Every true religion is going to go through some rough patches especially when the founder leaves his job to join the spirit world. In the case of Christianity, the cracks in faith can be found not too long after the 70 AC or the destruction of the center of stability and learning at Jerusalem.

Such breakups have been partially recorded in the New Testament. Starting out at first in drips and drabs and then working itself into a new type of religion not based solely on its chief architect. It may amaze some that the vast majority of books found in the New Testament are actually Jewish books.

The people writing these Gospels and Letters were NOT Christian. They were practicing Jews who believed in Jesus (pbh) as the Jewish Messiah. The Acts, however, was not written by a naturally born Jew but a person who followed Jewish customs as did Jesus.

Christianity did not come in with an automatic bang but slid in progressively during the second century and gained strength through the decades by being pushed forward mainly through philosopher-type church fathers and clever debaters. Also, a little mix of this and a little mix of that to allow people to come to a common agreement.

The words of Jesus, Paul and the Presbyter John can give us clues to what will happen in the future to Jesus’ teachings. Of course any new items introduced into the religion will have its proponents as its defenders for they have generally a stake in such a philosophy. As Jesus (pbh) lamented:

And when he {the next prophet, the Spirit of truth} is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

Of sin, because they believe NOT on me;     John (16:8-9)

So it is no great feat to predict that a fragmentary world will be the result of such nonsense. And we have the shocking and oft repeated example given to us by the Jews. Who would have thought that the thankful and appreciative Children of Israel who were saved torment and humiliation by escaping Pharaoh’s clutches by crossing the sea would turn around so quickly and make a golden calf idol and engage in false worship as a sign of their gratitude to their GOD?

And these people feel uncomfortable around people of faith such that they have to try to smear others who do not join in their titillating lies. Many people actually FEAR a unity amongst ‘peoples of faith’ but look closely at their hearts and see how ‘hardened’ and selfish these people are in their inflexible ways. How to recognize this?

In part, one recognizes this malady by seeing how closed minded people are when it comes to GOD. GOD is the GOD for all – BUT ESPECIALLY FOR US WHICH MEANS YOU ARE WORSHIPING A FALSE GOD UNLESS YOU AGREE WITH US! How selfish and self-centered people have become!

In other words, people tend to twist things to their own advantage/desires in order to protect their interests (money, position in the community, power or status). And these CORRUPT individuals will go to any length to remain the major focus, thrust or power in that religious field or philosophy!

The above tricks are for the people who have a vested interest in these ‘strange’ but false philosophies BUT THE ATTRACTION OR STAYING POWER FOR THESE FALSEHOODS RESTS WITH THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE A ‘JOY FOR THESE UNTRUTHSLOCKED UP IN THEIR HEARTS. Therefore, they are attracted to these bizarre religious doctrines or philosophies and take them as absolute and believable truth!

Fluff, pageantry and a way to control the masses allows the religious experience to become a part of an invented process worked into the pure religion like dirt ground into cloth! So, common sense tells us to put things into their proper perspective.

The subject is very deep, however, and like the subject of ‘adam’ it is very complex. Interesting IF IT PROVIDES A VALUE, but very complex and NOT ESSENTIAL TO PRACTICING THE FAITH

Many people sadly do not want an open pathway to seek after the truth. They seem to have an aversion to it actually. This aversion lies directly on their doorstep as they were the ones who actually created it in the first place! Hence, we have the term ‘a fitting recompense for what they used to do’!

One can form a much more ‘unified picture’ of certain sayings found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Quran/hadith materials. That is important because ‘understanding’ DEMYSTIFIES ANY ATTEMPT TO ‘MUDDY THE WATERS’ IN INTRODUCING WRONG CONCEPTS THAT WOULD LEAD PEOPLE ASTRAY.

Wrong concepts, especially when fostered by a corrupt priest-class {or any disseminators of supposed truth} for the purpose of holding their practitioners to a certain line of worship, is a way to further perpetuate the lies and false practices of said organization.

It all started out similar to the ‘temptation’ between Adam and Eve. For us it comes in the form of Muhkamat verses as opposed to Mutashabihat verses and how the ‘priest class’ in any religion would translate them.

The mistreatment of certain verses and a forged philosophy of tying it all together allows the falsehoods to linger on like a dreadful disease taking down people who have become enamored with such hog-wash!

