followers are many. “So give glad tidings to the strangers” means those who {actually} follow its commands. “Tooba (glad tidings)” has been interpreted as meaning Paradise or a great tree in Paradise. This shows that supporting Islam and following its commands may require leaving one’s homeland and being patient in bearing the difficulties of being a stranger, as was the case in the beginning.

In Sharh Saheeh Muslim, Al-Nawawi quoted al-Qadi ‘Iyad as saying concerning the meaning of this hadeeth:

“Islam began among a few individuals, then it spread and prevailed, then it will {be} reduce{d} in numbers until there are only a few left, as it was in the beginning.” {That would be just before the coming of the real Christ}.

And when that happens sufficiently in nature, then the fire storm can be let loose on the WHOLE WORLD as a ‘purging force’ to clean away the ‘rotted vegetation’ so that ‘NEW GROWTH’ (the new age under the auspices of Jesus the Christ (pbh) the Messiah and the Islamic Mahdi can emerge.

Therefore, it is not one or two countries that will be stressed and wounded (broken) but the world as a way of doing its regular business will be tormented and crushed.

It is much like the story of the march out of Egypt by the Children of Israel with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit. By all accounts and observations it will look like the crass evil will conquer the good and reign forever more without the interference of any true GOD; only the placement of false gods shall appear to survive.

So when the army of Pharaoh was in hot pursuit of the Children of Promise, to all who might be in observance, the army looked like it was about to enjoy a great ‘blood bath’ victory by slaughtering the ones who were to eventually carry on the legacy of true belief.

But in the end, guess who were the ones who became truly humiliated? So shall it be again, but of course on a truly global scale, not a local one. Connect this idea to man’s intransigence to truly acknowledge that spiritual dynamic of the entrance of the ONE GOD’s special envoy, Prophet Muhammad (pbh) or as the Old Testament affirms – Shiloh, and one can see that man must be held accountable for his intransigence, ignorance and stubbornness. WHY?

Because man tries to dodge his responsibilities by claiming ignorance and the handy catchall phrase of ‘I can’t remember’. Does he ever try to exercise his ‘flabby’ brain in trying to remember or to think of other things besides his own belly?

The ‘spirit’ is higher than the temporal physical body and so must be paid attention to which is definitely a struggle of no mean importance. Therefore, man is NOT a ‘new item’ in the creation but existed eons ago as the world religions tell us if people would only try and understand.

It is not really that important to go beyond that point because what is past is past BUT to understand that, we gave our ‘sworn pledge’ to uphold the dignity of truth by our beings (that is to worship and OBEY the ONE GOD and keep that remembrance alive in our ‘hearts’). This entails more than just a quirky sermon as in ‘preach me a sermon padre’ but an active and ongoing search to get closer to THE ONE WHO GAVE US LIFE.

Pride and the allure of the good times and promises of the good times makes us grateful to be alive to get in on the ‘riches’ on possible offer but dulls the soul and makes it only secondary in nature. But our spirit is primary and that should be front and center as much as possible in our hearts and minds.

People like Putin, Trump and a whole host of others are purposely placed in this world as thorns to ‘prick and spread a vile disease’* to the susceptible. How else are the ‘fish’ going to be caught?

Since they have become numbered by their own actions and desires how else are they going to be caught on ‘tape’ that will reveal their hidden most desires and true intentions. Still, don’t trust your very own CREATOR LORD and want to wiggle out from your most solemn promises? Well, there is in existence a record of all that one did so there won’t be any hiding.

*These individual types are of the Anti-christ in spirit of their activities. They are not classified as little anti-christs Islamicaly but rather members of the anti-way of approach to the ONE GOD. They stir up the population and like vacuum cleaners, they try and collect supporters and cohorts to believe in and approve of their actions.

For example, in a supposedly intelligent country like America, a very sizable part of the voting population actually admires the ‘job’ that an arrogant, prideful, immoral, sleazy and narcissistic man (Trump) is doing. And if his personality doesn’t quite completely sit all too well with many of these voters, the promise of economic gains, like a carrot on a stick held out in front of a donkey is enough to soothe the ‘heart’ and mind of the hopeful voter thinking first and foremost of his belly instead of trusting in HIM WHO is deemed worthy of all worship.

Hard talk, hard reality and hard truths: Humble yourselves, therefore, under GOD’s mighty hand {put yourself in the WAY}, that HE may lift you up in due time.                           1Peter 5:6.

However, in times of a dearth spiritual awareness, it becomes difficult to put one’s trust in the ONE WHO SAVED the Christ-soul from death. As an example, one person might say, “I’m not happy about certain things but since I see an extra ‘buck’ coming my way, I can live with that.”


Or a recent historical example might suffice. During Nazi Germany a man might think that it is wrong to round up Jews to have them kicked out of the country, regularly beaten up or put in concentration camps.

However, a couple of hundred German marks will cause that man to not worry about this action and, after all, the idea of him being of such a ‘glorified’ race makes him feel kind of special and above the ordinary hum-drum of life.

Can a man actually sell his soul for the promise of a few bucks? It happens all the time!

And to make things more bitter concerning life, the world needs to be cleaned from this anti-christ-like behavior which means that both the good and the bad are going to be going down on this ‘Titanic’ but the good have to trust in their LORD that HE will take that into account (their goodness).

 HE DOES! and that makes them eventual ‘winners’ who have put their own lives on the line for HIM!

