The opening credits “About This Site” may have created a daze in some people’s minds. What does the topic about flying saucers have to do with religion anyway? Basically, what many people think is that religion provides just a pathway for ‘moralistic sayings and varied practices’ invented or not invented by man.

Therefore, religion is kind of passé in today’s world of high tech doings. There can be no doubt the ‘religion’ in the minds of real Muslims is the pathway to success in this world and the next. Success in this world is not equated with money, fame or prestige but with being on what is called the Straight Path. In other words, collecting the graces and abundance of real life and or paying debts to fulfill obligations that would otherwise be taken out of a person’s hide in the HEREAFTER.

So like a squirrel storing up nuts for the winter season or the storage of fat in a camel’s hump, the ‘privilege’ of bringing the ‘tokens’ earned in daily living to be put on the SCALE of balance to get one’s records of deeds on the Last Day will, in part, determine the sought after prize – SALVATION. And without good character or ‘real faith’ those deeds accounted for us as a favor given to us from our LORD can vanish quite quickly. So success in this world is not measured in worldly terms at all.

This can be equated to a baptism under fire (real life experiences) to show what a person is made of. That can be a scary and humbling thought if a person thinks about it. Allah is not impressed by bulging muscles, runaway egos, oodles of treasure, hot and fast cars, positions of power, the color of a person’s skin, or even a claimed religious sect.

If that were not so, then the hypocrites would be the first in line for salvation but as is known in Islamic literature they are the last in the depths of the Fire. Therefore, Trust in Allah (The One God) is tantamount to success in this world and of course in the HEREAFTER.

Well what about this flying saucer craze? It is much like a revolving wheel when one studies it. It is as true to say that one should seek out knowledge as it is true to say that one should mind one’s own business.

On the authority of Abu Abdullah an-Numan who said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah (pbh) say, “That which is lawful is plain and that which is unlawful is plain and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which not many people know. Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor, but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into that which is unlawful, like the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary, all but grazing therein. Truly every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah’s sanctuary is HIS prohibitions. Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart.    (Bukhari and Muslim)

The flying saucer story which just bedazzles the mind is something like going through a revolving door with no exit. The story has been covered before and ‘new tidbits’ or what can be called ‘teasers’ are dripped upon the excitable public and pawned off as something new.

That is understandable when one views this menagerie in a certain light. A new book concerning flying saucers by Leslie Kean gives nothing new except for old details wrapped up in a new package. Even the semi-outpouring of information from the British and French governments concerning this issue isn’t a surprise at all. Of course these ‘oddities’ exist but people may want them to be something they are not and may hope for some sort of salvation from often troubling worldly concerns.

That, we were given from the one brotherhood of prophets but such a boring story can be junked in favor of something with more color and a potential for more pizzazz.  Well, this topic does take our minds off of reality and makes life for some a Hollywood possibility.

A concentration on this subject with the thousands and thousands of books leaves the mind in a state of mush but Islam doesn’t. So if the hundreds of millions of eager beavers believing in flying saucers want to use their common sense and don’t want to be caught up in behaving like a dog chasing its tail and never catching it, the following is presented for their benefit.

The following partial excerpt was taken from the book, The Shining Light of Islam pages 41-50 published in 2005. Although the book was published in 2005, the information was written in 1995 but due to some problems stayed on the shelf for nearly ten years.


“Is this fiction, fact or fantasy? UFO sightings are about 90% explainable in mundane terms going from weather balloons, swamp gas to outright fabrications. Scientists at various times have tried to tackle the problem but have bombed out. The government also has had a major hand in UFO exploration but they have made their general mess of things. The knowledge about what UFOs are and where do they come from has been around for years.

However, that knowledge has been scattered in various places and few have attempted to put the pieces together in a decipherable whole to come up with a satisfactory answer. Psychologically this is understandable for several reasons. If the answers are not acceptable even when the evidence is there, then it is human nature to go into a phase of denial. Or it could be that when one looks in a certain place and will not budge in trying to evolve new methods of thinking, then one becomes stuck in the proverbial rut. The result is that knowledge grows horizontally, which is all right, but the knowledge does not grow vertically.

To many the question of UFOs is superfluous if not downright silly. However, in the Western world alone there are over 150 million people who strongly believe in their existence. That is quite a sizeable chunk of the world’s population that has been looking for answers. As to other parts of the globe, the number of people interested in this subject has not been calculated. For a fact, there are a lot of people who are interested in this subject. For this reason, this topic has been included within.

It is important to realize that the literature of this topic is very broad in scope. A simple check at the library or on the Internet will give one the size of the information that is out there. It is also important to limit the topic to a sizeable chunk and let the reader decide how and where to go for the answers. In knowing that too much knowledge, whether it leads one towards the truth or away from it, can be too distracting, the purpose then is to give only the salient points and a springboard to act as a guideline.

Taking the wrong road, as so many have done in the past, achieves no concrete objectives except that the mystery of UFOs persist. Therefore, a general history, while throwing out superfluous material, is necessary. Also, one does not have to reinvent the proverbial wheel all over again. There are important clues to be made use of which guides the researcher in the right direction as long as these clues maintain integrity within the framework of what is sought.

It may have started a long time ago but the records about that are not very concrete except in one incidence.

What we do know for certain started in the mid ’40s during WW II. Some American planes were flying over Germany when they reported that strange lights were following them. Then these lights flew away at a high rate of speed.

However, when the Americans examined German war records, it was the Germans who believed that these strange flying lights belonged to the Allies. Germany suspected an Allied invention, basically American in origin and the Americans suspected a German invention. As to the lights, called Foo fighters by the Americans, they did nothing but seemingly come from out of nowhere, kept pace with aircraft and then flew off at a high rate of speed. Surely, some type of invention was at work.

