Thauban reported that ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) said, “When the sword is used among my people, it will not be withdrawn from them till the Day of Resurrection and the last hour will not come before tribes of my people attach themselves to the polytheists and tribes of my people worship idols. There will be among my people 30 great liars each of them asserting that he is GOD’s prophet, whereas I am the SEAL of the prophets after whom there will be NO {more} prophets; but a section of my people will continue to hold to the truth till GOD’s Command comes and will prevail and will NOT be injured by those who oppose them.”                                               (Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi)

The first part of this hadith mentioning the attaching themselves to the polytheists has already been discussed in one of my articles dealing with the ‘yellow haired people’ or Rome/Byzantium/sometimes called western powers. The attachment can be either good or bad depending upon where one places the emphasis and the reason of ‘attachment’. Mutual cooperation, respect and certain treaties to foil evil or at least to counteract evil are not inherently bad.

However, overdependence on values or ways counter to the religion of TRUTH (Islam) or causing the society to shun Islamic ways laid down by the sayings and practices of Muhammad (pbh) are wrong and adopting ways contrary to Islam are criminal. What decides this? Ways that foster anti-Islamic thinking or ways that treat Muslims as being backward or useless instead of being on the straight path and GOD inspired are in reality criminal against the spirit of Truth.

The difference between the Sunni branch of Islam and the Shi ‘ah branch was miniscule for only a few decades. However, due to the corruptions of certain criminal so-called scholars in taking advantage of certain ‘worldly’ situations and building upon the superstitious natures of the people, it was inevitable that a people coming from a ‘superstitious’ background, mainly in what is now modern Iraq (Babylonian ancient cult), would fall into fabrication of religious nonsense.

Comparative religion is useful here because it should not be felt that Shi ‘ahism is alone in manufacturing idol worship as part of a creed. This Insha ALLAH will be explained shortly as to the machinations of the topic of the so-called divine Imams as well as the story of the ‘hidden Imam’*

In the New Testament, in the Gospel of John, one finds the budding of what might have grown into a fabrication of such religious nonsense as the fabricated story of the Shi ‘ah ‘hidden Imam’. The Old Testament also contains certain flunky stories that have no position in reality.

Peter seeing him {John whom Jesus loved above his other Disciples} said to Jesus, “Lord, and what shall this man {John} do?”

Jesus said to him {Peter}, “If I will that he tarry till I come {forth again}, what is that to you? Follow thou me.”

Then went this saying abroad among the brethren {concerning John} that that disciple should NOT die; yet Jesus DID NOT SAY TO HIM, HE SHALL NOT DIE; but {he said} ‘If I will that he tarry till I come {forth again}, what is that to you?’      John (21: 21-23)

The above verses from the Gospel of John are both mystical and realistic and show a problem in the making and at least a partial solution. Whatever was meant by the prophet Jesus (pbh), it is clearly shown that his ‘beloved disciple’ would NOT hang around for a few thousand years as an undying entity waiting for the second coming of Jesus the Christ.

For our purposes the meaning is not overly important. What is important is that certain sayings or beliefs can be twisted out of proportion resulting in possible fantasy and illogical belief systems. Secondly, this is not a Christian hadith but a higher level of knowledge classified as revelation found in a holy book.

Whether the revelation is true or not, is another question. However, being placed inside a holy book does outrank a supposed saying by the prophet Jesus (pbh) and this of course is how revelation versus the words of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) are looked at with the Quran taking precedence over the sayings of Muhammad (pbh) and then classifying his sayings as to their validity.

This idea becomes important when comparing the Holy and Sanctified Words of ALLAH with words claimed to be those of HIS Prophet (pbh). Then the true religious scholars can go forth and study the sayings of the Prophet (pbh) and weigh them on many fronts including that with the Revealed Word to ascertain the correctness of the saying as to it being trustworthy, dependable, questionable or falsified.

This is important when the eager soul investigates any topic and this is especially true with religion and pseudo-religious concepts. For example, the ‘sacrament of the holy Eucharist’ consists of taking a small wafer of bread (the body of Christ) dipped in wine (the blood of Christ) in the mouth and swallowing it thus apparently consuming Jesus in a ritual joining of what might be considered as souls.

