Islamicity recently had an article concerning the tenth of Muharram or ‘Ashurah. In that article some very wonderful words were written concerning the tragedy of Husain (may ALLAH be pleased with him). Supposedly, the article being discussed was originally written by A. Yusef Ali, one of the memorable translators of the Quran.

As touching as that article was, it does have relevancy today when we see how many Muslims celebrate this very important day. I may not be exceptionally bright but I don’t want to fall into the trap of blatant stupidity. This day does have meaning for the Muslims and that meaning was given by the highest of men among men and the noblest of disseminators of TRUTH. That would be Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

According to a correct hadith…

Ibn ‘Abbas reported: “The Prophet (pbh) came to Madinah and found the Jews fasting on the day of ‘Ashurah. He (pbh) said to them: ‘What is this fast?’ They said: ‘A great day. ALLAH saved Moses and the tribes of Israel from their enemies on this day and therefore, Moses fasted on this day.’ The Prophet (pbh) said: ‘We have more of a right to Moses than you, ‘so he (pbh) fasted on that day and ordered the believers to fast on that day.”      (Bukhari and Muslim)

The meaning for the day of Ashura has been given and written in stone by the actions of THE PROPHET HIMSELF. Others say, “To hell with that. We’ll give it our own interpretation.” Those who are doing this (the Shi ‘ah) claim a special love for one of the grandsons of the Prophet (pbh). The other great and illustrious grandson of the Prophet (pbh) is Hassan (may ALLAH be pleased with him) who is extremely noteworthy but treated as a common afterthought by the Shi ‘ah. And that says a lot about their logic!

Now as personages go, the son of the Prophet (Ibrahim who died shortly after birth) and even the death of the Prophet himself (pbh) along with the greats Abu Bakr and ‘Umar’s deaths should be, if the Shi ‘ah are correct, celebrated with much fanfare as being tragedies of momentous proportions worthy of great sacrifice. According to this logic (the logic of making up religion as we go along), it would be ok to ‘celebrate’ any ‘tragic event’ if it ‘cleverly’ falls on a specially marked day in the Islamic calendar.

Suppose for example, I personally felt traumatized when I was very young by the knowledge that there was no Santa Claus and that occurred to me on the day of Ashura and it affected me for many years. Do I take a blessing from ALLAH for celebrating by fasting or beating myself senseless because I found out that the legendary Santa Claus was not real or for that matter any death of any saintly personage?

The answer is found in Islam! According to the Prophet (pbh) an action like fasting, if done for a reason other than fasting for the sake of ALLAH or in following the practice of Muhammad and the reason behind it, is NOT ACCEPTED as an Islamic practice that will get BARAKA or rewards from ALLAH but is accounted as for what the person did it for. So if one fasts for health but not for ALLAH or for following the actions of the Prophet (pbh), there is NO SPIRITUAL REWARD (BENEFIT) WHATEVER. If he got healthier, that is what he fasted for.

He who obeys the Messenger {Muhammad (pbh)}, obeys ALLAH but if any {of you} turn away, WE have not sent you {Muhammad (pbh)} to watch over them.       Q (4: 80)

O you who believe! Obey ALLAH and HIS Messenger and turn NOT away from him when you hear (him speak {giving instructions from the MOST HIGH}),

Nor be like those {hypocrites} who say, “We hear, but we don’t listen.”

The worst of beasts in the sight of ALLAH are the deaf and the dumb – those who understand not.        Q (8: 20-22)

Why is that important? Anyone who reads the Quran seriously and in any language will know that on the Last Day of Judgment when the scales are brought out for the weighing of the ‘good deeds’ versus the ‘bad actions’, it is the balance (the scale of Judgment) that is used as a determiner as to whether one goes to Paradise or Hell-Fire. Therefore, the command of doing good deeds, even if giving in charity of a date stone, as is reported in the hadith literature does have sound meaning as well as consequences!

