When you preach to those who are already converted to one’s philosophy, PROOF at what you are saying will not be so vehemently demanded. And so the ‘preacher’ can get away with crafty lies and hinder men from the truth. And so it goes! 

As is usual, the symbols { } are used to bring a further understanding of the material.

These 90 or so articles plus the free downloaded books do pose a kind of problem for the da’i or religious presenter. Probably not in the form of ‘some great information’ but some ‘wild-eyed theorizing’ or so it might seem. Well, in these times can one be blamed for being cautious?

It would be helpful to put certain discussions into several categories:

  1. Hypothetical
  2. Strictly unproven
  3. Pure Speculation
  4. Sound evidence

And this is only right due to the many fabrications on the market today and the need to preserve ‘Islamic Soundness’! My writings on, for example, the non-crucifixion, contain highly speculative material or at least it would appear so. The notion of the Christ-soul’s visitations to Earth is in truth a lot more speculative in nature. But what to do with this ‘stuff’?

Some say, “We aren’t given all that much in the Quran to evaluate the non-crucifixion story.” While others may say, “We are given too many contradictory materials coming from a variety of sources on whether Jesus (pbh) was on the cross or not and this is coming from ‘claimed’ Islamic sources.”

To break this deadlock one can go back to the last article called, “Before We Were, the Plan Became”, and see the approximately 9 pages of reasoning covering the two small verses found in Zephaniah (3: 9-10) as an example of the ‘reasoning strategy’ used by this author.

First of all, the reasoning began with the Quranic verse Q (26: 196) which stated flat outright that the knowledge of the Quran would be given in the previous ‘books’. So it was found in the Old Testament at least and there you have it. Just simple faith in the Quran being right and not believing in well, they took it out but it has to have been in there somehow. Did ALLAH speak about something useless to speak about? Definitely not!!!

But the ‘other stuff’ one might suggest is pure unadulterated guesswork!!! True to some extent, but only generally speaking, as when one wants to adopt a theory and is on shaky grounds, one usually ‘bends’ so-called facts to fit the theory. However, in many of my writings one can see the use of Biblical, Quranic and hadith quotes applying some form of continuity in coming to a conclusion.

Furthermore, the use of what the Quran says or what Muhammad (pbh) said about the ‘other’ records or Testaments must factor in on the case. I didn’t get the sense that the Old or New Testaments were pure but I didn’t get the idea that they were way, way off in their interpretations either. In addition to this, the Dead Sea Scrolls seem to suggest itself as a bridge between the Old and the New Testaments as a kind of ‘understandable continuity’ based of course on interpretation.

For example, the story of Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls gives one a sounder reference to that individual than the Old Testament does but goes generally in line with it. So there is a form of continuity instead of just making up an unbelievable person.

Also, what is good for the goose is good for the gander and I didn’t want to hold up the Quran as THE TESTAMENT and the others as ‘comic books’ in nature BUT to put the Quran first and the others after it. That can be seen in the declaration of the ‘Real Last Supper’ versus what we have been led to believe by the Western cultural description of it.

Moreover, I used history to show that an early church father claimed something of a ‘two date’ problem in discussion of a ‘big holiday remembrance’. So I do use history and historical happenings to ‘further refine my discussions’ in conjunction with Holy Writ.

Also, if we are going to use the Quran and hadith cross-referencing to prove a logical point and not be scolded by doing so, then why can’t others or other actions between scripture end up doing the same action without being scolded? So, if I have a ‘theory’ say about the non-crucifixion, I would like to get some cross-referencing about it from within side these Testaments to strengthen my case.

So, in defense of myself, I’m not running a ‘blind eye’ in my discussions favoring my home-baked ideas based on intangible dreams or wild flights of fantasy. Furthermore, and perhaps more shocking, I discuss certain things ‘which are admittedly very hard to understand’ like Isaiah Chapter 53 in relationship to Jesus the Christ (pbh) or better understood as ‘in relationship to the Christ-soul’. Neither the Dead Sea Scrolls’ version nor the nearly exact version found in the Old Testament give us a ‘clear’ and outright defined definition of what is being talked about.

