As from before, the symbols of { } have been used to clarify certain verses used in the following article.

The study of Comparative Religion has been for me quite rewarding. I would like to express my gratitude first to ALLAH as HE has allowed me to travel through the various issues dealing with Comparative Religion and to do so with a certain amount of proficiency.

Secondly, there are some individuals that I have encountered either personally or through their various works (articles, videos, etc.) that have proved to be invaluable. Mr. Ahmed Deedat, brothers Bilal Philips and Gary Miller represent the former while Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. Jamal Badawi represent the latter.

Everyone has their own personality, way of understanding, methods and approaches as well as insights into looking at the problems at hand. Some have had the benefit of strong research organizations helping them out while others have had the ability to study deeply into the language and gather many facts and figures that are not normally present to the common individual. All of these things require a certain amount of work and sleepless nights not to mention personal struggles and may ALLAH reward all of them with excellence in the HEREAFTER.

It is time to deal with a few questions some may have about the material on this Website and if that material will hold water or are some of the things said here just plain voodoo. People must be held accountable at least in a broad sense of the meaning because words affect people. So let’s begin.

It is absolutely true that I have ventured very close to the Hima (the prescribed boundary between legal and illegal things) set by Allah and that is not something I take great joy in. It was necessary to ‘get at’ a truer picture or analysis of certain things that rock the boat so to speak. So in some areas there have been statements concerning things not very well known or understood. It is also true that it makes certain people nervous.

My defense is…? Well, time is of the essence as some say so my defense as one who discusses or reports is to ‘broaden the story’ to make things clear and if these things help people to understand the truth  better, then I feel somewhat justified in that at least I feel a personal sense of satisfaction in my soul.

Of the several things that I have said that may cause problems some can’t be verified because they haven’t occurred yet and some might be verified if people followed certain instructions but that is not in my control. However, the achievement that I am most happy with comes from two areas that show Islam’s strength above the imaginations of the mind. These two things would be the non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) and the discussion of Paul.

In addition to the above, the use of Comparative Religion in showing the harmony and unity of the intent and purpose of religion featuring Islam as the religion of choice was just pure pleasure. Many of the statements coming on these pages have been directed at the thinking man or woman.

The key expression is ‘thinking’ because people can belong to organizations like a religion for basically no apparent reason except the one of ‘following the herd mentality’. That is not exactly how one can show he treasures a cherished object like free will or even rational thinking and certainly not a cherished belief system called religion.

A random search through the Web will find many so-called religious sites dealing with ludicrous charges and counter-charges from their so-called fans – fans that behave in a rude and often times insulting manner.

Remember in the days of ignorance where it became to be known as common knowledge that the world was flat. Remember how the peoples’ opinions maintained that issue of flatness over the centuries as the ‘God’s honest truth’? Today, man still finds his passion in displaying a great lack of awareness and it is probably true as the old expression relates, “Empty barrels make the most noise.”

In looking at various theories, hypothesis and the general yammering about the so-called crucifixion of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) found in numerous books and websites, I find that the information on that subject presented on my website is by far the most comprehensive, well-coordinated and factual. I say this without boast. This information is based on several important things of which the Apex must be the Quran.

When I talk about the Quran, I’m not using it as an exclusive work but a work that gives us a lot of knowledge about the Old and New Testaments. The Quran, being GOD’s PURE, COMPLETE and UNCORRUPTIBLE WORD does NOT condemn the other scriptures as being malfunctionable but puts them in the proper perspective of still being able to convey an understandable message to their respective peoples BUT WHEN STUDIED WITH PROPPER CARE. The final result of course would be to acknowledge the last of the prophets Muhammad (pbh) with a very deep and abiding respect.

O you, to whom the Book had been given! Believe in the Book WE have sent down now, confirming the Book you already have with you; BELIEVE IN IT {AND SET YOUR PRACTICE BY IT} BEFORE WE distort faces and set them backwards, or lay down OUR Curse on them as WE laid OUR Curse on the Sabbath-breakers {turning them into apes and swine} – for the decision of ALLAH MUST BE CARRIED OUT.   Q (4: 47)

In studying Comparative Religion, four things come to mind. The first thing is there has to be some current and available record of previous religious works that will yield the truth under very close scrutiny. Of course no understanding, fair and balanced person will accept everyone of these works as being 100% pure but they can give off a certain aroma for those who can smell the flowers.

