The use of the symbols { } are to provide clarity of meaning.

The following article should be read after reading “There Is No Place to Go and No Place to Hide.” Instantaneous understanding of such a subject as the quest for religion, or more specifically, truth in religion is not easily obtained and definitely not obtained ‘overnight’.

Lies, lies and more lies that are tailor made for and by the depraved! A person rushing for his/her doom and hellish torment instead of sweet trust, surrender and ‘all ears’ to the ONE WHO is ‘claimed’ to be THE REAL AND ONLY KING granting ETERNAL JOY AND HAPPINES THAT CANNOT BE FELT ON EARTH UNDER ANY CONDITION AND WHICH WILL LAST FOREVER must be a real loser!

So let’s see a few of the things that some people use against Islam that are driving the ‘herd of animals’ into a frenzy. The first thing that the ‘human devil’ will do is try a smear campaign against Islam. The real truth must be covered up by name calling or negative attackism.


Concrete examples of ‘evil wickedness’ must be ‘reworked’ to smear reality in such a way as to portray Islam as something alien, false, not ‘our’ civilized way, evil and plotting. After all, the ‘our race’ has survived and prospered for thousands of years and has brought only civilized behavior to a many times ‘UNGRATEFUL WORLD’!!!

Thanks to the actions of a few tens of thousands and a few tens of thousands more who support stupidity, there are lots of examples to point out how ‘evil and eccentric and disrupting’ Islam is to ‘OUR way of life’.




You see most of these disreputable people have as their ‘god’ some form of color/national scheme in a human character form (called in reality an idol) who is either burdened by what ‘he’ did which was create the universe with people in it or a sad faced ‘god’ who needed to show the world that he would die for them in some way.

Perhaps give his life even on a cross to rescue them if they but believed in this oft told tale (historically, this tale is really oft told in various forms including a pre-Christian crucified deity type person.

So people can use various methods to prove that Islam is sort of ‘criminal’ and anti- social, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-progressive and anti-tolerant, etc. There are many ways to get this accomplished while ignoring the truth.

For example, one can use pre-21st century texts which have been ‘scholarly’ shown up to be a pack of filthy lies BUT YOUR LOW-LEVELED INTELLIGENT GROUP WILL NOT REALLY CARE OR EVEN INVESTIGATE. This is called the ‘primitive blood-lust’ method. Use whatever stokes the crowd’s lust as long as it accomplishes the purpose. These are the acts of common thugs or bullies like Trump or Geert Wilders.

If one doesn’t feel comfortable passing off obvious falsehoods, then turn to ISIS or the Taliban or some such ragtag outfit and have them coming out of every joint and crack found in society. They do bad and unconventional deeds (which is true but not like us colored or uncolored folk) so basically that is what Islam really stands for! That type of logic wouldn’t pass muster amongst fair and even minded people but not everybody is that way.




However, the crowds garnered by ‘speakers of generalized hate’ like Gobbles or a Hitler or a Gadhafi, know instinctively how to kick the ball down the field and score a goal. Just look at Trump and how he proceeded in mesmerizing his audience. A clever liar* can always get to the top of the heap if his audience thinks with their belly instead of the brain.

95,000 lousy Muslims become such a horde that it must translate into a world immensely populated by heathens who are trying to destroy us and rape our women and defame whatever we love and stand for – flag, country, a certain race, our brand of life,  cigarettes, beer or whiskey, etc.

Of course, we have to forget our race has at least 95,000 convicted criminals plus other races (of the Christian religion) but that is understandable. Just like most ‘blacks’ are picked on by the ‘white’ police who are well-trained in spotting possible low-life characters, they are somehow different and different is often a threatening thing.


Of course ‘they’, the law breakers, are American citizens or whatever but they can hardly be classified as outstanding Christians like you or me. Because if they were to be such, then they would all be meek and mild and defer to our superior ‘status’! They don’t do it and I guess it is not TOTALLY their fault that they don’t LOOK LIKE US or believe exactly like us – the chosen ones!




