Why the Quran is THAT TESTAMENT or Anatomy of a Puzzle

Without a doubt it {The Quran} is (announced) in the {previous} revealed Books of {the} former peoples.  Q (26:196) Indeed! The Quran by all accounts featured in the ‘Holy Books’ is the REAL NEW TESTAMENT that follows Jewish (old and Read More →

The Great Puzzle

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) talked to his audience of his day in the way that they could understand while giving absolute, 100% truth to those matters he wished to impart. His immediate followers did not need science, Comparative Religion or lengthy Read More →

Introduction: To Understand Religion KNOW HIS NAMES

Anything worth anything in life is a thought process. To understand this, a simple question needs to be asked: ‘Did Prophet Muhammad (pbh) ever speak about the personage of Judas Iscariot’? Most deep thinkers would probably say no and that Read More →

Critical Thinking Skills

Factors like people’s personalities of wanting to be like someone else (certain successful individuals that they are attracted to, feelings of fear of being marginalized, various psychological paranoias that they may have, feelings of financial insecurities and being left out Read More →

Statement of Purpose: Consistency across the Board

If religion is real and not fraudulent, then it must show consistency across the various so-called faiths that blatantly preach a ONE GOD FAITH. Failure to do this, means that GOD is more or less an invention amongst mankind as Read More →

A Lesson in Common Sense

Common sense and common unity must ‘win through the day’ if man is to be successful. That is for the ‘striving man’ to contemplate and put into action. Unfortunately many of us do not see the connecting lines of relationships Read More →

It’s only a Theory or Revisiting the Tower of Babel

As tantalizing as theories go, they don’t really solve the immediate, pressing problems encountered in today’s world by a lot of the world’s population. What theories might accomplish is to open up what is seen by many as a ‘dry Read More →