The use of the symbols { } are used for clarification purposes.

ALLAH is The FIRST so there is no one who came before HIM. HE is The LAST so there is no one who will be after HIM. HE is The VICTOR so there is no one above HIM (in might, power and totality – taken from Muslim). Such is the Exalted Position that describes THE LORD of all. And from HIM (without consultation from any source) came the Most Perfect of Plans by which came this creation of our universe.

Today, we all live in perilous times and the proverbial ‘laws of the jungle’ are becoming ever more prevalent. Simple answers are sought for even the most complex questions. In this article just a dusting of answers will hopefully, by ALLAH’s WILL, be presented but in brief form only.

The concept of ‘There is no Power and no Strength except in ALLAH’ is exceedingly difficult to put into terms because it is so pervasive in meaning. If it (things) are not in HIS WAY (concept), then they won’t exist, period. And if things do exist it is for HIS REASONS and PURPOSES developed for a long planned integration of a number of infinite things developed to justify a perfect, uniform conclusion based on the qualities of perfect fairness, truth and justice underlined with HIS Mercy and Beneficence (Abundant and Uncountable Kindness and Generosity).

Man is incapable of dealing with such ‘complex lofty notions’ in such minute detail and so is given the easy and correct, short versions of declaring The ONE GOD IS MOST PERFECT, MOST GREAT, etc. That makes a lot of sense as does the idea of not giving the first grade student, before he learns arithmetic, a course in highly advanced Calculus.

The 3 topics that will be briefly touched on today will be the New Testament, climate change and the Anti-christ.

Zephaniah chapter 3 verses 9-10 without a doubt and which has been shown in these writings, discusses with proofs (geographical and otherwise) that the Glorious Quran, being that ‘Pure Language’ for the non-Jews on a religious level, is going to be THE BOOK.

So what it declares in its original Arabic is guaranteed 100% truthful. There can be no doubt about that when my 3 to 4 page description and interpretation of these short verses are read. See the end of the article for a description of these verses.

The New Testament is basically a Jewish production of the Jewish religion with the idea that the ‘final Jewish prophet{BEFORE a paradigm change will occur (before the coming of Shiloh or Prophet Muhammad as Jesus didn’t really die a physical-type death and therefore the Epistle to the Hebrews in the New Testament, Hebrews (9: 16-17), concerning the ‘change over’ or paradigm change in religion is absolutely correct in taking the above idea into consideration)} has already come and was the ‘Final Accumulation’ of a man reaching that station called ‘The Messiah’.

The value of the New Testament is basically a compilation of stories for Jews first and later to others, if the Jews happen to reject it, showing not so much a rehash of correct behavior but ‘proofs’ of a certain man (Jesus) who was chosen as the Messiah to the world.*

*Jews have trouble accepting that Jesus (pbh) is the true Messiah due to the notion that ‘if Jesus (pbh) was the real Messiah, then why didn’t he do the Messianic conquering bit? Besides this, the REAL MESSIAH will NOT BE KILLED BUT WILL (according to the Jews) USHER IN A NEW, GLORIOUS AGE FEATURING THE GREATNESS, DOMINANCE AND BLESSEDNESS OF THOSE WHO BELIEVED – taken by the Jews to be limited to themselves!

However, the real believers of the day said that he would do the conquering ‘bit’ on his return and that Jesus was ALIVE and not DEAD but was in the heavens awaiting the time when he will be sent again.

The Jews, however, for the most part wanted it done in their immediate lifetime and therefore rejected Jesus as a true prophet and anointed Messiah (which means they would really have to follow him if they accepted him as a prophet sent by their GOD but if he was a fake, they would definitely not be obliged to follow him and so would be exempt by GOD from any mischief done to that man).

The Quran does not declare the New Testament false but shows there has been a quantity of ‘hanky panky’ done with the documents. Also, the basic stuff needed for obedience to HIM has been practically ignored while the philosophical stuff took the front seat.

Basically, an altercation of words that change the true facts into what can be called ‘the new facts of the day‘. An example of this would be what did the so-called scribes do in copying the copies of the copies of the copies of Holy Writ?**

**The earliest tiny scraps of so-called ‘original’ manuscript of current New Testament writing is a small piece of manuscript with about 7 incomplete lines dating from around 150 AC. That isn’t very early and therefore not very reassuring!

