As is usual the symbols { } are used to add clarity for a better understanding.

Probably the wisest of the Prophet’s Companions was ‘Ali. He was the one whom the other Companions liked to check with on important Islamic matters. Abu Bakr was probably the most endearing of the Companions and he was the first Caliph after the death of the Prophet (pbh) and to him goes the great honor of being buried on the right side of Muhammad (pbh). ‘Uthman was probably the most modest/gentle of the Companions and even the angels showed their modesty around him.

When it comes to ‘Umar, we have probably the most intuitive of the Companions of the holy Prophet (pbh) and one of the many proofs of this was the feeling of who the Dajjal’s soul was and how many of the Companions accepted his ‘insight’. There are many evidences of this but one hadith stands out in particular:

‘Aisha reported ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) as saying: There has been among the people before you {belonging to other Ummahs} inspired persons and if there were any such {persons} among my Ummah ‘Umar b. Khattab would be one of them. Ibn Wahb explained the word Muhaddathun as those who receive hint{s} from the High (Mulhamun).     (Muslim)

This little exercise shows that mankind is like a ‘rainbow’ in that every individual can bring his or her good qualities to the table to improve the lot of mankind. We all have different jobs to do! There is no one person ‘hog whole or nothing’. And this is further evidence of the excellence in the practice of what the Prophet (pbh) enjoined and that was the practice of consultation.

Any new ‘news’ can either help or hurt ‘the cause’ and therefore it should be channeled in a proper way. Broad, sweeping generalities are often very wrong and destructive. The goodness of fit should come from the highest form of ‘intellectual transfer’ possessed by mankind and those things would be the Holy Scriptures and wise sayings of those who were blessed for the job that they were appointed for.

The New Testament clearly is a collection of books written sometime before 100 AC which shows at various places certain editing’s. Importantly, however, is the knowledge that many of these various ‘books’ were written for a small audience and not a large one. Why? They contain information and some explanations that on the surface may seem ludicrous but actually refer to something quite different and is ‘outlined’ for a certain group of people as a ‘remembrance’ and NOT as a broad teaching tool as they are used in many instances today.

The number of ‘believers’ before 100 AC was quite small and scattered across the Empire. Those put in charge had to control the ‘message’ and instructions as given out by the travelling Evangelists such as Paul, Peter and other entrusted folk.

Some have expressed this idea by hinting that because the time of the ‘end’ was supposedly very near at hand, it was ok to let the hair down so to speak. Whatever the answer turns out to be, we know that ‘unscrupulous people’ would pervert the ‘intent and meaning’ of the ‘teachings’ handed down by the original Disciples for their own cheap lusts which generally refers to fame (to become known amongst men) and fortune. And this I have mentioned before in some of my previous articles.

It is easy for people to get sidetracked away from the importance of ‘true Faith’ and to get bogged down in silly, nitpicking arguments that don’t amount to a pinch of putty. In fact, these pointless arguments only detract and prevent the seeker of ‘true faith’ the chance to be in good standing on ‘The Way’. Call it what you will, true faith is the golden key that unlocks the door to Paradise and one can only be sure of trying to possess it by following the practices of the deliverer (the Messenger) who was gifted by the ONE GOD in giving it. The last of these Messengers was Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

But to make things clear and to show yet again that one of the forks in the road that can be taken is misleading and false (in this case the blood of Jesus referring to a ‘crucifixion event’), we can turn to that individual (Jesus) who has been painted or made-up by many to be what he isn’t. Furthermore, and more importantly, anything that detracts from the correct formula of “There is no god but ALLAH (THE ONE GOD) and Muhammad is HIS Messenger” is definitely wrong and can be misleading.

As an example we can resurrect the true notion of blood sacrifice as it refers to the Christ-soul and its meaning (in general) while showing that the meaning of ‘his purifying blood’ {life} has no connection with the crucifixion whatsoever. The crucifixion concept is nothing more than a made up fantasy concocted by individuals who greedily fell for the idea of the ‘blood sacrifice’ concept to the ‘gods’. Yes, there was a crucifixion event that Jesus (pbh) was involved with but in truth, he was NOT even put on the cross.

It is very hard for some people to understand that some religious groups used symbolisms which would later become transformed into something quite differently. This can be easily demonstrated by a quick review of the ‘term’ son of GOD. In reality GOD has no sons whatsoever! The concept is a misnomer but that won’t get anybody anywhere as that type of discussion will get bogged down. However, the concept of being the Son and then that particular being then becomes a God as in a trinity or what not is easily disposed of in the minds of the non-corrupt.

