One of the most disappointing things that I have come across in my lifetime is the loss of ‘knowledge’ from the so-called book, The Journey of the Apostles. In, featuring over one-half a million words mostly about comparative religion, I have written only a few sentences about this supposed book/manuscript that never really got a chance to see the light of day. Of course, many will doubt that this book ever existed not only because it can’t be found but also because of its contents.

To paraphrase: Among other things this book declares from the testimonies of Peter, Paul*, Thomas, Phillip and others that Jesus (pbh) was NOT CRUCIFIED… This one line critique is supposedly from the questionable church historian Eusebius (?). Eusebius was a church historian but some have questioned his credentials. Nevertheless, it is intriguing that this so-called book was mentioned by him even in passing.

So what can be made of this conjecturally? Eusebius was a late 3rd to 4th century historian (263-339) who had some tenuous connection to a historical trouble making church father-scholar/philosopher named Origen (185-254) of Christian fame and who followed the philosophy of Arian in the longstanding decades leading up to the Arian controversy.

We know that Eusebius didn’t pick up the so-called book, The Journey of the Apostles, from a bookstore or bookstall because they didn’t exist nor did the printing press exist for that matter. However, we do know that he had access to the ancient library of Caesarea found in ancient Palestine which was perused by Origen the antiquated philosopher and church father.

However, by their times, Jesus (pbh) and the disciples were long gone and their teachings and real history had been long corrupted – see the article, Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus (second revision).

So what would this Journey of the Apostles have been like? Conjecturally speaking, it would have been a manuscript written some time during the later part of the first century (after 70 AC) by someone who had knowledge and or connections to the first/second generation of believers (note the according to Peter, Phillip, Thomas, Paul etc.) and who was concerned about ‘ongoing interpretations’ of historical reality. The supposed writer also shows that he had some ‘esoteric’ knowledge that could supposedly be rightfully interpreted.

So in fact this book, which is now no more, would have been a ‘game-changer’ in my opinion but what is not meant to be is not meant to be! While to be fair there is no concrete proof that this book ever existed and it even didn’t rate the dubious distinction of being put on an apocryphal list of books by Eusebius, it does have a certain tantalizing ring of truth about it for those who study scripture. Besides, why would Eusebius even mention such an event in the first place and then hastily drop it?

Furthermore, he mentions ‘among other things’ and that just further adds to the tantalization of the reader of what might else have been hidden or lost in the intervening years between the full light of the truth and the approaching ‘darkness’ as claimed by John and Paul and recorded still to this day in the current New Testament. The real big issue, however, was mentioned and that was the NON-CRUCIFIXON of Jesus (pbh).

The idea of the NON-CRUCIFIXION of Jesus can be verified, under the correct observation/study of the New Testament. A strange claim no doubt as many Christians would put it but it is completely true.

When a person gets away from the priests and dogma pushers to actually putting their trust in the ONE GOD and HIS spokesperson at the time (the anointed prophet** a thing common to all real religions), it becomes clear that in reality Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) could NOT have been crucified as the Christians and Jews believe it today. Even the Bible tells us that, i.e. when it is correctly understood in the light of comparative religion rather than aggressive paranoiac ‘meism’ (self-love).

To do this is NOT an easy task but requires a commitment to universal truth and the understanding of the same! The reasons why these things are the way they are have been answered in both the New Testament and the Quran. For example, one can see the declarations of both Paul and the Quran listed in the first article, Islam and the Fall of the Teachings of Jesus (second revision) concerning “deception” as among other things.

However, these things require deep critical and spiritual thought rather than haphazard thinking. Universal truth is something that is above truisms and is that what lies at the heart of the universe and even beyond life as we know it or can even sense it. There can be truth as far as our eyes and mind can see but a universal truth is ‘the glue’ that holds it all together. The expression, “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH” is such a UNIVERSAL STATEMENT OF TRUTH.

So the answer of who killed Jesus (pbh) according to scriptures (New Testament and the Quran) is ‘NO ONE’! The idea of his suffering and offering himself up as the anointed one or chosen one as found in Isaiah is correct in the esoteric sense which causes many people to become indignant and cantankerous concerning the POWER of GOD versus their own selfish cherished thoughts, hopes, plans or corrupt desires.

Therefore does {ALLAH} my Father love me because I lay down my life that I might take it again.

