The opinion expressed by this author in all of his writings including this one is his sole opinion based on his study of the scriptures and no more and no less than his opinion. People are free to agree or disagree with the opinions found herein and should bring forth their evidence if they are telling the truth.

Doom, Doom, Doom goes the drum and most people just don’t get it. So the Great Disconnect continues but it is not going to go on forever. The monstrous systems that have been created by man and held so dearly in the heart will not fade away but will hang on in a kind of revitalized triumph to mans’ ingenuity or the lack thereof. And of course these beasts will be ripped from their very roots but only when the time is ready and not beforehand or so the Holy Records tell us.

The Angels are not amused. In this world which has become so splintered and fractionalized, the real Muslims have been placed between a rock and a hard place with very little room to maneuver. Terms like ‘Islamists’, ‘non-integration into society’, the Muslim Brotherhood and democracy are bandied about without too much care of thought or appropriate definition. Worse than this is the mood created by these terms which have churned out radically wild concepts and misplaced fears.

Basically, the world wants what it wants and that is freedom and glory to do as one dreams of doing or becoming. Therefore, meet the ‘god’ of the untamed self. So the ‘god’ of the self demands two great things: exalted success in this world and exalted success in the Hereafter. The two are not at all compatible though they can live uneasily side by side.

“For where your treasure {disposition} is, there will your heart be {inclined} also.

The light of the body is the eye {comes through those desires reaching the soul}: if therefore your eye be single {as to one purpose to serve THE GOD}, your whole body shall be full of light.

But if your eye {the window to the soul} be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness {that will cut you off from HIS LIGHT}!

No man can serve Two Masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve {both} GOD and Mammon {dishonest gain through greed as in worldly materialism and the drive to gain it}”    Matthew (6: 21-24)

Say: “Everyone acts according to his own disposition: but your LORD KNOWS BEST who it is that is best guided on THE WAY.”    Q (17: 84)

Real Muslims face huge problems in this world and they are, among other things, the facing of restraint in this world based on commonsense and knowledge of Islam, factionalism within their own ranks, the desire to hang on to supposedly successful systems and of course fear generated by those who have a vested interest in ignoring Real Reality.

However, there is the good news and the bad news. The bad news for the world is that in this age, the Fourth Age of man, which is rapidly drawing to a dramatic close, the dynamic forces in the world will not permit the successful reemergence of Islamic Law. The good news is that this faulty pipe dream that has been built up over the centuries because of fear of Islam is going to lead to mans’ near extinction.

These so-called thoughts just can’t be expressed so easily on paper. However, there is no real danger that Islam represents a destructive force to the world because it is forbidden in Islam to go against the Quran and try to ‘force’ the issue on a world that chooses to go its own way. Of course there have been a few miscreants who have desired to force people to alter their mindsets, for example, Nazism, Communism and al-Qaida, but this is strictly forbidden in Islam under the ‘freedom of choice’ given to mankind in democratic Islam.

Why has force been forbidden? It has been forbidden because real Islam does not use force to dominate populations to bend them towards a dictatorial way. That information can and will be challenged of course because of certain practices of the past and the misconceptions about the religion.

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: TRUTH stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in {THE ONE and ONLY GOD} Allah has grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah HEARETH and KNOWETH ALL THINGS.”      Q (2: 256)

What many people don’t understand and are not getting the correct picture of are the true historical accounts of what leads to contentions within society and between neighboring countries. If the majority of a society swears allegiance to Islamic practices and then flaunts their so-called allegiance by willful practices of insubordination, the society does have a right to punish the individuals or groups that broke their solemn promises while practicing deceitful agendas.

In other words, these hypocrites want all the benefits of ‘freedom’ offered in democratic Islam but want the freedom to keep these benefits while trying to tear down the system that gave that to them*.

A good example happened with the Indians in North America. When a peace treaty was signed between the warring parties, the United States government and certain Indian tribes, the government ceded certain lands to the Indians forever. However, when the economic interests of the United States government needed expansion, the so-called solemn peace treaty was breached and thrown in the garbage. Keeping one’s word became far outweighed by greed which equals $$$$$.

So what kind of just system is that? It is the ends justifying the means and yet another ‘quite necessary’ triumph over the virtues of truth, justice and honesty was had. Was that a vice? Yes, it was and those who engage in that similar activity whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim can be justified in believing that their god really loves vice over virtue. So where is the problem?

