As usual, when the reader sees the symbols {  } they represent my words used for clarification of the topic at hand.

The sand in the hour glass of time is constantly running and as the sand runs so also does the time run out from this age or the Fourth Age of man.

The murderous and barbaric behavior expressed against Muslims throughout the world has taken its toll in many lands and even as the negative thoughts against Islam ever increases, don’t think that the Arabs remain passive to doling out their own miscarriage of justice. This is what is happening in Syria today as the stage is being set for the eventual crimes to be committed in the future.

Jarir narrated that the Prophet (pbh) said to me during al-Wada, “Let the people keep quiet and listen.” Then he said (while addressing the people), “Beware! Do not renegade {and become) as disbelievers after me by striking (cutting) the necks {killing} of one another.        (Bukhari)

This major crime spoken about is the seeking out to destroy the last vestiges of strong Islam such that the army from the north (Syria) will try to eradicate a blessed Muslim destined to bring excellence amongst the people of the Earth – Imam al-Mahdi.

Umm Salama reported the Prophet (pbh) as saying, “Disagreement will occur at the death of a Caliph and {due to great turmoil} a man of the people of Medina will come forth flying to Makkah. Some of the people of Makkah will come to him {this person – al-Mahdi}, bring him out against his will and swear allegiance to him {as their leader} between the Corner {where exists the Black Stone} and the Maqam {Station of} Ibrahim. An expeditionary force {small army} will then be sent against him from Syria {in order to kill this man} but {this cursed army} will be {completely} swallowed up in the desert {and disappear off the face of the Earth} between Makkah and Medina and when the people see that, the high saints of Syria and the best people of al-Iraq will come to him and swear allegiance to him. Then will arise a man of Quraish whose maternal uncles belong to Kalb {tribe of Kalb} and {they will} send against them an expeditionary force {to kill that man and his loyal followers} which will be overcome by them and that is the expeditionary force of Kalb. He will then govern the people by the Sunna of their Prophet (pbh) and ESTABLISH ISLAM IN THE EARTH. He will remain seven years, and then die, and the Muslims {including Jesus the son of Mary (pbh)} will pray over him    Transmitted by Abu Dawud

We are closely moving towards the Messianic Age or what has been called by this author in his writings: “The Fifth Age of man.” Of course, before this age comes about and the Satans get locked up for an unspecified number of centuries before they are unleashed again on the unruly masses as was promised, mankind will be facing tumult after tumult as this Website has discussed in some detail through the several books/articles dealing with that subject.

But what is the Messianic Age? And can these things be proven? The answer is yes they very well can and in fact, they can be proven quite easily by a person willing to spend the time investigating the truth.

That is a good answer but from what angle comes the response? The Messianic Age is that age that has been promised to come through all the holy records and one can see the reflection of this awareness through the understanding of Islam and even in the fear that some misguided, misinformed and sometimes malicious people have taken against Islam – specifically speaking about the fear of Islam and Shariah Law.

It also comes from those who call themselves Muslims but in reality are far, far from being enamored with Islam and who would resist being ‘held back’ as they would call it from having frolicking fun and freedom to aspire to being silly and spiritually retarded.

First, let it be known that this Website has not been set up to disparage other religious philosophies or notions. Therefore, it is not out to attack but to clarify certain notions from the records handed down to man and classified as holy.

However, in logical terms amongst thinking, curious and intelligent people, more pertinent data has to be made available so that the ‘chains of degradation’ which keeps the mind in slavery might be broken and people could make better informed choices about their own spiritualization based on TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS coming from those specialists in charge of this area as they are ‘raised up’ for that purpose.

TRUTH as to its being unified, continuous, straightforward and central for salvation; KNOWLEDGE as to its becoming an opener to the mind and a light to aid one on the pathway of TRUTH; and AWARENESS about one’s limited abilities to journey down the road of life and how to journey along the pathway of life.

Whatever religion a person claims to be involved with, he should stop and think a bit. In truth we are dealing with a sacrosanct subject here! The next age to come is NOT called the ‘Moses Age’; it is NOT called the ‘Muhammad Age’ NOR is it called the ‘Mahdi Age’. Specifically, it is called the ‘Messianic Age’. So what?

The ‘so what’ gives us a clue as to this age, about the realities of the Messiah (pbh) about what is Islam and the beloved position of both the Messiah (pbh) and Prophet Muhammad (pbh), the true state or position of Islam and why all true and good Muslims are very eager for the return of Jesus the Christ (pbh).

The first key to understanding the Messianic Age is to understand that it is named after one person and that is the Messiah himself (pbh). That doesn’t mean others are excluded but it is his ‘day in court’ so to speak and therefore it is his honor. So it is NOT Abraham, Moses or Muhammad (peace be upon them all) that are coming back for the honor of rejoicing in that position of victory and leadership but Jesus the Christ in person.

As is told in the PURE QURAN, Jesus and his mother are SIGNS for mankind. They are signs for the human race – the overcoming of the dregs of this world that bind and drag and the winning through to victory and salvation through the ABUNDANT GRACE AND MERCY FROM ALLAH.

Therefore, they are symbolic of the lifestyle, morals and decency of the successful ones even down to the manner of their dress – not flashy clothing, both the man and the woman covered modestly as well as in their temperate and moderate lifestyles.

Jesus (pbh) is therefore the ‘REPRESENTATIVE MAN’ or the example of man as was he being vicegerent (lord) in the beginning and through his activities and frailties he overcame the world step by step, line by line and precept by precept by ALLAH’S DESIGN (AS IT SO PLEASED HIM) that he became that major example of the course taken by those who, though not perfect, will be like he was and that is made perfect by the GREATNESS of ALLAH.