However, by use of understanding certain ‘things’ about the Old and New Testaments and knowledge found in the Quran, one can slowly piece together, as in a puzzle, a basic story of what is being said. One example that is stated in the Quran is that ALLAH kept Jesus (pbh) free from harm by the Jews such that they couldn’t harm him and yet we have ‘talk’ about (a him), if that is (him?) which it most assuredly seems to be in some sense of the term, undergoing great hardships and even harm. Is this contradictory? Not in the least according to the conditions that I write about. That is Jesus (pbh) as the ‘end product’ of himself was protected from harm by his own people.

* (Explanation found near the end of this article) The Quran is correct and it appears Isaiah (pbh) is also correct but are they talking about something else, something not normally thought about? It would seem so. And Jesus (pbh) became something special but his life seems as if he was put in a cocoon and put in a special position by nothing special in himself since he was only a man and that would be quite out of character for the ‘lives of the prophets’ as they spent many more years in their struggles.

He started his ‘dangerous mission’ at the age of 30 and that ended at the age of 33 which would be a mere drop in the bucket compared to other prophets like Noah (pbh). Yet he is given top notch status as a ‘returnee’ as one might say.

Not only that but quite a few verses in the New Testament and other ‘Holy sources’ seem to suggest that this ‘man of sorrows,’ who really is protected from violence, seems to have a ‘strange history’. How can that be if he has no history at all?

One has to trust in the documents with the Quran taking precedence. If the Quran talks about the other Testaments, which it does, then we also have a ‘key’ as to the quality of their veracity. Also, just like fruits in the field, each Testament has its own flavor or way of presenting its material. It was planned that way or else it would not have happened.

Behind every plan, there is a reason. We don’t have to understand it but the Quran and New Testament give us a hint about it and I have shown that. If ALLAH wants to ‘open’ hearts, then they will be open. If HE does not, then no amount of work, discussion or proofs will open what ALLAH has closed!

Take that into consideration of the ‘former peoples’ who are in a position to know something on how to read these testaments like monks or priests, crying out when they hear the Quran gives one yet another hint that these Testaments are not far out of whack when it comes to the truth or else how are these monks or priests so moved when they hear the Quran. Perhaps they understand some of the ‘mystical’ nature of their own Testaments.

I am familiar and quite in agreement with the ‘famous’ hadith that declares that a martyr when seeing the ‘great’ reward he will get when he dies for ALLAH will ask to be sent back to fight in the cause of ALLAH but will be refused because ALLAH has promised that HE won’t permit that.

True, all too true, but we have to think NOT to add to this hadith or subtract from it and it talks about martyrs for HIS sake. This is knowledge gained during the Islamic period. What came before this can be demonstrated by asking a simple question. Is ALLAH’s Mercy always on the table for those who have sinned? The answer for many is maybe yes but in reality it is NO! So, if this is true, then there are ‘cutoff’ points to which conditions change.

We can see that a person can be credited with accepting Islam and be accredited as such if he or she does so BEFORE the coming of the Anti-christ or the movement of the Sun going in the reverse of its usual direction. Before this, welcome to HIS Mercy, but after this if one accepts Islam in his heart, it WON’T be accepted from him. Therefore, we have a cutoff period.

One possible cutoff period would be the dawn of the prophethood of Muhammad (pbh) as some hadiths tend to imply (the Last Hour will not come until…) but that is not a certainty.  What we do know of the above hadith about the martyr is that that type of individual (martyr) is held back and the rest would be conjecture. So, neither add nor subtract from the hadith to be on very safe grounds. In other words, it talks about martyrs and that is it!

If possible, when evidence is presented about Jesus (pbh), it must be reinforced from the Quran, New and Old Testaments by verses strong and non-contradictory.  And these things do appear in the Testaments or apparently appear in them while the definition of the Christ-soul then becomes non-contradictory concerning that great man and why he is chosen as the ‘leader or king’ on his return to lead the people in correct faith – ISLAM.