What they (the scribes) would do and what is prevalent even in today’s world is to go according to one’s school of thought that one finds oneself in. For example, the saying concerning Jesus (pbh): and he went up the hill to be (so that they could crucify him) crucified does not completely say that he actually will be crucified.

For example, take the saying, “After I finish this work, I will go to the store.” However, due to certain things, I was kept late at work and I plain forgot about going to the store.”

Because the ‘new religion’ in the second century had many disputants (sect variations – as predicted in the New Testament and shown as historical fact), one might be tempted to say: “The passage shows in our opinion that he will be crucified. Therefore, what harm will it do to ADD CLARIFICATION TO THE SO-CALLED ORIGINAL TEXT IN ORDER TO SHOW WHAT WE BELIEVE ACTUALLY HAPPENED!”

Therefore, HE WENT UP THE HILL TO BE (AS WAS THEIR INTENT) TO BE CRUCIFIED NOW BECOMES “HE WENT UP THE HILL AND WAS CRUCIFIED“! This equals a small change in words but a HUGE CHANGE in meaning and intent!

The original verse didn’t say that! The original verse would have been written, in theory at least, showing the mindset of the people actually present at that event. That means that this is what they actually saw with their own eyes.

The Quran does NOT dispute that in any way. It declares openly that ‘AND SO IT WAS MADE TO APPEAR TO THEM‘… The Quran simply and rightfully refutes Jesus’ crucifixion. It does not refute that he would appear to be crucified, however! SUCH A FITTING RESPONSE FOR THOSE WILLING TO PLAY FAST AND LOOSE WITH HOLY WRIT!

Next on the agenda is climate change. Climate change is a scientific phenomena based on the alteration of Earth’s topography and/or the quality and content of the atmosphere. The hadith and Quranic literature discusses the physical change of the Earth among other things. This will equate to a simplified version of what might occur in the future.

One hadith directly discusses ‘land change’ or about ‘major’ land falls with one being in the East, one being in the West and one on the Arabian Peninsula. Hadith literature also discusses that the land of the Arabs will be altered drastically by having ‘a much, well-watered area’ where people can dwell in comfort with a plentiful, overabundant food supply as opposed to vast areas of rolling desert.

The climate is altered in many physical ways with the major driving force for the atmospheric climate being ocean currents and the free movement of such. Massive land alterations definitely will have drastic, world-wide climatic effects.

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) discussed these issues IN HIS OWN WAY making sure that his listeners could decipher his message. His discussion concerning the mindset of the people living ‘in those perilous times’ is quite revealing.

It reveals a type of struggle, desperation and wildness causing massive confusions and terrible hardships. These views are supported in the Gospel of Matthew (24: 21-22) and the Book of Daniel (12: 1). The words of Prophet Muhammad (pbh), however, are much more specific concerning these things than the aforementioned Bible verses.

With this in mind, one can now try and understand some actions or the lack thereof concerning certain topics. First of all, the Prophet (pbh) discussed armies fighting but in the way that they did in his time – basically with horses, bows and arrows etc.

Some people have suggested that these ‘props’ were nothing but a way of describing ‘modern warfare’. However, what kind of communicator would the Prophet (pbh) be if he could not talk about, for example, ‘iron horses‘ (tanks) and fire coming from metal sticks (machine guns). The notion that he was inept at describing ‘fundamental’ things is totally ridiculous.

Therefore, we are left with the notion that the present world will be torn apart quite literally and that a NEW ORDER will be substituted for the old way of doing business. Such an idea is also revealed in prophecy in the prophetic Books people claim to hold dear. In other words, MASSIVE LAND ALTERATIONS WILL OCCUR. This is based on several notions:

  • The huge number of Gog and Magog marching out from the Asian sphere and finally coming to rest in Palestine after consuming a whole lake full of water could easily be stopped by dropping a few nuclear bombs on their heads.

No world government wants world trade to be disrupted for that is the lifeline of growth, advancement and development of any country. Then why is not the Gog and Magog peoples stopped but allowed to continue on for thousands of miles while committing unspeakable and unholy carnage?

