The symbols {} are used to bring clarity to the information presented.

Then WE will surely question those to whom (a message) was sent, and WE will surely question the Messengers {AS TO HOW THOSE PEOPLE OBEYED THE COMMANDS OF THEIR LORD from those records}.

Then WE will surely relate (their deeds) to them with knowledge {of what they really used to do}, and WE were never absent {in knowledge from the secrets of their doings}.       Quran (7:7-8)

In this wheel of fortune world we call life, the circle of circumstance just keeps revolving and returning again and again. Just like the various forms water can take. At the end of the day, water, whether it is ice, liquid or vapor, is still water.

Taking that into consideration and the notion that World War 1 was the war to end all wars, it is obvious that this Earth is filled with people who still want desperately to keep ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Proverbs 26:11 and 2Peter 2 basically say the same thing:

As a dog returns to his own vomit, so {too does} a fool {one who doesn’t or won’t learn or one who doesn’t repent} repeats his folly.                          (Proverbs (26:11)

The famous ‘Battle of the Confederates’ or the joining of the treacherous people of the day in Arabia as partners against the real burgeoning Muslim Community is sometimes called the Battle of the Trench. The trench was dug at Medina to keep the polytheists and the people with evil intentions at bay.

The word ‘Confederates’ is used to reveal the joint mission of treachery between the Non-believers (polytheists) and conniving Jews against Islam.

Stirring up war and deceit against the fledgling community of Muslims was not a new philosophy for many of the Jews in and around Medina. However, these vengeful Jews (leaders of the Banu Nadir Tribe) who were expelled from Medina due to their hypocritical treachery, decided to stir up as many people that they could to make war with the Muslims and totally destroy them.

O you who believe! Remember ALLAH’s Favor to you, when there came against you {multiple} hosts, and WE sent against them a wind and forces that you didn’t see (troops of Angels during the battle of Al-Ahzab) – The Confederates). And ALLAH is EVEER ALL-SEER of what you do.

When they came upon you from above you and below you and when the eyes grew wild and the hearts reached up to the throats, and you were harboring doubts about ALLAH.

There the Believers were tried and shaken with a mighty shaking.

And when the hypocrites {amongst you} and those whose hearts is a disease (of doubts) said: “ALLAH and HIS Messenger promised us nothing but delusion!”

And when a party of them said: “O people of Medina! There is no stand (possible) for you (against the enemy attack!) Therefore, go back!” And a band of them asked for permission of the Prophet saying: “Truly, our homes lie open (to the enemy).” And {in truth} they lay NOT OPEN {to the enemy}. They but wished to flee {for they were cowardly}.

And if the enemy had entered from all sides (of the city) and they had been exhorted to the Fitnah (of reneging Islam and going back to polytheism), they would surely have committed it and would have shown little hesitation in doing it!

And indeed they had already made a covenant with ALLAH NOT to turn their backs, and a COVENANT WITH ALLAH MUST BE ANSWERED FOR! …

And ALLAH drove back those who disbelieved {the polytheists} in their rage, {as} they gained no advantage. ALLAH SUFFICED FOR THE BELIEVERS in the fighting (by sending against the disbelievers A SEVERE WIND AND TROOPS OF ANGELS). And ALLAH IS EVER ALL-STRONG, ALL-MIGHTY.

And those of the people of the Scripture who backed the disbelievers, ALLAH brought them down from their {so-called impregnable} forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed and a group (of them) you made captives.

And HE caused you to inherit their lands and their houses and their riches and a land which you had not trodden {on before}. AND ALLAH IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS!    Quran (9-15, 25-27)

So, basically the Confederates are groups of people gathered together (politically, ideology-wise,) for the purpose of gaining self-serving desires.

The pagans wanted to go back to polytheism and reap monetary rewards of the pilgrimage like they used to. They wanted to keep their many gods for worship and therefore hated Islam.

The Jews for the most part, as is recorded in history, hated the polytheists but knew how to use them for their purposes. When their ‘Jewish savior’ would eventually come (their long awaited Messiah), he and the Jews would deal with the Arabs as any person would deal with a treacherous and filthy dog.

