Behold how they invent a lie against ALLAH! But that by itself is a manifest, {grievous} sin!                  Q (4: 50)

Those who deny ALLAH and HIS Messengers, and wish to separate between ALLAH and HIS Messengers saying, “We believe in some but reject others”; and wish to take a course midway,

They are in truth Unbelievers; And WE have prepared for the Unbelievers a humiliating punishment.    Q (4: 150-151)

This Quran is not such as can be produced by other than ALLAH; on the contrary, it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it and a fuller explanation of the BOOK wherein there is no doubt from the LORD of the worlds. Q (10: 37)

This is one hell of a crazy, mixed up world that we are living in where ignorance and dishonesty gets the merit badges. Take for example the simple notion of actually studying the facts. If the facts are contrary to our ‘ingrained notions’ then they aren’t facts at all or at least they are not worth noting. What kind of idiotic nonsense is that?

Jews, Christians and Muslims could learn a lot by studying a onetime Jewish scholar and practitioner who actually believed in the scriptures or at least the scriptures of his religion – Judaism. His name was ‘Abdullah bin Salam. I mean, just reviewing his character reveals a lot. Whatever he was, he was an earnest man who didn’t rely on cleaver little tricks to carry his belief system. In other words, no phony-baloney was he!

Let’s take a page out of his book and see what will happen. However, no big surprise comes forth due to the fact that most people will not be able to ‘break out of their self-imposed’ comfort zone and be ready, willing and able to take their ‘evolution’ to the next level. They are relatively stuck in the ‘mode’ that they have created for themselves and this idea goes for people of all faiths. As one might suggest, “If you want it (Paradise), go in search for it”! It is not an automatic gift.

People have been and are willing to wage war over it (their grand delusions, which they have indeed created for themselves through various ways and means). Born ages ago and continuing in one way or another in a semblance of ‘life’ (wherever that may have been and whatever that may be which is admittedly FUTILE in trying to guess), man is indeed truly responsible for his own self and his own self-delusions.

Go read the Quran about that as to showing that man has absolutely zero control over events but must adhere to what is ‘shaped out for him’ due to several factors – known and unknown. Yet it is absolutely true that man can ‘shift gears’ in his existence which shows that ‘mindless karma’ does NOT exist! But it is a struggle to pursue the ‘golden heights’ and that mirrors our earthly life itself.

The athlete who desires the ‘gold medal’ at the Olympic Games cannot ‘rest on his laurels’ and refuse to train, exercise, concentrate on technique and motivate himself above just common obesity. He must explore any ‘legal’ avenue that will increase his chances to ‘qualify in the moral and legal sense’ for the prestige of being the best he can possibly be thus increasing his chances for the gold!

Some unfortunates actually believe that because they have said just a word or confessed something with their mouth or are a member of a religious movement, sect or mainstream belief that that entitles them to a safe seat in Paradise. For sure, we come back again to the notion that that is what they con themselves into believing. That is correct! They actually con themselves into believing that the ‘garbage’ that they have set for themselves is an actual helpful reality.

…Thus to those without {real} faith their own deeds seem pleasing.                                  Q (6: 122)

Those who reject {disbelieve in} OUR SIGNS, WE will lead them step by step to ruin while they know not.   Q (7: 182)

And verily, WE shall recount their whole story with knowledge, for WE were never absent (at any time or place).       Q (7: 7)

To those who desire the life of the present and its {alluring} glitter – to them WE shall pay (the price of) their deeds therein without letup or any reduction.

They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but the FIRE: vain are the designs they frame therein, and of no effect are the deeds that they do!                          Q (11: 15-16)

However, their realities and outcomes are their own points from where they will be thrown into the pit of fire. Why? These become the ‘false gods’ that they have been creating that have left them in the lurch. It is not only false deities and statues and the like that count as false gods. It is the self and self-arrogance, leading to dogmatic and spiritual stupidity, which is also a false god.

And that is for those in charge. The ‘followers’ if blind to reality must also take the consequences of being negligible in matters considered crucial for man’s upliftment. An example of this follows.

