by Ahmed Ismail

The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ

Published Date : April 2, 2009



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: English
: 978-1425185312


This is the final book in the series of comparative religion and Islamic philosophy. This is the final book and there will be no more. Allah (SWT) likes the odd number and I prayed that I would be honored to make it to number 7. I considerer this my finest attempt at having a go at comparative religion and other subjects based on the latest research even when the topic drifts into areas that can be classified as secular stuff. Words are just words and ideas demand evidence as in ‘Bring forth your evidence if you are telling the truth’ as is written in the Quran. I believe I have been consistent in that respect but for sure Allah Alone Knows Best.

A lot of people just don’t have the time to study the religious records as they should be studied and this thought we can get from the scriptures. It is hoped that The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ will help to bring a greater awareness and love for the essence of religion into the hearts of men who care to reflect on the creation and The Excellence of Allah’s Plan.

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