Life and learning about things is a wonder. It is absolutely fascinating. Sometimes there are big surprises in life and people generally don’t like big surprises unless they get great benefits from them. Well, as a mere reporter on comparative religion, I have a surprise. The surprise is that Paul of New Testament fame was really a Muslim by the definition of one who surrenders his will to do the WILL of his LORD. Of course this idea needs credible proof and credible proof shall be given.*

“Our LORD! Make of us Muslims, bowing to YOUR (WILL) and of our progeny a people Muslim, bowing to YOUR (WILL); and show us our place for the celebration of due rites; and turn unto us (in MERCY) for YOU are the OFT-RETURNING, MOST MERCIFUL.                        Q (2: 128)

According to over one and a half billion Christians, that idea is plain absurdity. This is so in part because they don’t understand the terminology of the word ‘Muslim’ and partly because they don’t or willfully won’t understand. After all, Paul is one of their ‘gigantic heroes’ from which they claim they get the God’s honest truth. Having their major supporter taken away from them would be quite a blow to their philosophy so one can’t expect they would take it lightly.

Furthermore, according to what tens of millions of Muslims have heard that sounds like plain absurdity also. Why would it sound so absurd? It sounds absurd because people have been told two things: These things are that what is written is what Paul said and this is what Paul meant. Hence, our particular beliefs flow from him as judged by ourselves.

Taking these confused religious interpreters on their word sounds strange. If they were to tell me that the Moon was made of green cheese because that is what ‘they could figure out’ does not mean that it is so or that I have to believe it!

Once again one can be sure that this idea is not going to go over well with the Christians but they should have read their Holy Book more closely and have less dependence on the doctrine makers of the past desiring to make themselves special as to the religion belonging especially to themselves and who didn’t know what they were talking about and this also can be proven.

This man Paul it turns out has been much maligned by both groups of people. The Christians malign him by taking things that he said and turning them into things that he did not mean. The Muslims malign him by believing what the priests and anchorites say about him. That is, the so-called ‘doctrine makers’ take his words and make twisted philosophical mumbo-jumbo and then declare what they have made are the thoughts of Paul concerning the ‘higher truths’. That as it turns out was way too premature and damnable in the light of modern research.

For nearly 2,000 years that mysterious man Paul has been awarded a crown as to being a champion of Christian philosophy by a vast majority of Christians even though Paul according to the records never was or implied that he was a Christian. What an explosion it is to realize the truth concerning Paul and with care of thought and commonsense, the idea that Paul is a Muslim is not as absurd as it first sounded.

One needs to have two vital things before the above puzzle can be cracked. These two things are pretty noteworthy in themselves. The first thing one must realize is that a $50 online course in comparative religion is just not going to cut it. It will take diligent work in searching the scriptures for this answer to be seen. However, there is a shortcut that can be used and after all this is only an article and so a shortcut will be used in hoping that my other articles have been read.

The second thing needed is honesty and not perversion. Of course that is needed when looking at the truth in all things but in religious matters that is upmost in importance. Therefore, in this respect we will look at Paul in a sort of up close and personal way while at the same time taking into consideration the times he lived in and forgetting for awhile that we are in the 21st century.

The impossible becomes possible when one has a deep appreciation for Islam and comparative religion. The result will be quite phenomenal. However, first we have that traditional interlude. This interlude as is my want does pertain to the above topic, however.

Many people across the globe have different ‘feelings’ about the Creator LORD. It is best to be honest about things and the things that we can observe. Some take HIM like kind of a rich uncle type of character who is benevolent but somewhat of an absentee landlord. Others take HIM as an Entity who is sort of neutral and far removed from daily life. Others take HIM as being in reality non-existent or only, to put it another way, a figment or creation from the fantasies of the mind’s of man.

Still others take HIM as a full-fledged partner of theirs whereby they bless themselves in their minds and feel extremely superior to others not of their creed. Finally, there are some who make for HIM partners that are HIS equal by giving HIM offspring or offsprings depending upon the so-called number of gods they have fashioned out of their own minds.

If there were in the Heavens and the earth other gods besides Allah, there would have been ruinous confusion in both {places}! But Glory to Allah, THE LORD OF THE THRONE (HIGH IS HE) ABOVE WHAT THEY ATTRIBUTE TO HIM!   Q (21: 22)

And call NOT besides Allah on another god. There is no god but {only} HIM. Everything (that exists) will perish {one day} EXCEPT HIS FACE. To HIM belongs the COMMAND and to HIM will you (ALL) be brought back.    Q (28: 88)

Every prophet and the lesser reformers who were below the station of prophethood came to reveal ‘THE GREAT UNKNOWN GOD’ to people. That is to say to put man’s thinking in the right perspective concerning THE ONE AND ONLY GOD. They did this through the vehicle of their language and the culture they were living in. For example, the cultures living in the far, frigid north would not be given examples of camels or dried up wadis or riverbeds  to bring home a point but would in their condition be given something that they could experience to drive home a point.

In the last article there was some talk about ‘cultures’ moving westward as the Sun seemingly moves westward across the globe called Earth. The word ‘cultures’ here did not mean to imply religion but rather something worldly as in advancement. People may or may not have noticed that other previous cultures had their many, many centuries of development but that America is about to be eclipsed when in terms of geological time, it seemingly just only got started.