By studying scriptures (GOD’s WORD) as a form of the highest spiritual and most important works ever to be vested to mankind – one of GOD’s greatest gifts to the human race – the human being can receive many things such as, admonition, guidance, correct, beneficial rewards (for the afterlife behavior) and doing what THE GOD wants rather than what the lust of the soul wants plus how to dig one’s self out of a hole that one has put one’s self into. That plus a whole lot more.

The proof of this is the scripture that compares a blind man with one that can see or a real smart and efficient servant with one who is a virtual, bumbling, costly idiot. Are those two equal and of equal value to the master who owns them? The answer of course is definitely not.

Take a look at the following:

The Scepter {RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP} shall not depart from Judah {the Children of Israel} nor a Lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh {Muhammad} come; and unto him {The Prophet of the Gentiles (NON-JEWS)} shall the gathering {of the faithful} be.         Genesis (49: 10)

Of course the { } were used to clarify the verse. This verse is plainly and simply stating a true and undeniable fact from YOUR VERY OWN CREATOR LORD. That fact is simple and it goes something like this with some of the background included but not stated here.

Of all the people or nations at that time to be chosen as ‘guides’ to correct behavior acceptable to the ONE GOD and to the worship in truth to HIM WHO created us, the Children of Israel (better known today as the Jews) were the only ones who would be privy to the real, correct revelations sent and approved by the Creator of the Universe. This will continue to be the case until ‘SHILOH’ is sent. Upon his being sent, he will be that PARADIGM change that ushers in the ‘NEW LAW’ and this NEW LAW will be especially for that last rational age of man under the guidance of HIS ‘holy priest or the priest-king better known as the Messiah – ‘Isa bin Mariam (Jesus the son of Mary).

This SHILOH cannot be of the Children of Israel (any prophet of the Jews) because that religious leadership ORDAINED BY GOD HIMSELF has declared it will pass on to another non-Jewish entity. Another that will NOT be of the Jewish persuasion but will be a prophet and a leader to the NON-JEWS. That is to another set of peoples and to this person will the gathering of the faithful be.

Old habits die hard and so it is not that the former faiths are rejected outright but they are not given the same elevated status* as that of the ‘new’ faith and this is done by HIS COMMAND. HE is in charge of the souls and HE can place them where HE likes as to when, where and how they will be born and what ‘lessons’ need to be learned if salvation is a possibility for that soul and this is done in perfect justice from THE ALL JUST.

Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) in truth was a Jewish prophet speaking to the peoples of the ‘Jewish Law’ (Torah and Gospels). He as can be seen in his ‘first coming’, according to his own words was sent by GOD as to the lost tribes of Israel ONLY. Others of course could join the evolutionary truth bandwagon for it was to be made manifest to the old-time Jew first and then to others who desired to believe.

Paul, who is considered one of the staunchest of Jesus’ supporters by many never declared himself to be OTHER THAN A JEW and certainly he would never shy away from being called a Christian if that had any real meaning in truth at that time, which it didn’t. This particular type of Judaism, which was led by the Disciples and Paul and their immediate followers had a particular name given to it.

The whole purpose of the preaching after the Christ was to take people from old Judaism and bring them into what the New Testament calls ‘THE WAY’ OR NEW JUDAISM based on the Law and the prophets but with ONE CAVEAT. The dynamics of continuing to send prophet after prophet until the universe became frozen was totally out of the question.

There was going to be a time shown to men that the end times was drawing near, and that the continuation of the world as it was going on for ever and ever was going to cease. That a new beginning was struck with the completion of the Christ soul’s journey to perfection (being born without sin as a Sign to mankind) and this was to signal the coming of that Spirit of truth (Dead Sea Scrolls) and Gospel of John who would act as a ‘cleansing force’ to bring stark truth and reality back to mankind.

