The universe as well as all of creation is permeated through and throughout with the Oneness of Allah and even in what is called the ‘collective consciousness’, formed at the beginning of mankind, man can be aware of this ONENESS. He should be aware for he was created by THE UNIQUE – THE ONE. At the same time, he is also in this ‘collective consciousness’ aware of the correctness of guidance and behavior              Q (7: 172-173).

Of course to some that would sound like a farfetched theory. However, because of the multi-layers covering the heart, it is not found as a universal belief in today’s world. How can this original state of ‘collective consciousness’ be universal in ‘an open belief’ when the hearts of many have been corrupted and the ‘light of life’ remains covered?

The call to Islam, therefore, is the call of the return to the origins of awareness of this ONENESS, HARMONY AND UNITY experienced in the original creation of the sons of Adam (pbh) – from his back.

It is NOT by accident but by DESIGN that on the ONE hand of man there are five fingers and there are also five races of man. And by DESIGN the ONE religion or belief system called THE WAY or ISLAM in the Arabic Language has as one of its main pillars, of which there are five main pillars plus one, the five daily prayers. Hence, the ONENESS of prayer and mankind composed of the five races!

Even in the science of physics, of which I know hardly anything about, there is the ‘unified field’ theory discussing the forces of the universe as being ONE. So the term ‘unified’ shows the unity of these forces in a marvelous way.

The study of this ONENESS is far above the scope of this writing but it goes on to show that mankind was not created in darkness or for no purpose but in ‘blessed light’ and that mankind went astray (diverged) from this ONENESS, HARMONY AND UNITY through the activities of Satan and his cohorts BUT doing so with a free willingness to do so.

Most of the scientists today would agree that evolution is a reality. Many scientists would take it, if they take it at all, that man evolved from some type of ‘pond scum’. However, it is now possible to use both science and religion to dispel that myth termed ‘human evolution’. It won’t be easy in any case because man fights his inner self and refuses to believe at times in the reality of the solution.

This ‘dragging of the feet’ response is a perfect example of what the pagan Arabs of old did when they were brought up short with the advent of Islam. In truth, it isn’t only the pagan Arabs that displayed this intransigence. All groups of peoples have shown this similarity down through the ages. This is the ‘circle of life’ which further goes on to show two things.

First, just how advanced Islam really is and secondly, that there is really nothing new underneath the Sun as Satan is a continuous thorn in the side of man as he attacks each group entering into life. The question is can this be proven? The answer is that most of it most definitely can!

Taken as a shot in the dark, the topic would be mind boggling to say the least. What is needed is some type of direction, some foothold in trying to explain these things. But what kind of foothold is needed? Patience, perseverance and good old common sense going together with religious documents and the understanding of the same and finally science can also be counted on to lend a hand. It sounds simple but it is in reality not so simple.

When somebody once asked me, “When did mankind come to planet Earth?” I said, “Allah Knows Best.” That is simply the absolute truth! As for my personal feeling, that is the feeling that I have based on my thoughts, man arrived on Earth millions of years ago and again around 250,000 years ago.

Now that right there might sound like gobbledygook because there are no connections being made, no evidence being given and no ‘peg’ to hang one’s hat on. How could there be in a ten second conversation!

To understand this mind boggling yet simple topic, one has to be aware of certain things instead of holding up any Holy Book or scientific discussion (for sake of argument) and declare the X Book told me so! That is what some ‘born again Christians’ do, for example, on many an issue which tends not to go very far beyond certain members of their sect.

The result is like a comedy of errors amongst the various groups who wrongfully misunderstand what is happening. Hence, it is possible to hear in today’s modern world those who claim that Adam (pbh) started the human race in 4004 BC!

So, a few things need to be pointed out and understood and taken together with science, a basic understanding of the subject to be presented might show a glimmer of light or insight but in reality only a glimmer of light as this topic is too complicated to go into too deeply.

Why use science? Science is definitely not perfect but it provides a kind of bridge between knowledge and the Holy Scriptures. It also provides a semblance of balance so that people are more assured that they are not going into the study of something akin to voodoo.

So in the time honored expression found in the Pure and Glorious Quran, ‘Bring forth your evidence if you are telling the truth’ simply is a must. And this evidence must be logical, factual and non-contradictory and what cannot be captured or put in a cage for study purposes must be plausible by all accounts and on all fronts.

The most recent scientific findings (up to the year 2010) concerning anatomically correct ‘modern’ human beings states that ‘real’ man appeared somewhere around 200,000* years ago. These results are based on analysis of mitochondrial DNA under the science of genetics. According to these results, the strain of modern man would date back to the above mentioned date as far as science has revealed.

What science cannot reveal is the ONENESS of the human race as a complete whole and that within this ONENESS is another ONENESS coming from the chosen Family of ‘Imran.

And WE delivered him (Noah) and his people from the great Calamity, and made his progeny to endure (on the earth).   Q (37: 76-77)

So mankind is NOT RELATED to the dysfunctional characters, who also belong to the human souls that took it upon themselves to ‘reign as gods’ in opposition to the ONE GOD. Rather the current human race as the HOLY BOOKS do declare will be able to trace back their roots (physical and spiritual being) to their father who is Adam (pbh).

They (the real ancestors of man including Adam) did this through what is called the act of conjugating their relationship or known today as the ‘sexual act’.

I am not concerned with the evolution argument of plants or animals. The concept written a few years back in my book, HE IS NOT MY ANCESTOR is based on the idea that man, whether one talks of man as being created from Adam (pbh) in the heavens or talks about man being created with a bodily form from Adam (pbh) when on Earth, the truth is simple. In both cases, the lineage of true man is from what the Quran states and that is from Adam (pbh) and not from any animal!

That what looked like man and those abominations and aberrations that did not look like man are NOT OUR HUMAN ANCESTORS – in the physical, evolutionary sense! In other words, man did not evolve from anything like monkeys, apes or pond scum. Man directly came in form and likeness from their father – Adam (pbh).

As to the apish-like creatures found in the fossil records, I still maintain that HE IS NOT OUR ANCESTOR. Whether he underwent an evolutionary process or not, is none of my affair because those lineages ended up on the garbage heap of time as they were meant to end up! And of course by definition, this is according to the PLAN of THE CREATOR LORD and for HIS REASONS NOT OURS.

This does not mean that human souls were not active in criminal type of behavior against their own selves! It means that the ‘rejecters’ were rejected and did not in any way, shape or form become part of the adam-human complex better known as the human race as we now know it today.

WE have indeed created man in the best of moulds

Then do WE abase him (to be) the lowest of the low.

Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: for they shall have a reward unfailing.        Q (95: 4-6)

It is stated in one of the Holy Books that ‘sin’ cannot enter heaven. Would a sane person believe that there is no such thing as sin then if that person has a hope in going to heaven?

So in this sense, what is rejected by the ONE GOD is rejected and not allowed to pollute the creation that HE MADE as being perfect. However, man pays the price for listening to his enemy (Satan), rather than remaining in the light before the physical body or remaining in the light after that body is given, such that man was created first in the heavens in form but no substance as we would understand it and then on the Earth with what appears to the naked eye as our present day substance.