It is as if time was racing around the globe picking up speed. Well it is the same time in seconds, minutes and hours as of long ago but according to Islamic hadiths time appears to be going very, very fast (towards the end of this Age) as if it was actually speeding up – ‘when time appears to grow short’.

It was stated before in one of these writings that the world is like that famous Russian doll that when opened up there appears the likeness of that same doll underneath. And when that one is opened up, there appears another one of its likeness and so on and so forth, again and again. This is similar to concentric circles each inside the other getting smaller and smaller.

What is so amazing about the creation is the ‘FINGERPRINT’ given to it of the oneness and unity of its divisions in such a perfect, marvelous and thoughtful way that brings AWE to the believer as he thinks of his Creator LORD.

Another thing that could bring AWE is the fact that we are on the third planet from the Sun. While being ‘tied’ to this planet many people think in terms of ‘three’ and in fact some people have gone so far as to make trinities out of things like the mind-body-soul complex. And some people have used the word ‘trinity’ for other things that they were told NOT TO DO!

O people of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion: Nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) an apostle of Allah, and HIS Word which HE bestowed on Mary and a spirit proceeding from HIM: so believe in Allah and {all} of HIS apostles. Say not ‘trinity’: desist: it will be better for you: for Allah is ONE ALLAH. GLORY BE TO HIM: (FAR EXALTED is HE) above having a son. To HIM BELONG ALL THINGS in the Heavens and on earth. AND ENOUGH IS ALLAH AS A DISPOSER OF {EVERY} AFFAIR.     Q (4: 171)

It is true that man is a three dimensional creature living in a three dimensional world on a planet that is third in orbit from the Sun. But that is not the main point. The point of AWE comes in knowing that over 14 billion years ago, before the Big Bang occurred, there was nothing but THE ONE. And all of those patterns (open and hidden) were set in motion to arrive at the correct times and places even when considering the vastness of multi-layered space.

In other words, things were set in motion with the UTMOST PRECISION, CARE AND THOUGHT from such a magnitude of complexities that even modern science in its entire knowledge has only begun to just start to almost scratch the surface! They haven’t begun to scratch the surface yet but are just becoming aware of an opportunity to do it.

And when one thinks that this most HIGHLY AND CULTIVATED PLAN was set forth  before the ‘Big Bang’ even occurred resulting in the fact that we fit in so nicely with our ‘third planet from the Sun’, it just is even beyond the word AWESOME.

Even so, if it were not for those men, the true servants and slaves (the one brotherhood of prophets) of this Great Presence whom they felt in their hearts but could not see with their eyes, we would still be at a great and terrible loss. However, they did come to ‘reveal’ HIS EXISTANCE and the truth and necessity of worshiping HIM AND HIM ALONE!

So some sages in the past who did have some wisdom were at least smart enough to speak about THE GREAT UNKNOWN GOD and to try to open up an awareness unto HIM especially since their very future lives in the Hereafter were at stake. And this was to separate the evil and foolish notions man developed about the Creator LORD from Real Reality.

One of these sages who appeared in ‘relatively’ modern times was one Paul of Tarsus who being a Jew and a studier of the scriptures had a great impact on that area of the world that was eventually going to turn to the philosophy that hadn’t yet formed during his lifetime and that was going to be called Christianity.

This we can be sure of when one takes into consideration The Acts found in the New Testament. The Acts is a type of history book that was written approximately 15 or so years after Paul’s death. We know this because The Acts, which are basically the chronicles of Paul as written by one of his part-time adherents, does show some slight variance as opposed to the claimed epistles of Paul.

This shows some interesting things. First, that the exact time The Acts were started is unknown but they were probably finished within or nearly 15 years after Paul’s death and they give at least a historical and fairly accurate picture of his ‘philosophy’.

The unknown author of The Acts who only rarely appeared with him but was familiar with him nonetheless had to spend a great deal of time researching about him from the various travels that Paul had made. In doing so, that author had to go to the original places Paul had visited and try and find the original peoples or if not the original peoples (in case of martyrdom) then those familiar with the series of events that occurred.

It is interesting to note that the writer does not dwell on the huge amount of days spent in ‘teachings in the Synagogue’ or in the contents of teachings conducted by Paul when he stayed in an area for three, six or nine months. The only thing that the author interjects is something like ‘and he stayed teaching the people from their scriptures for three months’. This shows that the author was NOT present at the time but taking only a historical look at things that he did not personally witness.

The writer of The Acts didn’t have too many firsthand accounts of Paul but as I said he did know of him and was familiar with him and his ‘philosophy’. The writer also showed that he was very diligent in his writings and being an honest person with insights to the truth he could pick out important details. Moreover, the writer also was a serious believer and wrote things especially during very turbulent and life threatening times of bloodshed and barbarism that were going on in that era so that ‘truth’ would not be lost or things be forgotten.

When I mentioned that Paul was indeed a Muslim, it was known that this must be proven because according to many that would be a huge and radical idea. I have talked before about the knowledge of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbh) found in The Acts and how important that is.

