The Problem with Reincarnation

The idea of reincarnation has posed a lot of problems especially to ‘over thinkers’ in religious ideological thinking. Actually, the concept of reincarnation is a lot like theoretical physics! How many humans, from a population of eight billion people, actually Read More →

The Perfection Is in ALLAH’s Word and not in Our Works

Use of the symbols {} is done for explanation and clarity purposes only.   “It doesn’t matter how you got there; it matters what you do when you get there,”   Every religion has had an evil antagonist attached to Read More →

We Are Being Tested 

The use of {} is for explanatory and educational purposes only. Every day of our lives, we are being tested as to our endurance in Faith, Deeds, Beliefs, and Actions. True Believers are expected to gain correct and accurate knowledge Read More →

The Problem with Shi’ahism

Every major religion has produced various deviant ‘SECTS’ or divisions contrary to the original founder’s thoughts/purpose. Islam is a worldly religion and as such is no different than other religions that came before it on this point. Indeed Prophet Muhammad Read More →

Original Sin

The symbols {} are used to present further clarity to the text. Bringing science, religion, history and logic into the topic of Original Sin seems like a daunting task. However, it is not as daunting as it would appear at Read More →

The Confederates and Other Wonders

The symbols {} are used to bring clarity to the information presented. Then WE will surely question those to whom (a message) was sent, and WE will surely question the Messengers {AS TO HOW THOSE PEOPLE OBEYED THE COMMANDS OF Read More →

Expanding on the Knowledge Concerning Zul-Qarnain (Revised)

Use of the symbols {} are for clarification purposes only Can the following statement about Zul-Qarnain found in the article “Who Was Zul-Qarnain” be expanded with more clarity? ‘The only place where he (Zul-Qarnain) apparently bypasses his great and vast Read More →