  • If people aren’t using tanks, planes, machine guns, etc. what does that show? It shows that even though these handy gadgets would come in useful, they aren’t created out of thin air but need factories and distribution lines as well as reliable fuel sources to get them from one point to another. And this includes bullets also. Simply put, take out the factories and cause a lot of physical land damage and a tank will only go as far as its fuel holds up. After that, it is just a piece of useless junk!
  • The Prophet (pbh) gave an example of one man wandering around in such a stupor that he appeared to be totally drunk EVEN THOUGH HE WAS NOT DRUNK. This has been demonstrated by several movies and in books concerning ‘WHEN THE WORLD (SOCIETY) IS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND IS NO LONGER FUNCTIONING AT ALL.

The people have a tendency to behave like drunken animals flitting from one place to another while they in turn create their own ruthless havoc. Law and Order is replaced by the Law of the Jungle.

It has been stated that Africa, for example, may end up as 3, 4 or 5 separate large islands instead of one whole continent. Whatever the case may be, such a state would certainly alter oceanic flow and bring an altered climate. There are other factors of course and that is concerning only that one continent!

The Rift Valley in Africa, by the way, is already showing signs of this ‘tear’ and drastic changes in the Earth’s environs as spoken about or hinted at in Daniel (pbh) and the Gospel of Matthew, as reproduced at the end of this article, seem to show that positively extraordinary times of great and unsurpassed, dramatic Earth changes will occur.

This concept of damage is based on a ‘changed world order’ with the old world way of doing business being thrown out. If man won’t do it himself, and so far he has failed miserably, then what was promised MUST COME TO PASS. Such thinking we actually do hear about from the Old Testament, New Testament and Quran!

A new life, a new beginning and a reward for those who have done well! Then, like Jesus (pbh) finally giving up the ghost (his world struggles finally over***) goes into what is called the ‘grave’ at the end of his reign and the wait for the Resurrection and Judgment Day – to put it into very short and succinct terms.

***The Dead Sea Scrolls have the colorful description of ‘like a woman in travail’ among its discussions. Notice how that simple saying equals a comparison to the Christ-soul and what prophet Isaiah (pbh) stated about ‘The Suffering Servant’ in chapter 53 of the Book of Isaiah.

Then comes the ‘JOY of BIRTH‘ where the ‘loving mother’ sees her child (children if you will) set forth in successful splendor – what a happy and blessed event for the Messiah to rule in Islamic harmony with the choicest of the chosen!!!

This might be called the ‘top of the line’ group of people judged of course by ALLAH to inherit the Earth (of course for a short time) before going on to that GREAT AND MAGNIFICENT REWARD DESCRIPTIVELY GIVEN IN THE QURAN.

The next topic is the Anti-christ. It is not an easy topic to understand. In fact, without billions of pieces of information about that person, which is known for sure ONLY by ALLAH, only a skimpy and partial discussion can be stated about him.

In Islam, the central focus or direct idea about this character is a man posing as an eventual god-type character who has a small army and who works with evil JINN to confuse and alter peoples minds to worship none but him – which is the worst of all sins according to ALLAH!

There is also the notion of the ‘little Anti-christs’ numbering 30 to 33. They are classified as men or women who claim prophethood in order to direct a section of humanity into the faulty ‘beliefs’ they hold. The vast majority of them have already come and gone historically.

The beliefs that those people hold are most definitely erroneous and would, if practiced, drive that group of individuals affected away from the Truth and towards the FIRES of HELL. One of the characteristics of this type of individual is being so charismatic that his words sound so good even when they are meaningless or utterly absurd.

By studying the Old Testament and New Testament records it can be found that a characteristic of an ‘anti-christ’ type of personality or one who ‘lives like it’ but NOT an actual anti-christ-type person (just character-wise) is a person who is VAIN, CHARISMATIC TO HIS FANS, TELLS A HUGE AMOUNT OF FALSEHOODS, IS NARCISSISTIC, AND HAS AN UNNORMAL LOVE FOR MONEY AND ATTENTION. HE IS ALSO A PERSON WHO INWARDLY THINKS VERY HIGHLY OF HIMSELF.