The red scare

After the war some lights were noticed at strategic installations in the US and a few reports were taken down. The key point occurred around 1948 when news of strange objects seen by civilians, reached the press. The race was on.

Because of the heightened conditions of the ‘cold war’, some government agencies suspected a form of Communist terrorism or possibly a new invention used for spying. With secret doings and A-bomb, H-bomb research, it perhaps is understandable for a feeling of paranoia to be present. After all, the Red Menace may have been attempting to take over America. Russia, at that time under Stalin was known for its double-dealings as well as its super secretive ways.

The Robertson Panel

Unable to fathom what was going on with all the data (real or imagined) coming in, the US Government turned to a panel of scientists to get the dope on these strange lights. Turned over to the panel were all the pieces of evidence the government could muster including photographs taken by jet fighters, radar reports and reports from selected, responsible individuals. The scientists poured over this evidence and used their logic to come to a conclusion. We were not being visited by beings from another planet – but it was possible.

The report was of course top secret. The scientists studied pictures, angles, speed, dimensions, radar mappings, etc. They also knew that no human society could build such machines. Mere lights or atmospheric phenomena could not account for the evidence in hand. Therefore, the only logical conclusion was a simple one. If these things were found not to come from the Earth, then they would have to come from outside the Earth.

It is interesting to note that the Roswell New Mexico case happened a few years before the Robertson Panel took place. It is possible that some strange things happened in Roswell. However, if the government had recovered bodies of little spacemen, the Robertson Panel would have never been formed. There would have been no need for it.

It is also interesting to note that during the early ’50s, the planets Mars and Venus were unknown entities, which for all anybody knew, could have harbored a race of highly intelligent beings. Mars was especially a good candidate and thanks to H. G. Wells, it seemed likely that Mars was likely the best candidate to give Earth its first visit from highly intelligent beings from another planet.

The government wins the battle but loses the war.

The US Government was frantic to keep the findings of this panel from getting into the news. What with the cold war and nervous tensions arising, another battlefront would drive people hysterical. The government was the body of the people that could protect and defend itself and remain strong and competent. You can trust your government to not let you down was the philosophy to be put forward. However, reports of strange events in our skies kept coming and more radar reports kept surfacing causing a buzz among the public.

To keep everything under cover, new projects like Grudge and Blue Book were established. It seemed like the more the government clamped down, the more bizarre things got. This time it seemed the tide had turned in the government’s favor. Sure there were more people seeing things, more excellent radar reports, and reports from pilots as well as other reliable witnesses but there were also more strange tales of visitors, monsters, goblins, fake pictures and abductions.

Psychologically speaking, first you scare the audience and then you make them laugh. In doing so, all the little bug-a-boos seem to go away. For a while it worked. Most people considered themselves too level headed to believe in this insane madness. It was the other people who were the freaks, hoaxers and borderline psychotics on the lunatic fringe that were clamoring for attention. Even the media helped publicize certain quacks that were obviously short of mental stability.

Although good things come in bunches, the party could not last. The Condon Report together with too many good sightings made the government look foolish. The lid came off and the government wanted out. After all, things were getting too psychologically weird to handle in a normal way. Besides, the government could destroy a few lives for the sake of the common good but it felt itself way over its head in trying to cope with the UFO phenomena.

There is no need to explore the UFO affair in depth because it has already been categorized many times over in print. Also, only a few essentials need to be looked at to come to a sound decision. Those interested in running after old hat stuff can look up the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and look for organizations like Ground Saucer Watch (GSW), which deals with real versus fake films, pictures and stories of UFOs.

The turning point

People chased after UFOs like a dog chases after its tail. It turns out to be a real big headache when one is dabbling in the unknown trying desperately to make sense out of total confusion in a case-by-case analysis.

Enter into the picture one of the most important milestones of Ufology. Jacques Vallee, a highly educated man in astrophysics and computer science, took another approach to UFO phenomena. He decided to look at the problem holistically. He was not looking for anything except perhaps a pattern.

UFO materials by the 1970s had become very extensive with reports from all over the world. Too many good people in too many good places were reporting honestly if not subjectively what they saw, heard, smelt and felt. Even some of the bizarre cases took on a reality of sorts and even an ominous feeling of sadness. Some people were actually affected so seriously that they ended up losing their family, their jobs and their self-respect as they tried desperately to reach out to the ‘stars’.

To make a long story short, Vallee noticed something that few people noticed and he ran with his logic. The reader can see his documented evidence in two of his classic books: Passport to Magonia and Messengers of Deception.

In his book Messengers of Deception, Vallee declares that he does not know where the UFOs are coming from but that he is almost certain that they are not coming from outer space.

That in a nutshell is the crux of the matter! He managed to break the ice on a topic that was definitely hard to pin down. Only by reading his books can one get the knowledge about why he felt as he did. Suffice it to say that he had hard evidence and lots of it, which pointed to another possible source of UFO reality, one that was dark, mysterious and sometimes cruel.

The point turns again.

On a BBC broadcast in 1994 about UFO abductions the UFO problem was looked at from another angle. A real breakthrough was imminent and new sources of information came in. However, it still remained loose and untied to specifics when the program was finished. Therefore, a close encounter with the truth about Ufology ended in just that, a close approach.

In order to get the full significance of this mind-bending program one must truly see it. The program ended with, believe it or not, a near encounter with another being which was not human or was it just the mind playing tricks? So close but yet still so far!

