Once again the symbols { } are utilized for the purpose of giving clarity to the various scriptures and to bring in with clearness the understanding of such to those who are able to understand.

The purpose of comparative religion, if it has any purpose at all, is to awaken the human heart to the need to bring back a remembrance of HIM WHO CREATED US AND WHO SUSTAINS US IN LIFE AS WELL AS IN DEATH.

How is it possible to lose the battle but win the war? The world as we are currently experiencing it has become so fragmented and so impaired that systems are breaking down all over the place. The glue of aspirations that have held people together seem not to be working. In fact, mankind has been caught off balance and is running to and fro seeking not only answers but a relief from the constant struggles that life has thrown at us.

However, into the breach come true Islamic values but the world as a whole doesn’t want to accept it nor does it know how to deal with it and hence the battle for the uplifting of the human spirit continues. Unfortunately the mistrust and foolishness of some is causing chaos and hatred to reign. The result is Fitna and growing tensions between peoples and nations.

What is needed is a common ground that everyone can accept and that common ground is a constitution guaranteeing the rights of peaceful assembly (not chaotic and irrational demands) and the rights of human dignity not based on the overthrow of governments but on the wise distribution of wealth, the understanding that social development takes timeand that honesty and rational thought, which is a bitter pill to swallow for some, needs to be at the forefront of all discussions.

Since this transformation cannot be erected in one day, patience is required to see the job through. It also demands, for the stability of any peoples, to set up a commission to study and develop ways to go forth and implement improvements to bring relief because every nation is responsible for the support, protection and maintenance of its people.

This cannot occur when thousands of separate voices are crying out for thousands of different agendas to be implemented overnight. In other words, one must be chosen from amongst the throng to be a spokesperson to carry out the job of bringing the so-called ‘vital’ requests into focus, to look realistically at the problem and come up with a realistic solution and the will and the desire to work for that realistic solution. It is not an overnight thing.

“Here a little, there a little, line upon line and precept upon precept!” This sounds like something coming from the Bible’s Old Testament. Well it does and it is a description of many things. For one thing, it is an accurate description of the Quran as it was sent down piece by blessed piece over a period of nearly 23 years for the development of mankind.

A fascinating reflection of how the Islamic House (community) was fashioned while putting the WORD of GOD in context in relationship to the Muslim community and the world in which it was forming and the world as it then existed.

The broader aspect, however, of that quote is the DESIGNED PLAN OF LIFE or as much as we can understand it which admittedly is not much. It is not because we are dullards but because of the complexity of the situation it is way too much for us mere mortals to fully comprehend.

For one thing, the Quran is a Heavenly, Divinely Inspired Book but it was not delivered in a vacuum. It forms or reflects a pattern of the splendors of creation itself which is beyond the scope and kin of mankind to understand at least at the present time.

Of course people can pick up the flavor of the Greatness, Wisdom and Spiritual Wonders from this most Holy and Divinely Inspired Book just like people can feel The ONENESS of ALLAH’s BEINGNESS in their hearts but cannot in fact see HIM at this time.

So what does the Quran contain? It contains quite simply everything. That is a bold statement for sure and one that simply must be put in the category of faith. So a little bit of reflection is needed when talking about the Quran because the Quran cannot be appreciated by humanity when there is no humanity. At least that makes some sense.

The above quote from the Old Testament is also about humanity itself.WOW! Things are merging in this type of ‘oneness’ so finely and so infinitely designed as to suggest that our CREATOR LORD, THE DIVINE MASTER BUILDER AND OVERSEER OF HIS CREATIONS has created such a PERFECT PLAN AND PATTERN that the minds of earnest believing men are overcome and held in a feeling of awe (wonder, admiration, fear and love) of HIM by Whom there is no other!

Because each human being enters the world in a state of Fitra and because human beings make up the story of life and itsprecious choices, philosophical leanings, learning experiences, enlightenments and awakenings  in these experiences or in choosing turncoat activities against the truth, the CHANCE MUST BE GIVEN TO ALL HUMAN SOULS AS RECORDS ARE RECORDED FROM ON HIGH AS TO THEIR PLEDGE OF FEALITY AND WORKING THROUGH THE WEBS OF LIFE’S DECIETS OR FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEM THAT THEY ENTER WHAT HAS BEEN CALLED THE CHANCE OF THE MEANING OF LIFE – “HERE A LITTLE, THERE A LITTLE, LINE UPON LINE AND PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT”.