So, the Jews had their agenda and the polytheists had theirs and although these two agendas did converge at certain points, they would at the end force both of these treacherous sides to come to final blows. The Arab polytheists had a belief that they would overcome all odds and revert back to their old ways while the Jewish population believed in their own eventual glory and victory under their own personal messiah.

The saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ sort of works – at least for the time being until when someone’s back is turned and then treachery will once again rear its ugly head!

What about in today’s world? How is it possible for clandestine small-time ‘secret’ missions to be carried out in Syria by Hezbollah or other radical groups opposed to the Israeli occupation be known by the Israeli Airforce and be bombed successfully at the right moment and at the right place right down to a very precise strike?

The answer is fairly clear. An advance warning must be transmitted to the Israeli Airforce giving time, place, location and objectives of these would- be-warriors. Either that or someone is very proficient with getting answers from a crystal ball.

So, who profits by these ‘pin-point’ strikes keeping the radical Shia and Syrian presence down and Israel up? The answer is rather simple! Israel and Russia are the chief winners in this clandestine hide and seek war.

Russia has dreams of dominating the Middle East as well as other parts of the globe. Russia has lots of Jews and Israel has lots of Russian Jews forming what they would call a ‘beneficial alliance’ so as to get IN THE END what they want, however, even though these notions are not mutually exclusive.

The end game for hardcore Israeli Jews is to have a broad swath of Biblical territory (Eretz Yisrael Hashlema) where the ‘holy and blessed’ people will dwell (notably themselves) and their servants known as ‘the others’ can quietly wait upon their whims.

Meanwhile, Russia wants control of the Middle East and with the knowledge of how to excite and inflame the Arab population to practically kill each other, they can play off one side against the other for their planned economic benefit.

Israel uses the propaganda of being a sea of reason encircled by boorish and uncouth Muslim populations whose main teachings are not of their faith but rather to reduce all Israel to ashes while persecuting the Jews.

GOD is ‘their GOD’ and HE is made to state, by their interpretation of course, that whatever unethical thing is done against the non-Jews is regrettably unfortunate but totally approved of as in the ends justify the means.

Russia can do a lot by doing little by acting like a clandestine cancer amongst the Arabs and so by studying the ‘abnormal sects’ of Islam, the excitable nature of the Arabs (whatever that means) and being masters at playing one source against the other, they can accomplish a lot by doing very little. How?

By taking advantage of corrupt leaders in the Arab world and the fanatic leadership of the Iranian State and while manipulating certain events, they can play one group off against another thereby weakening both such that they (leaders desperately wanting to stay in power) will NEED THE STABLIZING FACTOR THAT ONLY RUSSIAN INFLUENCE AND MIGHT CAN PROVIDE! How very convenient.

Russia is most definitely privy to what Iranian machinations are doing to combat Israel from Syrian territory. The Iranian so-called take on Islam is to keep provoking instability in non-friendly states (meaning non-Shite states) through any devious means including civil unrest. This is done to provoke chaos so that their Mahdi-type invention may come through and save the day for a Shite world-like domination.

But the people have divided their religion into sects between them{However,} to US they shall all return.      Quran (21:93)

Hudhayfa ibn al-Yaman reported: The Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said: Rulers after me will come who do not follow my guidance and my tradition. Some of their men will have the hearts of devils in a human body. I said, “O Messenger of ALLAH, what should I do if I live to see that time?” The Prophet said: You should listen and obey them even if the ruler strikes your back and takes your wealth, even still listen and obey.   (Muslim)

Russia as a mediating factor strives to keep the ‘embers of Fitna’ or social unrest going so as to be considered a loyal, true and productive friend to both the aggressors and the aggressed. That is, by playing both sides against the middle (normal population), so they can eventually take control of the area for their benefit and look like the good guys while doing it!

So, Russia uses the corrupt and neurotic philosophies generated by both Shia and ultraorthodox Judaism to be put in the position to be able to be the major benefactor in the Middle East. Note also the corrupt nature of their power base (for without that corrupt base (SYRIA), Russia is nothing) as to the perfect foil to be used to keep the Middle East in turmoil.

So, fanatics and corruption are their key pieces that they use to keep the ignorant governments/people who engulf these notions at bay.

The Russians have plenty of people who understand the Arabic/Farsi Language needed to move and direct certain players. They also are artists at listening in onprivate conversations as to what is going on and where it is taking place. Thereby, they can have advance warning against ‘terrorist activities’ and can communicate them to Israel when, where and how they like.