That was the end of the evolution of the brick building described by Muhammad (pbh) in a hadith. Now that the road had been completed, the promise by THE ONE GOD needs to be fulfilled in that a ‘NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH’ must be formed with the much anticipated return of the Christ-soul TO RULE OVER THIS KINGDOM AS A KING WITH AN ESTABLISHED RELIGION (ISLAM) AND AN ESTABLISHED BEHAVIORAL PATTERN (THE SUNNAH OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD). Jesus’ job is not yet finished for he must return and things must be prepared for this to happen.

This new Judaism will not be forever and ever because SHILOH or Prophet Muhammad will bring a new PARADIGM change which will spread especially to the non-Jews called GENTILES throughout the many countries of the world. Basically we have Jews and non-Jews for our classification.

According to the New Testament with the arrival of a NEW TESTAMENT or LAW comes the death of the testator of that NEW TESTAMENT. This idea is found in the Epistle to the Hebrews.

For where a testament {a determined will, a document or law to follow} is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament {will, law – becomes a completed, finished product} is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator lives {can face abrogation or some change – not a completed project}.                                      Hebrews (9: 16-17)

Jesus (pbh) did not die but lives in body and soul on the third level of heaven. Prophet Muhammad (pbh) did die and so every ‘new testament’ for it to be valid must have the testator die.

The meaning here is that one has to die which means that that soul has to cease its ‘earthly function’ or come to a complete and utter stop. Jesus (pbh) did not do this and according to the Acts, he hung around for 40 days before ascending to the heavens with body and soul. In other words, if you can’t show me the body, then he is not dead meaning that he did not die – yet!

Notice that in this verse concerning SHILOH, the ‘faithful’ are gathered to him or what the faith will be like for those of the new age as well as this age. The ‘New Age’ can only start with the return of the Messiah. This fulfills what the Quran says in that ‘no other religion except ISLAM will be acceptable to HIM (The GOD OF ALL).

That cements the idea that Islam (when the arrival of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) enters this domain ‘again’) will be set forth in the form of the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) as the correct and only standard to be sanctioned and approved by none other than the CREATOR LORD and this will be strictly enforced as those who would oppose this idea will be weeded out forcibly by the 12,000 angels placed at the Messiah’s disposal. The idea of 12,000 angels and the support they will give to Jesus (pbh) comes from the New Testament.

This is a test for mankind, for man’s truth, true spirit, integrity and a whole host of other things. And if one finds him or herself in the old system and changes to the new system, then he or she is given DOUBLE THE REWARD and that is an ironclad guarantee from HIM WHO CREATED ALL THINGS!

This is effective until the change of direction of the Sun and or the coming of the Anti-christ. With those things occurring, it will do no good to alter one’s faith.

But along with this knowledge comes the sobering fact that people cannot just name themselves Muslims and get away with it on the Last Day. All the holy texts claiming to be the WORD of THE LORD are double edged swords as I have stated before.

Some people have been using the Quran, the New and Old Testaments in a lying, deceitful way. They may claim deceptive falsehoods from Divine Writ by twisting the meanings so as to perpetuate sinful fabrications. They do this because it’s advantageous for them and they are successful because they find like-minded fools who will follow their ‘inspirer’ blindly. And both are blind as in the blind following the blind.

Just when it would seem so worldly reasonable the ‘monkey wrench’ has been thrown in to confound, disturb and in the future humiliate these people from areas they never were aware of. That can be taken from the New Testament’s saying, “Many who are first shall be last and many who are last shall be first.” This shows how things can be turned on their heads from the perspective of what we normally believe.

Verily ALLAH will not deal unjustly with man in anything: It is man {himself} that wrongs his own soul.     Q (10: 44)

Say: “Those who forge a lie against ALLAh will never prosper.

A little enjoyment in this world – and then, to US will be there return. Then shall WE make them taste the severest chastisement for their disbelief.                          Q (10: 69-70)

Say to those who do not believe: “Do whatever you can: we shall do our part;

“And you wait; we too shall wait.”    Q (11: 121-122)

Such will be the shame of the false and foolish liars who have come to the flock as wolves in sheep’s clothing. And the followers who followed blindly without question are also to be punished because they found themselves in that situation due to not really being faithful but desiring for the trap that they unwittingly (but lovingly) fell into. This is confirmed by both the New Testament and the Quran.