If that sounds like a leader of a certain country in the West, then so be it. Note that many of his fans swear that Jesus is their lord, god and savior.

That is a description of one who acts accordingly. One can also say, ‘that person has tendencies to be in that category’.

This is a composite description based on readings of the Old and New Testament and a study of the character mentioned in Jewish literature concerning an individual who is classified in their works as being ‘that one-eyed false prophet’, as their works call him, whose intent was to destroy Israel proper.

The basis for this ‘story’ comes from the famous Quranic scholar Ibn Kathir’s attempt to reconcile the notion of the worst evil to walk amongst mankind – being the Anti-christ according to the Prophet (pbh) – with the shocking idea that he could not find any ‘news’ about him in the Quran!

According to Ibn Kathir, if ALLAH mentioned the smallest of things, how is it that HE did not mention the WORST TRAVESTY to hit mankind? Did HE, ALLAH FORBID, forget? The answer is definitely NO!!!!!

The answer is easy to overlook if one doesn’t know what to look for! Strangely, the key for this understanding, however, was given by Ibn Kathir himself when he named that man in his Tafseer concerning certain verses found in the Quran.

The particular verses shown in the Quran, ALLAH WILLING of course, are  Q (7: 175-178). These verses discuss a ‘high’ level individual way back in some unknown time but an individual not quite on the highest or prophetic level.

Still, an individual who represented the ‘near top-level heights’ of humanity because ALLAH grants quality gifts. However, this person would seek profit from spiritual awareness and then his soul was eventually caught by Satan.

Relate to them the story of the man to whom WE SENT OUR SIGNS but he passed by them: So Satan {due to this} followed him up {took him under his wing} and he went astray.

IF it had been OUR WILL, WE should have ELEVATED him with OUR SIGNS: but he inclined to the earth {a greedy disposition – non-spiritual} and followed his own VAIN DESIRES.

His similitude {as to the depraved part of the human race} is that of a dog: if you attack him, he lolls out his tongue, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls out his tongue {they accomplish nothing of any real lasting value for themselves}. That is the simlitude of those who reject OUR SIGNS; so relate the story; perchance they may reflect.

EVIL as the example are people who REJECT OUR SIGNS and wrong their own souls.

Whom ALLAH guides, he is on the Right Path: whom HE rejects from HIS GUIDANCE – such are the persons who LOSE!                                     Q (7: 175-178)

This individual is found in Jewish secret works called the Talmud****. In the Talmud he is branded as the one-eyed false prophet who claimed to know the GREATEST NAME of ALLAH and who used this ‘so-called knowledge’ to work his magical, disruptive feats for A PRICE THAT IS! In other words, his greed led him to do deeds that would not have been appreciated by the ‘Believers’.

****The Talmud is not a collection of holy books by any stretch of the imagination but it does have a peculiar history. It also contains falsehoods so beware of that!

The best description of that ‘book’ collection is that it was used to test the validity of whether or not Prophet Muhammad (pbh) was really a prophet or not. The High Jews had their secrets whereas the common Jews were to be told only about their Old Testament as interpreted by the High Jews of course (see Matthew (23: 1-5) as a condemnation of those people in leadership roles)!

In order to test Prophet Muhammad (pbh) to see if he was really sent by ALLAH, they asked him some ‘secret questions’ that he could not possibly know UNLESS HE WAS ACTUALLY RECEIVING INSPIRATION FORM ON HIGH. Among the things they asked in their so-called test for prophethood were about Zul Qarnain and the People of the Cave.

This knowledge was not found in their holy records but was kept in their secret books. The Prophet (pbh) gave the correct answers and that was that and the vast majority of the Jews still turned away from embracing Islam thanks, only in part, to their so-called ‘priest-class’.

The name of this character was given by Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer and can be looked up in an encyclopedia as to his devious personality and treachery.

Although at first he decided against attacking Israel, a little ‘coin’ persuasion sent him forth to take out the land that the Messiah would be born in thereby altering ALLAH’s Qadar and ruining the chance for the birth of the Messiah as prophesied.