No man {can} take it from me {take away my life} but I lay it down {in accordance and to the manner of HIS WILL} and also I have {been given} the power to take it {up} again. This commandment {LAW-GIFT} I have received from {ALLAH} my Father.    John (10: 17-18)

Yes, it is an esoteric statement to be sure. But the partial understanding of these verses when put side by side with the other ‘knowledge’ coming from other sayings found in the New Testament and the Quran show that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will NOT HAVE HIS LIFE TAKEN FROM HIM BY ANY MEANS OR ELSE, GOD FORBID, he would be a liar.

Because he could NOT take his own life as in a suicide attempt and therefore lose his perfection and then be condemned to utter disgrace due to his position and also according to religious law condemning such an action as suicide something must have occurred beyond the normal scope of man’s intelligence to have it appear that he was killed for the purposes of the DIVINE PLAN AND AS A TEST FOR THOSE WHO TRULY BELIEVE AS TO THE ETERNAL TRUTH VERSUS THE TRUSTING TO THEIR OWN SENSES ABOVE THE DICTATES OF THE ONE GOD.

History does tend to show what happened after that didn’t it! History also shows various empires from Pharaoh on down when they trust in their own brilliance rather than depend on the ONE GOD.

So why were not the original disciples clear about that? They were clear in the ‘original teachings’ stressing on the importance of eternal life and Sunnah of Jesus (pbh) but refused to go where they were told NOT TO GO. And that was into esoteric, philosophical debates on that issue – Matthew (7: 6) See verse below.

The Quran makes the true and bold statement that Jesus (pbh) was neither killed nor put on the cross but does not dwell on this concept as in making one of the ‘mysteries’ of life central to life itself. It is the true belief in the ONE GOD that is at the center of belief rather than any miracle that has come about like the parting of the Red Sea or the cracking of the Moon in half.

One can also see from the mismanagement of the New Testament records the ‘filling in’ or falsification of the records as certain misguided individuals practiced their philosophical misadventures in trying to occupy their time in diving into waters that were too deep for their shallow minds. Hence, the confusion and the sullying of the records by uncouth individuals and thus the NEED FOR THE PRAYER OF JESUS TO BRING FORTH ANOTHER PROPHET – THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (MUNHAMANNA) TO UNCOVER THE DEVELOPED FALSEHOODS OF man’s twisted spiritual desires and to set man on the straight path – John (14: 16-17 & 16: 7-14)

These twisted spiritual desires have been noticed by more than a few as in comparing some of modern day Christianity with some of the pagan beliefs held before the birth of Jesus (pbh) as to the blood sacrifice,  god-man concepts etc. There are many examples to be sure but the mystery pagan cult of Mithras – the savior god-man offering up salvation over bread and wine and who was born on December the 25th is a good example.

The New Testament with all of its flaws still gives warnings of the twisted things that were to come and implores man to be on guard much like the Quran, but NOT like the depth of the Quran, for people to be aware and clean of heart.

So the original disciples and their true followers did give the truth and that we know from the Quran – And WE granted them clear Signs in Affairs (of Religion – the correct pathway of belief and behavior): it was only after knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms, through insolent envy among themselves (arrogant hairsplitting). Verily thy LORD will judge between them on the DAY OF JUDGMENT as to those matters in which they set up differences.    Q (45: 17)

Of course we know that as time went by things got worse and worse such is seen by those who can comprehend true history.

Now the New Testament has its difficulties in that it has been tampered with while it faces the difficulties of language problems and ideas and concepts that have shown slight twists of meanings being applied here and there. Still, one should be able to take Jesus (pbh) at his word and by using commonsense figure out that something strange is taking place concerning his supposed, so-called crucifixion.

In short one can say for a fact that ALLAH THE ONE GOD will protect HIS servant Jesus (pbh) from disgrace in this world and the next and HE has the POWER to do that though we lack the understanding of how it was done!

*It is not right to tear into one’s Muslim brother based on nothing but mere speculation. For example, many of our good Muslim brothers have their own opinions concerning one Paul of Tarsus. And most of their opinions are not favorable towards this man and some are outright hostile.

Now it is common knowledge from those reading my works that I support much of what Paul has done and said due to the time, circumstances and position he was in. Moreover, I don’t lump him with those who are trying to destroy the truth either overtly or covertly.

Was Paul a saint? I don’t think so and that saint business as words go seems to me to be irrelevant because of man’s profundity to garble things and get things wrong as amply proven by history. Anyway, I believe he did a credible job under the circumstances that he was placed in.

The key to understanding what happened after his departure from life (62 AC) can be included in the Great Plan which was put into action from before the foundations of this world by THE ALL WISE AND ALL KNOWING!!! As smart as man thinks he is, he is in no way a match for his CREATOR even if all the human beings and indeed all of the creation could somehow back each other up in help and support.