Secondly, these books have quite a few dangerous verses of the allegorical kind just like the Quran (Quran 3: 7) and that provides a real big clue to what will be coming when looking at religion in a holistic sense. In fact it gives us a great insight when we see how people in the past have abused certain sayings and turned them into ‘systems of belief’ basically for personal advantage as in selling their souls for personal gain.

And this idea can be applied to the very beginnings of organized religion as shaman-types have always wielded control to a certain extent over a population. Considering that the Earth has had approximately 124,000 prophets and the need to have sent that number seems to indicate a logical dysfunction or corruption occurring many times over.

Miserable is the price for which they have sold their souls in that they deny (the revelation) which Allah has sent down, in insolent envy that Allah of His Grace should send it to any of His servants He pleases: Thus have they drawn on themselves Wrath upon Wrath. And humiliating is the punishment of those who reject Faith.     Q (2: 90)

Furthermore, one’s idea about THE GOD CONCEPT is important and no one can compare unto HIM or match HIS FAIRNESS, LOVE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS etc. Therefore, mankind must be able to reach out beyond such pathetic notions as the ‘pure race’ (Hitler), the chosen race (Jews – not even a race but a religion), and the color of one’s skin, the physical strength of a nation, the richness of a nation or any other bombastic irrelevancies. Take those things away and one gets to free up the mind about the concept of truth while allowing ‘apish’ thoughts to drain away.

Moreover, a keen eye for history and digging around the slag-heap of life (looking into little corners to find relevancy and seeing how things fit) while comparing life’s little wonders down through the millennia is always helpful. By that I mean nothing is really new, there are only a few wrinkles that make the total package look like it is brand new. For example, murder is murder no matter what century or by what weapon or by what motive it was done.

One of the purposes of Comparative Religion is to inform and to call to remembrance the gratefulness that we need to keep in our hearts for being given the opportunity to experience life and that from before we were lost and now should be grateful that there is a doorway by which we can enter to nourish our spiritual nature.

Yet many in the religious ‘business’ see a ‘god’ that can be captured in a bottle and argue against common sense which means they are arguing against the natural creations from their ONE and ONLY LORD not to mention arguing against their own souls though they perceive it not.

“Now have come to you, from your LORD, proofs (to open your eyes): if any will see, it will be for (the good of) his own soul; if any will be blind {and reject the CREATOR LORD’s calling}, it will be to his own (harm): I am not (here) to watch over your doings.”     Q (6: 104)

The parable of those who reject Faith is as if one were to shout like a goat-herd, to things that listen to nothing but calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are void of wisdom.                                    Q (2: 171)


“But whosoever turns away from MY {universal} Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down {in less opportunities/awareness to seek out Baraka from the LORD to please HIM}, and WE shall raise him up {as punishment} blind on the Day of Judgment.”

He {the unfortunate one} will say: “O my LORD! Why have YOU raised me up blind, while I had sight (before)?”

(ALLAH) will say: “When OUR Signs came unto you, you disregarded them {as meaningless}: so {in turn} will you, this day, be disregarded.”    Q (20: 124-126)

Therefore, taking all of this into consideration when searching for the truth, the knowledge concerning the supposed crucifixion of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) as is found on this website is probably, without boast, the most definitive work on that subject ever complied by an average layman.

Unfortunately, the weakness of having the knowledge of this topic spread over a multi-faceted work (7 books and 20 some articles) is perplexing. Yet that is how it came about as in many cases one item would relate closely to another item and the thread of just staying with the non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) was not uppermost in my mind.

Anyway, it was an interesting topic and when my materials are read, it will be found and weighed that a very high level of consistency is maintained across the scope of over 500,000 words and around a decade of writing.

Of course the human being will show some consistency but I put this consistency even towards all of the topics discussed at over 90%. In this day and age, over 90% is a very high level of expected consistency especially in dealing with such an explosive subject as Comparative Religion.

The same can be shown in discussing the topic of Paul. That is to say, take the above four things one needs to focus on and use it concerning the man called Paul of Tarsus and certain things start to ‘open up’ as they say.