Don’t give that which is holy unto the dogs; neither cast your pearls {of wisdom} before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you {destroy the truth}.                     Matthew (7:6)

Muhkamat verses are verses of a general import needed for the practicality of mankind in serving his LORD. Mutashabihat verses are the supernatural verses and are packed with a great deal of knowledge which unfortunately can be twisted into bizarre and false interpretations.

These sentiments are backed up by the three great Holy Works in the Abrahamic religious spectrum – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And with so-called ‘new ideas’ one must back up one’s sentiments by bringing forth one’s evidence if one is telling the truth. And the truth is that THERE IS ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLES (THOSE SUCCESSFUL ONES AVOIDING THE FIRE) AND ONE RELIGION FROM BEGINNING TO END!

Much of the early Christian thought being formulated in the very early part of the second century as well as the non-crucifixion ideas came from the powerful group called the Gnostics. The problem with those people is that they had a whole houseful of ways, for example, that the crucifixion didn’t happen resulting in viewpoints that would have turned ‘eventual’ Christianity to slush. Also, their attempts to explain the unexplainable would eventually cause havoc to what is supposed to be basically the ‘Simple Way’ (religion).

A very sound basis for this thinking that can be documented concerning the tracking down of the destruction of Jesus’ teachings comes from the knowledge of the person Valentinus. Valentinus was born around 100 AC and is said to, at one time be in consideration for the highest and most influential office in all of Christendom that is the Bishop of Rome (Pope).

This man who came so close to the ‘central authority’ for Christians was a powerful Gnostic (mystic) who didn’t take well to losing. Therefore, he, having a grudge against ‘his church’ went his own way and started up his organization with many followers.

Being highly educated in Greek terms and being both an eloquent philosopher (said to be a Platonic believer) and a very early Church Father, he had many followers. His strong claim to so-called ‘advanced knowledge’ was one of his supposed strengths. He claimed to be a follower of Theudas who in turn claimed to be a follower of Paul.

Let’s try Paul’s words to understand just how difficult it became to form a proper understanding and how easy it became to TWIST the meaning and create a falsehood. According to Paul’s thoughts:


For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.


Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away {by crafty deceit} the disciples after themselves. Acts (20:29-30)


His supposed connection with Paul is typical of the ‘early years’ AFTER 70 AC when, according to one of the Epistles of John, there were some breakaway attempts by querulous and tainted individuals who were amongst the true believers but then decided to leave the main body or group of believers. Hence, John the Presbyter has stated in his Epistle written at some time after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Roman soldiers that there are many Anti-christs in the world:

Children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come {to pollute the WORD}; therefore we know that it is the last hour.

They went out from us, but they were NOT of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out, that it might be plain that they all are not of us.

But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you all know {the truth of our doctrine}.

I write to you, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and know that NO LIE is of the truth.     1 John (18-21)

Valentinus is credited or blamed, whichever one prefers, for inspiring Marcion and his pre-mid second century Gospel. Marcion in about the mid-second century was a strange Christian-type who disbelieved in the GOD of the Jews by branding HIM an ‘Evil entity’. It is also thought that Marcion held notions of a ‘dual’ god system with there being a good GOD and an evil GOD. Nonsense piled upon nonsense!

These are important points to remember because it will go on to give a basis for a certain type of mixing (truths and falsehoods) so as to include various alien concepts especially concerning Jesus (pbh). Gnosis was eventually put down but not completely out of the way as these things WHEN MANIPULATED CORRECTLY had an appeal to the various classes of people.

Later, an early Church Father by the name of Justin Martyr would appeal to various pagan followers of various gods by showing how very close and ‘historic’ the Christ sacrifice was to their various christ-like gods that came and died for humanity.

So in making the fledgling Christianity a religion that has ‘SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE’ a floodgate of errors and falsehoods could enter Christendom under the guise of respectable church sanctions. It did and the rest became history.

Many things going on in today’s world should be drastic reminders to the people that Judgment Day is at hand so that people, who by GOD’s Grace, will wake up and be serious in worshiping HIM and appealing to HIS MERCY and FORGIVENESS. But with the level of misconceptions, mistrust and plain ordinary arrogance shown by many, man will NOT be able to postpone the inevitable. However, there is a chance to understand why things are occurring and gain an acceptance to the inevitable.

First of all, it is in man’s created nature that ALL men will die. That truth cannot be avoided although most of us take this thought as an ‘it’s not happening today’ moment. This is the proverbial ‘out of sight and out of mind’ philosophy that misleads that little clay piece of furniture called man.