Another great point is to use so-called ‘Islamic idiots’ who don’t understand right from wrong and who turn the Islamic holy book upside down and inside out as in a race to rapidly DESTROY THE TRUTH as declared in a correct hadith from the Prophet (pbh). We can use this useless bunch as an example of what ALL Muslims stand for.

In the world that we live, certain men called the self-righteous evangelists and their followers have a great field day when it comes to releasing the stench of falsehoods while making money and fame for themselves. So between the two, one set of clowns makes bombs and the other set makes phony proclamations and false promises. But we can use our judgement as to which we would feel more comfortable with. That is called supporting ‘our’ kind.

If one doesn’t break the law, spreading hate through falsehood can be profitable in a worldly sense. Religiously speaking, it is like offering one a choice between death by gun or by blade. Choose one that you will be able to ‘live by’ with a good well-paid conscience!

However, research, common sense and a real belief system help people to come to grips IN A MATURE AN UNDERSTANDABLE WAY IF THAT PERSON ACTUALLY WANTS TO!

The key is if that person actually wants to be able to do it. But studying another person’s way is kind of tedious to most of us. That is why I have used a few quotes from the Old and New Testaments showing the WAY and discussing that WAY.

Other people may use another way called quotes from just the Quran. However, they have to be well-balanced and NOT one day wonders to discuss certain issues AND PUT IT IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT. This is a good way also but I am not qualified to do much of that.


Still one can try to combine the two if people can accept that there can only be ONE GOD in this whole shooting match for if not, there would result chaos when so-called two gods or more started to ‘battle it out’ for top supremacy.

Let us take one saying from the Quran, potent and powerful as it may sound, and one saying from Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and try to understand it in a UNIVERSAL SENSE OR ACROSS THE BOARD IN A HUMANITARIAN SENSE!

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to ALLAH – {belief in being obedient to the ONE CREATOR LORD}, NEVER will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).    Q (3: 85)

It doesn’t make any sense for someone to suggest that DISOBEDIENCE to the MOST HIGH is what HE desires. That is NOT supported by any true scripture.

By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, there is no one of this Ummah, Jew or Christian, who hears of me then dies without believing in that {the truth} with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the people of Hell.”       (Sahih Muslim hadith accredited to be totally sound by Muslim scholars).

That may be puzzling considering the next verse from the Quran:

Those who believe (in the Quran and those who {actually} follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians, {in fact} any who {truly} believe in ALLAH and the Last Day {of accounting} and work righteous {good deeds} shall have their reward with their LORD; on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.     Q (2: 62)


These expressions do not mean a 5 second calling to Islam, then rejection, then Hell-Fire. Many a person, whatever their religious belief, has not heard of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) way back in the day of just radio and early TV but now things are different. Why?

In Islam, due to the fact that EVERY CHILD is born on a state of FITRA (having internal correct belief in the Unity and Uniqueness of the CREATOR imprinted on the soul) AND due to the fact that a person is NOT somehow handicapped mentally AND due to the fact of an INBORN curiosity about the, for lack of a better term, the HEREAFTER of some type of existence as shown by so-called primitive peoples AND due to the natural curiosity or amount of caring for it from the secret place of the ‘heart’ AND due to the child reaching a certain ‘age of understanding of maturity AND due to his disposition that he leans towards as to what his or her soul ‘secretly’ craves as revealed in the Quran and above all, AND due to the ONE GOD’s decision based on life’s choices kept in a clear record will go into weighing in on the question of ‘is he or she of the people of Paradise or Hell-Fire.

The theory in brief behind the thought (of Muhammad) as defined by verses found in the scriptures:

Mankind was once ONE UNIFIED COMMUNITY of THOUGHT (Quran) and the Spirit moved over/across the waters… Old Testament.

The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.  Genesis (1: 2).

According to Solomon (pbh) he was there also as he was created (his soul) way back when (Old – Old Testament).



In the Wisdom of Solomon (8: 19-20), an accredited Biblical Book for (only) about 1,500 years, there appears to be talk of some form of ‘pre-existence. This is only one example. A connection between ‘spirit’ for example and Jesus and mankind as Jesus was only a man ‘like us’ has been made. The difference between one mineral and another mineral may be great but in understanding that, ‘both’ are still classified as minerals.