Another possible sign for the ‘possibilities of what are being discussed’ are the ‘meanings’ given concerning Isaiah (pbh) Chapter 53 concerning the Christ-soul being buried with Prophet Muhammad (pbh) Isaiah (53: 9) interpretation discussed in the article, “Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus”  on his death after ruling for several decades. We get it from Islam but wasn’t it a surprise to get it from the Old Testament also?

So, what is the definition of him dwelling (made his ‘living-grave’) with the ‘wicked’ in the same verse as above? We are all sinners (wicked) in some form or fashion but that verse seems to declare Jesus (pbh) dealt with the ‘common everyday poor man’ and that is who he spent his time with and not with the rich and fancy! That definition would be consistent with the scriptures and once again by the use of this type of conjecture, we can arrive at the truth!

So if one looks at just what I have declared about Jesus (pbh) it does have some backing to it. What about the non-crucifixion? The same thing applies and the proof of that is the story I use which comes from the New Testament itself but with the understanding that the special verse in the Quran rules the direction of that story, Quran (4: 157)!

So, other Islamic commentators may guess about the swooning theory and try to fit it in somehow (come on now and let’s be honest about it) they have a roadblock in front of them when it comes to the ‘knowledge’ that Jesus (pbh) wasn’t even on the cross (as I have so many times mentioned). Therefore, the swooning theory is shown to be quite incorrect!

And to keep the New Testament virtually intact, not completely but virtually intact, while using its own information to prove that Jesus (pbh) was NOT crucified is quite outstanding in itself. This proves that I’m not making up a story but using ‘available materials’ to prove my thesis.

Mr. Ahmed Deedat also put in some time on Biblical verses as to show that they are talking about ‘real events’ but he was limited in his choice of verses and did not consider the range of actions that were to take place. It is also suggested that he kind of ‘favored’ the swooning theory (but not accepting it completely) by including certain New Testament verses but left off other ‘proofs’ for the non-crucifixion bit.

Whatever the case may be, the New Testament is replete with verses that can be applied to the non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) AND WHEN PUT TOGETHER CORRECTLY THEY MAKE A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE AND FORMS AN AGREEMENT WITH THE GLORIOUS QURAN!

Furthermore, I also use history to supplement these ‘conjectures’ in order to make a nice neat fit. Yes, we have found that materials have been destroyed in our historical search but I don’t lean on any old idea and try to force my notions on people without a ‘depth of cognitive and cohesive proof’ acting together as a reinforcement.

This cohesive proof must be backed up by other internal verses that are complimentary to the idea being focused on. That is another strong point of these writings. That is, provide a theory and back it up by cross-referenced materials that go together to support each other through various sources.

So, not using one or two verses from the New Testament to prove one verse in the Quran but using multiple verses on many levels to show that the Quranic verse on the non-crucifixion is 100% accurate plus making that story hold together in a very believable and sound fashion does show its strength.

Naturally, a belief in the many things declared on this website is NOT mandatory and it was never suggested that it was to be. What is mandatory is the belief in the ONENESS OF ALLAH, ALL of HIS angels, ALL of HIS Prophets, ALL of HIS Books, Paradise, and the Hell-Fire, the Resurrection on the Last Day and HIS Divine Destiny or Qadr.

Since I believe that we are closing in on the end of one era and the dawn of another ‘holy era’ under the auspices of the Messiah Jesus (pbh) and the religion of Islam, I felt the need to discuss some of the problems associated with this time period and what may occur and what it may entail and what it may mean for us.

Again I lean heavily on religious material prophesied concerning this time plus my interpretations especially in relation to various upheavals that this world would face that would bring the world down to its knees. In knowing that we have a lot of technical advances and super-killing devices including the atomic bomb and more horrors are on the way, why can’t we seemingly control events and keep the ‘bad guys’ at bay?

Well, my explanation about these things explains very openly why we can’t stop the inevitable and why the conditions that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) gave are completely accurate! Did I then overstep my bounds on this? I don’t think so!

Is it perhaps so unconceivable that mankind will be brought collectively to its knees because of our ‘comfy’ lives that we lead now? This notion is similar to when the prophets gave vigorous warnings to accept the ‘truth’ or else and those people scoffed at the messengers such that eventually a grave, vast torment was sent upon their societies turning them to rubble and ruin and inner chaos.

