As in all of my writings, the symbols {  } are used to bring clarity and further understanding to the reading.

The Quran does not disparage the New or Old Testaments as being invented or false. In truth, what one can get from the Quran is that these Holy Books, at times, were altered to some degree by addition, subtraction or disguised by manipulation.

Addition generally occurs when some person ‘inserts’ his own ideas/beliefs/translation of meaning into the text and later that ‘addition’ becomes an authentic verse. This idea has been pointed out many times by scriptural worthies and the latest New Testament versions do show it by regulating these ‘false verses’ to mere footnotes!

Subtraction can occur through various means. Such means could be the adjustment of a text that has various readings due to various existing copies of texts, or taking out words, phrases or even sentences that seemingly go against ‘established norms’ of those who are doing the adjusting.

The final ‘doctoring’ of the Holy Word (disguised by manipulation) comes about when CLEAR AND REAL PROOFS of certain verses negate the ‘current philosophy’ of the organization or school of thought at the time (very important for our example to follow). In this case, the thing to do would be to ‘alter’ them such that it would be difficult to get the real understanding of what was meant. This is done to ‘protect’ the ‘institution’ from being transplanted by another ‘force’ such as another school of thought or another religion. In other words, the former organization has something going for it in terms of money and prestige and does NOT want to lose that position.

Even when this is done, the Holy Scripture has some surprises up its proverbial sleeve. People (top leadership) may be very clever and ambitious to protect their so-called ‘faith’ but scripture tends to ‘echo’ itself in various places thus allowing the student to see in a translucent way the real meanings behind what was tampered with if one sincerely applies oneself, GOD Willing. After all, it is all up to the ONE GOD to carry forth HIS PLAN to PERFECTION!

Another way to catch the nearly perfect ‘forgers’ is to visit the religion that comes after the one being discussed. In that way there may be clues as to what is closer to reality for the meaning of certain verses: the current patched up verses or something nearly similar to them. It is not an easy task but one that can be supported with diligent study.

These things can be hidden from the general populace due to several factors:

  1. When people surrender their ‘rights’ to earnest study or, in other words, the drive and need to understand the ‘RECORDS’ that show how to get a joyful eternal life and also ALLOW a ‘priest class’ to ‘regulate’ and transmit philosophies, people can be led to the slaughter (incorrect ideas) like sheep. But these sheep go willingly mainly due to their own dispositions! It is the ‘lazy man’s way of trying half-heartedly to keep in touch with the WORD of GOD!

Say: “Everyone acts according to his own disposition: but your LORD knows best who it is that is best guided on the WAY.”   Quran (17: 84)

  1. The general populace are NOT educated experts in the area of religion and therefore, can be manipulated this way and that according to the ‘headwaters’ or school of thought or sectarian philosophy. Whether it is innovations or simply lack of internal control, errors and misunderstandings do creep in.
  2. If the ‘error’ has been around for a while, it takes on a life and a truth of its own. Therefore, the lie is allowed to prosper so much so that it now is labeled as truth!

Why should we care? That question is too obvious for those who understand and know anything of the value of TRUTH and hence, SALVATION.

Those to whom WE have sent The BOOK study it {with measured patience and open honesty} as it SHOULD BE studied: they are the ones that {truly} believe therein; those who REJECT FAITH therein – the loss is {totally} their own.     Quran (2: 121)

Search the Scriptures {BOOKS}; for in them you think that you have eternal life {by following the precepts for those who desire to obey the LORD}: and they are they which testify {to the reality} concerning me {Jesus the Christ}.      John (5: 39)

Those who received the BOOK and use it wisely ARE NOT THE SAME as those who are of the same class, skin color, country and professed member of a religion. One gains big time (THE DILIGENT) while one loses big time (THE CARELESS)! How can a person be so careless as to starve one’s spiritual self by keeping away from the RECORDS THAT SET THINGS STRAIGHT? Therefore, food for the soul, in truth, is very similar to food for the body.

So let us take an example of a verse disguised by manipulation:

He that believes on me as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

(But he spoke this of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given, BECAUSE JESUS WAS NOT YET GLORIFIED).  John (7: 38-39).

Now let’s take another look at this scripture and back it up with other verses and discuss a possible reason for the ‘disguised by manipulation look’.

He that believes on me {the truth of my essence}, as the scripture has said, out of his belly {abdomen} {a sound shall proceed as likened to that of a flowing river} shall flow rivers of living water.

But this he spoke concerning the Spirit {of Truth} which they that {in truth} believe on him {Jesus} should receive {in the future}: for {that Spirit} was not yet given {unto the world to testify about him} because Jesus was NOT YET GLORIFIED {neither yet in the Heavens nor on Earth}.                               John (7: 38-39)

So Jesus (pbh) becomes ‘glorifiedfirst in the heavens as he becomes ‘raised from the dead’ BUT he will be tarnished by future generations and remain tarnished UNTIL the TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL in the coming of that spirit of a man who will tell the truth about Jesus!