Life in this perspective now becomes dynamic and choices are being made every day by people who either desire to follow in honest earnestness the ‘best of ways’ or to continue to follow strange dreams of delusions in hope of escaping the promise for those who are rebellious against the truth – BUT THE CHANCE IS GIVEN AND THE CHOICE IS THEIRS!

By the {very existence and endurance of man through} time,

Verily Man is in {total} loss,

EXCEPT such as have Faith and do righteous deeds and (join together) in the mutual enjoining of Truth and of Patience and Constancy.    Q (103: 1-3)

This is because of the (unrighteous deeds) which your hands sent on before you: for Allah never does injustice to those who serve HIM.    Q (3: 182)

And he who brings the Truth and he who confirms (and supports it) – such are the men who do right.     Q (39: 33?)

But you {must} first seek the Kingdom of GOD, and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS {Good Pleasure}; and all these {marvelous} things shall be added unto you.   Matt. (6: 33)

So we can see that in reality there are no loopholes, no hits or misses, no escape and no faulty cracks happening in the system set forth. It is a Perfect Plan and a Perfect Test and it perfectly weeds out what has been chosen to be weeded out.

Therefore, when the believers and non-believers are vying for what has been called the ‘Eternal Home of Happiness’ or better known as The Hereafter, the pretenders better known as the ‘foolish’ or the arrogant ones who wouldn’t listen to Guidance from on High but reveled in ridiculous guidance from below will be caught in their own trap because in their blindness, they have built their own house of horrors with their own hands.

In baseball it is three strikes and you are out. Whatever happened to America? The ideals of freedom and the responsibility may be harbored in the hearts of some of the people but the actions of others leave a lot to be desired. The same might be said of all nations. But nations can’t live forever and America, for example, has two strikes, a foul-tipped ball and the next ‘pitch’ is bound to be quite devastating.

Economics*, the rise and the acceptance of the ‘born again’ cult** that has spread its tendrils around the world and America’s love affair with the State of Israel means quite simply ‘three strikes’ and game over***.

*It was not too long ago when America, the shining light to the world or so it has been said, had a national debt of just over two trillion dollars – not a great sign of self-control but still livable. As the years past, this economic engine started to heat up and feed upon itself.

Decisions were made concerning ‘buying friends’ and being, on the outside at least, a defender of peace. But lo and behold, the notion of self-interest became paramount and what was good for America was going to be good for the world. And that idea bred a certain kind of inward rational and aloofness that just was doomed in the end.

Some have called this economic ‘irrationalism capitalism’ while others have expressed it as being likened to ‘neo-liberalism’ which translates into something akin to being what a person can be and getting everything what is not nailed down for oneself. In other words, the word is greed!

Now we see a country with a nearly 14.5 trillion dollar debt and that debt seems to grow at a maddeningly pace. It seems that once that beast is let out of the cage, it will turn on its masters and devour them. At first, it is not noticed very much but as the years pass, it becomes the rope around the neck that grows ever tighter and tighter spreading fear and wrath among the general population who seem to be struggling to ‘make ends meet’.

There is a strong sense of urgency to cut the budget before the decades roll on and America becomes an impoverished nation but those practices are too little and too late. The national debt may be slowed but it can’t be stopped from rising and the beast of what Islam calls ‘riba’ will not go down peacefully.

In fact, the writing is already on the wall and there is none to bail her out. The needs, wants and lifestyle of its citizens demand a certain ‘easy street’ which will prevent America from having a recovery such that the rich tend to grow richer now, the middle class is slipping into being likened to indentured servants and the poor can go eat grass.

That may sound dramatic but the fairytale life of worldly promise not to mention America’s hefty, but inadequately maintained infrastructure is on the verge of unraveling. Its citizens can live with less and most would find that offensive and something to be avoided at all cost. Hence, the wound in the beast grows bigger and bigger with no end in sight.