This is a church invention and keen enquires into this thought will produce amazing things. First, if one bit the host in two parts, which one is not supposed to do, would this cut Jesus in half? Secondly, if the host fell out of someone’s mouth and dropped on the floor, would that mean Jesus would have fallen on his head?

These things were not written to demean some religious practice but rather to show what can be called religious invention NOT instituted by the main character involved (Jesus) but made up by lesser individuals (a priest-class) for the purpose of keeping a control of the individual and a reinforcement of the imposed values of that particular institution/religion.

The wisest thing to do is to sift out the ridiculous inventions from the reality and therefore come up with the truth. Get to know the real Jesus or the real Muhammad versus the false, planted misconceptions and lies which cannot construct a bridge for salvation because salvation is the TRUTH and is NOT built on lies, fantasies or wishful thinking.

So what is idol worship? It is anything THAT TRIES TO PUT TO A LIE THAT THE ONE GOD IS UNIQUE IN HIS QUALITIES AND ABOVE THE COMPREHENSION OR CONTAINMENT OF MAN’S {ANY MAN’S} MIND INCLUDING THE PROPHETS WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THEIR LORD DIRECTLY. So idol worship can be considered an action attributing to what belongs ONLY to THE ONE GOD to any animate or inanimate thing as well as the common making of images or trinkets that are supposed to represent or bring one closer to THE ONE GOD.

Under this definition one can clearly see that Shi ‘ah philosophy contains undisputed elements of idol worship and if one has doubts about this statement one should use the idea of ‘by their fruits {actions}, you will know them’. This sentiment is also a verse found in the New Testament. So ‘don’t be like those Jews who declared doing things but did NOT do…

The Pharisees and {self-proclaimed} wisemen sit upon the seat of Moses {as a construct of maintaining the religious law of GOD}. Therefore, all that he (Moses) said to you do it {with diligence and good speed} but according to their {Pharisees and wisemen} reforms and their precedents {law making} do NOT do because they talk but do NOT do.   Matthew (23: 2-3)

So whatever is upholdable do uphold and whatever is NOT upholdable do thou condemn!

The Shi ‘ah religion elevates certain numbers of people (generally 5 or 12 individuals depending upon the specific sect one belongs to) to a certain status of knowing the unseen etc. and being greater than the prophets themselves. That is not only slandering the truth but also idol worship as defined above. How do we know this for sure? It is to ALLAH and ALLAH ALONE the knowledge of the UNSEEN and the control of all the atoms of the universe.

Don’t go to the man on the street because he is NOT the builder of articles of faith nor is he a careful thinker about what is behind his or her religion but go to the Head characters that have in their hands the power to uphold or adamantly abolish the lies of corruption. Therefore, one can see who is telling the truth and who is a deviant liar.

So in short we turn to one of Shi ‘ahisms most dynamic characters – Ayatollah Khomeini. Shi ‘ahism was sort of buried in a non-consequential existence for many centuries as a private offshoot of mainstream Islam. It existence was suppressed in its two major areas of stronghold: Iraq and Iran.

However, like Adolf Hitler who was imprisoned but having his philosophy grow before his eyes wrote his philosophical conquering details  in his book, Mein Kampf, Ayatollah Khomeini was in a sanctuary-type prison in Iraq and feeling good about himself and his possible destiny of controlling ‘the times’. He was eventually getting ready to go back to Iran where his support was growing by leaps and bounds and would eventually see the ruler of Iran flee for his life.

Around this time, many Muslims who had abandoned good research knowledge as well as history were feeling quite heady and intoxicated about sticking it to the west and western leaders and also trying to send a message to their leaders about becoming much more Islamic (which to their eyes would probably lead to instantaneous paradise). Therefore, they saw in Khomeini a real live hero and that would be especially true later on as he magically waved his hand in a spiritually dynamic way from a private balcony when the US Embassy was attacked and hostages were illegally taken. This guy looked tough and saintly and a hero for depressed Muslims everywhere.

A few years before returning from exile, Khomeini gave a series of short lectures which was later turned into a book called Al-Hukoomatul-Islamiyyah or the Islamic Government. There was no need to hide from anyone anymore. Puffed up with pride, Khomeini could speak his peace without fear or contradiction. So he took the veil away from his heart {soul} and laid down what Shi ‘ahism was really all about.

