by Ahmed Ismail

The Non-Crucifixion of Jesus

Published Date : January 28, 2009



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: English
: 978-1425180805


How many times has the old adage of ‘things are not what they appear to be’ come true? Scattered throughout my books are the discussions about this highly emotional and controversial subject. This book does not do a complete justice to the subject of the supposed crucifixion but it presents a painful look at this highly controversial subject. Actually, it is a direct challenge thrown up to man and when the first article, Islam and the rise and fall of the teachings of Jesus is researched, it presents a shocking reality of how a religion can be manipulated by devious individuals going back into history and continuing throughout the modern era. A challenge is thrown up to look at history again with a new understanding. Furthermore, standing at the crossroads is Islam and the Pure Word of the Creator Lord – the Quran. It is up to the reader to bring his or her soul to the brink and face a reality that may or may not be painful to bear. Nobody should be held captive to falsehood unless of course one ‘revels’ in that idea. Truth stands out clear from error when the heart bears witness and submits to the One Eternal Creator Lord.

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