As usual, the symbols { } found in this text are used to bring a greater clarification concerning the topics being discussed.

The following is a return to the discussion from the earlier article “You Can’t Stop the Beat” concerning the idea of the ‘Children of Israel’. The Quran is in truth a very expansive Book with many layers of meaning woven into its script. The notion that the phrase, ‘The Children of Israel’ seems to have a much deeper meaning than the term ‘Jews’. For proof of this one has to accept the coordination of various Holy Scripture and see the uniformity and inclusion it states.

O Children of Israel! Remember MY favor which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over all the Nations (Alamin)    Q (2: 47)

And WE chose them (the Children of Israel) over the Alamin (all the Nations) with knowledge.     Q (44: 32)

The thinking from many was that the Children of Israel as a definition would be restricted to the term ‘Jews’ only. This type of thinking concerning these verses just doesn’t make much sense. Of course the Jews are included in this scenario but they are not the be all and end all of this equation. How so and is that really important?

It is important to show that mankind can display devious behavior by holding on to ‘Holy Scripture’ and throwing it away at the same time for personal and selfish reasons. It also shows a type of belligerence by declaring, “So what, a real belief in GOD is just a pipe dream anyway and if HE does exist, surely HE will reward us for the good things we have done.”

Secondly, by being inclusive about the term ‘The Children of Israel’ would result in a dramatic turnaround in perception of Islam. However, for most people that notion would be alien to them and not according to their likes:

And what is there to keep back men from believing now that Guidance has come to them, nor from praying for forgiveness {for what they used to do} from their LORD but that (they wait for) the ways of the Ancients to overtake them or the Wrath be brought to them Face to Face?      Q (18: 55)

So it is much like the argument the ‘loser’ had while being puffed up with pride (as people often do when surrounded by so-called wealthy secure things that seemingly won’t end):

(Abundant) was the produce this man had: he said to his companion in the course of a mutual argument:

“More wealth have I than you and more honor and power in (my following of) men.

He went into his garden while he wronged himself: He said, “I deem not that this will ever perish,

Nor do I deem that the Hour (of Judgment) will (ever) come: Even if I am brought back to my LORD, I shall surely find (there) something better in exchange.”                                     Q (18: 34-36)

So everything he had tumbled into pieces and that man was humbled to his very soul:

So his fruits were encompassed (with ruin) and he remained twisting and turning his hands over what he had spent on his property which had (now) tumbled to pieces to its very foundations, and he could only say, “Woe is me! Would I had never ascribed partners to my LORD and CHERISHER!”

Nor had he numbers to help him against ALLAH, nor was he able to deliver himself.

There, the (ONLY) protection comes from ALLAH, the TRUE ONE. HE is the BEST to REWARD and the BEST to give SUCCESS.   Q (18: 42-44)

Now a closer look at the term, “The Children of Israel”:


Well, for one thing we know that ALLAH KNOWS what is in front of man, behind man and on both sides of man and that HE KNOWS the future. So, why would HE chose a people who would be labeled in the future as the greatest enemies to Islam?

Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers you will find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the Believers you will find those who say, “We are Christians” because these are men devoted to learning. And men who have renounced the world and they are not {found to be} arrogant.    Q 5 (82)

I would think that it is much better to believe that the ‘Children of Israel’ form a group of peoples that can be put under the umbrella term of ‘People of the Book’ and considered a chosen set or group from amongst the mish-mash that occurred in the past. How so?

The most important religious requirement dividing success (salvation) from failure (damnation) is the worship of ONE GOD WITHOUT PARTNERS OR NEEDED HELPERS – THE FIRST COMMANDMENT found in the Old Testament and the FIRST PILLAR OF RELIGION FOR ISLAM proclaim this.

Before the ‘Children of Israel’ there certainly were many prophets who have visited this world but the condition of the world pre- Children of Israel was very much broken as a religious quagmire. In other words, it was a polluted scene given over to broken faiths with little common thread for mankind. Eventually, however, there came another group to become established that we can call the ‘Children of Israel’ or the children as servants to the ONE GOD WITH A REFINED SENSE OF MONOTHEISM.

So the various nations had various pathways that were not really compatible to what was envisioned for the refined ‘religious practices’ completely acceptable to the ONE GOD. So this ‘GROUP’ of people would be the strivers who were to show to the world their chosen way of worship collectively called ‘servants to the ONE GOD or known as Israel’ and the (Children of) meaning simply the (people of) that particular faith.

Do we have any proof for this claim and if there is proof will this proof be damaging?

Let us take a look at two Old Testament verses.

And this is the BLESSING, wherewith Moses the man of GOD BLESSED THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL before his death.

