In the Beginning: My Take on It

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD {god}– ‘god’ here meaning the Spirit of GOD; meaning that which was created and operated as an amalgam (blend/combination) whole in uniformity and Read More →

Quran (2:62)

Those who believe (in the Quran) and {also} those who follow {in earnest and NOT for show but in TRUTH} the Jewish (scriptures) and the Christians {who had to have some scripture to read} and the Sabians {and} any who Read More →

The Final Solution

The final solution to what occurred and how it occurred concerning the non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh), believe it or not, can be found in the Quran! That knowledge is just so amazing that it seems almost inconceivable from any source. Read More →

The Ravenous Wolf from the Tribe of Benjamin – Paul

Who is the ONE who is in control from beginning to end? Who is the ONE whose Plan far outstrips others and takes them unawares? Who is the ONE who punishes without blame and with impunity but with TOTAL FAIRNESS Read More →

Irrefutable and Conclusive Evidence that the Quran is the BOOK of GOD

With the writing of Zephaniah (3: 9-10) found in these writings and on this website and the knowledge taken from another writing called ‘Explain in detail why the Quran is in Reality the real New Testament’ together with the knowledge Read More →

The Creation of Man: A Philosophical Approach

The creation of man is a peculiar topic and probably the one that would generate the most questions with the least amount of accurate answers. The creation of man as a special type of creation above the animal should by Read More →

The Efficacy and Trustworthiness of Prophet Muhammad’s Speech

Efficacy means the ability to produce a desired or intended result! The speech of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) as an instructive, all-inclusive teaching tool that contains no weaknesses or errors but covers all possibilities is in itself a DIVINE Miracle! It Read More →