Use of the symbols {  } are given to clarify certain ideas

*See the end of this article countering the reasons given by Christians on why Jesus was crucified.

There are so many mysteries in the world that man would be overcome to know about even some of them. The wonderful thing is that we do NOT have to even know one of them. The religion is simple and always has been but it is man who has tried to ‘pervert’ the heart by making it complex.

I know on this website that some strange things have been stated but that was for the reason of uniformity NOT for dissolution! Putting the ‘harmony of the texts’ together only shows how man has made disharmony of such a sacred and beneficial topic as ‘religious truth’.

In truth, mankind is one of the ‘great creations’ put into play by the CREATOR LORD {for HE fashioned ‘him’ with HIS own HAND} and nestled within side his heart, in a secret place, is the ‘stamp’ of one being a believer or a non-believer but of that NO man knows and therefore man must be guided by the rules sent down from on HIGH for his betterment and salvation. Going outside this boundary will be very dangerous for his soul.

HE {ALLAH} created everything and destined {for it} its measure. Q (25: 2)

ALLAH had predestined the measures of creatures 50,000 years before HE created the heavens and the earth. The Prophet (pbh) said: “ALLAH had ordained the measures (of quality) of the creation fifty thousand years before HE created the creation.”      (Muslim)

Whatever beings {or things} there are in the heavens and the earth do prostrate themselves to ALLAH willingly or unwillingly: so also do their shadows {prostrate themselves as manifested before their CREATOR LORD} in the morning and evenings.    Q (13:15)

HE is ALLAH, The CREATOR, The EVOLVER and The BESTOWER of Forms. To HIM belong the MOST BEAUTIFUL NAMES: {so} whatever is in the heavens and on earth, does declare HIS PRAISES and GLORY: and HE is THE ALL-MIGHTY, THE WISE. Q (59:24)

In fact, two of the most famous of ALLAH’s Names are AL-‘AZEEZ (The ALL-MIGHTY ONE WHO is magnified by all things as they must surrender to HIS Desire (Purpose, Will and Plan) and AL-JABBAR (The IRRESISTIBLE COMPELLER WHO sets right the affairs of HIS creatures). There can be no doubt about who is in charge and in total control of all things from BEFORE the creation, DURING its creation and AFTER that creation ceases to exist in the form that we can’t as yet understand.

Basically, it is a ‘closed system’ of no errors featuring trillions of result oriented pathways even for one lonely individual. In just understanding that concept causes man to be so overwhelmed as to believe that there can be NO comparisons to GOD (none whatsoever) and certainly HE has no need for partners in helping HIM to rule. This is what I was trying to get across in my last book, “The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ” downloaded for free on this website.

Man’s so-called fate, which is known beforehand by ALLAH, is determined by man’s own actions throughout his total existence based upon man’s contract with ALLAH in the beginning giving him a free will of choice to live in the PERFECT SYSTEM set up by ALLAH which, being perfect on all occasions, cannot be fathomed by any human being. Choices lead to consequences which man cannot foresee and this goes on and on until Judgment Day.

However, good is rewarded multiple times according to a set of standards unknown by man whereas bad is punished only to that extent of action proving that ALLAH’s MERCY outweighs HIS Wrath.

Since we cannot fathom this Perfect System, we must ‘put our total trust in ALLAH’ and HIS SYSTEM without question. Hesbuna ALLAHU, wa Ni ‘amal wa-Keel – ALLAH is Sufficient for us, HE is an Excellent Disposer (of ‘our’ Affairs).

For the Christian, the most important thing for them is in finding the knowledge about the Spirit of truth as they were ‘ordered’ to do and if they are loyal to their own prophet Jesus (pbh) they will consider this ‘task’ a major goal of their belief. They should know that one cannot manufacture a ‘fake’ Jesus to justify their own self-aggrandizement because a fake Jesus has no real existence. However, once again, whether people so choose the pathway of earnest work towards this goal is going to be up to them.

How is that possible??? Based on the importance given to the subject, they will have to ‘fight through’ any worldly interference or aggrandizement to pound away at the subject showing self-discipline and honesty.

