The use of the symbols { } are used for clarification purposes.

First let me put in a minor correction concerning a Biblical reference to the last article, And to GOD What Is God’s:

***Correction to the article, “And Render to GOD What is GOD’s {Genesis (6: 12) should read} Genesis (16: 12) as the following:

***Speaking of ignorance, Genesis 16:12 has a very unflattering verse concerning the Arabs which was meant to give off the idea of those people who remained either outside the pale of an acceptable Abrahamic religious philosophy (pagans) or who have been born into a ‘blessed faith’ but are not responsive (i.e. they are ignorant) to it as to their knowledge or actions. Such people would be called nominal ‘believers’ at best and that is looking at it to the point of incredible credulity.

He shall be a Wildman; his hand shall be against every man and every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.                                   Genesis (16:12)

O mankind! WE created you from a single (pair) of a male and female, and made you into {various} nations and tribes {having practices of cultural and religious differences}, {so} that you may {get to} know {about} each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily, the most honored of you in the sight of ALLAH is {the one who is} the most righteous {GOD FEARING, GOD OBEYING AND DESIRING THE TRUTH} of you. And ALLAH has FULL knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).                       Q (49:13)

GOD is ONE, mankind is ONE, the TRUE religious concept is ONE, and the prophets are ONE all brought together into ONE RELIGIOUS system when the Messiah (pbh) returns. So how important is the Quranic verse (49:13)? Being part of the Quran tells us it is very important!

Trying to understand Holy Writ while making sense of this world is not a very easy job. However, taking a look at the issue, piece by piece, with other sciences brought in like psychology and history might tip the proverbial scales a bit. But understand one thing which is ‘NO ONE’ has the Power to implement anything except the ONE GOD and that is for HIS PURPOSE and PROMISE’ of which we know little about. That is like saying, put your trust in ALLAH and a belief in HIS DIVINE PLAN held in the UNSEEN.

So, in that respect, a ‘tactful’ deployment of intelligent pursuit is needed when discussing or spreading the Truth about the ‘WORD’ of GOD. It is recommended that, for example, the Muslim replies in a very honest, direct and surprising way to the ‘People of the Book’. For instance, Muslims may face a group of religious believing individuals who have faith in their creeds (and why not?).Therefore, it behooves the Islamic explainer a need to clarify his position without too much complication.

That position should be that he actually believes in the Old and New Testaments but his beliefs are based on logic, reasoning, Unity of the Scriptures, INCLUSION without EXCLUSION, a proper interpretation based on ‘Abrahamic Scriptural Evidence’ and a cross-referenced interpretation of that evidence. This underscores the idea that ‘I’ believe in your written Testaments but perhaps not as you believe in it!

All that boils down to is the comprehension of what the scriptures are talking about. The best example that I ever heard came from Mr. Ahmed Deedat who gave the example of a man high up in a building who has his head near a window but does not see a heavy safe above him tied to a rope that is going to break. Someone yells “look out” as the safe is ready to fall. Now does that ‘look out’ mean to suggest that the man near the window actually should look out and thereby put his life in danger or does the expression ‘look out’ mean that he should take extreme care in order to remain safe?

If people have been reading and following these articles on this website, it will come as no surprise that I have taken certain materials that many Christians or Jews believe in but have given different meanings WITHOUT denying the fact that they have indeed relevancy and a form of truthfulness which has been mostly overlooked due to the nature of the material content!

As each fruit has its own flavor, so also does each scripture. Holy Scripture was not meant to be taken lightly but to be dwelt upon with depth as a ‘piece of loving kindness’ from the ONE LORD. It is just another test about what we do with it. And we can see throughout history how certain peoples have taken Scripture to either new highs or new lows in their interpretations. Yet, we are made aware of the fact that there are no private interpretations of scripture: ‘Knowing this first: that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation’.                                         2 Peter (1: 20)

Meaning of course that one should not ‘put a kink’ in the line of prophecy (explanation) developed throughout the same scripture or even other scriptures. For example, a private interpretation of Genesis (49: 10) could be anything. However, once ‘locked in’ on that interpretation of Muhammad (pbh) being Shiloh, it cannot stand alone but must be accompanied by other verses complimentary to this idea for the interpretation to be considered valid. It may be ok to ignore one other so-called complimentary verse but NOT a slew of them which would indicate a sense of ‘fear’ or intransigence against TRUTH.

So, one could expect to keep it simple by mentioning other connected verses such as Deuteronomy (18: 18-19), Zephaniah (3: 9-10), John (16: 7-15) and Acts (3: 22-23). This keeps the topic focused and simple!