America’s strength is in its military and in sales of certain items to other countries like military equipment and passenger planes. But other countries are scooping up chunks of this lucrative market and China is not resting on its laurels either.

Even without thinking of the Great Signs that must surely come to pass and will be, as advertised in the Holy Records awesomely destructive, America’s economic lordship with riba as its main engine has left that country with ‘arms of steel but feet of clay’.

So many people are looking at a way out of this dilemma but feel at a total loss at what to do except maybe turn to a form of religion of their forefathers or some form of political philosophy to bail them out from their predicaments. However, they had better make sure that the religion of their forefathers is real and not artificially made up doctrines or else like a useless rabbit’s foot, used for a ‘lucky charm’, it will do them more harm than good.

In this sense, they must actually turn to THE ONE GOD and stand up for what is right – first for themselves and then for others. It is the only way to show accountability – if they are capable.

**The born again philosophy which some have traced back to the false prophet Montanus is a branch of a type of pre-protestant revivalism known as dispensationalism which is a form of anti-clerical and anti-denominational philosophy. In reality it is a system playing on the people from depraved individuals who come as wolves among the would-be sheep.

This philosophy was being built up before Montanus, the false prophet, and was set forth in doctrine by such a noteworthy early church father as Justin Martyr when Rome was trying to establishing itself as the head of Christian thinking and development around 130-140 or so AC. This development did not occur overnight because the ‘common man’ was not involved in ‘doctrine building’ so real Christianity was still hanging on by its fingertips in several places outside of Rome.

Justin Martyr was a former pagan educated philosopher whose knowledge of the Old Testament was practically nil and who took pride in wearing his philosopher garments as he excelled in being, in his mind at least, a dynamic speaker and mover of ideas. He is typically revered by the Catholic Church as being a saint.

However, his conversion to Christianity showed that he would err against the advice of Jesus (pbh) in putting new wine (change of belief from paganism to Christianity) in an old wine bottle (keeping pagan philosophical thoughts).

Here is a sample of his ridiculous way of thinking as opposed to what is in the New Testament from such a ‘worthy’ as one of the founding fathers of modern day Christian born again philosophy – written in approximately 150 AC:

“When we say that the Word {Jesus}, who is the first-birth of God, was produced without sexual union, and that He, Jesus Christ, our Teacher, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, we propound {we are saying or believing} nothing different from what you believe {in your pagan religion} regarding those whom you esteem {as} sons of {of the great God} Jupiter.” Justin Martyr, First Apology, 21

When Jesus (pbh) declared ‘not to mix the leaven with the lump’, Justin Martyr as his above thoughts show, was very happy to mix and mix often the leaven with the lump.

Anyway, the philosophy of the born agains is nothing more than a rehash of old pagan joy and wonders set forth in a new framework by devils that were clever and especially vain enough to become doctrine makers in replacing the real Word of God. And proof of this damning evidence is found in the Old Testament and New Testament records:

You hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,


What a marvelous thing is opened up! And further opening up some wonders is the fact that in the Bigger Picture than the above quote from Matthew we get a foreshadowing of future events from the Old Testament, namely from Isaiah (pbh).

That is to say by this interpreted effect, ‘So you tricksters want but to play a game with ME? Be it so that I will divide your group into two camps of peoples called the Children of Israel – Jew and Christian – and cause you both to be dazzled by your insidious (sinister) and filthy  presumptions of ME’:

Wherefore the LORD said, Forasmuch as this people draw near ME with their mouths and with their tongues to honor ME but have REMOVED THEIR HEARTS FAR {AWAY} FROM ME AND THEIR FEAR TOWARDS ME IS TAUGHT BY THE PRECEPTS {MANUFACTURED LAWS} OF MEN:


Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD and their {manufactured} works are in the darkand they say, “Who {can} see us and who {can} know us {as to what secret, defiling and twisted things we do}?