The star of the program was Dr. Susan Blackmore. She decided to investigate UFO phenomena as to their possible relationship to other closely related phenomena and to see if there was a connection between them. She found it. It seems that when a person is in a somnambulistic state, a state between sleep and wakefulness where the person is not asleep yet not awake, some strange thing may happen. They may see otherworldly like beings, hear voices and experience physical contact.

To prove the point, Dr. Blackmore asked to be put under this condition at the Persinger’s Lab. In this setting she would be under careful scrutiny. Wearing what looked like a motorcycle helmet with a magnet on top, she went into a special room to undergo a treatment that would simulate a somnambulistic state.

As she receded into this state, she kept talking into a microphone. At first, nothing happened but then she felt an odd sensation. Then, she felt fear, as something seemed to be touching or pulling her leg. She then cried out to stop the experiment and that ended that journey into the unknown.

Her experience combined with Vallee’s experience under scientific analysis goes a long way in pointing out that a mystery need not be a mystery forever. To Dr. Blackmore the problem may seem to be in the mind’s psyche. However, if that were true, then would the mind be capable of producing hard evidence like radar reports and sightings when not under the somnambulistic state? Also, one should not be able to produce pieces of debris coming from these ‘flying saucers’ that in rare cases have been found and which turned out to be only common earth-like materials.

No, the pathway to the answer can be found more easily if one combines Dr. Vallee’s experience with Dr. Blackmore’s experience. Indeed something is going on and on a scale that is not just insignificant. With knowledge comes some form of power and understanding to help regain the position of authority.

The point turns yet again.

Still the picture is incomplete and rightfully so. If a Biology textbook cannot give the right answers, then we have to look elsewhere for any information that has been categorized that does provide the clues we need.

Caution is needed, however, and that caution is crucial to the case. If any book contains categorizations of such phenomena without trying to mention UFOs, then the chances of these materials being superfluous are almost nil. In other words, pure chance and coincidence that a match could be found is almost nonexistent. Therefore, we could nearly be 100% positive that we have struck gold.

Gold has been struck.

Ufologists have been driven crazy by chasing down report after report. Some feel that it is a waste of time cataloging all this stuff while getting nowhere. That is not true. They did provide a very valuable service in describing certain phenomena associated with UFOs. Their movements, their smells, if any, their playful little games, their effects on animals, their occupants behavior, and in some cases the bizarre conversations and the bizarre physical appearance of the occupants. Also valuable were the human tragedies that occurred during these encounters and the resultant psychological effects on humans.

Why are UFOs used? Why do people drive cars? Some people use cars for a utility vehicle, some people use cars as a status symbol, some people use cars as a pleasure vehicle, while some people use cars as a macho reflection of what they think their image ought to be. Generally speaking, the vehicle is a psychological extension of the inner personality.

However, when dealing with another culture, although an invisible one, one must be careful not to play the kind of immature games some are fond of like all white people are devils or all black people are dirty. Basic patterns do exist, however. There are good people and bad people, twisted psychotic people and devious people and of course there are ‘normal’ people.

Even in knowing these things, the mind of man would still find it hard to conceive of a race of beings living on Earth or its environs that cannot ordinarily be seen. It just isn’t scientific! That may be true but so much for the limits of science. Well, science is not my God and it never has claimed to be.

The field of UFO study is a psychologist’s gold mine. It could allow new insights into such diverse fields as faith healing and human behavior and the treatment of such with the control of certain deviant disorders. Also, it is a great way to look at certain events like the phenomenon, which happened at Fatima, a small town in the west-central part of Portugal. This case says it all and really we only need one.

This case is a classic UFO case showing many of the signs of the UFO phenomena. In this case a diminutive ‘creature’ visited three small peasant girls. The entity is believed by some to be the Holy Virgin Mary. Anyway, this diminutive, rather dwarfish character appeared to the three small girls inside a globe of light. She wore a white gown and veil and it was this creature that claimed to be ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’. This creature appeared like clockwork appearing every month on the 13th just as predicted by the entity.

When pressed to provide a sign so that the three peasant girls would not be looked upon as crazy, the entity prophesied that ‘she’ would appear at some exact place, at some exact month, at some exact day, and at some exact hour on that day. When the time came, sure enough the entity did appear or at least that is what is believed because on that day at exactly that hour an amazing phenomenon took place.

What happened was that the story of the three peasant girls became so well publicized that a few tens of thousands of people showed up for the ‘visitation’. What happened then was nothing more than an idiotic circus. Under low cloud cover on a day when a slight drizzle was taking place, a large bright glowing globe appeared in the sky and started to dance, twirl and rock back and forth. It also started to change colors. Finally, this globe started to descend slowly to the amazement and anguish of the people.

As strange as it may seem to the reader, the crowd, which even contained newspaper reporters, thought that the ‘sun’ was going to fall to Earth. People started screaming and panicking and even cursing. Then as suddenly as the globe (UFO) appeared, it disappeared in a burst of speed.

For UFO followers this is a classic tale of a UFO and its occupant. It is also a tale where prediction and or prophecy took place well in advance of the actual happening. It also provides us with well over 10,000 witnesses at one time.

As for the message this entity wanted to put across, it speaks for itself. Part of it is innocuous and some may be downright ridiculous. The ridiculous part is her appeal to say the ‘holy rosary’, which contains a verse talking about god’s mother. According to the holy book generally used in Portugal, God has no mother, father, daughter, cousins, uncles or wives.”

Fortunately more real and practical evidence came out about this subject and in 2008 the book; The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ was published. People may not be keen on Islam but it is better to have common sense than to be played like a buffoon. The following is an extract from the above mentioned book pages 40 to 52.