Obviously, he failed in his quest for he saw an Angel with a sword in his hand ready to kill him if he continued on his ridiculous journey with his ‘talking donkey’.

The important point is that he finally died and next can be found during the time of the Prophet (pbh) as a despicable youth (by the name of Saf ibn Sayyad who later became known as Abdullah ibn Sa’id, who was feared by most of the Companions of Muhammad (pbh) as the Anti-christ.

‘Umar bin Khattab stated that he definitely was the Anti-christ and Muhammad (pbh) did not contradict him but WISELY said that ‘if he is such, then you won’t be able to kill him (by cutting off his head like you are close to doing) but if he is NOT, then what is the point in killing him (at this point without just cause and against ALLAH’s Commands)’

In other words, he was a complete pest to the Muslims but being a pest does not allow one to commit murder. The Prophet (pbh) handled that rather well such that we now know that this vile individual could not be the Anti-christ per say because he was AT THAT TIME NOT ALLOWED TO FULFILL THE REQUIREMENTS. THAT WILL COME WHEN ALLAH WILLS AND NOT BEFORE OR LATER!

The Anti-christ is a ‘transformed or metamorphosed’ type individual and although this person tried to alter his size, he was stopped from completely doing so by ALLAH or to say it in another way such that he couldn’t complete the transition, if you will. This shows and proves that no man, no life, no anything whatsoever can be in charge or have any meaningful input WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE AND PERMISSION OF ALLAH.

Once he is permitted to transform, however, he won’t be allowed to go back to being a regularly shaped (by size and by looks) human being but must live in his huge but deformed body. It is easy to believe that people would find little difficulty in refusing such an ugly being as ‘THE GOD’.

That may be so in normal times but the times won’t be normal. Rather, the times will be ultimately stressful and desperate people have been known to do desperate things. So, ALLAH protect us from the mischief of the Anti-christ!

The moral of this story is that ALLAH rewards those who do good and punishes those who do evil under HIS OWN conditions that HE has set. Another moral is that a person may eventually get what he/she has been desiring earnestly but only as far as HE WILLS IT.

So, in Islam, it is said to ‘be careful of what one really desires or strives diligently for’! The problem being that one may end up getting something of what one wanted but not the way one wanted or imagined it. Hence, ask ALLAH for Forgiveness and well-being in this world and in the Hereafter!

‘O ALLAH! Grant me forgiveness and well-being in this world and in the HEREAFTER’! (Tirmidhi).

ALLAH is AL-Mughnee (The Enricher WHO frees us from want)! ‘O Allah! Bestow upon me YOUR lawful provisions and enrich me with YOUR Great Bounties’. (Tirmidhi)

ALLAH loves HIS true servants dearly and look what HE has permitted to the real chosen Messiah (leading an Islamic earthly world which he will establish with ALLAH’s PERMISSION to the great and wonderful PROMISED LAND ABOVE).

And yet make no mistake about it in one’s worship of the ONE, UNIQUE GOD:

They disbelieved indeed those that say that GOD is Christ the son of Mary. Say: “Who then has {any} power to stop ALLAH (GOD), if HIS WILL were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and {even} all – every one that is on the earth? For to ALLAH belongs the {total} dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. HE creates what {ever} HE PLEASES. For ALLAH has POWER over ALL things.”     Q (5: 17)

Every human being’s soul is likened unto a snowflake. Very much similar but no two human beings like no two snowflakes are the same. And each of us is given what can be likened to a ‘trial run’ at life for the purpose of, for lack of a better word, exposing***** our secret heart’s intention/desire.

*****Kept in a record (to be opened on the Last Day of Judgment) that is true and clear to see and gives answers to those who question the validity of ALLAH’s Just Judgments.

Everyone of us made a contract with ALLAH in the beginning by which the mountains and the heavens refused to undertake so each of us is given a ‘Term Appointed’ as a proof of our fealty to HIM. As each individual is different, one should expect each Term of Appointment to be different also!

No one save ALLAH has the authority or knowledge of these minute, particular things and they have been written down in a BOOK kept free of stain. The Anti-christ soul is a human being also (not a made up story to frighten little children) and he has his Term of Appointment like any other human being.