Surely your turning of things UPSIDE DOWN {AGAINST THE TRUTH} shall be esteemed {likened to} as the potter’s clay: for shall the work {that what he so cleverly manufactured as lies} say of him that made it, “He made me not?” or shall the thing framed say of him {who falsely made falsehoods} that framed it, “He had no understanding {of what he was doing}?”  Isaiah (29: 13-16)

Specifically that prophecy deals with those two religions (Judaism and Christianity – ‘this people’) that came before Islam. However, in general it could apply to all religious sects or derivatives thereof that have tried to play fast and loose with Divine Scripture and the interpretation of the same.

Why is that so? All true religions or religious expressions going all the way back to the first prophet given unto mankind was to show the correct link between the CREATOR and the created. When that system is played with by alterations from a false priest-class and adopted by the renegades that adopt such nonsense for their own pleasure, it leads mankind like a virulent virus into error and falsehood. Therefore, the falsehoods of delusion are NOT rewarded but at some point and time determined by THE CREATOR are lopped off as the filth it really is.

In other words, their self-created falsehoods that they made would be recorded and used as a witness against them on the Last Day of Judgment. That is quite a piece to chew on and that is a fact!

Clearing up some points

In the article, The Angels Are Not Amused there was mentioned the Gog and Magog. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) had prophesied that they would come through a small break in the barrier that was holding them back BEFORE they would ‘in the later years’ be able to pour forth in full when that barrier would be thrown down.

History has so brilliantly shown about that century’s old true prophecy and what occurred. The small little break in the barrier, which opened up for them so very long ago, caused a tremendous amount of suffering, chaos and debauchery amongst the peoples that it could truly be labeled a time of ‘horror and bloodshed’.

Even the well-known scholar ibn Taymiyah of Islamic fame had to go out and contend with them and that is saying a lot! The horror that those human locusts wrecked havoc on so many societies was tremendous. That was when their barrier was made open by only a small amount. Imagine what these devious and utter repulsive peoples will be capable of when the barrier that is holding them back is completely thrown down!

Zainab bint Jahsh reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) got up from sleep saying: There is no god but Allah; there is a destruction in store for Arabia because of turmoil which is at hand, the barrier of Gog and Magog has {now been} opened {by} so much. And Sufyan made a sign of ten with the help of his hand (in order to indicate the width of the {opened} gap) and I said: Allah’s Messenger, would we be perished in spite of the fact that there would be good people amongst us? Thereupon he said: Of course, but only when the evil predominates.

There always remains a question of just what specifically does it mean when it is suggested that ‘but only when the evil predominates’? It is suggested from the understanding of other hadiths that there are several things happening at that time. One thing that may be happening is that people will behave in a disorderly and slovenly manner like the animal the jackass.

Another possible meaning is that people will become unruly in their behavior and because of psychological malfunctions will see the elderly as a source of problem rather than as a storehouse of wisdom. The young and adventuresome are like that somehow but this would be carrying things to the extreme.

In addition to the above, one can suggest that people will just be plain ignorant about the ‘way of behavior’ or the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbh) and therefore be more comfortable with what their psychological cravings urge them to do or get involved with. These urgings can best be put down through firm commitments but when they are absent or the need to follow a certain pathway is absent one finds the human being acting in a sort of irrational way.

Finally, one can say that certain people just have that certain ‘hate’ in their hearts such that it becomes a pleasure for them to engage in evil practices and they are not just carless with the Treasure of Muhammad (pbh) – that is his Sunnah but are actually dead set against anything that is holy or sacred.

Definitely mankind is going to be in for an immense shock of horror when those predatory, bloodthirsty beasts (Gog and Magog) are let loose. Well, history does seem to teach man that man learns very little from history. And because there is a history of these human locusts going back many centuries, mankind is given a very clear warning which tends to be quite overlooked in the main. So that is that!

It was mentioned a few times in these articles that the language of paradise, the Earthly kingdom of the Islamic Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will be Arabic. People may look at that as they will but should NOT overlook that Jesus (pbh) is a ‘Sign’ for mankind as The Holy WORD The Quran says. So in this context what does that mean?

The meaning is fairly simple when some of the verses from the Holy Records are studied as to their oneness and harmony. Take, for example, the infant Jesus (pbh). He came speaking from the cradle! Did someone teach this infant his native tongue? Did he learn the language of the people of his area (Syriac), a few minutes after being born or while he was in the womb???