“In this day and age with the vast expansion of knowledge and catastrophes looming on the horizon, mankind is reaching out like never before to the sometime dizzying heights of absurdity. A step back from this often bizarre and loony pace reveals that some people (as if they were being tossed by a violent storm at sea) are searching for solace (any port in a storm) by seeking out various ‘gods’ to save society from the doom of the terrors of the unknown.

We already have been given that Way and it has a long meaningful history when interpreted and seen correctly; it provides all that mankind needs. However, due to the mystery of the soul and the environs of the Earth on which can be found a complex maze of delusion, it becomes readily apparent that by being an impatient creature (which we are) this system offered up by none other than the One Who Created all things seemingly (as it appears to some) is incomplete and often times is irrelevant.

Talk about being duped! That is being duped. The cases for this are legion but one of the minor bug-a-boos of modern man’s attempt to escape reality comes from the notion of flying saucers and the possible messages that they might have for the lowly human being. It is wise to stop a minute and remember that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were only human beings also.

It goes without saying when all relevant facts are put together that good common sense and an understanding of Islam can handle this flying saucer craze with ease. Even modern science (primitive as it may yet be) is very helpful.

Yes, flying saucers exist but really now! Did one expect them to ‘come’ to Earth to save mankind? So because they exist, there is no reason to take a button and sew a vest on it especially in the light of the sham that these entities are pulling.

We already have One Savior (the One God) and One Way passed down through the millennia. And it works! There is no need for contemptible upstarts to derail the system unless of course we allow them to do so.

Of course, if one throws away the ‘perfect handhold’ of the wisdom of true guidance and the Sunnah (the set of guidance and principles) set forth for humanity’s protection and growth, and perverts himself willingly he will indeed be at a loss being tossed and turned by the various ‘gods’ his corruptions created in the first place.

If this sounds like nonsense, it isn’t. The road is long and hard but the stakes are high and we were told that long ago so that is that. Besides, being refreshed ever so often by the visitors of great distinction better known as the prophets, we were not left to drift in blind ignorance. But it still doesn’t change the fact that the road is long and hard.

Now we have run out of being given prophets for the last one finished his job over one thousand four hundred years ago (56). Fortunately, we are not set adrift without the potential refreshing spirit of renewal with the Book and the Sunnah at hand. But the road is long and hard especially amongst diverse cultures, worldly perceptions, gnawing doubts, villainous entities grabbing for our attention, a lethargic state of mind and the lack of good common sense. No wonder that the road is long and hard.

Who can defeat these tyrants especially when the human race has been known to produce its own brand of blood thirsty criminals sent like plagues to torment parts of the human race?

Certainly it is apparent that mankind needs a rest from this merry-go-round circus he has been born into and that is where Faith comes in. But look what happens when one opens the door to that house! Always a few nasty flies are able to get in to spoil the party. Good common sense acts like a flyswatter against these crippling bug-like maggots carrying disease affecting both the mind and the soul.

And these false gods do exist. Like the deranged, constantly changing chameleon-like forces or concepts, they are there to prey on the unwary. For false gods are not only statues but are also other things changing in season with the change of man and his condition. It makes more sense to hammer away at man’s weakest point rather than try to assail his strongest one. Hence, inner reflection and contemplation often results in reality coming to the fore while pervasiveness is being beaten back for a while.

And these things are placed in our hands (that is the keys to eternal life) but who is to force one to use them or to even try and understand them? So man has to learn to stand on his own two feet when acknowledging his Sovereign by paying Him true homage and in trusting His Guidance – even though the walls of life are constantly being assailed by a barrage of impotent (forces) devils who gain strength only when fed by the mindless hands of men.

Once again we go back to the lack of common sense providing food for these dark forces to act upon. What does one expect when a hungry tiger knocks at the door to gain entry? Shall we let him in? If so, then we must be prepared to take the consequences.

A looming crisis of near epidemic proportions has been unfolding. This epidemic has affected nearly one billion people around the world due to certain news events especially from ‘western’ countries. It concerns the subject of ‘flying saucers’ from outer space.

In my first book, The Shining Light of Islam, I dealt very briefly on this topic. However, newer information has come forward which has tended to vindicate what was written and the beautiful thing about it is that these things can be documented successfully and followed logically with good common sense.

With the help of logic, psychology, science and religion, mankind is in the position of pinning down the flying saucer phenomenon with complete surety. One reason why that might not happen so easily is that people might want their own fantasies kept alive even in the face of documented, hard evidence.

A library could be filled with books and articles written about this flying saucer phenomenon as well as some of man’s visions about what ‘they’ may mean to the human race. One thing is for certain. It is incredible how the mind of man works in all of its varied activities.

A world that has seen such stalwarts as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad should acknowledge that that is enough for man to dwell on but apparently some things become lost from the mind necessitating great flights of fantasy.

Some current thoughts put forward by the so called ‘believers’ of aliens from outer space are that these creatures are here to protect man against self destruction, to guide man into the future, to someday announce that they are our gods who have created us or aided in our development from the monkey or to just plain observe mankind as he develops – sort of like space sociology 101.

The biggest problem faced by believers and skeptics alike was in trying to fit the various pieces together about this phenomenon to form a logical whole. Now it can be done and documented although there will still be plenty of people who will prefer the far out explanations rather than the truthful one. Hence, societies like the Flat Earth Society still survive.

So the misconceptions about ‘flying saucers’ is legendary. If these things exist, and they do, what could they be? What logically could they be based on the latest modern research that is easily documented?

