“By God, a group of people will enter the Garden of Eden first on the day of resurrection. These people did not pray or fast more than others, nor perform the hajj or Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca more often than others. The honor is due to the worth of their minds.”       Ali ibn Abi Talib

There is a lot of information concerning religion out there floating around including TV shows, radio, books, computer and personal contacts of various kinds including self-awareness sessions. It all boils down to something radically simple such as ‘no two snowflakes are completely alike’ although they are of the same substance. The same is with people and so the expression ‘whatever floats your boat’ works just as well if it is understood that the action one takes is legitimately legal religious-wise.

Did you see what was done there? The ‘do what comes naturally’ philosophy MUST be underscored by a correct and legal system that approves it. Some rigorous thought and testing must therefore be involved if certain thoughts are to be maintained as credible. And these things must be tested if one goes beyond simple understandings.

For example, the idea that Isaiah (pbh) in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament both supposedly allude to the death of a Jesus-type character when the Quran declares that he didn’t die can bring on several possibilities to one who is open to the search for the truth. The end result is that ONLY ONE STANDARD CAN BE USED FOR JUDGEMENT. That standard, as I have pointed out and proven with concrete evidence from the Old Testament (Zephaniah, 3: 9-10) and some Arabic internal evidence, is THE GLORIOUS QURAN.

For me, it will be noted that I said, “OK” and then I moved on. Jesus or the Jesus that came around 2,000 years ago didn’t die yet but in order to handle the notions that Isaiah (pbh) and Paul put forward is to put their expressions into ‘context’ and see if there is a key somewhere to open up an understanding.

This key would have to come only from approved sources to make it more concrete. These sources, for me at least, would have to be written sources. Not any written sources would do but ONLY SOURCES LABLED AS FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK! Therefore, even if other religions would concur, it wouldn’t count in my notion as a concrete reality.

I don’t think that ALLAH talks about the ‘People of the BOOK’ and also made it known not to destroy their places of worship as a green light to ‘slandering’ their religious documents even though they have some errors. Much of their errors come from what philosophies they have built up through misappropriating and misunderstanding their book’s own internal declarations.

For a simple example, even a person not ‘religiously minded’ and totally ignorant of Gnostic writings like the Gospel of John, should be able to understand, if the ‘heart’ is open, that the Spirit of truth featured in John is actually a human being who will be sent at some time after Jesus (pbh) in the capacity of a prophetic human representative. In other words, another prophet will come to reclaim the ‘truth of reality’ and will be a person who has no ax to grind or any agenda type philosophy to spin – only 100% truth to give. And this presupposes that there are plenty of lies being offered up in the place of truth or else why is that person needed to come anyway.

Of course lifestyles, different agendas and the color of our own consciousness will play a role on whether we can be free of the ‘darkness that tends to hold and drag us down into the pit of ignorance’ and thus not guided to the truth.

In the deep past maybe one could weave fairytales of wonder into a sort of reality but in our modern world it doesn’t work that way. So, what can be done by our serious seekers of knowledge?

  1. If a person needs and wants to get information for enlightened spiritual success in any religion, one must go back to the FOUNDATIONS of the source with the stress on getting as close to the original sources of information as possible.
  2. A person needs to be able to use various approved ‘internal’ sources to explain or to enlighten one as to what is being discussed. For example, if a person has no ability to ‘backup, expand or open up’ an avenue for explanation of how many times a person (Muslim) must pray in a day and how many units each prayer has as to only the basics and attempts to use only the Quran as a word-for-word source, he will fail. However, if he uses various verses in the Quran and follows acceptable hadiths, explanations from the Prophet (pbh), then that person should be able to arrive at the reality of the truth concerning prayer.

So the idea is that one must look deep into the ‘texts’ in order to verify and support any concept, idea or notion that may not be ‘readily’ available to interested parties UNDER THE NOTION OF COURSE THAT IF IT IS NOT SO MUCH ‘PLAIN AS THE NOSE ON ONE’S FACE’ THEN, EVEN THOUGH IT MAY BE 100% CORRECT, IT IS NOT OF GREAT MAJOR IMPORTANCE.

From APPENDIX A in the book, “He Is Not My Ancestor

‘ … “O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”   Quran (20: 114)

The Quran directs man not only to ponder over the creation but also to seek out knowledge. Seeking out rightful knowledge helps the believer to do several things:

  1. His faith becomes stronger as well as his belief in the qualities of Allah.
  2. He becomes more acute to the accountability and praise for Allah.
  3. He is in a position to earn greater rewards form Allah (Allah Willing).
  4. Because he is stronger in awareness, he is less likely to be taken in by wonders and deviant notions.
  5. Upon his death all rewards cease except in three cases and one of these is the passing on of knowledge that may help his fellow man to see things more clearly.

However, knowledge in Islam is not willy-nilly or just any kind of knowledge. It must be used correctly and or applied correctly. It is good to have a debate on the purpose of knowledge and the correct application of the same so that certain misunderstandings, when they arise, can be put in a proper perspective. It is with this idea in mind that I turn to Sayyid Maududi‟s work, The Meaning of the Quran.