The distinction being that he is of the brotherhood of prophets being himself a blessed and high ranking prophet while we are not! Therefore, we cannot expect our spiritual station to be as high as his nor our reward to be as excellent as his.

That is the key to the understanding of the Christ-soul. In other words, he is that SIGN as the representative man both in plight and salvation. There can be several definitions for this but one that might be palatable to most is that as he learned forbearance, he overcame the world. To be sure that is an esoteric thought and this somehow found its way into what is now called the New Testament.

Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto HIM {ALLAH} that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared.    Hebrews (5: 7)

This one verse talks of a human being who will voluntarily take on the role of the ‘plight of man’ to reach out to the ONE AND ONLY GOD for salvation (first for his own salvation and then as a standard ‘Sign’ for others (Hebrews 7: 27) by putting himself in the position of being under what can be called ‘GOD consciousness’ – awareness and obedience.

Who needs not daily {as a symbolic high priest/commander of the faithful}, as those {regular} high priests, to offer up a sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the people’s: for this he did once when he offered up himself {to be that Sign or Sacrifice}.     Hebrews (7: 27)


The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: “Be”. And he was.    Quran (3: 59)

A Muslim must believe in the full complement of prophets sent down by ALLAH to aid mankind as part of the true holistic creed of Unity.

‘Those who deny ALLAH and His apostles, and (those who) wish to separate ALLAH from His apostles, saying: ‘We believe in some but reject others ‘ and (those who) wish to take a course midway.

They are in truth (equally) unbelievers and WE have prepared for the unbelievers a humiliating punishment.”            Q (4: 150-151)

This has also been made clear for those who read the Bible. Even in its imperfections, the Bible shows that ONLY ONE IS SAVIOR and that salvation is an ‘ACTIVE’ thing and not a passive thing. In other words, those who in their hearts really desire salvation must believe in ONE GOD ONLY – the ONE WHO has no partners or in need of any helpers to accomplish HIS PLAN.

I, I am the LORD, and beside{s} ME there is NO savior       Isaiah (43: 11)

Secondly, salvation must earnestly be sought after and struggled for. Numerous hints about this are given in the New Testament in various places like the epistle of James and the expressions of ‘carrying one’s own cross’ to name but a few. Therefore, there is NO SUCH THING as declaring with the mouth but a mindless heart, “I believe in ‘him’ (Jesus) and hence I am saved.”

I’m not arguing against the idea that there are hundreds of millions of people who are faithful to their respective philosophies and who have some connections with holy writ. However, this planet has close to 7 billion people and many of those people belong to something or other and find not the time or the inclination to look very carefully with great caution, inspection and care at what is called FAITH.

Most people are too busy to read much less understand their own faiths but depend upon others to lead them in defining what their faith is all about. And if those ‘others’ are themselves corrupt, they will spread their own corruptions amongst the flock. That is the bane for taking such a sacrosanct subject and making it gloriously banal which leads to blindness and foolish notions.

Jesus (pbh) nor his mother became blessed by their own willfulness or power (and they did both acknowledge that THERE IS NO STRENGTH OR POWER EXCEPT IN ALLAH while they pledged their souls to HIM while being of desire to be accountable to THE LORD’S WAY which is similar in saying to THE WAY or that which is called ‘the rightly guided religion’.

So we can sense why Jesus (pbh) and his mother are so highly valued and honored in this world and the next as is declared in Islam. We can also sense, why Jesus (pbh) is greatly prized and having his name placed in splendor and given that great position of exaltedness rightly attributed to him in Islam.

So we should be able to see from ‘honest’ scriptural inspection just how important this Messiah is to the world. A very brief outlook on this topic follows.

If the human were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own ‘natural’ way. This way is called ‘Fitrah’ in Islam. However, all children are affected by those things around them, seen or unseen.

Fitrah is affected by societal norms: religious propaganda, tribal/parental expectations or even dispositions/inclinations of the heart. When society is awash in moral decay, this influences and opens up certain tendencies that provide an easy pathway towards evil.

This will naturally lead to conflicts, confusion, ill-advised actions and even attempts to destroy even goodness. Therefore, in this massive wholesale confusion between good and evil a symbol (SIGN) was raised up amongst themselves to be that ‘chosen one’ who would face the world’s corruptions, take them on and overcome them to become blessed and be that one who could present his GOD BLEST handiwork to his CREATOR LORD.

That is why good peoples from the past always looked for that symbolic sign to be born amongst us as a SIGN that salvation was drawing near and would welcome his presence if and when he would be ‘born’ into the world. Now that he was born and taken up, the good peoples of the world are now looking for him to enter once again into the world – but as what?

The scriptures are clear from all sides if they can be read correctly. This man will come as THE ONE GOD’S REPRESENTATIVE being likened to a king (a commanding presence over all to institute that WAY again to those who will be rendered pure in this world and the next) although he will NOT be a prophet. And of those closest to him, he will wipe their faces from tears and toil and tell them of their stations in Paradise. He will not operate alone as there will be others including the Mahdi but he (Jesus) is the one to whom goes top honor.

One of his honors will be that he will be the only one appointed or honored to kill the Anti-christ who was called the worst nemesis of mankind by Prophet Muhammad (pbh). Other honors are that the promise of a future age of perfection shown by total universal peace and recognition of the ONE GOD will occur.

Under this age of perfection universal knowledge and the harmonious oneness of humanity will flower as humanity will be united by that one WHO WILL RULE ISRAEL (AND ISRAEL IS NOT A COUNTRY PER SAY BUT A DEFINITION FOR ‘THOSE WHO ARE IN HUMANITY TRULY SERVENTS OF ALLAH’).