Adam and many others in the Bible are called God’s sons. Are we then going to have a ‘pantheon’ of gods walking around on earth? So this term is NOT unique to one human being and definitely Jesus as Jesus (pbh) was not the first to obtain this so-called philosophical title.

The people who differ about this have been made blind by the ONE GOD and these are the people who have lovingly given partners to the ONE GOD when even their own scriptures have declared that it was most definitely wrong to do so. Amazingly enough, they can hold and read their own scriptures but no light shines into their hearts and so ‘The Word’ has turned against them.

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.

And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.    2 Thessalonians (2: 10-12)

And what could be more totally unrighteous than the act of joining ‘partners’ to the ONE LIVING, SELF-SUBSITING, ETERNAL GOD? That is the breaking of the first Divine Law.

You have met this fate because you rejoiced on the earth in things other than the truth, and then exulted in it.”     Q (40:75)


So, we need an example of how time, treachery and misconceptions spread:

But if we walk in the light, as he {Jesus} is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ HIS {GOD’s Servant/Messiah} Son cleansed us from all sin {that is if we walk in the ‘true’ LIGHT and follow the precepts laid down by the prophets in our hearts – Note, Prophet Muhammad hasn’t been given yet}      1John (1: 7)

For our sake HE made him to be sin {that is to walk in the body of flesh after his initial purification*} who knew no sin, {after his purification that is -Melchisedec} so that in him {after all he is the one chosen to return to lead the Islamic Kingdom on Earth} we might become the righteousness of God.       2Corinthians (5: 21) {both verses are similar to the sayings/meanings of Isaiah (pbh) Chapter 53 and reproduced at the end of the article Life as We Know It}.

* It was narrated by Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari that the Prophet (pbh) said, “Many men {have} reached perfection but none among the women reached perfection except Mary, the daughter of ‘ Imran {the mother of Jesus (pbh)}, and Asia, Pharaoh’s wife. And the superiority of ‘Aisha (may ALLAH be pleased with her) to other women is like the superiority of tharid to other kinds of food.”       (Bukhari)


As strange as these things sound and as strange as Isaiah (pbh) sounds like mystical mumbo-jumbo to some, there is an answer and the Christ-soul gave it! He gave it about himself and he didn’t generalize about others so much and especially he didn’t want or request others to go on a ‘fishing expedition’ which would, to the FOOLISH, be a danger to their souls!!!

“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about me.”         John (5: 39)

Because he shall return, how can we understand him? The best way is to see how he handed off the baton of prophethood in his call to follow that Spirit of truth – Prophet Muhammad (pbh) as the one to actually show THE CORRECT WAY – found in the Gospel of John.

But the curious want to know about this ‘blood thing’. Well, first of all, it has NOTHING to do with the so-called crucifixion as the truth is well stated in the Quran that Jesus was NEITHER CRUCIFIED NOR KILLED. But what is this ‘blood thing’?

To understand that and Isaiah chapter 53 is to understand this:

The Christ-soul first understood that he was to become the Messiah when he was called adam. He also appeared as Yusef, Joshua bin Nun who was the attendant boy for Moses (pbh) and the only one appointed to lead the Children of Israel into the promised land, Melchisedec in the time of Abraham (pbh) and yes he did have a mother and a father, Enoch, Ezekiel and others finally ending his sojourn as Jesus the son of Mary. This, in part, is the blood offering that he gave whether one wants to believe it or not.

Though he were a Son {of those ‘sons’ – Genesis (6: 4)}, yet he learned obedience by the things {trials} which he suffered.   Hebrews (5: 8)

There were giants {very large animals} in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God came ‘into’ the daughters of men and they became pregnant and had children with them. The same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.   Genesis (6: 4)

And being made perfect {as to the trials he underwent in the service to GOD} he became the author** {The Sign} of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him {follow his lead and he will be the one to lead as king of the paradise on Earth with the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbh) being enforced – Acts (3: 22-23)}.   Hebrews (5: 9)

**The term ‘author’ here can be misleading especially if one doesn’t understand the concepts. One might think that the term ‘author’ would mean that he created or started this concept himself but that is negated by a careful study of the New Testament. For one example: (Who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto HIM {ALLAH} that was able to save him {adam} from {spiritual} death {due to his fall from GRACE} and was heard in that he feared – Hebrews 5: 7).