What was talked about in some of my articles was the vast chaos happening around the globe plus the downfall of the so-called mighty as they will be shorn from stem to stern while their populations will be put at terrific, overwhelming risk. Otherwise we could just blow up the Anti-christ or the Gog and Magog and get easily back on track.

But what did ALLAH say? HE declared that the people would become aware of the Truth especially Islam before the dust clears and that would be some feat to ‘bend each surviving soul’ to the realization of ALLAH and the TRUTH. Besides, we are dealing with chaos on a truly global scale due to the fact that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) is not a prophet for only one region or one country but rather is THE PROPHET for the WHOLE WORLD! Hence, world-wide chaos.

We all have different pathways to follow because like snowflakes we are of the same makeup but we are different as no two snowflakes are the same. I can’t say for certain that what happened to the Christ-soul happens to us or that it does happen to us but ‘that phase of human history’ ended with the era of   Prophet Muhammad (pbh). Only ALLAH alone knows for sure.

Just because a person may have some inner insight to the ‘great questions of the day’ does NOT mean that person or any person can know the Unseen!

Our religion (Islam) tells us in no uncertain terms about our expected practices. We are asked to conform to the duties clearly outlined in Islam with a willing heart and to know that ALLAH is THE ONE WHO keeps HIS Promises and that includes the ‘joys’ of salvation or the horrors of ‘final rejection’.

So without insulting the Testaments, I tried to piece together certain ‘facts’ that the Christian nations were taking in the wrong way thus reinforcing their errors when it came to the truth and therefore, having them feeling comfortable about refuting the Islamic Way.

That amounts to declaring that they are reading (many do not read their scriptures with understanding but depend upon their priests/ministers to bring them knowledge) their scriptures in a wrong way which in turn yields nothing but a silly story to some.

Uncovering certain ‘forbidden fruits’ might be helpful to a few who need some light to ascertain that religion is a sensible and ok topic when viewed in a cohesive and comprehensive way without trying to ‘teardown each other’s religious realities’. Wouldn’t it feel better to have people respecting Islam rather than hear hurtful slander coming from the mouths of ignorant people?

So, when one compares other ‘discussions’ on the non-crucifixion with what is shown here, one will see that their 1,000 words on the topic will not stack up to what I have written which is well over 50,000 words, including the book, “The Non-crucifixion of Jesusand with a lot more depth and soundness developed into a very logical story (or to put people at ease – theory).

The last thing I want to handle is the non-destruction of the Gospel of John and the situation with Paul. I can’t understand for the life of me how great the prophecy about Muhammad (pbh) as Spirit of truth can be ‘retained’ in the Gospel of John which is so clearly denoting what he (Prophet Muhammad) is and how he will operate IF the other parts of this Gospel are just fantasy and fiction!

But the average person might, not having the time or the inclination to do an in depth research, find the quasi-mystical ‘writings’ of John and Paul extremely difficult to understand. Indeed! Most of the ‘careless’ (by ‘Divine Design’?) might feel mightily tempted to have Jesus appear as a ‘god’ in a Trinity of sharing powers or whatever. Why not? It has elevated others in the past about being so special and privileged that conquering others and enslaving and humiliating them became a justified destiny of the ‘superior’ race!

Furthermore, the student (the writer of Acts) will be like the Master (Paul) in ideals and philosophy and will try to emulate him by carrying on his thoughts and traditions OR even add to them through embellishing them. One would think that the author of the ACTS who is definitely a Pauline-type follower and an admitted part-time companion of Paul would have given Jesus (pbh) a great boost in being a ‘god’ if that was Paul’s philosophy.

However, what we do find is quite different. We don’t find Jesus (pbh) being ‘talked up’ as anything more than a man, Acts (2: 22) and we don’t find Paul, of course, being vilified. What we do find, however, is several verses in Chapter 3 concerning a very provable idea about Prophet Muhammed (pbh) Acts (3: 22-23).