Naturally this topic is explosive and it comes with some surprises as well. To me the similitude to this is that of a man several hundred years ago suggesting that the Quran contains over 100 advanced scientific truths. Back then, people would have scoffed at that idea but not now. So by dwelling on several verses in the Quran, namely (4: 47) and (45: 17) it is possible with ALLAH’s Permission to give deep thought to the following verse on this topic.

There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth or a being that flies on its wings but (forms part of) communities like you. WE did not leave anything out of this Book. Then ALL will be gathered before their LORD in the end [for judgment].                                      Q (6: 38)

However, I do not and never have said that this man is the prime topic of concern or even study but in studying him and events around him does give a clearer picture into foolish notions built upon misunderstood and twisted concepts.

So he is important when getting a birds-eye-view of what happened and he is not supposed to be the major focus of the way things were. Other people made it that way and took him for what he wasn’t.

Paul was a normal man that had what all men have and that is their appetites or reflections on life. His behavior is intense to be sure but one key element is missing when studying that man.  That element is in knowing that there are allegorical-type verses (sayings, expressions) which when taken by the corrupt heart will invariably form corruption.

That is why people were warned to stay away from such a dangerous activity. Of course this warning as I have pointed out in another article of mine was a standard practice found in all true religions such that the people should NOT abuse scripture or they will be open up for abuse on their selves. In other words, what goes around very often comes around – now see how you like it – type of atmosphere prevails.

Or do those in whose hearts is a disease; think that Allah will not bring to light their entire rancor?                                Q (47: 29)

Barnabas who was a companion of Paul and of whom it is said was a man filled with the Holy Spirit must either be looked upon as one showing some wisdom or as one who is, shamefully to say, quite simply retarded. There is no way that Barnabas could be around Paul just about 24/7 and not be sensitive to his manners, way, thinking, philosophy, beliefs and faith.

Because my writings show a different Paul, a Paul who reflects some knowledge found in the Quran, and who is written about by a part-time companion (author of Acts) who puts a few great verses about Prophet Muhammad (pbh) in his writings, I see him not as a liar but one who aggressively, but on his own level, stood up for the truth. And that is that!

In studying Comparative Religion reality must come to the forefront. So when one looks carefully and honestly at the various scriptures, one must learn to walk carefully through that minefield. The following is an example.

Romans a supposed Epistle of Paul but in fact written down by Tertius, Romans (16: 22), is like many of the epistles found in the New Testament presenting problems. An educated man may have a secretary (the so-called Tertius, the one who is given credit for being Paul’s secretary).

Why does Paul who was highly educated need a secretary? A confidant who could compile things after the ‘master had departed’ is understandable but it doesn’t make sense to have an interpreter interpret for another claimed interpreter (Paul).

Therefore, in truth, the religious philosophy propounded by the original speaker becomes somewhat questionable. This is one very good reason to anoint some of the things written as claimed to have come from Paul as to being held quite logically in doubt.

People who are experts in the field of religious studies and having a balanced mind rather than being casino online uk blinded by prefabricated fanaticism, have found difficulty following Pauline thought as the thought of just one man. Hence, the logical assumption is that several men have had a hand at ‘restructuring’ various epistles for whatever reasons they sought fit. Naturally, when dealing with easily misunderstood concepts, the possibility of many errors being introduced therein increases dramatically.

What does Comparative Religion actually do? In other words what is one of the main goals of Comparative Religion?

Comparative Religion does offer a practical and enlightening service in showing the ONENESS of THE WAY and the futility of arrogance or unacceptable behavior. Here is just one example.

We can take the Quranic sense by showing that indeed it is true that there is NO COMPULSION in religion BUT it does matter to be rightfully sincere and knowledgeable and not to play with religion or else things will turn out to be real bad for the gambling of one’s life on foolish notions and that act of gambling belongs to that individual’s soul and is NOT the responsibility of anyone else.

Who receives guidance, receives it for his own benefit: who goes astray does so to his own loss: No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: nor would WE send OUR Wrath {on a peoples – religious community} until WE had sent a messenger (to give warning {and to instruct}).    Q (17: 15)

So, now we need to find this Universal Truth of personal choice with no compulsion in both the New Testament and the Old Testament. These things won’t be word for word but the essence of the idea will be put forward to show that these things are on a constant continuum from the beginning. In other words, THE WAY shows a flavor of consistency even though men from various ages have tried to tamper with the TRUTH.