This, however, is not going to be used. What is needed in this article is to take a capsulated form of Paul’s philosophy and see if it compares to Islam. Surprisingly, we can find this capsulated version of Paul’s philosophy in The Acts in chapter 17. Before we deal with chapter 17 of The Acts, let us take a small capsulated version of Paul himself.

Before taking a look at Paul’s philosophy, it would be helpful to provide a setting so that we might try and understand the man and his times and the people he had to deal with. In this way, even when we do not have his original language with us and not his person to interview, we might be able to piece together some of his thoughts as they appeared nearly two thousand years ago.

Paul was once known as Saul and this Saul was an ardent student of the ‘old school’ of Judaism. He would be eventually known as a ‘zealot’ who had little patience with others who disagreed with hard core Judaism. In fact by studying the records closely it is a fair notion to say that he hated the very ground that one Jesus of Nazareth walked on.

We can surmise this because Saul took great pains to put the followers of Jesus (pbh) called The Way in the New Testament to hardships even unto torture, imprisonment or death. To him that was no big deal because he would have considered Jesus (pbh) to be a downright imposter and an evil person.

That was going to eventually change, however. Saul became Paul and although he remained a ‘zealot’, he became meek and mild especially towards those who hated his guts. Instead of turning against his fellow Jews because of their hatred towards him, he was patient and kind and endured much hardship from their abuse, slander and attempts at doing him bodily harm even to the plots of trying to imprison or even trying to kill him. Now let us put this ‘strange’ man into a culture and a time-frame so that we can gain a better understanding.

Being a Jew and well versed in the Old Testament, Paul visited many a Synagogue. He would not have been allowed to stay in a Synagogue one minute let alone conversing in one on and off for months at a time if he even hinted at God having a sharing offspring-partner like a son. It is true that many Jews hated him but why did they hate him?

Paul was a Jew but not any ordinary Jew. He was a learned Jew who was at one time considered a ‘rock’ amongst the Jews in the ‘old country’ Palestine. However, he was dealing with a certain stock of Jew known as the ‘Hellenized’ Jew outside of Palestine. These Hellenized Jews were a conglomeration of Jews living and sharing their lives amongst the majority pagan population.

When we encounter Muslims from various far flung lands, many talk of Saudi Arabia as the ‘home country’ because that is where the HOLY REVELATION was sent down. So also with those Hellenized Jews as they thought of the land of Palestine as their ‘home country’ even though they were classifying themselves (giving themselves the excuse) of being somewhat liberal in their interpretations of Judaism.

They knew somewhat of Paul and they didn’t especially jump for joy in the fact that one of their own ‘hardcore’ individuals seemingly switched sides. So to them he was somewhat of an aberration and to others quite a traitor to what they would consider the ‘religion’ of Moses (pbh).

For the most part, they were not about to try and come to grips with this new idea about the Messiah (pbh) being already born and taken up. For one thing, the Jews even the Hellenized Jews considered themselves to be far superior of a creation as compared to their pagan neighbors because they took their creed as others have taken their race in declaring themselves as superior. This can also be seen during the Prophet’s lifetime (pbh) as they put ARROGANCE in themselves in place of correct belief.

Since the Hellenized Jews thought of themselves to be the ‘greatest of God’s creation’, they acted very smugly towards any offender who would seem to be taking them to task. And Paul did indeed take them to task but not in an offensive way as he labored to make them understand from proofs from their own Holy Book that the ONE GOD did send the Messiah already.

This would not go over very well as it put a new perspective on life on their so-called religion. In fact it didn’t go over very well when the Prophet (pbh) discussed religion with the Jews in Medina, as the Jews for the most part acted arrogantly and with hatred towards Islam.

So eventually the word spread that Paul, the traitor, was now trying to re-shape Judaism by proclaiming a new messenger had come (one Jesus of Nazareth) and that it would mean a turning point from the ‘old ways’. Not only that but both Paul and those Hellenized Jews already knew one key factor. That factor was that this Messiah Jesus (pbh) was an accuser of the Jews as to their attempt to reshape Judaism in their form and likeness.

How so? It is no mystery to either Paul or the Jews for that matter that their corrupt rabbis fashioned ‘new ideas’ and then had the temerity to proclaim that these things came from the ONE GOD – hence, the idea found in the New Testament concerning the Jews sitting in the false judgment seat of Moses (pbh).

Then spoke Jesus to the multitude and to his disciples,

Saying, “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat {acting in judgment}:

All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not you after their works; for they say and do not.    Matthew (23: 1-3)

Naturally, when all was said and done no one could expect those living in a delusional comfort zone of corrupt worship to take Paul’s words to heart. In fact, the corrupt Jew at that time had little embarrassment in planning to rid their city or even the world if they could accomplish it of one Paul the Jew from Tarsus. Hence, his many problems and dangers as recorded in The Acts.

This once ‘hardcore’ Paul who went by the name of Saul showed a lot of patience but that was incumbent on him to do so for the law of ‘to the Jew first’ by way of instruction in the teachings of truth must come first to them. And as The Acts historically points out, this ‘rule’ laid down as a commandment did not mean to go on forever and it did not mean to exclude others who desired instruction in the WAY to bring eternal life of peace and contentment. For all have a share in the Glory that would await a believer if they would have the will to accept it.