There are a few things that need to be understood before this subject is approached. First, but not necessarily in this order, one must have some idea about the ‘Arsh or Throne of Allah and HIS ONENESS and HIS creations. Secondly, one should have some idea of the Oneness of the human community. Furthermore, one should have an idea about two particular hadiths – one by Ubaay bin Ka’ab and the other by Abu Huraira. In addition to this, one should be aware of the modern science of genetics as it applies to the collection of evidence for the ‘oneness’ of the human race.

**A tradition of Ubayy bin Ka’ab – All of mankind was assembled in separate groups giving them the understanding that they were to be made vicegerents on Earth while imparting their wisdom and understanding, i.e. granting them power such that each individual (would be) completely and fully responsible for their actions {therefore no individual can absolve him or herself from the responsibility of deviation from Allah’s Way}.

***Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Souls are troops collected together and those who familiarized with each other (in the Heaven from where these {souls} come would have affinity with one another (in the world) and those amongst them who opposed each other (in the Heaven) would also be divergent (in the world).       (Muslim)

That is a tall order but when fulfilled it will hopefully bring back a remembrance to HIM WHO created all things. For to HIM belongs the Dominion and ALL PRAISE, HONOR AND GLORY BELONG TO ALLAH BY WHOM THERE ARE NO OTHERS!

How could this even be humanly possible? The possibility of such a thing is based on the idea of common sense and the idea of a ‘shared commonness’ or communion of the soul because in truth mankind was once (and at various times) ONE COMMUNITY. It is also, if that sentiment is true, found in the religious records but under no circumstances should one go ‘fishing’ in waters too deep to transverse!

Mankind was but ONE NATION, but differed (later). Had it not been for a Word that went forth before from your LORD, their differences would have been settled between them.    Q (10: 19)

Say: “It is HE Who has created you, and made for you the faculties of hearing, seeing and understanding: but you are seldom grateful.”   Q (67: 23)

It is Allah Who alternates the night and the day: verily in these things is an instructive example for those who ponder!    Q (24: 44)

Therefore let these things be taken in stages as it would apply to the understanding that mankind did NOT evolve from the monkey NOR did he originally come from ‘pond scum’. Let the answer be also known that the aberrations and abominations found as fossils are not our relations – to be proven later as Allah Wills.

The following excerpt was taken from the book, The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ pages 9-16.

“It has been stated in scripture that God created the heavens and earths in 6 days. In fact, He created all the universe of what can be seen and what cannot be seen in 6 days. Then?

Well He did not rest or sleep but this creation had been fashioned to evolve in complete perfection. All potential avenues of expression (that what came into being and those forces commanding the laws that hold all things together) in fact, all things and all pathways of infinite development were molded into His creation and nothing was that ever came forth was not unaccounted for. Nothing that could occur or that could ever occur in any phase or development was overlooked.

Indeed! It was a totally perfect and controlled system with infinite systems found within infinite systems – self perpetuating and evolving according to His Designed Plan. Man can barely begin to comprehend His Designs or even the grand scale of time as countless processes evolved and came into being.

But He Who created these things set it as His footstool in perfect harmony and even what would appear to us fragile humans as chaos was planned down to the smallest of details – planned with total perfection.

The AL-Bari – one of His Holy Names means in part The Evolver – and while the system continued to expand and grow such as we now know from the science of astronomy, there came the creations of the Angels out of Light and the Jinn out of smokeless fire and things were set down for them also. And they were overawed by the complexity of things and could not comprehend the Mind that unleashed this magnificent creation which was so far above their comprehension but easy to accomplish by Him Who made all things.

The Jinn, just like mankind would do in the future, had the ability to sense the awe and wonder of this complex system of creation called the universe which unbeknown to them was such a simple thing for their Lord to create. This universe, which is nothing more than His footstool, defined here as a creation that is at His Feet and totally under His control, has been admired by man for ages. In fact, until recently most scientists didn’t know much about the universe at all. Now we are in a position to say a few things of which I believe are some things that are correct and some things that are plain silly.

It appears from scientific study that this universe, according to scientists anyway, should last about forty billion or so years before it winks out of existence. That thought comes from extensive studies based on gravity, the speed of the galaxies racing away from each other, star life and a whole host of other things.

Those are logical thoughts to be sure. However, according to Prophet Muhammad (pbh) this universe with its almost unimaginable distances and countless galaxies filled with innumerable stars is only His footstool. That footstool has been compared by the Prophet (pbh) to being just like a ‘ring’ thrown out in the empty space of the desert. It is a ring with a lot of bright specks in it representing the galaxies but a simple ring nonetheless. This ring is called in Arabic Al-Kursi or the footstool.

Now we all know that Prophet Muhammad (pbh) didn’t come to teach theoretical physics 101 but the amazing thing is that when we take a closer look at this ring with an understanding of science some amazing things happen.

Theoretically, if a man were to take a spacecraft and starting at point X, what would happen if he continued his journey to the end of the universe? He would end up where he began and that is point X. So, he would loop himself around to the position he started at. Hence, one can understand the idea of the universe being likened unto a ring. Mankind, if given the power by Allah, can indeed visit this heaven and actually as most of us know, we have been to the Moon and spacecraft have visited various parts of the solar system.

The real Big News is not the humble footstool which man has been placed in but the ‘Arsh that the Prophet talked about. This is the place of His Throne which is placed above an immense sea which is above the various levels of the seven heavens. This is the REAL place of excellent dignity but of which we know practically nothing about even through Divine Revelation.

Why is this important? It would be important for many reasons but one of them can stand out to make an example of mankind’s dependency on His Creator Lord as well as all life must. Such thoughts can hardly be put into words but at least one can try.

Think of a curtain or veil being placed in between the Kursi and the ‘Arsh. A veil one can never cross in this our normal state of existence. Not only can it not be crossed or sensed or even seen but a barrier nonetheless. And because our senses and our minds are limited to the wonders of this footstool, we are unaware of the presence of that veil.

So have a friend draw some pinpoints representing the myriad number of galaxies containing countless stars on a piece of paper while you stand behind a curtain that has an invisible slit running through it. Let your friend stand close to that slit while holding up that paper image of the ‘infinite’ universe we call home.

Now in the twinkling of an eye reach out and grab that piece of paper and crush it up in your hands folding up our pretend universe as if it was nothing but mere paper which of course it was in this experiment. A humbling experience to be sure!

This very crude example was offered to show several things. First, no doubt that if the universe was creating itself or bringing itself into existence, the scientists have an inside track on about how long it will last. Obviously, the universe’s creation (the big bang theory) did not create itself. Even though it runs on what can be called timely laws, it does not have a brain to control itself. It is tended and cared for by what has been put in place, commonly called laws and other things so that there is a sense of rhythm to it. But one must not forget Who created it and how easy that was for Him to do. Moreover, He is the One in charge and He is He Who does what He Wills and He cannot be questioned about it. Under this idea then, He is the One Who can dispose of it when and how He likes and that is also easy for Him to do – as and when He Wills.

