Like with many things in life, it is very helpful to build a story on concrete facts as much as possible. Wild suppositions and unsubstantiated views only help to muddy the waters. To bring an understanding to the topic requires much dedication in the search for the facts – facts substantiated with examples supported by other related, realistic examples. So when looking at a specific subject it is very helpful to try and recognize various sides of that subject and utilize what is the soundest approach available.

Let’s take the case of Paul once again. There are lots of ‘preachers’ that find Paul an interesting story on which to base blame or to celebrate his correctness. Have these people studied their own records closely? Have these people studied the ‘other’ records closely?
This website has produced a multi-paper affair showing and explaining various factors that have gone into the ‘Pauline controversy’. So we can go on from there to offer some observations.*(found near the end of the article along with a comparison of one of the sayings of Jesus (pbh).
Some have declared that the four Gospels were heavily influenced by Paul due to his writings that preceded them, thus making them heavily suspect or being downright useless. However, these same people would find it very difficult in explaining how the Gospel of John so accurately discusses Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and how the Acts discusses the future kingdom of Islam.
Perhaps it is the ‘esoteric’ nature of that Gospel that throws people off. But as I have stated before, in reality, when some of these ‘esoteric’ sayings are broken down into common sense, they can be coordinated and matched well with accepted hadith literature. This may take some of the ‘sting’ out of misunderstanding some of the ‘language’ found in the current Gospels.
Another problematic example comes from the author of the Acts. He does not hide his ‘Pauline flavor’ and as a part-time student of Paul, of course, that might be expected. Yet something is very strange in the neighborhood. One would think that the author of Acts would be piling it on concerning heavy, philosophical wonders of Jesus (pbh) and the ‘perfection’ of his mentor Paul, if there were at his time of writing Acts a big controversy regarding Paul. That he doesn’t do!
So in retrospect, how is a presumably Pauline student and one being so heavily influenced by Paul, leave the impression that Jesus (pbh) was but a ‘gifted MAN’ chosen of GOD and that ISLAM AND ONLY ISLAM WILL BE THE CHOICE FOR THE WORLD’S FUTURE RELIGION? The choice by the way is made by the ONE GOD and not by man’s feeble definition of likes or dislikes concerning the religion (way of life) brought to mankind by Prophet Muhammad (pbh).
These things have been shown and discussed in my writings on this website with the importance of chapter and verse being given instead of ‘wild theories’, brought forth based on nothing but probable conjecture, false gospels, wishful thinking or other questionable material or a‘respected Sheikh’ non-expert in the field.
I mean this is a very radical thought concerning a junior follower of Paul (the author of Acts) becoming a person declaring that ‘ONLY Islam’ as an act of belief will be accepted in the future by of course the ONE GOD. The answer of course is obvious if approached in an honest manner without certain ‘strings’ attached.
However, we should know that many people have certain ‘ingrained’ feelings that like any bad habit are hard to kick. This includes people who are not Muslims as well as those who declare themselves Muslims. ** (An example of so-called Muslim behavior but really misguided behavior is shown at the end of this article).

So why attack Christians or even Jews when their own works do the job of repudiating them? It becomes a lot easier and less confrontational to let the other faiths hang from their own petard from their own making than it is to simply plunk down a Quran in front of a neophyte. Simply put and in truth, it is their own records that will be a witness for or against them on The Last Day.
Their willingness or lack of willingness to ‘really understand and believe in their own works’ is a tell-tale sign of something but something on a rather dark side. “Look”, those of that ilk seem to be saying, “I love GOD but I prefer my own way of thinking” is not a good sign for them for their exalted future afterlife even according to their own records. Even if they can’t alter their behavior or attitude that much at least for their salvation is the acknowledgement of the reality of the ‘Way of the LORD’. Not their way, not my way, but ONLY HIS WAY!
And that is very difficult for many but at least they have the ‘comfort zone’ of their own holy works to digest – for their eventual upliftment or their own ‘pigheaded’ destruction.
However, to get back to this Pauline thing, one has to be able to explain how Paul being a prisoner in Rome as to his house arrest would be able to overcome the ‘truth’ as it existed in 61-63 AC amongst the other so-called Christians. I mean, he is the one penned up like an animal on a short leash while the truthful Disciples and their helpers could have a go at him as in target practice like the ease of shooting fish in a barrel. Since 60 AC he was virtually out of commission and so any ‘supposedly damage’ he did or corrupt philosophy he preached could be fought against quite vehemently and recorded as such.
And all of these ‘conjectures’ are brought forth in order, one might suppose, to simplify the ‘religion’ (philosophy) that of ‘you are wrong and we are right or you are bad and we are good’ is done to contrast ‘our greatness with your worseness’.