So this man of struggles and triumphs gets the honor and the great distinction of being called ‘THE MESSIAH’.

And the distinction gets carried further when one considers the SUCCESS OF THE WORLD is seen through two points of reference: GOOD (Christ-like) vs. BAD (EVIL) or CHRIST vs. ANTI-CHRIST or (MESSIAH vs. ANTI-MESSIAH) and the importance laid on these two terms and indeed these two people as representatives of mankind.*

The Messianic Age:

The Messianic Age must have unity and harmony. It must be real and solid not fictional or made of fluff. It also must be extremely logical and not idiotic. It must also be discussed in the various religious tracks for this to be a reality or otherwise it could be declared a ‘dreamer’s fantasy’. This being the case, some things will be easy to understand about this ‘time period’ for those who truly seek to understand.

In short, because this time period features men, women and children in this ‘Glorious Kingdom on Earth’ headed by the Messiah (pbh), there must be a harmony and unity of worship, a universal understanding in consensual consciousness, a human presence that is above the normal state that we recognize as life and a changed Earth and Heavens.

The change needs to take place for otherwise this paradise on Earth would be a sham and NOT a place for elevated consciousness. This elevated consciousness, by the way, is a gift/reward from THE ONE GOD. DID NOT THE LEADER OF THIS EARTHLY PARADISE THE MESSIAH-SOUL (pbh) HIMSELF AT SOME UNKNOWN POINT, SOME UNKNOWN PLACE AND AT SOME UNKNOWN TIME CRY OUT TO BE SPARED EVEN THOUGH HE WORE THE MANTEL OF VICEGERENT?

Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto HIM that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared.   Heb (5: 7)

All of these things have been covered one way or the other in the Scriptures. It is neither feasible nor important to understand all things generated by these verses found in scripture. Every man is accountable only according to his ‘lights’. To capsulate some of the things mentioned above, we can look into the future and get a small sense of what will take place.

It is known that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will get married and have children in this age to come. Naturally, he won’t be alone. We know of some of the miracles that Jesus (pbh) performed yet he declared that greater than this you also {in the future will do} so that says a lot about THE HIGHER STATE OF MAN’S POTENTIAL IN THIS EARTHLY PARADISE.

Abdullah b. ‘Amr reported God’s Messenger as saying, “Jesus the son of Mary will descend to the earth, will marry, have children and remain forty-five years, after which he will die and be buried along with me in my grave. Then Jesus the son of Mary and I shall arise from one grave between Abu Bakr and ‘Umar.   (Ibn al-Jauzi transmitted it in Kitab al-wafa’)

From the Aramaic Bible in Plain English (2010):

“Timeless truth, I tell you: ‘whoever believes in me {as to my mission given me by ALLAH}, those works which I have done {accomplished} he will also do, and he will do greater works than these {that I have performed}, because I am going to the presence of my Father {Creator Lord}:”          John (14: 12)

Beloved, now are we the sons of GOD and it does not yet appear what we {the faithful} shall be {in that age and upon his return}: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is {in his reality}.                             1 John (3: 2)

It has also been proven that the human race pulls together as ONE UNIT or else competition, various stratagems and even decadent and abusive warfare (local and regional squabbles) based on jealousies and paranoia will prevail. Therefore, ONE WAY and ONE BEHAVIOR PATTERN MUST REIGN SUPREME.

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said, “What would you do when the son of Mary would descend amongst you and would lead you as one amongst you” {as to your religion}? Ibn Abi Dhi’b on the authority of Abu Huraira narrated, “Your leader amongst you. Ibn Abi Dhi’b said, “Do you know what the words, “He would lead as one amongst you” mean? I said, “Explain these to me.” He said, “He would lead you according to the Book {Quran} of your LORD and the Sunnah of your Apostle (pbh) {Muhammad}.     (Muslim)


And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.   Q (3: 85)

Also, it would be of the utmost benefit to have ONE HUMANITY SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND ONE HARMONIUS LANGUAGE.

Ibn ‘Abbas reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Love the Arabs for three reasons: because I am an Arab, the Quran is Arabic {sent down in the Arabic Language} and the inhabitants of Paradise will speak Arabic.”    (Baihaqi transmitted it in Shu’ab al-iman)

In addition to the above, it would make no sense to live in a place, an EARTHLY PARADISE, being boxed-in by foul smelling slums or to be living under the fear of exploding volcanoes, life-threatening meteorites, super tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, famines, disease, wars and rumors of wars. Therefore, the Earth must be made subservient to its principal inhabitants – the human being – in undergoing a transformation to a NEW HEAVENS AND A NEW EARTH.

Through a careful understanding of scripture, one can partially visualize the Messianic Age but there is more. The more is the idea of ‘death’ and being raised up to THE DAY OF JUDGMENT to receive the news of SALVATION (eventual), or being cast off as one of the ungrateful ones – ungrateful as to one having many chances but refusing to turn to his LORD. Hence, the stigma of the HELL-FIRE BECOMING A REALITY.

