The idea of reincarnation has posed a lot of problems especially to ‘over thinkers’ in religious ideological thinking. Actually, the concept of reincarnation is a lot like theoretical physics!

How many humans, from a population of eight billion people, actually find a livelihood in dealing with theoretical physics? What is the practicality in man’s normal daily living concerning theoretical physics?

Does this knowledge of theoretical physics improve the daily lives of human beings as they go to work or as some try and survive apartheid-like conditions in Palestine? Therefore, one must ask, IF this aspect exists, is it essential to know?

Religion, in truth, in order to be practical, useful and productive to mankind needs to concentrate on the ‘here and now’ of daily living and how to improve one’s condition concerning ‘obeying the ONE LORD of all’ in word and deed (practices).

Generally speaking, mankind can’t handle going off in two different directions at once. It just is not very productive. It is not very productive for us humans to operate on an ephemeral concept that has unattainable or unreachable ‘rules’ or guidelines.

The ‘faithful’ believe in the UNSEEN and know not to become heavily involved in things beyond their abilities. Why? Simply because throwing darts at an unseen game board will cause more damage than success! Only the ONE GOD knows about the UNSEEN for sure!

If a person (unless he is a specialist) acknowledges the probability of the benefit of theoretical physics having some possible foundation and LEAVES IT AT THAT, he doesn’t harm himself. The harm comes from trying to force guesses and made-up material into the mix as if these things were real tangible pieces of fact. That is to produce things NOT based on scriptural authority!

People in their maturity or lack thereof can’t deal with ‘could have beens and what ifs’ and get any good sense of the ‘here and now’. Besides, those who venture too far off the middle road of spiritual success, will often pay a heavy price for their ‘immature’ behavior.

Finally, paying much more attention on concentrating on concrete examples given off by the prophets (peace be upon them all) especially the LAST PROPHET, Muhammad (pbh) gives the ‘sure highway’ unto the road of success which is Paradise.

So, in retrospect, if reincarnation exists on any level, it does so by ALLAH’s PERMISSION and PURPOSE.  And if it doesn’t exist on any level, it doesn’t exist because ALLAH does not will it!

ALLAH EXISTS!!! Do we waste our time in trying to find out what HE looks like? Do we waste our time and our energies in trying to contemplate what we can’t know?

Of course, ALLAH looks like ALLAH and that should suffice the vast, vast majority of believers as they try and make do in today’s often harsh and cruel world. Besides, HE will be shown to the excellent people on that Day when Judgment comes.

One of the biggest negatives against reincarnation or incarnation (coming into the world) is the question of why as souls, we don’t remember our past lives? In truth, a non-remembrance would be a Mercy from ALLAH.

Proof of this comes from the knowledge from various hadiths that we operated and interacted at a certain level in the heavens with others ‘before’ we were born*. Yet, why don’t we remember these things?

That simple argument was put forward not to prove so-called reincarnation but to show how tricky certain arguments can be when dealing with ‘events’ that haven’t been ‘commonly’ proven by scientific analysis.

The idea of the ‘journey of the soul’ is as universal in thought in many cultures as is the many lies attached to it. So, apparently there is very little help there. Man, in general, is judged on the level he is on and not on the level that he hasn’t reached.

Can one expect a simpleton to all of a sudden become a famous rocket scientist? Because that is not practical or the norm, we should approach this topic with a sure thing that we have been taught instead of making up positives or negatives from our minds.

We are taught that when a person dies, he will return to the grave to receive his rewards and/or punishments and that there is a paradise on Earth (the Islamic Kingdom established after the defeat of the Gog and Magog lasting for as long as ALLAH WILLS) and a ‘forever’ Paradise in the Heavens and that this last Paradise (entrance into the Blessed Realm that does not decay nor disappoint its inhabitants) can come only after the Final Judgment Day.

So, the basics is to believe in ALLAH and the Last DAY and all that that entails. That entails the believing eventually and IN SINCERITY in the FINAL MESSENGER OF ALLAH AND WHAT HE CAME WITH AND INSTRUCTED AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IN ALLAH’s ONENESS.

But the complaint might be that this writer discusses things beyond the ‘normal point’ concerning these things especially when it comes to the soul of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh). Yes, but not without (possible) clear evidence taken from scripture etc.

And Jesus (pbh) was given his due with a light dusting towards other souls of man being given the opportunity to ‘work through’ his missteps (for a time appointed ONLY) as a MERCY from his LORD.

But that is it as any specific rules or whatnot cannot be expressed by mere human beings as all human beings are different and societies and even AGES are different.

So ALLAH instructs us as to being observant. Are all fruits the same in taste and color? So, it is wise not to venture too far from shore for the non-swimmer.