Knowledge comes in many forms and has many faces. Some of these faces are in the areas of conjecture and suppositions as well as in the science of passing on meanings of the verses of the Quran, the sayings of the Prophet (pbh) and their meanings and comparative religion showing His Oneness and Completeness. Knowledge is akin to truth and so can be used to uplift, enlighten, prepare and explain. Knowledge has to be channeled so that it can do the above things. Therefore, correct knowledge and the use thereof should have its basis in Islam and not philosophical ideology.

What is forbidden is not conjecture as such but excessive conjecture and following every kind of conjecture, and the reason given is that some conjectures are sins

One kind of conjecture is that which is morally approved and laudable, and desirable and praiseworthy from a religious point of view, e.g. a good conjecture in respect to Allah and His Messenger and the believers and those people with whom one comes in common contact daily and concerning whom there may be no rational ground for having an evil conjecture.’

We can use the idea of differential equations as an example. Yes, they do exist and yes, if you don’t know anything about them, does NOT mean that your life is useless or that you should never have been born or that you are less than a human in the eyes of GOD! The knowledge of differential equations, while very useful, should never be used as a criterion for the existence of human life.

So the so-called ‘knowledge’ of how Jesus (pbh) was NOT crucified and what practically happened leading up to this so-called event has been documented in these sources on this website. Also, in my estimation, certain mysteries have been partially solved and explained, at least to my satisfaction, such that a greater understanding of truth in the ONENESS of GOD, the SCRIPTURES and the UNITY OF TRUTH have been given.

An example of the above came with the ‘breakthrough’ in understanding what was meant by prophet Isaiah’s (pbh) declaration of the Jesus-type of character being ‘BURIED WITH THE RICH’ Isaiah (53: 9)!!! The Christians jumped at that expression and used it as a great proof of their philosophy of the crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) and one of the places where Islam is wrong. It is also used to cancel out, in my mind at least, the veracity of Islam as to being a true religion. This would lead to some people having the so-called ‘goods’ on Islam so as to put Islam in a bad light.

However, without throwing back mud on the faces of the Islam hatters, I used the concept of what prophet Isaiah (pbh) was talking about to PROVE ISLAM AS TO BEING COMPLETELY ACCURATE. And other things also I have used to show how Islam is correct and actually DOES HARMONIZE with the past religions from amongst the People of the Book. For an example of this see the article called, “Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus

The end result is that Islam is correct and its detractors are using either falsified beliefs/philosophies or other nefarious activities to try and negate Islam as the RELIGION OF TRUTH AND THE ONLY PATHWAY ACCEPTABLE TO THE ONE GOD WHEN JESUS THE MESSIAH RETURNS, see Acts (3: 22-23) as well as the Quran (3: 83-85) which verifies the above statement!

It is interesting to note that when Jesus (pbh) returns he will enforce the ‘LAW’ from this ‘source’ (Prophet) but will have 12,000 angels at his command to make sure things are on the up and up. That knowledge is accomplished by using ‘inter New Testament’ verses to connect with each other in providing a greater understanding of the truth!

As to his killing of swine, one can also imagine that his would be detractors are actually the proverbial swine thus excluding the notion of Jesus (pbh) going to every nook and cranny on Earth having a ‘pig’ hunt. Although it can be admitted, there is nothing wrong with him killing any pigs found in his territory.

In another case, the notion of Paul being a ‘generic’ Muslim which is seemingly opposed by many Muslim ‘preachers’ on TV or in books is NOT a great deal. However, I have laid out my evidence in various places (using historical and various internal scriptural evidence) to show that Paul was not a villain opposed to Jesus (pbh).*

*Romans (4: 25) and especially 1 Corinthians (15: 3) gives us a head scratcher just like Isaiah (53: 9) did about the church’s teachings on the so-called ‘death’ of Christ. Remember, however, in a true detective story if one wants to paint a certain philosophical picture of the importance of a physical cross, one has the opportunity to ‘jury-rig’ the evidence by a small stroke of the pen (addition or subtraction of words not found in the original and or by introducing one’s own understanding into ‘Divine Writ’.

However, when one notes what is written in these verses that something is ‘passed on to you’ (such that Christ died for our sins) meaning AN IDEA TO the fledgling believers and that what is passed on to you is ‘according to the scriptures’ a new notion comes to mind which is quite different than what Christian philosophy spouts.

The ‘according to the scripturesCANNOT be New Testament writings which haven’t been written yet but must be an attempt to understand a difficult concept (like Isaiah’s idea) put in a Gnostic format from OLD TESTAMENT WRITINGS. To prove a point, Paul DID DENY the physical crucifixion of Jesus in that (according to Paul) Jesus’ so-called crucifixion in the flesh amounted to a Stumbling Block to the Jews and Utter Foolishness to the Greeks as I have stated many times before.

And in 2 Peter (3: 15-17) Paul is pictured as a good man but one who puts out notions, though NOT wrong, are very complex and will in the future (a prophecy that came true) allow the defective people (defective in heart) to literally ‘fall off the cliff’ of righteousness just like their crooked forbearers had done so in the past! And this has been explained in the Quran as to those who actually strongly desire ‘invented fantasy’ to the real truth will be left to their own vain wanderings! Also, Paul in Thessalonians, I believe, declares this same concept which matches the same sentiment as found in the Quran.

