Science is a pretty good tool to use in the search for knowledge – at least most of the time. I am sure that many scientists would agree that their knowledge compared with the wonders of the universe is quite meager. Still, it helps to have some thinking men and women aboard the human ship called life and the attempts at advancement of the human race.

There are some futuristic hadiths that have caused certain people ‘problems’ in trying to visualize quite exactly what Prophet Muhammad (pbh) was meaning. Some of the hadiths that I am thinking of relate to people having to make the best estimate that they can of correct prayer times, the ten best horsemen on the face of the Earth and the attack on the environs of the Kabah from the army in the north.

Some have come along and without reading or understanding other hadiths have tried to portray these types of hadiths into a ‘modern’ mechanized type of war machine thing or however the story goes. Well, surprisingly science unwittingly and definitely not intentionally has probably come up with the answer!

And the answer is pretty surprising and even has the scientists who are working on it a little bit concerned *. Before this writing is over, it will be shown that they as well as other human beings should be a tad more than a little bit concerned.

Once again, it is amazing and especially joyful to see science showing that Islam is correct and spot on as things go. Well life is that way and man not only having a lot to answer for has still a lot to learn. While human beings can learn and eventually appreciate things, human ignorance can’t seem to get out of the starting blocks. However, we don’t have to worry about that because like a tsunami, man can get carried away whether he is willing or not willing. So that is that!

*What some scientists are worried about concerns what is called a ‘super solar flare’. A super solar flare is not a normal outburst from the sun but rather a fantastic display of solar power that would have severe consequences for life on Earth. And those scientists know what they are talking about because they have on record an event that took place in 1859 now called ‘the Carrington-event’ which gave some startling feedback as to what may happen when such a super solar flare might strike again.

The reader might say, “so what” because life seemed to carry on without too much difficulty. However, that is NOT what the scientists are worried about basically because we are not living in the primitive 19th semi-technological century. Yet that is only half the problem.

What seems to be missing is the awareness of just how big the next super solar flare might be. It seems that these scientists have a mistaken opinion about the sun in that the super solar flare that occurred in 1859 is used as a type of benchmark as the biggest event the sun can put forth.

If you were to ask them what would happen if the 1859 super solar flare would be doubled in power as to what occurred then, their reaction would be more than just troubled concern but would turn to wide-eyed fright and for a very good reason. We are not living in the horse and buggy era any more. We are living in the electronic-digital age through which we have become dependent as well as accustomed. And that is the key point in this discussion.

The world runs on energy especially electrical energy. We have GPS systems for guidance of planes, ships and cars, cell phones to communicate with, banking systems world-wide that need instant communications to carry on high finance transactions and much, much more. In fact, in these days it becomes child’s play to figure out the prayer times thanks to our electronic gadgets. And most of these highly necessary items are dependent on those marvelous satellites whizzing around in space.

If we were to scale down the sun’s ability to produce a super solar flare-type output just to the Carrington-event of 1859, our wonderful global-linking communication power would turn into a wounded duck. This would happen simply due to the fact that the electronic components in our satellites would be essentially fried. In other words, our useful satellites that we depend upon would become plain, ordinary useless junk.

A doubled Carrington-event would render Earth inhabitants into an introduction to the ‘Dark Ages’ where if one wanted to ‘estimate’ the correct prayer times, one would have to put a stick in the ground and gage the time by looking at its shadow’s length. Moreover, communications between nations and between peoples would be reduced to an almost non-existent phase.

What that means is that life as we know it would just about come to a grinding halt as if we were transported back into the ‘Middle Ages’. Yet our systems of governance and our very lifestyles are NOT geared to that way of ‘primitive’ life and hence our institutions that we so dearly depend on would suffer and suffer greatly.

Now if that was the only thing to pelt mankind, mankind would eventually limp out into the open and get things started again back to normal after a few years anyway. But with super tsunamis, super volcanoes, weather pattern changes and intense earthquakes happening in diverse places amongst a myriad of other things, life will not be dull – dangerous and murderously chaotic but NOT dull.

So we can go back to some of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and review what he said about those ‘days that surely must come’ and have a better perspective on what can be called as ‘future events’.

Man that wonderful and powerful creature of self-reliance can always believe that he can march right up to the sun and snap his fingers to get the sun to do as he wants may have to rethink his truly precarious position on this planet among other things.

