by Ahmed Ismail

He is Not My Ancestor

Published Date : February 7, 2007



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: English
: 978-1425107918


Controversy upon controversy is the discussion about this book. We don’t know what happened in the past but we are given a hint of man’s power and arrogance and the tragedies resulting from the same. Man was not created as a fool or a stumble-bum but he can become one when he decides that he is a power unto himself. Man was created as a noble creature and did not evolve from some swamp creature. That does not translate into the denial of evolution but rather put man’s actions square on his shoulder. Many can reject this thought because who wants to humble oneself instead of seeking self-gratification? Finally, the Six Ages of Man theory is looked at again with a clearer and sharper detail while some things mentioned in scripture start to make more sense rather than fairy-tales expressions. One can get a sense that for a surety the One God had a Plan and even if we know little or nothing of His Plan, He remains in Total Control from the beginning to the end!

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