When MY servants ask you concerning ME, I am indeed Close (to them): I respond to the prayer of every Suppliant when he calls on ME: Let them also, with a will, listen to MY call and believe in ME that they may walk in the Right Way.   Q (2: 186)

Now we come to chapter 17 in the book called Acts. Paul had to deal with Jews, pagans and so-called intellectuals or free-thinkers called philosophers and this scenario seems to be repeated in The Acts. So what is important his own philosophy that he presented to the various types of people and the analogies that he was using. In this way, we can see whether he was Muslim or not. It is just that simple when we have a good, clear framework around which we can work minus all the fluff, misinterpretation and false innuendo floating around. His philosophy can simply be summed up by his reported words.

According to the Hellenized Jews and many of the pagans of the time, each to their own interpretation, there existed the Real Life and the earthly life. The Real Life was some sort of existence in the hereafter but while on this ‘blue marble’ there was an acting out of some sort of drama. So this world is what they perceived as the ‘underworld’ or the somewhat non-real existence.

People could use this idea to save face in this world, have hopes for a better future or to preen themselves to the idea that they could get away with anything and glorify their own dignity in the hereafter like the pharaohs did in times gone by. According to Paul, he uses this to proclaim that he and those around him are already dead but thanks to GOD, are made alive in Christ Jesus (pbh) as in following THE WAY as prescribed from above (the Real World).

Therefore, it is but one trademark of his preaching to know that one of the proofs of the real Messiah (pbh) is that he rose from the dead in both body and soul which they themselves could not accomplish. Because this particular man (Jesus) had accomplished this feat due to the Grace and Mercy from the ONE GOD, he not only would be considered as a Sign to man but also he is ALIVE while we are actually dead unless we live in him as following one who was sent with the truth!

Since this was accomplished in the fact that Jesus (pbh) was raised up like the way he was raised up, this appeared to be a ‘new doctrine’ of resurrection which they would certainly have to follow. That was most definitely NEW because they all knew that no matter what philosophy they had, they weren’t stupid enough to believe that ‘also their body and soul too’ were going to be raised up! Didn’t they see that people when they died were put into the earth to decay? Even Pharaoh wasn’t that blind to think that he wouldn’t have to have his body mummified and that he could just ‘jump up into the sky’. So now they are thinking about some ‘new doctrine’.

Paul did NOT declare that they would not go to their graves and therefore would not have their flesh rot in the ground. He was talking about their ‘resurrection’ would eventually come because a Sign was given for it. This of course implies a Day of Accountability such that man must seek in earnest for the truth instead of feeling comfortable about trying to recreate a false truth.

Now as to Paul’s philosophy in a nutshell:

“And they took him {Paul}, and brought him unto Areopagus {a non-Jew} saying, “May we know what this new doctrine, whereof you speak is?    Acts (17: 19)

“For you bring certain strange things to our ears: we would know therefore what these things mean.     Acts (17: 20)

“…You men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are too superstitious. Acts (17: 22)

“For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an alter with this inscription, TO THE {GREAT} UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore you ignorantly worship {have no knowledge of}, I declare HIM unto you.  Acts (17: 23)

These people then are given a lesson but one that attempts to glorify the ONE GOD in the proper perspective instead of trying to make statues or worship in ignorance. This is shown by the next several beautiful verses describing, in Paul’s own way, the ‘Aboveness’ of the Creator LORD by which HE is MAGNIFIED ABOVE ALL AND THAT NONE CAN COMPARE UNTO HIM.

The following verses which are reported to be Paul’s speech have detail in them that agrees with Islam when put in the proper context. This context shows that truth in religion is universal down through the Ages and not something a sage would make up at the spur of the moment.

“GOD that made the world and ALL things therein, seeing that HE is LORD of HEAVEN and earth, dwells not in temples made with hands.     Acts (17: 24)

“Neither is worshipped with men’s hands as though HE NEEDED ANY THING {OR ANY BODY} SEEING HE GIVES ALL LIFE AND BREATH AND ALL THINGS.     Acts (17: 25)

“And {HE} has made of ONE BLOOD ALL NATIONS of men for to live on all the face of the earth and {HE ALONE} has determined the TIMES {from} BEFORE APPOINTED AND THE BOUNDS {LIMITS OR BARRIERS} OF THEIR HABITATION.        Acts (17: 26) (1)

1. Mankind was one single nation, and Allah sent Messengers with glad tidings and warnings; and with them HE sent the Book in truth, to judge between people in matters wherein they differed; but the People of the Book {those having the guidance of true knowledge} after the Clear Signs came to them, did not differ among themselves, EXCEPT THROUGH SELFISH CONTUMACY. ALLAH BY HIS GRACE GUIDED {ONLY} THE {TRUE} BELIEVERS {AMONGST THEM} TO THE TRUTH, CONCERNING THAT WHEREIN THEY DIFFERED. ALLAH GUIDES WHOM HE WILLS TO THE STRAIGHT PATH.     Q (2: 213)

Mankind was but one nation, but differed (later). Had it not been for a word that went forth before from your LORD, their differences would have been settled between them.   Q (10: 19)