And there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations with perplexity {with} the sea and the waves roaring;

Men’s hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming {happening} on the Earth: for the powers of heaven {that which holds up order for man’s convenience and stability of life on Earth} shall be shaken.    Luke (21: 25-26)

Next, we come to a very strange and startling phenomenon which has puzzled some scientists who study these things but which can be understood in part by studying Islam. The subject on first glance would seem to be very bizarre to say the least.

However bizarre it may sound, there have come trickling in to the scientific community many cases of a certain type of unusual behavior which is NOT rare at all but kind of alarmingly gaining acceptance in the scientific field. In fact, several theories about what is taking place have been introduced in order to produce answers to certain puzzling events.

What I’m talking about are organ transplants. Organ transplants or the donating of organs from recently deceased individuals has caused a mild stir amongst some of the scientific community. Several studies have been made of this phenomenon including a published paper entitled, “Changes in Heart Transplant Recipients That Parallel the Personalities of Their Donors” published in 2002.

Basically this study has dealt with the phenomenon of the change in personalities, thoughts, habits, and even the vocabulary and patience levels of those who received a new heart from a dead person. In other words, the patient who receives the newly transplanted organ, especially the heart, may have a tendency to completely change his or her personality and start acting NOT like their normal self in habits but rather like the dead person whose organ they are now possessing.

The basis for this study concerns the phenomenon of what is called ‘Cellular Memory’. It was once thought that the brain was the only organ that stored a memory-type of information. That thinking is starting to change due to the understanding that neuropeptides (a carrier of memories) is not only found in the brain as once thought but in all the organs of man’s body.

It is now believed by some that every organ in man’s body is capable of storing ‘events and certain ways of doing things’ capable of giving off ‘accustomed practices’ as it were and sending these works back to the brain in order to regulate behavior patterns. That may at first sound like a philosophy of voodoo or soul possession but in reality it is not.

If there is a memory contained in these organs and the study of Islam suggests that there is, then what might be given off is what can be called ‘urges’ that the newly organ received by the patient must deal with – in its rejection or acceptance of these urges.

What we can’t know is the depth of the oneness of humanity and the mystery of the soul in relationship to this idea and indeed that is a very good thing for humanity as some things are best left unsaid. However that may be, Islam has a lot to say about this issue in relationship to the oneness of man’s GIFTS given to him by his CREATOR LORD and the duties he or she has been entrusted with and the success or failures of ‘living up to the contract’ between servant and THE CREATOR.

In other words, cleaver, little man is NOT going to get away with anything or be able to cover anything in front of his CREATOR LORD and he will be held accountable for all of his actions whether he likes it or not! So now we can briefly glance at Islam and see what a marvelous thing our creation is and how evil people will have NO PLACE TO TURN TO IN TRYING TO SAVE THEIR MISERABLE HIDES FROM RUIN. And this turns into the positive in that those who believe did not live and die in vain!!!

Does man think that WE cannot assemble his bones?

Nay, WE are able to put together in PERFECT ORDER the very tips of his fingers.

But man wishes to do wrong (even) in the time in front of him.  Q (75: 3-5)

They {the disbelievers} say, “Shall we really be restored to our former state?”

“What! – when we shall have become rotten bones?”

They {the disbelievers} say, “It would in that case be a RETURN WITH LOSS!”

But verily it will only need a single shout (compelling cry)

When they will forthwith appear in an open plain.     Quran (79: 10-14)

Were WE then weary with the FIRST CREATION that they should be in doubt about a NEW CREATION?    Quran (50: 15)

Then it will be a SINGLE SHOUT and behold, they will begin to see

They will say, “Ah! Woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment!”    Quran (37: 19-20)

On the Day WE shall remove the mountains, and you will see the Earth as a leveled {flat} plain, and WE shall gather them, all together, nor shall WE leave out any one of them. Q (18: 47)

When the EVENT INEVITABLE comes to pass,

Then will no (soul) deny its coming.