Since it isn’t ALLAH WHO ‘puts’ man in HELL, according to the ‘Perfect System’ and its inviolable rules, it then is man himself (through disobedience to the original ‘Contract’) who puts his own soul in danger and thusly leads his own soul to destruction. This takes away the foolish notion of a ‘tyrant god’ whose whims and precocious nature rules the universe.

So, the end result is that no one can blame GOD about HIM tricking one into stages of unbelief! You are what you are because of you (it’s time to take on an individual responsibility) and GOD is the TOTAL, COMPLETE AND PERFECT ENFORCER or THE AL-MUQSIT – The EQUITABLE ONE having Perfect Fairness.

It is important NOT to judge by man’s rules as to who is measured for ‘success’ because as the Christ-soul has brought out: ‘many who are first shall be last and many who are last shall be first’.     Matthew (19: 30)

Getting ‘bogged down’ in unsolvable historical problems will not benefit the majority of seekers looking for the goal of Paradise. For example, the discussion about Paul can easily turn into a sideshow featuring little practical value. Paul was just a man who had his own faults as to being somewhat headstrong and self-willed.

He in no way can replace the wisdom or the stature of the REAL Jesus (pbh). After all, he was NOT chosen to receive Revelation and according to 2 Peter (3: 15-17) some of his ‘discussions’ were not very clear as they tend to be very complex, and somewhat rambling. That doesn’t make him a bad man but it does tend to ‘limit’ him as a solid example on how to conduct one’s faith.

Islam also has its bug-a-boos in the basic split between Sunni and Shia sects. The greatest testimony to a comprehensive lunacy concerning building up ‘false so-called facts’ lies squarely on the shoulders of the one who studies the personality, character, uprightness and courage of ‘Ali ibn Abu Talib. The key is in studying him and knowing him as a great and courageous man who would give his life and his all in the cause for Islam.

If he DID NOT honor, love and respect his forerunners as Caliphs (Abu Bakr, ‘Umar and ‘Uthman), he would have, under the banner of ‘serve, protect and defend’ the Ummah (Islamic territories) with his whole mind, body and soul in SWORN FEALITY TO ALLAH, sent to all of the territories a clear message from himself that the above mentioned Caliphs were not honorable men or TRUE SERVANTS of THE ONE GOD. AND THAT HE DID NOT DO BECAUSE HE CONSIDERED THOSE HONORED THREE TO BE TRUE AND CHOOSEN BY ALLAH’S WILL.*

Of course if ‘Ali never became Caliph, which he was for nearly six years, there could be some doubt about the greatness of his three predecessors in any debate. But due to ‘Ali’s nature, which included NO DEVIOUS OR HIDDEN MOTIVES AS HE WAS UPRIGHT, STRAIGHT AND TOTALLY COURAGES IN SPEECH AND BEHAVIOR, it can be concluded that those folks who CAST ASPIRTIONS AGAINST ANY OF THE THREE FORERUNNERS OF ‘ALI ARE DELUSIONAL, ILLOGICAL AND ABNORMAL WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR THOUGHT PROCESS –BASED ON ISLAMIC MORALS. Besides this, they are also likened unto those who use falsehoods to prop up their baseless suppositions and belief systems!!! Enough said about that!

*Everyone has ‘disagreements’ now and then but that doesn’t mean that any man can claim perfect sinlessness (except Jesus but that is a special unique case as himself, the end product if you will of his owed duty, by prophecy) such that all men have come short of the glory of the LORD! And therefore we are not gods!

So the challenge is to ‘bring forth your evidence if you are telling the truth’. So, in the ‘search for the Spirit of truth’ whether it comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls or any of the Testaments must show a consistency in its interpretation filled with practical examples and a body of reference that can be studied and followed in a logical manner remembering that man is above all ‘Spirit’. And underscoring this hunt for ‘interpretations’ must include Zephaniah (3: 9-10).

So, if you believe your Holy Bible to have value, then handle the verses below!

Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (New International Version)


Then I will purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve him shoulder to shoulder.
From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring ME offerings.


Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (21st Century King James Version)

For then will I return to the people a pure language that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve HIM with one accord.
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia MY suppliants–even the daughter of MY dispersed–shall bring MINE offering.