The problems are legion but the quirky idea is that ‘our god’ has really blessed this conniving action either because we are ‘bigger than HE is’ or else the pathway to our happy land (Paradise) is blest by the above virtue of vice (?) on account of ‘we’ are the chosen of HIM, or the chosen race of that god or the chosen people of that god or it is the destiny of some to be insubordinate to the truth. So now one can pick one’s own poison and try to make the ‘big sell’ a standard practice of ‘evil’ deceit which by the way the Israelis do very well!

If the world is thinking that Islam in this age will ‘force’ the issue of following Shariah Law or that one will be forced to become a Muslim, their idea is plainly and straightforwardly bunked and proven by real history to be totally false.

What is readily apparent to those who have a brain to think with is that Muslims must live within a strict code of non-violence concerning their neighbors and within their neighborhood unless they are personally attacked first. Islam is not a self-destructing religion that claims a person cannot defend himself when attacked.

Let people be practical instead of being deluded. For example, if society does not have electricity but has every appliance running off from small bottles of oil, what will happen to all of the life dependent on this oil if the oil runs out? The answer is obvious! Society will breakdown.

With the advancement of ‘modern day’ economics, the drive that goes along with it and some of the practices applied with it, one of the beasts talked about in the book, KILL THE BEAST, the same principle holds. How can there be a smooth transition from that humongous blob that so many people cherish (worship) without a complete derailment of society? The way people feel about it is that there can’t be. So the answer becomes a simple one. You like it, then live it and seemingly these people will strive for it as it feeds the engine of their collective societies.

Therefore, it now becomes impossible for any Muslim group to call for a general return to Shariah Law as between nations with the exceptions appearing in small pockets of society because in the main the world is NOT going to accept it and it is not for Muslims to rampage throughout the world to institute it.

However, any action does carry with it its own consequences and for surely it is true that the Angels are not amused. Therefore, patience, and an earnest desire to ‘keep of the law what can be kept’ while becoming a practicing ‘believer’ is of the utmost concern with today’s Muslim community searching for that allusive and often misunderstood term called ‘democracy’.

IN EVERYTHIG ALLAH ALONE KNOWS BEST. In my humble opinion in a couple of decades and perhaps a little bit more, the Earth will be visited by a massive, destructive ‘army’ called the Gog and Magog. This ‘army’ can be equated to a locust swarm that will devastate, rend and destroy everything in its path. What is left of society at that time will not be much**.

The story of the Gog and Magog will continue after a brief interruption, Insha Allah. The big debate concerns the Islamic Shariah Law and its implementation and the reasons why it can’t be done…NOW.

Whether one enjoys the program ‘Arabs’ Got Talent’ or what is better ‘The Price is Right’ won’t matter. Speaking of The Price is Right one can say and get a reply back to these questions: “So what is behind door number one?” “It is your death.” “So what is behind door number two?” “It is your death.” “So what is behind door number three?” “It is your death.” It is as simple as that.

The world is going on at such a quickened pace that it makes the mind spin. So a real big puzzle is presented which is not really a puzzle at all! It wasn’t but about fourteen hundred years ago that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and what he brought to mankind was riding high on top of the proverbial barrel. In today’s world as we have it, he (pbh) is just about at the bottom of the barrel.

It was the destiny of this personage (pbh) to bring back to awareness the sanctity of the one brotherhood of prophets, the contract between man and the Creator LORD and the way of approach of behavior of man on this planet which had been mostly put into a diluted form by the evils of those who sought to create mischief.

Those who sought to create mischief and their cohorts who preferred it that way due to their own dispositions joined an alliance whereby they enjoyed the systems that they were creating. But tampering with the truth has its own drawbacks such that real knowledge was slipping away from the people and self-created knowledge took over the rights and passages of the believer. And if any of them survived, what could they accomplish against well founded institutions of beguilement?

A look back at the people of Noah (pbh) and what became of them justifies this dramatic case especially in the reality of the world verses the LAWS OF ALLAH known as the practice of Islamic Shariah Law. In figuring that honesty is the best policy or ‘tell the truth even though it is bitter’ (‘Umar bin al-Khattab) is the best way to go, then one should go that route.

The overall picture can start first followed by the reasons for it. In the days of Noah (pbh) that prophet found a society entrenched in ‘peculiar’ beliefs so deeply cherished that a change of direction, respect and desire to follow Allah’s Laws presented by their prophet Noah (pbh) seemed impractical and rather stupid to those two-legged microbes walking around that area.

There were prophets before Noah (pbh) but the society he lived in had drifted off center so much that Real Reality was hard to come by. So when he entered the picture, people of his age were having the time of their lives in rejoicing in illegal and hurtful actions against their own souls although in the main they were not aware of it.