(Many) WILL IT BRING LOW; (Many) WILL IT EXHALT.    Q (56: 1-3)

The Unbelievers spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the Path of Allah and so they will continue to spend; but in the end, these very efforts of theirs {the rejecters of faith} will become a cause of their regrets; then they will be overcome, and the disbelievers shall be gathered and driven towards HELL;

So that ALLAH may separate the filthy from the pure and gather together every sort of filth and then throw the whole heap into HELL. They are the people who have, in fact, become BANKRUPT – the ones who have lost.                           Q (8: 36-37)

The Unbelievers will be addressed: “Greater was the aversion of ALLAH to you than (is) {now} your aversion to yourselves, seeing that you were called to the Faith {in the belief in ONE GOD and the DESIRE TO ADHERE TO THE WAYS OF TRUTH} AND YOU USED TO REFUSE” {to believe but walked the Earth in your arrogance and contempt towards truth and justice and those who believed}. Q (40: 10)

Well that is the outcome but what of the intervening things? Well, in remembering what Prophet Muhammad (pbh) had said concerning the peoples of Noah (pbh) and their denial that a prophet was sent to them as a Warner only to be shown up as the corrupt liars that they are by having the Ummah of the Muslims declare otherwise, what do the corruptible people do when it is their turn to try and save themselves?

The people being in an intense state of fear, horror and concern as well as they should be will try and wiggle out of harm’s way (Judgment) by pretending that the records kept about them are really false and that they operated with but good intentions. Unfortunately for them, they will believe that THEIR VERY ORGANS will remain like they were in the world as subservient servants to their wishes.

Those corrupt people still don’t get it. Their very organs are not theirs because they in no way were responsible for their creation. Their organs were but a GIFT from the CREATOR LORD and hence belong to HIM and HIM ALONE! Therefore, the organs like the tongue, the heart and the limbs of man and other organs maliciously abused by its now confounded host will be given permission to speak! AND SPEAK OPENLY AND HONESTLY THEY WILL!

Now it wouldn’t make any sense at all if these organs of man had no memory but would only babble incoherently about things (what one was want to do) thus making a mockery out of Judgment. So one can gather from this that indeed mankind is a wonderful creation of epic proportions and in truth totally subservient to its CREATOR LORD in marvelous ways. Whether mankind accepts this unified vision of oneness or not doesn’t matter. What matters is the truth and what must surely come to pass!

So one can ponder and reflect on the WORDS of THE ONE GOD and the words of HIS holy Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and gain some wisdom in the understanding of how the world works and of the truth of Judgment and the truth of Paradise and Hell-Fire as well as the fact that there is no escape from the inevitable.

And if your right eye offends you, pluck it out and cast it from you: for it is better for you that one of your members should perish and not that your whole body be cast into HELL.

And if your right hand offends you, cut it off and cast it from you: for it is better for you that one of your members should perish and not that your whole body should be cast into HELL.    Matthew (5: 29-30)

Well, so much for comparative religion. If people felt that they could not understand the above quotes from the New Testament, they certainly can be more knowledgeable in that area by going to the spirit of truth – Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

Next we come to a very miniscule history of the Jews as to what they have done and using the Holy Records and true history a very poignant picture can be painted which will go on to explain a lot of things concerning religious tampering.

Every artist (good or bad) leaves his ‘signature’ or way of doing things which is synonymous to a fingerprint. And from these sometimes minute traces a kind of pattern can be with near certainty established.

This pattern can be broken down into two types: The thief coming in at the front door as being confrontational and the thief trying to subtly come in by way of the back door so as to take the residents by surprise.**

Curses were pronounced on those among the Children of Israel who rejected Faith by the tongue of David and of Jesus the son of Mary because they disobeyed and persisted in Excesses.    Q (5: 78)

One of the curses coming from the lips of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) against the Jews which is found in the current New Testament of today follows:

And say {O you liars}, “If we {who you, Jesus the son of Mary, accuse us of being villains, poisonous snakes (vipers) and low-life hypocrites} had been {alive} in the days of our fathers {the evil Jews} we would NOT have been partakers with them in the blood {killing and tormenting} of the prophets.

“Wherefore, {said Jesus the son of Mary} you are witnesses unto {your own lying} selves that you are the children of them {following after their fantasies and falsehoods} which killed the prophets.

Fill you up then the measure of your {real} fathers {in your bloated false and demented egos}

{And that is why I am calling you} serpents {of evil and so}, you generation of vipers how {will it be possible then that you} can escape the DAMNATION OF HELL?”    Matthew (23: 30-33)

That was enough to raise the anger of those false Jews but the prophecy of their doom uttered by the tongue of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) concerning their eventual lust of following the Anti-christ would definitely attract their utter hatred:

But I know you {people} that you have NOT the Love of GOD in you.