In addition to this, I have used several verses in Acts reportedly from Paul’s philosophy concerning the ‘foolishness’ of believing that Jesus was crucified when in fact the verses tend to declare that he was not.

Perhaps the key here is that these letters or documents are not for the billions to come in the future but for the hundreds of people that ‘hung out’ in a ‘sacred’ congregation which is a small number and of which they could go forth and teach others for the future being asked as Jews to be mindful of the Mosaic traditions. But of course, there were going to be ‘traitors’ from amongst them as the various letters declare including Paul who warned of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’.

Yes, in a particular way, we have been ‘freed’ from the bonds of ‘eternal wandering’ by the WILL of ALLAH in the mission of Jesus the Christ (pbh) AS A SIGN TO LOOK FORWARD TO THE ENTRANCE OF THAT SPIRIT OF TRUTH WHO ALREADY CAME AND IS KNOWN TO US AS PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbh). At least we can understand that much, ALLAH WILLING.

Moreover, the part of the Bible called Revelations, which is not to be taken as anything more than a personalized dream or vision of John the Presbyter is filled with difficult ‘spiritual symbolism’ (basically useless for the ‘common believer’) has some topical validity when it speaks of the ‘whore’ who will corrupt religion. It is important to keep in mind that this is going to be about a ‘form of corruption’ so as to understand how the teaching of Jesus (pbh) became twisted.



This ‘whoring entity’ is equated with ‘how man-made doctrines’ bring forth (AGAIN) the idea of a co-equal with the ONE GOD. Colors of this creature are given and they resemble a certain church which had doctrine makers bring forth pagan beliefs as of old and repackage them to fit their brand of thinking.

Finally, the concept of a new world or new Earth means that the old order of things and the old world must change significantly. The mighty must be brought down low. To do this would require dramatic devastation on a global scale never before seen by man. This, so man cannot recover and pull his old tricks and lies and interfere with the ‘Islamic Awakening’. Truly, the world will have to be completely ‘washed clean’ as was promised in hadith literature.

Therefore, one can imagine a scale of earthquakes, super volcanoes, super tsunamis and other devastations to occur and because the Quran has been honored in these writings by being 100% PURE, I will give the New Testament the last word on this matter – just to be fair:

And unless those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved {left alive}; but for the elect’s sake {believers living at the time on the face of the Earth}, those days shall be shortened.  Matthew (24:22).

*Prophet Muhammad (pbh) was neither astray nor foolish when he talked about whether or not a person (the person he was talking to) had ever seen a new born sheep missing a leg that is, not formed perfectly from birth. But NOW we see that this is not the case and this is due to, ‘in the Gospel of John speak’, the ‘sin of the world’ for that particular misshapen sheep as man has mistreated his environment. The word is ‘SIN’ NOT SINS so one has to be very careful about this strange concept.

So what can we make of the strange notion or verses found below without going too far afield:



The next day John saw Jesus coming towards him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the SIN of the world.” This is the person of whom I said, ‘A man who comes after me {in the line of prophethood and in age because he is younger than I am} has surpassed me {in greatness} because he was before me’ {in time}   John (1: 29-30)

He was oppressed and was afflicted {plotted against even though he was speaking the truth}, yet he did not open his mouth {complain}; Like a lamb that is led to the slaughter and like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, so he did not open his mouth {in complaint}     Isaiah (53: 7)


So the ‘SIN’ of the world is NOT sins but something what Jesus (pbh) simply demonstrated and what Muhammad (pbh) talked about. So, when Jesus (pbh) came across a crippled or blind man, we know that ALLAH IS PERFECT JUSTICE WITHOUT GOING INTO DETAILS. When the man was ‘healed’ THAT WAS WHEN THAT CONDITION WAS REMOVED DUE TO ALLAH’S MERCY, BECAUSE ALLAH WILLED IT AND PERMITTED IT AND ALLOWED HIS SLAVE JESUS TO REMOVE ‘THAT SIN OF THE WORLD’ FROM THAT PERSON!!!