To make a long story short, he bragged about Shi ‘ah religious ideals and the Infallibility of the Imams who not only knew the totality of the Unseen but were equated with being divine dispensers of truth giving directives equivalent in power and importance as that what can be found in ALLAH’s BOOK THE QURAN and who were in a higher position than any prophet and that includes Muhammad (pbh).

Based on these fictitious ideals, in a word, the only real Islam was his type of Islam and the others could either denounce their Islam or go to hell in a hand basket for interfering with the injunctions laid down by the so-called holy Imams and of course him and his lot.

Other perverse tenets of the Shi ‘ah philosophy were spewed out by him and pompously solidified in his book when he declared to the effect that ‘Do you think that it is enough for us {Shiites} with respect to OUR religion, to collect its rulings and directives in Al-Kaafi {and our other two major books}, then put it on a shelf and neglect it {not believe in it}?’ The use of these symbols { } found in this article are for clarification purposes only.

Tying in with this piece of nonsense are many, many things of which only three will be mentioned. These three things can be looked up in any responsible encyclopedia and in well-balanced websites for who is ashamed of the TRUTH let the TRUTH be ashamed of that individual!


As I have shown in my articles, both the Old Testament and the Quran declare that the Book of ALLAH, sometimes referred to as the ‘Uthmani Quran, is 100% correct with no single letter additions or subtractions possible. That means that what is written in Arabic now was exactly that what was given to Muhammad (pbh) through the Auspices of Arch-Angel Gabriel (peace on him).

**I will, Insha ALLAH, put that piece at the end of this article to refresh the mind concerning the purity of the Quran. For the Arabic proofs of the 100% purity of the Quran, one can go to the internet and look those things up.

First, a Shi ‘ah scholar honored in a prominent Shrine in the so-called holy city of Najaf by the name of Mirza Husain bin Muhammad Taqi An-Nawari At-Tabarsi wrote a book entitled, The Decisive Say on the Proof of Alteration of the Book of the Lord of Lords. This unbeliever’s book indirectly accuses ALLAH of being a liar and an incompetent who cannot be powerful enough to protect HIS OWN WORD after HE declared that HE would protect it.

Backed up by hundreds of so-called scholars of Shi ‘ahism from various ages, At-Tabarsi’s monstrous book defines the Shi ‘ah faith. From here, one can NOW create another similar religion based on conjecture and stupidity while passing it off at the same time as ‘ancient revealed truths’ – from a book, Al-Kaafi, that is over 1,000 years old.

Therefore, this utter piece of trash gives Shi ‘ah scholars full reign to ‘create’ (invent) special features of Islam which never existed!!!

Secondly, the knowledge that the ‘call to prayer’ a virtual stamp of identity of the religion of Islam is NOT the same as was done by the Prophet (pbh) or his companions including ‘Ali! The addition may be slight but it adds the name of ‘Ali to it and any additions or subtractions to this or any other practice in Islam is completely forbidden and denounced as a practice of unbelief or shirk.

The third ridiculous point to discuss in brief is the phantom story of the ‘hidden Imam’ and this is a good story to uncover the criminal so-called scholars and the criminal mind of the ‘alawite or the fiver sect and what these unbelievers believe to be Islam and the 12er sect or the dominate Shi ‘ah sect and what they consider to be Islam.

When people take the responsibility to look up this menagerie of fiction and farce, one can immediately sense the perverse scholars at work inventing religion especially for the control of the general public and the financial benefits that go along with controlling the masses. So when putting these things to the test, it becomes easier to see how people through the auspices of falsehoods and false religious expressions can subdue and control a people and lead them into heretical beliefs.

The ordinary man on the street may be dazed and uncomprehending. So, look up the history about these things if you seem to be uncomfortable about it especially the zoo which they call the history behind the ‘hidden Imam’. And remember a very important point when the blind follow the blind. That point is that weak ones who followed the  repressive strong ones with no big deal in their hearts about what to follow will ask that the mighty ones (their leaders of deception) be given double the punishment in the Hell-fire. For sure that will be granted but it will also be handed back to the weak ones who seemingly didn’t care at the time that they also will be given double the Chastisement!

Men ask you concerning the Hour: say, “The knowledge thereof is with ALLAH (Alone)” And what will make you understand? Perchance the Hour is Nigh!