The Book of Zephaniah was originally written sometime in the 6th century BC although some scholars prefer a second century BC offering possibly borrowing on the originality of a manuscript from the 6th century BC. Whatever the truth of this matter, practically that amounts to about the same thing if the texts were followed in earnest.


It is clear and unambiguous that The GIVER of the ‘gift’ being spoken about comes directly from THE ONE LORD and not something that drops into a man’s head by his own doing. In other words, the gift that will be given is from GOD and directly from HIM and no other. This gift is mentioned as purified lips or a pure language.


Verse number 9 talks of purified lips of the peoples or a pure language. When a person talks about using the lips of peoples, one is talking about a manner of speech and when one talks about a manner of speech; one is talking about a certain language that will be used.

Among humanity there is NO KNOWN pure language that has ever been invented by the hands of man. There has NEVER been a common language that has ever remained pure because like man, language that is developed from a creature (man) is like that creature – changing.

The Eskimo living in his environment has perhaps over a hundred words for snow but people living in the desert may only have one or two words for this phenomenon. So language reflects the utility of man’s ‘changing world’ and hence the language changes – meaning that it does not remain pure but becomes adulterated according to need. Hence, the expression ‘I am bad’ can actually mean that I am good in the same language.

So at least we know that there will be a language involved instead of tap dancing. This language has to be a special language and not anything that man could think of because it will have the property of being pure and remaining pure and that will be quite a feat due to man’s proclivity in messing things up! Moreover, we cannot forget that this language will be directly from the ONE GOD and who would ever attribute to HIM imperfection but one who is deformed in the soul.

Also, the language cannot be common everyday speech because that would also get messed up by being morphed into many dialects. Rather the language must be very special and even ceremonial for it to be ‘locked up’ and kept pure and unsullied by the hands of men. The type of ceremonial expressions used must not be looked upon as a run of the mill experience like joining a club but rather put into an exalted position to merit such a stance as being pure and kept pure.

There is only one logical form of highest thought taken by most men from the past to the present and that is the form of RELIGION or the continuation of life rather than just living and dying for no reason. Hence, this protected language which is PURE and going to remain PURE is a religious language. From so-called shamans to tribal chiefs or witch doctors, there is shown a way of ‘talking’ to the ‘higher powers’ in that culture. The highest known symbolic discourse between man and the POWER WHO created him comes from religion.

Being a religious language that remains PURE cannot be for one person or for one country and as the verses claim, which is fairly easy to figure out, this language will be for various peoples who practice this form of worship or belief system.

A pure language like rituals will change over a period of time UNLESS of course it is in a form that a person can say and remember that it becomes the proverbial ‘written in stone’ language or a language unaltered through time. Jesus (pbh), for example, spoke a form of Aramaic called Syriac but we do not connect with the knowledge of what he declared in that language. Basically, his language has gone through the ‘treadmill’ of Greek, Latin, English and whatever other language which would alter the meanings even very minutely but still they would be altered.

In other words, this language may be spoken but it has to be PRESERVED AND REVERED such that it is in a written form that can be used as a standard for checking the veracity of the spoken form or written forms coming from it and so highly thought of that any attempt to fool around with it will bring ‘dire consequences’. Hence, this written form must be duplicated in great quantities for the peoples and thusly can be easily checked out as to its maintaining its ‘perfection’.

So a record of the formation, development, delivery of this language has to be kept as from the beginning of its origins so as to be able to show that it has a track record of purity and not just some kind of fairytale story as an invisible book kept by and controlled by high priests. Therefore, the best form of preservation is not a book of rules but an actual book by which a standard can be formed to test any copies that would be made of this book or recitations given from this book.

Because we are looking at a ‘Book’ or widespread record of some kind, the matter becomes simple. Thinking that only one book spread around many countries will fit the bill is ludicrous. Therefore, each territory or, in this case, each place of ceremonial worship must have an exact duplicate of the original.

And if that ‘record’ or book was to be used in individual houses, which the Quran is, it would have to remain pure and not have any alteration done on it and go undetected when challenged and still be classified as being pure. Of course any ‘fool’ can alter the Quran personally but it would NOT be accepted across communities when ‘put under the microscope’.