Surprisingly, the New Testament gives the death-knell for the teachings of Jesus (pbh) and presumably every other prophet if this is a ‘universal thing’, when something vital (THE SUNNAH) is allowed to go astray. This particular verse in the New Testament, Matthew (7: 6), is very deep in the notion as between followers of truth and followers of twisted inventions. And by definition and historical accuracy it is not only a truism it is also a universal truth. Therefore, one can also look at it from another side and see the importance of keeping the true Sunnah alive given by that prophet and NOT moving away from the road of ‘righteousness’ and thus falling into grey and black areas thus creating a quagmire against truth.

Give not that which is HOLY unto the dogs, and do NOT cast your PEARLS before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you {destroy you/create havoc with the truth and therefore cause it to be lost}.   Matt. (7: 6)

So as to Paul and in fact some other sayings found in the New Testament, the reader should be warned that even if they are true (which many of them are) they are esoteric and hard to be understood and those who are of twisted minds (as preordained by the WILL of ALLAH) will try and warp these truths and therefore will become warped by them. This is also a prophecy found in the New Testament work of Second Peter chapter three.

Talk about the dying by one’s own hand and being destroyed by the same object that was deemed to be uplifting is an awesome thought when one thinks about it but this very same point is discussed in the Dead Sea Scrolls on up. The treacherous fall into their own nets of treachery or they have become ensnared by their own snares!

And this is the condemnation that LIGHT is come into the world and men {who} loved darkness loved darkness {as was their preference from of old} rather than {the} LIGHT because their deeds {judged by THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN JUDGE} were EVIL.                        John (3: 19)

The lesson should be clear. There are “pearls” of wisdom in pure esoteric thought of a high nature. That is true in any religion because universal truth is universal but the deepness of spirituality should NOT be cast around like a piece of common property causing the forgetfulness or abandonment of the lifeblood of any religion and that is the Sunnah of activities is paramount and is MORE PRACTICAL AND TAKES A HIGHER PRESCEDENCE OVER THE PERSONAL SPIRITUAL NATURE OF ANY MAN.

Crudely said but basically true. So one can imagine these “pearls” being like fragile glass can be trampled upon, twisted out of proportion and even used to set forth anti-truths to wipe out the real truths as to the inventions of faulty religious sects, philosophies and beliefs. Such is the mischievousness of some men and these are those who are ‘devils’ in the human flesh as they cause TRUTH to be trampled, blood to be spilled and harmony to be torn apart.

So between me and my other brothers in Islam there is no doubt as to the True Religion and its importance in the development of ‘spiritual man’ and these other side issues are best left alone without much fanfare as they do not rate much more than a cursory glance because of their speculative nature.

** Every prophet being ‘anointed’ is a messiah by Biblical definition but there shall be but ONE Messiah as being specially crowned for special purposes. And likewise, as there are many prophets there shall be but ONE Prophet whose religion shall ‘rule the waves’ and be that Chosen ONE to where people will be called in unison and harmony. Such is the esotericness and truly righteousness of the meeting in the grave and the rising up together as one as will be the case for Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon them both) on the Last Day of Judgment.

It is HE WHO has sent HIS MESSENGER {Muhammad} with Guidance and the RELIGION of TRUTH to cause it to PREVAIL over ALL RELIGION, even though the pagans may detest (it).                                 Q (9: 33)

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to ALLAH THE ONE AND ONLY GOD) never will it be accepted of him; and in the HEREAFTER he will be in the ranks of those who have lost.    Q (3: 85)

The above can be classified as esoteric even though it seems clear enough but there is no need to go beyond the set boarders and create or invent falsehoods or dwell upon the UNKNOWN by going beyond the scope of what can be known from other true hadiths or true religious expressions.

The above was given as an example on how some could be tempted to stretch credulity by going beyond the known in offering up ‘fabricated tales’ not substantiated by credible hadiths or religious scripture thus causing social chaos, illegal bloodshed and outright murder.

Without going into too much detail which admittedly would be impossible due to the nature of the subject, I believe that there is a difference between divine destiny and DIVINE DESTINY. Obviously, the use of small case letters and upper case ones makes the issue somewhat clearer.

In the scheme of things, mankind in part (a part we have no way of judging) makes his own destiny of sorts such that he is NOT a ROBOT controlled by a dictatorial god. However, DIVINE DESTINY is another matter whereby Plan, Outcome and Control of the situation is NOT IN DOUBT but “guided to a successful conclusion” for the group that is judged to have faith (those bowing down to THE ONE GOD’s WILL as brought forth from those who were called prophets). For many people it is a fighting through life’s little hiccups to ENDURE that wins the day.