O you, to whom the Book had been given! Believe in the Book WE have sent down now, confirming the Book you already have with you; BELIEVE IN IT {AND SET YOUR PRACTICE BY IT} BEFORE WE distort faces and set them backwards, or lay down OUR Curse on them as WE laid OUR Curse on the Sabbath-breakers  {turning them into apes and swine} – for the decision of ALLAH MUST BE CARRIED OUT.   Q (4: 47)

The son of man {Jesus the Christ (pbh)} shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

And {the angels} shall cast them {these hypocritical and destructive souls} into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.      Matt (13: 41-42)

This makes a lot of sense. It is rather like the person who receives a very highly and extremely valuable ‘GIFT’ (FITRAH OR RIGHT GUIDANCE FROM THE BEGINNING IMPRINTED ON HIS SOUL) from his LORD but throws this GIFT into the trash resulting in him/her becoming or declaring himself/herself UNGRATEFUL NOT ONLY TO HIS/HER LORD BUT FOR THE GIFT OR THE ‘SECRET KEY’ TOWARDS THE BEGINNING OF UNLOCKING THE PROVERBIAL DOORS OF SALVATION AS PATTERNED OUT FROM THE PLAN SET FORTH FROM HE WHO IS THE CREATOR OF ALL.

And that is NOT all. Throughout the history of man’s creation, ONE MAN has been given that HOLY STATION of being spokesperson for the HUMAN RACE – ‘The Original Solution from the beginning and the Final Solution’ at the end– and that man’s name is MUHAMMAD (pbh).

Jabir b. ‘Abdullah reported, “I heard the Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) say, “A section of my people will not cease fighting for the Truth and will prevail till the Day of Resurrection. He said, “Jesus son of Mary would then descend and their (Muslim) commander {al-Mahdi} would invite him to come and lead them in prayer {as the higher one in rank based on the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) dictates} but he {Jesus} will say, “No” {as} some amongst you are commanders over some (amongst you). THIS IS THE HONOR FROM ALLAH FOR THIS UMMAH.      (Muslim)

Abu Huraira reported: Meat was one day brought to the Messenger of Allah (pbh) and a foreleg was offered to him, a part which he liked. He sliced with his teeth a piece out of it and said, “I shall be the leader of mankind on the Day of Resurrection. Do you know why? Allah would gather in one plain the earlier and the later (of the human race) on the Day of Resurrection. Then the voice of the proclaimer would be heard by all of them and the eyesight would penetrate through all of them and the Sun would come near. People would then experience a degree of anguish, anxiety and agony which they shall not be able to bear and they shall not be able to stand. Some people would say to the others, “Don’t you see in which trouble you are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken you? Why don’t you find one who should intercede for you with your LORD?” Some would say to the others, “Go to Adam.”  And they would go to Adam and say, “O Adam, you are the father of mankind. Allah created you by His own Hand and breathed into you of His spirit and ordered the angels to prostrate before you. Intercede for us with your LORD. Don’t you see in what (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken us?” Adam would say, “Verily, my LORD is angry to an extent to which He had never been angry before nor would He be angry afterward. Verily, He forbade me (to go near) that tree and I disobeyed Him. I am concerned with my own self. Go to someone else; go to Noah.” They would come to Noah and would say, “O Noah, you are the first of the Messengers (sent) on the earth (after Adam), and Allah named you as a ‘Grateful Servant,’ intercede for us with your LORD. Don’t you see in what (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken us?” He would say, “Verily, my LORD is angry today as He had never been angry before, and would never be angry afterwards. There had emanated a curse from me with which I cursed my people. I am concerned only with myself, I am concerned only with myself; you better go to Abraham. They would go to Abraham and say, “You are the apostle of Allah and His Friend amongst the inhabitants of the earth; intercede for us with your LORD. Don’t you see in which (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken us?” Abraham would say to them, “Verily, my LORD is today angry as He had never been angry before and would never be angry afterwards, and he would mention his lies (and then say), “I am concerned only with myself, I am concerned only with myself. You better go to someone else; go to Moses.” They would come to Moses and say, “O Moses, you are Allah’s messenger; Allah blessed you with His messengership and His conversation {talking with you directly} amongst {all} people. Intercede for us with you LORD. Don’t you see in what (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken us?” Moses would say to them, “Verily, my LORD is angry as He had never been angry before and would never be angry afterwards. I, in fact, killed a person whom I had not been ordered to kill. I am concerned with myself, I am concerned with myself. You better go to Jesus.” They would come to Jesus and would say, “O Jesus, you are the messenger of Allah and you conversed with people in the cradle. You are His word which He sent down upon Mary and you are the spirit from Him; so intercede for us with your LORD. Don’t you see the (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see the (misfortune) that has overtaken us?” Jesus would say, “Verily, my LORD is angry today as He had never been angry before or would ever be angry afterwards. He mentioned no sin of his. (He simply said), “I am concerned with myself, I am concerned with myself; you go to someone else; better go to Muhammad.” They would come to me and say, “O Muhammad, you are the Messenger of Allah and the last of the prophets {sent to mankind}. Allah has pardoned you all of your previous and later sins. Intercede for us with your LORD. Don’t you see the (trouble) we are in? Don’t you see what (misfortune) has overtaken us?” “I shall then set off and come below the THRONE and fall down prostrate before my LORD; then Allah would reveal to me and inspire me with some of His Praises and Glorifications which He had not revealed to anyone before me.” He would then say, “Muhammad, raise your head; ask and it would be granted; intercede and intercession would be accepted.” I would then raise my head and say, “O my LORD, my people, my people.” It would be said, “O Muhammad, bring in by the right gate of Paradise those of your people who would have no account to render.” They would share with the people some other door besides this door. The Holy Prophet then said, “By Him in Whose Hand is the life of Muhammad, verily the distance between two leaves of the Paradise is as great as between Makkah and Hajar, or as between Makkah and Busra.   (Muslim)