So in reality, he won’t become the Anti-christ UNTIL he actually becomes that person. That is why it is written here concerning the Anti-christ soul which has yet to actually don that persona. His secret innermost desires (control, power, adulation, etc.) will be met and he will come to his ‘Full Bloom’ as the fetid, evil power that he exudes as well as getting his justly deserved fate.

About the word ‘fate’, no man can say with certainty unless it is explicitly expressed by ALLAH’s Written Word. However, bad actions and good actions and their intentions are more or less judgeable depending upon the circumstances of course ******.

******Or as one saying put it, Jesus (pbh) accused a man of stealing but the man said he did not steal. And when questioned about it again, he declared that by ALLAH (The ONE GOD) he did not steal! Thereupon, Jesus (pbh) said that his own eyes (Jesus’ own eyes) deceived him!

At that time {the time just before the coming of the real Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh)} Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of {great emotional} distress {and physical upheavals in the Earth} such {the like of} as has never happened {on this Earth} from the {time when} nations began until then {that time of worldly distress and upheavals}. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered. Multitudes {many} who sleep in the dust of the earth will {eventually} awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness {doing the right thing towards ALLAH and man}, like the stars for ever and ever.  But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the {this} scroll until the time of the end {when the end of this AGE draws near}. {And during those times} Many will go here and there to increase knowledge {on various subjects – science, technology, astronomy, geology, archeology and many other fields}.           Daniel (12: 1-4)

For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until nowand never to be equaled again. If those days would not be cut short, no one {on this Earth} would survive, but for the sake of the {chosen} elect those days will be shortened.                                    Matthew (24: 21-22)

From the article “Before We Were, the Plan Became“:

Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (New International Version)


Then I will purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve him shoulder to shoulder.
From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring ME offerings.


Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (21st Century King James Version)

For then will I return to the people a pure language that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve HIM with one accord.
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia MY suppliants–even the daughter of MY dispersed–shall bring MINE offering.





The Book of Zephaniah was originally written sometime in the 6th century BC although some scholars prefer a second century BC offering possibly borrowing on the originality of a manuscript from the 6th century BC. Whatever the truth of this matter, practically that amounts to about the same thing if the texts were followed in earnest.


It is clear and unambiguous that The GIVER of the ‘gift’ being spoken about comes directly from THE ONE LORD and not something that drops into a man’s head by his own doing. In other words, the gift that will be given is from GOD and directly from HIM and no other. This gift is mentioned as purified lips or a pure language.


Verse number 9 talks of purified lips of the peoples or a pure language. When a person talks about using the lips of peoples, one is talking about a manner of speech and when one talks about a manner of speech; one is talking about a certain language that will be used.

Among humanity there is NO KNOWN pure language that has ever been invented by the hands of man. There has NEVER been a common language that has ever remained pure because like man, language that is developed from a creature (man) is like that creature – changing.

The Eskimo living in his environment has perhaps over a hundred words for snow but people living in the desert may only have one or two words for this phenomenon. So language reflects the utility of man’s ‘changing world’ and hence the language changes – meaning that it does not remain pure but becomes adulterated according to need. Hence, the expression ‘I am bad’ can actually mean that I am good in the same language.

So at least we know that there will be a language involved instead of tap dancing. This language has to be a special language and not anything that man could think of because it will have the property of being pure and remaining pure and that will be quite a feat due to man’s proclivity in messing things up! Moreover, we cannot forget that this language will be directly from the ONE GOD and who would ever attribute to HIM imperfection but one who is deformed in the soul.

Also, the language cannot be common everyday speech because that would also get messed up by being morphed into many dialects. Rather the language must be very special and even ceremonial for it to be ‘locked up’ and kept pure and unsullied by the hands of men. The type of ceremonial expressions used must not be looked upon as a run of the mill experience like joining a club but rather put into an exalted position to merit such a stance as being pure and kept pure.

There is only one logical form of highest thought taken by most men from the past to the present and that is the form of RELIGION or the continuation of life rather than just living and dying for no reason. Hence, this protected language which is PURE and going to remain PURE is a religious language. From so-called shamans to tribal chiefs or witch doctors, there is shown a way of ‘talking’ to the ‘higher powers’ in that culture. The highest known symbolic discourse between man and the POWER WHO created him comes from religion.