The conclusion is simple. A BOOK must exist that is GOD GIVEN and it is and fully remains available in its ORIGINAL LANGUAGE (not just a translated form as the verses from the two of the above Old Testament translated sources are). Well if it is a GOD GIVEN BOOK it will be about the guidance given to man rather than instructions on how to perform tap dancing and this makes it a religious book which in turn makes it a TESTAMENT and that, in turn, makes it a separate phase or form of religion as shown in the following verse from the New Testament.

Where there is a NEW TESTAMENT GIVEN there is a paradigm change. This means that in the common language of man there will come a NEW RELIGION. This does not mean that the religion is brand spanking new but it is NOT going to be a carbon copy of the preceding religion even though it may harmonize with the old for truths shall be revealed and lies will be uncovered!

For where a testament is {paradigm change}, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator Heb. (9: 16). Jesus (pbh) didn’t ‘die’ a physical, total journey ending in death as ‘THE DEATH’ or the completion of his sojourn but, according to Islam, he will return to lead the Islamic kingdom on Earth and after marriage and several decades will die and be buried (with the rich – Isaiah Chapter 53) with Prophet Muhammad (pbh) – and they will raise up together. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) DID DIE, however, and according to the New Testament, the PHYSICAL, COMPLETE DEATH is part of the proof of formation of an actual Religious Testament. Hence, the REALITY OF ISLAM according to this verse in the New Testament!

Worshiping withone accord’ can have many different meanings. When one comes across a puzzler like this, one has to fit something in that will be in agreement with those two verses thus making the whole of the verses to harmonize without any contradiction. In other words, one takes that meaning that will not throw off the other meanings given in those two verses.

One can worship with one accord even though we are different as a people if that religion has a basis for belief (a basic doctrine) that ALL MEMBERS harmoniously believe in. In other words, the basis of belief must be such that the upholders of that belief system understand that system no matter to what various cultures they are found in. That would be the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM forming the basis of that belief system or the bedrock as its foundation amongst those who believe.

‘By all of its worshipers’ would mean from pole to pole and ocean to ocean such that Islam would be a ‘worldwide’ religion and NOT just for one city or country and that the true followers of that ONE RELIGION would follow the SAME HOLY BOOK without additional words or chapters thrown in or taken out – unlike the Catholic Bible versus the Protestant Bible which have a different number of books in its canon – and practice the same FIVE PILLARS.

The part about standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ can mean many things but it is the practice of Muslims to stand harmoniously and joyfully in one accord during one of the essential pillars of faith and that is prayer – for the prayer to be accepted – men with men and women with women. This does not apply to any ‘false sect’ but only to mainstream Islam.

Besides the above explanation, how can we know that Islam is being discussed in these two verses from Zephaniah? That is easy for we have the geographical location given. A religion starts descending from ‘above’ to those below. In other words, it has to have a physical presence and start from some place upon someone.

So, in this case we need to have a geographical area to deal with at the very start of this revelation. So it is easy to see that a prophet will be involved and he will be speaking to some people in the beginning and these people will have a home base or be domiciled in some geographical area.

The geographical area will be defined according to these verses based on the nature of the rivers found in the country mentioned. The country mentioned is that area of Cush or what is now known as Ethiopia.

The rivers in Ethiopia may run in a north-south or south-north direction. Therefore, one must go across from these rivers in an east-west direction to find the location of any religion that emerged from the time of the writing of this book called Zephaniah.

If one was to use willy-nilly logic and jump up or down going in a north or south direction in a random way by leapfrogging so many countries, then one could look for a religious movement with a preserved HOLY LANGUAGE coming from the north or south poles. However, when one restricts the search for this religion by going directly east or west from ‘across the rivers of Ethiopia’ then one must look for that religion in those areas.

By going west from the rivers of Ethiopia one can keep going through the continent of Africa until one hits the Atlantic Ocean and NOT find any religion that can lay a claim for the fulfillment of the prophecy found in Zephaniah.

However, when one goes to the east from the rivers of Ethiopia, one does find an ESTABLISHED WORLD RELIGION THAT FULLFILLS ALL OF THAT PROPHECY FOUND IN THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAH and this country turns out to be Arabia specifically starting in the area called Makkah.