The bottom line, however, must be an admission that we were not actually present when all these ‘Pauline’ events were taking place. The only ‘factual’ historical evidence that we can touch on with a descent amount of authority is the Acts, which to me, contains a pro-Pauline stance from one of his supposedly part-time followers as well as a few great verses explaining the dire need to follow the way of truth brought by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) – the one who must be listened to or else! I figure that has to count for something!

Once again, this notion is NOT key for salvation! It only represents an exposition in the search for truth and might allow one, GOD WILLING, to let one shine a light on various human endeavors. It does have a tendency though to bring out some good facets on ‘Comparative Religion’ as well as an understanding somewhat of the ‘factuality of the Christ-soul’ as to being, whatever the appearance, totally and understandably human.

And also there is the possible explanation as to the ‘wonders of Jesus’ being looked at from an entirely new angle based solely on the understanding of the ‘gift’ (commandment) he received from his LORD as recorded in the Gospel of John. According to the Quran the prophets were given so-called ‘gifts’ some above others. It doesn’t mean that we, the followers, inherit these gifts, however.

In using this understanding of the Christ-soul, one might be able to perceive that Paul, in Romans (4: 25) and especially 1 Corinthians (15: 3) was talking about something else concerning the Christ-soul and NOT the ‘death’ of Jesus (pbh) quite simply because Jesus (pbh) hasn’t died yet and Paul knew that**! This has been very briefly touched upon in the article, “A Veil of Tears” and “Rich Man, Poor Man, Bagger Man, King or the Legacy.”

**Paul had been in contact with the original Companions of Jesus (pbh) though only at brief moments as well as having a ‘preaching partner’ in Barnabas – one of the ‘trusted ones’ to give out the message. He also, participated with those schools of thought being themselves in communication with the original Companions.

By that understanding it doesn’t make Jesus (pbh) any more or less human but gives us a kind of notion why that blessed individual is brought before the ‘heavenly tribunal’ and is asked certain questions concerning what he did on Earth in front of mankind! The result appears to be, it was NOT him who misled the people but it was their own vain desires that twisted truth and welcomed in the lies.

Hence, the elevated status of this holy man Jesus (pbh), his right upon being known as the one and only real Messiah and his very high position as to the leadership of the believers, from all corners of the world, in that era to come who is honored above all to CARRY THE BANNER OF ISLAM, THE SAME ISLAM AS BROUGHT BY THAT SPECIAL MOST BELOVED ENVOY FROM ALLAH, PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbh), the MOST BLESSED of CREATURES CREATED BY ALLAH, ALLAH WILLING!

And Jesus (pbh) upon his return and with his closest Companions will INDEEED TESTIFY TO THIS and PRAY FOR THIS along with the entire Ummah present during those periods of blessedness!!!

Abusing a Muslim is an act of disobedience and fighting him is disbelief.”    (Bukhari)

“A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim: he neither oppresses him nor does he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever fulfills a need of his brother, ALLAH will fulfill his need. Whoever brings a Muslim out of discomfort, ALLLAH will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection. And whoever screens a Muslim, ALLAH will screen him on the Day of Resurrection.”     (Bukhari and Muslim)

“Show mercy to people on earth so that ALLAH will have mercy on you in heaven.”   (Sunan Abu Dawud)

Let the wise be wise and the fools be fools and never shall the twain meet.

The ‘opening up of ‘knowledge’ is yet another SIGN of the ‘near’ approach of the Last Day.


As one can see from the attacks laid down by the Indian government on Dr. Zakir Niak and the squeeze put on Pakistan with India’s request to the Russian government, once again the ‘Islamic fences’ are being forced to bend. With this idea in mind and with the knowledge given in the last article, “A Conspiracy to Commit Mayhem”, hopefully one can imagine how the Middle East will be under a very real threat of being ‘carved up’ by those who have purchased the life of this world in place of the Hereafter!

Neither the criminals nor the Muslims are perfect in this world but one thing that the Muslims have going for them is the PROMISE OF THEIR ONE AND UNIQUE LORD WHO CANNOT BE SEEN IN THIS WORLD NOR DOES HE HAVE ONLY ONE EYE. That promise is Paradise for them and Hell-Fire for the ‘arrogant, disobedient ones’ who were too proud to let ‘truth’ be their moto. So in that light, we can fall back on the notion that even if we are deprived of the basic dignities of life, we shall at least win out in the end!

The Prophet (pbh) related to us that ALLAH says: “I am as MY servant thinks of ME. I am with him when he remembers ME. If he mentions ME within himself, I mention him within MYSELF. If he mentions ME in an assembly, I mention him in a better assembly. If he comes near to ME a hand-span, I come near to him the distance of a cubit. If he comes near to ME the distance of a cubit, I come near to him the distance of two outspread arms. If he comes to ME walking, I come to him running.”   (Bukhari and Muslim)