As much sorrow as the deaths of the two illustrious and princely beings {Hassan and Husain (may ALLAH be pleased with them both)} brought, there is no blessing in making a self-aggrandizement of a show over their deaths! Did The Prophet (pbh) make such a show over the death of his son Ibrahim? Yes, he felt the pangs of deep sadness but there was no marked calendar date for this event nor was there a communal obligation to keep this event in memory. And this event happened to The Prophet himself and not a mere follower no matter how important or illustrious that follower would be.

The discussion of the ‘being aware of the Final Days of this era’ found on this website is NOT brought about by magic, or by mysticism but is a truly penetrating look at the records claimed by man to be holy and profound. Not only a look at these records but also an understanding of the same.

There is one good reason why the Jews and Christians differ about so much prophetic prophecy and the occurrences that will take place in the future and why this website was able to trump other mainly Jewish or Christian websites concerning the future events that must surely come to pass! The reason is a simple one! The other religious sites, of which some of them are quite good, suffer from one HUGE DRAWBACK. They forget to include Islamic thought in their equations and therefore, suffer from a great deal of ignorance and missing data.

By forgetting about Islam or dismissing Islam outright as a ‘non-real’ religion or cult, these people tend to wander around in circles and even suffer the tragedy of NOT being able to read their own records correctly. Therefore, they often come up with BIZZARE explanations that are quite frankly absurd! By including and referencing acceptable and mainstream Islamic holy works, they would have been able to see the future a lot more clearly with a lot more depth. However, their myopic vision of the future is based upon no clear authority or understandings of their own holy works accept only in a general way.

That is why this website is notable for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons comes from the ‘interpretation’ or the ‘code-cracking’ of the former religious holy works BUT ONLY UP TO A POINT. What I mean by that is that, for example, if there are 1,000 ‘mysterious’ verses and less than 1% of them have been deciphered credibly, it becomes only a SMALL ATTEMPT at opening up knowledge as ALLAH WILLS. In other words, ‘no man is an island’.

Through the understanding of Islam, the understanding of the other religions becomes easier and therefore by working backwards the job of going forwards becomes easier. To understand this, certain examples must be shown to explain the above paragraph.

The following interpretations, whether from the Old Testament, the New Testament or even Islamic materials, were based on my Islamic understanding and the desire to look at the ‘records as being one’. Hence, the revelation being one and THE GOD BEING ONE! So if one trusted in that ‘oneness,’ then one should be able to find certain keys to unlock some of the most long held mysteries found in the previous scriptures.

Most of these ‘new discoveries’ were first stated or alluded to in my 7 books but have since been refined and lengthened in these numerous articles. First of all it is not an easy task to unravel something that has eluded most of mankind for centuries. However, such is the dynamism of Islam that such a thing could be done by ALLAH’s WILL.

Next, one had to bring sound proof as the basis for the connections of the scriptures. Just saying something doesn’t mean anything at all unless one can provide an understandable bridge between scriptures.  So let us look at some of the ‘breakthrough’ proofs found within this website.

1. Proof that the Quran is absolutely PURE and therefore a truly REVEALED RELGIOUS MANUSCRIPT FROM THE ONE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE AND NOT SOMETHING DEVISED BY MAN. This came from the Old Testament – Zephaniah (3: 9-10).

2. Proof that Jesus (pbh) declared that the Jews in Israel during the Last Days before his ‘Second Coming’ will be followers of the Anti-christ as is found in the New Testament. It is important to remember that during the supposed crucifixion event, the Romans were implored to ‘hang the traitor’ with a special sign of being ‘king of the world’. However, the Romans are not about to take orders from their little, insignificant Jewish colony and refused such a suggestion but did make a sign to be put on the cross as to ‘the traitor’s worth to the Jews as being ‘king of the Jews’. Because we compare or contrast things only in the same category, that is, we would only compare a fruit with another fruit and not a car or other object, the saying of Jesus (pbh) about the Jews rejecting him and following another of likeness, shows that they will follow someone on the SAME level. That is they would follow another who would claim prophethood and a Messianic relationship as will the Anti-christ before he moves up another echelon and claim to be THE GOD HIMSELF.

From the article, It Just Ain’t Going to Happen

People would find it hard to believe that the New Testament predicts according to the words of Jesus (pbh) that the Jews of Israel will attach themselves to the Anti-christ before the coming of Jesus and will be completely wiped out for their presumptions!

