The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein Life! It all depends on how one views it. Some view the glass half empty while others view it as half Read More →

Who Put the ‘Hip’ in Hypocrite?

Is life really that confusing? Don’t the words, ‘by their fruits you will know them’, Matthew (7:20), count anymore? We can’t trust the United Nations to sign on to harmonious labors due to incessant and idiotic in-fighting between nations; nations Read More →

A Knowledgeable Believer is Worth a Lot More than an Ignorant One

Taking into consideration Holy Scripture especially Quran (2:62), (2:121), (2:136), (2:285), (4:136), (5:48) (10:94) and (29:46) with the understanding that the Spirit of truth, John (16:13) will teach the full truth, we can glimpse some of the future at this Read More →

Why Like This and the Real Holy Trinity Exposed

People are always asking this type of question: “Why like this?” This question is asked after every major and even minor tragedies. The only logical answer and the only truthful answer comes from the Quran (the definitive Source for this Read More →

When Judgment Day Comes or Gaza (Auschwitz Number Two)

We are directed to listen to the Prophet of Islam in the Gospel of John and in the Quran if we want to learn the TRUTH no matter how painful it might be. Calling oneself a ‘this or a that’ Read More →

The Realities of Logic and Faith Concerning Paul and Jesus

The universe as we know it started off with a small, super, condensed spot and became what it became. Everything in this universe is connected somehow, in some way, shape or form to that wonderful beginning, making all matters both Read More →

The Quran Is the Greatest Miracle Known to Man and Other Things

Following the writing called, The Final Solution, we can see the Quran in a new application that to my knowledge has never been applied before. However, it has been said ‘that history teaches man that man learns nothing from history’. Read More →