The author wishes to declare the use of the following symbols { } as showing that interpretation has been added to the content to clarify what is being presented.

One of the most telling and destructive verses in any holy book is the one found in the New Testament. When the sense of these small verses are applied to the religions of the People of the Book (Jews, Christians and Muslims) a look into the face of tragedy appears. What is meant by that?

And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the {type of} wisdom given unto him has written unto you;

As also in ALL his epistles, speaking in them of these things {difficult concepts to be grasped}; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest {take out of context either in ignorance or for evil purposes}, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction {damnation}.

You therefore, beloved, seeing you know about these things beforehand, beware {be on your guard} lest you also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall {from Grace} from your own steadfastness.  2 Peter (3: 15-17)


In the generalized sense, it means just exactly what those verses are implying and that is there are some who bring a clear head into the religious concepts presented while there are significant others who bring their own garbage into the fray. Simply stated, when we already know the ‘evils that men do’ as to their greed and selfish corrupt desires, we can understand how ‘holy verses’ can be twisted into meanings that are totally incorrect thus corrupting the ‘pure teachings’ of that religion.

Look at those verses again but in the new light of a universal occurrence amongst the ‘People of the Book’. If that thought is true, which it is, then one can apply those sentiments to Judaism and Islam as well as that which is called Christianity. Now we must have proof of this unified system of belief.

The proof begins with the correct thought of ISRAEL IN ALL ITS GREATNESS AND GLORY! There are the many who would translate ISRAEL as the physical country of the Jews and that actually would imply that there are Jews and other so-called unimportant faiths which are hardly worth mentioning. They would be Christianity and Islam. Hence, it’s all about the Jews with other faiths being inferior or just plain subservient to the Jews. That would also be a bad reflection on the ONE GOD and HIS DEMEANOR.

However, if one were to consider the above as ignorant, provocative and prideful sentiments while considering that the People of the Book have a LOVING, WISE and JUST GOD, then in order to be inclusive instead of predatory in nature, we will think of the term ISRAEL not in the derogatory or primitive sense as being a ‘physical country’ but rather a SPIRITUAL ONE whereby that term ISRAEL includes ALL TRUE BELIEVERS such that the Christian and Muslim are members of that term. This is the real definition of the term for futuristic Israel – or PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.

Narrated by Ibn ‘Umar: The Prophet (pbh) said, “Your life in comparison to the lifetime of the past nations is like the period between the time of ‘Asr prayer and sunset. Your example and the example of the Jews and Christians is that of person who employed laborers and said to them: “Who will work for me till the middle of the day for one Qirat (a special weight)?” The Jews did. He then said, “Who will work for me from the middle of the day till the ‘Asr prayer for one Qirat each?” The Christians worked accordingly. Then you (Muslims) are working from the ‘Asr prayer till the Maghreb prayer for two Qirats each. They (the Jews and the Christians {became angry} and said, “We did more labor but took less wages” {prestige, honor} HE (ALLAH) said, “Have I wronged you in your rights?” They replied, “No.” Then ALLAH said, “This is My Blessing which I give to whom I wish.”    (Bukhari)

Israel under this notion is NOT JEWISH at all. It includes the ‘saved’ peoples (the believers who are in the fold of those who take the highest part of religion (THE ONENESS OF GOD CONCEPT and this is topped off with the central core of the one who believes and respects that banner of ONENESS: ONE GOD, ONE BROTHERHOOD OF PROPHETS, and ONE WAY (PATHWAY OF TRUTH) AND ONE BROTHERHOOD OF MANKIND (THE BELIEVERS). Hence the hadith about Qirat.

And this is the BLESSING, wherewith Moses the man of GOD BLESSED THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL before his death.

And he {Moses} said, “The LORD came {set forth HIS Revelation} from Si’nai {in the form of HIS Messenger Moses the Law Giver} and rose up from Se’-ir {in the form of HIS Perfected (sinless) Messenger Jesus} unto them: HE shined forth {showed HIS Expression – HIS ETERNAL TRUTH in the form of HIS Messenger Muhammad} from mount Pa’-ran {an area classified as in and around Makkah} and he came {set forth with his blessed Companions} with ten thousand of saints*: True Believers {and} from his right hand went a fiery law for them {Prophet Muhammad’s enduring miracle given to him (the Quran) and also, until the end of the good people of this world, his Sunnah (religious practice}.”               Deuteronomy (33: 1-2)

*These ten thousand saints were discussed very briefly in my article, Baiting the Trap.