Over one thousand four hundred years ago Prophet Muhammad (pbh) did discuss the issues but it takes a measure of thought to put it into a proper perspective. In other words, it was not his job to come and instruct man about flying saucers 101 but rather to discuss about Truth and Salvation. Islam has more depth to it than just rituals – though of a highly important nature – and who knows of this are they who dwell upon Islam in its beauty and depth.

The case for flying saucers in brief

Through the late 1940s, 50s and the early 60s the flying saucer bug caused a lot of confusion especially to the military-intelligent agencies handling it. The issue wouldn’t go away even under pressure of stigmatizing it in the publics’ eye. However, as has been shown in the past the military-intelligent complex sometimes performs as if they have two left feet, but that isn’t always the case.

Being completely buffaloed by this tantalizing phenomenon, the government had no choice but to turn to certain scientists who were given certain classified information and asked an important question. The question was, “If these things (flying saucers) exist and there is no real proof that they do, what probable power source could they be using to propel themselves?”

That question and the scientists’ answer would go on to form the whole key to the (reality) of the flying saucer issue and would lead to some strange undertakings by the military-intelligence complex.

After some reflection on this issue, the scientists concerned gave the answer. The answer was that this phenomenon (if it truly existed at all) would, according to the evidence presented to them, probably use some form of electro-magnetic energy for propulsion.

End of story? No, it is not over by a long shot. The military-intelligent machine assigned to this undertaking may not be bright lights but they aren’t completely out of touch with reality. They knew of some of the quality reports, films, etc that they had but couldn’t make heads or tails out of them. They also had several good files of radar reports. The problem with radar is that it at times acts twitchy and therefore is not completely 100% reliable. However, if and only if two things can successfully correlate the existence of this phenomenon, then no matter what they are, they in fact are real and of course exist.

So what was missing was the ‘fingerprint’ to nail down the issue. That may not sound fantastic but it was about to become fantastic. Wondering what these things were and where they could possibly be coming from could take 10 million years to figure out and that is fruitless. However, it is so typical of the military-intelligent complex to think of the physical issue. If a ‘fingerprint’ could be lifted, it would mean two important things. First, they exist. Finally, and this will go on to explain a few things, if they exist, then they can be built!

That is, it can eventually be manufactured by the secret agency given charge over the project. But first, the fingerprint had to be found. It was found. That is, a correlation between radar reports and an electro-magnetic signature given off at the same time and place showed that these objects were real. Whether an object is made of cheese or metal doesn’t matter. Its existence can now be verified.

The following information to be presented was taken from the Discovery Science channel and these programs can be checked and researched for their accuracy. The deductions, however, are up to the individual.

In the 60s, or 70s there appeared in Canada some interesting towers constructed for some unknown purpose. They didn’t have anything to do with weather measurements or tracking guided missiles. In fact, they seemed to be totally useless. The only thing that these towers were good for was to measure electro-magnetic energy from anything that would be flying overhead. Birds, planes, rockets or kites would be left out in the cold so basically it would measure totally nothing and be rendered totally useless – an example of someone spending money on absolutely nothing and for no purpose. And since it was a shot in the dark and not the publics’ business anyway, who would be in the know to ask the right questions?

Well, they did get to measure some ‘hits’ and one hit was sent down to America labeled and underlined as being from a UFO. Why send the report to America and why label it as a UFO? It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

If radar also got a hit and tracked this unknown thing in the same area, then radar (in this case) can’t be accused of acting up and providing false blips due to temperature inversions. Therefore, only one possible conclusion can be drawn from this experiment. Something that is using electro-magnetic energy for propulsion has just been fingerprinted. And if it can be fingerprinted, it is not a fairytale but actually exists. And if it exists, it can be built.

The Discovery Science channel showed in another program an elderly man explaining how to build a primitive flying saucer. Not only did he talk about it (saying a high school student could do it) he actually demonstrated how to do it! He took a circular object and with an electromagnet placed inside, ran a large current of electricity into it. The object rose in the air, hovered and then the wires from the attached cable started to burn up.

If a high school kid could do it, imagine what some high powered scientists could do under secret funding. But don’t get too excited because of the following:

Take a modern car and go into an imaginary time machine back several hundred years into the thick of the Industrial Revolution. Show the real car to the scientific minds back then and tell them to build one. Then take the car back to one’s normal time. How well do you think those scientists of yesteryear would do in accomplishing the deed? Not very well at all!

This answers the question about that infamous place found in America called, Area 51. Of course this area is mostly about research into futuristic weapons giving the military the edge on the enemy but other things go on in that place which is said to be guarded more heavily than Fort Knox.

To build such an object to travel across the United States would require a 3,000 mile long lead cord. That idea being rejected, one finds the next step more logical by placing the power source inside the object rather than outside. Of course the two biggest problems remaining that still have to be solved would be to keep people who would travel inside alive for more than a few seconds because of the type of power source used and how to control the object without it blowing up or crashing instantly.

Would years of research be needed to accomplish this seeing that scientists would be literally working in the dark on this matter? No, decades and lots of them would be needed to iron out these problems.

In the same program (?) came another breakthrough. A man who was bothered by certain ‘visitations’ but who now works for a hospital was explaining the complexities of those who have claimed to have been taken aboard a flying saucer (a case for alien abductions). The bottom line was that no such thing exists as those people related it as a reality but another kind of reality was occurring which could be explained and measured somewhat.

It seems that a certain part of the brain can be somehow manipulated (by what?) into making an unreal experience seem completely real rather than imaginary. This manipulation can be investigated, mapped and measured to a certain degree and that part of the brain has been located and that special area inside that part has been more or less pinpointed. All of this has been documented and while further research is continuing, some scientists can and have induced certain believable but totally unreal conditions on subjects who have volunteered for these tests.