What about the ‘dispersed or scattered people’? The original children of Israel tended to be tribal and not such a propagating religious movement. Their original language varies with the times and their original records are somewhat suspect due to the various inabilities to keep alive their documents throughout history – translations, yes but originals, NO!

The other branch of this ‘tribe,’ commonly called Christians today, do tend to be propagating as to their faith but do not present either a pure language kept in book form or a uniform form of worship. That is, some Testament is used in a foreign-based language (Greek) or many kinds of translations making it easier for people to read and some form of creed is generally believed in but variations as to prayer, times of prayer, rituals and doctrine are quite varied and that is extremely important.

These thoughts may be taken as a form of nitpicking but what does the word ‘PURE’ mean? Does it mean almost pure or does it imply 100% retrievable and provable pure? The verses in Zephaniah refer to the 100% form of purity not in custom but in the Language Guaranteed and Protected by the CREATOR LORD HIMSELF!

So the dispersed and scattered people would be people covering a wide area that would have been left out of the equation for salvation or those reduced to following some form of tribal paganism or even a tarnished philosophy as many of the Gentiles have. There is another thought to this, however.

Considering the New Testament and its warnings of the ‘deterioration of the truth’ brought by Jesus (pbh) (see the article, Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus”) and what also is found in the Quran (Q 5: 14), one can gather that the floundering ship of truth must be resurrected with a PURE form of truth. Otherwise, bringing one’s corrupted ‘offerings’ needs no PURE LANGUAGE or TRUTH to be sent down from the heavens when corruption will suffice or trump REALITY and that the ONE LORD will accept any old trash or falsehoods created by man to be thrown up to honor HIM!

It must be admitted that even a slow minded worshiper of any religion would be completely foolish as to confront the ONE GOD by proclaiming that HIS GIFT of a PURE LANGUAGE is foolish, misplaced or erroneous IF THAT PERSON HAS ANY HOPE OF A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE AFTERLIFE.

Without a doubt it {The Quran} is (announced) in the {previous} revealed Books of {the} former peoples.   Q (26: 196)

Praise be to ALLAH, Who has sent to HIS Servant The BOOK and has allowed NO crookedness therein.     Q (18: 1)

And remember ALLAH took a Covenant from the People of the Book to make it known and clear to mankind and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made!            Q (3: 187)

For those, too, who call themselves Christians, WE did take a Covenant, but they forgot a good part of the Message that was sent to them: So WE stirred up enmity and hatred between one and the other {to fight and squabble amongst themselves}, to the Day of Judgment. And soon will ALLAH show them what it is they have done.                      Q (5: 14)

Those who reject ALLAH {THE ONE AND ETERNAL GOD} and hinder (men) from the PATH of ALLAH, their deeds will ALLAH bring to naught.   Q (47: 1)

Whoever goes right, then he goes right only for the benefit of his own self. And whoever goes astray, then he goes astray to his own loss. No one laden with burdens can bear another’s burden. And WE never punish until WE have sent a Messenger (to give warning).           Quran 17:15

(GOOD) DEEDS, when done under ‘religious restraints’ are equivalent to a ‘purchasing power’ to get into Paradise. Making the ‘good deeds’ ineffectual will practically erase the chance for that man or women to enter Paradise resulting in a placement in Hell-Fire depending on, as in all things, ALLAH’s WILL.


There seems to be massive confusion concerning the Crucifixion issue posed by the Christians concerning the ‘Muslim interpretation’ as shown by Google when the topic of the crucifixion is typed in. Actually, there is NO REAL CONFUSION AT ALL!

The supposed ‘confusion’ comes about from the various so-called ‘disjointed scenarios’ (scenarios not tied in to a single unified story) offered by various ‘contributors on the Islamic side’ to the topic stretching way back to the Companions or so it is said.

First of all, ALLAH puts the crucifixion scenario in its place by saying, ‘but SO it (the act of Crucifixion and its outcome) was made {directed in a certain way} as to appear to them as such {WHOEVER attempted or watched this dirty deed}. That means that all the human senses present at ‘this event’ would pick up the crucifixion of Jesus even though, in truth, he was NOT even on the cross.