“Comparative religion makes it clear in the book entitled, the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament concerning the 10,000 Saints (followers of Muhammad (pbh) as he entered Makkah to finally overthrow pagan and heathen practices. So my statement to those who attack the Companions of the Prophet (pbh) is: “How are you deceived except in knowing that what you bring to the table is actually the love/hatred you have in your heart which is being thrown back in your face! Now is your chance to wake up and stop believing in romantic drivel and hogwash fairytales.

My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely {translated as Muhammad(s) instead of ‘altogether lovely’ –a translated meaning by linguistic interpretation}. This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.                                                                  Song of Solomon (5: 10 and 16)”

Here, right from the pages of the Old Testament we have the mention and clear proof about what Israel is when taken as a unified whole: The ONE LORD allowed HIS PLAN or EXPRESSION of HIS DESIRE in that HE Figuratively speaking: CAME (that is Established the WAY chosen), ROSE UP and SHINED FORTH in the expressions known today as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Even before this statement according to the Old Testament the Promise was given to Adam (pbh) of the conquering of the war with Satan holding back man from his original ‘lofty position’:

And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed; it shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his {Satan’s} heel.   Genesis (3: 15)

According to the Old and New Testaments GOD promised HIS servant Abraham (pbh) in that HE would chose ISRAEL (the ‘refined’ oneness peoples) above all of HIS servants or former religious pathways.*

*People have unwisely taken the land that the Friend of GOD (Abraham) saw as the land of restrictive salvation for the Jews for Abraham had a vision of a vast land. What is important here is that the birthplace of those believing nations had their roots in those territories seen by Abraham (pbh) with the upwelling of True Faith being brought forth from there as can be gathered from the Old Testament saying used above – Deuteronomy (33: 1-2)


Hence, we don’t see ISRAEL as being Jewish at all or a land that is deeded to the Jews for that would be a corrupt, boastful and derogatory belief going against all reason and especially a type of reasoning against revealed scripture.

Can this be proven? Actually, whole books could be written about that proof. We need but one example. It makes sense that there is a continuation of the TRUTH after each established religious faction (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). This must be so as each ‘religion’ has been abused by fraudulent so-called ‘believers’. And this explains how corruption seeps into the pure established religion until another major prophet shows up with the refreshing news or revitalization of the truth. That is the reason that I used 2 Peter (3: 15-17) to show how evil does not rest in its inequity.

But there has to be an end to this constant battle as life cannot keep going on and on like it has and this promise will be found in the Old Testament as a promise given to our father Adam such that the human race will not always vie with each other and the laws of GOD forever. This was a promise made by the ONE GOD and HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES!

So there had to be an end to this ‘changing of the guard’. There is and this guarantee has been partially fulfilled in the coming of the twain (Jesus and Muhammad) especially in the coming of the LAST AND FINAL MESSENGER OF THE LORD – PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbh); the GIFT to mankind in the form of a FAULTLESS BOOK (THE QURAN); and the coming of the ‘KINGDOM on EARTH (the return of Jesus the son of Mary) and the LAST DAY of JUDGMENT to follow. The rest of the equation will be fulfilled on what is called the ‘Day of Promise’. On that Day some people’s faces will be in abject terror and some people’s faces will be in absolute joy.

And people who can see the harmony, unity and wisdom in this system (which is inclusive and not racially prejudiced) are well aware that the term ISRAEL DOES NOT REFER TO THAT PIECE OF FINITE LAND currently populated mostly by Jews as many people have been led to believe!

But wait! There is more. Christians trapped in bondage to believe in their religion as the best way should really take a closer look at their own religion. If it was set forth by Jesus (pbh), it was set forth as a superior form of worship as compared to corrupted Judaism. If Jesus (pbh) wanted to have an easy go of it and still claim to have been the Messiah, he would have acknowledged the greatness of the then current practicing Jews and their then current system. However, he spoke the truth as to them being liars and corrupters of the TRUTH.