Yes, I have argued that Jesus (pbh) was indeed crucified in the flesh, his ‘blood’ has been testified to but only in a certain sense, he also rose from the dead even though he didn’t die and the Old Testament agrees that he did suffer and made sacrifice and as the New and Old Testaments with the Dead Sea Scrolls thrown in for good measure declare, by interpretation, he will return to uphold the ‘REAL RELIGION and be a ‘king’ over the ‘Chosen People’ in a paradise on Earth!

However, the Christians and the Jews may NOT like these discussions as my presented concepts flatly reject some of their own interpretations because, quite frankly, they reject the notion that the Quran is actually THE WORD OF GOD which is also proved by their own Holy Books, either directly by Zephaniah (3: 9-10) or indirectly through various references and historical realities.

Let this be clear to those who ‘sit on the ledge of life’ concerning the Quran. It is either true or not as advertised (that is 100% accurate). If it is true and people refuse to put the meaning behind the saying “There is no god but ALLAH and Muhammad is HIS Prophet” in their hearts and their beliefs, then they have broken their ‘contract’ with the ONE GOD and it is up to HIM and HIM alone to deal with them if they do not act treacherously with you.

There is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION but the truth will out on the Day called by many the most terrible day! By whose definition is that? By the ONE GOD’s definition, NOT by man but by HIM! The ‘realities of true faith’ was discussed in a hadith with Muhammad (pbh) and Gabriel featuring ‘what is Islam’ or submission to HIS WILL. It is also found in the other Testaments through the deeper understanding of ‘Thou shall not worship (place self-ideals, notions, desires above the fact that) other gods besides ME’ {The ONE TRUE GOD – the first and most important Commandment found in the Ten Commandments}. This further translates to agreeing to GOD’s TERMS without interjecting any cultural biases. This is definitely not easy and a person would have to really put their trust in GOD IF they were sincere.

Since people are not very interested in this ‘direct’ approach coming out of the blue sky, a saying to them might prove to be very helpful and this saying goes something like this: “I truly believe in your Holy Book but it is ‘you’ (the Christian or the Jew) who do not really understand what your own book is saying!

For example, as I have stated many times before, Jesus (pbh) was crucified in the flesh but he was NEVER put on the cross nor did he die! I have used the Old Testament, and especially the New Testament and the Quran to prove my point. And these records do agree with the non-crucifixion only when understood correctly!

Indeed! Most Jews and Christians do not even know that their ‘founders’ never called them by the names ‘Jews or Christians’, but that over time, their original blessed name became ‘altered’ by slovenly carelessness.

A good case can be made about Paul who cannot be denied as one of the chiefest of loyalists to the concept of the Christ. He would indeed be the first person in his ‘dynamic, though sometimes misplaced enthusiasm,’ without fear of bodily harm to declare himself a Christian after more than 3 decades after Jesus left the world. However, he did not do that because he was, according to him, a JEW and a ROMAN with no hint or knowledge about being Christian.

Of course one should understand that the crucifixion idea is very, strongly entrenched in Christianity even though it took over 100 years to finally accept that notion as a universal belief in the Roman school of thought which in 148 AC, led by the flamboyant, philosopher-church leader Justin Martyr, was becoming entrenched as the biggest school of Christian thought and this was several decades before an ‘approved’ New Testament was ‘rolled out’ NOT for the public, however. There was no printing press at that tumultuous time.

The true story of how and why Justin Martyr went on his ‘crusade’ to find the so-called ‘real truth’ about the crucifixion is fascinating due to the fact that this ‘lingering mystery’, of over 100 years, was very much alive in scattered pockets of ‘Christian’ schools of thought. The key point here lies in the understanding of the size of these important communities and the very important knowledge that these communities were not overpopulated:

The New Testament clearly is a collection of books written sometime before 100 AC which shows at various places certain editing’s. Importantly, however, is the knowledge that many of these various ‘books’ were written for a small audience and not a large one. Why? They contain information and some explanations that on the surface may seem ludicrous but actually refer to something quite different and is ‘outlined’ for a certain group of people as a ‘remembrance’ and NOT as a broad teaching tool as they are used in many instances today.

The number of ‘believers’ before 100 AC was quite small and scattered across the Empire. Those put in charge had to control the ‘message’ and instructions as given out by the travelling Evangelists and Presbyters such as Paul, Timothy and other entrusted folk.

I have given my interpretations on these contested matters (all of which are based on currently found scriptures and some historical evidence) through these articles offering strong support for the belief that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) was neither killed nor put on the cross, etc.

The KEY here within the New Testament is the cross-referencing and statements from and about Paul, which raises huge warning bells (not against him specifically but against a certain practice he and some of the ‘Evangelists’ or Presbyters) had and that was their way of ‘talking’ or presenting the so-called ‘Christ-mystery’ as put forth in, for example, Isaiah chapter 53 and parts of the Gospel of John.