First of all, who was that individual who claimed that he wanted as if he was given a direct commission from THE ONE GOD to transform a comfortable society into a more ‘upright’ one? Besides having to eat ‘humble pie’, which they did not like nor did it appeal to them, those masses, who listened to ‘their wise ones’, felt that Noah (pbh) was insane or a troublemaking charlatan who only craved for attention or position amongst the successful ones of the day.

Even if Noah (pbh) was telling the truth, which he definitely was, it would require a very large turnaround to put society back on the right track and that would require earnest, joyful work in a task that few felt they could appreciate or endure having been used to what they were used to. So it became natural for them to believe in the fruitlessness of ‘righteous’ reform’ as presented by Noah (pbh). If one doesn’t put one’s mind, body and soul into it, then what good would it do?

However, Noah (pbh) did not come to browbeat his people or to force them into compliance by demanding that they would be bent to his will or demands. He but came as a warner to suggest to his people that their failure in looking at and enjoying their massive corruptions would NOT go unanswered. So he communicated to them of the dire consequences of their ‘thumbing their collective noses’ at their Creator LORD and he also talked about the time for ACCONTABILITY at the end of times in a JUDGMENT that certainly must take place.

The reaction of his people was nothing less than to hurl insults at THE GOD and also at HIS servant Noah (pbh). First of all, how dare THE GOD have the nerve to upset what they have created in their own ‘balanced’ society for their own misguided enjoyment? It was bad enough to listen to some old crazy coot that claimed that he was getting instruction from some formless thing on HIGH; therefore, making himself out to be some sort of ruler over them.

Secondly, if what he was saying was true, and they didn’t want to change their ways they would then have to band together to take on his GOD and make HIM think twice about what HE demanded. Furthermore, HE could put that in HIS pipe and smoke it! Saying that Noah’s people were an arrogant and ignorant lot is actually quite understating the facts!

The ‘thinkers’ in Noah’s time did somewhat consider Noah’s (pbh) proposition but dismissed it outright because of the massive problems it would cause and besides what benefit would it have for them and their life of ease and comfort? And there were actually thinkers in his time just like in these times.

“Relate to them the story of Noah. Behold! He said to his People: “O my People, if it be hard on your (mind) that I should stay (with you) and remind (you) of the Signs of Allah – yet I put my trust in Allah – get you then an agreement about your plan and among your partners so your plan will not to be to you dark and dubious. Then pass your sentence on me and give me no respite.

But if you turn back (consider this): No reward have I asked of you. My reward is only due from Allah, and I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allah’s Will (in Islam).”

They {his people} rejected him but WE delivered him and those with him in the ARK and WE made them to inherit (the earth) while we drowned in the Flood those who rejected OUR SIGNS. Then see what was the end of those who were warned (But HEEDED NOT)!

Then after him WE sent (many) messengers to their (individual Peoples): They brought them Clear Signs but they would not believe what they already rejected beforehand! Thus do WE SEAL the HEARTS of the TRANSGRESSORS.”   Q (10: 71-74)

None can dispute about the SIGNS of ALLAH but the Unbelievers. Let not then their strutting about through the land be of deception to you!

But (there were people) before them who denied (the SIGNS of ALLAH) – the People of Noah, and the Confederates after them; and every People plotted against their prophet, to seize him and to dispute {against him} by means of vanities so as to obliterate the TRUTH: but it was I {Allah} that seized them! And how terrible was MY REQUITAL!”     Q (40: 4-5)

“How many generations have WE destroyed after Noah? And enough is your LORD to note and see the sins of HIS servants.

If any do wish {but for only the} transitory things (of this life – Mammon), WE readily grant them such things as WE WILL to such persons as WE WILL: in the end have WE provided Hell for them: they will burn therein, DISGRACED and REJECTED.

Those who do wish {sincerely} for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefore with all due striving and have Faith – they are the ones whose striving will be thanked (by Allah).”    Q (17: 17-19)

Now we come to the modern era and lo and behold we find that there is nothing new underneath the Sun. The world was given GOD’s LAWS in the form of the Shariah about fourteen-hundred years ago and what do you think about the universal mankind’s opinion on that?

First of all, the statement ‘there is NO compulsion in religion’ is one thing. Secondly, a close look into this diverse multi-religious, cultural, political world is another thing. This world is quite diverse and fractious which appears like a multi-headed, uncoordinated monster at times with lots of agendas to be deciphered.