Secondly, the Gospel of Luke gives the right impression even though it is not 100% pure that the person carrying the cross went up the hill and was INDEED CRUCIFIED.  True enough!!! However, Jesus (pbh) was NOT CARRYING THE CROSS ACCORDING to this Gospel.

Furthermore, Did Jesus (pbh) die? Well, yes and no! As I have stated before, ‘two men went into the grave (grotto) but only one came out’ with the result that the grave became empty! Concerning Jesus’ (pbh) death: He was under a deep sleep (trance or whatnot) and according to Ibn Katheer, this was a ‘deep sleep’ which in Islamic terms is a ‘sort of death’. By reviewing the Holy Name of ALLAH – AL- QABID, which means HE is THE SEIZER WHO retains or withholds the souls of those whom HE has decreed death but returns the rest back for a stated term’:


However, Jesus (pbh) did NOT DIE a ‘PHYSICAL DEATH’. So in Islam we can say according to the Quran there are two types of deaths: one you can awake from and the other which equates to passing on to the ‘other side’.

Also, ALLAH proclaims without hesitation that there will be a ‘massive amount of confusion’ among the adherents who choose to believe in the crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) and not just amongst those who call themselves Christians. The best way to avoid this is to JUST BELIEVE in the words of the Quran!

While Islam treats the ‘crucifixion tale’ with short shrift, the Christians in the main treat this ‘story’ as the MAIN HIGHLIGHT OR THE PINNICLE FOR THEIR EXISTANCE, WORSHIP AND SALVATION. By putting most of their ‘eggs in one basket’ they are essentially putting their ‘money on the wrong horse’ which does not allow them to see the other side more clearly.

100% knowledge about the crucifixion ATTEMPT on Jesus is not possible to be known at this time – except what the Quran gives us which is that Jesus (pbh) was NOT put on the cross (crucified) NOR was he killed (murdered).

Secondly, those individuals, whether they be Christian, Jew, Muslim, agnostic or atheist, have NO CERTAIN {COMPLETE} KNOWLEDGE of this event IF they maintain that he (pbh) was crucified EXCEPT FOR MERE CONJECTURE. This mere conjecture can look very tempting especially when one is trying to put forth nonsensical doctrine (however, it is ‘made’ by the priest-class to be not nonsensical to those people). That is why those people are like the earnest, well-meaning and staunch believers of the Earth being flat! They have, in their minds at least, a great deal of evidence to prove that the Earth is really flat when of course the REALITY IS THAT THEY ARE ALL WET SCIENTIFICALLY.

To answer the problems posed by incredulous Christians concerning what they have taken as ‘gospel’ is NOT ALL THAT DIFFICULT:

  1. The Gospels are replete with the ‘crucifixion story’ featuring so much detail that it would be impossible to ‘fake it’!

Not so is the answer! Since there was an actual crucifixion and if the original records had the words, ‘And so it appeared that…’ attached to the story then by getting rid of those 5 simple words would be telling the story of what actually happened but NOT TO JESUS!

Three particular ‘MAIN’ verses (although there are a few more that can be attached to these three) found in the New Testament go on to show that the crucifixion story as the Christians tell it is very, very wrong. The reason for this is that what the Christians suggest don’t fit the logical facts. But what we know from Islamic history about the ‘Jews of Medina’ these facts are exactly what one would expect from a treacherous lot. These three verses are:


Jesus said to them, “Surely you will quote this proverb to me {as a temptation but GOD will throw it back on your faces}: ‘Physician, heal yourself!’ And you will tell me, ‘Do here in your hometown {concerning healing powers} what we have heard that you did in Capernaum.’”    Luke (4: 23) {and we shall swear to GOD that we will believe in you – oath of the hypocrites for they did not believe}.

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be {that is my condition will be the same} three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.     Matthew (12: 40)

“No one {man} takes it from me {the Christ-soul}, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again {according to HIS WILL}. This command {authority, gift, promise, and miracle} I received from my Father.”                                   John (10: 18).