With that understanding, we find NO CONTRADICTION between the hadith and New Testament. It is ONLY ALLAH WHO can take away SINS. And ‘SIN’ IS NOT EQUATED AS SINS!!!! Furthermore, it is a SIGN as the Quran declares about Jesus (pbh) yet on another level. Understand, that it was that man’s ‘SIN’ AS IN DEFECT OF HIS BODY, NOT YOUR OR MY SINS that was taken away.

Jesus does not ‘forgive’ sins and we cannot forgive sins. It was ALLAH ALONE WHO gave that man (Jesus) the ability to show, as it were, that he was INDEED THE REAL MESSIAH AS A SIGN but the unbelievers called it sorcery. Therefore, there is NO CONTRADICTION between what is related in John (1: 29-30) and what Islam teaches. So, it was only A FAVOR granted to Jesus (pbh) as a SIGN to his people and those further afield and this is what the Quran teaches in the following verses:

“And (appoint him) an apostle to the Children of Israel, (with this message): “I have come to you with a SIGN from your LORD in that I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by ALLAH’s LEAVE: And I heal those born blind and the lepers and I quicken the dead, by ALLAH’s LEAVE; and I declare to you what you eat and what you store in your houses. Surely therein is a SIGN for you if you did believe.    Q (3: 49)


And (remember) her {Mary} who guarded her chastity: WE breathed into her of OUR spirit and WE made her and her son a SIGN for ALL PEOPLES.    Q (21: 91)

Then {on the Last Day} ALLAH will say: “O Jesus the son of Mary! Recount MY FAVOR to you and to your mother. Behold! I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit so that you did speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. Behold! I taught you the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel and Behold! You made out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, by MY LEAVE, and you breathed into it and it became a bird by MY LEAVE, and you healed those born blind, and the lepers by MY LEAVE. And behold! You brought forth the dead by MY LEAVE. And behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from (violence to) you when you did show them the clear SIGNS and the unbelievers among them said: ‘This is nothing but evident magic.’”                             Q (5: 110)

The part found in Isaiah (53: 7) should reinforce the view that these things are about the Christ-soul in particular. That is why I said the ‘Christ-soul’ as opposed to Jesus (pbh). Was Jesus’ as the physical representation of over 2,000 years ago, Joseph of Egyptian fame?

No, Jesus was only Jesus but the Christ-soul was Joseph as well as Jesus. The body is not an empty vessel but houses the soul (for its instruction or improvement as ‘a judgment’ as ALLAH WILLS that lies within) for ALLAH is PERFECT JUSTICE of which we, as imperfect beings, cannot quite fathom in its depth.

Can an ant dwell upon higher math and its complexities in perfect understanding? So, we learn to leave the impossible alone for the firmer ground of doing ‘the right things that REALLY MATTER in life’! **

That will make Isaiah’s (pbh) Chapter 53 more ‘believable’ and not so mysterious and should ‘unlock’ some of the ‘strange and not well understood’ verses found in the Gospel of John at least for the really sincere wanting to believe Christians.

**Then comes the realization that the ‘true’ practice of Islam does not lie in ‘mystical conceptions’ but rather in compliance to what the Prophet (pbh) taught. Talking about ‘good deeds’ might bring you a penny but actually doing them brings a veritable fortune!!! AMEEN

Guessing in religious matters is really frowned upon! So, it is important not to go too far afield and get ‘lost’ on what is REALLY IMPORTANT which is our ‘correct worship’ of the ONE GOD.

The act of DE-MYSTIFIYING the idea of Jesus (pbh) being more than just a servant and slave of the ONE GOD is important for those who still may have doubts about his so-called ‘divinity’. Although Jesus is the Messiah (a really great honor by the way) he in nowise is any more than a man or human being than the reader is!

To clarify the expression ‘the blood of Christ’, as used in the article before this one, is to think about the idea of man’s ‘blood, sweat and tears’ meaning ‘his struggles through life’ even though he may not have shed his blood.

It is an expression, a colorful expression, used at times to express, in today’s terminology, a man’s hardship, hard work towards a goal or struggles to accomplish a job or a mission. Therefore, in this light, we can understand the ‘blood’ of the anointed one (Christ) as to his mission and exemplary and faithful struggles for mankind. This being so, it becomes apparent that ‘his blood’ has nothing to do with the so-called crucifixion.