One can take modern day Tunisia, for example. This is basically a 100% Muslim country but the population is far divided in what it wants as an ‘up lifter’ to human societal dignity in the form of democratic change. With this type of fragmentation fermenting, it is no wonder that man is indeed in trouble. And if this is from a ‘Muslim nation’ what are people to think who are from non-Muslim nations?

Man’s thoughts concerning ‘The Angels are not amused’ range from the highly excitable notion that there are no such things as Angels to the limited intelligence of saying, “so what and who cares!” We live and we die and we continue as a species and we throw our ‘tithes’ to the wind and it is HIS job to collect them if HE wants. Besides, who is HE to bother with us in our affairs?

As in the case with the people of Noah (pbh), they were soon to find out the devastating results of their collective insolence that they harbored within the breasts. Then the rains came and the ground also poured forth its water and guess who got caught on the short end of the stick!

Noah’s nation, which indeed did have some types of religious/philosophical beliefs, was caught in the lurch because they were given the truth but the vast majority rejected it while preferring their own systems of corruption to their Creator’s Warnings.

**The Gog and Magog are represented in the Old Testament and the Quran as real entities. This is NOT a fictitious fairytale but an actual fact. We, the human race, have been warned of this great destructive force that will come and devour much of what man has called civilization and rend all of the institutions within their range that man has called practices and ways of thinking into broken pieces that will not be put back together again.

First of all, few can understand this great army without the knowledge that ‘all’ are servants of the ONE GOD. The word servant here does NOT only apply to good people like Moses, Jesus or Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all). The word ‘servant’ means that which is preplanned to occur and that which will be fulfilled, by HIS COMMAND.

The above thought takes in a lot of territory such that even the Great Flood that destroyed most of the People of Noah was a servant of Allah, THE ONE GOD. When one looks at it this way, there is no chance to believe in GOD as a part-time caretaker over the Earth or an avuncular-type person acting in totally benign ways as if he were semi-confused about things.

What are the Gog and Magog according to scripture? They are an army of peoples whose job is to sweep across that part of the Earth determined by Allah to destroy, pillage and teardown anything and everything in its path. In effect, to kill all human life forms on this planet and to rip up anything and everything that society has built up over the millennia of centuries which we would call civilization.

This great army will come towards the very end of the Great Signs as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and NO ARMY or ANY CIVILIZATION will be able to stop them. They are the equivalent of the human-type locusts that will come and devour and destroy. They are the ones who will declare “We have killed those who are in the earth; come and let us kill those who are in heaven.”

As lofty as their criminal ideals may seem, they will not be able to do this, however. But make no mistake about one thing. There is no army in any place on this Earth that will be able to defeat them or stop them from pursuing their lustful goals!

Some may suggest that we have nuclear weapons or well-trained armies to combat them and send them to their collective deaths. Have those delusional people not reflected on the Holy Records? There will be none able to contest those human-type locusts, NO, NONE AT ALL!

When the Great Signs are coming to a close and the Earth itself is shaken to its core and people who are left on the Earth’s surface are in a daze and the Anti-christ still roams the territories he is to roam, i.e. before his death, this mighty and great army will be unleashed causing terror and destruction in its wake. So where are the mighty armies of man then?

Even the presence of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will not be able to stop the Gog and Magog. Even though he is a Vicegerent right blest, the deed of wiping out that hideous army is way beyond his capacity as the records do say.

So what are we looking at here? We are looking at a massive army coming to annihilate the world’s population, its institutions and way of life – good, bad or indifferent. However, they will not have things all their own way!

Although the world’s population at that time will not be able to oppose them and therefore must be obliterated when they come into contact with this dreadful force, many of this terrible army, it is thought, will be destroyed from NON-manmade missiles from above. Those missiles are called asteroids and are not man’s doing or under his laws or control.

The Book of Ezekiel (pbh) found in the Old Testament is one of the ‘dark books’ that contains a lot of imagery that even scholars in today’s world cannot fathom. However, there are some sayings in that book that are plain enough to understand. One such verse follows:

And I will turn you back {O GOG} and leave but {only} the sixth part of you and will cause you to come up from the north parts, and will bring you upon the mountains of Israel.      Ezekiel (39: 2)

From the Quran:

But there is a ban on any population which WE have destroyed: that they shall not return,

Until the Gog and Magog (people) are let through (their barrier) and they will swiftly swarm from every hill.