The unbelievers say; “{You O Muhammad are not a prophet}”. Say {to them}: “Enough for a witness between me and you is ALLAH and such as have knowledge of the BOOK.”     Q (13: 43)

We have without doubt sent down the Message and WE will most assuredly Guard it (from being {universally} corrupted)       Q (15: 9)

WE did not create the heavens, the earth and all between them except for JUST ENDS. And the HOUR is surely coming (when this will be made completely manifest). So overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness.   Q (15: 85)

Definitely we see many lying, perverted individuals who transform their fellow human beings into wretched slaves sucking up falsehood as if it was the truth. Go back to the story of ‘Abdullah bin Salam and that shows us in depth about the human beings and their relationships with truth.

Because all Holy Books contain the seeds of destruction upon those who would abuse it, Islam itself has at various times and places been held hostage to fanatics and outright charlatans. The idea of following Muhammad (pbh) to the letter of the law is supposed to be applied with COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING not by cut and dried dogma or what some people call heartless Islam – following a set of principles by rote memory without the compassion for others.

With the knowledge that the striving is fundamental in Islam but the levels of achievement are basically up to the wants of the individual, should come understanding and in that case, it is suit yourself and not something mandatory for every living soul unless so otherwise specified in clear and rational terms.


“Verily, I am ALLAH: there is NO deity but I: So {you are COMMANDED to} serve ME (alone), and {to} establish regular prayers for MY REMEMBRANCE.

“Verily the Hour is coming – I have almost kept it hidden – for every soul to get its reward by the measure of its {struggling} endeavor.     Q (20: 14-15)

…” (His Plan is) to test you in what HE has given you {to see if you are honest and lawful about what you are given}: so strive in a race in all virtues…”                           Q (5: 48)

For example, to watch TV or not and what to watch is basically a judgmental thing with the understanding that sins are to be had a plenty but ALLAH is HE WHO is the best to forgive sins from the truly repentant and not the foolhardy. Perfection doesn’t come overnight or because somebody says not to do something. And ALLAH has made known that if mankind didn’t commit sins, HE would wipeout mankind and create another creation that would sin and sincerely ask HIM for repentance for ALLAH loves to be called upon by HIS devotees.

Like in life, some seeds take longer to sprout than other seeds but the loving farmer gives the right ‘encouragement’ at the right times to provide an environment for optimum development. Or as some people have said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

To ALLAH belong ALL THINGS in the heavens and on earth: and it is HE WHO encompasses all things.  Q (4: 126)

…” Help you one another in righteousness and piety but do NOT help each other in sin and rancor: Fear ALLAH for ALLAH is strict in punishment.                             Q (5: 2)

Some people strive to climb only a small hill while others have a go at a mountain and there are some who try to take on the heights of the tallest mountain in the world – each to his own skill set. The idea behind religion is to inspire one to do more and to be better but not to break one’s will. That is why there is no compulsion in religion but there is the motivation placed therein to succeed and to better one’s self.

Whoever intercedes in a good cause becomes a partner therein: and whoever recommends and helps and evil cause, shares in its burden: And ALLAH has Power over all things.     Q (4: 85)

ALLAH does not forgive the sin of joining other gods with HIM: but HE FORGIVES WHOM HE PLEASES {concerning} other {things} than making partners with HIM…                                   Q (4: 116)

A problem with the Muslim world today is the blurring of the lines between acceptable behavior and forcible compliance. That issue is best left up to the scholars** but the striving doesn’t imply brutalization nor does it condone Fitna because Fitna is very disturbing to society and it is very harmful. Striving comes from love of ALLAH and the actual GOD-given ability to do it.