Abu Sa’id reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “I shall be pre-eminent among the descendants of Adam on the Day of Resurrection, and this is NO BOAST; and in my hand will be the Banner of Praise, and this is NO BOAST. There will be no prophet, Adam or any other, who will not be under my banner. I shall be the first from whom the Earth will be cleft open, and this is NO BOAST.”   (Tirmidhi)

‘Amr b. Shu’aib, on his father’s authority told that his grandfather reported ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Which people’s faith pleases you most?” on receiving the reply that they were the angels he said, “But why should they not believe when they are with their LORD?” It was suggested that they were the prophets to which he replied, “Why should they not believe when inspiration descends on them?” The people suggested themselves and he said, “Why should you not believe when I am among you?” He told that ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) then said, “The people whose faith pleases me most are people who will come after my time who will find sheets containing a BOOK {Quran} in whose contents they will believe” {in seriously}.                (Baihaqi transmitted it in Dala’il an-nubuwa)


Mankind were one community, and ALLAH sent (unto them) prophets as bearers of good tidings and as warners, and revealed therewith the Scripture with the truth that it might judge between mankind concerning that wherein they differed. And only those unto whom (the Scripture) was given differed concerning it, after clear proofs had come unto them, through hatred one of another. And ALLAH by HIS WILL guided those who believe unto the truth of that concerning which they differed. ALLAH guides whom HE wills unto a straight path.       Q (2: 213)

Mankind was but one community; then they differed; and had it not been for a word that had already gone forth from your LORD, their differences would have been settled between them.             Q (10: 19)

In the world today all believers in ALLAH are facing common dangers: atheism, religious reactionism and fractionalization, materialism, secularism and moral and spiritual decay as well as a lack of common sense. Truly we must come to an understanding and we must work together.

ALLAH says in the Qur’an: “… If ALLAH had so willed, HE would {now} have made {returned you back as a} a single People, but HIS Plan is to test you in what HE has given you. So strive as in a race in ALL VIRTUES. The return of you all is to ALLAH; it is HE that will show you the truth of the matters in which you dispute.’ Q (5: 48)

The Qur’an teaches us that the human race is given an innate pure nature called FITRAH. Knowledge of the ONE GOD is innate and inherent in the realm of human existence, but this spirituality can betray the human being if it is not led in the right direction or if the soul seeks to reject the basic actions of self-inspection by refusing to declare, “What would Muhammad (pbh) and his rightly guided Companions due in this situation?”

Allah has decreed, “It is I and MY Messengers who must prevail” for ALLAH is THE STRONG, THE MIGHTY.   Q (58: 21)

Soon WE will show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth) and in their own souls, until it becomes manifestly clear to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that your LORD does witness all things?   Q (41: 53)

A central theme of prophecy running through the period known as the Messianic Age that many should look forward to is the promise of a future age of perfection and harmony by which a universal peace and a belief pattern in the harmonious worship of GOD can be found.

The following verses coming from both the Old and New Testaments are a sample of some of the sayings found in the Bible concerning this period of time known as the Fifth Age of man or the Messianic Age. When dealing with other scriptures not known to be ‘perfect’ caution is needed. As an example, see what happens when the term ‘Jesse’ used below is uncovered for what it really stands for.

…this is the Covenant that I will make with the House of Israel {servants of ALLAH}. After those days, said the LORD, I will put MY LAWS into their mind and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a GOD and they shall be to ME a people {in the kingdom on Earth under the Messiah (pbh)}.

And they shall not {have to} teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother, saying, “know the LORD:” for ALL SHALL KNOW ME from the least {in merit in this kingdom} to the greatest.

For I will be Merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their inequities will I remember no more.

In that HE says, a New Covenant {by which} HE {ALLAH} has made the first old. Now that which decays and waxes old is ready to vanish away {and be NO MORE}.    Hebrews (8: 10-13)

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it {yielding a case of harmonious faith and belief amongst the peoples}.

And many people shall go and say, “Come you and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the GOD of Jacob; and HE will teach us of HIS ways, and we will walk in HIS paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the LAW and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem {where rules the Messiah}.

And he {this Messiah} shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war any more.  Isaiah (2: 2-4)

Verily Jesus the son of Mary will descend amongst you as a just judge. And so {he} will break the cross and kill the pigs, and wealth will become so abundant that no one will accept it. A {single} prostration that day will be more beloved to a believer than the {whole natural} world and everything that it contains.                                                    (Bukhari and Muslim)

As can be seen, the saved part of humanity will be united as ONE PEOPLE:

And the LORD shall be KING OVER ALL THE EARTH: in that day shall there be ONE LORD, and HIS NAME ONE {by name, by religion (Islam), by practice (Sunnah), by a universal language and by concept}.     (Zechariah 14:9)

They shall not hurt nor destroy in MY entire holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, {just} as the waters cover the sea.

And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse {this word ‘Jesse’ is a corrupted form of the prophet Ishmael (pbh) representing the Arab line. The Arab line of prophethood ended with the last prophet – Muhammad (pbh) who being a prophet for the WHOLE WORLD FOR NOW AND THE WHOLE WORLD TO COME} which shall stand for an ensign {STANDARD PRACTICE} of the people; to it shall the Gentiles {NON-MUSLIMS EAGERLY} seek: and his rest {The job of the Messiah is finished and he becomes that installed king put over that congregation of souls promised Paradise} shall be glorious.            Isaiah (11: 9-10)

So as one can see, when worldly cares are minimized, the light of Truth shines forth brightly but those who are blinded in their lusts for earthly treasures tend to think only for their selfish and greedy desires and think not of what will happen to them in the GRAVE.