And if Christianity had clean hands, there would not be such a great need for yet another ‘rebirth’ of TRUTH. However, there was and history can attest to it.

But Islamic peoples do not escape from being held accountable. Islamic intolerance like an infected boil has emerged throughout the centuries. The Kharijites (Khawarij), the Assassins, A-Qaida, ISIS or ISIL, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, the Quds Brigade, Hezbollah, the Taliban and other cancerous human rejects have soiled the temperate and just faith of Islam.

All of these ‘flea-bitten’ and ‘flea-brained’ people have one thing in common. The taking out of context of holy writ and substituting their sick and illegal interpretations thus perverting the original sent down religion.

Let us take another example. We have a true hadith that states that if any of the People of the Book as to Jews and Christians hear about Prophet Muhammad (pbh) and do not follow his pathway; they will be placed in the Hell-Fire.

By Him in Whose hand is the life of Muhammad, he who amongst the community of Jews or Christians hears about me, but does not affirm his belief in that with which I have been sent and dies in this state (of disbelief), he shall be but one of the denizens of Hell-Fire.   (Muslim)


And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.         Quran 3:85

How can we look at this hadith especially when we come across many good things declared about the ‘People of the Book’ in the Quran and that it is NOT in our hands to make snap judgments about them as to their destination? Well, one could investigate the issue a little bit further.

A quote from the New Testament combined with hadith literature and the Quran will tell us that the human population that will be alive AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GOG AND MAGOG will be in a ‘NEW ERA’ of paradise on Earth and those who decide to stand up against the Messiah Jesus (pbh) openly or in secret, as my former writings have stated, will be thrown into the Fire as the New Testament declares.



*The explanation of this can be found in my previous articles, Critical Thinking and What Is Wrong with Islam Today? and Comparative Religion: Abrahamic Style (Revised).

Furthermore, the knowledge that the Book and Sunnah followed by the Messiah will be the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbh) seals the deal. Therefore, one who hears about that Prophet and refuses that system will be discarded and disgraced as yesterday’s garbage. Don’t ever believe that the Christ who is true in spirit and design will suffer his earthly kingdom IN THE GLORY AND PRAISE TO HIS LORD – THE ONE AND ONLY GOD to be abused, slandered, compromised or tarnished in any way!!!*

*The Messiah (pbh) being true as to being pure in spirit and design was explained in Acts 13: (34-35) about which few would know its real import.

And as concerning that HE {GOD} raised him up from the dead, now no more to return to corruption, HE said {about HIS appointed Messiah}, “I will give you the sure Mercies of David.”

Wherefore HE said in another Psalm by David, YOU will not suffer YOUR holy one to see corruption {such that he will not only be born pure but also be raised up pure (without sin)}.   Acts 13: (34-35)

Besides this, it is most assuredly true that before the death of Jesus (pbh) ALL will believe in him as the Quran says. This simply means that all will faithfully, earnestly and adamantly follow the system that he is following – Pure and Unadulterated Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbh)!* Therefore, any resisting True Faith will as the New Testament declares be ‘thrown into the Fire’ via the 12,000 angels that are in the ready service to the returned Messiah (pbh).

*Many have been led to believe that Jesus (pbh) died a ‘physical death’ so as to be ‘raised up from the dead’ but this is not the truth for these sayings have another meaning. People also believe that Christ Jesus was crucified in the flesh. I myself believe this but not as one being put on any cross and killed. So as you can see as in the very important quotes from (2 Peter (3: 15-17), there will be the taking out of context, scripture for ‘devious reasons’ and the meanings will change quite drastically.

In order to bring in the many who had questionable values into the fold thus increasing the power and the prestige of the clergy to be on a superior and highly respected and feared level by cozying up to the temporal powers that be, one needs to have an attractive ‘selling point’ in order to sell his product.