It was a blessing from his LORD and a bounty put on him (Jesus) and such a simple thing it was to accomplish! As to several of the verses already used in these writings, namely in the article, The Law of Grace and The Law of Mercy, one can see a miraculous blessing being given to the ‘chosen’ of those who survive the carnage that surely must come and howunifying it will be in the hearts of those who truly believe!

So the idea that the language of paradise on this Earth will be Arabic is in reality quite substantiated. Whether the baby who is born in this era comes from the east, west, north or south doesn’t matter. Whether the baby comes from parents who know nothing of the Arabic Language doesn’t matter.

It will be innate (natural, instinctive, inborn) on his very person to come forth speaking Arabic. That is correct just like it was for the baby Jesus (pbh) in being innate to come forth from the womb speaking the language of the people. SUCH A THING IS EASY FOR ALLAH TO ACCOMPLISH!!!

After all, HE fashioned by HIS PLAN the universe in all of its wondrous complexity as it appears to us but so simple for HIM. HE is THE LORD of ALL THINGS including time and the hearts of men. So, great is the day when ‘blessedness reigns supreme’ and the hearts of men have been cleaned of venom and unified in one true faith and practice. So where is the problem in this?

Ibn ‘Abbas reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Love the Arabs for three reasons: because I am an Arab, the Quran is Arabic {sent down in the Arabic Language} and the inhabitants of Paradise will speak Arabic.”    (Baihaqi transmitted it in Shu’ab al-iman)

Yet take a very careful look at the world and see what skullduggery lurks in just about every corner. The Devils are not sitting around in a mode of laziness and stupor. They still have a lot to throw at the world and they won’t quit until their time is sealed up for a space of years and then released to join the trash that will eagerly follow them in the Sixth Age of man.

As it stands now, the world as a whole would not rejoice in the coming of the ‘Pure Islamist’ Jesus the son of Mary (pbh). If the world with its Satans were left to their own devices, they would try by any means and any way to get rid of that servant of Allah acting as the priest-king because to them he (Jesus the son of Mary) represents in his reality a most dangerous individual. Hence, the logicalness of their idea would be to try and kill him, which of course they would never be allowed to do.

By any way by and by any means would these selfish ingrates (truly one who has denied his LORD’S ONENESS AND SUPREMENESS WHO HAS NO PARTNERS) try and derail the PLAN of Allah but their constant desire to blow out HIS LIGHT has never and will never succeed.

Even though these desperate hooligans would try and go so far in their demented minds to ‘keep their status quo alive’ as they have proved so often by their past actions, they will never get the chance. And this is not done because of man’s righteousness but quite the opposite. The awesome Great Signs that are not far away as man counts time will take ALL the nations down low and that is a Promise from HIM WHO ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISE!!!

If those degenerates dream of making Jesus (pbh) their pawn or of polluting the PROMISE from THE LORD, they will NOT succeed. The very Earth these careless souls live on and even the heavens will turn aside their plots and plans and make them useless and a future cause of painful regrets for the disbeliever. And that sentiment was promised also even in their Holy Books!

Does man think that WE cannot assemble his bones?

Nay, WE are able to put together in PERFECT ORDER the very tips of his fingers.

But man wishes to do wrong (even) in the time in front of him.  Q (75: 3-5)

The above quote from the Quran concerns the rebuilding of man on the Last Day of Judgment after his life on Earth is finished which many people have taken as their sole prerogative and have created many a false delusions concerning this most horrific day. However, it was one of the major duties of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) to not only warn of this Day but also to give a vast amount of descriptive knowledge concerning it as well as that knowledge found in The Pure Quran.

In fact, in the New Testament in the Gospel of John, it is one of the distinguishing points given to that most highly honored individual (pbh) as to one being able to recognize him as opposed to the many other imposters that would come after Jesus the son of Mary (pbh).

Howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself {his desires}; but whatsoever he shall hear {by way of Revealed Inspiration} that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come{future events}.    John (16: 13)

So where is the disagreement? It comes from the selfish heart. The cold heart, bereft of true Light and Guidance, forcing or willing one to turn away from truth and follow invented ways and useless false desires based on loved but faulty and rather impish, hollow philosophies.