If only they would have thought out their actions as to the Straight Way and loved ALLAH’s Prophet (pbh) more than just eating, drinking and trying to establish an empire, would they have been eligible for success. But some have sold their souls for a miserable gain and will have nothing but despair and regrets in the afterlife.

Most men can’t fathom all the foolish noise made in the past as well as the present about the Messiah. Perhaps that is the way it should be and mankind should just praise their CREATOR LORD as they were originally taught. Fat chance of that happening in this day and age!

However, the most fortunate people are those who have been blessed with the Glorious Quran as it clears away the fog created by legends, old wives’ tales and other weird inventions created by the mischievous nature of both Satans and men.

*So there is supposedly a reason after all (but not a good one) to blow up the story of the Messiah (pbh) out of all proportion and grant him magical and mystical powers or a station (Godhood or an offspring of God) that is not rightfully his as one hadith discussing Ali ibn Abi Talib found in ‘Ahmad’ testifies to. So one can understand very well how an excellent servant of THE MOST HIGH can be treated by legend as something morphed out of reality. What do I mean by that?

It is well known by those who know that the Anti-christ has been discussed (as being warned about) going all the way back to Noah (pbh) who existed so very, very long ago. Did you think that the REAL MESSIAH would not be discussed also?

Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they, which testify of me.     John (5: 39)

So the end result was that twisted minds corrupted things while following after their own corrupted lusts and there you have the story of the corrupt priest-class and their followers drinking it all in down through the ages as opposed to the rightly guided folks. It is a scary thought isn’t it! Hence the saying, “There is nothing new underneath the Sun.”

Abdullah b. Umar told that Allah’s Messenger (pbh) stood up amongst the people and lauded Allah as He deserved, then he made a mention of the Dajjal and said: “I warn you of him and there is no Prophet who has not warned his people against the Dajjal. Even Noah warned (against him) but I am going to tell you a thing which no Prophet told his people…”        (Muslim)

Narrated by Abu Huraira Allah’s Apostle said, “Shall I not tell you about the Dajjal a story of which no prophet told his nation? The Dajjal is one-eyed and will bring with him what will resemble Hell and Paradise, and what he will call Paradise will in fact be Hell; so I warn you (against him) as Noah warned his nation against him.”  (Bukhari)

So one can begin to understand how some people get off on the wrong track when they discuss their beliefs about this man Jesus (pbh). Still, the Messiah (pbh) is a much honored individual whom ALL REAL MUSLIMS must honor by COMMAND from our LORD (ALLAH) and this website has tried to do him justice in a ‘balanced way’.

Say: “Everyone acts according to his own disposition: but your LORD knows best who it is that is best guided on the WAY.”     Q (17: 84)

As for that evil, fetid wretch the Anti-christ, he too being human has historical realities. At one time his face shone like the light from the stars but his choice was different from his counterpart’s choice (the real Messiah). And his way was the wrong way and this ‘one-eyed’ one saw things from a corrupted way because man has two eyes to judge for balance and harmony of truth and not just one devious eye only.

So it comes down through history that those two must meet and the winner between GOOD AND EVIL will be decided – and in fact it already has been decided before they came into existence for it is ALLAH that controls the situation and not either of those two. So now by careful and critical thinking we can also see how some misbegotten people in the past decided to corrupt their various religions and take two gods for worship: the god of good and the god of evil and spread that totally false philosophy.

Also it now becomes apparent about those paganistic pre-Christian religions that repeatedly from various cultures and lands had rumored savior-types. They were trying to reinvent the wheel all over again as they drifted further and further away from the Truth brought by their original prophets. Therefore, they were actually twisting a truth to their own hideous and devilish desires. It was corruption begetting corruption again and again while mankind kept falling into the same filthy hole (worshiping more than ONE GOD) repeatedly.

When it is said to them, “Follow what ALLAH has {originally} revealed” come to the Messenger” they say: “NO! We shall follow the ways of our ancestors” – what! even though their fathers were devoid of wisdom and guidance.”      Q (5: 104)

HE it is Who has sent down to you the Book; in it are verses fundamental; they are the FOUNDATION of the BOOK: others are mutashabihat. But those in whose hearts is a twist follow the mutashabihat seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meanings, but NO one knows their true reality except ALLAH. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge say: “We believe in the Book; the whole of it is from our Lord;” and none will grasp the Message except men of understanding.      Q (3: 7)

There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth nor a being that flies on its wings but  (forms part of) communities like you. WE did not leave anything out of this Book. Then ALL will be gathered before their LORD in the end [for judgment].                                      Q (6: 38)

In other words, the expression: “We did not leave anything out of this book” if taken in context means that as far as signs given to humanity to profess correct belief are concerned, this Book (Quran) has plenty and that nothing of true worth or value has been left out of it.

And so you have it! The incomplete story from the time of Noah until now is given about the struggles of men both good and evil in their relationship to the basic two choices given to mankind: the hidden heart’s desire to follow that which is good or that which is corrupt. This is represented by the two pathways at the end: The Real Messiah (pbh) versus the False Corrupt Messiah. However, it must be strongly insisted upon that NO PERSON can read another man’s heart nor is it possible to commit a final judgment upon another. In reality what is shown are the two streams of choices that people tend to fall into. It will be left up to ALLAH ALONE to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

The following is an article taken from the website with some slight modifications from this author. It has been slightly modified by this author to show some comparisons between the then and now: Author: Syed Abul Ala Maududi: date of article unknown.

The reason why I included this article is to have people think and compare the THEN TIME with the NOW TIME. It kind of makes a person think about how the beast still remains with us even in a so-called enlightened and humanitarian world.

