Those to whom WE have GIVEN the BOOK, STUDY IT AS IT SHOULD BE STUDIED: they are the ones that believe therein: Those who reject faith therein, the LOSS is their own.       Q (2: 121)

That is be not of those who doubt in HIS WORD. There is one last piece of discourse concerning the ‘crucifixion’ aspect of the man called Jesus the son of Mary. With all of the research done on this subject, especially showing the great variety of variant so-called knowledge which leads to massive confusion about what happened that fateful day, it seems like it’s anyone’s guess as to what is truth.

That seems to be the ‘end game’ as to actually what to make of it. That is most definitely NOT TRUE! Not only that but some Christian online attempts at throwing doubt on the Quran and Islam in general seem to be somewhat successful to the ‘weak’ minded.

…He whom ALLAH guides is rightly guided: but he whom ALLAH leaves to stray, for him will you NOT find any protector to lead him on the Right Way.   Q (18: 17)

However, one crystal, clear thing stands out clear from error on something that may not have been utilized by many researchers. That is (why is this so strange of a thought) ‘what does the ONE GOD declare about this matter and in the meantime give the basis for this’? Certainly, at first, that seems like a strange question! Not really, especially when a careful analysis is applied instead of pure slop!

You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and these are they which bear witness of me;    John (5:39)




First of all, let’s be honest and forthright in this discussion. There are according to the literature many different scenarios concerning the crucifixion story coming from many different viewpoints based on innuendo, false stories and forged sayings.

The best way of approach to this so-called quandary is to do something that may sound strange to some but to others may be very satisfactory indeed!

And that wonderful way is to actually believe in the scriptures! But those arguing about the case say that they DO BELIEVE! Well, partially yes and partially no! The key is NOT TO JUST BELIEVE BUT TO CLOSELY FOLLOW WHAT IS BEING STATED!

A good believer will believe in and follow the scriptures closely. We are concerned with the Muslims now. Therefore, before one jumps into various theories about the so-called crucifixion, he or she would be wise to place scripture above hadith literature, church declarations and theory building and ACTUALLY, AS GIVEN BY THE ONE LORD – ALLAH – LISTEN TO SCRIPTURE.

Step 1: We have three scriptures available to us from the people of the BOOK: the Jewish books called the Old Testament, the Christian books called the New Testament and the Islamic book called the Quran.

Step 2: As wonderful as hadiths are and as great as Tafseers are, we will now concentrate on one major book which is the Quran simply because it is mentioned in the Old Testament as being pure (Zephaniah (3: 9-10); the Arabic investigation into the Book by scholars shows this book to be original and pure; historical evidence shows that the earliest of Quran’s are the same as today except for diacritical marks used in pronunciation, etc.;



and no other holy book can match these credentials or have been given the declaration by the ONE GOD that ‘this (entire) book is protected and no error can enter it’ (to deceive the Ummah)!

Well, if one truly believes in the above steps, then one will actually follow what the Quran says. But haven’t others done the same?

I don’t mean to say I follow and believe but to say I believe and follow. The difference here is to actually see what ALLAH says about the other books and then ACT ON THAT! Why? Because that is the key to reach an understanding in my opinion.

So instead of following mere conjecture at first, one should put the whole framework of the question of the so-called crucifixion in the three holy books or as to what was shown in these articles on this Website.*

Why? All one has to do is review some of the verses in the Quran and look very closely at the verses pertaining to the supposed crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) in the other two holy books and of course the Quran.

*Too much information has been compiled in these various articles to list here. However, doing a computer search using the ‘find’ value and looking for the word ‘crucifixion’ should supply the seeker with the shortcut that is need.

The Old Testament is very vague about things of this sort but does give some ‘hints’ at a servant in travail (Dead Sea Scrolls) as to his suffering together with prophet Isaiah’s (pbh) words coming very close to describing ‘cryptically’ that which concerns a ‘suffering servant’. The word ‘Suffering’ here can mean several things. A servant who suffers painful things done on him or one who is drawn out in suffering with no quick release.



That I don’t deny and historically I don’t deny the Gnostic tendency of these words or what the Jews referred to as the Kabbalah (an esoteric thought process which may be right or wrong – better known as mysticism). Here, I am concerned with what will fit the story and not a hit or miss philosophy.

Yet it should be known that ALLAH has declared in the Quran that HE will protect HIS servant (Jesus the son of Mary) from being harmed by the Children of Israel! In other words whether they are in a position or not to harm him, it won’t be permitted! That is a big time guarantee received by Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) from his LORD!

…And Behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from (violence to) you when you showed them the Clear Signs, and the unbelievers among them said, “This is nothing but evident magic.    Q (5: 110)

If asked about what I think of this ‘suffering servant’ tendency, I would agree but not as the Jews or Christians have put it today but as being in a long term travail.

For on his shoulders should the weight be placed for ALLAH’s purposes (not yours or mine) Q (20: 115) and that is discussed only in brief form in things I have written AS TO DESCRIBE JESUS AS TO BEING NO MORE THAN A MAN, but the Representative Man (Sign) unto mankind TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE ONE GOD! For life has turned full circle and ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BELONG TO THE LORD! **

For in truth, there was NO prophet between Muhammad and Jesus (peace be upon them both). As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end!




However, back to the supposed crucifixion and what the other religions may point to as Muslim doubts. Those people are probably looking at the various ‘theories’ that have been put forth by Muslim writers themselves. However, a short review of the Quran BRINGS IN THE BETTER FOCUS ABOUT THE JESUS WHO WAS NOT CRUCIFIED OR KILLED!!!!!