Is this frightening? Not really for those who have faith and know where to go to depend on the One Who is the Real Giver of Life. The above example just puts things in a more proper perspective giving some an idea to show more thoughtfulness and less arrogance. Furthermore, it gives man a real chance to pause and reflect on his own creation and dependency on Him Who is the Originator of all things.

Some foolish people have been known to try and guess where this ‘Arsh of Allah might be located by studying certain hadith material. Furthermore, some foolish people might wonder that if there is a huge sea floating around in the sky, then why doesn’t it slosh around and spill over or why can’t it be seen? The ‘Arsh is not of this lowly but vast universe to begin with and whether the ‘veil’ is before the Moon or after it is nobody’s business at all. How could something like that be known anyway?

Therefore, it is better to leave off that which cannot be known and stay with the attempt of trying to understand that which can be known or that which is practical to be known. For the ‘Arsh is just that unknowable but existing Throne from whence Allah Reigns in Power and as for His Essence or Being, He has given us only what He has chosen to give us of the knowledge of Himself. This should put man in the mind frame of being humbled in spirit and to become aware that no matter how man’s exploits at times seem great such that one man might raise the dead or that another might crack the Moon in half which the Prophet did; man is still only a part of the vast creation that we can see and not as magnificent as some have declared.

With the creation of this universe and the Angels and Jinn some must have seen or sensed a feeling of Sacrifice as even the stars that die do so that others may be born.

And time past and a new creation appeared – a simple thing was made by His Command and a lot less complicated than the universe. A creature out of sounding clay was fashioned and brought up to where it was to be placed. It was a dead thing as of yet and in due time it would receive the gift of life by having a ‘spirit’ breathed into it but for now it remained lifeless. And many Angels and Jinn marveled at it but it was not a living thing and its purpose remained unknown. It was a common, very common thing fashioned with excellence but still a very simple, common thing being made from essentially water and clay.

That thing was known as Adam but it was still not yet a living thing. And one creature from amongst the Jinn, a creature called Iblis whose snooping abilities had gained him much knowledge, became curious about Adam’s standing in things to come for if it (Adam) was to get life, it most assuredly would have a place in the grand but unknown scheme of things.

This Iblis entity would later become known as the evil father of perdition or the Satan due to his pride and arrogance he developed in his self-assurance and disobedience to his Lord. However, for now he was just curious about this statuesque sculptured piece of clay. After all, it might turn to his advantage to have a lowly species of creature that he might get enjoyment from by giving it lectures.

And seeing the hallow space in its back, he thought less of that creation and knew not its purpose. In truth, Iblis was a powerful entity who did serve his Creator Lord but he was moving ever closer to crossing the line that should never be crossed. He was in fact becoming infatuated with himself.

When the lifeless Adam was given life and the Angels and Jinn were told to bow down to this clay-like creature some rumblings arose. The soon to be evil one knew many things about the physical universe of which some things were beneath his mighty powers. And he knew the corruptions of the physical world as the physical life degenerates and carries out bodily functions.

To bow down to this inferior being of plain mud and water no matter what stature given to it didn’t make any sense. And why should this contemptible piece of clay no matter what gifts it would be given be lifted to a higher station than one made of smokeless fire and imbued with great intellect?

“Was he (Adam) worthy of this (the Angels prostrated before Adam) that YOU have exalted him over me? If {by YOUR PERMISSION} YOU give me respite up to the Day of Resurrection, I will uproot the whole of his {Adam’s} progeny; there will be {but} a few of them who will be able to save themselves from me.”   Q (17: 62)

Does one find a modern day world leader voluntarily joining a leper colony to serve its inmates? So why should this mighty being (Iblis) obey his Creator and bow down to this piece of abject clay?

The rest of the story is history. And unlike the father of perdition who forgot that Allah was The Aware, The Most Powerful, many of his kind (Jinn creatures) did fear lest they be sent to their ruin.

But Adam was not created without a purpose. Although he did not know it at the time, he was born to learn the meaning of the word Sacrifice and what that was to entail – for he was not created by the very hands of Allah and raised up in a splendorous position without a Plan.

Although Adam did not know what that Plan would be, he did learn what the word Sacrifice was to be and how gut-wrenching it was to accomplish.

And down through the ages humanity has had to make sacrifices to deem themselves worthy of what was by birthright theirs if they chose to do it – for that is the test put on their shoulders but not on anyone else’s.

And the Plan evolves like the phases of the Moon going forward as He designed it right down to the last atom in perfection. Perfection to perfection in measured parts just as He designed it. Of that matter, none knows much but all (save the Angelic slaves) have a share in contributing or trying to oppose His Plan.

They (the Angels) fear their LORD, HIGH above them, and they do all {things} that they are commanded {to do}.     Q (16: 50)

The opposition always loses even when they seemingly win but unable to control anything like time, place, position or condition (except in the corrupt fantasies of the mind) they are ultimately and totally defeated. As these woe-forlorn creatures (both men and Jinn) try their best at sabotage, they are continually outflanked and outgunned by the very forces they are trying to defeat. Worse yet for them is that they are unaware of the records being kept to condemn them when they will face Reality.

And these records are written by trustworthy hands but they are outsourced from the very ‘souls’ that would try to hide them in the end. In other words, it is by their own hands or what has passed from them that they daringly go forth to imbibe in spiritual suicide.

“This OUR Record speaks about you with truth: for WE were wont to put on record ALL that you did.”    Q (45: 29)

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “Souls are troops collected together and those who familiarized with each other (in the Heaven from where these {souls} come would have affinity with one another (in the world) and those amongst them who opposed each other (in the Heaven) would also be divergent (in the world).       (Muslim)

The following excerpt is taken from the book, The Great Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ pages 98-105.

“Granted, the world in its present form is often on a hectic and confusing pace. The same might be said for those who try and study religion. Of course there are the good people and the people whose agenda behind doing these things are not good. Such is the way with the world and those who live in it.

One would think that the simple declaration concerning ‘there is only ONE GOD’ would be a simple matter and a joyful thought amongst the believers. But look closely at the so-called defenders of the faith and truth (any particular faith) and one can see that some people have their own minds about this matter and would prefer self-gratification than truthful research – at least some of the time. A simple coming together of the minds in peace and harmony sounds simple enough but the ‘human factor’ makes it overly complex.

The basis for what man calls religion is for SALVATION and human guidance as well as the understanding of who we are, where we came from and the duties we owe to our Creator Lord. Is it so difficult to understand? Logically, it is not difficult but in practicality it appears daunting. And we have been given certain ‘keys’ to help us seek out a proper understanding. But many people refuse this notion because they want some sort of glorification of the self and that raises friction between certain groups – hence the idea of envy/jealousy/pride being allowed to darken the ‘light’ of understanding.

When the light of understanding (Universal Logic) is allowed to penetrate the soul, it is not becoming of one to go around blaming the One God but rather seeing the corruption in the self. And ALL have that certain corruption but to various degrees from minor to major. Hence, for those who can see, let them see and in nowise are the blind equal to those who can see. It doesn’t take a mystic (of whom I simply mistrust for the most part) nor does it take a genius to figure out what is going on in some so-called religious circles. However, that is life and that is that!