Islam began when man’s career on earth began—more precisely at the time of man’s creation and his descent. Allah created Adam and Eve and enjoined them to worship Him and live a life of obedience to the Divine Will.

Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and of human beings. Man must turn to Him for sustenance and guidance. The very word Islam means obedience to God. In this respect, Islam is man’s natural religion—the only natural course is for man to look towards Him for guidance.

The day Adam and Eve were sent down to live on earth, Allah told them that they were His servants and He was their Master and Creator. He told them and mankind that the best course was for them to follow His guidance, to obey His orders and to refrain from what He had forbidden. God said to them that He would be pleased if they obeyed Him and in turn He would reward them. If, however, they did not heed His commands, He would be displeased and would punish them. This was the simple beginning of Islam.

Adam and Eve invited their children to follow the Islamic way of life. They and their children and their later generations followed the teachings of Islam as propounded by Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) for quite a long period of time. It was only later on that certain people began disobeying Allah. Some of them began worshipping other gods of their own making, some of them regarded themselves as gods, while a few others even declared their freedom to do as they pleased–defying God’s orders. This is how kufr (disbelief) came into being. Its essence lies in refusal to worship God but pursuing the path of defiance to the Creator.

When kufr (disbelief) began to increase and multiply it affected the life of society in a number of ways. Exploitation, oppression, viciousness and immorality emerged in different forms. Life became intolerable. Allah then appointed some righteous people to preach the Message of Truth among the wrongdoers, invite them to the Right Path and convert them to God-fearing people–worshipping and obeying God Alone. In short, they were asked to perform a mission–to make people righteous and true Muslims.

These noble people entrusted with this great mission were called Prophets or Messengers of Allah. Allah sent these Prophets to different nations and countries. All of them were honest, truthful, and people of noble character. All of them preached the same religion–Islam. To mention a few names–Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. All of them were the Prophets of God and thousands of them were, over the centuries, sent into the world to guide mankind.

In the history of the last few thousand years, one can see the recurrent arrival of Prophets whenever kufr (disbelief) increased and assumed menacing proportions. The prophets tried to stop the tide of disbelief and invited people towards Islam {using gentle persuasion and logical discussions}. Some people adopted the Islamic way of life, but others rejected it. The people who followed the Prophets became Muslims and, after learning higher ethical and moral disciplines from them, {they} began to preach and spread nobility and goodness.

Having forgotten the teachings of Islam, later generations of Muslims themselves gradually sank into disbelief. Whenever such a situation arose, God sent a Prophet or Messenger to revive Islam. This continual arrival of Messengers of God continued for thousands of years. In the course of those long years, Islam was revived by those Prophets, who restated the Message forgotten by their people. At long last God sent the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who revived Islam in such an outstanding fashion that it still exists today and will continue to exist (God willing), till eternity.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born in 571 C.E. in the now famous city of Arabia called Makkah. Islam had no following in Arabia at that time nor did it have any following anywhere else in the world. Although the traces of teachings of the earlier Prophets could be found among a few pious people who tried to worship one and only one God and live a life of obedience to Him, the true religion of God was lost in a maze of paganism and pantheism.

The pure worship of God, unadulterated by shirk (worship of false gods), was nowhere to be found. Moral values had lost their grip and people were indulging in all sorts of lax behavior and wickedness. Such was the situation in Arabia as also in the whole world at the close of the sixth century when God decided to send the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as His last Messenger. He spent forty years of his life as a patient observer in the city of Makkah. Everyone respected him for his noble qualities of head and heart. But they were not aware that this man was destined to become the world’s greatest leader.

During the early years of his life, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) felt very much grieved to see the gross immorality of the world of his time. There was exploitation of man by man. There was injustice and tyranny. He was grieved and anxious, but was somewhat silent as he, too, was unable to devise a remedy for the ailing humanity of the day.

At long last, God chose him as His Messenger. When he attained the age of forty, God entrusted him with the Mission of spreading Islam, the true religion of God, the religion of peace and justice, by means of the Revelations which we now know as the Quran.

Having been appointed as the Messenger of God, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) started to communicate God’s Message to his people in Makkah. He began by inviting them to worship none but God–their sole Creator and Master. People in general opposed him and tried to prevent him from spreading Islam. He, however, {overcame them and} continued his work with unflinching determination and dedication.

As a result, many honest people gathered round him. They became his staunch supporters. The teachings of the Messenger of God spread slowly but surely outside his native Makkah to Arabia at large. Those who had a reputation for honesty and moral excellence began to accept the Faith, while opposition to them came from many ignorant people and vicious quarters. This continued for thirteen years. There was a gradual breaking of new ground. Islam was gaining a following all over Arabia. This is one side of the story.

On the other hand, the defenders of the old order, people with vested interests and steeped in ignorant customs were hardening their opposition to Islam. Whenever new converts to Islam were presented, they were abused, humiliated, beaten, tortured, expelled and even put to death. Nevertheless, they remained firm and steadfast. At last the Makkah elders devised a plot to assassinate the Messenger of God in order to nip the Islamic movement in the bud. When affairs reached that pitiful state, God ordered His Messenger to leave Makkah and migrate to Madinah.

Having learned that the Prophet was planning to migrate from Makkah, its leaders expedited their plans to murder him on his journey outward. However, their disgraceful conspiracy could not succeed. The Prophet arrived at Madinah safe and sound. This is the most famous migration (Hijrah) in the history of Islam. The Muslim calendar begins from that day, the years being numbered “After Hijrah” (A.H.).

Madinah, a city some 450 kilometers from Makkah, was growing as a centre for Islam. A number of people had already been converted to the new faith. Islamic teachings were winning new supporters every day. Leaders of the two major tribes of Madinah had accepted Islam and were ready to sacrifice their lives and property for the cause of Islam. At this point, the Prophet started planning to move to Madinah.