The others who have disparaged ALLAH’s PROMISES, will be given fairness according to their recorded actions and intentions for self-greed. They will get their just rewards AS WHAT THEY ORIGINALLY SWORE TO IN THE BEGINNING AS A DEVOUT AND HOLY PROMISE but have turned away from this fealty.**

**In their history of acquaintances (which knowledge lies with ALLAH ALONE for HE is THE JUST and THE ONE WHO KNOWS ALL THINGS) they will surely be brought to the ‘perfect justicewhich they themselves had at one time requested:

Who is more unjust than one who forges a lie against ALLAH or rejects HIS SIGNS? For such their portion appointed must reach them from the Book (of Decrees): until when OUR messengers (of death) arrive and take their souls, they say {to the arrogant forgetters}:”Where are the things that you used to invoke besides ALLAH?” They will reply, “They have left us in the lurch,” and they will bear witness against themselves that they had rejected ALLAH.

HE will say {to them}: “Enter You {all} in the company of the peoples who have past away before you – men and jinns, – into the FIRE. Every time a new people enters, it curses its sister-people (that went before), until they follow each other, ALL INTO THE FIRE. The last group will say to the first group: “Our LORD! IT IS THESE THAT MISLED US: SO GIVE THEM A DOUBLE PUNISHMENT IN THE FIRE.”


Then the first {group of the mischievous criminals} will say to the last: “SEE THEN! NO ADVANTAGE HAVE YOU OVER US; SO YOU {also} TASTE OF THE CHASTISEMENT FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID!”                                      Q (7: 37-39)


For them there is HELL, as a couch (below) and folds and folds of covering above: such is OUR REQUITAL of those who do WRONG.                                   Q (7: 40-41)

So in these articles there has been, at least to my knowledge, the truer understanding of the often attacked New Testament featuring the understanding of the principle movers and shakers of ideas being, in the case of ‘Christianity’, the original Disciples, the Presbyters and the Initiates and how the New Testament took on its current ‘flavor’ as well as the history behind the evolution of manipulating the truth and where it came from.

Also, the definitive proof of the Non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh), which went beyond any former form of knowledge was expressed and shown to be cohesive and developmental in all the Abrahamic Scriptures, was shown.

Furthermore, it was suggested that great Earth-changes were going to occur and part of these things will be extremely disruptive to life for people especially in the United States. Other countries will be hit very hard also and this will be of a physical nature too.

It was suggested in these articles that there was no need to fear a nuclear war but that there are stones (asteroids) outside our atmosphere that are ready to ‘pounce’ where they are needed. This was mentioned concerning Russia and also importantly in the Book of Ezekiel (pbh), as pertaining to slaughtering one-sixth (?) of the Gog and Magog.

Moreover, Africa is supposedly to turn into 5 huge island-type structures, which ‘now’ being a solid continent, means much damage and turmoil will occur in the near future.

The return of prophet Jesus (pbh), not as a prophet because prophethood has finished with the advent of the last Prophet, Muhammad (pbh), WILL NOT BE HELD UP FOR DEBATE – the only holdup will be caused by the Gog and Magog but that will last only as long as ALLAH WILLS.

Jesus (pbh) is NOT coming back to debate with any impertinent creature about how to govern or anything else for that matter. The Bible is quite clear on that point in Acts (3: 17-26 )***.

***“Now, fellow Israelites {followers of Moses}, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your leaders. But this is how GOD fulfilled what HE had foretold through all the prophets, saying that HIS Messiah {chosen one, to be more accurate} would suffer. {You} Repent, then, and turn to GOD, so that your sins may be wiped out {by HIM so,} that times of refreshing may come from the LORD, and that HE may send the Messiah, who has been appointed for you {the believing body of the faithful of any religion or that called the believers}—even Jesus {the Messiah}. Heaven must receive him until the time comes for GOD to restore everything – an altering of the heavens and the Earth, as HE promised {HE WOULD}, long ago through his holy prophets. For Moses said, ‘The LORD your GOD will raise up for you a prophet like me {the Lawgiver} from among your own {the} people {THE BELIEVERS}; you must listen to everything he tells you. Anyone who DOES NOT listen to him {comply to what he brought} will be completely cut off from their people {THAT IS THEY WILL BE WIPED OUT}****.“Indeed, beginning with Samuel, ALL the prophets who have spoken have foretold these days {WOULD COME}. And you are heirs of the prophets and of the covenant GOD made with your fathers {IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE}. He said to Abraham, ‘Through your offspring {ISAAC AND ISHMAIL of the Abrahamic Faiths} all peoples on earth will be blessed {That is, from these branches will come the believers of all colors who will be true Monotheists and acceptable to the ONE GOD}. When GOD raised up HIS servant {Jesus}, HE sent him first to you  {Jews – for as he said unto you Jews: I have NOT come BUT for the lost sheep of Israel” -Matthew (15: 24 )} to bless you in turning each of you from your wicked ways {so that you will be eligible to enter into the Kingdom of GOD if you but choose to listen and obey me and take NOT your faith in arrogance against GOD’s WILL}.”  Acts (3: 17-26)

**** It is very difficult to understand this concept UNLESS one can see the connection between the returning Christ and Muhammad (peace be upon them both). That takes some thinking but the knowledge that there is no prophet between Jesus and Muhammad as a multi-layered concept gives excellent depth to the notion found in Acts (3: 17-26).


The peoples (we) were given a promise that all of the prophets looked forward to – OH! When shall it occur?

 So the SIGN was given and the Last of the prophets were sent and that was that! And there is no prophet between Muhammad and Jesus as was in the beginning of prophethood and at the end of prophethood.

A person can debate this all he or she wants to until they die AND DIE THEY WILL! That is why the really smart people try with their desires in their attempts at believing and following ALLAH and HIS Prophet!!!