The ONE GOD IS TELLING US DIRECTLY in the following:

  1. Q (2: 140) …’Ah! Who is more unjust than those who conceal the testimony they have from ALLAH… One can’t conceal what is NOT THERE OR NOT WRITTEN! They can do this through inventive distortion by twisting some facts and ignoring parts that would show their clever little twists. Q (3: 78) – There is among them a section who distort the book with their tongues
  2. The Muslim is supposed to believe in the scriptures that were sent before the Quran BUT as ones that were once pure but have undergone some changes. Conversely, the Jews and Christians … “And when there comes to them a Book from ALLAH confirming what is with them… they refuse to believe it… Q (2: 89)
  3. Let the people of the Gospel judge by what ALLAH has revealed therein… Q (5: 47). The book can’t be too corrupt if ‘those’ people are told to do that.
  4. (5: 13)…They (the Jews and or Jewish-Christians depending on the date) change the words from their (right) places… Q (5: 14) But they forgot a good part of the Message that was sent them…

The bottom line with understanding is that these ‘altered’ books are not too far off the mark when studied very carefully and with understanding.




We come to that conclusion from the following: … And nearest among them in love to the Believers will you find those who say, “We are Christians”: Because among these are men DEVOTED TO LEARNING. And men who have renounced the world, and they are NOT ARROGANT.                            Q (5: 82)

What type of learning are they devoted to? The learning from their present scriptures as well as other documents and history. This then provides us a strong purpose of looking at their material together with ‘historical evidence’ both good and bad (for honesty is the best policy).

Following this path, a path of light opened up by the Quran itself, one can see how relevant the information is that is actually provided by the Gospels and ‘letters’ (Paul for example) and Acts that can actually project a very positive ISLAMIC STANCE TOWARDS THE QUESTION OF THE CRUCIFIXION RESULTING IN THE IDEA THAT JESUS (pbh) WAS NEITHER CRUCIFIED NOR WAS HE KILLED. That is to say that an overview of my documents (especially the articles and in minor cases some knowledge from my books) leave the matter nearly complete up to the doings in the tomb.

As for the question of who actually was on the cross itself, I believe I have answered that from a historical perspective (supposedly a saying by Peter’s secretary) as well as taking into consideration the Gospel of Luke and the ability of Jesus as to what has been known as a ‘shape changer’ and what can be deduced from the Gospels concerning this matter.

Also, one has to have some recognition of Gnosticism if only to understand things like ‘ROSE FROM THE DEAD’ and its possible meanings.




However, and this is very important so as to be sure one is NOT talking just plain voodoo, one must be aware of any CROSS-REFERENCING that can be achieved to open up the very difficult concept of ‘RISING FROM THE DEAD’.

In doing these things one can but hope to coordinate all of the knowledge one is given at one’s disposal and process that knowledge under the guidance of PURE SCRIPTURE such as the Quran with ALLAH’s Permission.

At first it doesn’t seem possible that one can use the New Testament to show that Jesus was neither ‘killed by men’ nor put naked on the cross. Yet some great miracle like this has happened before however in a stupendous event. This miracle was totally great and unexpected.

That miracle was the ‘sacrifice of Abraham’s (pbh) oldest son’ and true seed from his loins, Ishmael (pbh) who in fact at the last moment was substituted for by a ram. The emphasis for the Jews and Christians was to be naturally on Abraham’s youngest son Isaac (pbh) due to the fact that from his line would come the Messiah and that is where their concentration lies which has caused them to downgrade the Ishmaelite line by twisting scripture as it would lead more positively to Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

It is important to note that the Quran is NOT TELLING MUSLIMS TO READ THE OLD OR NEW TESTAMENTS! In fact for the very vast majority of the Muslims, there is no need to read the other testaments. This is a specialty of Comparative Religion based on ALLAH’s Revelation concerning their works. However, some can engage in this practice for ‘revealing the Revelation’.




For example, a huge amount of Jews and Christians believe that Jesus (pbh) was killed by people after being sentenced to death. Yet the Gospel of John rightfully declares ON JESUS’ OWN TESTIMONY that no man could kill him that is, take his life.

And another thing, he will be the one to decide when and presumably where to ‘lay down his life’.

So if he is in the Garden (prior to these events) praying to be exempt for something he apparently is in charge of and by which he scolded his own band of Disciples for on the way to Jerusalem (they were terrified by what he was telling them as to future events) would show up Jesus in a very bad light!

Truth, whether strange or not, has a flavor all by itself. However, the Muslim has to be aware of the artificial light of falsehood as to those who try to artificially twist things to their own advantage. “You study our books but we won’t study yours” is what the foolish want the Muslims to do as well as to sow seeds of doubt in their breast. Do they not ‘see’ that their own minds have become corrupt?

Those to whom WE have GIVEN the BOOK, STUDY IT AS IT SHOULD BE STUDIED: they are the ones that believe therein: Those who reject faith therein, the LOSS is their own.       Q (2: 121)

** It is ALLAH that gave the increase. It is ALLAH that made the Plan and it is ALLAH WHO is responsible for SALVATION and the bringing forth to fruition a way for salvation to take place. He is the ONE WHO causes things to happen and makes things possible. So on the Last Day when Jesus (pbh) is questioned about his lengthy ‘travails’ his reply will be:



And behold! ALLAH will say; “O Jesus the son of Mary! Did you {ever} say to men, “Take me and my mother for two gods {or god-like creatures having god-like qualities} besides ALLAH?” He {Jesus} will say; “Glory to YOU O ALLAH! Never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, YOU would most definitely have known it. YOU and YOU ALONE know what is in my heart though I do NOT know what is in YOUR HEART. For YOU know in full all that is hidden.    Q (5: 116)