However, this is not a story of a million years hence but something to think about and dwell on for what it is worth in the present.

In taking the verse found in the Quran (30: 4) one might get the feeling that at least two things are going on here.

The Roman Empire has been defeated

In a land close by; but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious –

4. Within a few years {less than 10 years by definition of the Arabic word “Bid”}. With ALLAH is the Decision in the past and in the future {from the beginnings to the endings}: on that Day shall the Believers rejoice

With the help of ALLAH HE helps whom HE WILLS {for HIS PURPOSES for HIS PLAN is Most Perfect} and HE is EXALTED IN MIGHT, MOST MERCIFUL.

(It is) the PROMISE of ALLAH! Never does ALLAH depart from HIS PROMISE: but most men understand not.     Q (30: 2-6)

There has been a humiliating defeat of the Roman Empire by the Persians and in human, often mistaken terms, the Romans by logic having but only one major city left in their empire won’t be able to recover for a long time. Yet this verse says that after a certain number of years (less than 10 years according to the definition of the Arabic word ‘Bid’) the unthinkable will happen. The unthinkable thing is that Rome will come back strong and defeat the mighty Persian Empire after being utterly defeated and thrown into chaos.

We can note that a certain quick time period is given but that this time period does not mention the exact hour, day or year down to the last jot. Moreover, the verses declare THAT INSPITE OF THE THINKING AT THE TIME BY THE PAGAN ARABS, THIS PROPHECY WILL INDEED HAPPEN AND HAPPEN SOON ENOUGH.

So there is some flexibility built into the Perfect System we call life that was created by THE ONE WHO CREATES but the inevitable as PLANNED must come to pass.

ALLAH has decreed: “It is I and MY Messengers who must prevail”: for ALLAH is THE STRONG, THE MIGHTY.     Q (58: 21)

In the thoughts on divine destiny, mankind as well as all things is placed under certain laws that are immutable until or unless a change occurs. For example, without any intervening circumstance, a person who kills another person without acceptable justice is a person who is held guilty as if he has killed the whole human race and therefore is entitled to inherit the Hell-Fire.

The Islamic story of the man who committed 99 murders with an extra one thrown in the process yet was earnestly seeking redemption and truth but died on the borderline of finding that ‘truth’ was NOT held accountable frankly because he turned to his LORD in seeking out HIS MAGNANIMOUS FORGIVENESS in truth rather than in a false show of pretense. He was therefore rewarded after putting in a tremendous amount of effort (not with his tongue) in gaining the hope of salvation.

Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “There was a man from among a nation before you who killed ninety-nine people and then made an inquiry about the most learned person on the earth. He was directed to a monk. He came to him and told him that he had killed ninety-nine people and asked him if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted. He replied in the negative and the man killed him also completing one hundred. He then asked about the most learned man in the earth. He was directed to a scholar. He told him that he had killed one hundred people and asked him if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted. He replied in the affirmative and asked, `Who stands between you and repentance? Go to such and such land; there (you will find) people devoted to prayer and worship of Allah, join them in worship, and do not come back to your land because it is an evil place.’ So he went away and hardly had he covered half the distance when death overtook him; and there was a dispute between the angels of mercy and the angels of torment. The angels of mercy pleaded, ‘This man has come with a repenting heart to Allah,’ and the angels of punishment argued, ‘He never did a virtuous deed in his life.’ Then there appeared another angel in the form of a human being and the contending angels agreed to make him arbiter between them. He said, `Measure the distance between the two lands. He will be considered belonging to the land to which he is nearer.’ They measured and found him closer to the land (land of piety) where he intended to go, and so the angels of mercy collected his soul”.       (Bukhari and Muslim)


So this man by divine destiny was nothing more than Hell-Fire bait but in reality he overcame, by sheer desire and with ALLAH’s Permission, the fate of incomparable torment due to DIVINE DESTINY. Thus the dignity of man can prevail against the dwellers of evil by ALLAH’s PERMISSION and UNLIMITED MERCY and GRACE.

Naturally, this story has many, many lessons but the point here is that no man can know the future as to its pinpoint accuracy down to the very nanosecond of its happening unless ALLAH so WILLS. Furthermore, the concept of divine destiny and DIVINE DESTINY is just too complicated to comprehend totally but shows that Islam is not about blind fate or blind determinism.

However, what can be said of certain prophecies? Let us take the following prophecy for example which surely must come to pass.

