As is usual the symbols { } are used to clarify matters

These are days of trial and pain especially for the Believer. Islam is being hounded and pounded, seemingly from all sides, and good feelings about the spread and sanctity of the Faith seem to be far and few between. As we approach zero hour (the return of Jesus the Christ (pbh) as to whenever that may be for ONLY ALLAH ALONE KNOWS the exact date) it appears that we are mired in a world gone wrong.

However, before we get into that area, let us take a stroll down memory lane. Remember the discussions about Paul. Well Paul, along with the other Disciples, were only men and men of good conscience are still men who have differences and sometimes have discord amongst themselves.

We can see that also in Islam among the Companions and they were men too. All of these men, whether promised Paradise or not, were simply ‘just’ men and not totally perfect above the flesh! Still, great men with very minute flaws are great examples to behold.

Even the spectacle of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab’s behavior right after he heard about the Prophet’s death shows the human side of this great man. The point being that nobody is perfect of and by himself. Therefore, when one looks at Paul in a Comparative Religious way, one should understand the ‘human element’ involved.

Yes, Paul did have some minor differences with some of the Disciples but for the most part he was accepted as a high level contributor to the Monotheistic Faith by the original Disciples and most of the 70 at Jerusalem.



Moreover, what can be pieced together from my various articles on this subject will show that logically the written records from these ‘blessed people’ would have remained intact purity-wise up to 100 AD or so but in their being shared and bandied about between different schools of thought these records would undergo a certain type of editing to fit certain principles or philosophies as time went by.* This would cause the ‘guessing game’ to continue as to what was meant by such and such a verse and this would be followed by the disastrous actions of ‘sewing a vest on a button activity’ meaning that more deviations would follow suit and some of them would be turned into (repugnant) doctrine!

*We see this in Islam, by the way, whenever various philosophies started to crop up. They couldn’t tamper with the Glorious Quran but they could fabricate hadiths. Even without fabrication, there were some people who put ‘foolish notions’ to paper by having twisted notions of what certain verses of the Quran meant or using spurious hadiths and or false declarations. And this has occurred in three notable ways: corrupt Sufi/Shia/Gnostic ramblings, ISIS-type groups and every once and a while some bizarre so-called Islamic sect springs up to put in its two cents worth.

The players in the game are different but the pattern always (speaking generally) remains the same! Still, it remains true today as it was yesterday that we were not officially present during these occurrences so one could honestly say, “What you are discussing is really only conjecture!”

Are there records that exist that to the vast majority of us are invisible but can be ‘read’ by a few? “And all things have WE preserved on record.”                        Q (78: 29)




Surprisingly there is but so what? According to one major religion in south Asia, these records would be like ‘imprints’ of actions and activities taken in by a channel (human being) BUT COLORED BY HIS, FOR WANT OF A BETTER WORD, EXPECTATIONS!  So, essentially it becomes a mixed bag of tricks that one must be careful about.

With that definition, such a record would be highly variable in its interpretation and although helpful to some degree, may only be as valid AS THE TYPE OF PERSON USING IT! In other words, you would be permitted to see ONLY what the GOOD LORD WANTED YOU TO SEE FOR HE IS THE ONE WHO CONTROLLS ALL THINGS as HE is the AL-JABBAR! (THE IRRISISTABLE, THE COMPELLER WHO ALSO SETS RIGHT THE AFFAIRS OF HIS CREATION.

That’s hot stuff to be sure but one can get something better if not so theatrically amazing. The thing that is better and more certain than that is the QURAN and THAT IS GURANTEED TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST AND TRUE BY THE LORD HIMSELF! One can always spice up his spaghetti with ‘fake, substitute’ cheese making the spaghetti taste good but when real cheese is used, the spaghetti will taste even much better!

One of the biggest problems existing in the Islamic world today are the people who abuse the ‘knowledge’ of the Quran and authentic hadiths and form ‘groups’ which in reality are devilish. In theory, at least, Muslims should only have a harmonious relationship with each other showing only minor differences in practices and beliefs and this would sum up the four major schools of thought in Islam that base their practices on the Quran, Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and the four Righteous Caliphs!