The verses in John (5: 42-44) in the New Testament that declares the Jews of Israel will seek out and follow the Anti-christ is not hard to understand in comparative religion but obviously seems to be quite a new thought for many Christians. Well, just analyze the following verses!

Jesus (pbh) is talking to those people who should have recognized him for what he really was – a prophet for their line (Jewish) bringing correct revelation from the ONE GOD and also that he was a very high sign unto all of mankind in that he became the ‘chosen one’ to administer that paradise on Earth. In other words, he IS THE MESSIAH.

But I know you, that you have NOT the LOVE of GOD in you.

I {your master/prophet} am come in my Father’s name {by HIS WILL to do HIS WILL} and you refuse to receive me: {however} if another {master} shall come in his own name {self-glorified and delusional will}, you will {gladly} receive him {and do as he so commands}.

{It is so because} how can you {really} believe, which {as a people you} receive honor one of another, while you {refuse to} seek the honor that comes only from GOD.    John (5: 42-44)

In order to understand these verses one must NOT compare apples with pencils but stay put on the same trajectory and level that Jesus (pbh) is on. That level is NOT the level of a mere carpenter or seamstress; it is the level of one who is to be compared with one of likeness on his own level or the same but as OPPOSITES – the positive versus the negative, the light versus the darkness, the builder up of souls versus the destroyer of souls.

In other words, he is telling that the Jews of Israel will follow another – one like him but one filled with hate (for the truth) and one filled with darkness. One who serves NOT the ONE GOD but one who proclaims self-importance by being highly deceitful and a great liar and one that corrupted souls would find comfort in. This is the opposite of Jesus (pbh) who claimed nothing for himself but service to the ONE GOD, did not come seeking fortune or fame of self-importance and who rightfully claimed that in him one would find true life – not darkness or death of the soul!

3. Proof that Jesus (pbh) was NOT on the cross and that he didn’t die (the physical death yet). This really takes time and patience to understand due to a lot of subjectivity and ‘shadowy’ history being involved where logic and patience must be used. However, it sure does open up new insight into Paul and the very early development of that movement that later on would be called ‘Christianity’. Most people take the old line without understanding much that Paul set up a type of Pauline Christianity.

People, many decades after Paul and those being of the so-called philosophical smart set, were the ones who could not understand the ‘deeper meanings’ taken from the ancient writings. Most of these writings were written, by the way, not by Paul but by the Presbyters who ‘coded’ a lot of things in secrecy. It isn’t claimed from this source that those writings are defective, filled with errors and just plain wrong.

On the contrary, keeping the ‘idea’ alive especially after the tragedy of 70 AC was uppermost in their minds. So they kept their secrets well but layered them within these so called epistles and filled them with their teacher’s philosophy, which in case of most of the epistles, show a definite Pauline flavor. Hence we now have in reality Paul’s words or approximately the same being presented by another who is of that philosophical persuasion.

4. Proof that the mysterious saying of Isaiah (pbh) which the Christians take as a definitive proof of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial, is truly about his death and burial but NOT during his first entrance into this world but at HIS SECOND COMING ONLY.

And he made his grave with the wicked and with the rich in his death because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.    Isaiah (53: 9)

Indeed! Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will be buried with the rich and NO MAN IS RICHER THAN MUHAMMAD (pbh) as to the lofty station he will be granted by his LORD, Insha ALLAH!

5. Proof that the next age, the age of the Messiah, will be run in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) AS DECLARED IN THEIR RECORDS AND NOT JUST AN ISLAMIC IDEA. One can review the article The Law of Grace and the Law of Mercy to gather some details on that subject.

Of course there are many, many more things including a more proper look at Paul and his influence on the Christianity that would develop 50 to 60 years after his death. This is historically important in following the threads of truth and the changes that were taking place and that would take place that would change the words of Jesus (pbh) and of course the need for another ‘prophet’ (Muhammad) who was prophesied to ‘cleanse away the fabrications and return people to the truth’. And this was also prophesied in the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The title given to this man would be the ‘spirit of truth’.