Then will the True Promise draw nigh (of fulfillment): Then behold! The eyes of the Unbelievers will fixedly stare in horror: “Ah! Woe to us! We were indeed heedless of this; nay, we truly did wrong!”     Q (21: 95-97)

There is also several hadiths from the Prophet (pbh) concerning the Gog and Magog but only one needs to be reproduced in part here. The following hadith is quite lengthy and is used for several purposes including giving a ‘time frame’ of events that must surely come to pass. Some of the hadith material has been cut out due to the lack of relevancy concerning the subject being dealt with – the Gog and Magog.

An-Nawwas b. Saman told that God”s Messenger of Allah (pbh) mentioned the Dajjal saying, “… He will be a youth with curly hair and a floating eye that I might compare to Abd al-Uzza b. Qatan.  Those of you who live till his time should recite over him the opening verse of Sura al-Kahf … “But at that very moment, God will send the Messiah son of Mary who will descend at the white minaret in the east of Damascus wearing two garments dyed with saffron and placing his hands on the wings of two angels.  When he lowers his head, it will drip and when he raises it, beads like pearls will scatter from it.  Every infidel who feels the odor of his breath will die and his breath will reach as far as he can see.  He will then seek him {the Anti-christ} till he catches up with him at the gate of Ludd and kills him.  People whom God has protected from him will then come to Jesus who will wipe their faces and tell them of the ranks they will have in Paradise.  While this is happening, God will reveal to Jesus that He has brought forth servants of His with whom no one will be able to fight and tell him to collect His servants at {the Holy mountain} at-Tur.  God will then release Gog and Magog and they will swarm down from every slope.  The first of them will pass the lake of Tiberias {also known as the Sea of Galilee} and drink its contents and when the last of them passes he will say there was once water there.  They will then journey till they come to the mountain of thickets which is the mountain of Jerusalem and will say, “We have killed those who are in the earth; come and let us kill those who are in heaven.”  They will then shoot their arrows into the sky and God will send their arrows back to them dyed with blood; and God”s prophet {Jesus} and his companions will be restrained till an ox-head seems better to one of them than a hundred dinars do to you today.  God”s prophet Jesus and his companions will then beseech God who will send to them {the Gog peoples} insects in their necks and in the morning they will have perished as if they were one person.  God”s prophet Jesus and his companions will then come down to the earth {from the mountain at-Tur} and will not find in the earth as much space as a span which is not filled with their putrefaction and stench.  God”s casino online prophet Jesus and his companions will then beseech God who will send birds with necks like those of Bactrian camels and they will carry them and throw them where God wills.  (A version says they will throw them in an-Nahbal and the Muslims will burn their bows, arrows and quivers for seven years.)  God will then send a rain, which no house of clay or camel’s wool will keep out, and it will wash the earth till it leaves it like a mirror.  The earth will then be told to bring forth its fruit and restore its blessings, and on that day a company of people will eat a pomegranate and seek shelter in its skin, and the milk will be blessed so that a milch-camel will be sufficient for a number of people, a cow in milk will be sufficient for a tribe of men and a ewe will be sufficient for a clan of men.  At that time, *** God will send a pleasant wind which will take them under their armpits and the spirit of every … Muslim will be taken, but the wicked people will remain in the earth and will be disorderly like asses.  Then the last hour will come to them.”

(Muslim transmitted it; except for the second version which is “They will throw them into an-Nahbal … seven years.”  Tirmidhi transmits that.)

***As we have seen so often in the past the word ‘time’ is not to be taken as man would take ‘ordinary’ time. For one thing, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) who was a prophet before his second coming but is not acting in the capacity of a prophet in his second coming but rather as a ‘priest-king’ as a disposer of affairs for the ONE LORD will live on this Earth for 45 years, will marry and have children.

Society will continue after his passing but will be going downhill in the form of entropy which exists on this Earth even in the kingdom of paradise on this Earth, until that remainder of the Islamic Ummah (nations of peoples) is taken up by this ‘pleasant wind’ and then shall the useless refuse of wickedness (those who will be disorderly like asses) inherit their own kingdom or the Sixth Age for a span of time until the Final Judgment comes forth into reality.

As we can see from the above hadith, what is left of this horrible and devastating army will wind up in the Holy Land and after completely drinking up the Sea of Galilee, which is a pretty big lake but their numbers are still so very large; they will continue southward and continue out their devastations.

Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) with a few companions will have been given notice of that army’s horrible arrival and will flee to the Holy Mountain of at-Tur whence they will proceed to petition Allah with great concentration and deep earnestness for their safety and the survival of HIS TRUTH.