Verily ALLAH has cursed the Unbelievers and prepared for them a Blazing Fire

To dwell therein forever: No protector will they find, nor helper.

The Day that their faces will be turned over in the Fire, they will say: “Woe to us! It would have been better that we had obeyed ALLAH and obeyed the Messenger!”

And they would say, “Our LORD! We obeyed our chiefs and our great ones and they misled us as to the (correct) path.

Our LORD, Give them Double Chastisement and curse them with a very great Curse!”    Q (33: 63-68)

But those who reject OUR Signs and treat them with arrogance, they are the Companions of the Fire to dwell therein (for ever)

Who is more unjust than one who forges a lie against ALLAH or rejects HIS Signs? For such their portion appointed must reach them from the Book (of Decrees): until, when OUR messengers (of death) arrive and take their souls, they say: “Where are the things that you used to invoke besides ALLAH?” They will reply, “They have left us in the lurch,” and they will bear witness against themselves, that they had rejected ALLAH.

HE will say, “Enter you in the company of the Peoples who passed away before you – men and Jinns, – into the Fire”. Every time a new People enters, it curses its sister-People (that went before), until they follow each other, all into the Fire. The last declares about the first, “Our LORD! It is these that misled us; so give them a double Punishment in the Fire.” HE will say, “Doubled for ALL” but this you will not understand {at this time}.

Then the first will say to the last, “See then! NO advantage have you OVER US; so taste you all of the Chastisement for ALL that YOU DID!”      Q (7: 36-39)

We are NOT privy to the secrets of the heart nor are we privy to those whose repentance is accepted. We are just given a warning that idolatry is punishable by Hell-fire as well as the acquiescence of those deeds or the voluntary support for those deeds. Therefore, it becomes just and rightful to condemn idolatry in any form. Once again, here is the definition of idolatry and the repeat of the critical hadith:

So what is idol worship? It is anything THAT TRIES TO PUT TO A LIE THAT THE ONE GOD IS UNIQUE IN HIS QUALITIES AND ABOVE THE COMPREHENSION OR CONTAINMENT OF MAN’S {ANY MAN’S} MIND INCLUDING THE PROPHETS WHO HAVE NOT SEEN THEIR LORD DIRECTLY. So idol worship can be considered an action attributing to what belongs ONLY to THE ONE GOD to any animate or inanimate thing as well as the common making of images or trinkets that are supposed to represent or bring one closer to THE ONE GOD.

Thauban reported that ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) said, “When the sword is used among my people, it will not be withdrawn from them till the Day of Resurrection and the last hour will not come before tribes of my people attach themselves to the polytheists and tribes of my people worship idols. There will be among my people 30 great liars each of them asserting that he is GOD’s prophet, whereas I am the SEAL of the prophets after whom there will be NO {more} prophets; but a section of my people will continue to hold to the truth till GOD’s Command comes and will prevail and will NOT be injured by those who oppose them.”                                               (Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi)

*Historically, the idea of the 12th Imam is ridiculous simply because historically, the Shi ‘ite family of this dreamed up Imam declared him not to exist. That is, Al-Hassan Al-‘Askari died while leaving no male successor to inherit from his will. That of course would sink the Shi ‘ah boat so a tale something akin to the Arabian Nights had to be invented to keep the ‘faithful’ in line (following the infallible, universe controlling, divine Imams)and this fairytale is called the Tale of the Door and the Tunnel. This fabricated fiction can also be looked up in any authenticated source or encyclopedia.

However, the big tip off from this ludicrous tale comes with the knowledge of what happened just after Al-‘Askari’s death. A few people (well-placed families) could control vast amounts of wealth from the Zakat tax. They could also control the religious direction and therefore, their own powerful position by being able (for a fee of course) to hand down into a hole in the ground, messages from the common believers who could not see or visit with that holy spiritual ghost but get answers to their questions. Finally, in keeping the voodoo of the ‘hidden Imam’ alive, the control of religious decrees and therefore the common people would be assured.

Arguments were bound to happen especially amongst this den of thieves. Hence a man from the that corrupt group, named Muhammad Nusair, decided he and his gang would go off and eventually invent another branch of so-called Islam (the ‘Alawite sect of disbelievers found mostly in Syria and Turkey and a few places here and there) which ended up in taking ‘Ali as GOD’s son among other obnoxious practices.