I am come in my Father’s Name {by HIS COMMAND as a prophet unto you} and you REFUSE to receive me. If another {claiming to be from GOD} shall come in his own name {by his own glory not sanctioned by GOD} him you will receive {follow}.   John (5: 42-43)

The following several paragraphs were taken from the article, The Crown and the Cross featured on this website:

“Still, the Pharisaical Jews could lay in wait and catch what fish they could and their greatest weapon would be stealthy falsehood against the believing Jew. They tried their best but the more they tried the worse it got as The Way was growing by leaps and bounds. To them it was almost like magic. Put people in prison or bribe those to kill others and stand by and see their plots fail.

And Saul (later to be called Paul) was consenting unto his death {the death of Stephen}. And at that time there was a GREAT PERSECUTION against the church which was at Jerusalem; and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judaea and Samaria except the apostles.        Acts (8: 1)

They went out from us but they were not of us; for if they had been of us {faithful to the truth} they would no doubt have continued with us but they went out that they might be made manifest {in their evil corruptions} that they were not all of us {did not really believe}.   I John (2: 19)

These Jews are mentioned in The Acts as coming from Judaea with certain messages from the apostles as to what should be done. However, what they brought were corruptible lies so therefore they were in fact renegades and not of the faithful whom they did originally join.

Now as The Acts has declared, those Jews took it upon themselves to lie (invent a falsehood against God) about such a thing as they were never instructed to say as The Acts declares. But being caught out and faced down by Paul and then in knowing of their deceptive treachery practiced against the faithful in Jerusalem, they broke away and remained a thorn in the side of the people turning to The Way. For they could be clever and decide like the future Kharijites did that they were the only true believers and that Paul and others like him were spreading falsehood.

And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren {believers} and said, “Except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses, you cannot be saved.”

When therefore Paul and Barnabas had no SMALL dissension and disputation with them, they {the brethren being taught} determined that Paul and Barnabas and certain other of them should go up to Jerusalem unto the apostles and elders about this question {to find out the truth}.                             Acts (15: 1-2)

Forasmuch as we have heard that certain {men} which went out from us have TROUBLED YOU with words, {thus} SUBVERTING your souls, saying, “You must be circumcised and keep the law”: TO WHOM WE GAVE NO SUCH COMMANDMENT {INSTRUCTION}.    Acts (15: 24)

**The Jews were NOT enamored with Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) because he came with the truth and that truth that he came with caused them to rage in their jealousies and insubordination against True Faith. Not only did Jesus (pbh) condemn them but he also spoke of THAT PROPHET who would come from the line of the Ishmaelite family thus evaporating their claims as to be ‘the special chosen of GOD’.

Therefore I say unto you, The Kingdom of GOD shall be TAKEN {AWAY} FROM YOU and given to {ANOTHER} NATION bringing forth the fruits thereof {as in a return to the Right Path}.    Matthew (21: 43)

To those self-centered Jews who claimed greatness for themselves and their false inventions, this was anathema in the highest of ways. That was so because they were being told that contrary to their twisted beliefs, they did not ‘own’ the ONE GOD and that they were going to be eventually replaced as the ‘Standard-bearers of FAITH’. Naturally, that would not go over well with their egotistical and arrogant hearts.

So they plotted and planned for the ruination of ALLAH’S servant and Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh). Well, they failed on all accounts because they could NOT KILL HIM NOR DESTROY HIS FAITH – WHILE HE REMAINED ON THIS EARTH. But wretched evil doesn’t quit so easily and so they went after the foremost of his followers – namely the original apostles.

Finding that to be difficult in face to face confrontations, they still tried to come stealthily in by the front door, by trying to take on the apostles behind their backs as Acts (15: 1-2) and Acts (15: 24) mentions.

In other words, they came to the believers as learned men of the highest order and pretended to be bosom buddies with the original apostles (disciples). Naturally, Paul and Barnabas as lesser disciples could be forgiven being that they were quite a distance away from the central heart of new Judaistic thought in Jerusalem featuring the big three of Peter, John and the half brother of Jesus, James.

In this way they could create and did create dissensions amongst the believers and if they had succeeded, they could start wrecking the true teachings of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) and cause dissensions and falsehoods to spring up in the early years (the first couple of decades) with the result that the teachings of Jesus (pbh) would become twisted. Well, they succeeded in causing dissentions and doubts so much so that several had to be appointed to go to Jerusalem to find out just what the real truth was.