From the article, The Crown and the Cross

Dhu Mikhbar told that he heard Allah’s Messenger (pbh) say, “You will make a secure peace with the Byzantines, then {both} you and they will fight an enemy behind you and you will be victorious, take booty, and be safe. You will then return and alight {come down} in a meadow with mounds and one of the Christians will raise the cross and say, ‘The cross has conquered.’ One of the Muslims will become angry and smash it and the Byzantines will act treacherously and prepare for battle.” Some transmitters added, “The Muslims will then make for their weapons and will fight, and Allah will honor that band with martyrdom.”   (Abu Dawud)

The Byzantines are sometimes called the Romans or the Bani Al-Asfar or can be equated as some hadiths do with the Christians. Indeed, some might even find out that in some instances one can use the term ‘westerners’ but under a restricted sense.

One could always say that this might happen between 2 and 10 years from now and that this event will be within 1 to 5 years from the coming of the Great Signs that will bring mankind to the brink of annihilation or extinction and that the Great Signs will last less than a decade and then will come the “promised era” led by the great personage Jesus the son of Mary (pbh).

However, one would have to have a very good reason for saying such a thing especially since one would be dealing with the UNKNOWN. Therefore, the speaker could NOT possibly be more specific concerning this destiny but like a sailor on the high seas, it is somewhat of wisdom to know the signs that the weather tantalizingly dangles before its observer.

In these days, we see some very strange things occurring and trouble is definitely in the wind south of Arabia whether it be Yemen or Somalia. We also know that certain political-religious blocks have formed in branching out what is claimed to be the Islamic experience but people should be very wary and knowledgeable so as NOT to fall for such claims.

On one side of the political spectrum there is a grouping of peculiar thought held together by a common bond and that is Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. It is peculiar that one of these groups has a devilish system of claiming ALLAH as to having a son and basically the rejection of the Quran as ALLAH’s PURE WORD. The wonder is that the other parties accept this perversion by tactfully and politically looking the other way.

This among other things, if the news can be believed, has caused the Arabian Peninsula  to a look to ‘western’ strengths in combating certain fomenting and destabilizing powers from wrecking so-called havoc. In other words, certain semi-secret treaties are in place to combat terrorism or terroristic villainies whether they be political or fanatical as well as social-political upheavals that would act as destabilizers in the region.

Without spilling too much of the beans, one can go back and re-read that prophecy again and find out that it doesn’t take a genius farmer to know when the corn is about ripe for the picking. And so it goes and it is what it is so people can take advantage or not of the situations presented and do what they have to do at least what is appealing to their hearts to get prepared for whatever it is they are preparing for. It is what it is.


“There once was a contest offered to the people of the Earth such that there would be buried under a certain mountain a chest containing the choicest treasures of the universe and that which lies beyond. People in their mad dash to claim this treasure pursued with all due vigor their quest to obtain this goal of being the first to find it and possess it and glorify themselves in it for the treasure once found meant possession of great dominion and prowess.

Well many people did come together to find this chest and its precious cargo but such a slaughter ensued for the conquest did not right away lend its appeal to being shared. And greed was the feeling behind this because the greediness of man whispered the darkness into his soul that the treasure thus shared would become diluted and therefore its value lessened.

However, an agreement was finally reached among the competitors that it is better to share while alive and still be able to think about gaining a future advantage than being just plain dead. So a great fanfare arose of mutual peace so as to open up this massive chest containing the choicest of treasures the world could ever know.

What a disappointment and feeling of anger swept over many of the crowd to find out that this chest contained no gold, jewels or other such precious items that would give its possessor a feeling of euphoric invincibility which some might consider as being arrogance and greed. This rather elaborate looking chest contained but only ONE BOOK entitled, THE WORD OF GOD!

And so it goes!!!


What is a reporter? A reporter is a person who reports on something. All reporters have a duty to tell a story that is factual and be able to present it to the population at large whether it be news or anything else of keen interest.

A reporter must be able to report as truthfully as he/she can without indulging in ‘stretching the facts’ if he/she is honest with him or herself. It is important for that person to be clear and concrete without putting in false judgment values.

A reporter can deal with history without being a specialist in history. A reporter can deal with scholarly works and not be a scholar. A reporter can deal with mystical concepts and not be a mystic. And if he/she holds not any of those jobs mentioned, it is in my opinion better so as to be less colored in one’s notions and more open to a broader range of what is taking place.

A good reporter must tell the truth and look at things in a holistic but honest way giving all sides a look-see and hopefully using balance as part of his or her creed. That is called looking beyond one’s nose while earnestly trying to trust in the GUIDANCE laid open by THE ONE WHO IS BEST TO GUIDE.