The first principle in religion is that there is, has been and will only ever be but ONE GOD. He is the ONE Who has no partners, peers or relations and He is so far above any of His creations that the minds of the best of peoples (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad – peace be upon them all – cannot fathom His complete Greatness or Essence. They felt it deep within side their souls but as to containing that Greatness none of the creation, even if it was stacked altogether to take a part of that understanding, could ever hope to achieve the sum total of THE GOD!

The next thing is that He, out of His Mercy and Kindness, elevates those of His creation as He chooses and provides support and guidance unto His creations so that they will be reinforced spiritually and guided rightly – as they so choose. For it is up to those who are of the dominate groups (those having free will) to choose between His Way or their way. This in no way declares that, for example, man has to break his head to become perfect but that he must follow the pathway that acknowledges His Greatness plus a willful attempt at enduring the many trials of life to become obedient unto Him. And because of His Greatness, He showered man with an easier road by sending not Angels but other men of high and excellent quality to be followed and obeyed as much as one could. Hence, the brotherhood of prophets came into being.

All of the prophets gave understanding to the BASICS needed for the final goal to be obtained which is SALVATION. And this salvation is based on Trusting in the Creator Lord – the One God. And over one-hundred thousand prophets came to refresh this belief to mankind so that no person would be left behind – unless of course one chose another route. And even if one chose ‘evil’ and insisted upon it, that person would still be rewarded by negative growth for the ONE GOD is not unjust.

However, enough said about that. The important thing is that there is a one brotherhood of prophets who served THE ONE GOD in harmony and unity having the same goal in mind – Salvation.

Not only do we speak of the One God but now we speak of the one brotherhood of prophets. The one brotherhood of prophets is a body of the highest believers who are in agreement with each other and who do not form contradictory pathways for salvation. And with a few of these ‘higher’ prophets came ‘Books’ declaring the harmony and oneness of what man calls religion but more specifically called THE WAY, meaning HIS WAY. This ‘road map’ to The Way was to act as a guide to those groups of people given it. However, what does true history tell us about how these prophets were treated by their people? So, when that certain prophet died, how would one expect the books that they brought, as in knowledge that they contained, would be treated?

Some of mankind are criminally abusive and want to breakup UNITY by either altering the proven WORD or by twisting it verbally as to bend THE WAY into their way being likened to fancy flights of fiction. But even thus, the records still retain the flavor of harmony and unity. So the records, especially those records taken from those who are called ‘People of the Book’ as they are so honored because they retained the more purified way, ARE ONE!

So far we have the ONE GOD, the One brotherhood of prophets, the One Way and the Oneness of the records. But we still have the oneness of mankind to deal with.

In the beginning, of which we hardly know anything about, mankind was ONE NATION. It wasn’t the One God that scattered the people to and fro but it was on their heads that caused the separation. Like their father Adam (pbh), they did manage to wander off the pathway and it is no blame on him for what they did. However, the One God knew about these things and He provided those pathways for the so-called ‘superior set’ (mankind) to find out just how dependent they were on Him. But that is another story and He alone knows the full truth about that.

The whole concept of any true religion is to submit to His Divine Will in bowing down to His Way and that may confuse some who falsely are led into believing that their way is His Way. Just by going to the basics shows how wrong these people are. That is where the saying of one being ‘full of themselves’ comes in. They haven’t understood the practice of the ways and actions of obedience called Sunnah of their Spiritual Leader (prophet) in their heart and therefore even if they follow something religiously, it counts for nothing because if the heart is corrupt the deeds that they do will be corrupt and likened to nothing. Hence, there is the description in the Quran as to some peoples ‘good deeds’ being turned into dust and rejected (Arab or non-Arab).

However that may be, human beings are not the ones to decide these matters or act as stand-ins for the One God and His Perfect Judgment. Allah is not in need of man’s so-called brilliant deductions. Yet see how man operates with his logic by vindicating himself so as to gain advantage over others! An example of this can be taken from the story of how the idea of the ‘sons of God’ started.

What is the story about how the idea of the sons of God got started? Some people like to fashion their fanciful notions after others by blending truth with paganism or mixing the leaven with the lump.

The story from the records of the People of the Book is clear enough. Allah is known as THE LIGHT and those who follow (practice, keep in their hearts) this LIGHT are those who are on the straight path or the believers in The Way. The Way is the pathway of light and forms groups of people down through the ages as people of the light or The Way. So, they became known as children of the light or sons of the light meaning sons belonging to that group of the right guided way as opposed to the sons or children of darkness or those who are opposed to The Way or those who favor living in contrast to The Way.

The corruption now becomes easier to see. According to some faulty logic used by the deformed in heart some would say that if God is the Light, then sons of light would become sons of God.

What absolute rubbish they brought with them! This would destroy the unity of the scriptures which DEMANDS THAT PEOPLE MAKE NO PARTNERS WITH THE ONE GOD. In truth, God has no partners and that means no sons, daughters, cousins, uncles or whatever! How some have become deluded by their own so-called attractive dispositions or selfish desires by making their prophets or as in the past some good people into gods as opposed to the worship of the ONE GOD. Usually, this starts out as a supposed form of worship (the devil is a clever enemy to man) but then breaks down into self pampering notions of how superior this creed is compared with others.

Some may argue that in my books there are many contradictions. That I don’t mind because being a mere reporter and a simple carbon-based life form, it is natural that contradictions might arise. However, if the term contradictions are used by some who fail to understand, then the complaint is not a valid one. For example, I do not understand anything about differential equations although I am good at arithmetic. Should I disavow the existence of differential equations then?

Comparative religion is as much as an art as a science and one must be aware to be aware. In one of my books I discussed a famous hadith by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) stating that Allah has kept for Himself five things that He alone knows. One of these things is the sex of the child before its birth – as to the soul when it is sent down is the more correct idea than at the start of conception. But mischievous people and some orientalists no doubt will latch onto the fact that scientists can now be over 99% certain of what sex the child will be ‘before’ conception.

Well that is true enough with genetic manipulation. However, these people are missing the point entirely! Talk about being misled by such shallow logic. In my book, The Non-Crucifixion of Jesus p. 137, I discussed the soul as to its not being able to be destroyed by any natural force in the universe and this connects to the fact that the ‘spiritual’ is of a higher nature than the vessel (body) holding it.

A look into the agonies of some tormented souls born into a male/female body but craving under extreme sadness and deprivation to be of the opposite sex should tell us something. The sex of the child physically can be determined by the sexual organs it has but what of the sex of the soul? That cannot be determined by any but the One God. Mysteries abound in life and it is not for us to fall into shallow disputes about matters not under our control but to observe the ways of that pathway shown to be beneficial for salvation.

To me {at least} the most beautiful story that the world has seen is the story of the Messiah-soul. To be sure, as the great prophet Isaiah (pbh) declared, Isaiah (53: 8-10) ‘it pleased God to bruise him’ – the Messiah soul. And if that sounds miraculous, then note that Gen. (6: 1-5) sounds just as miraculous.