After that type of ‘common sense’ comes the earnest study of Aqeedah or the actual transfer of understanding of belief into actual practice. Study it, believe in it and PRACTICE IT along with cross-referenced support from the Quran and other relevant hadiths or at least what is deemed practical in one’s busy schedule.

We started off talking about this sad world and how Islam is getting the ‘bums rush’ from the ‘foreign’ element (non-Islamic countries) but also amongst those who consider themselves Muslims***. It has all been documented in authentic hadith material concerning how other nations will ‘lick their chops’ over the Middle East, meaning Islam. That is no big news!!! What about the decay from within which indeed actually aids the ‘vultures’ from without! **

**The remedy which can be dug up in religious circles of the New Testament and Islam seems to call for ‘patience, trust, earnest belief with a positive outlook overcoming overwhelming sadness and above all the belief that HE WILL TAKE INTO ACCOUNT ALL YOUR TRIBULATIONS AND WILL REWARD YOU FITTINGLY FOR STAYING THE COURSE WHEN OTHERS HAVE FOLDED UP THEIR TENTS AND GONE AWAY.

That translates into the idea that HE (ALLAH) is WELL AWARE of the situation and is in TOTAL COMMAND of the situation. The more one understands HIS MOST EXAULTED NAMES the more one can receive insight into our ONE AND ONLY TRUE SAVIOR AND HIS EXAULTED ESSENCE WHILST GAINING A SENSE OF COMFORT AND QUIETUDE.

***What hurts the most is the massive disconnect between REALITY and the false but attractive ‘goodies’ handed out by the crafty devils.




Modernity versus REALITY. Ego feeding versus the TRUTH. Light labor versus hardworking earnestness, stupidity versus intelligence (of WHOM do we owe the most to) or simply put, plain GOD CONSCIENCENESS VERSUS WORLD CONSCIENCENESS AND THE BALANCE BETWEEN THE TWO ONE MUST MAKE AS HUMAN BEINGS.

Some people might suggest that in this ‘modern democratic world’ it is impossible to be a good Muslim. In fact, so many people look down upon being a good anything because it is better to be footloose and fancy free and unencumbered than weighed down by ‘primitive hopes’ and ideals – according to them. However, every soul has the right to question ‘certain values’. It seems to be human nature.

The idea is NOT to question for question sake or to question because the ‘activity’ is seemingly boring, time consuming and at first glance meaningless.

Society dictates to people certain values and the SLAVES of this liberalized or tyrannical society has its own rules and dictates such that it commands a successful way of existence without the cumbersome and burdensome values seemingly placed upon our heads by true religious expressions.

Go to many ‘Islamic countries’ and see women feeling ‘free’ by wearing tight clothes such that as the Prophet (pbh) said that they will be as being naked yet they are covered by their clothes. Men and women yearn to break free from ‘old fashioned’ concepts and intermingle in cozy comfort. How many women newscasters or weather ladies wear the proper head covering or dress? On Television it seems that only servants and the poor have a fair dress code.




It isn’t just women! It is everyone. People can find the deterioration of civil and religious life mentioned in the hadiths if one cares to do so and there is plenty of that knowledge. The problem is what can one do against this tide of certainty?

First of all every man, woman and pubescent child is a universe to themselves. Put in a kind of sterile situation, people might behave with a different attitude but that is neither practical nor acceptable.

Since we are all sinners to various degrees AND because the Truth is actually well-known by those not covered by let us call it ‘layers of deceit’, AND because we are NOT given foresight into the future development of the individual soul we really cannot force the ‘GOOD’ on people.

All of the REINFORCING comes from the head waters of an elective government – ONLY. That would be the twain governments of the high official of the land and the other government meaning the head of the household. Yet the human being is still responsible for himself!

Man is not cooked yet! The responsibility of guidance, godliness and spiritual awakenings is set by discussion and deed and without force by the common man. Faith is like a seed planted in the ground. Some seeds come forth in full fruitfulness; some come forth producing their fruits but at less than ideal terms; while some come forth stunted and basically useless.

It was promised in the New Testament that ALLAH would take these non-producing branches and HE would burn them as useless waste. The New Testament also declares to leave the contemptable ones alone.