The WORD changes NOT with ME and I do NOT the least injustice to MY servants.    Q (50: 29)

First from the Quran:

Let there be NO COMPULSION in religion: Truth stands out clear from error: whosoever {by their own sincere and free choice} rejects (false worship) and believes in ALLAH has grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that NEVER BREAKS and ALLAH HEARS AND KNOWS ALL THINGS.                    Q (2: 256)

Next from the New Testament:

No man can serve two masters {be in two ways}; for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve {both} GOD and mammon {at one and the same time}.               Matthew (6: 24)

Finally, from the Old Testament: Joshua (pbh)

Now therefore fear the LORD and serve HIM in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods {talismans, false worship, false practices} which your fathers served on the other side of the flood {peoples of Noah} and in Egypt {peoples of Pharaoh}; and serve you the {ONE} LORD.

And if it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, {YOU} choose this day {make up your mind} whom you will serve {because you can’t serve both}; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you {now} live: but as for me and my house {as a prophet unto you – so my WAY the way I invite you to that is the RIGHT WAY}, we will serve the {ONE} LORD.                                Joshua (24: 14-15)

The Quran paints a more complete picture concerning the ‘NO compulsion in religion’ idea Q (2: 256) than the New Testament or the Old Testament in that the verse continues beyond saying that a person has a free choice. Indeed, the person who chooses well by his effort is truly abundantly rewarded. So, in fact, it really does matter to show some concentration on the side of religion.

And sometimes the study of Comparative Religion can yield some very interesting points which magnify the GLORY OF THE ONE LORD as to the awe in knowing that HIS PERFECT PLAN is beyond the scope of what man could ever comprehend. An example of that along with the necessity of the importance of the PERFECT WORD – THE QURAN follows.

From the very foundation of the world… 1 Peter (1: 20)

Many Christians believe that Jesus the Christ (pbh) existed before time or that he was around before the creation of the Earth. They would get that notion from certain expressions like ‘since the foundation of the world’ found in the New Testament. The problem here is in NOT understanding what the ‘foundation of the world’ means.

Does it mean from the birth of our evolving planet around 4.5 billion years ago? NO, it doesn’t. Basically the term foundation of the Earth has two time frames to be looked at and depending upon what is meant then that is what is meant. It is based on answering the following question correctly. Is the Earth created for the man or was man created for the Earth?

Jabir reported the Prophet (pbh) as saying that when ALLAH created Adam (pbh) and his offspring the angels said, “O LORD, YOU have created them eating, drinking, marrying and riding so appoint the world for them and the next world for us.” ALLAH MOST HIGH replied, “I shall not make him whom I have created with MY hand and in whom I have breathed of MY spirit like one to whom I say ‘Be’ and he comes into existence.”         Baihaqi transmitted it in Shu’ab al-iman

The Earth is a place for development for a very important species. This species is the top of the line and in the mix is thrown in the plant and animal kingdoms. Higher than those lesser kingdoms is what ALLAH fashioned with ease with HIS OWN hands and so MAN gets the most gracious nod here as being the dominant species on Earth.

The ‘foundations of the Earth’ can be categorized by two dates: The time of Adam (pbh) on the Earth (roughly 250,000 years ago as conjecture) and the time of Noah (pbh) or roughly 30,000 plus years ago on the Earth. Why consider these two dates?

Adam (pbh) starts it off to the human race as being a standard caller to the truth known in hadith literature as the first prophet. Noah (pbh) represents that one continuum as to the one special line from ‘Imran (as in the family of ‘Imran) that will survive down through the ages after the devastating FLOOD and be so important to the revival of truth brought to the human race.

So whether Peter or Paul talk about the ‘From the Foundations of the World’ it is not discussing when the planet Earth was in a plastic formative stage so many billions of years ago but, depending upon its usage, discussing from the time of Adam (pbh) or Noah (pbh) – ALLAH ALONE KNOWS BEST!

As in another article of mine, I noted very briefly via hadith literature about the discussion of the dajjal (Anti-christ) in Noah’s era (pbh) and conjecturally about the Messiah the Christ (pbh) also in that era. Such that by logic we have an Anti-messiah to come and naturally by logic there should be a real Messiah (pbh) to come also.