This lunatic asylum needed the authority and power of the so-called Imams just like the Roman Catholic Church needed the idea of popedom (as the Vicar of Christ on Earth and infallible on religious matters) to control the masses especially in doctrinal decrees. So, historically one can see the corruptions brought on by the popes, papal decrees and other corrupt practices from inventive religious practices that resulted in the rise and prosperity of Protestantism which in turn has led to the far out practices of Evangelical philosophies.

In our modern world, what does all of this mean? For one thing, one should not be taken aback with the flights of fantasy from the group called Hezbollah. Their undying support for their fellow crooks in Syria, the ‘Alawite sect of disbelievers, throws the hidden face of their philosophy into the open for those who have eyes to see.

Just because they fought with Israel and tried with some success to be buddy buddies with their fellow Arabs, they thought that they could slip the sleeping Muslims a ‘Mickey’ and declare themselves fellow Arab brothers in Islam.

Furthermore, the excellent way they band together to help the poor is praiseworthy until one is reminded about two things. FIRST OF ALL, ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH ALONE. Secondly, from Adolf Hitler to the Mafia, helping the poor out has been a useful device to get in good with the people to gain their support against the law that is trying to throw the lot of those corrupters in jail for illegal activities that are destroying society but fattening the Mafia.

One reason why the Mafia and Hezbollah help their adherents is very practical and socially correct. By helping the poor, the poor feel obligated to return the favor and help the benefactor. In conscience, one has to decide the moralistic value of what one is being called to do. The proper way is to know the wrong path from the right path. So the big deal is ‘don’t leap before you look’ or inspect more closely behind the curtains that are possibly thrown up for deception.

**From the article A Touch of Evil and a Touch of Class:


Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (New International Version)


Then I will purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve him shoulder to shoulder.
From beyond the rivers of Cush my worshipers, my scattered people, will bring ME offerings.


Zephaniah 3: 9-10 (21st Century King James Version)

For then will I return to the people a pure language that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve HIM with one accord.
From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia MY suppliants–even the daughter of MY dispersed–shall bring MINE offering.


The Book of Zephaniah was originally written sometime in the 6th century BC although some scholars prefer a second century BC offering possibly borrowing on the originality of a manuscript from the 6th century BC. Practically that amounts to about the same thing.


It is clear and unambiguous that the GIVER of the ‘gift’ being spoken about comes directly from THE ONE LORD and not something that drops into a man’s head by his own doing. In other words, the gift that will be given is from GOD and directly from HIM and no other. This gift is mentioned as purified lips or a pure language.


Verse number 9 talks of purified lips of the peoples or a pure language. When a person talks about using the lips of peoples, one is talking about a manner of speech and when one talks about a manner of speech; one is talking about a certain language that will be used.

Among humanity there is no known pure language that has ever been invented by the hands of man. There has NEVER been a common language that has ever remained pure because like man, language that is developed from a creature (man) is like that creature – changing.

The Eskimo living in his environment has perhaps over a hundred words for snow but people living in the desert may only have one or two words for this phenomenon. So language reflects the utility of man’s ‘changing world’ and hence the language changes – meaning that it does not remain pure but becomes adulterated according to need. Hence, the expression ‘I am bad’ can actually mean that I am good in the same language.

So at least we know that there will be a language involved instead of tap dancing. This language has to be a special language and not anything that man could think of because it will have the property of being pure and remaining pure and that will be quite a feat due to man’s proclivity in messing things up! Moreover, we cannot forget that it will be directly from the ONE GOD and who would ever attribute to HIM imperfection but one who is deformed in the soul.

Also, the language cannot be common everyday speech because that would also get messed up. Rather the language must be very special and even ceremonial for it to be ‘locked up’ and kept pure and unsullied by the hands of men. The type of ceremonial expressions used must not be looked upon as a run of the mill experience like joining a club but rather put into an exalted position to merit such a stance as being pure and kept pure.

There is only one logical form of highest thought taken by most men from the past to the present and that is the form of RELIGION or the continuation of life rather than just living and dying for no reason. Hence, this protected language which is PURE and going to remain PURE is a religious language.