Being a religious language that remains PURE cannot be for one person or for one country and as the verses claim, which is fairly easy to figure out, this language will be for various peoples who practice this form of worship or belief system.

A pure language like rituals will change over a period of time UNLESS of course it is in a form that a person can say and remember that it becomes the proverbial ‘written in stone’ language or a language unaltered through time. Jesus (pbh), for example, spoke a form of Aramaic called Syriac but we do not connect with the knowledge of what he declared in that language. Basically, his language has gone through the ‘treadmill’ of Greek, Latin, English and whatever other language which would alter the meanings even very minutely but still they would be altered.

In other words, this language may be spoken but it has to be PRESERVED AND REVERED such that it is in a written form that can be used as a standard for checking the veracity of the spoken form or written forms coming from it and so highly thought of that any attempt to fool around with it will bring ‘dire consequences’. Hence, this written form must be duplicated in great quantities for the peoples and thusly can be easily checked out as to its maintaining its ‘perfection’.

So a record of the formation, development, delivery of this language has to be kept as from the beginning of its origins so as to be able to show that it has a track record of purity and not just some kind of fairytale story as an invisible book kept by and controlled by high priests. Therefore, the best form of preservation is not a book of rules but an actual book by which a standard can be formed to test any copies that would be made of this book or recitations given from this book.

Because we are looking at a ‘Book’ or widespread record of some kind, the matter becomes simple. Thinking that only one book spread around many countries will fit the bill is ludicrous. Therefore, each territory or, in this case, each place of ceremonial worship must have an exact duplicate of the original.

And if that ‘record’ or book was to be used in individual houses, which the Quran is, it would have to remain pure and not have any alteration done on it and go undetected when challenged and still be classified as being pure. Of course any ‘fool’ can alter the Quran personally but it would NOT be accepted across communities when ‘put under the microscope’.

The conclusion is simple. A BOOK must exist that is GOD GIVEN and it is and fully remains available in its ORIGINAL LANGUAGE (not just a translated form as the verses from the two of the above Old Testament translated sources are). Well if it is a GOD GIVEN BOOK it will be about the guidance given to man rather than instructions on how to perform tap dancing and this makes it a religious book which in turn makes it a TESTAMENT and that, in turn, makes it a separate phase or form of religion as shown in the following verse from the New Testament.

Where there is a NEW TESTAMENT GIVEN there is a paradigm change. This means that in the common language of man there will come a NEW RELIGION. This does not mean that the religion is brand spanking new but it is NOT going to be a carbon copy of the preceding religion even though it may harmonize with the old for truths shall be revealed and lies will be uncovered!

For where a testament is {paradigm change}, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator Heb. (9: 16). Jesus (pbh) didn’t ‘die’ a physical, total journey ending in death as ‘THE DEATH’ or the completion of his sojourn but, according to Islam, he will return to lead the Islamic kingdom on Earth and after marriage and several decades will die and be buried (with the rich – Isaiah Chapter 53) with Prophet Muhammad (pbh) – and they will raise up together. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) DID DIE, however, and according to the New Testament, the PHYSICAL, COMPLETE DEATH is part of the proof of formation of an actual Religious Testament. Hence, the REALITY OF ISLAM according to this verse in the New Testament!

Worshiping withone accord’ can have many different meanings. When one comes across a puzzler like this, one has to fit something in that will be in agreement with those two verses thus making the whole of the verses to harmonize without any contradiction. In other words, one takes that meaning that will not throw off the other meanings given in those two verses.

One can worship with one accord even though we are different as a people if that religion has a basis for belief (a basic doctrine) that ALL MEMBERS harmoniously believe in. In other words, the basis of belief must be such that the upholders of that belief system understand that system no matter to what various cultures they are found in. That would be the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM forming the basis of that belief system or the bedrock as its foundation amongst those who believe.

‘By all of its worshipers’ would mean from pole to pole and ocean to ocean such that Islam would be a ‘worldwide’ religion and NOT just for one city or country and that the true followers of that ONE RELIGION would follow the SAME HOLY BOOK without additional words or chapters thrown in or taken out – unlike the Catholic Bible versus the Protestant Bible which have a different number of books in its canon – and practice the same FIVE PILLARS.