It was also declared to say one’s full but if rejected then to SHOW THEM THE DUST FROM YOUR SANDLES (feet).

If the home is worthy, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you.

And whosoever shall NOT receive you, NOR hear your words, when you depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.                         Matthew (10: 13-14)

This means that you did your part in a calm and reasonable way to encourage ‘spiritual growth and understanding’ but, IF REBUFFED, then your duty is done, for ALLAH is the MOVER not man, and they are left to whatever fate awaits them. Remember that while the seed is planted, it may prosper in a years’ time, a decade or two or three or maybe never. One must also take into account that various seeds grow at various times and NOT to get discouraged.

The Quran upholds this viewpoint as well as it should since the Quran is the validation to the ‘truth from the other sacred books’.

This Qur’an is not such as can be produced by other than ALLAH. On the contrary, it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it, and a fuller explanation of the Book – wherein there is no doubt – from the LORD of the worlds. Q (10:37)

Let there be NO compulsion in religion: Truth stands out CLEAR from error: whoever rejects evil and falsehoods and believes in the {ONENESS and SANCTITY of the ONE and ONLY DOMINATE CREATOR WHO WAS NEVER BORN NOR MADE} has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And ALLAH hears and knows ALL THINGS.    Q (2: 256)



And have patience with what they say and leave them with noble (dignity).

And leave ME (alone to deal with) those in possession of the good things of life (who {still} yet deny the truth) and bear with them for a little while.

Verily this is an admonition: Therefore whoso will, let him take a (straight) path to his LORD.      Q (73: 10-11 and 19)

And when it is said to them, “Prostrate yourselves!” they don’t do it.

Ah woe that DAY to the rejecters of truth.   Q (77: 48-49)

Let them alone: they are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch {both shall fail}.    Matt (15: 14)

To you be your way and to me mine.   Q (109: 6)

Say, “The Truth is from your LORD.” Let him who will believe and let him who will reject (it).    Q (18: 29)

But you shall NOT will EXCEPT AS ALLAH WILLS – The Cherisher of the Worlds.    Q (81: 29)

This attitude accomplishes two main objectives. It uncovers much of the false Islam going around and that can only strengthen Islam in general. It also lifts up the standard of truth or uncovers the veil covering up truth so that people can lay it on the line in a simple manner.

Some of the Biblical quotes used in my former articles like Genesis (49: 10), Gospel of John (16: 13-15) and Acts (3: 22-23) are relevant to the end product of the Quranic verse: Say that at least we are followers of Ibrahim and that we worship but the ONE and ONLY GOD. This cuts through the ridiculous notions of another person’s self-defense concerning which ‘god’ one worships. They are not only relevant but they are thought provoking also.


And they say: Be Jews or Christians, then you will be rightly guided. Say to them, “No, but we follow the religion of Abraham, the Upright, and he was not of the idol worshipers.     Q (2: 135)

The bruised ego of someone’s crumbling self-defense becomes readily apparent as when a person stands behind his holy book 100% and at the same time goes forth to save face by denying the same good book that he still claims to believe in. Or when a person DOESN’T EVEN KNOW OR WANT TO KNOW WHAT his own holy book says as if claiming ignorance is the wisdom of choice!

The thing is that they, the doubters, actually and really do feel at a great disadvantage and that if one knows that they are trying to mask this feeling, then one can actually be secure in the idea that one has delivered the message and that ALLAH is THE CAPEABLE ONE TO DO THE REST!

Those who persecute the Believers, men and women and do not turn in repentance will have the Chastisement of Hell: They will have the Chastisement of the Burning Fire.    Q (85: 10)

Therefore, give admonition in case the admonition profits (the listener)

He will heed who fears

But it will be avoided by the most unfortunate one

Who will enter the Great Fire

In which he will neither die nor live

But he will prosper who purifies himself

And remembers the Name of his GUARDIAN LORD AND PRAYS.                                  Q (87: 9-15)



ALLAH says, “O MY servants I have forbidden oppression for MYSELF and have made it forbidden amongst you. So do not oppress one another.”     (Muslim)