But the most complete package that the world has ever known for SALVATION came in the human being known as Muhammad (pbh). He is the one whom the messiah will follow both in this world (Quran and Sunnah) and in the Hereafter as it is given to Muhammad (pbh) to carry the banner of Praise for his Creator Lord. However, real faith is not centered around mysteries but on a solid handhold to the tenets and the desire to follow these tenets in the heart.

Others have come to claim special rights and privileges due to ignorance and folly. Ignorance which represents the people who are carelessly swindled into wrong beliefs and folly which represents those who seek for a joyous afterlife by passing on falsehoods are examples of their representative collective wholes. For example, many are under the impression that Moses (pbh) was a Jew or was connected to Judaism. In fact, Judaism started around 400 BC and that was after Moses so how is it possible that Moses (pbh) would be considered a Jew? Many may not think that this is right. So, go and find real history to find the real facts instead of being led by false assumptions.

Let the followers of Moses (pbh) take heed. He was not a Jew but rather he was a follower of The Way and let those who claim Moses (pbh) as their own let them be vigilant in understanding Deut. (18: 18-19). Let the followers of Jesus (pbh) take heed. He was not a Christian but rather he was a follower of The Way and let those who claim Jesus as their own let them be vigilant in understanding John (16: 13-14) and Acts (3: 20-23)”

This is a huge chunk of material to dwell upon but it does provide a background for some topics that will follow so much so that the science of genetics and true history will be a lot easier to follow.

The story that follows is in truth missing 99.999999999999% of the subject matter because these things are just hidden and not man’s business anyway. However, on the Last Day of Judgment things will become clear so there is no need to fill in ‘missing pieces’ that must remain missing.

In the beginning before the creation of Adam (pbh) there was this amorphous substance likened unto a cloud that some might call the spirit of life or some have called the spirit of God. Whatever it was and Allah knows Best, it is not God or a part of God. And contained within was that harmony, unity and glorification of ONENESS in the celebration of the CREATOR LORD, THE ONE GOD by that which flowed within this amorphous body.

Then at some point and time there was breathed into the lifeless body of Adam (pbh) fashioned from the ‘clay and water of Earth’ this spirit and he became a living entity. And at some unspecified time from the back of Adam (pbh) came those souls who would be called the sons of Adam (pbh) but unlike their father who was created with a form and a definite and perfect substance, they, his children, had no substance. They had their father’s form but no real substance like we would understand it.

Adam (pbh) did have a substance that was taken from that blue marble of a planet called Earth. His children being without this particular substance were what can be called Angelic-like because they were mostly light but totally and completely different from the Angels for man is man and NOT in any way part Angel but a different creation altogether.

And like unto the simpler times gone by when the son had an affinity for his father’s trade or craft and was attracted and even expected to carry out the traditions of the father, so also did the souls of men have an affinity (an attraction) for this little blue marble called Earth because their father was taken from that as woman was taken from the man and indeed there is that mysterious tie between man and woman.

And the souls of men being with form and not substance could as ONE nation praise their LORD and wonder at HIS multitudinous creations. For there was a gate that separated the heavens from the lower creation called the universe. Man having but form and no discernable substance that we would recognize could pass from this gate and down to the lowest heaven. The gate would remain open for as long as the ONE GOD WILLED but would close only upon HIS COMMAND.

There was no need for the gate to be closed for there was no darkness that had yet appeared on the horizon as long as mankind remained true to their CREATOR LORD.

Even before the creation of Adam (pbh) there was a being of the JINN race called in Arabic Iblis. This creature was one of the wise and was given several kingdoms by HIS LORD and one of the kingdoms given to him (as was PRE-PLANED by his LORD) was that little blue marble called Earth. Because our LORD’S Throne is above the ‘water’ in the HIGHEST of HIGH places in the Heavens, Iblis’s throne was also set on the water thus showing his caretaker’s authority.

Jabir reported I heard Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “The throne of Iblis is upon the ocean {water} and he sends detachments (to different parts) in order to put people to trial and the most important figure in his eyes is {the} one who is most notorious in sowing the seed of dissension {Fitna/getting out from unity, harmony or a state of felicity}.     (Muslim)

But this Iblis, who is called in English Satan, became self-indulgent, self-righteous, and his wisdom corrupted him due to his jealousy from the human being called Adam (pbh) our father.

Anas reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “When Allah fashioned Adam in Paradise, He left him as He liked to leave {him}. Then Iblis {Satan} roamed round him to see what actually that was {what type of creation he was} and when he found him hollow from within, he {Iblis} recognized that he had been created with a disposition {such that} he would not have {complete} control over himself.     (Muslim)

And because he was ordered, even though in his wisdom he thought he was great, to prostrate before what he believed to be an inferior being, he became haughty and indignant.

“Was he (Adam) worthy of this (the Angels prostrated before Adam) that YOU have exalted him over me {Satan}? If {by YOUR PERMISSION} YOU give me respite up to the Day of Resurrection, I will uproot the whole of his {Adam’s} progeny; there will be {but} a few of them who will be able to save themselves from me.”   Q (17: 62)

So Satan craftily devised a plan to send what he thought were inferior creatures to their doom but he realized that he had no control to do this on his own without permission from his LORD. So in his corruption, he challenged his LORD to make HIM see his own worth over what HE, THE ONE GOD, had PLANNED  and created thus arrogantly denying the GREAT POWERS beyond reckoning of his CREATOR LORD and therefore he literally turned against the ‘sixth pillar’ of Islam or that what is called the DIVINE DECREE.

Satan along with his fellow cohorts who were puffed up with pride in their own love of self became to those visiting the little blue marble a font of knowledge and a helper in explaining about that kingdom of which he was an overseer as his throne was above the water. This crafty evil one humbled himself in his teachings to the ‘little masters’ who were eager to delve into the wonders and dynamics of this planet so as to love knowledge and gain more awareness of the strange but often enchanting blue marble that we now call home.

Soon, Satan had those souls of men, who listened intently to his so-called wisdom, desiring for more knowledge. For did not Satan claim that they (the souls of men) were the perfect embodiment of the ONE GOD and that the Angels being jealous of man’s worth and potential power, would try and keep man from being much greater than they? That is, the Angels were going to usurp the rightful place of man and steal from him his rightful dignity before the LORD.

So by stages Satan caught these souls out and like a spider laying softly in its web, he was ready to strike a death blow to those of the human race that were falling deeper and deeper into his trap.

Satan told man that man was but a small step away from overthrowing the heavens itself against the so-called jealous guardians (Angels) appointed for this task thus implying that the creation of the Angels had been a mistake by the CREATOR LORD and that he would help them (man) if he could.

‘HOWEVER’… That one word, the word ‘however’ used by Satan to entice the human souls into delving into forbidden things drove some to desire the unthinkable as a rabid dog is driven by horrible thirst. Satan had laid his trap well and that trap led man to seek out taking on SUBSTANCE in his now thirst for power.