This was to set forth the notion of corruptions especially concerning the Messiah (pbh) as was shown down through the ages in various pagan religions including the one adhered to by Pharaoh and other peoples making crude inventions off the truth especially for illicit profit.

Those before them did (also) devise plots; but in all things the MASTER PLANNING is ALLAH’s. HE KNOWES the doings of every soul: and soon will the Unbelievers know who {it is} who gets HOME in the end.    Q (13: 42)

In studying Islam there is no secret that the family of ‘Imran plays a very important part in the history of Moses (pbh) and Jesus (pbh) as is noted in various scriptures.

And WE delivered him (Noah) and his people from the great Calamity

And {WE} made his progeny to endure (on the earth).     Q (37: 76-77)

ALLAH did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham and the family of ‘Imran above all people.

Offspring one of the other and ALLAH hears and knows ALL THINGS.                                      Q (3: 33-34)

So we have line upon line, precept upon precept – all being put together down through the ages into a well developed package for a purpose and not just thrown to the winds for chance.

However, some reject the study or the need of Comparative Religion as to the feeling that ‘WE HAVE ALLAH’s PURE WORD AND WE NEED NO MORE. These people may base their notions on the following hadith:

Once the Prophet, saw ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab holding a piece of paper from the Torah as he had admired what was written on it. Thereupon, the Prophet was very angry and said to him: “You do this while I am amongst you? I have conveyed to you the message white and pure. By Allah, if Moses had been alive now, he would have had no choice but to follow me.”         (Ahmad)

This hadith is not against Comparative Religion in any way. It is about the fact that Islam is by itself complete, that religion has evolved into that which was perfected for mankind and not based on going back to any old necessary but ritualistic past and finally, that the living proof of ALLAH’s LOVE for mankind is in the presence of HIS VERY OWN MESSENGER sent for that purpose of showing the ULTIMATE UNMITIGATED and UNPARALLED TRUTH.

Therefore, people should NOT leave these protected and sacred principles and rituals and seek guidance in things that have been distorted and changed. It is better for one to hold onto the ‘rope’ of TRUTH that is sure and never breaks.

A great boon, by the way, given by the above hadith comes from the reflection on just what type of awesome character Moses (pbh), servant of ALLAH, actually was and how excellent and dynamic he proved to be as well as how much of a standout type of person he displayed. He was as his personality has shown even to the striking the Angel of Death and to being beheld as holding on to ALLAH’s THROWN when the earth is cleft open for the first to rise to the heavens – Muhammad (pbh).

Therefore, the saying, “By Allah, if Moses had been alive now, he would have had no choice but to follow me”, is quite remarkable and gives the one who contemplates about Islam an insight into the dynamics of this religion as well as to the belovedness of the Prophet (pbh) himself!

Now as to discussing and showing the harmony and unity of GOD given principles and exposing the evils that men do or the corruptions and how they came about is one of the chief goals of Comparative Religion as well as to give a reminder for TRUTH, SALVATION, and the HEREAFTER.

So one can guess that a person with an honest temperament and an honest inquiring mind will welcome the challenge to think and see wisdom rather than stand on the shifting grounds of silliness and superstition. Therefore, the science of Comparative Religion does serve a purpose especially when it is presented in an honest and open way.

The days of innocence are long gone – especially in the Middle East and surrounding countries. If people want proof for that, it is right in front of them with all the grudges, wave of bombings and other atrocities fueled by mutual mistrust and hatred which can be seen every day in the media. So what can we do about it?

And the Angel of the LORD said unto her {him}, I will multiply your seed {Abraham} exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude.

And the Angel of the LORD said unto her {him}, Behold, you have a {firstborn} child, and {your handmaiden Hagar} shall bear a son, and shall call his name Ishmael meaning God shall hear; because the LORD hath heard your affliction {in your old age}.

And he will be a wild man; his hand (will be) against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.                  (Genesis 16:10-12).*

*I have taken the liberty to restructure somewhat these verses as it is well known historically that the seed is counted from the man and not from the woman as is shown in the current Old Testament which tries to limit the sanctity of the Arab line as opposed to that other excellent line, Isaac (pbh).

The first thing is to use our GOD given reason. We want Islam and we want a strong Islam but are we so ignorant and foolish as to go and kill Muslims in order to achieve our not well thought out goals?