They do this because they (the Russians) are for themselves and not for any religion or political philosophy. It’s a matter of keeping the ‘beehive’ buzzing so as not to have the colony notice its stealthy, stealing hand!

More influence in the region means more money for the leadership and more power for bringing the ‘goods’ to the Russian leaders in various sectors who love the idea of more luxury and power for themselves.

Suhaib reported: The Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said: “Wondrous is the affair of the believer for there is good for him in every matter and this is NOT the case with anyoneexcept the believer. If he is happy, then he thanks ALLAH and thus there is good for him. If he is harmed, then he shows patience and thus there is good for him.”   (Muslim)

Our LORD, make us not a trial for the disbelievers and forgive us, our LORD! Verily, YOU are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.   Quran (60:5)

A crucifixion tale:

A further look into Paul’s declaration (1Cor. (1:23) concerning the so-called crucifixion of Jesus the Christ (pbh): “But we preach Christ crucified unto the Jews a stumbling-blockand unto the Greeks foolishness;”   1Cor. (1:23)

Who is the ‘we’ in this quote?

In order to understand this quote one must look at the wider viewpoint of the supposed crucifixion. That is what we know and what we have a good assumption on.

As was said before in the article ‘The Simplicity of Islam as to Being the Religion of Logical Truth, there are basically 3 ways that the former scriptures have been occasionally manipulated: Their (the Abrahamic Faiths) claim to be ‘pillars of truth’ coming from the SAME SOURCE (GOD) and this should render them similar and amicable to each other’s worth – in theory.


It will be found by honest and honorable researchers that this is so but it is man who takes the dishonor of being corrupters of the scriptures either:

  1. Through forgeries (changing vowels/consonants -key letters) in words or
  2. Through subtracting or adding words not found in the original) or
  3. Through mistaken concepts (dogma) taught and fostered by a corrupt priest-class/leadership and followed by a careless people who are happy in general in that particular concept laid down by the corrupters, for example as is found in Q (2:79)found below.

These three instances of corruption have been mentioned in the Quran!!! Part number 3 can be exemplified by the notion of the concept of trinity which is NOT found in either the Old Testament or the New Testament but has been propagated through church philosophy and proclaimed to be a part of religious belief/truth by many Christians.

Then Woe to those who write the BOOK with their own hands, and then say; “This is from GOD,” {so that they may} traffic with it for a miserable price! – Woe to them for what their hands do write and for the gain they make thereby. Quran (2:79)

1Cor. (1:23) was probably written sometime shortly after or before 55 AD. So, just a little bit over two decades had passed since the supposed crucifixion.

We know from the Gospel of Luke that Jesus (pbh) had been given some time to discuss things concerning his ‘survival’ of the crucifixion attempt when he appeared 3 days after his ‘ordeal’.

He further gives, as is recorded, a further insight into his mission and what proofs were placed inside the scriptures concerning himself. Also, his Disciples would have liked to know things like ‘Just who are/were you’ in relationship to the ONE GOD they were taught to worship by Jesus himself.

Now he {Jesus} said to them {his Disciples}, “These are my words which I spoke to you while I was still with you {prior to being arrested}, that all things which are written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”

Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures,   (Luke 24:44-45)

We also know that Paul had already visited Jerusalem and met with some of the ‘Original Disciples’ for over two weeks. Obviously, having a miraculous turnaround from demon to so-called saint, serious questions must have been asked and directed at himself even unto the seriousness of his beliefs.

If one is going to be in a ‘high and approved position’ to spread the Gospel and be responsible about it, one should have a high degree of knowledge and belief! No three day wonder or complete loafer would be allowed any ‘official charge’ for building a ‘church’ (study gathering).

We know that Paul was approved of by the chiefs set up in Jerusalem. We know that Paul, formerly a hardcore Jewish champion, was not well liked by Jewish leaders of various communities as they considered him a threat to their ‘hold’ on Jewish believers.

We know that there is no sign of disrepute from the original Disciples upon Paul as would be recorded in later works written a decade plus after his death. There was written about him that he communicates ‘hard things to be understood’ which though correct would not readily be understood and probably taken out of context by the foolish and mischief-makers.