Being a religious language that remains PURE cannot be for one person or for one country and as the verses claim, which is fairly easy to figure out, this language will be for various peoples who practice this form of worship or belief.

A pure language like rituals will change over a period of time UNLESS of course it is in a form that a person can say and remember that it becomes the proverbial ‘written in stone’ language or a language unaltered through time.

In other words, this language may be spoken but it has to be PRESERVED AND REVERED such that it is in a written form that can be used as a standard for checking the veracity of the spoken form or written forms coming from it and so highly thought of that any attempt to fool around with it will bring ‘dire consequences’. Hence, this written form must be duplicated in great quantities for the peoples and can be easily checked out as to its maintaining its ‘perfection’.

So a record of the formation, development, delivery of this language has to be kept as from the beginning of its origins so as to be able to show that it has a track record and not just some kind of fairytale story as an invisible book kept by and controlled by high priests. Therefore, the best form of preservation is not a book of rules but an actual book by which a standard can be formed to test any copies that would be made of this book or recitations given from this book.

The conclusion is simple. A book must exist that is GOD GIVEN and it is and fully remains available in its original language (not just a translated form as the verses from the two of the above Old Testament translated sources are). Well if it is a GOD GIVEN BOOK it will be about the guidance given to man rather than instructions on how to perform tap dancing and this makes it a religious book which in turn makes it a TESTAMENT and that, in turn, makes it a separate phase or form of religion.

Where there is a NEW TESTAMENT GIVEN there is a paradigm change. This means that in the common language of man there will come a NEW RELIGION. This does not mean that the religion is brand spanking new but it is NOT going to be a carbon copy of the preceding religion even though it may harmonize with the old.

For where a testament is {paradigm change}, there must also of necessity be the {some form of} death {transformation – thus causing him to physically leave the world} of the testator.    Heb. (9: 16)

Worshiping with ‘one accord’ can have many different meanings. When one comes across a puzzler like this, one has to fit something in that will be in agreement with those two verses thus making the whole of the verses to harmonize without any contradiction. In other words, one takes that meaning that will not throw off the other meanings given in those two verses.

One can worship with one accord even though we are different as a people if that religion has a basis for belief (a basic doctrine) that all members harmoniously believe in. In other words, the basis of belief must be such that the upholders of that belief system understand that system no matter to what various cultures they are found in. That would be the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM forming the basis of that belief system or the bedrock as its foundation amongst those who believe.

By all of its worshipers would mean from pole to pole and ocean to ocean such that Islam would be a ‘worldwide’ religion and not just for one city or country and that the true followers of that ONE RELIGION would follow the same HOLY BOOK without additional words or chapters thrown in or taken out – unlike the Catholic Bible versus the Protestant Bible – and practice the same FIVE PILLARS.

The part about standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ can mean many things but it is the practice of Muslims to stand harmoniously and joyfully in one accord during one of the essential pillars of faith and that is prayer – for the prayer to be accepted. This does not apply to any ‘false sect’ but only to mainstream Islam.

Besides the above explanation, how can we know that Islam is being discussed in these two verses from Zephaniah? That is easy for we have the geographical location given. A religion starts descending from ‘above’ to those below. In other words, it has to have a physical presence and start from some place upon someone.

So, in this case we need to have a geographical area to deal with at the very start of this revelation. So it is easy to see that a prophet will be involved and he will be speaking to some people in the beginning and these people will have a home base or be domiciled in some geographical area.

The geographical area will be defined according to these verses based on the nature of the rivers found in the country mentioned. The country mentioned is that area of Cush or what is known as Ethiopia.

The rivers in Ethiopia run in a north-south or south-north direction. Therefore, one must go across from these rivers in an east-west direction to find the location of any religion that emerged from the time of the writing of this book called Zephaniah.

If one was to use willy-nilly logic and jump up or down going in a north or south direction in a random way by leapfrogging so many countries, then one could look for a religious movement with a preserved HOLY LANGUAGE coming from the north or south poles. However, when one restricts the search for this religion by going directly east or west from ‘across the rivers of Ethiopia’ then one must look for that religion in those areas.

By going west from the rivers of Ethiopia one can keep going through the continent of Africa until one hits the Atlantic Ocean and not find any religion that can lay a claim for the fulfillment of the prophecy found in Zephaniah.