Today one has to be particularly careful and respect the rights of others as well as being very smart. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) was finally able to build a strong Islamic base behind his masterful leadership by ALLAH’s WILL BUT IT TOOK HIM (PBH) MORE THAN A DECADE TO DO IT AND HE WAS FIGHTING A LOT OF ‘OUTSIDE’ SKULLDUGGERY AT FIRST.

As iron fillings find a way to the magnet, so also do souls find a way to their destination such that nobody slips through the cracks and is uncounted. A mysterious sentiment has just been stated but it is NOT up to the human to know the finer points of ALLAH’s PLAN.

Several things have become apparent to the wise individual. A person who has ‘inner dignity’ strives towards the TRUTH and knows that HIS PROMISE is TRUE and that goodness is not overlooked or lost. Finally, let the outcome rest in HIS CAPEABLE HANDS for HE WHO has created is the BEST to KNOW.

Of course conflict will be inevitable and people will tend to choose their own values. These are the values that HE WILL JUDGE and NOT man. That is why it behooves the person to understand these values in earnest and practice them as if their lives depended on it – for in many cases they will!

The Muslim party in politics is the best party and the name Muslim is the best name. Why? Why should people be ashamed of the truth? Either one can admit ALLAH is wrong, or the Quran is wrong or the Holy Prophet (pbh) is wrong in his sayings or admit that they are correct and if being correct then what is wrong in trying to follow the correct pathway?

At least the person is out in the open about it instead of hiding behind a kind of utopian veil of so-called democratic pie-in-the-sky virtual values that may or may not materialize. In other words, there is no magic bullet or magic pill that will bring a panacea to an ill world.

So let the people say as they feel BUT LET THEM COME FORTH AND BE HONEST ABOUT IT! For example, a woman may want to express her opinion about ‘wanting more freedom and protection’ under governmental law. So what in her mind is the BEST LAW to grant this freedom? The best law is the wisest and most practical law to aid the human beings in SOCIETY and in the HEREAFTER.

That seems to be the key – remembering that it takes both society and a remembrance of the Hereafter to achieve balance and harmony. To think of just the here and now is amateurish to those who profess a real belief in the Hereafter. So let’s be honest about things and stop making pretenses.

In society one can make laws that will appear as if they are a wonderful panacea for a suffering nation but after a few decades, things seem to change and they may actually be quite inadequate to handle the situation. One has to consider both the now and the hereafter when it comes to living a ‘higher’ standard and developing a more stable society.

If the enquirer feels that man-made law is the best as compared to Islamic Law that is ok because the expression is made publicly that men can do better than the ONE GOD. Also, it doesn’t try to escape the problem of covering up or pretending to be Muslim in the guise of secularism. So it forces a person to get out from behind the veil and OPENLY declare oneself instead of pretending to create a wrong impression on how a person can define themselves.

In other words, it makes it very difficult to play the ‘Islamic card’ in front of people and then turning tail by openly opposing Islam. Of course, one must get to the correct form of Islam by showing toleration among the various topics plaguing mankind especially in Muslim territories as they would be more amenable to fostering the Islamic Way. And in this era the Islamic Way is not to be enforced on the masses as a whole if the country is non-Islamic in its majority of population.

One need not worry about other territories until one has cleaned one’s house first. And people should NOT be so gullible as to take the first answer coming from the mouth of anyone without showing consistent detailed proof first. This action would limit those who are trying to pull a ‘their philosophy first’ idea being substituted for correct Islamic actions.

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) was, is and will be called a Muslim so the idea of the great misuse of terms like Sufi, Salafi, etc. becomes rather tiring to tell the truth. These terms do more damage than good because they are divisive.

So the first warning is NOT to move too fast on setting up reform because that is dangerous to many people who normally would enjoy the respect of Islamic behavior but feel that they have to become ‘saints’ overnight or forever burn in Hell-fire.

Also it must be admitted that there are Islamic people in charge of other people whose first loyalty is to themselves and who rather enjoy being in a state of profound ignorance as compared to a real solidly based, hard working, knowing Muslim. So moving amongst the Muslims with a sledge hammer mentality by trying to force a ‘way of life’ on someone is in fact a losing proposition all the way around.