As soon as the Prophet settled in Madinah, the new Muslims started to flock into the city from the four corners of Arabia. This further strengthened the new centre. Islam was no longer a persecuted religion; it was able to obtain a firm foothold and was provided with the historic opportunity to establish an Islamic State and society.

This constitutes the most important development of the post-Hijrah period. The leaders of Makkah, the defenders of the old order, did not miss the significance of this change. They realized that a new model was being set up, which would be a challenge to the way they were running their society. This caused great anxiety amongst them. They decided to crush this rising force while it was still in its infancy – for they believed that it would be easy to crush the Muslims while they were few and far between and lacked a centralized power.

Now things were changing. Muslims were concentrating at one place and organizing a new society with its own government. The prospects of annihilating such a state, once it was firmly entrenched, looked remote to them. The unbelievers feared that if the Muslims were allowed to gain momentum they would become a great power. Consequently they hurried to band themselves together with a view to eradicating the embryonic Islamic government at Madinah.

The Makkah leaders lost no time in issuing a clarion call to their kith and kin and to all supporters of the old order in neighboring towns and all over Arabia{their came a clarion call} to rally round them to form a force which could crush the Muslims. They formed a band of cavalry which invaded Madinah and its environs time and again with all their military might. They, however, could not defeat the Prophet and his loyal supporters. In spite of all efforts on the part of the unbelievers, Islam continued to spread in Arabia. The good, honest folk continued to forsake kufr (disbelief) and come into the fold of Islam.

Eventually, Islam gained a crowning success when the Prophet entered victoriously into Makkah–once the stronghold of kufr. This all happened within eight years of the establishment of the Islamic State of Madinah. No sooner had Makkah submitted to the Islamic forces than the remaining hostile groups of unbelievers of Arabia began to surrender. Within the next year, most of Arabia accepted Islam and the Muslims established a powerful government over an area consisting of some twelve hundred thousand square miles.

Arabia had the most singular government of the time, based as it was on the principle of the sovereignty of God and the vicegerency (Khilafah) of man. The law of the land was Islamic. The administration of the state lay in the hands of the honest and pious people. The country had no trace of violence, oppression, injustice or immorality. Peace, justice, truth and honesty reigned supreme everywhere. Many of the people of the country had come to possess the highest moral attributes because they were honest in worshipping God and obeying Him.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed the character of Arabian life in a short period of only twenty-three years. He instilled in the people a spirit that helped to serve the cause of Islam. They set out with the great mission of spreading Islam throughout the whole world. The Prophet passed away at the age of sixty-three, after completing the greatest mission of all time.

The Companions of the Prophet took up the mission of the Prophet after his death. They traveled to distant lands to spread the Islamic teachings. They succeeded wherever they went. Obstacles that stood in their way in spreading Islam were all surmounted. Islam became so strong in such a short while that no one dared try to stop its growth. The Muslims were spread out from India to Spain.

They changed the face of the globe. The entire population of the countries they visited were so much impressed by their good example and noble behavior that they began to enter quickly into the fold of Islam. Wherever the Muslims went, they took their highest moral attributes with them–so much so that immorality and injustice dissolved in their presence. They transformed Godless people into God-conscious people and gave them the Light of Knowledge and strength of character.

They changed their way of life so that virtue and goodness could prevail. The entire social climate was reformed and remolded. The hands of the oppressors were held and a reign of justice and fair play established. This was the greatest achievement in the history of mankind.

The Companions of the Prophet rendered yet another great service to mankind. This consisted in memorizing the Quran and preserving it in its original form as it was revealed to the Prophet. They wrote down the Quran word for word and did not miss even a mark in its Arabic orthography. Today, we are most fortunate in having the Quran exactly as it was revealed to the Prophet, written and read in the same language and in the same diction as it was written and read in the time of the Prophet–about 1,400 years ago.

Another important aspect of their work was to preserve and communicate to posterity the most detailed account of the Prophet’s life, speeches, instructions, commands, morals and behavior. These accounts by the Prophet’s Companions are grouped together under the all-embracing title of the Sunnah of Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet).

 This is the greatest record ever preserved about the life and activities of a man and is a great blessing to every generation. For even after a lapse of 1,400 years after the Prophet’s death, people can still see and hear his teachings as the Companions of the Prophet saw and heard them during his lifetime. Now anybody can approach hadith literature and find out the Islamic point of view on any subject. He can learn how to become obedient to God and what type of man is liked by God – if he so chooses.

The Quran and the Hadith are things of greatest importance to a Muslim. With their preservation and security (God has promised to secure and preserve them), Islam is protected for all time to come. In the days before the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islam was forgotten again and again after being revived, owing to lack of the necessary care regarding the preservation and security of the earlier Revealed Books and the details of the lives of their Prophets.

This was the reason why, after every Prophet, generations following forgot the real teachings and drifted towards a life devoid of good morals and norms of behavior. But Islam, as revived by the Prophet Muhammad, is bound to last forever because the Book of God and the traditions of the Prophet are both secure and preserved in their original purity.

The Islamic way of life can be revived and reconstructed again and again with the help of the Quran and the traditions if ever, God forbid, the freshness of its true spirit wanes. The world no longer requires any new Prophet to revive Islam to its pristine glory. It is enough to have among us the learned people who know the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet and who are able to apply their teachings to their own lives and stimulate others to adopt and apply them in their lives as well. This is how the stream of Islam will continue to flow, refreshing the eternal thirst of mankind.”