The part about standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ can mean many things but it is the practice of Muslims to stand harmoniously and joyfully in one accord during one of the essential pillars of faith and that is prayer – for the prayer to be accepted – men with men and women with women. This does not apply to any ‘false sect’ but only to mainstream Islam.

Besides the above explanation, how can we know that Islam is being discussed in these two verses from Zephaniah? That is easy for we have the geographical location given. A religion starts descending from ‘above’ to those below. In other words, it has to have a physical presence and start from some place upon someone.

So, in this case we need to have a geographical area to deal with at the very start of this revelation. So it is easy to see that a prophet will be involved and he will be speaking to some people in the beginning and these people will have a home base or be domiciled in some geographical area.

The geographical area will be defined according to these verses based on the nature of the rivers found in the country mentioned. The country mentioned is that area of Cush or what is now known as Ethiopia.

The rivers in Ethiopia may run in a north-south or south-north direction. Therefore, one must go across from these rivers in an east-west direction to find the location of any religion that emerged from the time of the writing of this book called Zephaniah.

If one was to use willy-nilly logic and jump up or down going in a north or south direction in a random way by leapfrogging so many countries, then one could look for a religious movement with a preserved HOLY LANGUAGE coming from the north or south poles. However, when one restricts the search for this religion by going directly east or west from ‘across the rivers of Ethiopia’ then one must look for that religion in those areas.

By going west from the rivers of Ethiopia one can keep going through the continent of Africa until one hits the Atlantic Ocean and NOT find any religion that can lay a claim for the fulfillment of the prophecy found in Zephaniah.

However, when one goes to the east from the rivers of Ethiopia, one does find an ESTABLISHED WORLD RELIGION THAT FULLFILLS ALL OF THAT PROPHECY FOUND IN THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAH and this country turns out to be Arabia specifically starting in the area called Makkah.

What about the ‘dispersed or scattered people’? The original children of Israel tended to be tribal and not such a propagating religious movement. Their original language varies with the times and their original records are somewhat suspect due to the various inabilities to keep alive their documents throughout history – translations, yes but originals, NO!

The other branch of this ‘tribe,’ commonly called Christians today, do tend to be propagating as to their faith but do not present either a pure language kept in book form or a uniform form of worship. That is, some Testament is used in a foreign-based language (Greek) or many kinds of translations making it easier for people to read and some form of creed is generally believed in but variations as to prayer, times of prayer, rituals and doctrine are quite varied and that is extremely important.

These thoughts may be taken as a form of nitpicking but what does the word ‘PURE’ mean? Does it mean almost pure or does it imply 100% retrievable and provable pure? The verses in Zephaniah refer to the 100% form of purity not in custom but in the Language Guaranteed and Protected by the CREATOR LORD HIMSELF!

So the dispersed and scattered people would be people covering a wide area that would have been left out of the equation for salvation or those reduced to following some form of tribal paganism or even a tarnished philosophy as many of the Gentiles have. There is another thought to this, however.

Considering the New Testament and its warnings of the ‘deterioration of the truth’ brought by Jesus (pbh) (see the article, Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus”) and what also is found in the Quran (Q 5: 14), one can gather that the floundering ship of truth must be resurrected with a PURE form of truth. Otherwise, bringing one’s corrupted ‘offerings’ needs no PURE LANGUAGE or TRUTH to be sent down from the heavens when corruption will suffice or trump REALITY and that the ONE LORD will accept any old trash or falsehoods created by man to be thrown up to honor HIM!

It must be admitted that even a slow minded worshiper of any religion would be completely foolish as to confront the ONE GOD by proclaiming that HIS GIFT of a PURE LANGUAGE is foolish, misplaced or erroneous IF THAT PERSON HAS ANY HOPE OF A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE AFTERLIFE.

Without a doubt it {The Quran} is (announced) in the {previous} revealed Books of {the} former peoples.   Q (26: 196)

Praise be to ALLAH, Who has sent to HIS Servant The BOOK and has allowed NO crookedness therein.     Q (18: 1)

And so it goes!