And so the ‘journey’ began for this great soul who in truth is no more than a man! Of course these things are hard to digest but when added together and backed up by scripture, things tend to get clearer. Unfortunately, such careful, in-depth scriptural trust and unification is a big stumbling-block for those who desire to arrogantly speak, “We believe in the records sent down only to us and we decided for GOD that HE would not send down the BOOK to others.”

What to do? Well, one can put his or her trust in the ONE GOD and pursue the course that Jesus (pbh) laid out when he told mankind to look forward to and be caught up with the knowledge to be given by that mighty Spirit (who himself is no more than a man) PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbh).

The term ‘author’ is more closely aligned with the term ‘leader’ as in leader of the lights or prophetic peoples as his job would not be completed until he became the man Jesus of Nazareth – the only real Messiah.

The Christ-soul has sojourned on Earth over 30 times in history since as adam (not Adam) started his journey over 52,000 years ago. And after that purification which according to Prophet Muhammad (pbh) ‘many men have become pure’ (see above hadith), he started all over again thus he receives a double (reward) portion for his efforts.

One can imagine how this individual has affected many cultures and nations and we don’t have to get into the rest except to note how he (the Christ-soul) did NOT alter the truth but that the corruptible priest class of many cultures did! They made him out to be more than a man and a legend amongst their various peoples so that they could control them and rake in the ‘gold’ and this appealed to the foolish ones. Much like they did in the Dark Ages when, with enough money given to the clergy (indulgences), one could supposedly have their sins wiped away.

We look upon this MAN as a true and loyal SERVANT of the ONE GOD. A man who by design took upon himself the necessary job of sacrifice so that he could free mankind by being that one who would fulfill the task at hand and therefore finally open the door for Prophet Muhammad (pbh) to come.

For truly, for those who understand: if he did not receive the mantel of Christhood, then the Prophet could not come. And if the Prophet (pbh) did not come, Islam would be incomplete. And if Islam was not completed, then the Last Day of Judgment could not proceed. And if the Last Day of Judgment would not proceed, Salvation as promised by the ONE LORD would not arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nevertheless I tell you the TRUTH; It is expedient for you that I go away for if I don’t go away, the Comforter will not come to you but if I leave this world (I) {GOD} will send him to you.

And when he has come, he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment:

Of sin, because they really don’t believe in me {as to who I am – being just a servant to the ONE GOD};

Of righteousness because I go to my {LORD} Father {after completing my duties – first for myself and then for others***} and you will see me {in this capacity} no more.

Of judgment because the prince of this world has been judged.                                           John (16: 7-11)

***Who {now} does not need daily, as the high priests do, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins and then for the people’s: for this he did once, when he offered up himself.      Hebrews (7: 27)

In a peculiar way, this vindicates the New Testament as NOT being a trashy book that contains wholesale errors although there are enough errors in it. It vindicates the Quran in its obvious lack of slamming the New Testament wholesale and it allows for one to get a ‘hold’ of a partial understanding of Isaiah and what he was talking about. In addition to this, it explains some of the ‘lofty’ sayings of Jesus (pbh) found in the New Testament.

Do we understand all of these mysteries? No, for sure we don’t. And of course, it isn’t necessary do to so****. It is just a chance for those who ‘reflect’. In fact, things like this are best left alone. But, on the other hand, it does open a door to those who are careful and not pretentious to the understanding of certain things which might either ‘cool their eyes’ or allow them to increase their faith and dependence on the ONLY REALITY THAT EXISTS AND THAT IS THE ONE GOD known of course in Arabic as ALLAH.

****In the later days liars will abound and cause great disharmony amongst the people. So one can protect oneself from these ‘devils’ by being knowledgeable about Islam and foregoing wild emotional swings.

If man is careful and does not generalize by making the proverbial mountain out of a molehill, then there is hope.

In the Old and New Testaments there are declarations by ALLAH that HE will overlook the ‘inequities’ done by HIS people (the Believers). They have done wrongs BUT they have ‘stuck to the course’ and did not join partners with GOD. So, in the language of old: ‘HE is their GOD and they are HIS people, i.e. the Believers. This is stated to reinforce the notion that ONLY GOD CAN FORGIVE SINS AND ONLY HE CAN GRANT PARADISE.