Unfortunately, for most, it becomes a philosophy whereby deep concentration, and emotional balance take a back-seat while true spiritual awareness becomes annoying pieces of fluff. We must defend our policies, ideas and beliefs at all costs even if that means propagating a lie for the sake of (our) truth!

Thinking about true religious thoughts without claiming ‘spiritual’ dominance over our fellow man (the ones with a different religion, skin color or place of birth) now becomes an almost herculean task seemingly impossible to overcome. This is PRIDE and that leads one to trash our religious founders or stabilizers, called the prophets, in whom we use, and especially abuse and manipulate in ways that makes the devils dance with delight.

The Abrahamic traditions and the passing on of religious evolution has been for many a success but for the majority a total waste of time. The ONE GOD sent HIS messengers to REFRESH and ENLIGHTEN the people from time to time. Why? Because they were going off the rails and they needed a STERN REMINDER TO GET BACK ON THE TRACK AGAIN!

There were loads and loads of messengers sent and dire warnings and messages given but ARROGANT man had other ideas. It is important to think about this! Why were so many messengers sent if things were running smoothly? Obviously, because things weren’t running so smoothly!

And why do we need another one (Spirit of truth) if we have the truth already!!! Obviously, people have become delusional in their abilities to maneuver the spiritual minefield and so require yet another ‘promised’ outlet to show them the elusive truth.

Of sin, because they believe NOT on me;     John (16:9)

Man has deluded himself and in turn has earned his own myopic presence such that he must now struggle against his own created tide in order to be successful.

The word successful does not imply worldly success but the successful ending of a long journey to what has been called THE PROMISED LAND. This then becomes the destination of the ‘man’ on the Last Day of Judgment and his entrance into Paradise or his rejection and to be flung into the Fires of Hell.

With so much at stake, one would think that if one had to choose a loyalty to one’s creed, then one needs to be very careful and demanding of that creed. With such importance at stake a devil may care attitude would not only be foolish but totally and illogical.

As a result, there is no divine right of kings* (for men) and everyone must earn his own way. Not by slogans but by FAITH AND DEED! The one without the other is TOTALLY USELESS!!!

{*No creed or claimed belief system will ever fool the ONE GOD! Because man says he is such and such means absolutely nothing because, even historically speaking, men have nearly always said one thing and secretly believed in another thing. Therefore, one should try very, very hard to understand one’s systems of belief before hugging and kissing themselves in their vain attempt at granting themselves salvation.}

So, in retrospect when one hears that this or that system is the ‘correct way’, it MUST BE PROVEN CONSISTENTLY AND LOGICALLY ACROSS THE BOARD**. That is, it must be proven from all religious works (the Holy Books/religious sayings) found in the Abrahamic Tradition. Failure to do this may result in the ‘my god is greater than your god’ syndrome.

{**Across the board does NOT mean within our friendly religious confines only, like CULT RELIGIONS DO, but through a belief in the idea that the ‘imprint’ of GOD is in all religions especially the Abrahamic ones which consist of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as these systems provide the most reliable, traceable and recently developed agendas for worship compared to other world religions.

For example, GOD IS ONE. If someone disagrees with that issue, then prove it by bringing quotes to the table. Homespun arguments are not only worthless but actually regrettably childish!

Another example is the dodge many people use to discredit other religions by sending up ‘smoke signals’ that confuse the issue and negate real research.

An example of this is to declare that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) was born in Pennsylvania USA and not Palestine. How so? Well, he was born in a place called Bethlehem and Bethlehem can be found in Pennsylvania!

While it is true that Bethlehem is in Pennsylvania, the other distinguishing features of that time period will not compute for the United States. Hence, the only reason why people will bring this up is to create a false dodge for their own selfish reasons.

This practice is beautifully shown when discussing Isaiah Chapter 42. It would be catastrophic for Christian thinking that the place labeled Sela pointed to Medina in what is now known as Saudi Arabia. So, look for Sela in some other place!

However, all of the keys given in Chapter 42 together with Jewish and Arab history along with the other many descriptions/prophecies MUST ALSO FALL IN LINE AND BE SHOWN TO PARALLEL THAT AREA. Failure to do so is just a sign of a devilish attempt to block the truth from coming out. Those who do that have declared themselves enemies of GOD whether they believe it or not!