Note that Jonah (pbh) was ALIVE all of those ‘3 days’ in the ‘fish’. So, this is a ‘testament’ that whoever is saying that Jesus died is NOT NORMAL in his thinking due to the fact that if Jesus (pbh) did die, then the similitude that he gave is ‘childishly inaccurate and foolishly wrong’. It is a non-sequitur and is ridiculously illogical. They may claim, “he died a physical death” while Jesus says, “he will be like {as Jonah was} Jonah” (pbh) who REMAINED totally ALIVE AND DID NOT DIE A PHYSICAL DEATH.

  1. GOD wouldn’t confuse HIS PEOPLE!

HIS people are the ones who try in earnest to obey HIM NOT THOSE WHO PROCLAIM SUCH WITH THEIR LIPS ONLY. Also, to be fair the ‘effect’ must be continuous and believable to all people at that time, even of those who had faith, so as to test their loyalty and to further strengthen their faith later on. If ALLAH can cause a man to walk on his legs in the world, HE can and WILL cause the ‘cursed’ to walk on their faces in the Hereafter (hadith)!

Furthermore, by Jesus’ own words about the ‘people of Paradise’ coming from all the parts of the compass as opposed to the current Jews he was talking about shows that he did not have much ‘love’ for their intransigent, unfaithful ways.  (Matthew Chapter 23), Luke (13: 34), Matthew (8: 11-12), Exodus (17: 4)

  1. Jesus was in full view all the time while he was carrying the cross and there would be no confusion about that!

So that would seem but the New Testament gives about 3 or so verses showing what has been called Jesus’ ability to change form or shape which has been called by some ‘shape changer’.  Being that is the case, especially when surrounded by people who are going to try and kill him, he walks right past them showing that the POWER OF ALLAH’s PROTECTION IS UNDEFEATABLE     John (8: 59)

  1. In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus is recorded to have ‘sweat blood’ for fear of his upcoming crucifixion.

Jesus did sweat blood, a condition known as hematohidrosis, due to several reasons. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus (pbh) tells of the future events to the Disciples, on their way to Jerusalem, and they became terrified so he had to settle them down but he did scold them a little bit due to their ‘fear overcoming their faith’.

He even gives them a certain time that he will not be with them, a certain time that he will revisit them and the place to go for them to wait upon him. So logically, he knows what is going to happen and he is as ‘cool as a cucumber’ about it. In other words, he is NOT ‘whining about anything like a spoiled little kid’. He puts his trust in his LORD.

However, being that his ‘station’ with the LORD is so very high, it is a hellacious thought that mere ‘unbelieving vermin’ will strip him down to complete nakedness showing his private parts and parade him around while beating and tormenting his body with kicks, punches, spit and slanderous words.

Also, Jesus’ soul WAS VERY TENDER towards people and the people who he came ESPECIALLY FOR (THE JEWS). { However, remember the non-Jewish woman whom he first REPULSED who cried out for faith and said that even a ‘dog’ can wait on his masters table to get a few crumbs’} (Matthew (15: 22-27). Those who called themselves JEWS who were implicit in trying to get him killed and whom he had been around and supported, for example, as Joshua bin Nun (pbh) as he, the Christ-soul, led them into ‘the promised land’ in (‘other times’ gone by… and you {those people} would NOT {listen to my pleas}).                                     Luke (13: 34)

So, he did pray to have this ‘SUPER HUMILLIATION’ pass him by and that is totally understandable from what has just been said about his tender heart and very high and respectful station.  But that was NOT GOD’s WILL and he accepted to undergo this one last ‘dagger in the heart’ because ALLAH WILLED IT FOR HIS OWN REASONS. Luke (22: 42-44).

And especially his sorrow in seeing the people who were so bombastic in their claims of great faith but in reality would be turned away, Matthew (8: 11-12) – where the ‘children of the kingdomwill be cast out into utter darkness: {‘where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth’}.

All of the reasons that the Christians give about the reality of Jesus being crucified so as to save their self-imposed beliefs in a god-man dying for the sins of the world are, in reality UNREALISTIC!

One final word: Those people who claim that I said Jesus was Adam are not telling the truth. I claimed only that Jesus was adam NOT Adam!