Mankind was also once UNILATERALLY INFORMED about the necessity of obedience to their CREATOR LORD and mankind, without exception had to swear an OATH to this allegiance (Quran).

Now the way that the ONE could communicate with HIS creation was by sending prophets to humanity due to the fact that HIS MAJESTIC NOBLENESS would destroy the Earth and all of the surroundings if HE came upon them with HIS Physical Presence and ALL CONSUMING GLORY. That is why we are told in the New Testament, just for an example, that NO MAN can see the ONE GOD and live.

To be fair to mankind, every nation has had its prophet-types. According to Islam (no one gets left behind) as there have been approximately 124,000 prophets sent to mankind with Prophet Muhammad (pbh) being the LAST ONE AND LEADER OF THE WAY (PROPHETS) with adam being the first one.

Every prophet and every facet of faith or religion or religious growth, if within the same religion, has preached the ONENESS of GOD and knowledge of the continuation of DIVINE TRUTH TO COME.

For example, The Children of Israel will continue in the mode of THAT pure SYSTEM (religion) UNTIL SHILO COMES and then the mantel of duty and belief will shift to that group.



Jesus (pbh) is the last of the Israeli prophets and therefore cannot be considered SHILO. Besides, if we are to believe the New Testament, any new ‘regime’, as it were, has to have a testator and the testator must DIE! Since Jesus (pbh) rose up to the heavens very much alive in body and soul which cannot be considered a death state, he also by this fact cannot be the ‘new’ testator.

This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed MY favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion… Q (5: 3)

To you {O Muhammad} WE have granted the Fount of Abundance {in Paradise}.

Therefore, to your LORD turn in prayer and sacrifice.

For he who hates you, he will be cut off (from future hope). Q (108: 1-3)

For where a testament {a determined will, a document or law to follow} is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator. For a testament {will, law – becomes a completed, finished product} is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator lives {can face abrogation or some change – not a completed project}.                                      Hebrews (9: 16-17)

But didn’t Jesus (pbh) die as is reported in verse Heb. (9: 15)? Not as Jesus (pbh) but as his soul was in motion as ALLAH WILLED IT or as written but not understood in ‘Travail’ (Dead Sea Scrolls) for those things for which he turned to his LORD with GREAT WEEPING AND EARNEST APPEAL AND HE WAS HEARD. And thus he entered upon his quest or journey at that time so long ago and that human being became a ‘SIGN’ unto mankind which unfortunately many have corrupted for ‘historic greed’.



“As to those who believe and work righteousness, ALLAH will pay them (in full) their reward; But ALLAH loves not those who do wrong.

“This is what WE rehearse unto you of the SIGNS and the MESSAGE OF WISDOM.”

The similitude of Jesus before ALLAH is as that of adam; HE created him from dust, then said to him: “BE”: and he was.      Q (3: 57-59)

“Such as took their {Divinely Inspired} religion to be mere amusement and play, and were deceived by the life of the world.” That DAY shall WE forget them {of our MERCY} as they forgot the meeting of this day of theirs, and as they were wont TO REJECT OUR SIGNS {AND WARNINGS}.

For WE had certainly sent to them a Book, BASED ON KNOWLEDGE which WE EXPLAINED IN DETAIL – A GUIDE AND A MERCY TO ALL WHO BELIEVE!   Q (7: 51-52)

People are supposed to listen to their prophets and take heed from their and admonitions and IF THEY REALLY DO LOVE THEIR PROPHET AS JESUS DECLARES OF HIMSELF, THEN THEY WILL FOLLOW HIS ADVICE, WARNING OR INSTRUCTIONS to the best of their ability guided by their priest-class. If, however, the priest-class be corrupt, the general population will basically follow suit. Or else the people are ONLY pretending to follow that prophet or pretending to ‘love him’.

And Jesus (pbh) did declare that his true followers (the ones who actually work at it) will open their hearts to this ‘spirit of truth’ as he will show that truth to which people should cling to or seek out.