Of course coming at the end of times and well documented in the New Testament as a personage (not a ghost) who will accomplish certain things such as telling the truth, and the future. Also, he will be with the believers forever and ever.                  John (16: 7-15)

People should begin to understand that by ignoring Islam as a study of a truthful and bonafide religion, which is the opposite of what they do with Judaism and Christianity, they end up making many critical errors. These errors lead people into areas that would be made clear to avoid and it would have been better for them but such is life.

Now when it comes time for a look at the future some people just don’t understand what is taking place. They might say that these things are forbidden due to people making a prediction or prophecy. There may be a fine line between AWARENESS of what is said and prophecy but COMMONSENSE can tell a person at least some things about the future. How is this so?

Point #1: Things that have already been stated as to things THAT WILL HAPPEN ARE NOT MAKING A PROPHECY BUT REPEATING THAT PROPHECY. For example, Jesus (pbh) will return and kill the Anti-christ is not for me developing a ‘new and strange thought’. The Sun will go backward in the sky is not a new thought. How that may occur is just a discussion on its activity and an admission that IT WILL TAKE PLACE AS FORETOLD.

Point #2: Explaining things or interpreting things is not like witchcraft, voodoo, mysticism or using the Jinn. It is the ability of seeing things (hopefully) in a proper context across the religious divide that shows a ‘goodness of fit’ with what is being presented or a respect for the truth and an understanding of certain knowledge. I said hopefully because it is a must to put one’s trust in ALLAH while knowing that one has huge limitations and that everything belongs to and is in ALLAH’s hands.

Point #3: What do the scriptures or hadith materials tell us anyway? Well in the case of the Book of Daniel, it tells us that certain knowledge will be ‘locked up’ UNTIL a certain time (of the END) and if that is true, then people won’t know much about anything that he is talking about UNTIL that time approaches! So if I have given some knowledge about what Daniel (pbh) was talking about, then it would only mean that the time of ‘THAT END’ is coming very close or as I have put it at various times and places – within 30 years (as of 2012) the reign of Jesus the Christ will start – ALLAH ALONE KNOWS FOR SURE!

But you O Daniel shut up the words and SEAL the book even to the time of the END: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.   Daniel (12: 4)

And he said, “Go your way Daniel: for the words are CLOSED UP and SEALED until the TIME OF THE END.    Daniel (12: 9)

Is this a very brash thing to say? No, it is not but one must put ‘it all together’ in a proper context to penetrate that which was dark. So in my book, Kill THE BEAST and in several of my articles, I go on to explain some things of the formerly unexplainable. For example, one person I talked with believes that according to a hadith that declares Prophet Muhammad (pbh) discussing the ten best horsemen fighting in the cause of Islam, shows that when the oil runs out in perhaps 300 or even 400 years, then one can understand why these upright folks are riding horses and not tanks or other mobile war-like devices.

My answer to that was to not to forget several hadiths that picture a rapid change in the Earth as well as time. Such things as a person who walks around so dazed that he appears drunk but is not drunk or the rolling around on a person’s grave wishing that he would be dead instead of alive or the big hadith of the start of terror of the BIG SIGNS being like a neckless of pearls and the string broke and things start to occur so rapidly it is like the pearls falling off the string one after the other in rapid succession.

These are signs that show rapid developments including the all pervasive swarms of the Gog and Magog. So just like in nature the growth of mountains are not the same as their being worn away. Or even the earth appearing in one second as being stable and then the tearing apart the next in an earthquake become signs for the wise.

Just what does the Book of Daniel say? Personally, I only care about that era around, during and immediately after the death of the Anti-christ. That is what appeals to me or what grabs my attention. The next question is, “Is it helpful to anyone?” That is like saying, “Is awareness helpful to a believer?” So what is the purpose of these things or in my writings? It seems that if the purpose is awareness and if done correctly, it is rewarded by ALLAH. How so?

By removing a stone from the highway so the believer won’t hurt himself is rewarded by ALLAH according to hadith. So an attempt to bring some ‘knowledge’ about certain events – from warnings, giving clarity, bringing to remembrance the UNITY AND HARMONY OF THE ONENESS OF THE GOD (ALLAH) goes under the pathway of knowledge and its rewards… if done in accordance with ALLAH’s WILL and not for fame or glory.