Never mind the truth in advertising being somewhat shallow, the ability to get new numbers into the fold would enhance the position of the ‘clergy’ with the ruling class. Hence, one can transfer the following notion onto the litany of Jesus and declare him as something new wrapped in an old skin:

A festival of prominence held by ancient Romans which attracted many was called Hilaria. This festival was used to celebrate the resurrection of the god Attis. In other words, he died and came back to life and so the regeneration of life can be celebrated in wine, woman and song!

This writer has pointed out the several fallacies perpetrated on the Christian audience and the one that still sticks out in absolute boldness is that Jesus (pbh) was PUT ON THE CROSS AND HE WAS KILLED. That would seem reasonable in that it is totally difficult for people to imagine that in front of so many witnesses, another was crucified in his place. Do human eyes become that easily deceived?

The New Testament itself shows that the answer is YES!!! As pointed out before in my writings, Jesus (according to the New Testament) had the ability to disguise himself so well or to put it in another way to transform his features so much that even those associates who would clearly recognize him FAILED AT TIMES TO KNOW WHO HE EVEN WAS! He has been called the ‘shape changer’ and for good reason. Although one cannot assume a freelance job at changing shape, he most certainly could appear in front of people who knew him well and STILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED! This idea was discussed in my article called, They Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

All that this means is that the Quranic verse (4: 157) takes on a clearer meaning when discussing the (substitution theory) and a highly supported one at that! The New Testament does carry some mighty gems of knowledge but its main purpose was not to dwell on those miraculous but hidden things we call mysteries. Even several of the mighty preachers of the WAY (the pure teachings of Jesus) when they mentioned that corruption of the truth, as in false teachers and group leaders, would come unto the ‘church’ (body of believers), they did NOT dwell on those particular aspects.

They {the Jews} said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of ALLAH; but they didn’t kill him, nor did they even crucify him. Only a likeness of that was shown to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubts, with NO certain knowledge but only conjecture to follow; for sure they killed him not.        Q (4: 157)

But as to prophecy from old, it is true that in the lasts Days, as was foretold, certain things that were hidden would come to light or that what has been slumbering will awake and that what is needed to be delivered in any form or language will be delivered for the purpose that HE intends it to be delivered.

So one can ask certain questions as to the future state of this world. The best answer as always is that it is ALLAH WHO KNOWS FOR SURE. With that understanding we can proceed about a few things that have been previously stated in these articles.

  1. 1. If Arabia is the ‘King of the South’ as the Book of Daniel (pbh) found in the Old Testament claims, who is then the King of the North? That answer is for sure only known by ALLAH for sure. Some may have guessed Russia or some terrorist group organized and given some collective power but for sure, one can say, “Only ALLAH KNOWS FOR SURE.”

Even though the book of Daniel (pbh) has mentioned the building or placement of ‘fences’ and the unsuccessful attempt of the Shia to implement whatever they would implement as in their dream for the whole Islamic world, the most intriguing and profitable piece of knowledge offered up is the phrase, ‘after certain years’ Daniel (11: 13). This phrase should put things into perspective while showing that it is ALLAH running the show and not man.

Therefore, people might want to ‘hasten’ on the final outcome but they will not be able to do that as the Quran declares. So what is to be, will be and when it will be, it will be and not beforehand or latter. But be cognizant of the reality of the events at hand for a knowledgeable believer is worth much more than an ignorant one. Also, note that things will happen as they are supposed to happen.

Still, one would not expect Syria to be ‘invaded’ by the armies of Rome/Byzantium/Christians etc. as hadiths do declare (Muslim) if Syria were a whole nation and not the mess that it is in now. Therefore, the ‘Great War’ can’t become a reality until that invasion begins. And until that victory of the Islamic force takes place, the Anti-christ (Dajall) can’t come forth.

All this is saying is that like a chessboard, the pieces are moving into place for an eventual real big showdown against the Anti-christ and what follows after that. Salvation is won only at a cost and that is the way it has been down through the ages.