Well that phase shows a continuation of prophethood and truth down through the ages. Didn’t we have enough remembrance for the Jews to accept the true Messiah Jesus (pbh) as found in the records? Ah but the so-called priest-class and their well testified to dishonesty when it comes time to cover up certain details as Jesus (pbh) pointed out in the New Testament as to their sitting in the false judgment seat of Moses (pbh).

For the ‘Gnostic Folks’ or those with mystical leanings, life is as one can see from the ‘spirit that moved across the waters’ in the Old Testament an ongoing process related to the Old Testament idea of the notion that the ONE GOD did not desire evil upon others or to say that HE did not desire that any soul be lost (without a free will) {that it would not wake up to the REAL REALITY} but based upon individual souls actually willing to offer up their selves in sacrifice hence the payment of the fact that ‘GOD shall NOT be mocked for whatever a man sows he must reap’ as found in the New Testament with ALLAH OVERLOOKING MUCH as found in the Quran.

This concept is better known as one whereby once you have read it, now you can forget it. It deals with soul cleansing to whatever degree and covers a wide area of conditions, cases, dimensions, times, and levels such that it would be too hard to understand. It is just a statement of fact and is called in Islam a part of Divine Destiny. Basically, we can lump that into the UNSEEN category and leave it like that.

However, Prophet Muhammed (pbh) addressed this concept in very simple, and eloquent terms which does cover the whole ball of wax in one sentence: ‘When a man dies he returns to his grave’. In that case, the existence in the grave can either be comfortable or even quite tortuous. And that is basically all we need to know about that subject.



It is not for me or any other person to dwell on this subject. For dwelling on the ‘unknown’ can have dire consequences especially those ‘unfortunates’ who go forth and create as it were falsehoods which is indeed highly punishable as one who has told a lie against his CREATOR LORD.

To continue: as ALLAH set up the one brotherhood of prophets HE also set up the chiefest or main PROPHET (Old Testament – Song of Solomon), and Dead Sea Scrolls** that is, their leader. The leader of those prophets, or the one carrying the banner of PRAISE for THE LORD who is the head marcher and leader of the prophets from Adam to Jesus is Muhammad (pbh) and he was put in this position by THE ONE TRUE GOD. Man does not dispute with GOD for man has no power or say in the principles of creation.

It is Muhammad (pbh) who forms the pattern of the prophets as we all form the pattern after Adam the father of the human race and the other adam who is a Sign to mankind.

To put it succinctly, we are asked to follow TRUTH as a higher form of belief than named religious sects, skin color etc. AND THE TRUTH WAS MADE CLEAR FROM THE PROPHETS ABOUT THIS BUT MAN IN HIS GREED COVERED UP THE TRUTH TO MAINTAIN A FISTHOLD ON PEOPLE ESPECIALLY FOR GREEDY PURPOSES – a common theme running through all the holy books. And ‘greed’ is a key point in New Testament belief concerning the anti-christ.

**To curse this man or to not believe in him is to confront the ONE CREATOR LORD AND TO DENY WHAT HE HAS ORDERED AND PLANNED. So how can one find success in the Hereafter when one is so SELFISH AND MEAN HEARTED AS TO DENY THE CREATOR’S WILL!


Man was asked to take care and study the scriptures and to lead a sensible life (even though his life would be flawed) but many have mucked it up and have driven their ‘train’ off the track. Still, with true thought and perseverance instead of trying to ‘con’ the ONE GOD with false praise and intentions, man can get back to the right fold and pursue the pathway of true salvation.

With all that has been said and done, a really true heart not a false, bragging one, can be hopeful of salvation because he has given it the old try in all honesty and has opened up his heart NOT to rag-tag political expediency or foolish religious braggadocio but in trying to seek out truth from the AL-HAQQ (THE TRUTH HIMSELF).

Of course there is the documented evidence already written in previous articles on this site showing what Jesus (THE ONLY REAL MESSIAH AS CALLED BY PROPHET MUHAMMAD) will do when he returns as a ‘king’ as to his language, Holy Book, Sunnah and his temperament to others that refuse “THE WAY” for he does have his 12,000 angels under his command and what that entails (New Testament).