**One Bedouin came to the Prophet (pbh) and asked him about his duties that he owed to ALLAH. The gist of that meeting was to have the Bedouin tell the Prophet (pbh) that he would do the bare minimum only but would do it religiously (without missing a beat)! The Prophet declared that if that Bedouin was telling the truth, he would go to Paradise.

The Islamic world is facing a grave challenge in its balancing act between what is Islam and how should people behave towards each other, between equals, their superiors and subordinates. Knowledge is one of the keys while patience is another. With those two traits working hand-in-hand, much of the problems faced in the Islamic world today would be eradicated.

However, there is the DESTINY of the soul which must be played out so it is not just that simple. When in doubt remember this:

ALLAH is THE OPENER or RELIEVER (AL-Fatah) and HE is THE INDEPENDENT EVERLASTING REFUGE (AL-SAMAD) WHO ANSWERS THE CALL (AL-MUJEEB). So when in need or even not in need: “When you ask, ask ALLAH; and when you seek help, seek help from ALLAH.”    Tirmidhi)

It is true that a strong, conscientious believer is better than a weak believer and when one wishes for something, wish for that which will be beneficial for you but don’t lose heart if you are visited with adversity for adversity to a believer tends to wash away his sins. That is for the true believer, however.

So give each brother his due and don’t make Islam as hard as iron or, as is the case now, you will see people turn on each other and lose their way (faith) in the process.

Therefore, give admonition in case the admonition profits (the listener)

He will heed who fears

But it will be avoided by the most unfortunate one

Who will enter the Great Fire

In which he will neither die nor live

But he will prosper who purifies himself

And remembers the Name of his GUARDIAN LORD AND PRAYS.                                  Q (87: 9-15)

ALLAH says, “O MY servants I have forbidden oppression for MYSELF and have made it forbidden amongst you. So do not oppress one another.”     (Muslim)

*Peoples of various religious beliefs, and here I’m talking about the people of the BOOK, Jews, Christians and Muslims, are not given the same elevated status and that can be justified when people haphazardly approach the truth. A sound hadith from the Prophet (pbh) discusses this adequately. This hadith follows:

According to Ibn ‘Umar, the Prophet (pbh) said, “Your example and the example of the people of the two Scriptures {before you} (i.e. Jews and Christians) is like the example of a man who employed some laborers and asked them, ‘Who will work for me from morning till midday for one Qirat?’ The Jews accepted and carried out the work. He then asked, ‘who will work for me from midday up to the Asr prayer for one Qirat?’ The Christians accepted and fulfilled the work. He then said, ‘Who will work for me from the Asr time till sunset {the shortest time of all the times} for two Qirats?’ You, Muslims have accepted the offer. The Jews and the Christians got very angry and said, ‘Why should we work more and get lesser wages?’ (ALLAH) said, ‘Have I withheld part of your rights {or injured you in any way}?’ They replied in the negative. He said, ‘This is MY Blessing, I bestow upon whomever I wish’.”    (Bukhari)

If only they had stood fast by the Torah and the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their LORD…    Q (5: 66)

There is also the notion concerning the day of the special congregational prayers. The nations (Jewish nation, Christian nation and Islamic nation) will be raised up according to the ‘purity’ of keeping that ‘Sabbath Day’ prominent. The original day was set as Friday by the CREATOR LORD as Adam was made on that day. So, in that respect, the Muslims arise for judgment first followed by the Jews and lastly the Christians. For sure, it will be much more advantages to be the former rather than the latter.

However, much to the disgust of some, Paradise is for the ‘Believers in any age’ and not just one religion:

Those who believe {that is testified to and FOLLOWED the practices found} (in the Quran), those who follow {in truth} the Jewish (scriptures) and the Sabians and the Christians, any who believe in ALLAH and the Last Day, and work righteousness {for the sake of ALLAH expecting no worldly kickbacks}, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.    Q (5: 69)

HE {ALLAH} cannot be questioned for HIS acts but they {mankind} will be questioned (for theirs).       Q (21: 23)

… Not a leaf does fall but with HIS knowledge…    Q (6: 59)