In hindsight, those false Jews couldn’t succeed in tarnishing the Truth as yet because the big three of new Judaism were still intact and physically present in this Earth. However, sometime after the early 60’s AC, there did not remain much of the original group and certainly not in Jerusalem who could be relied upon to hold the line. So after this period a kind of ‘dark period’ (after the death of Peter) started to settle in and this would last a few decades until the beginnings of the formation of what is now called Christianity in about 90 to 100 AC.

The evil Jews found it much to their advantage (because they knew the scriptures of the Old Testament) to come through the back door as one bearing gifts but instead replacing those gifts with a deadly poison. What they knew and were very clever at was to play both sides against the middle.

For example, they knew that most of the converts to this true WAY would be gentiles of formerly pagan origins. They also knew that they could ‘lend a hand’ in pushing things in a certain direction such that once the ball started rolling it would get bigger and bigger. This is much like planting a rotten apple in a barrel full of good apples and letting the deterioration of the apples speed up.

Hence, for those seeking answers about how Jesus (pbh) could ever be considered crucified or how he could be classified as God’s so-called son, now you know! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these evil manipulators did! All they needed to do was to plant ‘suggestions’ from their top knower’s of scriptures of the past and ‘guide’ the direction of thinking into certain areas which surely would make sense especially to those Greeks who were called ‘foolish’ in the New Testament.

Now it is easy to see how people became befuddled concerning the crucifixion which turned in favor of the corrupt Jew and his corrupt Judaism. In other words, as those insidious Jews planned, the Christians would fall into their trap and acknowledge unintentionally the falsehood of Jesus as a true prophet especially amongst the Jews. That would come about because those corrupters believed that the spread of Christianity would doom itself and not turn out to be a viable religion.

They were wrong in thinking that all of the new found Jews now known as Christians would implode into total lunacy but their idea was as devilish as it was simple! Paradise is for them and not for others and especially that so-called ‘cursed one’ (Jesus the son of Mary) who had the temerity to stand up to them and call out the truth against their vain plots!

We can also see how the servant of GOD, the son of Man could be turned into the God’s son by those foolish Greeks (Gentiles). The false Jew knew how to manipulate the peoples’ vanities and it is known that the Jews used to call one of their greats a son of God.

The Jews call ‘Uzair {Ezra} a son of ALLAH and the Christians call Christ the Son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the Unbelievers of old used to say. ALLAH’S curse be on them: How they are deluded away from the TRUTH!     Q (9: 30)

With Jesus being preached as a ‘hot item’ that held a great and wonderful station of being not only a prophet but the Messiah as well, shouldn’t he be considered that much higher than the Jewish son of God ‘Uzair who is called by some the ‘Father of Judaism’. Now that would make sense to someone with only half a mind and very little knowledge of the scriptures. So why not elevate Jesus into being that person who is known by some as THE SON?

The Jews being clever enough to study human nature, knew that those who would come after the second generation of devotees would keep multiplying these foolish philosophies one upon the other until that philosophy would have a storehouse of inventions that the Jews would be able to laugh at and which would make them a lot less polluted in the EYES OF THE LORD than their close rivals. For in their eyes it would not be the Jews who destroyed that religion but it would be the gentiles’ sole initiative. However, they got it WRONG!

What is intriguing about all of this is the pattern the Jews showed on how to attack the truth and THIS PATTERN ESSENTIALLY REMAINED THE SAME WHEN THEY CAME UP AGAINST ISLAM AND TRIED TO OVERTHROW IT ALSO.

At first, with the coming of the Messiah and also with Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them both) the evil Jew grew happy and exalted. Now, their revenge would be complete as the Romans and the two-legged pagan Arab dogs that they snuggled up to would see their just desserts and get humiliated!

But when these prophets came, those malcontent Jews were rocked back on their heels. These prophets came speaking the truth and NOT to massage Jewish corruptions, and their evil intents and delusional philosophies built up over time about the greatness of the Jews.

Instead, they were put in their place as corrupters of the Sacred Word of GOD, which did not sit well with them so they tried to eliminate these true and holy Messengers. That didn’t turn out as they had planned so they plotted and planned to work with the temporal powers that existed at the time (Romans and pagan Arabs) to get rid of the ‘preaching’ of those prophets or what can be better called the TRUE  WAY. In other words, to have them murdered.