Ah! You are those who love them {as you may be attracted by their standards of speech, lifestyle, self assuredness or position} but they do not love you – though you believe in the WHOLE of the Book. When they meet you, they say, “We {are also believers} believe”: However, when they are alone, they bite off the very tips of their fingers at you {OH! Muslims} in their rage. Say {to them}: “Perish in your rage; Allah Knows well all the secrets of the heart.”    Q (3: 119)

Recently the world has witnessed quite an explosion in some countries in the Middle East. This explosion had been building up for a long time and is partly the result of copying a form of capitalism known as ‘neo-liberalism’ by those who fell into the pit of corruption.

Neo-liberalism is a system copied from such countries as America whereby the growth factor is in the hands of a few and the greed factor of trying to add on to the mountain of wealth for self-gain ended up in impoverishing those who couldn’t get on the train of cronyism or empire building etc. Hence, fitna that causes disturbances and the imbalance of human awareness was generated.

Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: Women and sons; heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land. Such are the possessions of this world’s life; but nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (to return to)    Q 3: 14)

That is also substantiated in a hadith by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) in that the son of Adam if given a mountain of gold will not be satisfied until he gets another mountain of gold.

There is no way out of this mess and no solutions to ease the pain of the ‘underdeveloped many’ except to rethink the way a country goes about its business. However, the world has its system and the countries are interlocked into this system to varying degrees so the end result, no matter how one tries, will not be sufficient for all the people and although the pain can be numbed for a time, the beast will continue to devour because that is the nature of the beast.

***In these various articles, it seems obvious that it would be understood that we are approaching the ‘last days of this age’. The Great Signs spoken about by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) are looming closer and closer and according to this author at least are less than two decades away.

We see a human tragedy that recently occurred in Japan and this tragedy followed shortly on the heels of the devastations that occurred in Pakistan and Haiti. But these things are only a prelude (a warning) to the era leading up to the Great Signs. In other words, of all the tragedies and uproars man has seen in this 21st century, they are only paltry pieces of what is going to come.

At some point in time, but Allah is the ONE WHO KNOWS BEST, one can expect most of the country of Japan to go underneath the ocean and following on its heels the tearing apart of the land known as America will begin in earnest because these things are somehow geologically connected though man understands little of these things. But what can be said of the Middle East?

That no doubt can be handled best by those who handle those things best because the Arabs have their own gifted men who are more in tune with that area of responsibility. However, it is said that a wounded snake (type of philosophy pursued) will crawl into its hole to heal itself so that it can come out even more dangerous than before.

The pariah status of the murderous state of Libya under that leadership of a certain family and those who cling to that false and evil philosophy have been seeking all kinds of worldly acceptance and high level recognition through decades by the use of buffoonery and notoriety. They continue to remain a thorn in the side of rational thinking and behavior especially with the audacity and the effrontery of making a so-called ‘green book’ an obvious near equivalent to a prophetic book.

The false and evil philosophy that ‘he’ has practiced is in his deceptions and lies. In comparison to the Dajjal he is a very minor liar whereas the Dajjal is the great liar. Of course it follows that he and his brood of henchmen have been responsible over the years for the deaths of tens of thousands of believers while raping and denuding the country of its wealth.

Cast aside by all and sundry, that foul snake still looks for someone – anyone to accept it, uplift it and stroke its demented ego. And not finding many who will venture out on a limb to celebrate insanity, it becomes desperate to find self-glorification. And who will that someone be? ONLY ALLAH KNOWS FOR SURE!

Is it possible that over two-thousand five-hundred years ago we were given the answer by Prophet Daniel (pbh)? To be sure it is understandable that the state of Ethiopia, which gives no extra love for Muslims, has a place in all of this. However, there is another country mentioned. Can you guess what country that is? If you have guessed the country of Libya, that is correct****.

But he (the Anti-christ) shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.    Daniel (11: 43)

****As reported in the book Kill The Beast, the geographical locations of named countries such as in the example of Libya and Ethiopia should be taken at the time of the prophecy (roughly 2,500 years ago) and not precisely in modern geographical times.