As man has found out to his discomfort, when a substance is taken onto his form, no substance can enter into the heavens from whence man came without special permission from the LORD. The gates were shut and man was now trapped from the beauty and safety of the heavens from whence they had originated and originally been instructed Q (7: 172-173).

Some of those less tainted by Satan’s poison became sorrowful and turned away from him while others continued to enjoy the feeling of their power being released on Earth thus being further corrupted and further sowing corruption on Earth.

HE it is WHO made you vicegerents in the Earth. NOW, whosoever disbelieves shall himself bear the burden of disbelief …    Q (35: 39)

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law {Torah} {that} I {God} said you are gods {vicegerents}? If HE called them gods {vicegerents} unto whom the Word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken.”    John (10: 34-35)

And in their corruptions they committed acts of horror and abominations unspeakable and not only were the heavens closed to them for the filth that they were engaged in, but death which they had not known before became their lot. There was no need to die just like there was no need for their father to die unless they went against the command to follow the Straight Way.

Time is not in man’s hands to control and neither is space or in fact anything else for that matter. Caretakers are NOT the CREATOR and therefore remain, as all things do, dependent on the EVERLIVING and ETERNAL ONE WHO IS FREE OF ALL NEEDS AND WANTS.

During this time, Adam (pbh) remained in the heavens and was separated from all cares and given a kingdom of great beauty called The Gardens. Even though he had form and substance, all things for him were perfect and there was no need to leave that perfect place. But as things would have it, he became under threat from the ‘evil one’ not by force but by guile. And that is where the real story of our earthly existence comes in and even science can add a helping hand. Science will say no but already they have outwitted themselves and provided actual physical evidence to support the remainder of this tale.

That tale goes on to prove the title of one of my books called, HE IS NOT MY ANCESTOR.  For in truth, we will find out that man DID NOT EVOLVE FROM ANY APE OR MONKEY OR ANY OTHER LIFE FORM.

Evolutionists believing in human evolution have two main ideas to offer concerning human evolution. However, both of these ideas tend to cancel each other out. The first idea is that man evolved slowly around 15 million years ago from a sub-species of the relatives of the monkey or monkey-like creature. According to these scientists, it took these creatures millennia in a trial and error period to adopt a walking style and foot/spinal development so that this ‘animal’ could walk upright and be well coordinated.

One can always point out that monkeys under certain circumstances do walk upright. This I have seen myself on film. For example, a monkey is capable for short periods of walking upright especially if they are crossing a river. However, what is NOT emphasized is that over 90% of their locomotive speed is reduced thereby if they were to favor this type of locomotion, would render them extinct in the wild!

Millions of years ago, when these supposed human ancestors ‘walked’ or what can be said as ‘waddled’ along on the face of the Earth, they would have been simply annihilated by the large carnivores roaming the land. So the life-saving preference would be to go with one’s strengths and not weaknesses. Therefore, if such a creature existed, it would depend on the movement of all four limbs as monkeys do today when they want to move with speed. Hence the development of walking on only two legs would definitely NOT be an option for these life-forms if they wanted to achieve success.

The second theory these scientists might try and get away with is the theory of ‘instant’ gene change due perhaps to a passing comet or some such miraculous event. Why this so-called miraculous event seemed to concentrate on the monkeyish-type creature while leaving other life forms basically unchanged is a mystery.

That could explain how a monkey might get ‘Olympic sprinting’ capabilities within a short time. However, the foot structure along with the spinal structure must have changed instantly or else that theory is a waste of time.

The foot structure is one of the keys to looking at the problem. Because we have human-like footprints nearly two million years old made by dwarfish-like creatures standing on two legs when walking, it was supposed that these things were of the human variety that evolved later into the ‘modern man’.

The monkey foot shows a beautiful adaptation to its needs and survival and the human foot structure shows the same. Does that mean that these creatures who walked on two legs with a foot structure like ours are our human ancestors?

In some ways it’s a matter of semantics but these aberrations or abominations did not transform into our human ancestry but ended up as a dead-lined species that did NOT and in NO WAY pass it genes down to modern man. Therefore, they cannot be classified as our human ancestors because they did NOT come from the Adam (pbh) who along with his wife engaged in pro-creation of passing genetic material from sperm to egg.

There are other reasons given in the book, HE IS NOT MY ANCESTOR but the gist of the matter remains the same. Modern man came directly from Adam (pbh) and he arrived on Earth all ready being created in the Heavens. Therefore, common sense tells us that there was no intermediate species mingling with ‘true man’ and allowing for the ‘gene pool’ to be corrupted while being passed down for future generations to absorb!

Going back to the Quran we can see what did happen when man decided to go his own way in defiance to the ONE CREATOR LORD. Even when we are not given particulars about the varied instances, the following verses cover what needs to be covered.

WE have indeed created man in the best of moulds

Then do WE abase him (to be) the lowest of the low.

Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: for they shall have a reward unfailing.        Q (95: 4-6)

The key word is the word ‘Except’ and this applies to the obedient ones following after the Will of Allah verses the contemptible ones trying to defy it. Man should not put a time line on the last verse and suggest this is instantaneous especially when the idea of the ‘various groups’ entering at various times into life is remembered. Is the issue complicated? Yes, it is but it is simplified in the science of Islam for those who pause to reflect.

Islam’s answer is that modern man did not spring forth from sin or any abominations and he most definitely did not come from any animal. He is a blessed creation from THE MOST HIGH and created in perfection but created with a will to choose his way or THE WAY OF THE MOST HIGH which in both cases will bring on consequences and this most definitely was a promise from the ONE WHO KEEPS HIS PROMISE!

* Around the 1995-1996 era, I was finishing up my book The Shining Light of Islam in which I discussed that Adam (pbh) came down to Earth about 250,000 years ago. However, I made it clear that this was just an imaginary figure and not one to be taken literally. At that time I learned that science had uncovered skeletons of modern man in Palestine and had dated them to around 98,000 years old.

The figure 250,000 popped into my head when I was writing the story and for the life of me I couldn’t get it out so I just kept it. A few years after my writing of this book, to my delight, scientists readjusted the 98,000 age of dating of the skeletons found in Palestine to around 180,000 give or take 10,000 years.

People may have feelings and a lot of us do but it is better to be on the safe side and take what science can measure concretely rather than just plain guesses. Even that being the case, I was just plain happy in having some assurances if that can be understood.

**The tradition of Ubayy bin Ka’ab has meanings. How many meanings can be taken from this tradition only Allah knows for sure. However, there are two basic understandings that can be taken concerning this tradition.

The first understanding is that there are various groups that will be sent down to inhabit the Earth. The billions of souls created by Allah did not pour out of the heavens at one and the same time landing on the Earth. Peoples came as groups to which they belong or nations or sections. This can be seen in the understanding of the People of Pharaoh, the People of Lot, the People of Noah, The Ad and the Thamud groups etc.

In looking at the ocean by the seaside does one see but only one wave crashing into the beach? Definitely not for there comes to the shoreline wave followed by wave or in this case group followed by group.