To solve this puzzle one must go to the New Testament, the Quran and the Hadiths. The New Testament which is being used as a cross-reference to itself declares quite clearly:

And when he {the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth} is come, he will reprove {scold} the world of sin {for a ‘living’ record must be set in stone for the actual condemnation}, and of righteousness and of Judgment {to come}:

Of sin, because they {have NOT the right belief about me}

Of righteousness because I go to my {LORD to be vindicated as opposed to those who manufacture hate and lies about me}, and you see me no more;

Of judgment because the prince of this world is judged.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.

However, when he, the Spirit of Truth {arrives}, he will guide you into all truth {concerning the practicalities of faith}: for he shall not speak {by his own wisdom} but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he will show you things {that will happen in the future}

He shall GLORIFY ME {in the Earth}; for he shall {be given as I was given – a Book and the office of Prophethood and make the truth about me known} and he will declare himself to you {as to being GOD’s Messenger}.      John (16: 8-14)

But before this, he will be raised up and cleared of ALL FALSEHOODS!

Behold! ALLAH said: “O Jesus! I will take you and raise you to MYSELF and clear you (of {ALL} the Falsehoods {and lies} of those who blaspheme; I will make those who come after you superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall you all return to ME and I will Judge between you of the matters wherein you dispute.                                Quran (3: 55)

When one comes to Islam, one finds two hadiths (sayings) backing up John (7: 38). One of them is a hadith declaring that when the Prophet (pbh) fasted, one could hear the sound of what a boiling pot makes coming from his abdomen. The other hadith is as follows:

As narrated from Aisha, while the Messenger of Allah was practicing prayers, some sounds like sound of boiling pot used to come from his chest {region}. (Ibn-i Maja, Mukaddima, 3).

So we have here a verification concerning this New Testament verse from the religion that came after Christianity. However, why would one try to conceal this fact? The answer is surprisingly simple! Church records of intact and complete copies of the New Testament go back only so far in time. The best the Church can offer concerning a complete and intact New Testament is probably around the early 4th century.

However, HISTORY gives us a very big and helpful clue as to why certain ‘corrections’ were offered up as so-called Gospel! And this will further the idea that the ‘Christian Fathers’ METAMORPHOSED THE CONCEPT OF THE REAL JESUS while altering the records thus solidifying their own corrupt position.

Early Christianity was under a huge threat from a man who claimed to be the Spirit of Truth and many Christians were falling for that idea – even the current Pope at that time. However, he later was convinced by his ‘group’ not to follow the new wonder who is known in history as Montanus. The result is easy to see if nothing is done about this radical claim. Goodbye Christianity as we now know it today and welcome to the bizarre world of strangeness with a ‘new prophet’ and two of his girly friends (his known associates who were also receiving so-called Divine Revelations.

Montanus really was taking very early Christianity by storm and lots of people including the ‘great’ Church Father Tertullian, who has been credited as being one of the greatest scholars and FOUNDATIONS of Early Christianity, was one of his ardent supporters. With the Church facing possible extinction as we know it, something had to be done and of course something was done.

The point being is that the SPIRIT OF TRUTH was a man who was PROPHECIED to come to ‘straighten out religion’. Therefore, to make sure there would be no more people to take advantage of the Spirit of Truth concept one needs make the Spirit of Truth into the Holy Ghost and since we are dealing with the notion of three in one and one in three philosophical mumbo-jumbo partially set forth by Tertullian himself (his basic concept of Trinitus), the claims of Montanus will be FALSE and nobody else will be able to come along and throw a spanner into the works.

The result is that the Church is saved and the Spirit of Truth is NOT ANYMORE A CORPORAL ENTITY but rather a type of god-THING. The Church has been SAVED! Along with its position in society, power amongst the people, influence with kings (leadership) and MONEY getting, the Church has been SAVED!!!

So how can the ONE GOD be threatened by anything including mere mortals? So if one has a delusion about truth (by being either passively or actively content with falsehoods) that then becomes that person’s ‘rope’ to be put about his neck on the Last Day of Judgement. Why? That is because people were not commanded to treat their ‘ticket’ to salvation in such a reckless and insignificant manner.

This, such that the Truth shall prevail and Falsehood shall PERISH along with those who adamantly persisted in rejecting GOD’s WORD as well as those who persistently fought against the ‘Christ-like’ pattern which action has become known as the Anti-Christ phenomenon (or that which is stated as being opposed to the real concepts taught and lived by the Jesus of Nazareth and reinforced by Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

And say: “Truth has (now) arrived and falsehood perished: for falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.”    Q (17: 81)

In truth this Ummah of yours is a single Ummah (one community) {O mankind} and I am your LORD: so worship ME alone.  But the people (of their own accord) cut asunder their (one) Creed into many religions yet they will have to return to US.   Quran (21: 92-93)

Enter now a controversy concerning a man called Paul

It is ALLAH WHO is the ‘Turner of the Hearts’ and two men who have had quite an impact on faith were Paul and ‘Umar bin Khattab. Both of these individuals were not nice people before they entered upon the ‘truth’. Both have been and even today are considered ‘heretics’ by certain sects of religious schools of thought. However, ‘Umar is credited with the saying, “Tell the truth even though it is bitter.” And so, GOD WILLING, it shall be done in short.

