by Ahmed Ismail

Kill The Beast

Published Date : 6th July 2006



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: English,Francais
: 978-1412077088


This is the second book in the 7 book series. This book came about due to the lack of comparative religious knowledge concerning the main subject of one of the beasts that shall surely come and that is the Anti-christ. A lot of books have been written about this subject but not many from a comparative religious viewpoint. What is the Anti-christ? He is a man but a man who earnestly strove to be what he will become and he can be called a vicegerent thus having some powers given to him to cause destruction amongst the ‘faithful’. However, it has been shown and proven that he will be born a normal person but will be metamorphosed into that creature known as the Anti-christ. In other words, his ‘Anti-christness’ period will last only a little bit more than one year and two months. Nevertheless, his evil soul will be very disruptive and deceptive to the believers even before his ‘change’ from whence only the true believers will be able to recognize him. He will be a savior to many as his corruptions will seemingly win the day but his end will surely come at the hands of Allah’s servant, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh).

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