The best thing to do, in my opinion, when approaching ‘other philosophies’ is to announce the truth and that is that the truth is actually found in one’s own precious Testaments or articles of Faith and that IF THEY ARE WORTH MORE THAN A TINKERS DAM, THEY SHOULD BE FOLLOWED AND ATTENDED TO. If a Jew or Christian becomes a Muslim, he/she should do so for the ‘Love’ of GOD first and foremost and not due to any ulterior motives.
Of course, it would be hard on people to admit their compulsive stubborn attitude against REAL TRUTH but that just shows those types of people as to being somewhat shallow and not very supportive of THE GOD they claim to respect. Are they willing to declare that the All-Knowing, All-Seeing and All-Hearing, just is not quite as GRAND as HE HAS DECLARED ABOUT HIMSELF making HIM suspect and derelict in HIS DUTIES?
So is this magic or what? No, it is good common sense. For example, it is true that the very complex book in the New Testament called ‘Revelations of Saint John’ talks about the 1000 year reign of the Messiah or Messianic kingdom. If one Christian wants to find out ‘what does that mean’ then one can use the Gospel of John which tells one to go to the ‘Spirit of truth’ for the answers. In doing this and in knowing that the Spirit of truth is Prophet Muhammad (pbh) then one goes to hadith literature for the explanation. That explanation is quite simple if one takes the time to dwell on it. Well, that is what Jesus (pbh) said and what is wrong for a Christian to actually obey Jesus?
In short: Jesus (pbh) returns as he left (around 33 years of age) and he will get married and have children and live another 43 or so years on this Earth and will ‘finally die’ being buried alongside the Prophet (pbh) as predicted by Isaiah (pbh) in the Old Testament and found in hadith literature. After his death there will be 12 Caliphs from a certain ‘stock’ of peoples (Quraysh) and after they have finished their rule, the era of ‘pure Islam’ will be over.

At that time the deterioration will set in and last as long as ALLAH WILLS and then will come the ‘sweet wind’ taking every soul out from the Earth even if it has a mustard seed of goodness in it leaving only the dross of mankind to have their go at behaving like wicked animals. That period, the period starting right after the destruction of the Gog and Magog until the end of the twelfth Caliph, is the 1,000 year reign of the ‘Christ-kingdom’ on Earth.
So, according to the ‘honorable’ dictates of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) about following the Spirit of truth, one can get to the bottom of things which will bring about more clarity. According to Christian theologians, the 1,000 year reign, however, will last a thousand years while Jesus (pbh) is living on this Earth. That of course is not going to happen!
Using the Spirit of truth to understand and look at the truth as opposed to error is what the Christians were told to do. It is almost as simple as that. What I mean is that that is the first big step. The next big step is in using ‘understanding’ and a belief in the unity of religion instead of the belief in exclusion as in ‘my GOD is for me and is not the same GOD you worship’.
This is also akin to ‘evolution’ in that the ‘purity’ of a religion suffers the longer it remains with mankind. And the GRACE and MERCY of the ONE LORD allowed for the ‘refreshing’ of the faith though evil men had tried to alter it. Furthermore, it is a bonus if one can produce a ‘pure’ book that GOD, not human beings, directly declares is pure’. It has to be a declaration from HIM because mankind is manipulative and frequently dishonest in his ‘judgments’. Also, each holy book has its own flavor of speech and therefore presents certain problems in understanding. It is really helpful to understand some of the mannerisms and history of speech at the time being discussed. For example, the oldest gospel (Mark) credits Jesus (pbh) as more of a teacher, rabbi title than ‘lord’.
Another example, “Hear O Israel, the LORD thy GOD is ONE must be taken as a ‘golden rule’ but covering all people of good faith. The only problem being the word ‘Israel’ and therefore one should look very carefully to be inclusive rather than exclusive with this term. The problem once again will be coming from ‘Jewish-type thinking’ that Israel is a ‘piece of land’ gifted to them. That is one of the reasons why they and their cohorts who believe in that philosophy must vanish!
*The New Testament also has a problem. The problem of the New Testament is that of being an ‘esoteric-type’ document in part. And we see this in the talking in parables such as to ‘hide’ things and the after non-crucifixion event whereby Jesus (pbh) explains in depth to his Disciples the inner workings of what is called by man ‘religion’. This was done for a reason, planned and well-executed with all Justice and Fairness by THE EXALTED AND PERFECT KNOWER OF THE UNSEEN.
The above statement may be hard to swallow if they try to ‘pigeonhole’ THE ONE GOD into suggesting that HE is not Perfect Justice and Fairness and that HE can do things only in one dimension. WHY?
HE declares otherwise with the MOST PERFECT PLAN in that HE is THE WITHOLDER and none can come to HIM UNLESS HE WILLS IT! So, it is like saying HE CONTROLS TIME, SPACE and HAPENSTANCE while man is the recipient of HIS PERFECT JUDGMENT.
Therefore, the ONE GOD uses things to bring people in to the sphere of reality or cut people off from reality by HIS PERFECT JUDGMENT, WISDOM and HIS PERFECT VALUES. That answers the question of why each holy book has its own ‘flavor’ for it was allowed to exist as a test to those who believe. A look at the similarities between Jesus (pbh) and Paul would be helpful in this respect and although they are quite different people, their patterns due merge in some respect.