So now we basically have a ‘beginning of understanding’ of Islam and why it is important to actually follow the real Islam, learn about it and take it to heart or as much as one is able.

*APPENDIX E – Taken from the book “He Is Not My Ancestor” with slight variations added:

Every nation on Earth has its hypocrites and every Holy Book ever sent down to mankind talks about these villainous creatures that love to try and blow out the Light with their mouths and devise horrendous plots to drive men to confusion and to the pathway of darkness.



Note it well that the hypocrites shall go to the lowest abyss of Hell, and you will not find any helper for them.   Quran (IV: 145)

The hypocrites seek to deceive ALLAH, whereas, in fact, ALLAH has deceived them.       Quran (IV: 142)

Ever since the first prophet came to mankind, the hypocrites have been attached to man as a test. Towards the end of this current age (Fourth Age) there will be the “great war” in which one third of the Muslim army will turn on their backs and run away {from the invaders} and will never be forgiven by ALLAH. This hadith given by the Prophet (pbh) shows the flimsiness of faith professed by these so-called Muslims at that time. Islam does not hide the truth nor does it whitewash the realities.

The rejecters of Al-Islam are called disbelievers because they can feel free (or so they think) to accept some things from their Creator Lord and to reject other things like certain commandments or prophets {treating HIS SYSTEM willy-nilly}. Therefore, they are paltry believers ranked among the disbelievers but of a higher rank than those who totally reject faith.    The hypocrites, on the other hand, represent wolves in sheep’s clothing and are very dangerous because the knife in the back has been expressed with more loathing than a mere frontal assault.

Maududi’s explanation of hypocrisy covers many footnotes in his Tafseer with various examples and shades of meaning. One very succinct piece follows: {talking about the Islamic hypocrites. This can be transferred to Jewish or Christian hypocrites by putting them in a Jewish or Christian setting}.




The hypocrites of every age*** enjoy and have always enjoyed all the benefits conferred by Islam {speaking here of those who claim to be of the Islamic Faith}, by professing it with their tongue, and nominally joining the Muslim Community. At the same time they enjoy all the benefits they can derive from the disbelievers, by mixing with them and assuring them, “We are not bigoted Muslims though we are nominally connected with them. We are akin to you in culture, in thoughts and in the way of life and our interest and loyalties are the same as yours. Therefore, you should rest assured that we will side with you in the conflict between Islam and Kufur {disbelief}.”   (Taken from The Meaning of the Quran, note # 171 p. 176 vol. II, Surah AN-Nisa, verse 141).

***Every religion has had its hypocrites and those who are arrogant and full of pride. Let it be known to those who walk on Earth with arrogance and pride that the ONE GOD hates the arrogant and has set aside a place of eternal regret for those who overstep their bounds. And that is a warning some world leaders would be well to remember!

Then WE will question those to whom OUR Message was sent and those Who delivered it.

And verily, WE shall recount their whole story with knowledge, for WE were never absent (at any time or place).

The balance that day will be true (to a nicety): Those whose scale (of good) that will be heavy, will prosper.

Those whose scale will be light, will find their souls in perdition, for that they wrongfully treated OUR SIGNS.     Q (7: 6-9)




GOD will say; “Enter in the company of the peoples who passed away before you- men and Jinns, – into the Fire. Every time a new people enters, it curses its sister-people (that went before), until they follow each other, all into the Fire. The last {group} will say about the first {group}; “Our LORD! It is these that misled us: So give them a DOUBLE PUNISHMENT IN THE FIRE.” GOD will say; “DOUBLED FOR ALL (OF YOU)”: BUT {about} this {matter} you do not know {yet understand}.    Q (7: 38)

Evil is the example of people who REJECT OUR SIGNS and wrong their own souls.

Whoever ALLAH does guide, he is on the right pathway: Whom HE rejects from HIS guidance, such are the persons who lose.    Q (177-178)

Many are the JInns and men WE have made for HELL: They do have hearts wherewith they understand not, they do have eyes wherewith they see not, and {they do have} ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle, nay more misguided: for they are HEEDLESS of warning {until it is too late}.                                    Q (7: 179)