Irrefutable and Conclusive Evidence that the Quran is the BOOK of GOD

With the writing of Zephaniah (3: 9-10) found in these writings and on this website and the knowledge taken from another writing called ‘Explain in detail why the Quran is in Reality the real New Testament’ together with the knowledge Read More →

The Creation of Man: A Philosophical Approach

The creation of man is a peculiar topic and probably the one that would generate the most questions with the least amount of accurate answers. The creation of man as a special type of creation above the animal should by Read More →

The Efficacy and Trustworthiness of Prophet Muhammad’s Speech

Efficacy means the ability to produce a desired or intended result! The speech of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) as an instructive, all-inclusive teaching tool that contains no weaknesses or errors but covers all possibilities is in itself a DIVINE Miracle! It Read More →

Blessed Are the Poor

Then he {Jesus} lifted up his eyes toward his disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of GOD”.  Luke (6:20) It was originally planned that these 70 or so articles found on this website be Read More →

Are We in Troubled Times?

Because ALLAH is AL-Mubeen/AL-Zaahir (THE EVIDENT) we can use Comparative Religionin a constructive way showing the unity of the GODHEAD when it comes to the 3 religious expressions of Monotheism (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). We call upon HIM (the – Read More →

The Gyroscope Effect of Earth: an Answer to Why We Have Societal Clashes

The human spirit was, at one time, universal and harmonious in nature. Then came the self-explorations leading to divisions over the untold millennia. Thus, we tend to dig our own joyful grave or a grave of regrets while living in Read More →

The Trailblazer

If one can do it, then always start with the Quran in finding out important answers to important questions. For example, if my mind locks onto the knowledge that Jesus (pbh) was a prophet from ALLAH, then I can coordinate Read More →