What does this have to do with Islam? Think of about a billion people being ‘infected’ to various degrees by this phenomenon which some would call a disease of sorts. If a person carrying lots of food walks by a hungry man and says, “You are not of my skin color, nationality or faith, so why should I care about your condition?” that would seem to be atrocious.

So what is this phenomenon all about? According to the knowledge found in Islam, there is a race of beings different from human beings in that they were created from smokeless fire. They are called Jinn and amongst these Jinn are the good and bad Jinn. Moreover, like mankind (from highly evolved societies to present but rare still existent Stone Age peoples) they exist in different categories with presumably different formats. There are Jinn that live under the earth, on the earth, even inside the human being (giving urges) and those who live mainly in the sky – and all have their various but different functions.

Even though Jinn don’t have our skin color and don’t wear American flags in their lapels, they have a right to exist and they perform a purpose – for good or for evil or anything in between. Man might suggest that this planet belongs to him alone. Perhaps that is what Adolph Hitler thought also. The important thing is not to lose one’s head over the issue.

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) described how a certain type of Jinn courses through the veins of man like the blood. The human brain and that center of the brain associated with the ‘abduction’ scenario of course must receive a flow of blood. It is obvious what is taking place in these so-called abduction scenarios but the specific reasons, except for causing disruptions on the human subject, are not.

As for flying saucers sometimes exploding in the air well that happens also. Pieces have been found and taken in for analysis. Taking out the mostly fraudulent cases, the so-called strange materials were analyzed as being made of regular earthly material. Other evidence such as photographs or films has also been taken.

Several photographs taken from a naval ship later dubbed as ‘The Trinidade Island Photographs’ and reportedly seen by over 50 witnesses show a flying saucer object changing shape while engaged in flying. If these photographs are real, then imagine a ‘machine’ being constructed during flight! Most of the best pictures produced for examination have been grainy and show blobs of light like the famous ‘Lubbock lights’ film. However, there are cases when a solid type object has been photographed showing a distinct shape but these are not everyday occurrences.

Common sense can lead one to certain conclusions based on logical intelligence and away from fanciful thinking. It is not the primary purpose of man’s sojourn on Earth to become involved with this life-form especially since some of them are not well-wishers of mankind as in being devilish in nature. However, everything has its limitations or areas that cannot or will not be tolerated if stepped across and that is enough for man to utter his praise for his Creator Lord’s Protection.

The use of common sense when dealing with this strange phenomenon is especially helpful. One must take a look at common logic and ask some very important questions.

If another civilization from outer space would be visiting the Earth, what precisely would be the best logical approach for them to use?

Taking into consideration the knowledge that we have been given concerning the Creator Lord and His Awareness and Dominance, the universe with its vast size but limited physics, one would think the so-called space aliens would be able to find the most logical point of contact. That logical point of contact that would provide the greatest exchange of information with the least interference would be the organization called SETI.

Contacting SETI after observing Earth would be the most logical thing to do. Finding out how to reach out to this organization would be quite simple for anyone with an average intelligence. Just looking at their equipment dotted all over the place would not be hard to find. And contact with that organization by using the same simple means that SETI uses to listen in space for ‘intelligent’ signals does not require a genius type of mentality – especially if the humans have been doing it for decades.

Why would one want to use SETI? It would provide the safest link in understanding various men and the Earth’s culture and history in a non-threatening environment plus having the advantage of getting away from homespun and often fatally flawed philosophies and half truths and other con jobs put forth by political agencies looking out for their own advantages.

But that has not happened. Instead one finds bizarre stories featuring ‘aliens’ who seemingly run around the universe at will and doing strange things that would be considered in most earthly cultures having ‘Divinely’ sent records for the uplifting of man as bordering on sin and arrogance and just plain foolishness.

But can we expect ‘aliens’ who don’t look like us or feel as we feel to operate using ‘human’ logic? There is a difference between ‘human logic’ and what can be called the Universal Logic. By reading the Quran, as strange as that may seem to some people, one can get a sense of the Universal Logic as it would apply to all of the creation (seen or unseen, known or unknown) and what happens when this logic goes out the proverbial window. So essentially one can take the story of gravity, for example, and know that under every condition gravity will operate in some predetermined way based on certain laws that interact with this force. Otherwise, if gravity had a mind of its own and no responsibility to perform according to its set boundaries, then one could consider gravity as either a false god or a renegade force deciding what and when and under what conditions to operate.

Islam provides a background for this phenomenon but does not go to great lengths to enter into that which goes off the beaten path of man’s existence or that which is essentially none of man’s concern or to put it bluntly his business. The message is to concentrate on the job at hand and don’t worry about the ‘fringe element’ or that what is not needed for Salvation. So in other words, concentrate on the job at hand and leave alone that what does not concern one. That does not mean to go around without thinking or to become mindless robots. For example, we do know that the Sun exists and that while on Earth we need that life-force that it is giving off. Furthermore, some have used the knowledge of the Sun’s happenings to improve their farming techniques. However, should life stop because we must find the exact date of the Sun’s extinction? The answer is no because that is not in our hands and that has nothing to do with us but if some want to investigate the probable causes and learn something of what is perceived as the physical laws of the universe, then that is all right also.

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) gave specific instructions on how to chase these pestering and meddling tricksters away if they interfere with the human being. Otherwise, leave them alone and generally speaking they will leave you alone.

It is interesting that the flying saucer phenomenon has affected a lot of people with a lot of paranormal events being thrown in the process causing a general waste of time and mind-set. After all, who needs Moses, Jesus and especially Muhammad when at any moment we are about to be saved by little gray/green men from planet Zorn.