Some people may ask, “Why would our GOD do this to us?” The answer has been given beforehand from both 2 Thessalonians and the Quran with the understanding of two basic things:

  1. If a man or woman is serious about their relationship to the CREATOR LORD, he or she will attempt to build on that relationship in showing a commitment to accept that whatever good comes to them is from ALLAH and whatever bad comes to them is from themselves; to swallow their prideful nature and humbly accept their ‘condition in life’ while trying to advance in their worship of HIM as HE directed.

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.

And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.    2 Thessalonians (2: 10-12)

You have met this fate because you rejoiced on the earth in things other than the truth, and then exulted in it.”     Q (40:75)


  1. Religion is a serious aspect of reinforcing one’s control over the self and advancing in practice or knowledge of the worshiping THE ONE WHO created us. Therefore, as the Old Testament declares: ‘step by step and line upon line’ we are building our ‘home’ in Paradise or in Hell.

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:      Isaiah (28: 10)

  1. According to the Quran, if a person believes then disbelieves then believes and again returns to disbelief, it becomes to him a dark abyss from which light will be withdrawn from him and though he may have 20/20 vision, he will be ‘truthfully blind’ and his ‘works’ (deeds) will be as if they were only dust. Truly, ALLAH is in total control and is quite capable of allowing that wayward soul to be cutoff or the light not allowed to penetrate his heart.

So, that is like being abandoned in the ocean where there is water, water everywhere but NOT a drop to drink!

On the concept of ‘This day you will be with me in Paradise’:

Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!” And Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you {my promise to you is}, TODAY you will be with me in Paradise.”            Luke (23: 42-43).

As I said before that some things in the New Testament are accurate but put in the wrong place in order to create a story that is desired. So, according to this quote, we are at the place of crucifixion with Jesus being crucified. However, what I said before still applies and that is that two men went into the tomb (one dead and one alive) and after a certain time specified by Jesus (pbh) himself, only one man came out of the tomb which LEFT THE TOMB EMPTY.

Now, what can we make of this? Well, it was a promise made and a promise KEPT! Jesus (pbh) being made perfect by ALLAH’s WILL is a walking Paradise and he told his disciples that where he was going they could not {yet} come and that apparently they would see (the regular*) him no more. But they did see him for he ‘remained’ in diverse places for 40 days after his passion according to the Acts of the Apostles.

*The ‘regular him’ is the ‘him’ who is not going to be lifted up into the heavens but the transformed Jesus is the one who shall be raised up from the ‘earthly confines’. And that did happen as we know because there were witnesses and the truth is that Jesus (pbh) overcame all things, now being made perfect, and in Islam we know that ‘as he left, so shall he return in like manner{with two angels accompanying him}

Besides this, we still have an unknowable mystery but by using Quranic logic concerning the relationship of natural things as in dwelling upon certain phenomena one can think about the following.

In many instances perfect twins from birth have been known to have toothaches on the same tooth at the same exact time even though they are hundreds if not thousands of miles apart.

There are many other examples to this particular phenomenon that show that these ‘twins’ are somehow ‘spiritually and physically’ connected in ways we cannot yet fully fathom. So, I’m not sure how this ‘marriage of souls’ would work for that knowledge would exist only with ALLAH if indeed that is the case. So, ‘this day you will be WITH ME IN PARADISE’ has been partially explained without lashing out wildly against the New Testament.


What has happened here is that the knowledge, no matter how imperfect in form it is as is found in the current New Testament, will show, when properly analyzed, that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) was NEITHER PUT ON THE CROSS NOR DID HE DIE A (TOTAL) PHYSICAL DEATH!



The most important thing about these articles is NOT in showing areas of concern or belief to the vast majority of those who are earnestly practicing and knowledgeable Muslims but rather to ‘awaken’ those who desire truth and direction from their own ‘Testaments’ thus ‘freeing up the heart’ to hearken to the MOST PERFECT WORD OF GOD AND THAT IS THE GLORIOUS QURAN AND THE RELIGION OF ISLAM!!!