The following website is DYNAMIC, PROBLEMATICAL, CONTROVERSIAL AND FUTURISTIC concerning comparative religion as it looks into the claimed Holy Records to decipher and untangle some of the dynamics of religion and the real world in which we live. This website also provides further explanations found in the author’s books by way of the many articles written including the use of a touch of science by which he tries to simplify the hard to understand while bringing back to remembrance the SUPREMENESS, GREATNESS, UNITY AND ONENESS OF THE CREATOR LORD into words and ideas that attempt to show OUR LORD’S UNIQUENESS and MAGNIFICENCE and the DEPENDENCE OF ALL THINGS ON HIM.

Was Jesus really crucified or has this idea become a clever forgery through time? Did Paul really ruin Christianity or is he just used as a fall guy to explain the problems of early Christianity? Does the New Testament say that the Jews of Israel will be followers of the Anti-christ? Does the Old Testament declare that God will send in the future a Holy Book that will be 100% pure and accurate? Are we in the End Times of total extinction or are we near the Beginning of a New and Glorious Time on Earth? These and more astounding things will be clarified by the interpretation of scripture and scripture related materials through the varied pages found on this website –

The human race is composed of a variety of people with many different agendas and many different levels of understanding. That sounds practical enough. However, because people have a wide array of thoughts and understandings, there is bound to be all sorts of misunderstandings which are par for the course.

Since people don’t operate in a vacuum very well, it does take some thought to comprehend the varied subjects discussed by religion. Such is the case when dealing with Islam. When Islam taken together with science instead of raw emotionalism is used, a certain pattern emerges. It is true that Islam’s first and foremost usefulness involves SALVATION as to obedience to the Creator Lord and the relationship of man to mankind and man’s relationship to his surroundings but Islam is not just a cut and dried religious way of life that is incapable of handling a variety of subjects especially the so-called modern ones which may not be so modern after all.

Seeking for a greater understanding like in all things takes work and the humbleness to learn. It also takes a trust and a belief in the One and Only God in whatever culture or language a person may find themselves in. Unfortunately, the misuse of ‘religion’ has led to countless millions of lives being sacrificed especially in the false judgment of self-imposed righteousness which has been roundly condemned by all the true religions. And the best thing is that it is a personal choice as well as a personal responsibility to seek out knowledge – the knowledge that will be beneficial for one’s soul.