For example, rape, murder, theft, torment or torture of people cannot be put into but one category. If these things are wrong, they are UNIVERSALLY wrong and cannot be committed legally, morally or religiously by any human being, group of human beings or class of human beings. Therefore, those claiming dominion by bloodlines, race, creed, religion or being somehow a ‘chosen people’ are indeed hobnobbing with those of the anti-truth/anti-christ group and have committed grievous errors and heinous acts against the truth whether they believe in it or not.

That in a nutshell has already been made known by those who truthfully study religious matters and can be found in all true religious thought including Islamic hadiths whether it be about not killing one claiming to be Muslim even if he has struck one’s hand off in battle to the treatment of prisoners taken in battle etc. Of course, that is the ideal concept.

Therefore, for example, building a wall to separate Palestinians from the Israelis is an evil and an anti-christ*** action that should, ideally at any rate, be condemned in the highest of terms and not just by weak-mouthing the event. Otherwise, it gives off several signals one of which is that rape is bad but when you people do it, it will be overlooked or somehow tolerated because of the flimsy excuses you put forth.

People have to learn to see through the con-artist jobs put forth by ‘special interest groups’. They are called special interest groups because they are looking out mainly for their own special interests and damn the rest of us!

As a member of the human race, acceptance to that crime becomes an evil thing in not only accepting the evil act but also in self-depreciation such that you can do that evil act due to your greatness but we will condone it, uphold it or pretend to look the other way due to our being somehow sub-human as compared to you. How cheap some people make themselves out to be in the eyes of others!

*** I have discussed this term before in these articles. The New Testament, if it is read by any people, is only somewhat clear about the two types of anti-christs. One of them of course is the man who is the man of perdition, the man of lies and the man who will eventually proclaim to be THE ONE GOD HIMSELF.

This knowledge comes mostly from Paul although the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel (pbh) gives us a good ‘play by play’ action of this hideous individual while Islam gives us a whole lot more knowledge concerning this individual as to his diabolical treachery. There is another aspect, however, according to this term that is fairly spelled out in the New Testament for those who look deeply into it.

That is NOT the embarrassing part, however. The embarrassing part is that one could go up to people of ‘another faith’ and proclaim, “Why don’t you read or trust in your own Holy Book if you are truthful?” This could include the Jews and the Christians since they proclaim to follow what is called the Bible.

Obviously, people make ‘claims’ all the time and play fast and loose with what are supposed to be considered Holy Writ. Anyway, if a person has a real hope in the Hereafter, that person should not play games with what is considered holy.

The point here is that the New Testament as I understand it carries overtones of the Old Testament but carries it further in expressing another kind of antichrist besides the ‘marked man’ of sin. The other kind is not so much an individual as it is a characteristic of individuals. In fact, the New Testament makes still another division in the use of these words.

Basically, even though we find two divisions (people against the manhood of Jesus (pbh) or that he is only a man and people against the doctrine put forth by prophet Jesus (pbh) and this is found in the epistles of John. The other kind is that nature of ‘greed-lust’ which is characteristic of anti-christ behavior discussed by Peter in his epistles.

A very complicated subject but it can be expressed as ‘one being in the anti-christ mode as opposed to being in the Christ-like mode’ of behavior. The term ‘Christ-like’ is an honorary term that goes with the station of the Messiah. And of course it is esoteric.

So people who are wise and full-rounded will NOT be hurt by this because they realize that prophet Jesus (pbh) is only a man and a slave and servant of ALLAH and a truthful man who by and of himself could do nothing by himself because ALL PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY BELONG TO ALLAH WHO IS THE POSSESER OF ALL MIGHT AND THE POSSSER OF ALL MAJESTY.



****One can obtain everything important in life from the Quran. Of course that is a bold statement and one that probably won’t go unchallenged and that is as it should be. The depth of the ONE GOD’s WORD is truly mind boggling especially when some would treat the Quran as ‘just a religious book’.

This new part is the added part to the revised article, It Is What It Is concerning one Paul of Tarsus. Let me say that proof of his ‘good’ intentions can be found in the Quran if it is looked at deeply enough.

The key verse follows:

And WE granted them clear Signs in Affairs (of Religion – the correct pathway of belief and behavior): it was only after knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms, through insolent envy among themselves (arrogant hairsplitting). Verily thy LORD will judge between them on the DAY OF JUDGMENT as to those matters in which they set up differences.    Q (45: 17)

Once again this is but only a side issue (a minuscule search for the truth) and also once again things are seemingly layered and do not drop into the bucket all at one time just like the so-called crucifixion issue. Life is like that also and it just so happens that so many ‘things’ imitate the basic pattern of life.