Then that army which overturned and destroyed what it was meant to overturn and destroy will in less than one day be visited by a special creation of Allah that will kill all of the Gog peoples and they will be no more. So will end the purge of this planet and the rebuilding of the era called the ‘paradise on Earth’ can begin in earnest.

The important thing to remember about this topic or any other topic that comes within what mankind calls religious bounds is to realize one important point. That point is simple but hard to establish amongst people claiming certain faiths. The point is in looking at the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and their relationship to the truth.

Simply put, if the honest and earnest scholars of any true faith were to be granted the time and the meeting place to discuss the prophecies of the Prophet (pbh) as pertaining to their accuracy, could anyone come forward and show that his ‘predictions’ were in error? If so, then examples must be given about this point as to why he made an error in his predictions.

The point of the matter is quite plain for any honest individual especially scholars. So far, all of which the Prophet (pbh) has spoken about found in the ‘official sanctioned records’, whether one believes him to be a prophet or not, has come true. It is true that some things that he said have not yet taken place simply because they have not yet occurred.

Therefore, the understanding as to the Gog and Magog as to what we can know should be safely assumed to be correct data if we take it from the Prophet (pbh) rather than depending upon the whims of confused individuals or other ‘dreamers’ of confused thoughts.

From the book, HE IS NOT MY ANCESTOR with minor adaptations   pages 123-126

*“Every nation on Earth has its hypocrites and every Holy Book ever sent down to mankind talks about these villainous creatures that love to try and blow out the Light with their mouths and devise horrendous plots to drive men to confusion and to the pathway of darkness.

Note it well that the hypocrites shall go to the lowest abyss of Hell, and you will not find any helper for them.   Quran (4: 145)

The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, whereas, in fact, Allah has deceived them.       Quran (4: 142)

Ever since the first prophet came to mankind, the hypocrites have been attached to man as a test. Towards the end of this current age (Fourth Age) there will be the ‘great war’ in which one third of the Muslim army will turn on their backs and run away and will never be forgiven by Allah. This hadith given by the Prophet (pbh) shows the flimsiness of faith professed by these so-called Muslims at that time. Islam does not hide the truth nor does it whitewash the realities.

The rejecters of Al-Islam are called disbelievers because they can feel free (or so they think) to accept some things from their Creator Lord and to reject other things like certain commandments or prophets. Therefore, they are paltry believers ranked among the disbelievers but of a higher rank than those who totally reject faith.

The hypocrites, on the other hand, represent wolves in sheep’s clothing and are very dangerous because the knife in the back has been expressed with more loathing than a mere frontal assault. Maududi’s explanation of hypocrisy covers many footnotes in his Tafsir with various examples and shades of meaning. One very succinct piece follows.

“The hypocrites of every age enjoy and have always enjoyed all the benefits conferred by Islam, by professing it with their tongue, and nominally joining the Muslim Community. At the same time they enjoy all the benefits they can derive from the disbelievers, by mixing with them and assuring them, “We are not bigoted Muslims though we are nominally connected with them. We are akin to you in culture, in thoughts and in the way of life and our interest and loyalties are the same as yours. Therefore, you should rest assured that we will side with you in the conflict between Islam {correct belief and judgments} and Kufur {disbelief}.”   (Taken from The Meaning of the Quran, note # 171 p. 176 vol. II, Surah AN-Nisa, verse 141).

Most of the world is locked in a system of disbelief to varying degrees from the very slight to the deep expressions of arrogance. It takes a courageous person to let go of culture, tradition, old wives tales and most importantly pride and arrogance to develop an attitude of truth. It can’t be done in people who have a crooked diseased heart or who are impudent schemers.

For example, the term ‘Israel’, the name given to Jacob (pbh), means servant of Allah. A close look at the real truth of Israel (the physical country called Israel today) will show people that this term would be used for those that followed the Divine Guidance and not for common every day use as some people would like to have one believe. Hence, the term of ‘holy Israel’ I used in my first book did not apply to the physical Israel found in today’s world. Maududi’s Tafsir, in a balanced way, brings to light valuable insights as to the Jewish temperament. What can one be afraid of when the truth is uncovered?

An Islamic tradition of the Prophet says that one will be in the Hereafter with the one that he loves. This is great news for the true believers but utter degradation and horror for the criminals and because all souls took a covenant before coming to Earth the claim of ignorance will not shield anyone from the Hell-Fire.