The missing piece of the puzzle is the word ‘We’ as in We preach Christ crucified… Who are the ‘We’ that is being spoken of? The key to this probably comes from the mouth of Jesus (pbh) himself and the thought that if you Jews don’t want to accept GOD’s CHOICE AND HIS DECISION, THEN SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES BEING BUILT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS NOT POWERLESS!!!!!

History has proven this tragedy fostered upon the Jews is correct!

Can holding back deep and clear explanations actually be approved by GOD for HIS PURPOSES especially when no lie is uttered? That becomes dynamite!!! But if one plays games with HIM (a great sign of disrespect) then one will get what one paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The proof for this comes from Jesus (pbh) himself as to how he treated the Jewish addiction to be contemptable towards their very own prophets and other actions of questionable acts found in the Quran as being disgraceful towards their LORD on various occasions as well as Jesus’ own Sermon on the Mount sayings found in the Gospel of Matthew.

As to what Jesus (pbh) declared so as to keep ‘those types’ of Jews away from ‘the truth’:

And the Disciples came and said to him {Jesus}, “Why do you speak to them {these Jews}in parables {because they can’t act on what they don’t fathom}?”

He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has NOT BEEN GIVEN.

For whoever has {THE REAL FAITH AS JUDGED BY GOD}, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does NOT have {that real faith}, even what he has will be taken away from him {and he will become blind}.

Therefore, I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do NOT see, and hearing they do NOT hear, NOR will they understand.

And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says: ‘Hearing you will hear and shall NOT understand, and seeing you will see and NOT perceive;    Matthew (13:10-14)

So, now we have the set up to a mystery! Finally, if a person is asked about the ‘mysterious crucifixion bit’ he will be told the truth but it will depend upon him what he does with it. This happened when Glaucus was questioned by Basilides who was kind of a mystic/Gnostic type of personage.

Plainly speaking, he asked Peter’s secretary about the crucifixion and was told that Simon the Cyrenian was crucified in Jesus’ place! Those are facts plain and simple. But what one does with these ‘facts’ may prove to be another Pandora’s Box which indeed it did!

And in these warnings we are given the keys to understanding, if a person looks real carefully at the records which most people do not!

So, in taking the above knowledge with the understanding of what dynamic forces of competition will be going on inside the halls of Christendom as to

  1. the warnings given by the Presbyter John in his Letters concerning the many false teachings (by many anti-christs) being spread abroad in the early church period (up to about 110 AD) as well as warnings concerning Paul’s difficult to understand writings and Paul’s warnings of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ coming after him.
  2. the knowledge of the struggles between various philosophies (Philosophers/Gnostics and others) trying to be top dog in ‘Church dogma’ (110 to around 150+ AD), one can see why the church father Justin Martyr had to go out and search for the truth (as he saw it) concerning the supposed crucifixion of one Jesus of Nazareth a whole 113 years after an event (the crucifixion) that should have been clear a long, long time before that!

In reality it was!

And some say that the best place to hide something is to hide it right out in the open! What a Pandora’s Box!

So, the Jews came unglued by this action and only those (Jews) who turned to humble obedience to their LORD (the ONE GOD) would be worth that which is good (Matthew 10:12) and the Christian who did find it in his heart to worship but ONE GOD in truth without flimflam philosophies and jumping for joy over corrupt viewpoints would be worth that which is good              (Matthew 10:12).

Sense the Power and Magnitude of THE LORD. And man, just by reading (Matthew 10:12) should be able to sense what the Quran repeats over and over again and that is that ALLAH has POWER OVER ALL THINGS.

Abdullah ibn Amr reported: The Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said, “Verily, the hearts of the children of Adam, all of them, are between the two fingers of the Merciful {ONE} as one heart. HE directs them wherever HE wills.” Then, the Prophet said, “O ALLAH, the director of the hearts, direct our hearts to YOUR obedience.”     (Muslim)

ALLAH directs the situation from HIS PREORDAINED KNOWLEDGE and is able to teach ‘disrespectful people’ a lesson and painful ones at that. Why? So that they may be given a chance to return to ‘sanity’ and show their repentance from their former evils.

But the continuousness of sin and wretched disbelief will NOT be tolerated over and over again for ALLAH is TRUTH and will not and never has been taken advantage of. So, man has a life span ‘for a term appointed’ (whatever that means) and beyond that he will be issued his joyful reward or horrific punishment!