Hence, we put our trust in our LORD because HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR SALVATION. Therefore, we should take advantage of HIS MERCY and be as upright and obedient to HIS DESIRE as we can. AND HE HAS EXPRESSED HIMSELF CLEARLY IN THE QURAN AS TO WHAT HE HAS APPOINTED MANKIND to do FOR SALVATION.

The biggest issue with this topic might be just what is a ‘cycle’? Apparently, it is a Term Appointed which ostensibly is not up to man but what has been worked into some formula concerning the various ‘AGES’ and/or sections of mankind of which we know just about nothing or nothing that would give us a handle on the subject.

*{Abu Huraira reported GOD’s Messenger (pbh) as saying: “Souls are troops collected together and those who familiarized with each other (in the Heaven from where these come) would have affinity, with one another (in the world) and those amongst them who opposed each other (in the Heaven from whence these come) would also be divergent (in the world)”.      (Muslim)

A tradition of Ubayy-bin Ka’b – All of mankind was assembled in {to} separate groups {as comparable to different partial time zones making up the whole} giving them {the separate groups which are aligned in a time period to their sister peoples or the ‘peoples just before them’} the understanding that they were to be made vicegerents on Earth {at various times and under various conditions} while imparting their wisdom and understanding, i.e. granting them power such that each individual (would be) completely and fully responsible for their actions.

That means that no individual can absolve him or herself from the responsibility of deviation from ALLAH’s WAY. Therefore, it became mans duty, IF HE SO CHOSE TO MAKE IT, to make use of all of his facilities of the gifts given to them to discern truth from error in their respective journeys through life-giving experiences.}

This also implies that a regeneration is taking place and that some sort of ‘violence’ will take away the rejecters and leave the goodly to start society again. Such was the result of the Ad and Thamud peoples and of course the peoples of Lot and Noah must be considered here.

The big destructions would be considered AGES while the lesser destructions would be considered a transfer of power either through a Rasul-type prophet bringing in a NEW TESTMENT signaling a new spring for mankind in general or through a Nabi-type prophet offering corrective instructions.

HE {ALLAH} will say, “Enter you in the company of the Peoples who passed away before you – men and Jinns, – into the Fire”. Every time a new People enters, it curses its sister-People (that went before), until they follow each other, all into the Fire. The last declares about the first, “Our LORD! It is these that misled us {started bad traditions like in the time of Noah when good men became legend and statues were developed of them to eventually become worshiped as gods}; so give them a double Punishment in the Fire.” HE will say, “Doubled for ALL” but this you will not understand {at this time}.

Then the first will say to the last, “See then! NO advantage have you OVER US; so taste you all of the Chastisement for ALL that YOU DID!”      Q (7: 38-39)

The ‘sister people’ are the people that starts up after them and they are a people who must have a home base starting from the next spokesperson (prophet) given to them and must develop over a time to either be of those who believe or those who reject ALLAH’s MESSAGE.

That proves a key point! Walk in the LIGHT for safety and not in the DARK which could lead and has led many to destruction even on this very topic. The soul, which is that individual companion to the ‘spirit’, which is itself a companion to the body must be in one accord with its MAKER. That is to be interpreted ‘not by my will but by HIS WILL’.

So, on his return (the return of Jesus the Christ), we will get the chance, the opportunity to be enriched in the pure Islamic teachings as were the devoted Companions of the Prophet (pbh).

Some people complain that ‘others’ (hypocrites, false prophets, etc.) are teaching wonderful (strange) things that cause people to wonder off the beaten path. Is that wonder-type mode having them waste their time like a dog chasing its tale?

How can any philosophy, whether true or false, be held up to being superior to Prophet Muhammad’s (pbh) teaching? It can’t!!!!!! So even if the mythical dragon exists on Planet X, what is that to me? Does that benefit my soul or give me beneficial deeds for salvation?

However, if it provides some with a notion (a lesson) about the amazing Christ-soul being JUST A MAN AND CAN SHOW UP THE FALSEHOODS PUT FORTH BY HIS ENEMIES MASQARADING AS HIS CHOSEN RESULTING IN THE TURNING TO ISLAM IN EARNEST (in being truly repentant to the ONE LORD), then, if it is truthful, I am all for it.




People may look at the so-called ‘regeneration from above’ as a people driven thing. That is definitely not true. Who controls the universe and sets HIS SPECIAL LAWS in motion that cannot be overcome?

It is the ONE GOD WHO administers and directs**:


** {Abdullah b. Amr b. al-As reported that he heard Allah’s Messenger as saying:

Verily, the hearts of all the sons of Adam are between the two fingers out of the fingers of the Compassionate LORD as one heart. He turns that to any (direction) HE likes. Then ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) said: 0 ALLAH, YOU are the Turner of the hearts, so turn our hearts to YOUR obedience {WAY}.  (Muslim)}


The advantage that a true Muslim has is that he goes directly to the SOURCE of all life and power and this suffices him. He doesn’t need ‘superfluous’ rituals to put him in the ‘zone’.