  1. 2. What does Jesus the Christ represent to me? He represents a man chosen of ALLAH and a man who was given the ways and means to all ends. So he becomes that ‘king’ who has been privileged to lead a kingdom (paradise on Earth) and present that consecrated ‘pearl’ to ALLAH for Salvation. When he finally dies, he is worthy of being buried with the Prophet of ALLAH – Muhammad (pbh)
  2. 3. Several of my last articles have dealt with the topic of the Sunni/Shia divide. It is important to note that the sayings of the Prophet (pbh) trumps all other human declarations. So, when one wants to build a ‘theory’ like the status of the so-called Imamate, it better match with what the Prophet (pbh) had to say. His declaration about the status of the believers as it pertains to the quality of the state (religious thinking/interpretation) of the believer is quite telling.

‘Imraan bin Husayn declared that the Prophet (pbh) said: “Verily the best among you (to follow) is my generation (the Messenger Muhammad (pbh) and his Companions, then those who follow, and then those who follow them…”           (Muslim)

The best people, of course, that understand Islam and what it is about will come from the first generation in Islam – the Messenger Muhammad (pbh) and his Companions and these people are the people of the highest standing in Islam.
And whosoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the ‘Believers’  way, WE shall keep him in the path he has chosen and land him in Hell – what an evil destination!   Q (4: 115)


It is true that there are people to come notably after every 100 years or so to refresh the notion of ‘original’ Islam but that is NOT done through genetic inheritance or membership in a sect. So basically that is why I called Jafar Al-Sadiq, in one of my articles, the last of the true Shia and after that, real Shi’ism no longer exists as a complete, true entity. By that I meant that Jafar Al-Sadiq was counted as something as being of the family of Ali and very holy and knowledgeable in his faith but he was more Sunni Muslim than Shia-type Muslim when comparing the two ‘isms’ of today.


Besides this, the telling fact that Jafar Al-Sadiq’s great grandfather was Abu Bakr, the first Caliph of Islam. Jafar is on record in detesting anyone who ‘bad-mouthed’ the first two Caliphs – Abu Bakr and ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab. Jafar Al-Sadiq died around the year 765 AD or CE and basically that is when the third generation of believers was coming to a close.


Why can’t people just leave things alone and let everybody go his/her own way? It works some of the time but history is filled with devious people who try to engage in a takeover. So, not all wolves that are let in the ‘backdoor’ will be peaceful. Some will enter into peace only to ‘swallow’ up the careless when they are asleep. Besides this, thinking that TRUTH is something that can be whitewashed, is very dangerous especially when the best treasures of them all are the signs of Guidance given to man by their LORD. Who in their right minds wants to trash that! So the battle continues and Satan doesn’t seem to get tired of it.


  1. 4. Evolution – Everything visible in ‘this’ known universe evolves or goes through a process of evolution and that includes man. Why? The stars, galaxies, solar systems, climates, planets and life itself evolves. It is part of the system of regeneration, which as a concept, is for sure known by ALLAH ALONE and for us basically it remains unknown. Therefore, there is no sense in trying to established so-called theories except for the bare minimum.

Because mankind disobeyed his LORD, he became part of that system and part of that system is evolution! Hence, the heavenly creature with an Old Testament label of ‘fallen Angels’ who were NOT Angels at all fell! Of course the word ‘Angels’ here means ‘high-level beings of a spiritual nature with spiritual bodies.

The pattern was set in Adam (pbh) but all men have faced this ‘curse’ of living life on such a lowly level (let us not deceive ourselves) as found on Earth. Even the bones of prehistoric man, for prehistoric man they were, are proof of the existence of evolution and its ‘purging force’. However, what constitutes ‘groups’ as declared in some hadiths remains a mystery as to time and involvement etc.

So successful evolution might be considered ‘purging the dross’ whatever that might mean.

People might think that concept a scary thought and it is actually rather frightful but the consolation prize is the knowledge that ALLAH is REALLY, REALLY IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS, STEPS AND STAGES. THEREFORE, HE HAS A PLAN THAT IS SIMPLY TOO AWESOME AND TOO COMPLICATED TO COMPREHEND. That is something to stick in the craw of any common dictator to make him feel miniscule if, of course, he has a brain and heart to feel anything but his selfish self.

Of course man started out completely formed and created without the process of evolution but he was warned NOT to engage in the ‘lower elements’ because ALLAH KNEW what HE was talking about. The lower elements turned out to be somewhat beautiful, attractive and intriguing to the curious creature called MAN and the rest is history and we see (no matter how disgusting it is) the partial history of man in fossilized bones.

