The use of the symbols { } are meant to show clarity of meaning

The most important thing about these articles is NOT in showing areas of concern or belief to the vast majority of those who are earnestly practicing and knowledgeable Muslims but rather to ‘awaken’ those who desire truth and direction from their own ‘Testaments’ (Old and New Testaments) thus ‘freeing up the heart’ to hearken to the MOST PERFECT WORD OF GOD AND THAT IS THE GLORIOUS QURAN AND THE RELIGION OF ISLAM IN ITS BASIC FORM!!!

Why is it according to Psychology, so difficult to get through to a lot of people something that is very logical and inherently true? According to one explanation:

Alethephobia is a Fear of Truth. It can be a fear of any discovery or new thing requiring openness and logical processes. In part, it is a fear of hearing truth being potentially disclosed and spread abroad or disseminated.

It is rooted in the fear of the truth whether it is subjective or objective and is a primary motivator for people to resist what has been called ‘common sense’ and revert back to biased arguments that tend to comfort their egos rather than adopting  a stance of openness and logic.

This, due to the fact that people find it hard to change or leave their ‘comfort zone’. In religious instances, if their hearts do not awaken and they do have only a modicum ability to think, then their hearts will obey the punishment of ignorance sent upon them up until THE ONE LORD GRANTS ACCESS. HE is THE ONE in control of DIVINE DESTINY not man.

Concerning the supposed saying of Jesus (pbh) that ‘a man must be born again of water and the Spirit before he can enter the Kingdom of GOD’ in my last article, one must apply not only ‘restrained logic’ but also Islamic interpretation.

The Christians in the main believe in baptizing a child by pouring water over the head or dunking one in a body of water preferably a river to be born of water and put in a certain ‘sect’ of Christianity (their own) to be born of the Spirit. That is symbolical ONLY and not the truth behind the truth.

No man can get at the ‘total workings’ of the whole truth but can only ‘glimpse’ at some lofty meanings. If we look at the ‘prophecies’ concerning Jesus (pbh) in Islam we can try and understand some things. For he is a SIGN to mankind.

Jesus (pbh) when he returns to ‘claim his own’ will eventually get married and have children. These children’s souls will not pop out of a box or come falling from the sky already formed but will enter into the ‘womb’ at some time after the union of sperm and egg. Jesus (pbh) according to the New Testament’s Epistle to the Hebrews*, was born a little lower than the angels but now is ‘only’ a little higher than the angels. BUT HE IS STILL ONLY A MAN.

*Of course this Epistle has been corrupted by those who sought to ‘sneak in (write in) their interpretations’, pre-doctrine forming of the church, and make Jesus (pbh) sound more like an entity that was above humanness. This is sort of easily recognizable by the ‘trained eye’ only when the message starts to go off topic and ‘insert’ an atmosphere of ‘above being human’.

It is true as ALLAH has promised that the ‘transformed’ Jesus (pbh) is higher in stature than the angels and we remember that ALLAH in the Quran had the angels ‘bow down’ to the superior spiritual being – MAN. So, what else is new?

IN REALITY, only by reading and understanding the Quran can this balance of the relationship of man to GOD be put into its proper perspective. A proper perspective that will never allow any creation to be held up as a co-equal to THE ONE LORD IN ANY CONTEXT AND UNDER ANY CONDITION NOR WILL HE EVER BE GIVEN OFFSPRING SUCH AS A SON OR DAUGHTER!!!

These children like all the others to be born will live and get married and have children in that blessed age of the presence of Jesus (pbh). And due to the sanctions, blessings and limitations of that age, are fantastically and spiritually gifted as to being better or equal to the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) – hadith – refer back to the last article, “That and a Dollar Will Buy You a Cup of Coffee Second Revision.”

It isn’t because they are ‘lucky’ (no such thing in Islam) or because they have won a ‘spiritual lottery’ that makes them positioned so on such a standard of excellence.  Neither is it by accident BUT BY DESIGN AND BY PROMISE.

According to Daniel (pbh) Chapter 12 in the Old Testament, some people will arise up from the dust in glorious fashion and by some interpretation, taking in the ‘time’ element, some people will ‘eventually’ arise to ruin as ALLAH WILLS.

The idea that a person would want to ‘live again’ in an Earthly paradise and gain huge rewards by the motor of their deeds and then eventually see the ‘Real Paradise’ of the forever and ever time when they shall be ‘finally’ raised up is not something dishonorable to think about.

What is deplorable is the person who, without the proper use of ‘scriptures’ and their quantifications, would declare that they know something of the ‘Laws’ set in the Unseen and try and to discuss these ‘make-believe’ assessments as if they were totally true. Such a person who does this is in reality deplorable and in fact a great liar!

Beyond what we are told in Scripture, we cannot get ahead of ourselves. So, in reality the best practice is to do the practices of what The Prophet (pbh) commanded and what Jesus (pbh) is going to follow and that he follows this pattern because it is GOD’s WILL to do so!

If this is so, why are not people informed by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) about such things? Who said he (pbh) didn’t? Well, it is like asking the Companions about if there is any truth in the ‘Big Bang Theory’ while speaking to them in English. Of course one has to be very careful about what is stated and what is meant. So, bring forth your evidence if you are telling the truth!!!