2. It was WE WHO Created man and WE know what suggestions his soul makes to him: for WE are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.    Q (50: 16)

“FOR IN HIM WE LIVE, AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING: As certain also of your own poets have said FOR WE ARE ALSO HIS offspring.* Acts (17: 28)

“Forasmuch as we are the offspring of GOD, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and {any of} man’s device.   Acts (17: 29)

“And the times of THIS IGNORANCE GOD winked at; but NOW {HE} Commands ALL men everywhere to repent {as the TIME draws closer to that Terrible DAY}    Acts (17: 30) (3)

3. To Allah belongs the Unseen of the Heavens and the earth and the matter of the HOUR (Of Judgment) is as the Twinkling of an eye or EVEN QUICKER: For Allah has POWER OVER ALL THINGS.    Q (16: 77)

Closer and Closer to mankind comes their RECKONING: yet they heed NOT and they turn away {from the Truth presented unto them}.   Q (21: 1)

“Because HE has APPOINTED A {CERTAIN} DAY in which HE WILL JUDGE THE WORLD in RIGHTEOUSNESS BY THAT MAN WHOM HE has ordained whereof HE HAS GIVEN ASSURANANCE UNTO ALL MEN {who listen to the truth} IN THAT HE RAISED him {up} from the dead {as a SIGN unto mankind}.    Acts (17: 31)

As can be clearly seen from verse 31, Jesus (pbh) is treated as being only a man and no more than a man – A man chosen and ordained by THE ONE WHO has POWER OVER ALL THINGS. Verses 23-28 definitely show the Praising of the ONE LORD WHO is INCOMPARABLE to anything known by man and that includes any of his servants and slaves – THE {GREAT} UNKNOWN GOD.

Christ does not distain to serve and worship Allah, nor do the angels, those nearest (to Allah): those who disdain HIS worship and are arrogant; HE will gather them all together unto HIMSELF TO (ANSWER) {FOR THEIR ARROGANCE}.    Q (4: 172)

As usual, I have added the symbols { } to put in things for clarity purposes.

Now we come to a somewhat belated interpretation of some of the ‘strange’ words in the above verses.

*Now we come up against a very peculiar term in chapter 17 and that term is ‘offspring’. The term ‘offspring’ means different things to different people especially under different circumstances. It could be used in a pagan sense of their gods frolicking with the human race and having physical sex to bring about semi-gods or sons of these pagan gods. Or it could be used in a different sense with quite a different meaning.

Although we don’t know the exact, pure conversational word used by Paul that has been translated as ‘offspring’, we do know something about his character, his religion and how he would have used this concept amongst the people. How do we know that?

The idea is a simple one! He is not and never has been awarded great stature among the pagans of his day as one who enlightened and approved of their corrupt philosophies. He in fact was weaning them away from such nonsense.

Secondly, he could not have pulled off a ‘partnership idea’ with THE ONE GOD because of two things. First, his other words and admittedly difficult expressions (for those not based in deep religious thoughts on the matter) do not show anything approaching a worship of Jesus (pbh). Respect, wonder, admiration as if one is discussing a special Sign given to mankind as the Quran states (see the ** below).

The term ‘offspring’ as used by Paul does not present a problem when it is analyzed in an Islamic way. This term is not used in Islam and for very good reason. It is not an appropriate term for one thing and for another thing it is too ambiguous such that it can be manipulated into something that is evil and downright foolish.

However, when one understands that mankind ‘SPRUNGFORTH’ by the WILL of THE ONE GOD in that HE said ‘BE’ and mankind came into existence from the back of Adam (pbh) then the term ‘offspring’ is somewhat put into a proper perspective.

Furthermore, God breathed into Adam (pbh) something of HIS spirit but that spirit cannot be defined as THE GOD and is NOT PART OF THE GOD. We don’t know about such things and it is useless to try and fathom mysteries beyond our senses. If one should try that by which we were warned not to do so, then indeed we may open the door for our own destruction.

In any case, we have no direct contact with Paul and should not presume that the English word ‘offspring’, which can be used in the basest sense or bestial of meanings, is the exact and correct translation from his original speech. If that were otherwise, Paul would indeed be a devil and not a true sage.

Paul was not on the level of being a prophet but must be considered as a sage and no more. How he came into prominence and the abuse of his teachings can be seen from the activities presented in the first article, Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus as well as some of the other articles.

**Finally, there is the extremely difficult term ‘Godhead’ that was used by Paul that needs to be explained. It is true that the shadow of this term is somewhat explained in the other scriptures – the Old and the New Testaments. For this reason there is actually no reason for the empty-headed philosophers to murder this concept the way they did unless it was in their hearts to malign the truth.

This concept of the ‘Godhead’ cannot be fully understood by man but it can be glimpsed through the former records. Records, which when abused, give off the stench of paganism and a plurality of gods. Such it is with those who fail to understand the truth of the MIGHT AND ONENESS OF THE CREATOR LORD.

No doubt Paul, who spent months in one place of residence and was showing by way of past scriptures, notably the Old Testament, concerning one Jesus the Christ (pbh) as the true Messiah, had spent some time in explaining this idea as clearly as was in his power to do so but that speech is NOT recorded in The Acts.