But you O Daniel shut up the words and SEAL the book even to the time of the END: many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.   Daniel (12: 4)

And he said, “Go your way Daniel: for the words are CLOSED UP and SEALED until the TIME OF THE END.    Daniel (12: 9)

The parts of the Book of Daniel that appeal to me are the last two chapters – chapters 11 and 12. Now many things in this book still remain a mystery but other things especially with the help of Islamic hadiths, which, by the way, coordinates well with parts of the book of Daniel, can be deciphered.

Chapter 11 has 45 verses. Verses 21 to 45 discuss the Anti-Christ as to showing his sleazy development with verse 29 possibly showing the results of the reversal of the sun in the sky and verse 31 showing the taking away of the daily sacrifice or the 5 times a day prayer at Al-Quds. Verse 30 shows his possible transformation into that one-eyed horror. Although this is not mentioned clearly, the idea is that he becomes filled with wrath at some point and returns to do great evil. The hadith literature does discuss that a great anger will cause him to ‘transform or metamorphose’ into that one-eyed demon officially now known as the Anti-christ.

Verse number 41 is definitely about Arabia because it is called the Glorious Land. The term ‘Glorious Land’ by definition of the Old Testament found in the Book of Genesis defines the three branches of religions that will spring from Abraham. So in this respect, the Old Testament is consistent. Of course after entering Arabia, this cretin-type monster, for who but a cretin would deny the real GOD, must journey north and east from outside of Medina (for he can’t enter that holy city) to try and counteract through destruction the entrance of the real Messiah – Jesus the son of Mary (pbh).

His use of Jinn to pull off his magical ways is documented in verses 38 and 39. And some of his characteristics mentioned in the hadiths can be found in verse 23 (his small army), verse 37 (his lack of desire for women and his declaration that he is ALLAH), and verse 43 in that he will be given power over the treasures of gold and silver and all precious things. This last part shows how nasty he is in that those who believe in him can have a bountiful harvest of things but those who reject him will be left in miserable destitution as explained in hadiths.

Chapter 12 is only 13 verses long but it shows a world under great stress and some general talk with a date given of who will be exceedingly blessed if they can survive from the time that the daily sacrifice will be taken away (after all, why would the Anti-christ and his followers appreciate Islamic prayers to the REAL GOD) till ‘the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days’. Of course within that time the Anti-christ and his followers will be dead but as the hadiths declare the Gog and Magog are still about and ravaging peoples and lands.

One intriguing thing about Chapter 12 is verse number 2 which discusses the raising of the dead either to everlasting life or everlasting shame and contempt. The discussion of that, however, due to its great dynamic complexities need not be dwelt upon at this time.

“They want to build by destroying,” seems like an odd thing to say but it is absolutely true and we can go to the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) to prove it. Intolerant ‘witch hunting’ criminals with cavemen-like mentalities, who are out to save ALLAH (GOD) from being petrified by communities made up of careless miscreants, is nothing but a sham fostered on the rest of us by low intelligent individuals masquerading as Islamic and or democratic saviors. I’m talking about the modern anarchists here known as simply ‘terrorists’ (someone using violence and or verbal attacks to achieve political goals) as well as those prissy fellows (for example, Daniel Greenfield) in the West who write exaggerated tales about the ‘failure of Islam’.

Narrated Abu Huraira I heard the truthful and trusted by ALLAH (meaning Prophet Muhammad) saying, “The destruction of my followers will be through the hands of the young men from the Quraish.”   (Bukhari)

Of course, scholars have a view that the ‘first Caliphates of the Bani Umayyah tribe and then the Bani Abbaas tribe being of a hereditary nature created a lot of turmoil, death and sedition among the Muslims. Both of these tribes were from the Quraish. Yet what goes around comes around also to the modern era.