A direct frontal assault on both of these true prophets failed and so they had to rely on subterfuge to create havoc amongst the believers. In the case of Prophet Muhammad (pbh), they knew that this poorly equipped group of Muslims in Yathrib (better known as Medina) would surely fold if the pagan Arabs would come together and do battle against them. So they tried a backdoor policy of signing treaties with the Muslims on one hand and encouraging the pagan Arabs to attack the believers on the other – supported of course wholeheartedly and materially by the Jews.

When the time was ripe, the Jews, pretending to be ‘good neighbors’ of the Muslims in the same city, would strike from behind and destroy all Muslims. In their thinking, they wouldn’t have to do very much because the Muslims were totally outnumbered and so poorly equipped that the pagan Arabs could easily defeat this tiny band of so-called rebels.

Well that didn’t happen and the Jews of Arabia were in for quite a humiliating shock. Eventually their strongholds were emptied and after a time the whole bunch of those twisted, scheming miscreants were told to gather their belongings and leave the country.

They did so but they still remained somewhat of a force by their rumor mongering as they spread false tales about the ‘new’ religious awakening in Arabia while hoping to gain support from any who would listen to be on guard against those who called themselves Muslims.

It is ironic that historically these Jews mixed with the ‘scum’ of the Earth whom they hated (Romans and pagan Arabs) in their day to day dealings while thinking of them as nothing more than human fodder and then finally seeking their support in committing treacherous deeds.

In what is now called Christianity, the Jews hung around the Roman countries and had the chance to pollute the true teachings of Christ Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) with their suggestions but in Arabia and then the conquered lands thereafter, they had very little opportunity to try and manipulate religious thought (Quran and hadiths) and so Islamic thinking remained untainted by their soiled hands with the exception of ‘Abdullah the Jew and his deformed group of liars and provocateurs.

Today the Jewish attempt of ‘shaping political policy’ is well known especially in America as they get their ‘stooges’ to do their dirty work for them by the use of powerful lobbies and other influential groups. That is one reason why they can get away with the ‘proverbial case of murder and mayhem’ in Palestine by having their criminal actions appear to be righteous and just!

After all, aren’t they a special race of the CHOSEN OF GOD? Excuse me, but Judaism is a religion and NOT a RACE OF PEOPLE and the words of Jesus (pbh) are NOT empty, misplaced or deranged.

From the article, We have lost the Battle but Won the War:

What a marvelous thing is opened up! And further opening up some wonders is the fact that in the Bigger Picture than the above quote from Matthew we get a foreshadowing of future events from the Old Testament, namely from Isaiah (pbh).

That is to say by this interpreted effect, ‘So you tricksters want but to play a game with ME? Be it so that I will divide your group into two camps of peoples called the Children of Israel – Jew and Christian – and cause you both to be dazzled by your insidious (sinister) and filthy  presumptions of ME’:

Wherefore the LORD said, Forasmuch as this people draw near ME with their mouths and with their tongues to honor ME but have REMOVED THEIR HEARTS FAR {AWAY} FROM ME AND THEIR FEAR TOWARDS ME IS TAUGHT BY THE PRECEPTS {MANUFACTURED LAWS} OF MEN:


Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD and their {manufactured} works are in the dark and they say, “Who {can} see us and who {can} know us {as to what secret, defiling and twisted things we do}?

Surely your turning of things UPSIDE DOWN {AGAINST THE TRUTH} shall be esteemed {likened to} as the potter’s clay: for shall the work {that what he so cleverly manufactured as lies} say of him that made it, “He made me not?” or shall the thing framed say of him {who falsely made falsehoods} that framed it, “He had no understanding {of what he was doing}?”  Isaiah (29: 13-16)

Specifically that prophecy deals with those two religions (Judaism and Christianity – ‘this people’) that came before Islam. However, in general it could apply to all religious sects or derivatives thereof that have tried to play fast and loose with Divine Scripture and the interpretation of the same.

On top of that the Arabs who are human beings and have like all humans human weaknesses, especially if not cleaving to Islam, have things to answer for also. An example of this is the one who would claim to be a sharing partner with the ONE GOD. That is to say those who believe themselves to be ‘king of kings’ thus taking on an aspect of the DIVINE are in fact accursed in this world and the next.

A while ago, one non-Arab claiming Islam who ruled in Iran and is now dead claimed such a lunacy while one Arab in Libya has also done the same. These barbarians are not worth the ground they walk on but have caused untold human suffering towards the believers from their demented stays on this planet. So when all is said and done it can be truly said, “Yes, it is true. HERE BE MONSTERS”!