Another way to appreciate this tradition is to ponder over a deciduous tree. When the tree comes into bloom; it does so with the production of its leaves not coming all at once but intermittedly. The same occurs when the leaves start to fall off its branches. They drop not all at once. However, a very violent wind might come along and take down the whole tree thus rendering that particular tree or civilization defunct.

Now when the leaves are all gone there comes a time when new growth (a new civilization) comes forth (the circle of life) and the process starts all over again if the tree remains healthy and is left still standing. First comes the startup in the spring, then comes the bloom in the summer, then comes the downward turn in the fall and finally comes the close of that generation in the winter.

Another meaning to this tradition is that there are groups of people (profession-wise) within the group. One group out of the many different groups can be called the group representing the scholars as a profession. And the profession of scholars can be further broken down into the category of spiritual guides including shamans and others responsible for communicating guidance for any society.

Because the basis of ‘quality’ can be applied here, the saying by Prophet Muhammad (pbh) “Allah loves Proficiency” is applicable in this case. Therefore, it behooves man to be as proficient (knowledgeable and competent) in his duties. His duties are to serve Allah as best as he can.

A good way of looking at this is to form a picture of a teeter-totter with the fulcrum (a kind of dividing line between good and evil) used as a dividing point. On one side of the fulcrum, on the furthest right are the beloved ones of Allah in that profession. In this case the scholars or spiritual guides who are knowledgeable, helpful to their society and above all, truthful to the purpose of the creation which is to serve the LORD with humble obedience.

As one moves closer to the middle ground (fulcrum) the less and less proficient a person becomes in his duties to the LORD. Going past the fulcrum and starting on the left side represents incompetence or evil. Finally, the worst of that particular group is found at the farthest left at the end and in the case of scholars that would represent those who ‘sold their souls’ for a miserable price in dealing with falsehoods.

*** The tradition from Abu Huraira concerns the pre-existence of souls before they came to Earth and we can leave it at that.

Can a Muslim have his or her personal opinion or viewpoint? The answer is yes because Islam is a dynamic religion and not a robotic one. However, it is important to realize that a Muslim, known here as a human being, can make mistakes or hold a strange viewpoint.

For example, a person can be a Muslim and believe that world is flat. However, when confronted with the Quran and or Sunnah discussing that particular point then his or her opinion must surrender to what is expressed in Allah’s Pure Word or guidance from the Prophet (pbh). Failure to do so shows a tendency to supplant Allah’s Truth with falsehood.

Of course, most human beings have that tendency to do this in one form or another from major to minor things and depending on the severity of the ‘deed’ this leads to sin. The vast majority of human beings are not born sinless (NOT meaning the normal definition of sin) as to being untouched by Satan’s grasp at birth nor are we born prophets. And because we do not have an Archangel coming down from the heavens to clean our hearts out, we are what we are.

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) as saying, “The Satan touches every son of Adam on the day when his mother gives birth to him with the exception of Mary and her son.      (Muslim)

Anas told that Gabriel came to God’s messenger when he was playing with some other boys, seized him, threw him down, split open his heart and took out of it a clot of blood, saying, “This is the devil’s portion in you.” He then washed it with Zamzam water in a gold dish, repaired it, and put it back in its place. The boys went running to his mother, i.e. his foster –mother, saying, “Muhammad has been killed,” so they went to him and found him looking upset. Anas said he used to see the mark of the sewing in his breast.   (Muslim)

However, we are all born in a state of Fitra (an original state of collective consciousness) which was discussed in the first two paragraphs of this article which turns out not to be so much gobbledygook after all and which becomes molded by the parents/society and inward desires that can take us far from this blessed state. So the call of Islam is to live life in accordance with surrendering to Allah’s Will in peace, harmony, unity and compliance.

It is my personal opinion that the start of the Great Signs will that will lead to much destruction and death will occur 12 to 15 years from 2010 and will:

1. Last less than a decade or if it lasted more there would be no flesh (human beings) left alive on this Earth.

2. The Dajjal will come forth during the later part of this period.

3. Billions of people will die during this period

4. The kingdom or paradise on Earth, discussed by ‘Abdullah ibn Abbas and Qatadah, under the leadership of Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) will be ushered in after the annihilation of the Gog and Magog and their friends.

The reasons for my belief are varied. They are not necessarily in order but some of them are as follows:

  • An increase in the quantity and severity of earthquakes around the world.
  • The feeling that time is growing short.
  • Some of that which has been covered has been opened.
  • Knowledge (worldly type) has dramatically increased. It is often said that scientific knowledge doubles every decade and compared to the 19th century, this century is showing amazing and rapid advances.
  • Knowledge is continuing to decrease. This sounds contradictory to point number four but it isn’t. The type of knowledge that is decreasing is not a worldly type of knowledge but the religious type of knowledge/practice. During the time of the Prophet (pbh) it was religious performance first and worldly concerns second. In today’s fast-paced world, it is often worldly concerns that come first and religious duties coming in last. Secondly, religion can often be seen these times more on the lips of some people than in the heart.

The important thing, however, is to remember that it is ALLAH AND ALLAH ALONE WHO knows, defines, initiates and ends all things according to HIS WILL because HE is THE DOMINATE, THE ONE IN CONTROL. In other words, the start of the Great Signs signaling the end of an era will come about only when HE decides and it will not be based on the whims of others.

Speaking about whims, one can plead one’s case by declaring that one is not ready for these things by suggesting some of the following:

1. “I am not ready for this to happen because I haven’t led a full life and am not prepared.”

2. “I have certain plans which I need to fulfill.”

3. “I’m just starting out in life and I don’t think these things are fair.”

4. “I am newly married and I want to stick around to see my grandchildren.”

5. “What’s going to happen to my little children? How are they going to cope?”

What about those ‘Peoples of the past’ who were suddenly removed from the Earth’s surface? Weren’t they composed of the newborns, the very young, the one’s starting out in life, the mature ones and the very old? It is after all rather blasphemous to suppose that the ONE CREATOR LORD should bow down to the wishes of the people and serve them – especially considering that those who didn’t put their trust in HIM are those who are UNGREATFUL.

Ibn ‘Umar relates that the Holy Prophet (pbh) said, “When Allah inflicts punishment on a people, it covers all the (members) of that people. But on the Day of Judgment they will be raised up according to their conduct in life.”      (Bukhari and Muslim)

Abu Dharr told that Allah’s Messenger (pbh) said to him, “There is no intelligence, Abu Dharr, like looking ahead, no piety like {self} restraint, and no goodness like good character.”    (Baihaqi in Shu’ab al-iman)

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (pbh) said, “The strong believer is better than and dearer to Allah than the weak believer. In all that is good be eager for what benefits you, seek help in Allah and do not be too weak to do so. If any affliction comes to you do not say, ‘If I had done such and such, such and such would have happened,’ but say, ‘Allah DECREES and what HE wishes HE DOES,’ for {the saying} ‘if I had’ provides an opening for the deeds of the devil.”   (Muslim)

For those who reject their LORD (AND CHERISHER) is the chastisement of Hell: and evil is (such) destination.

When they are cast therein, they will hear the (terrible) drawing in of its breath even as it blazes forth.