So hopefully, one can get a sense of why Paul declared ‘we’ preach Christ crucified AS a STUMBLING BLOCK TO THE JEWS AND AS FOOLISHNESS (STUPIDITY) TO THE {POLYTHEISTIC-LOVING} GREEKS! 1Cor. (1:23)

This! So that the devotees of the philosophy of many gods or a god that is in firmly in our pocket will be uncovered on the Last Day and be shown the reward of those who have treated the ‘chosen of GOD’ with such careless disrespect!!!!!

Yes, Hell-Fire does exist!!!

Things run on an infinite track laid out for them known only by their LORD. So, there is nothing that they can do that will escape HIS KNOWLEDGE and HIS given consequences. Hence, they are all chained to a remarkable destiny that takes into consideration all things that ever were, that are and that could ever be including free will for HE IS THE ALL-LOVING (AL-WADUD).

Now one can prove these things outright as Paul and the rest of the crew have been dead for many, many centuries but this train of thought actually uplifts the New Testament to a degree and shows how the Quran, which leaves nothing of importance undeclared, leads the way in uncovering true history if people would but seek it out.

This ends the mystery of the crucifixion topic for now.

Khasf or the Earth being lost/swallowed up and disappearing is represented by the following hadith:

The Prophet Muhammad (pbh) said: “The Hour will not begin until you see ten signs, (including) three events where the earth {gets} swallowed up, one in the East, one in the West, and one in the Arabian Peninsula.” (Muslim)

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said: “The Hour will not begin until the land of the Arabs once again becomes meadows and rivers.”  (Muslim)

Meadows, in this case, gives the meaning of a spread out land having a great amount of lush vegetation without the need for irrigation. That is quite a change from mostly desert and hot-type climates that we see now.

So by backtracking one can ask a simple question: “What can scientifically cause such a dramatic change to happen like what is recorded in the above hadith?” This ‘new’ paradise on Earth is not just a fancy, make believe cartoon-type fantasy but an actual real existence with real laws of physics taking place!

The answer being dramatic land-surface changes which will allow the ocean currents to bring in a more temperate, coastal-type of climate and hence, the topographical changesbeing spoken about in the Islamic hadith literature.

“So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven {sky}, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and ALL the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at MY presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.”    Ezekiel (38:20)

These things are drastic reminders to the people that Judgment Day is at hand so that people, who by ALLAH’s Grace, will wake up and be serious in worshiping of HIM and appealing to HIS MERCY and FORGIVENESS – but time for this is running out.

Normally, things go at a snail’s pace and mountains get built up and fall down after millions of years. However, we have been warned of drastic changes that happen as like unto the blink of an eye. One such change throwing people into panic, turmoil and despair was talked about previously in these articles.

Although it is not clear (the future) of the continent of Africa as to being ripped apart into X number of huge islands, scientists have discovered and measured three tectonic plates in the East African Afar region that supposedly will form an ocean basin millions of years from now.

So, what was written in these articles cannot yet be verified. The ability for these things to come true, however, are present. And one should know that during the time of the Last Hour:

Corruption has appeared in both land and sea because of what people’s own hands have brought about so that they may taste something of what they have done in order that they may return {by repenting to ALLAH and asking for HIS Forgiveness}. Quran (30:41)

And that these signs or doings will appear one after the other like a pearl neckless being broken and the pearls dropping out one by one, one after the other in relatively quick succession – hadith concept recorded by Tirmidhi.

So what we have in the Afar region in Africa is fact not a fiction. The question is when will the rift be torn apart with such violence that a new ocean will be created (as the scientists are fully aware of) and Africa itself become several islands? The answer is when ALLAH WILLS!

How many new continents or new huge islands will be created are not yet known at this time. However, as has been written about in these articles, the ripping apart of Africa will not only create a horrific moment but will also lead to quite a climate change as reported by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) concerning the lands of the Arabs.

And so truth, as best as we can get it is actually all around us. We are but asked to turn with sincerity to ALLAH and ask him in all humbleness for HIS GRACE, MERCY and FORGIVENESS. And HE is the ALL-HEARING AND NONE CAN COMPARE UNTO HIM!