Maybe before this time certain activities were needed to pursue certain pathways as the ‘cycle’ was not yet complete! It was not yet completed because up to a certain point in history one can say that ‘he’ (the Christ-soul) had not yet overcome and accomplished what must be accomplished to open the door for the Spirit of truth to come.


However, just in knowing that Jesus (pbh) overcame the world and collected and will collect (Isaiah Chapter 53) his ‘dignity’ as it was his trial in the first place (as he fell from his LORD’s Grace) means that we need NOT individually follow his ‘learning curve’ as some so-called new age groups might teach.


“These things I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have {finally} overcome the world {and will take my rightful place (reward) as ALLAH has chosen by HIS WILL.}         John (16: 33)


His learning curve brought the change (that Spirit of truth) to enter into the physical world to show the acceptable WAY of Permanence because that was his job to accomplish under the AUSPICESS of GOD’s GUIDANCE and PROTECTION:

No evil shall befall you, no scourge come near your tent {you will be born sinless and STAY sinless}.

For HE {GOD} will give HIS angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways {lest you should slip}.

On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

You will tread on the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot.

Because he {MY faithful servant} cleaves to ME in love, {making his human will totally subservient to his Creator’s WILL} I will deliver him; I will protect him {keep him safe}, because he knows MY NAME {he is faithful in bowing down his will to MY WILL}.

When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will RESCUE HIM AND HONOR HIM.     Psalm 90 (10-15)

O Mary! ALLAH gives you glad tidings of a Word from HIM: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to ALLAH.  Q (3:45)

Remember, ALLAH created but one man and only one man in the flesh. HE didn’t need a period of trial and error like those learning on a potter’s wheel. And HE doesn’t need to keep re-fashioning perfectly made man with HIS hands.

All those that follow that pattern as to the purity, the fall and the return to glory are those who are called and deserve to be called ‘THE BELIEVERS’.

No flash in the pan results for either him or us it would appear!!!!!! And so what can be said with definite truth is that Man is really Man and he most certainly will travel from stage to stage whatever that means!

You shall surely travel from stage to stage.  Q (84:19)

The similitude of Jesus before ALLAH is as that of Adam; HE created him from dust, then said to him: “Be”. And he was.    Q (3:59)

As a focal point for many things concerning the ‘human experience’, we are given the VERY CLEAR AND PURPOSEFUL BASIS FOR OUR EXISTANCE THAT WE CAN SENSE FROM OUTSIDE OURSELVES. This story is presented in the Quran from the story of Abraham (pbh) the friend of GOD. What an AMAZING BOOK!!!

“So WE gave him the good news of a forbearing son.  And when (his son) was old enough to help in his daily affairs, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice you.  So look, what do you think (about this)?  He said: O my father!  Do that which you are commanded.  GOD willing, you shall find me of the patient.”


“And when they both submitted (to the command of GOD), and he (Abraham) laid him (Isaac/Ishmael?) face down upon his forehead (in order to be sacrificed).”


“We called to him: O Abraham: You have indeed fulfilled the vision.  Lo!  Thus do WE reward the {doers of} good. Lo! That verily was a clear test.”


And WE redeemed him with a momentous sacrifice.’


And WE left for him (a goodly remembrance) among the later generations {if they would but use their common sense}.   Quran (37:101-108)


Here is presented in very graphic detail that which was to follow in the future design or pattern of the ‘SUBSTITUTION OF JESUS ON THE CROSS’! A repeating cycle as it were showing the design of things to come!


Also, in Abraham (pbh) we find a dramatic story of the totalities of life to be taken as one wills to take it. For the believer, one takes it like it is as absolute truth whether it is put under a microscope or not.


It is just true and there is no pressing need to carry any analogies further. It is what it is! What a BOOK THIS QURAN IS!


When Abraham said: “Show me, LORD, how YOU will raise the dead, ” He replied: “Have you no faith?” He said “Yes, but just to reassure my heart.” ALLAH said, “Take four birds, draw them to you, and cut their bodies to pieces. Scatter them {by mixing up their parts} over the mountain-tops {as they will represent the scattering of atoms from decayed bodies being recycled}, then {acting as their LORD} call them back. They will come swiftly to you {in humbled submission as they must obey}. Know {then} that ALLAH is Mighty, Wise.”        Q (2:260)


It is what it is! The believer neither forces his ideas on the Quran nor pursues that which will NOT be beneficial to his self. He accepts that which is written is true and leaves the ‘running of the universe’ to HIM WHO CREATED LIFE.


O ALLAH! Put light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in my sight and light in my hearing. Put light on my right and light on my left. Put light from above me and light from below me. Put light from in front of me and light from behind me. Put light in my soul and grant me great light.