The importance or relevancy of this issue is not so much in defending a certain person (Paul) but in the search for truth, harmony and understanding of the religious records. In addition to these issues, the truth as always sheds light on certain happenings and behaviors giving individuals, who may be called ‘Truth Seekers’ a chance to imbibe reality rather than imbibe misconceptions or stubborn outdated viewpoints. This in turn may lead some to expand their mind/soul set to become more than just a pawn in the game of life. Hence, like a moth attracted to the light, the truth seeker if he/she is honest in the heart will NOT be left to ‘twist in the breeze’ of faithless uncertainty.

A pawn in the game of life is hardly more than an animal chewing its cud with no thought given to what has been called the ‘inner voice’ or having just a ‘blank stare’ when it comes to ‘setting things right’ or performing functions of ‘soul enhancement’. In plain simple English this expansion means to ‘strive’ in the direction of being a better person rather than just being part of the cattle-like group that just browse off of life for their existence.

The important concepts from this one verse tells us that it was NOT BEFORE OR DURING the period of knowledge expansion or preaching to the ‘gatherings’ or multitudes that knowledge was given to “them” and they differed but ONLY AFTER the knowledge was given to them DID THEY DIFFER (as from the centers of importance or the so-called seven centers of learning {churches} before 60 AC – after Christ’s birth) and they made religious differences later through concentrating on their own self importance by being envious of each other from the knowledge that each ‘group supposedly had’. Can this be proven? I believe it most definitely can when the application of logic is honestly applied!

According to official records and depending on when Jesus (pbh) was really born (3 years before the Christians claim or at the time they claim) there is of course a 3 year discrepancy. So, in taking that into consideration and the fact that Peter and Paul died either 29 years or 32 years AFTER JESUS (pbh) left the face of the earth, one can start to build a very interesting if incomplete case.

However, by filling in some important details, the picture becomes clearer as to its relationship to ALLAH’s PURE WORD – THE QURAN!

Peter, an important ‘head’ of the movement for the spread of truth, died in 62 AC along with Paul but even before that time (60 AC), the big call to witness the truth and such gatherings had already dried up and now there were no more Apostles making speeches to the multitudes. In fact, less than 30 years had passed since Jesus (pbh) had left the face of the earth that the crowd gatherers and great miracles in the Roman Empire were finished.

So what was left from 60 AC were certain ‘centers’ of learning called originally established ‘churches’ in the New Testament and the spreading of the ‘truth’ was more or less an underground thing due to various factors. One of these factors was to remain intact away from the villainous and jealous Jews who considered them (the people of The Way – serious Jewish and pagan converts) as heretics. Another factor was to avoid possible Roman persecution so as to carry on a more peaceful study of that which issued forth from the tongues of the original disciples concerning Jesus the son of man.

So we now have 27 to 30 years of spreading the truth publically and that is it! The 60s AC were periods of unrest while 70 AC turned out to be the destruction of the HEAD AND CENTER OF TRUTH  and that was Jerusalem where the correct records were kept and managed. During this time, the suspicion of all JEWS (believers in Jesus or not) as possible enemies of the Roman Empire would not go unnoticed. If in 60 AC the people of THE WAY (those following Jesus and his teachings) walked quietly, the people of THE WAY in the 70s walked as invisibly as they could. In other words, they went underground.

It turns out that the 60s through the 90s AC were periods of darkness – a period lasting about 40 years – whereby issues of all sorts became murky at best. The evidence is in the form of a lack of productive material (religious and historical) in showing the activities concerning the new revelation given to Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) and other knowledge coming from that era. For example, the position of Peter, one of the highest in leadership of the faithful, had to be maintained after his death but the few that came after him to take his place (a position similar to but not exactly the same as that of a Caliph in the Islamic religion) seems to have been swallowed up in a black hole.

After this dark period, things started to pick up into a more known form of transmittable knowledge from 110 AC onwards with the late 130s to 140s being more accessible to the modern day historian. Although in truth, the years 100 to 120 AC are quasi-muddied waters with visibility of all the-goings-on appearing still quite murky. This can be shown from the doubts, hesitations and guesses that the historian Irenaeus had when researching historical evidence of the ‘early church’ and why church history seems so spotty and nearly invisible during the first and early part of the second centuries.

On top of that we do have scholarly records of church historians showing massive confusion, uncertainties and tell-tale forgeries when discussing the events and things happening around the 100 to 110 AC era. So the black hole from 60 AC to 100 AC and the vagueness from 100 to 120s AC or thereabouts shows us something very important.