Paul was cleared by the original Disciples of Jesus (pbh) and lived and preached with a man called Barnabas for well over 3 years. These people cannot be said to be ignorant, stupid or foolish and would have outed Paul as an antichrist (a man against truth) had he been a wolf in sheep’s clothing for these people were wise and blessed with a guiding spirit. Furthermore, Paul was reviled and hated mostly by the Jews which at that time would be in his favor. Not only did the Jews want to kill him, they also wanted to trip him up and spread false lies about him to whomever or wherever it would hurt Paul and thus Christianity (THE WAY) the most.

Was he equal to the original Disciples? In part, yes but that is only one man’s opinion. He obeyed the precept of “To the Jews First” but it is his ‘role’ that was to change history. And who knows more about ‘future events’ than the ONE GOD?

His major role was to discuss the Messianic vision of the man called Jesus (pbh) as it is related in the records in order to prove the ‘Realities of this man called Jesus’. He (Jesus) is not just a prophet but the MESSIAH ANOINTED to come AGAIN INTO the world to LEAD a KINGDOM of GLORY and RICHNESS to the SOULS of men that they may be made pure in this world and receive abundance in ALLAH’s GRACE and MERCY for the SCALES in the NEXT WORLD (phase of existence).

What is with you must vanish: What is with ALLAH will endure. And WE will reward those who practice fortitude according to their best deeds. Whosoever does righteous deeds, whether male or female, provided he is a believer, WE will certainly grant him to live a pure life in this world and WE will reward such people (in the Hereafter) according to their best deeds.                                                          Quran (16: 96-97)

Resurrection shall take place so that ALLAH may reward those who have believed and done good works …   Quran (34: 4)

Before this WE wrote in the Psalms, after the Message (given to Moses): “MY servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth.” Verily in this (Quran) is a message for people who would (truly) worship ALLAH.   Quran (21: 105-106)

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.   Matt. (5: 5)

It is true that they shall inherit the earth for a small space of time but then must come the RESSURECTION and the sorting out of souls!

Naturally, this requires much ‘esoteric’ thought and a depth of understanding the records that came before the entrance of Jesus (pbh) into the world. Unfortunately, if the thought gets twisted, it will mislead others.

The thought got twisted sometime after the death of Paul and we can see the prophecy found in 2 Peter (3: 15-17) concerning this as the decades were to pass. Hence, the early records found in the various Epistles declaring that the END WAS NEAR!!! We haven’t been given Islam yet so what end could be spoken about? The end of the PURE TEACHINGS of the TEACHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jesus the son of Mary) and the long slide into the ‘darkness of joining partners with GOD’.


Further, that HE may warn those (also) who say, “ALLAH has begotten a son.”

No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor had their fathers. It is a grievous thing that issues from their mouths as a saying. What they say is nothing but falsehood!    Q (18: 4-5)

The warning for those who want to try and push the barriers of correctness back too far must be heeded but apparently were not! The warning is as follows:

Do NOT give that which is holy unto dogs, neither cast your pearls {of wisdom} before swine {the ignorant} lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you.   Matt (7: 6)

But people who are too far into the forest to see the trees have a strange notion about the ‘position of Christ’. Many people confuse the first entrance of Jesus (pbh) as to what it was and then make the truth to be sort of finite:

But he {Jesus} answered and said, “I am NOT sent but {only} unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”   Matt (15: 24).

This would mean that Jesus would be limited (?) in any kingdom given to him to just the Jewish nation or only a part thereof (those that would accept him). The real truth behind Jesus’ first coming is that HE INDEED WAS ON A LIMITED MISSION TO A CERTAIN SET OF PEOPLES. This means he is NOT the savior of mankind.


And one of Paul’s brief travelling companions who managed to compile the ‘ACTS’ found in the New Testament did discuss that ‘person’ to come after Jesus (pbh) and his dominating influence upon the Earthly paradise or Christ’s Kingdom. The main concern for people back then, however, was the immediate occurrences of life on this planet in dwelling in spiritual wellness and looking towards desiring the ‘gates of heaven’ rather than the Fires of Hell!

This esoteric belief system including, for example, that Jesus (pbh) is the second adam and the last adam (found in the New Testament) has a lot of implications but is NOT really practical for those needing a get-down-to earth regular practice of faith. However, when revisiting 2 Peter (3: 15-17) one can see that Greek philosophy mixed with a pagan influence will eventually create havoc amongst the flock. And history that is meant to be will NOT be stifled!

Let not the unbelievers think that OUR respite to them is good for themselves: WE grant them respite that they may grow {further} in their iniquity: But they will have a shameful punishment.                             Quran (3: 178)