Paul it would appear is used as a foil for ‘future references’ in that he becomes the future ‘linchpin’ for those who delve recklessly into radical theory-doctrine making. If the ‘road’ is straight and narrow for salvation, it seems, and for good reason, that Paul would in some way become an ‘obstacle’ in the path!
Strangely enough, this is JUST EXACTLY LIKE JESUS’ ROLE WHEN HE USED PARABLES SUCH THAT HIS WORDS ALSO BECOME ‘STUMBLING BLOCKS’ TO THOSE DESTINED TO TWIST HIS WORDS OR TO FAIL TO UNDERSTAND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE. That is according to the New Testament itself as Jesus (pbh) declares that he speaks in parables to throw off the ‘marked’ hounds of disbelief.
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
And for this cause GOD {and ONLY HIM WHO IS THE RESPONSIBLE} shall send them strong delusion that they should BELIEVE IN A LIE {due to their perverse intransigence against the truth}:
That they all might be damned who believed NOT the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians (2: 10-12).
“You have met this fate because you rejoiced on the earth in things other than the truth, and then exulted in it.” Q (40:75)
Whoever has {the mark of salvation found in the heart} will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does NOT have {this mark}, even what he has will be taken away from him {and his deeds will be turned to dust rendering them null and void}
This is why I {Jesus} speak to them in parables: ‘Though seeing, they do NOT see; though hearing, they do NOT hear or {even} understand’.

In them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled: ‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.
{And the reason given for this} For this peoples’ hearts have grown careless… {Such that they have taken the ‘temporal’ world over the LOVE FOR GOD and have considered ‘earnest’ religious study and values to be like ‘charming fairytales’ that ‘enhance’ their own puffed up notions of themselves.} Mathew (13: 12-15)
If man thinks that the ONE GOD’s POWER or WILL is not sufficient to stop the ‘marked off ones’ from obtaining what has been ‘WRITTEN’ beforehand, then those people are truly at a loss and condemned by their own ‘hands’!
*The CNN show featuring a Muslim youth from Belgium who turned to ISIS and then returned to Belgium was instructive. Even though he as well as others told the truth by declaring that Islam was going to ‘take over’ Europe, it was how those people expressed it that was wrong as in a confrontational way. It was wrong because it was based on a desire to be ‘self-righteous’ and NOT on the desire to declare a UNIVERSAL TRUTH the way the Prophet (pbh) spoke about. However, that is difficult to comprehend unless it reaches a certain place in the heart.
This universal truth is based on THE WILL AND DESIRE SPRINGING FROM HIM WHO CREATED ALL. It will be done by HIS way according to HIS rules and not forced by man. So, the way is to ‘wait upon the LORD’ and keep doing good deeds and to DEPEND ON HIS ACTIVITY OR ACCEPTANCE CONCERNING ONE’S FATE FOR HE IS THE VICTOR, THE CONQUERER AND THE OPENER. For HE has made it known that in religion there should be no compulsion and that as a GUIDE we should put our trust in HIM. That will not be easy but success does come in stages as HE PROMISED.
Therefore, in ignoring these things, it leads people to believe that they will be somehow responsible when, in fact, it will only be ALLAH WHO will cause this dynamic change to occur.
ALLAH does not need man for this activity nor is HE weak in causing HIS DESIRE FROM OCCURING. As to how HE will get rid of the ‘trash’ and organize the world so that HIS loyal servant Jesus (pbh) will show forth HIS GLORY (ALLAH’s GLORY AND PROMISE) and come into the Islamic kingdom that was promised him is shown in ‘approved’ hadith literature and in the Quran.
What was written in 2 Thessalonians and in the Quran about such mysteries is just that. It is there so believe it as a fact without even having to dwell on it. We are not knowers of the Unseen.
What is with you must vanish: what is with ALLAH WILL ENDURE. And WE will certainly BESTOW on THOSE WHO PATIENTLY PERSEVERE, their reward according to the best of their actions. Q (16: 96)
ALLAH will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world and in the Hereafter; but ALLAH will leave to stray those who do wrong: {that is because} ALLAH DOES WHATEVER HE WILLS. Q (14: 27)
To ALLAH belongs the DOMINION of the heavens and the earth and the DAY that the HOUR of JUDGMENT is established that DAY will the dealers in FALSEHOOD perish! Q (45: 27)
But those who reject FAITH and TREAT OUR SIGNS as FALSEHOODS, they will be Companions of the FIRE, to dwell therein for aye: and evil is that goal {that they pursued}. Q (64: 1)

What ALLAH out of HIS MERCY does bestow on mankind there is NONE can withhold {it}; what HE does withhold, there is NONE that can grant {it}, for it is ONLY DUE FROM HIM: AND HE IS THE EXALTED IN POWER, FULL OF WISDOM. Q (35: 2)