An underlining key description of this Anti-christ that is often overlooked in the New Testament is that of the behavior of ‘arrogance and greed’ for those who study the scriptures deeply. Arrogance blinds the heart to the truth while greed forces the wayward individual to try and possess that what is not rightfully his. So in reality, the Anti-christ like a rabid dog is blinded by his own corruptions and is followed by those who seek out these corruptions.

Therefore, in one sense the letters of John found in the New Testament are in effect categorizing certain behavior types from individuals who are labeled as belonging to the social structure of being anti-Messiah in spirit and because he is the leader appointed for that ‘blessed age’ to come or the Fifth Age or the paradise on Earth, they are those who would oppose/fight against/condemn this belief system now known as Islam.

Hence, in the eyes of the ONE GOD no religious system except ISLAM will be accepted by HIM at that time and this gives us a further explanation of why the Messiah Jesus (pbh) will NOT in his kingdom on Earth be able to follow that one Sunna of collecting taxes on the non-Muslims – especially with the idea understood that there won’t exist any non-Muslims at all.

It matters not what the world does, but it does matter what the individual does and what the individual does, he does for his own self – his salvation or condemnation. It would be better for mankind to try and get to know Islam and to appreciate the excellence of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and the wisdom given unto him from his LORD. Failure to do that will bring on the condemnation because of a simple reason and a well-known historical fact!

When the prophets (peace be upon them all) came to their individual peoples and were rebuffed, their civilizations that they came to did not in the end prosper. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) is not a prophet only for the Arabs but was sent to all of mankind. So the logical conclusion should be well understood by those who understand.

Say: “Praise be to Allah, Who begets NO son and has NO partner in (HIS) DOMINION: Nor (does HE need any) to protect HIM from humiliation: {SO DO} MAGNIFY HIM for HIS GREATNESS AND GLORY!”    Q (17: 111)

Some may be interested in becoming Muslim even in these overwhelming times with ignorance running in first place and the love of understanding scripture seemingly a mere paltry thing due to the duties that this dynamic world throws at us.

Some may claim that their knowledge is weak, that the task is too daunting or they are too old or too young or that they are afraid of what the nosey neighbors might think. Well, THE ONE GOD CARES MORE FOR WHAT IS IN THE HEART OF MAN THAN WHAT IS IN THE HEAD!

They say, “The MOST GRACIOUS has betaken a son!”

Indeed you have put forth a thing most monstrous!

At it the skies are about to burst, the earth to split asunder and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin,

In that they attributed a son to THE MOST GRACIOUS.

For it is NOT consonant {in harmony} with the MAJESTY OF THE MOST GRACIOUS that HE should beget a son.

Not one of the beings in the Heavens and the earth but must come to THE MOST GRACIOUS AS A SERVANT.

HE does take an account of them (all) and has numbered them (all) exactly.

And every one of them will come to HIM singly on the Day of Judgment.                            Q (19: 88-95)

For people like myself who need things simplified and who might find the study of Islam overwhelming, there are only avery few books to become acquainted with in finding out about Islam. The Quran is, of course, first and foremost the Ideal Book – for that is THE PURE WORD OF THE ONE GOD. Next in line comes the volume set of hadiths – Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.

I prefer Sahih Muslim because I want things simplified for myself with some reference points thrown into the mix. Having my last religious training end abruptly in the 9th grade with no more ‘school’ lessons following, I find the four volume set of Sahih Muslim an ideal volume set of hadiths – the sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) – to give one an excellent awareness of Islam.

Following this, the four books of Fiqh Al-Sunnah in my native language English are nice to have and give a good deal of knowledge about how to engage in the age-old process called life.

Then of course there are the questions that may be asked by computer to a website or telephone or a visit to one’s local mosque concerning inquiries that may arise concerning understandings of what is contained in the above Islamic books. And that is basically it!

Mankind is not judged by his ability to leap tall mountains but in his desire to know the truth, hold onto the truth and live the life that is expected from a true servant of the ONE AND ONLY GOD!