However, help comes in many ways and the best of ways is in understanding Islam and not uncontrolled violence. So help comes from the understanding of fortitude and endurance. How will Jesus and his companions deal with the Gog and Magog? They won’t use weapons. They won’t be engaged in useless discussions. They will use prayer and special du‘ah in their trust in the One True God by calling on Him with sincerity and earnestness. These are the weapons that make tanks, planes and bombs look like nothingness in today’s world as Allah Wills. These are the weapons of terror of a higher quality than the gun. It is not that the sword doesn’t have its place because it does but the Word {of Allah} will always be mightier than the sword.

The world is after all the world and the worldly don’t give a hoot about the awareness of God’s Divine Laws. What the worldly people want is their vested self-interest to be looked after and petted. This is why the ignorant (uninformed or uneducated) peoples are often dazzled by speeches and promises luring them into false hopes while manipulating their emotional common sense. Hence, as the complete records point out, billions of people must die to prove a point. The point is that people are indeed accountable for their actions and belief systems and the one who refuses to humble himself to the Divine Will and ask for His Mercy, Forgiveness and Guidance will not prosper on the Last Day of Judgment. On the contrary, they will be exposed as transgressors and be thrown into the Fire”.

From the book, HE IS NOT MY ANCESTOR with minor adaptations   pages 127-131

“The Arab countries as well as all other countries have agreed that all established countries belonging to the United Nations have the right to exist. Israel being a charter member of the U.N. does have the right to exist. It also has the right and the duty imposed on it to obey all of the international treaties and U.N. Resolutions. What goes on outside its borders is not its business as long as there is neither subversion aimed at it nor any subversion aimed against its neighbors. Therefore, Israel must have secure and well-defined borders instead of amorphous ones that seem to expand as time goes by.

They have no right to guarantee peoples’ rights outside these well-defined borders as in interfering in another state. They have the right to complain about the treatment of its citizens in another country and pointing out any discrepancies of human treatment by showing the evidence in front of the U. N. but they have no right to take any action detrimental to peace outside its defined and concrete borders because its citizens residing in another country are free to leave that country and reside in Israel.

Therefore, in seeing that the future of peace looks bleak in the Middle East, the U.N. needs to be given greater powers to ensure that full and biting sanctions would be put in place regarding any renegade state (a state not abiding by its agreements) and any mischievous helpers of that state. Full adherence to this rule and a strong will to enforce it, sends out a notice that hanky-panky politics and double crossing hypocrisy will not be tolerated or encouraged.

The U.N. is not put in place to demand that certain philosophies, races or creeds run any country. It is put in place to see that commitments are honored and not abrogated by mere whims of paranoiac people or great soothsayers of doom. In this way, all legitimate countries are put on one level playing field while encouraging each other to play by the rules and discouraging each other from acting contrary to the good intent of their neighbors.

It has been rumored that Israel has several atomic bombs stockpiled somewhere in their country. That is fine with me. They can have a thousand of those bombs. The point is that no one should meddle in their internal affairs. Likewise, if any of their neighbors wish to import thousands of missiles capable of delivering one thousand pound bombs and capable of reaching targets as far away as 400 miles then that is their business and Israel has no right to meddle in another country’s internal affairs.

O Israel, other countries are not your servants nor are they your surrogates to manipulate at will.

Because a democratic regime is supposed to be responsible, let it be free to be responsible. It is unacceptable in this modern age to have one country lord it over others.

For over thirty years the big issue has not been Israel’s right to exist no matter what dodge they have given to the world body and what America has preached to the world. The real facts are quite different and show that all the countries surrounding Israel would accept them and their right to exist. However, the real reason for all the brouhaha in the Middle East is that Israel has no real fixed borders and therefore could conceivably expand to take in all of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and parts of Saudi Arabia etc by one form or another. This is based on the land grab policies as it slowly expanded from a set and established territory since 1948.

Non-native Israelis within an existing country that had no vote on the matter established the territory of Israel. That shoots democracy out the window right there. However, letting bygones be bygones the Israelis cannot get any respect from its neighbors due to its democratic policies of treating the native inhabitants as bloodthirsty ‘sand niggers’. Their so-called two-state solution will be to put a few tightly controlled cities appropriately called reservations but window-dressed up as a separate sovereign nation called a Palestinian State. And this hypocritical dodge is put down as ‘democracy in action’.

All of Israel’s neighbors are ready to guarantee Israel’s right to exist based on a fair and just implementation of the U.N. Resolutions. So-called extremist countries or Israel’s non-direct neighbors may have another agenda but they are not Israel’s neighbors and they would be dealt with swiftly and painfully as a dangerous rouge state by all the Middle Eastern countries as well as the world at large. Hence, the wind has just been knocked out of Israel’s sails and they and their friends are shown up as the real impediments to peace. As one man once said, “Come on gentlemen, you can’t end up having it both ways. So stop bringing to the table two faces.”