What all of this shows is that the builders (DECEMINATORS) of the truth including Peter and Paul, NOT OF THE TRUTH IN THE PROCESS OF BEING BUILT, completed their functions up to the very early 60s AC and then after that period, the disease of blight hit the believers and for decades after the truth was established, things became so muddled that it would be an embarrassment to bring forth those details as well as causing mindboggling confusion in the fabrications being offered.

That is a good explanation for a person finding the era of the black holes sparse when discussing so-called ‘Christian’ history and why there are such periods of ‘missing information and CONFUSION’ not to mention various forgeries. So, what we can uncover is that the truth was out there, that is, it was disseminated by the accredited Apostles including Paul but due to unfortunate and selfish wrangling, which took place ‘amongst the believers’, took place around the 60s AC to about the 110 AC era when the period called The Way was being re-shaped. Latter it became literally infamously ‘retooled’ in the philosophical era of the 130s on upwards when Rome and the Church of Rome started to lift its head in honor (mostly of itself) and became the center of prominence which today we call Christendom.

Of course there were some ‘dogmatic-type’ problems occurring before the 60s AC time period as I have discussed in another of my articles, The Crown and the Cross but these things were local and could be verified as to their ‘correctness’ by appealing to the ‘chosen’ who remained in Jerusalem. The great turmoil occurring around 67 AC leading up to the total destruction of Jerusalem’s holy base of operations and cohesion in 70 AC and beyond would eventually lead to the prominence of Rome being finally made the capital of ‘Christian’ religious thinking many decades later.

Rome is but a city but as a ‘mother’ it has given birth to certain religious/philosophical concepts and ideas leading to certain behaviors and practices – even historical and economic ones. The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and of course the economic woes faced by the current society are examples of some of these ‘agendas’.

And in listening to certain modern day people talk about being in a certain CLUB (ways, laws and mores that a certain system is built upon an ‘ism’ for example ‘westernism’ as a national way of thinking) it is very understandable that one would want to be a part of such a successful crew (culture). And if this ‘mother’ is clothed in purple, gold and scarlet and has a great influence on the culture, mores and belief patterns developed from of old, then that woman, which is a concept and construct, should have been declared to the people. Perhaps it was!

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications.     Revelation (17: 4)

And the woman which thou saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.          Revelation (17: 18)

The Quran gives us a certain picture when we understand that various established ‘groups’ called ‘churches’ in the New Testament had the basis of the truth at one time but due to wrangling (which is best done after the first generation is mostly out of the way) caused a split that continued to widen as the decades past leaving the empty-headed philosophers to finish off the job.

That is how one can explain the notion of the Apostles including Paul stating the obvious truth that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) was NOT CRUCIFIED in the book, The Journey of the Apostles while the so-called unified ‘church’ later took a different viewpoint spearheaded by Justin Martyr sometime around 148 AC. It also explains in part the reason why the writings of Paul seemed to have more of a survival opportunity than the others who wrote the truth.

Paul became the hook and bait because he talked more about the ‘esoteric’ things like the Gospel of John and these things can turn people literally inside out if they have a diseased heart or are weak in understanding the ‘Religion’. Furthermore, their original ideas can be, like photographs of today, retouched language-wise and ideological-wise to fit certain ‘notions’ based on reflections generated from philosophical doggerel.

Confirmation of this comes about especially when facing born-again types as they literally butcher John and Paul to make it sound like Jesus (pbh) is anything more than a man and a goodly prophet which he is not – awesomely blessed for sure and one shouldn’t forget that man is a created creature with the potential of being higher than the Angels!

To give evidence of Biblical mismanagement we can take the example of Peter and his importance as part-leader (there were three co-leaders in agreement – John, James and Peter) and champion for the truth especially due to his high office and capacity that he was honored with by the Master (pbh) himself.

In his capacity of maintaining his leadership role, on can safely assume that his correspondence would reach to at least an average of 5 letters or memos per year (especially during turbulent times) sent off for instruction, maintenance and encouragement to the various flocks. A good and caring manager is always involved with his ‘fellowship amongst the believers’. This would not be such a daunting task from a person in a responsible position who can read and write.

Besides this, he had a secretary doing the work for him so this is no big deal. In a thirty year span one would expect that Peter would produce 150 highly precious and insightful documents. What we actually have by Peter in today’s New Testament are only two documents called his epistles with the last one (2 Peter) being questioned as to its originality and integrity. Truly the ‘dark period’ took a huge toll on the religion of truth known back in those days as The Way.