Almost bursting with FURY: Every time a GROUP is cast therein, its keepers will ask, “DID NO WARNER COME TO YOU?”             Q (67: 6-8)

Before you WE sent (Messengers) to many nations, and WE afflicted the nations with suffering and adversity that they might call on (Allah) in humility.

When the suffering reached them from US, why then did they NOT call on {turn to} (Allah) in humility? On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them.

But when they forgot {in their souls} the warning they had received, WE opened to them the gates of all (good) things until in the midst of their enjoyment of OUR gifts, on a sudden, WE called them to account, when lo! They were plunged in despair!

Of the wrongdoers the last remnant was cut off. Praise be to Allah, the CHERISHER OF THE WORLDS.    Q (6: 42-45)

Some people may have enjoyed a few of the stories that I have presented in previous articles. To those who have, I have put in a few more for those who like to ponder over things. The following stories are excerpted from the book, The Real Holy Grail: The Messiah on Trial pages 121-125.

They had advantages

There were many men tall and fair whose characters were upright and just. They were men of distinction and steadfastness and it can be said of them that they had advantages. They were men who loved the Light and rejoiced therein because they had advantages. They put themselves at the service of the Light that they loved so much because they had advantages. Their eyes did sleep but their hearts did not because they had advantages.

However, there was one who might have become a member of this group because he had advantages. Instead of using his knowledge to praise the Light, he delved into things for his own selfish purposes because he had advantages.

The more he turned away from the Light, the more he felt self-fulfilled so his mind and his heart felt comfortable and self-sufficient because he believed that he had advantages. His eyes did sleep but his heart did not because he had advantages.

So in the end his heart became black and he wanted to show that indeed he was the Light because he had advantages. In his rage, he served the darkness that to him became a source of strength and he grew in power because he had advantages. Soon he must come and magnify himself and attempt to crush all light except his light because he had advantages. He will utterly fail because he lost his advantages.

Relate to them the story of the man who We sent Our Signs, but he passed them by: so Satan followed him up, and he went astray.

If it had been Our Will, We should have elevated him with Our Signs: but he inclined to the earth, and he followed his own vain desires.  Quran (7: 175-176)

Knowledge is great but character is better

There once was a young man who sat beside himself and pondered very deeply about life. In particular, he wanted to know why Abu Bakr was buried on the right side of his beloved Prophet and why ‘Umar was buried on the left side. Watching him was an old man who became curious about the young man.

The old man said to the young man, “What is troubling you my son?” The young man said, “I have been thinking very hard about why Abu Bakr is buried on the right side of the Prophet and ‘Umar is buried on the left?” The old man said, “Perhaps it is because Abu Bakr died before ‘Umar and that is why he is buried on the right side of our holy Prophet (pbh).”

Well the young man was still not satisfied with this answer. So he told the old man that there must be a pattern in the fact that Abu Bakr was buried on the right side. He further intoned that Islam put a good deal of emphasis on the right side in the prayer line and the eating with the right hand etc. The old man said to his companion, “Why are you pursuing this? Don’t you have better things to do?” “Yes, said the young man but I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity.”

The old man thought deeply about this for awhile and then said to the young man, “You know how dynamic ‘Umar was? You know how gifted, intelligent and forceful he was? You know of course about the dream that our holy Prophet (pbh) had about those two concerning the comparison of each one in pulling up a bucket from the well?” The young man said, “Yes, I admit that ‘Umar was the most accomplished of the two in those regards.” “Well, said the old man, “So you should listen to the wisdom of ‘Umar and this will answer your question.” So then the old man quoted a reliable hadith to bring his point home.

‘Umar said: Allah’s Messenger ordered us to give charity and as that happened when I had some property I said, “If I am going to get ahead of Abu Bakr any day I shall do so today.” I brought half my property, and when Allah’s Messenger asked what I had kept for my family, I told him I had kept a similar amount. Abu Bakr then brought all he had, and when he asked him what he had kept for his family, he replied that he had kept Allah and His Messenger for them. I then said, “I shall never get ahead of him in anything.”  (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud)

The old man finished the hadith and turned to the young man saying, “Wisdom and strength and certain supernatural gifts marked ‘Umar out to be a very great man. But greater than this is righteousness of character and who of the Prophet’s companions could match Abu Bakr’s character? So now you know the answer. This universe of ours is so finely tuned to the last detail no matter how large, no matter how small and the wonder is in Allah’s creation of all things.”

The young man who was grateful for catching some small understanding asked the old man, “If someone should ask me the same question I asked you, what should I say?” The old man smiled and said, “Tell them the truth. Abu Bakr is buried on the right side of our holy Prophet (pbh) because he died first. Now, go and develop with Allah’s permission your own character.”

A book and a lesson

There was an Angel whose job it was to stand in the midst of the throng of humanity holding a book. Most men passed by the rather imposing figure and saw not the book, as they were busy preparing to enter life. One man, however, was either brave or foolish enough to go over to the Angel and say, “What are you holding?” The Angel replied, “I am holding a book of secrets in my hand.” The man said, “Show me then the first page of this book for my soul is curious and my mind does not rest.” The Angel opened the book to the first page and the man read as follows. “I am to My servant as how he thinks of Me.”

The man said to the Angel, “What does that mean?” The Angel said, “That is for you to find out but I will tell you a story such that you can understand a little and then you must be on your way.”

“There was a house and in the house there was a master who was kind, gentle, fair and just. This master had four servants. One of these servants was loyal in all things and served his master without stint or question. Another one of his servants was thoughtful but had tendencies to be careless and a procrastinator in many things. The third servant was slovenly stupid and kept losing things and misplacing things of value. The last servant was callous and very treacherous towards his master. He would occasionally steal from his master and was very cruel to all he came into contact with. This he would accomplish only when no one was looking.”

“The master knew of these things for he was wise beyond reckoning. So one day he collected these four servants together and told them that he was going to reward them according to their stature that they had before him. So the master decided to let these four servants go so that they could make their way in the world. These four servants thanked the master and left his employment with the tokens of appreciation that they received and went out into the world.”

“The first servant, the loyal one, received a small piece of gold. He went out into the world and turned that small piece of gold into such a great fortune that he became one of the most honored men that ever lived.”

“The careless procrastinating servant received as his reward a large box of gold. He went out into the world and invested his money in many ventures. Unfortunately, most of the ventures he invested in turned sour and he was left with only a small pittance as compared to what he had before. However, this small pittance was enough to live on and so he did after all manage to live in relative ease.”

“The slovenly stupid servant received as his reward three large chests of gold. He went out into the world and spent it all on foolish things. Unfortunately for him, he ended up penniless and became fit for only being a drudge in the lowest of backbreaking menial work while only managing to live a hand to mouth existence.”

“The evil servant received as his reward ten very large chests of gold. He went out into the world and purchased 5,000 beautiful acres of prime real estate. Unfortunately for him, the people he was dealing with were crooks and murderers. So, not only did he end up losing all his money but in order to keep the deed silent, the thieves ended up killing him on the spot. However, he might, if he were alive, take some small comfort in the fact that he is now buried on the same land he was so very eager to buy.”