The reign that they are given has deluded them. They think that since they are not being punished in spite of their denial, they must be on the right path whereas they are following the path of ruin.

According to Maududi, “What distinguishes a Muslim from a non-Muslim is that the latter claims absolute freedom but the former considers himself to be the servant of Allah and uses only that amount of freedom which Islam allows him. The non-Muslims judge all matters in accordance with the rules and regulations made by themselves and do not believe that they stand in need of Divine Guidance. In contrast to this, Muslims first of all, turn to Allah and His Messenger for guidance about everything and abide by their decision.”

A saying from Caliph ‘Umar – “The best way of punishing the one who does not fear Allah in his dealings with you is that you should fear Allah in your dealings with Him (Allah).” This is a good expression from Caliph ‘Umar. Students of comparative religion might appreciate this saying as it enlightens one on the correct meaning of the expression of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) when he declared to his followers concerning the ‘turning of one’s cheek’. This shows the superiority of a strong believer over a weak one and it also shows how one, with Allah’s permission, is putting ‘fire’ on the head of the disbeliever.

It can be argued from this that ‘we’ will suffer much but cannot win. The idea in this world is not to win the intangible stuff and to live forever but to do several things. The right approach is to do the honorable things in dignity and in justice. Of course that takes patience, time, effort and the willingness to suffer. Why must people suffer so much? We haven’t entered paradise yet and this world is a breeding ground for the careless, the disbeliever and those who are moving in channels of making up their minds as to what side of the fence they want to land on. These things are not a ‘quickie’ proposition whereby man has instant access to upright behavior.

The Western philosophy of ‘peace on Earth and good will to mankind’ is according to the Quran an illusion. It won’t be an illusion in an earthly paradise to come but in the ordinary ages of mankind, Earth is seen as a testing ground to the submission of truth, it is just a testing ground. So, man must ever be engaged in toiling upwards to establish his record of deserving this paradise.

The disbeliever can be likened to a rock that is hard. Hard of hearing, seeing and understanding and believing that he will get his way and enjoy superior conditions for the totality of his life. Like a rock that has no brain or is incapable of {independent} thought, he does not understand the peril he is creating for himself. He can neither create his past, nor his present or future. If the rock remains in its place, it will {eventually} be moved. Even the mountains, as scientists know so well, have been taken down and removed. It may have taken millions of years but they have been moved.”

The much better example is found in the New Testament whereby Jesus (pbh) describes the parable of the sower that explains all things in this connection and is a great example of actual life on Earth, Matt. (13: 3-32). But minds grow careless and hearts grow cold and so man tries to accomplish what devious things he can try and get away with and while being reminded of wisdom or the brotherhood of prophets, he grows angry and contemptuous and his heart decays and receives no light. Hence, the peril and the judgment {he faces} in that he had no real confidence in his Creator Lord.”

So what can Muslims do in this day and age? They can follow their Prophet (pbh) as best as they can. Because this is the era of turmoil and tumult, a Muslim needs to be patient and endure.

Not all who claim to be Muslims or helpers of Muslims are telling the truth in this somewhat treacherous world. Therefore, it should be known that in one’s dealings with people in their business, prayer and ability to keep one’s word is a sign of those who give signs.

The tongue has been described by the Prophet (pbh) as being deadlier than the sword in wounding people and in stirring up Fitna. Therefore, beware of the tongue as it can be a ‘killer of the heart and a destroyer of accumulated good deeds’.

Avoid the generalities of ‘groups of people’ but when keeping private council keep it amongst only the (trusted) few to avoid suspicion and ‘loose talk’.

Be in good spirits for things that happen have meanings but we don’t know what they portend. The weight of the world is great but the one who can smile at others is greater.

Above all, petition THE ONE WHO HEARS ALL AND UNDERSTANDS ALL THINGS AND PROVIDES AN OPPENING FOR A RELIEF. If a person can’t move a simple fly, know that HE is THE ONE WHO can move mountains!

O ALLAH! YOU ARE THE POSSESSER OF ALL MIGHT AND MAJESTY (AZZA wa JAL) AND YOU ARE THE ALIVE (AL-HAYY) AND THE SELF-SUBSISTING (AL- QAYYOM) FOR NONE CAN OPPOSE YOUR WILL! Grant that the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) will be Pre-eminent on the Last Day of Judgment – Ameen! And grant that the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) be Victorious – Ameen!