For had you believed {in} Moses, you would have believed {in} me: for he wrote of me.    John (5: 46)

First, it must be recalled that Allah is the reader of all hearts and that HE KNEW what those devils would produce. When a people (philosophers or others) sit around and portray THE ONE GOD as if HE were a bit player with other ‘partners’ in playing what amounts to a game of bridge and then can hold HIM hostage to their whims, think that they can get away with this notion they are mightily mistaken!

The result becomes clear. They are led to their own delusions by their own careless, perverted hands to their own downfall. They made a joke of things but in fact the joke is on them and never could any of the creation get away with even an atom’s worth of DECEPTION.

So what of Paul? He is that tool that was made for such a purpose and EXHAULTED AND EXQUISITE IS THE PLAN OF ALLAH BEYOUND THE COMPREHENSION OF THE MINDS OF MEN. Or did one think that anything would be beyond HIS AWARENESS?

So the Godhead idea has put many people on the wrong idea of THE GOD but that was not Paul’s fault for he is not a watcher over what those other people did!

The best notion of what that term ‘Godhead’ means can only come from ONE SOURCE and that is Allah Alone. So, Insha Allah, there will be some verses from HIS BOOK that will be used to explain it. These verses are short, to the point and very deep for those who ponder on HIS GREATNESS.

In part we must now look at some of the things that Paul meant by the term ‘Godhead’ so as not to confuse this idea with pagan-philosophical thoughts. This complex term has to do with basically three things. These three things are GOD’S PLAN, HIS ACT OF CREATION AND THE TERM DOMINIONSHIP. Even in knowing this, mankind can only fathom so much before his head starts spinning so only the basics of what can be known should be given.

The term ‘Godhead’ does start out with the notion that THE ONE GOD is the ORIGINATOR of HIS PLAN and that PLAN SURVIVES ONLY BY HIS PERMISSION. It has nothing to do with the evil and preposterous notion that God needs, wants or lacks anything. In fact, all of the creations that HE has made constantly depend upon HIM but HE CREATES AS HE WANTS AND DOES AS HE WILLS AND THERE IS NONE TO OPPOSE HIM!

So it must be understood at the outset that the term ‘Godhead’ is that which is set in perfect order and it is NOT an expression to be used in substitution for THE GOD because GOD is TOO GREAT FOR THAT! The Godhead therefore is NOT GOD!

Many Christians have derided the descriptions of the Paradise and Hell-Fire by Prophet Muhammad (pbh). They would do well to be silent! First of all, because they do not even know their own scriptures, they do not realize that Paul had stated something to that fact that there are trees, houses, rivers in the Heavens and there are trees, houses and rivers on the Earth. The former is INCORRUPTIBLE while the later is CORRUPTIBLE.

Give me a tree, house or river on Earth that has continued in its pristine condition for billions of years and I must remain silent. However, that can’t be done and so hopefully one now can get some partial idea that what is above is somewhat mirrored in what is below. I say mirrored and by that is meant some very small and insignificant imagery or reflection can be found in these comparisons which are vital for the continuation of the discussion.

There are dominions given over to those who are the perfect slaves of their LORD. We hardly know of these things but some things we have been told. These dominions have those servants and slaves of Allah set over them. And these ‘chiefs, leaders or ‘caretakers’ who have been given special duties or privileges have others under their sway or dominion.

An example is the Angel of Death. He has under his sway with the Permission of his LORD other angels. The Angel of Death comes to those highly placed individuals he is appointed to come to by his LORD’S PERMISSION ON A DUTY ASSIGNED TO him from his LORD. He does not determine for himself what his duties are nor what and where he should go.

In yet another example, there is the dominion given to Archangel Michael, to Gabriel, the bringer of Revelations to the prophets (peace be upon them all) to the Angel in charge of Hell-Fire, to the Angel holding the trumpet to his lips, to the Angel of Death. There are also the dominions promised each prophet and there is a dominion promised to the Messiah (pbh) as one in charge of the paradise on Earth and the dominion promised to Muhammad (pbh) as the leader of the prophets and also his dominion given to him when he is to go before the HOLIEST THRONE of his LORD to seek for the intercession that his LORD promised him.

One does not find, for example, an angel laying in wait to ambush Gabriel and to steal the Revelation so that he can have the honor of bringing it (stealing it). One does NOT find Prophet Muhammad (pbh), when the people driven by craze, fear and impossible terror going from Adam (pbh) to the other prophets mentioned in a famous hadith, jumping his turn by saying, “it’s me whom you are looking for so why not come directly to me instead of going to the others?” Prophet Muhammad (pbh) speaks ONLY WHEN IT IS HIS TURN TO SPEAK AND SAYS ONLY WHAT IS PUT IN HIS HEART TO SAY AND ONLY WHERE (IN THE PLACE) HE IS SUPPOSED TO SAY IT.

The other explanation of this term ‘Godhead’ goes back to the very nearly opaque mirrored way between the Heavens and the Earth. In this Earth we find ‘lords’. We have the ‘lord’ of the house as in the husband, ‘lord’ of the manner, the House of ‘lords’ which was a title generally given to those who have performed some extra and exceptional duty for the British government and the servant saying when given a command, “Yes, my lord.”