And he {Moses} said, “The LORD came {set forth HIS Revelation} from Si’nai {in the form of HIS Messenger Moses the Law Giver} and rose up from Se’-ir {in the form of HIS Perfected (sinless) Messenger Jesus} unto them: HE shined forth {showed HIS Expression – HIS ETERNAL TRUTH in the form of HIS Messenger Muhammad} from Mount Pa’-ran {an area classified as in and around Makkah} and he came {set forth with his blessed Companions} with ten thousand of saints*: True Believers {and} from his right hand went a fiery law for them {Prophet Muhammad’s enduring miracle given to him (the Quran) and also, until the end of the good people of this world, his Sunnah – religious practice}.”               Deuteronomy (33: 1-2)

Moses (pbh) is offering an invocation to his LORD for blessings upon who? Upon the Jews? No, for they weren’t called the Jews at that time so the idea of ‘Judeo’ anything is out of the question. Is it then for something Jewishness? No, it is not and we can tell that by looking at the blessings falling on THREE POINTS that are related to the one major point being ‘The Children of Israel’.

It has to be acknowledged that Si’nai stands for Judaism (where Moses (pbh) received the 10 Commandments) and it could be conceded that Se’-ir is the place where Jesus (pbh) rose up to the sky and that he was a Jewish prophet. So, one can declare Jewishness in an underhanded way of getting rid of Christianity but what about Mount Pa’-ran? That is also lumped in Moses’ invocation to ALLAH for a Blessing of the Children of Israel (and a prophet’s invocations are heard and answered – Islamic hadiths).

Because Mount Pa’-ran is associated with the area around Makkah and where Muhammad (pbh) first received his first Quranic Revelation, this is also a blessing upon that Group called the Children of Israel. And there is really no getting around that point as well as finally understanding that I-S-R-A-E-L does NOT stand for Jewishness nor Judaism.

And that goes on to cancel the idea that, for example, America or Europe for that matter is based on a real and complete culture called Israel because Israel is NOT JUST JEWISH at all.

Therefore, according to the real understanding of Deuteronomy (33: 1-2), Jews and Christians) now have a soul-wrenching experience in front of themselves. It can’t be a pleasing happenstance to willingly deny their GOD and expect Mercy from HIM at the same time – this especially is said to those who have taken delight in subterfuge and evil practices played out in the land of Palestine against the lawful inhabitants – the Palestinians or those who delight in attacking Prophet Muhammad (pbh)!

This group (The Children of Israel) while having its dark side at times has shown a remarkable ability to limit the earthly beck and call to worship various gods. In fact, the last sub-group (a peoples) within the three religions that make up the main group (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) has been lauded in this way:

You (O Muslims) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin good and forbid evil, and you believe in ALLAH. And had the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) believed, it would have been better for them.    Q (3: 110)


It apparently is unbelievable but Pamela Geller and the Zionists in Palestine have a lot in common. Sorry to say that but by analyzing their actions and deeds it sure does look that way.

The dustup that recently took place in Texas concerning ‘freedom of speech’ is so transparent that even an unsophisticated reader on moral behavior could catch it. However, in this multifaceted world it would take some form of knowledge and commonsense to catch what is going on and I hope to logically prove it.

Samuel Clemons wrote at times about these people who tend to think from their posteriors rather than their brains, for example, “Letters from Heaven”. According to his biting satire, the logic of some people is so faulty and ridiculously stupid it is unbelievable.

The latest snafu concerning the ridiculousness of Geller’s ‘human thinking’ was shown by her attempt to explain how ‘freedom of speech’ should be expressed. Whatever this ‘strange’ individual is croaking about along with her pathological followers is strictly absurd. And it can be proven so!

She would claim the basis for her so-called right of speech is based on the U.S. Constitution. However one may look at the Constitution, we know the era when it was written and the so-called ideals it maintained. Because we know the foundation of the ‘founding fathers’ of democracy, we can also figure out in a very logical way where they are getting their ideas from.

Only a naive individual would balk at the idea that the U.S. Constitution is infused with what we call today the ‘Judeo-Christian Philosophy’. A look at Judeo-Christian ethics from the two holy books, the Old Testament and the New Testament, have clearly defined constraints as to freedom of speech, for example. And that the New Nation (America) is founded on a sober belief in the reality of the ONE GOD AS THE CONTROLLING ENTITY while ‘trash-talking’ is completely frowned upon. Keeping this in mind, the best of ‘servants’ serving the country (America) and its people are supposed to be ‘God-fearing’, GOD-driven and GOD-knowledgeable – imperfect beings looking towards moving to a ‘MORE PERFECT WORLD’ through obedience to that system.

That system does NOT declare wholesale freedom of anything just because some people want to flaunt something about themselves. In other words, FREEDOM OF EXPRESION AND ALL THE OTHER FREEDOMS COME WITH A COST. The cost is spiritual remembrance to the OBEDIENCE TO GOD TO MAKE A MORE PERFECT UNION. That is good in theory until it is forgotten or taken hostage by ‘animals walking around in human garb’ in order to arouse self-love over Divine Commands!