This is so especially nowadays due to the disruptive, manipulative, disenchanted and argumentative nature of the beast especially amongst barely enlightened (sorry to say) individuals. Moving forward at an understandable pace is more beneficial from a societal point of view and besides it provides less of an opportunity for Fitna to defeat the real Muslims. The key here is about moving forward and not just about thinking about it.

Certain people commit sins with ease and as a result of their ailing Faith they do not see their acts to be detrimental to the truth. The difference between how a believer and a hypocrite look at sin can be seen in the following:

Abdullah Ibn Mas”ud related that the Prophet (pbh) said, “A believer sees his sins as if he were sitting under a mountain, fearing it might fall upon him, while a sinner sees his sins as a fly passing over his nose, so he gets rid of it with his hand.”                                                          (Bukhari)

Also we find a lack of concern by a person with a sickly heart in performing small deeds of righteousness contrary to what the Prophet (pbh) stood for.

The Prophet (pbh) once said, “Do not belittle any small act of kindness even if it is to pour water from your bucket into the vessel of the one who asks for it or to talk to your brother with a cheerful face.”     (Ahmad)

Acts that seem to be miniscule should NOT be judged as insignificant or undervalued. So, meeting a fellow Muslim with a smiling face and removing trash and blockage from the road gives great rewards. Perchance a small deed becomes a reason for the forgiveness of major sins. ALLAH thanks HIS slave for these small deeds of remembrance and pours HIS GRACE and FORGIVENESS on him.

The Prophet (pbh) said: “Once, a man saw the branch of a tree in the middle of a road. So, he said, “By Allah, I will remove this from the path of the Muslims so they may not be hurt.” For this action, he was put in Paradise.”   (Muslim)

As the Prophet (pbh) said, “one who is devoid of mercy is not shown any mercy.”        (Muslim)

Every person who tries to earn respect should be given decency and respect as well as to be allowed to live in a descent but modest dwelling with descent but modest quantities of food and have a clean place where one can offer up a remembrance and give thanks to one’s CREATOR LORD regardless of race, age, sex or nationality.

So far in today’s world, Islam looks like a piece of shattered pottery with many going their individual way. Tribal foolishness and incompetence in no way represents Islam. What it represents is ignorance and the hope of staying in power (from tribal to national level) while being dysfunctional. For example, one can find some of those tribal leaders from Libya to Afghanistan embracing ridiculous behavior all the while hiding behind an ‘Islamic veil’.

The only solution is to find a uniform type of guidance as from one leader as what happened in the distant past. Hopefully, when people are ready for it, a united Caliphate will be a more palatable idea in the future. At least there would be more efficiency and a smoother run society if real Islam is allowed to function properly.

Guess who is the driving force behind making things happen as to setting forth all of the conditions? Ah! What a perfect PLAN it is to take into consideration all of life’s little variables including the biggest variable which is fickle man himself.

If it was up to fragile man, things wouldn’t get done very well but the conditions will be made right in the future for this rule of righteousness to happen and that has been guaranteed. Pretenders come and pretenders will go but the real reality is that Islam will be unstoppable even if there are only ten Muslims left on the face of the Earth.

AN ODE TO THE TWO (peace and blessings be upon them both)

It seems like just over 2,000 years ago a baby was born who would bring into the world that goodness and light but so much more. It was to be an end of an era and an end of a quest and the preparation for clarity to come.

A job, a particular job was set in him (pbh) and failure was not an option. So he became that Sign unto the world but as before, as many as were to hear, there were much more who deemed it folly and soiled what he brought. So a signal was given because he (pbh) completed his task that was given him and the time approached to send the SEAL (pbh) of that which was holy, complete and just.

The STANDARD (way of life) was about to be planted with dignity, clarity, purpose and mercy. If the hearts were not going to be cold, the fire of desire would burn bright and the souls would be attracted to this WAY through this WORD and by that man (pbh) whose character many try to emulate until this day.

And so the Sign will rise again but not to labor in the fields for planting the harvest as he did before but to collect the choicest of the harvest and to praise his LORD for the sanctity, security and completeness of the TRUTH brought by that Standard of excellence (pbh) who was deemed by his LORD as being trustworthy so as to bring closure and completeness to the light that shines in all hearts deemed worthy of salvation. Ameen!