Hudhaifa said, “People used to ask ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) about good, but I used to ask him about evil from fear that it might overtake me… I asked ALLAH’s Messenger to describe them to us and he said, “They will be of our stock {our people/claiming Islam as their religion} and speak like us.” I asked what command he had to give me if that happened in my time and he replied, “You must adhere to the community and the leader of the Muslims.” I asked what I should do if they had neither community nor leader and he replied, “Withdraw from all those factions even though you should have to cleave to the root of a tree till death overtakes you in that state.”        (Bukhari and Muslim)

The second bugaboo floating around the Islamic world are people of great lucidness that can talk up a good game but have mostly empty air inside their heads. I suppose one should show some gratefulness towards these part time Muslims because that is tolerance. It is easy to be tolerant from someone who has very little experience or education in Islam. It is hard to be tolerant with people who ‘speak for Islam’ and behave contrary to its dictates.

You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind. Enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in ALLAH {strict monotheism}. If only the People of the Book had faith, it would be best for them: among those people {Jews and Christians} there are some who do indeed have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors.            Quran (3: 110)

 The Messenger (pbh) said, “Noah will be called on the Day of Resurrection and he will say, “Labbaik and Sa’dayk (I respond to YOUR call and I am obedient to YOUR orders) O my LORD! ALLAH will say, “Did you convey the Message {of correct worship and duties owed to ME}? Noah will say, ‘Yes.’ His nation will then be asked, ‘Did he convey the Message to you?’ They will say, ‘No Warner came to us.’ Then ALLAH will say (to Noah), ‘Who will bear witness in your favor?’ He will say, ‘Muhammad and his followers.’ So they (the Muslims) will testify that he did truly convey the Message and the Messenger Muhammad will be a witness over you {also}, and that is what is meant by the following statement of ALLAH: “Thus WE have made you {O Muslims} a Wasat {mid-way-type, not going to extremes as well as justly balanced} nation, that you will be a witness over {all} mankind and the Messenger Muhammad will be a witness over you.”  (Bukhari)

Thus, have WE made of you an Ummat justly balanced, that you might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves {as to whether you applied Islam to yourselves}; and WE appointed the Qibla to which you were used to, only to test those who followed the Messenger from those who would turn on their heels (from the Faith). Indeed it was a momentous change, except to those guided by ALLAH. And never would ALLAH make your faith of no effect. For ALLAH is to all people Most Kind, Most Merciful.     Q (2: 143)

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will NOT be able to continue in that way. So you should NOT be extremists {or go to the extreme}, but try to be near to perfection {which is moderation by some hadiths} and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by worshipping in the mornings and in the nights.”       (Bukhari)

Before I became a Muslim, I saw religion as something as a mixed bag of things that was not necessarily quite correct. What I wanted was a stiff challenge to the ideologies of religious viewpoints and controversies. So, after reading the Bible several times and the Quran and wanting to believe that the truth was out there somewhere, I wanted to believe unselfishly that GOD was for everyone and that there would be only ONE GOD and ONE REAL WAY or RELGION. Therefore, I started with the Quran and went backwards in time to see if I could see the ‘passing of the torch’ from religion or religious philosophy to religion or religious philosophy. For in unity there was hope, a hope being found in consistency and oneness.

Essentially, I wanted the Old Testament to tell me that Christianity was correct (if interpreted correctly). I wanted the New Testament to tell me that Islam was correct (if interpreted correctly). If that was correct then in that way, and only in that way, the onus of responsibility would be placed on mankind’s shoulders and his infinite, erring ways such that it was man and only man who was capable of mucking things up (unhinging harmony and unity through plotting and planning devious skullduggery) and being mighty damn proud of doing it!

There was a time when the Muslim peoples led the world in the sciences and mathematics. And there was a time when the Muslim peoples couldn’t lead but only follow. However, the truth of religion isn’t based on how many Mercedes cars one owns but on the ‘Eternal Truths’ of what is correct and not correct for the life of the next world is not based on the ‘cleverness’ in this world but on something quite different.

Many people have been getting their kicks out of showing how Islam is NOT a religion of peace but a barbaric religion of war or hostile intent and chaos. Well without going into the Quran or hadith material, let us look at the charming world of Christianity, not from history which shows a lot of ugly moments, but from its founder. Should Jesus (pbh) be respected or is he just a ‘tool’ to be locked up in a closet and dusted off, twisted out of shape and totally forgotten when it seems convenient?