What helps to keep this flying saucer fantasy alive are basically two things: titillation and money. Titillation happens because some people desire ‘tales of the ancients’ to fantasize about. Money is partly to blame because a lot of writers make a living off of feeding this titillation. That is quite a maddening cycle.

If anyone is interested in reality and wants more information about this subject, it is advisable to go only to the proper sources acceptable from an orthodox Islamic point of view. Otherwise, one can just keep on chasing after the ‘pot of gold’ found at the end of the rainbow.”

Narrated Abu Qatadah: The Prophet (pbh) said, “The creation of these stars is for three purposes, i.e. as decoration of the (nearest) heaven, as missiles to hit the devils, and as signs to guide travelers. So if anybody tries to find a different interpretation, he is mistaken and just wastes his efforts, and troubles himself with what is beyond his limited knowledge.”    (Bukhari)

Recently a British scientist, Dr. Steven Hawking, who some consider to be the world’s smartest person has claimed that the Universe started by itself without the need for any Deity. Now this man is very smart there can be no doubt about that but his belief, which he is perfectly entitled to have, is lacking in common sense.

A poor Muslim man in a marginal country with no science background if asked about ‘Who created the Universe’ and says, “Allah” shows more common sense than Dr. Steven Hawking.

The Originator of the heavens and the earth: When HE declares a matter, HE {just has to say} says to it: “BE” and it is!    Q (2: 117)

Then there is the case for another British man, the Ex Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Mr. Blair is a self-considered devout Christian who has the aspiring desire to influence Europe in more than one way. One of his big agendas is to warn about what he calls Radical Islam.

Now I prefer the term ‘misunderstood’ Islam as in malpractices of Islam but that is his decision and that plays well with people (on both sides of the fence) who have a certain cultural, ethnocentric, secular foundation – to put it politely. These things have no boarders and these things are declared openly wrong in the Holy Records.

Under these conditions and by the clever use of one of Satan’s main weapons, which is FEAR, one can ‘innocently’ plant seeds that will grow into something else. So one has to be very, very careful about the seeds one plants!

One might be able to sense where this is going. Radical Islam becomes radical ISLAM which in turn becomes r. ISLAM which leads to ISLAM. This is an evolutionary occurrence that has happened many times in the past on various issues and the pattern remains the same.

“After all, who wants to lose their cultural, political and secular heritage especially among the devout purists with secular smiles” whispers the deceiver? However, was Jesus (pbh) a secularist putting God second and Roman controlled society in which he lived first? According to what he has been given credit for saying the answer is no!

But seek you first the Kingdom of God {through knowledge and sincere devotion}, and His Righteousness; and all these {worldly things for your existence} shall be added unto you.   Matt. (6: 38).

He was not a rabble rouser but he definitely was not a secularist. He bore his cross all the days of his life in PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE AND FORTITUDE and he asked his true followers to do the same in the knowledge that they were not spirits but were physical human beings that had to live (function) in the world.

And he that takes NOT his cross, {to} follow after me {Jesus}, is not worthy of me.    Matt. (10: 38)

And so the Muslims are also asked to bear ‘their cross’ (using the vernacular of the New Testament) with patience, perseverance and fortitude for a very good reason.

Behold! Allah said, “O Jesus! I will take you and raise you to MYSELF and clear you (from the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow you {and those that come after you} {as the pattern was laid down from before} SUPERIOR to those who reject faith {The Way} {up} to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall you all return to ME and I will JUDGE between you of the matters wherein you dispute {as to The Way}.                      Q (3: 55)

But the hearts of men grow cold and the greedy look to hang onto their established lifestyles as cornerstones of a high and noble civilization because pride is a killer of the soul and dims the intellect.

Know you (all) that the life of this world is but play and a pastime {for your existence in earning a living}, adornment and mutual boasting and multiplying, (in rivalry) among yourselves, riches and children…    Q (57: 20)

If any do wish {crave beyond reason} for the transitory things (of this life) {over the HEARAFTER}, WE readily grant them – such things as WE Will, to such persons as WE Will: in the end have WE provided Hell for them: they will burn therein, disgraced and rejected.

Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefore with all do striving, and {also have} Faith, – they are the ones whose striving will be thanked (by Allah).   Q (17: 18-19)

It is HE Who gave you life, {and} will cause you to die, and will again give you life: truly man is a most ungrateful creature!   Q (22: 66)

Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you unless you follow their form of religion {their ways and beliefs}. Say {to them} “The “Guidance of Allah – that is the (only) Guidance.” Were you to follow their desires after the knowledge which has reached you, then you would find neither Protector nor Helper against Allah.       Q (2: 120)

‘Auf bin Malik reported that the Prophet (pbh) said, “ Enumerate six (occurrences) that will occur just before THE HOUR: 1) My death {done}, 2) the conquering of Jerusalem {done}, 3) Death that will spread among you like Qu’as Al-Ghanam (a disease that afflicts beasts resulting in a sickness whereby some material flows through the nose) {done}, 4) the flowing of wealth to the degree that a man will be given 100 dinars yet he will remain dissatisfied (at having received that {small, according to the times, amount} {done}, 5) a Fitna (trail of civil unrest) that will enter into every single Arab home {done}, 6) a truce that will be put into effect between you and the Banu Al-Asfar (the descendents of the Romans) and who will then act treacherously and come to you {against you altogether} under 80 banners and under each banner there will be 12,000 (soldiers) {the Great War} {still pending}.    (Bukhari)

An interesting hadith reported by ‘Auf bin Malik. Think of this as a ‘European agenda’ and for some of the reasons reported above in the discussion. Where is America in all of this? They will be busy as will all peoples as being put under stress but especially them.