What does that mean? It means simply that God doesn’t know best because he is like a real though mythical figure whereby we as humans can create the god of our choice and make him relevant to our cause.

If people came to Geller and those of her ilk and asked her about what GOD said about that matter of speech, it is presumed that she would have a hissy-fit. Why ask GOD about anything for the ALL AWARE doesn’t seem to be aware according to some people. Therefore, ask Geller for she is a person who can really give you the freedom that you lust for in the depth of your carnal souls.

Anyway, if the constitution is based on a fallacy, then our upstanding rules of engagement are folly and we can now make our own rules. What a horrible and catastrophic thought!

Now we come to an idea that is running throughout all of these written articles on this site. That is, if one values something, learn about it and try to practice it … for the LOVE of GOD. This is a good way to get a ticket to the BEST PLACE and the BEST of REWARDS (only for those who really and truly believe) and that is Paradise.

Now what did these holy books direct us to do? And yes, they DO DIRECT US TOWARD SOMETHING! That something is NOT ignorance nor stupidity but universal acknowledgement of THE END GAME AND HOW TO GET THERE SAFELY AND HOW TO MANGE IT, HOW TO COLLECT VALUABLE REWARDS FOR ONE’S OWN PROTECTION AND SAFETY (DURING AND AFTER LIFE)!

The Old Testament gives us a good hint but the New Testament and the last of the Jewish prophets, Jesus the Christ (pbh), really puts it out there!!!

My last article referred to Acts (3: 22-23) but now I want to refer to Jesus’ favorite Disciple – John. Here is what John claims that his master said to him and what he is going to write to the world:

But now I go away to HIM that sent me; and none of you ask me where I am going?

But because I have said these things {of troubled times to come} unto you, sorrow has filled your heart{s}.

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter {Prophet Muhammad will not enter into this world} but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

And when he has come, {he will condemn the worldly of sin and he will show and revive the way of the righteous} and he will {declare the makings/workings of what is to take place on the Day of Judgment}

{He will discuss about sin} because the human beings will not really believe in me as I am};

Of Righteousness because I go to the {Creator Lord and become absolved from what the world has declared about me} and you will see me {in this state} no more;

Of Judgment because {I have bruised the heel of the prince of this world and therefore his judgment has come upon him and he is cursed}.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them {comprehend them} now.

However, when he, the Spirit of Truth {the Trustworthy one} comes, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself {by his own appointed authority} but whatever {Revelations} he shall hear that shall he {tell unto you} and he will show you {much prophecy} of things to come.

He shall glorify me {with the truth}; for he shall receive of mine {the elevated and most honorable distinction a man can reach to and that is prophethood} and show it {openly} unto you.     John (16: 5-14)

So we have quite a conundrum on our hands don’t we. The obvious answer is NO WE DON’T! We don’t because the pathway is clear about who to look up to for the answers of Paradise, Hell-Fire, the End Times and the exalted joys of Paradise or the continuous pain and annihilation of Hell-Fire.

Because some people have declared GOD as their real enemy, either openly or in secret (by their fruits you will know them – by their activities, by their actions) [(Matthew (7: 20)] and spread poison throughout the land, they will be doomed to die again and again and again and again and again ad infinitum in the Fire that has been called 70 plus times the heat of a log fire.

This seemingly impossible feat is accomplished by having the undying be given ‘new bodies’ once the old ones are burned away – again and again. And the ‘enemies of GOD’ declare that HE is a tyrant because of this. Yet they were repeatedly warned again and again on all the levels that they were warned on in any life or any heaven or any earth they may have been placed in for existence and chances to learn BUT THEY CONSISTENTLY AND WITH RAPTUOUS JOY DEGRADED WHENEVER AND WHEREVER THEY COULD THOSE WHO WERE TRYING TO BEAR THEIR CROSS (LIFE’S CONDITION) WITH HONORABLE PATIENCE!

These are the people scripture has called, “deaf, dumb and blind”. They are like the hypocrites of Prophet Muhammad’s time when they came out from hearing him speak. They would say in ‘hidden derision’, “What did he say?” Or to say, “What did he mean?” This is done to tease or put as useless the words of ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh).

So we are given the truth in the New Testament that GOD shall NOT BE MOCKED [(Galatians (6: 7)] and that man WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE even unto his utter humiliation!

This article in no way speaks about getting even or throwing a fitnah-laden temper tantrum because a few ‘cracked and rotten nuts’ litter the highway of life. Admonish them yes! But let them drink their own poisonous concoction without forcing bloodshed. If reason fails, they fail but not the ones who use reason for enlightenment. A pus bucket may spew pus but that evil and odorous mixture can be washed away with the cooling spray of water.