The key point here lies in the understanding of the size of these important communities and the very important knowledge that these communities were not overly large. Their way of talking or their approach, with Paul as the major fallback, is declared by the New Testament itself (2 Peter (3: 15-17) as being very, very philosophical with a high degree of ‘dangerous’ complexity’*. Either that or the Epistle 2 Peter is declaring the so-called Christian Communities to be quite ‘dull, stupid and untrustworthy in their intellectual prowess.’

*Why very and extremely dangerous? The New Testament explains it perfectly well:

And account that the LONG suffering {agreeing again with Isaiah (pbh) Chapter 53 explaining in very hard to understand words the ‘concept’ of this ‘LONG suffering’, which DOES NOT DESCRIBE any 3 hour torment of hanging on the cross,} of our ‘master’ (Lord) is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him {by GOD} has written unto you.

As also in every one of his epistles (his writings), he speaks in them of these                      {mystical-philosophical} things; in which are some things hard to understand, which they that are unlearned {ignorant} and unstable {NOT acquainted with firm belief or understanding} wrest {take out of context}, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction {damnation}.

You therefore, beloved, seeing as you know these things {from} before {as you have been warned should happen}, BEWARE lest you also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness {grace}.                                      2 Peter (3: 15-17)

Considering some of the prophets had ‘suffered’ for many decades and even for a century or more and had to undergo various mental and physical torments, the idea that Jesus underwent Long Suffering (3 hours) on a cross is really absolutely ludicrous. Look at prophet Yusef (pbh) and his patience as one example of the Christ’s-soul’s endurance in the face of adversity and in trusting totally in ALLAH’s PLAN**

This, in my opinion, is the whole KEY to understanding what is the problem with most Christians today in relating themselves to the New Testament and how they are misled in their beliefs!  It is right there in easy to read language and shows exactly what will happen in the future with these ‘writings’. And that is why one can say to them, “I believe and have an understanding in your Testament but you, on the other hand, do not seem to understand it very well.”

What it all boils down to is that the ‘REAL BELIEVER’ does follow Jesus (pbh) as it is expressed in the Gospel of John as to maintaining his or her belief in the ‘Spirit of truth’ and to following his expressions, guidelines and belief in the Book that was given to that entity Muhammad (pbh) verbally over a period of slightly more than two decades. This is backed up by other New Testament and Old Testament verses, history and plain facts and not innuendo.

Let it be known that there is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION:

Let there be NO compulsion in religion: TRUTH stands our clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in ALLAH has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that NEVER breaks. And ALLAH hears and knows ALL things.  Q (2: 256)

However, playing with marked cards, as they say, is not an honest way to ‘search for the truth with diligence’. The basic premise again is that you, the Christian or Jew, DO NOT KNOW how to read your own Book when it comes to understanding of why ISLAM and HOW TO PROCEDE IN HONESTLY FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIVES OF JESUS (pbh) himself concerning the Spirit of Truth and the Semitic Cousins of the Jews found in Acts and Genesis as well as Isaiah and the facts concerning Shiloh!

However, that is not anyone’s concern as this is a judgmental problem that ALLAH has told the peoples to ‘leave them up to HIM’ and HE will tell them of what they used to differ about and also their ‘penalty’ for their refusal to come to terms with ACTUAL REALITY as decided by HIM AND HIM ALONE. That doesn’t mean to refuse to try and explain Islam to them but that after an intelligent, patient shot at bringing out the TRUTH, one just LEAVES EVERYTHING IN THE HANDS OF ALLAH!

Building constructive bridges between faiths is important. What makes a man or a woman to be a ‘champion’ forever and ever while being raised up to unbelievable heights of dignity, honor and respect? The same thing that Jesus (pbh) declared about himself and that was ‘not by my will (desire, motivation and doings as they are only temporal and in the great scheme of things unimportant) BUT BY {doing} YOUR WILL OH! GOD’!

HIS WILL is that we submit to HIS WILL voluntarily and that does take some desire and courage to do. So actually, the simplest method of approaching religious understanding is to agree that people need to find that ‘common thread’ going through all the scriptures to lead up to having the courage to believe in only ONE GOD, ALL OF HIS PROPHETS, ALL OF HIS ANGELS, PARADISE AND THE HELL-FIRE, THE LAST DAY AND OF COURSE ALL OF HIS SENT TESTAMENTS.

**Teach me to do YOUR WILL, for YOU are my GOD; let YOUR good spirit lead me on level ground {the Straight Way}       Psalm (143: 10).

For I have come down from heaven {again}, NOT to do my own will but {to do} the WILL of HIM WHO sent me.              John (6: 38)

I can do nothing on my own initiative {and remain true to YOU}. As I hear {by inspiration}, I {am able to} judge; and my judgment is just because I do NOT seek my own {self} will, but {I seek} the WILL of HIM WHO sent me.    John (5: 30)