How is this so? From the land alterations causing much hardship is how. Is this some magical statement? Allah forbid! And may HE protect us against those evil practices. No, it is from the ‘geological records’ from the science of geology as taken from some who have studied in this area. That area is the structural stress on the lands of the Americas specifically that which has been studied by geologists concerning the western and middle parts of America.

Let not those who deny the Truth delude themselves that they have won the game; indeed they are incapable of frustrating US.    Q (8: 59)

Fain would they {try and} extinguish Allah’s LIGHT with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that HIS LIGHT should be PERFECTED, even though the unbelievers may detest (it).   Q (9: 32)

There is confusion in ‘all’ religious circles from the myriad of claimed faiths (sects/philosophies) which permeate this world concerning what is the pathway to follow that is sure and straight. The answer is easy and provides a comfort and nobility about it such as to erase confusion and time wasting efforts and it is supported by the science of comparative religion.

The simple answer is ISLAM {THE WAY} and specifically the following of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah which is a call to follow the Quran and Guidance laid down by the Prophet (pbh) and passed on to the generations by his devotees (Companions).

In this up and down deceptive world of errors, delusions and falsehoods, many are the calls to follow cleverly designed but false ways of faith of which real knowledge and common sense are its enemies.

So if a person is attracted to these poisonous philosophies that match their inward desires which Satan has cleverly cultivated that is Fine!!! People can be led astray and these same people can also, Allah Willing, come back to the Straight Way for Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.

However, if a person is persistent in denial of the truth not from fear but from his inner desire for pollution {corrupt ways}, that person will be as the Prophet (pbh) had said on the Last Day and that is that you will be with the ones you love {taken in sincerity of following and not for show}.

And when mankind is gathered altogether, and the truthful are separated from the liars {for one has to work at being truthful or at being a liar}, so let the liars find out that Allah won’t look at them but will bundle them up together after being judged singularly – one following the other (as in groups) as worthless refuse to be discarded and sent to their just torments.

What about the Arabs – They have people who are well versed in the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh). It is an honor given to them from among that nation of the nations practicing Islam (Ummah) to deal with those things pertaining to the functioning of right guidance. Just like when Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will be in the presence of the Mahdi and Jesus will be asked to lead the prayers but he will let the one leading the prayers to continue as it is an honor given to those people at that time.

What about the Great Signs as mentioned in Islamic literature – They are basically of two types. The Great Signs to come leading up to the entrance of Jesus the Messiah (pbh) and the Great Signs coming after his kingdom is taken up to be replaced by that other kingdom of trash.

Just as Prophet Muhammad (pbh) explained as to that ‘breeze’ that will enter forth to take out from the peoples anyone who at that time remains in the Earth with at least a grain of mustard seed of real faith – hadith reported by ‘A’isha found in Sahih Muslim. What are left are those who make up that other kingdom of worthless individuals with Satan as their leader.

What is important here are those ‘signs’ coming before the entrance of the soul known as Jesus the Messiah (pbh). And if a man can be born in that era during Jesus’ entrance or before his death, it would be better for him. If not, then just after his death and if not then just after that and so on and so forth for his kingdom is an Earthly one and as Earth goes there is entropy. Then after both kingdoms run their individual courses according to Allah’s Will there will come the ‘raising up’ and the opening of the records.

{Resurrection} shall take place so that Allah may reward those who have believed and done good works: for such {a person} is Forgiveness and a Sustenance Most Generous.   Q (34: 4)

And every one of them will come to HIM singly on the Day of Judgment.                          Q (19: 95)

The following excerpt was taken from the book, The Shining Light of Islam pages 68-69.

As things get clearer

As things get clearer understanding gets less. How else could that be in this present world of division and worldly interest? The ‘hungry’ eyes of the world seem to be focusing on the Middle East.

In this area many prophets fell like rain from the sky and then came the birth of Jesus (pbh) and that was followed by the miraculous life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbh). Besides this, there is Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem and their histories both beautiful and thorny. So, the world has a natural attraction to the Middle East by various pathways of ideas and ideals, which tend to make life seem at times, like a cartoon. Throughout the various stages of history shepherds have come to instruct while wolves have come to the area to lick their chops over the sheep and to straighten things out as it were.

As things get clearer, they get stickier as some people have wanted to make sure that their worldly views – no matter how primitive they are – somehow sub-plant the real order of things. Though their vision may be myopic, no doubt they feel a need to make their impressions felt, as a kind of guide to the way things ought to be. If by chance they should cause the prophets to be forgotten and introduce real progress, they have left their mark on the world.

As things get clearer, they become muddier and there has to be a contest of wills going on, which somehow will end up giving the green light to a new world order and put any prophet-philosophy (or what would they call it?) as a quaint little wandering of the mind. It just doesn’t put coins in the bank and God Himself hasn’t come down to lead the parade.

As things get clearer, they get harder. A guy who sits at the back of the bus doesn’t get noticed so much. Sit him at the front and if he isn’t wearing your team’s colors, then he might be induced to change or else have his physical appearance altered by blood spilling – all for the good of course.

As things get clearer people get more desperate because they don’t want to understand. It is you that had better understand because, like a Goliath or a Pharaoh, they hold all the cards and little impudent you are holding them back from taking their bows on the center stage of the world. So, the end result is the classic confrontation and suffering. It is easy to get rid of a boil on a finger by chopping off the hand but there must be better way.

As things get clearer, things get more confused with some people wishing they were someplace else and more people wishing that they were there with them. Such it ever is with people who want to take the “brass ring” and do absolutely nothing or next to nothing to earn it.

The use of { } withinside this article shows the authors words and is used for the basis of clarity.