As in the case of ‘lords’ or ‘sons’ of God, Mr. Ahmed Deedat has explained that the Biblical interpretive language (not the original sent down language) found in the Bible contains expressions equaling to ‘tons of sons’ given to the One God. So one literally finds in the modern Bible many so-called sons of God – by the tons!

Even the term ‘messiah’ has a general meaning of an ‘anointed one’ for good or for evil. Therefore, using the term ‘messiah’ can refer to some person’s anointment as to being ‘chosen’ for some purpose whether good or evil. Hence, we get the term the ‘messiah’ for the Anti-christ although in this context it becomes perfectly clear that he is the ‘false Christ’.

With this understanding in mind, one can see that as stated by the Master himself in that ‘there are many Mansions in My LORD’S HOUSE’. This statement by Jesus (pbh) is noteworthy because he has stated that these various ‘levels’, dominions or states of existence BELONG TO THE ONE GOD AND NO ONE ELSE.

In my FATHER’S HOUSE are many mansions {levels}: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you {at my ‘pond’ for intercession}.     John (14: 2)

Sumura b. Jundub reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Every prophet has a pond and they will vie with one another about which of them will have the largest number {of people} coming down to it. I hope that I may have the largest number.”               (Tirmidhi transmitted it saying this is a gharib tradition).

It is the right of every prophet due to their station that Allah will give them permission when HE and HE ALONE will decide to render them the gift of intercession. Jesus (pbh) in being a prophet in this regard is no different. He created nothing but was given his just reward or fulfillment as can be found in the verse from John quoted above.

These ‘mansions’ don’t belong to Jesus (pbh) because it is NOT his doing as in Planning, Creating, Giving or SETTING TO ORDER. Furthermore, it is NOT his HOUSE because he is not responsible for it but, as is expressed poorly in English, it is THE FATHER’S HOUSE meaning the Creator of ALL or from which ALL THINGS owe their beginnings or state of existence.

The best way to express this most difficult concept of the ‘Godhead’ is to go to the ONE SOURCE and that is GOD’S PERFECT AND UNDEFILED WORD – THE QURAN:

Your GUARDIAN LORD IS ALLAH, WHO created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is FIRMLY ESTABLISHED on the THRONE (OF AUTHORITY AND POWER): HE draws the night as a veil over the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: HE created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (ALL GOVERENED BY {PERFECT AND STRICTLY REGULATED} LAWS UNDER HIS COMMAND. Is it not HIS to create and to govern {TO DO AS HE WILLS WITHOUT HINDRENCE}? Blessed be Allah, THE CHERISHER AND SUSTAINER of the {all the spheres of creation} worlds! Q (7: 54)

Verily your LORD is ALLAH, WHO created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is FIRMLY ESTABLISHED ON THE THRONE (OF AUTHORITY AND POWER), REGULATING AND GOVERNING ALL THINGS. NO intercessor (can plead with HIM) EXCEPT after HIS PERMISSION (HAS BEEN GRANTED). THIS IS ALLAH your LORD; HIM therefore serve: will you not receive admonition {warning}.     Q (10: 3)

Allah is HE WHO raised the heavens without any pillars that you can see; HE is FIRMLY ESTABLISHED ON THE THRONE (OF AUTHORITY AND POWER); HE has SUBJECTED the sun and the moon (to HIS LAW)! Each one runs (its course) for THE TERM HE {ALONE APPOINTED}. HE does REGUALATE ALL AFFAIRS, explaining the SIGNS in detail that you may believe with certainty in the MEETING WITH YOUR LORD.    Q (13: 2)

The above verses from the Quran show HIS MAJESTIC POWER, MIGHT AND GREATNESS. HE is answerable to no one and far is HE above taking permission from any!

So in effect, yes there is a ‘Godhead’ and yes some of HIS true servants and slaves as human beings are involved in it BY HIS PERMISSION ONLY.

In effect one can sense that over 14 billion years ago before the ‘Big Bang’ which was to eventually bring forth this universe and eventually lead up to the creation of the Earth, Moon, the Sun and planets being held in place by HIS COMMAND and LAWS there was a DYNAMIC PLAN SET FORTH FULLY COMPLETE AS TO WHAT WOULD EVOLVE AND HOW THINGS WERE TO EVOLVE.

Therefore, there were no guessing games, power sharing or any other such nonsense going on which would limit or impede HIS DESIGN. HE CREATES WHAT HE WILLS AND CONFIDES IN NO ONE CONCERNING HIS {AFFAIRS OF} THE CREATIONS AND HE IS HE WHO IS ANSWERABLE TO NO ONE ABOUT HIS AFFAIRS {PLAN}.

Now that a somewhat feeble explanation of the Mysteries of the ‘Godhead’ have been explained (as far as I can take it anyway), it is imperative to understand that Paul would have taken some time to bring an awareness of how people should be dependent on the ONE GOD. This he did and can easily be seen in the verses talked about previously as he is expanding on the total dependence of HIM WHOSE WAYS ARE PERFECT and that is HE WHO IS LORD!