However, when one goes to the east from the rivers of Ethiopia, one does find an ESTABLISHED WORLD RELIGION THAT FULLFILLS ALL OF THAT PROPHECY FOUND IN THE BOOK OF ZEPHANIAH and this country turns out to be Arabia specifically starting in the area called Makkah.

What about the ‘dispersed or scattered people’? The original children of Israel tended to be tribal and not such a propagating religious movement. Their original language varies with the times and their original records are somewhat suspect due to the various inabilities to keep alive their documents throughout history – translations, yes but originals, NO!

The other branch of this ‘tribe’ commonly called Christians do tend to be propagating as to their faith but do not present either a pure language kept in book form or form of worship. That is, some Testament is used in a foreign-based language (Greek) or many kinds of translations making it easier for people to read and some form of creed is generally believed in but variations as to prayer, times of prayer, rituals and doctrine are quite varied.

These thoughts may be taken as a form of nitpicking but what does the word PURE mean? Does it mean almost or nearly pure or does it imply 100% retrievable and provable pure? The verses in Zephaniah refer to the 100% form of purity not in custom but in the Language Guaranteed and Protected by the CREATOR LORD HIMSELF!

So the dispersed and scattered people would be people covering a wide area that would have been left out of the equation for salvation or those reduced to following some form of tribal paganism or even a tarnished philosophy. There is another thought to this, however.

Considering the New Testament and its warnings of the ‘deterioration of the truth’ brought by Jesus (pbh) (see the article Islam and the Rise and Fall of the Teachings of Jesus) and what also is found in the Quran (Q 5: 14), one can gather that the floundering ship of truth must be resurrected with a PURE form of truth. Otherwise, bringing one’s corrupted ‘offerings’ needs no PURE LANGUAGE or TRUTH to be sent down from the heavens when corruption will suffice or trump REALITY and that the ONE LORD will accept any old trash or falsehoods created by man to be thrown up to honor HIM!

It must be admitted that even a slow minded worshiper of any religion would be completely foolish as to confront the ONE GOD by proclaiming that HIS GIFT of a PURE LANGUAGE is foolish, misplaced or erroneous IF THAT PERSON HAS ANY HOPE OF A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE AFTERLIFE.

And remember ALLAH took a Covenant from the People of the Book to make it known and clear to mankind and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made!            Q (3: 187)

For those, too, who call themselves Christians, WE did take a Covenant, but they forgot a good part of the Message that was sent to them: So WE stirred up enmity and hatred between one and the other {to fight and squabble amongst themselves}, to the Day of Judgment. And soon will ALLAH show them what it is they have done.                      Q (5: 14)

Those who reject ALLAH {THE ONE AND ETERNAL GOD} and hinder (men) from the PATH of ALLAH, their deeds will ALLAH bring to naught.   Q (47: 1)

In the Quran we find all that we need to know and more besides if our fancy takes us in that direction – proof upon proof (see the free downloadThe Non-Crucifixion of Jesus).

What we can be certain of from the Quran is that one who is put on the cross even for a twentieth of a second has in fact been crucified but will probably not die when taken off within a very short time. Therefore, we can be certain that Jesus (pbh) was NOT placed on the cross or else he would have been by definition crucified and the second thing we know is that he didn’t die.

That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of ALLAH” – but they did not kill him and they did not crucify him, but it was made to seem so to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubts with NO (certain) knowledge but ONLY CONJECTURE TO FOLLOW. In truth they killed him not.                             Q (4:157)

We also know that he rose up into the heavens as his physical self without the aid of any device or protective clothing. Hence, he is a man who is transformed and this transformation is a very good SIGN for those who have a HOPE in ALLAH and the Last Day.

That, in part, translates into the knowledge that man will not always be in his current condition but will once again go back to that purity of form from whence he was originally created. Therefore, he will not always have to vie (compete) with the beasts of the field or be hunted down by various diseases.


So what is so hard to understand about that?

The Prophet (pbh) said, “Make matters easy and do not make them difficult, give glad tidings and do NOT make people averse (unenthusiastic) {by breaking peoples’ backs with the iron fist of religion being a punishment for mankind}.” (Bukhari and Muslim)