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) asked the people to ask ALLAH for Jinnatal Furdos in their prayers. Can’t one just do that without knowing things? Of course one can and people do it. So as stated in Revelations (20: 5-7)** or what is expressed here in this document that pray to be born or be alive and a believer in the time of Jesus (pbh) and while one is of that group, he is doing excellence in worship and in good deeds collecting exalted rewards for the Paradise in the sky.

**But the rest of the dead lived NOT AGAIN UNTIL the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

Blessed and holy is he that has part in the first resurrection: on such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years {be in that blessed state}.

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be let loose out of his prison {to start his corruptions of poison against the peoples left on Earth until the sweet wind comes to liberate the last soul with a mustard seed of faith found within the heart by which now there is none left on Earth except people who will behave like wild animals}.

What about latter births during this so-called ‘thousand year period’? What did Jesus (pbh) him say about that? *** What do the hadiths say about the various levels of Paradise? Paradise is a place of great joy and wonders and Islam discusses these things in great detail as promised in the Gospel of John. ****

***Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in GOD, believe also in me {that I’m telling the truth}.

In my Father’s HOUSE are many mansions {levels}: if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, there you may be also.   John (14: 1-3)

**** However when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into ALL TRUTH: for he shall NOT speak of himself {function without Divine Guidance}; but whatsoever he shall hear {from the ONE GOD}: that shall he speak and he will show you things to come. *****

*****There are literally hundreds of descriptions of the afterlife’ found in the Quran and especially in the sound hadiths. Even the various gates of entrance and levels occupied by man as well as descriptions of his various dwelling places. Hence, the prophecy made in the Gospel of John have come true in regard to the duty of the Prophet (pbh) who was sent to all of mankind.

What about the Christ’s soul then? In short, he is the captain of the football team who fumbled the ball at one time and was given the opportunity by GOD’s Mercy and Grace to reverse the trend and win out in the end (Heb. (7: 27) and Heb. (5: 7-10) So, with his fellow brothers in arms (the prophets), he can carry the trophy to the OWNER AND POSSESSOR OF ALL THINGS – ALLAH. And the OWNER has inscribed on that trophy, THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS PROPHET. So that is it in a nutshell!

As to the Christ-soul being adam with a small ‘a’ and NOT Adam with a big ‘A’, one need not base one’s faith on that! However, the Prophet (pbh) said that there was no prophet between them (he and Jesus). So, the same as the first time, the same as the last time. And the saying still remains true.

However, one doesn’t base one’s faith on these things, true or whatnot even though Hebrews (7: 27) and (5: 7-10), which are NOT completely accurate meaning that they have been slightly altered from the original text, tries to put these things into perspective. One bases one’s faith on the belief and actions (as much as one is able) in his faith in serving and worshiping THE ONE GOD. And that is that!

The world is entering an apparent new phase which is unnerving and pretentious. It is a world becoming more and more fractious and especially ‘spiritually’ upsetting.

The United States has strange leadership as its head. A head like a crown of bitter wood but its legs are of iron still while its feet have changed to clay. Greed and arrogance have risen their ‘permitted’ ugly heads and within two decades, if and only if ALLAH WILLS, that country will be torn apart at the seams and be reduced to what one would consider a place of little significance worldly-wise.

Russia is not communistic but runs on a form of a ‘mafia-type government’ with Putin taking the place of the ‘immortal godfather’. He has made several people very, very wealthy and who are allowed to bathe in their ill-gotten gains by doing certain ‘favors’ for Putin by their underlings whom they have in their pay. From extortion, to murder it doesn’t matter.

These people are called ‘oligarchs’ and just like what he does with his henchmen foot soldiers, he controls the army, navy and special forces as well as pilling on riches for himself. He is a clever devil while the American leader of this date is an outright pompous fool.

The Arabs meanwhile are well, the Arabs and the constant squabbling doesn’t help their cause – if they could manage to remember what that was about, that is. And neither does the return of the ‘Persian Empire’ help anyone except to foment disunity in order to prove their false notions of their Islam which is reasonable to call ‘Innovative Persian Islam’ rather than regular Islam made up of a dash of phony Sufism just enough to add a little flavor to their nefarious intrigues.

Spiritually speaking, there are a whole host of souls entering the world and who have already and continue to enter this planet who, like ‘bewildered children’, haven’t much ‘spiritual depth’ or practical insights. So, one can rightfully ask the question of ‘why are things breaking down as they do’?

The answer seems to be if one puts an incompetent person in charge of something like getting on with the true principles of life, it is more likely that he will muck things up. If enough people muck things up, the society will eventually crumble upon itself. The all too frequent disconnection between parents versus children is an example of that.

The way of guidance has many avenues on the road to enlightenment. That all starts by asking, WITH SINCERITY for guidance FROM ALLAH and being patient enough to strive for understanding. ALLAH loves those who appeal to HIM in sincerity because it is an admitted acknowledgement of HIS LORDSHIP over all things and our intended submission to HIS GREATNESS and a willingness to accept HIS GUIDANCE with a form of patience and endurance.