The fortunate men or women who have had a chance to look at the Quran have been given an easy pathway to understanding without having to go through all that particular rigmarole of chasing down meanings, history and peoples’ intentions both good and bad. What they have is the PURE WORD or in the non-Arabic form a close enough version of it to enjoy straight and clear meanings minus all the twisted and deformed philosophies thrown up to hide the TRUTH.

Besides this, the believer has many strong and faithful hadiths – sayings and doings of the Prophet (pbh) that have been preserved to safeguard the most important thing that religion has to offer. That is the ONENESS of Allah WHO has no partners or relations or any other such nonsense that false and corrupt individuals spread as lies and deceptions.

Jubair b. Mut’im told that a nomadic Arab came to Allah’s Messenger (pbh) and said, “People are suffering distress, the children are hungry, the crops are withered and the animals are perishing, so ask Allah to grant us rain, for we seek you as our intercessor with Allah and Allah as our intercessor with you.” Thereupon the Prophet said, “GLORY be to Allah, GLORY be to Allah,” and he continued declaring Allah’s GLORY till the effect of that was apparent in the faces of his Companions. He then said, “Woe to you! Allah is not to be sought as intercessor WITH ANYONE. ALLAH’S STATE IS GREATER THAN THAT. Woe to you! Do you know HOW GREAT ALLAH ISHIS THRONE IS ABOVE THE HEAVENS thus (indicating with his fingers something like a dome over him), and it GROANS on account of HIM {DUE TO HIS GREATNESS AND AWEINSPIRING PRESENCE} as a saddle does because of the {presence of the} rider.”      (Abu Dawud)

So in Islam, one does not find any ‘hint’ that THE ONE GOD is something to be taken akin to a ‘friendly uncle’ or other such corrupt and foolish nonsense! This is the way that the religion of Islam is for it is very clear. As to its people, that is another matter all together.

So religion or the adoption of any kind of worship can be separated from the ‘common corruption’ in the sense of looking for the ‘TRUE WAY’ of belief through wisdom and not in blindly following any corruptible creed. This is just looking at a belief system and there is no belief system that is acceptable in the eyes of THE LORD except for the ONE CALLED in ENGLISH as THE WAY (the way of those truthful men called prophets). And this WAY in the Arabic Language is called ISLAM.

This article was written chiefly for the Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters who want some clarification concerning Islam and some soul-searching consideration on the beautiful Unity of True Faith minus the contemptible and corrupt man-made doctrines foisted off on the public at large. It can also be of benefit for those seeking knowledge in the harmony of True Faith down through the Ages. Finally, it may also benefit, Allah Willing, the understanding of Muslims who seek to guard their most precious Faith against the ravages of time as well as to provide an insight as to the often slippery and delusional connection between their selves and the world they live in.

It is important therefore for Muslims to concentrate on their own religion and to study it with a passion and a sincerity so as not to be ‘caught out’ by those seeking their destruction openly or secretly. So by taking the Prophet’s advice (pbh), they can, by Allah’s Will, protect themselves from the DAY that was promised and must assuredly come.

And in doing so they may rejoice in the following hadith so that they may ‘ponder’ over their CREATOR’S EXCELLENCE:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) said, “There are ninety-nine names of Allah; he who commits them to memory {in the heart} would get into Paradise. Verily, Allah is Odd {ONE} and HE loves {the} odd number. And in a narration of Ibn ‘Umar (the words are): “He who enumerated them.”   (Muslim)

*In hindsight, Paul can be best understood by this analogy. He is like a hundred cases of dynamite that two miners use in different situations. One person takes these cases of dynamite home for safe storage in his basement to be used in mining operations taking all due care to keep these cases safe. Then he transports them to the mine where they can be used to remove the mounds of dirt that cover the minerals that need to be mined.

The second miner takes these cases of dynamite home and stores them in his basement. However, before he transports them to the mine, he decides to light the fuse just to see if the dynamite works. The end result is no more basement, no more house and no more miner!

The moral of the story is that Allah sees all that we do and besides this HE reads the hearts of man most perfectly. Because HE is the ‘Collector of the souls’ and the ‘Reader of the hearts’, He knows what mischief is in the hearts, before that mischief can even be hatched, and He is the ONE to prepare the devious hearts their deviations such that their lusts will look fruitful to them.


Although men plot and plan (though their plots and plans are well known in advance by the ONE WHO CREATED those souls), Allah is the BEST TO PLAN and no soul gets of what it does not deserve. Such is THE POWER AND MAGNITUDE OF ALLAH!

When WE make mankind taste of some mercy after adversity has touched them, behold! They take to plotting against OUR SIGNS! Say, “Swifter to Plan is Allah.” Verily, OUR messengers record all the plots that you make!   Q (10: 21)

Those before them did (also) devise plots; but in all things the MASTER-PLANNING is Allah’s. He knows the doings of every soul and soon will the Unbelievers know who gets home in the end.    Q (13: 42)

And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too Planned, and THE BEST OF PLANNERS IS ALLAH.    Q (3: 54)

And now one might be able to understand Paul a little bit better and even to why he was placed in such a position and so the same might be said of the righteous fourth Caliph Ali. These men were not watchers over other men when they died. So why would the responsibility be placed on them for the careless ones who were to come after them creating mischief and malicious inventions!