So is Islam a religion of peace? What of the Islamic prophet Jesus (pbh) as he declared:

Think not that I have come to send peace on earth: I come NOT TO SEND PEACE, BUT A SWORD.

I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.                              Matthew (10: 34-35)

It becomes a war of ideologies, a war of the correct defining of the scriptures. And welcome once again to comparative religion. Is Christianity a religion of peace according to the above two verses taken from Matthew? The Christian might say, “Look, you have to take things in context.” After all, the above verse is not just some rag-tag saying from a fanatical priest or minister but from the ‘headwaters’ so to speak.

It is a splendid idea to take things in their proper context but it is also a sign of maturity and sanity to allow others to say and do the same. So when people come across a few verses found in the Quran that seem, at first glance, ‘violent’, go that extra mile as Jesus (pbh) declared and listen to others who can actually put those verses into their proper context! After all, people are more inclined to listen to you if you show an understanding of their position.

“And whoever shall compel you to go a mile, {you} go with him two miles.”    Matthew (5: 41)

In doing so, it fulfills another prophecy found in the Quran about the Muslims being superior in faith.

Behold! ALLAH said: “O Jesus! I will take you and raise you to Myself and clear you (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow you {in truth} superior to those who reject faith {that faith of unity declaring all of the prophets and the Uniqueness of the ONE GOD without partners} to the Day of Resurrection: then shall you all return to ME and I will judge between you of the matters wherein you dispute.    Q (3: 55)

Ubayy bin Ka’ab declared from the knowledge he received from the Prophet (pbh) that all of mankind was assembled in separate groups giving them the understanding that they were to be made vicegerents on Earth {lords of the Earth} while imparting their wisdom and understanding, i.e. granting them power such that each individual (would be) completely and fully responsible for his actions.  (Hadith)

Therefore, no individual can absolve him or herself (by making excuses) from the responsibility of deviation from ALLAH’s WAY. It therefore becomes man’s duty to make use of all his facilities of the GIFTS granted to them to be able to discern or put up a struggle to discern TRUTH from ERROR.


















Emboldened by Egypt’s fierce crackdown of the Brotherhood, several Arab Gulf states have also stepped up their clampdown of suspected Brotherhood members and Islamists, whom they see as a threat to the Gulf’s tightly run fraternity of monarchs, sheiks and emirs.

Over the past decade the Saudis have watched with alarm as Iran’s allies among the Arabs have grown in strength, dominating politics in Lebanon and Iraq and staging rebellions in Bahrain and Yemen in a move that seems to encircle Saudi Arabia.

They also fear Tehran is taking direct action against the kingdom itself: fomenting unrest among its Shi’ite minority; plotting to assassinate its envoy in Washington; and planting a spy ring in the country. Tehran has denied all those claims.

If there were a prize for Most Irresponsible Foreign Policy it would surely be awarded to Saudi Arabia. It is the nation most responsible for the rise of Islamic radicalism and militancy around the world. Over the past four decades, the kingdom’s immense oil wealth has been used to underwrite the export of an extreme, intolerant and violent version of Islam preached by its Wahhabi clerics.

Can a military junta with a technocratic veneer, its legitimacy cemented by its role in repressing a what it says is an Islamist threat it has -itself- done much to provoke, be the vehicle that delivers economic prosperity for its people?

designed to funnel the vast majority of a nation’s wealth to the hands of an elite few, erecting barriers to any new players seeking to become independently wealthy and who might challenge the authoritarians’ grip on politics and the economy. The latter version, of course, with the military as the primary beneficiary (plus a few top businesspeople since the privatisations of the 1990s), have dominated Egypt’s politics and economy ever since the British left behind their extractive colonial legacy in the 1950s.
“Recently, the Saudi Prince who visited Washington before us [last week] made a statement that also made the Americans angry. He said that [Saudi Arabia] will not change its [policies toward Iraq] as long as Shi’a are ruling Iraq.”