How ironic it is to see the Christ-soul be so reviled by the people who should love him the most and who was a mighty stalwart to the truth of their ‘religion’! But ALLAH will not be held hostage by the impudent ones who declare about themselves:

And they say: “The Fire shall not touch us but for a few numbered days:” Say: “Have you taken a promise from ALLAH, for HE never breaks HIS promise or is it that you say of ALLAH what you do not know?”      Q (2: 80)

And when there comes to them a Book {the Quran} from ALLAH confirming what is with them, although from of old they had prayed for victory against those who didn’t have Faith – when there comes to them that which they (should) have recognized, they refuse to believe in it but the curse of ALLAH is on those without Faith.     Q (2: 89)

When it is said to them, “Believe in what ALLAH has sent down {The Quran}, they say, “We {do} believe in what was sent down {only} to us” yet they reject all besides even if it is TRUTH confirming what is {already} with them. Say {to them}: “Why have you then slain the prophets of ALLAH in the past if you indeed {truly} believe?”         Q (2: 91)

And they say: “None can enter Paradise unless he is a Jew or a Christian.” Those are there (vain/egotistical) desires. Say: “Produce your proof if you are truthful.”

{Not in the least according to whatever they say}, whoever submits his whole self to ALLAH and is a doer of good, he will get his reward with his LORD; on {them} shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

The Jews {that are arrogant} say: “The Christians don’t have anything (to stand) upon; and the Christians {that are arrogant} say: “The Jews don’t have anything (to stand) upon.” Yet they (claim to) study the (same) Book. Like unto their word is what those {who} say who have no real understanding; but ALLAH will judge between them in their disputes on the Day of Judgment.    Q (2: 111-113)

So the end result from all of this is to take away the notion of some god-man popping down to Earth for 3 years of performing wholesale miracles as if it were magic and then being nominated for the high office of Messiah to the Believers. For sure, Jesus the son of Mary was no 3 year wonder firing off miracles at the drop of a hat. He was and will always remain a true and trusted servant to the ONE GOD!

And those that turn to ALLAH sincerely imploring HIS aid should know that in reality that it is ALLAH turning to HIS servant, for, “When ALLAH wants to be good to someone, HE tries him with some hardship.”                                   (Abu Hurairah)

General advice from Prophet Muhammad (pbh) when one is in distress or suffering from anxiety:

In a hadith narrated by ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas in Sunnan Abu Dawood, The Prophet (pbh) said: “If anyone continually asks pardon {from the} (AL-‘Afuu – The ALL PARDONER, The FORGIVING ONE), ALLAH will appoint for him a way out of every distress, and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide for him from where he did not reckon.”

When in distress or difficulty or sorrow:

  1. 1. Ibn ‘Abbas (may ALLAH be pleased with him) reported, The Prophet (pbh) at times of sorrow and grief used to supplicate, La ilaha illa ALLAH Al-’AZIM, Al- HALEEM, la ilaha illa ALLAH, Rabbul ‘arshil ‘Azim, la ilaha illa ALLAHU, RABBUS-Samawati wa RABBUL ‘ardi wa RABBUL ‘arshil karim.

(There is no god but ALLAH, the MIGHTY, the FORBEARING, there is no god but ALLAH, the LORD of the MIGHTY THRONE, there is no god but ALLAH, the LORD of the heavens and the earth, and the LORD of the THRONE of HONOR).” (Bukhari and Muslim).

  1. Anas (may ALLAH be pleased with him) said that when the Prophet (pbh) was faced with a serious difficulty, he would always supplicate, “Ya HAYYU, ya QAYYUM bi-rahmatika astagheethu.”

“(O the LIVING, O the ETERNAL (ONE), I seek help in YOUR GRACE).(Tirmidhi)

  1. Abu Hurairah (may ALLAH be pleased with him) reported that whenever the Prophet, (pbh) was faced with a serious difficulty, he would raise his head (to the sky) and supplicate, “Subhan-ALLAH al-’Azim (GLORY be to ALLAH, the MIGHTY /THE ALL-GLORIOUS).” And when he implored about anything very seriously and strongly, he would {start off his supplication by saying}, “Ya HAYYU, Ya QAYYUM (O the LIVING, the ETERNAL (One).” (Tirmidhi)