So the lesson is this. Once one falls down the well, one will try to get back up on top again provided that there is a ‘ROPE’ sent down to help one get up and that ‘ROPE’ is the  true faith and belief and following therein. Or one can ignore that ‘ROPE’ and have a good ol’ time messing around the (what appears joyful) gooey slime that tends to further blind us to TRUTH and REALITY. Hence, the entrance into existence of ‘formalized religion’ for purging purposes and the tarnishing of such. Or mankind can claim to be perfect and does not need purifying.

Now as to the Adam (pbh) that we think of as to the father of our human race, he was NOT a caveman and he did NOT look like half monkey, half man. He just represents another stage on the journey of man – him and the family of Imran such that the saved will be separated from the ugly brutes in the end. Even though the ‘ugly brutes’ may be beautiful and attractive, they are well known by ALLAH and on the LAST DAY will be shunned and shunted to their rightful place of dishonor. A promise made by ALLAH and a promise that will be kept!

One can say that this is ‘bare bones hypothetical thinking’ and that is OK as long as one does NOT go too far with this ‘theory building’. The further one goes the closer one gets to the HIMAH of ALLAH or that border one should NOT cross.

  1. 5. The Judas Faith – my writings scattered here and there talk about Judas Iscariot in an admittedly strange way. The ‘traitor’ who turned in Jesus (pbh) was, like the terrorists groups mentioned in the beginning of this article, a faithful believer once but due to his ‘corrupt notion’ of how to help GOD’s PLAN along, as if GOD was not capable of doing what HE WILLED, represents the ‘Judas Faith’.

The terrorist groups have as their outside belief the idea that they are ‘helping’ ALLAH develop HIS PLAN and see their actions NOT as a form of brutal disbelief but as a form of religious faith. They take their outside belief as enlightenment and they feel gratified that they are numbered as the ‘soldiers of ALLAH’. INDEED THEY ARE (because all will follow that PLAN set out for them) but their corrupted hearts see themselves in a positive light whereas in reality they are a flawed and fatal disease which constantly operate by suggesting that ALLAH’s PLAN is itself flawed and they are put in place to strengthen it.

These individuals are misled to believe in their ‘rightful and just’ positions just like a common mass murdering dictator is enamored with his ‘immortal power’. Both groups are ignorant fools and instead of heading towards real greatness (salvation) are actually racing amongst their selves in digging themselves deeper into the ‘Pit of Doom’ or Hell-Fire.

Once again we have an apparent mystery of why such nice people turned out to be such duds as human beings. It is suggested in the Quran that such people have frittered away their many chances and so are left running headlong towards the Fire blind and impervious to their tragic fate.

Well, we don’t know the mysteries of life but we can always depend upon THE ONE GOD to BE WHAT HE HAS DECLARED OF HIMSELF. So the real believer, no matter his station in life, must try to be obedient in manner and form to the one sent to teach all mankind the proper way of life. Hence, Prophet Muhammad (pbh) in his actions and dealings with his people will suffice.

In general, people don’t want that as they have become accustomed to what they like and would be resistant to change. Today’s world features the bizarre behaviors of modern man and his stubborn appeal to be what he so choses to be. Notice, in part, how few people dare to look at the various issues at hand through legitimate religious scripture. Instead people are like the slender branches of trees blowing back and forth in the breeze – quite unstable.

That teaching of ALL MANKIND (of the believers) that will accept it is beautifully written down in Acts 3: (22-23) and so now we can think of the Quran and Islam not as just one of the many systems but as THE SYSTEM now and that which is to be. That is before it gets taken up and the world will then be reduced to the chaos and carnage it was promised.

Basically, the Judas Faith is a reaction to the world’s licentiousness and barbaric attitudes and it thus becomes fundamentally over-reactional. Instead of working to ‘enlighten’, those people are working to destroy and force the Hand of ALLAH into bringing about the ‘Promised Kingdom’. These terrorists would have been much better served by helping society to become aware of the beauties of Faith, its temperance, patience, and loving obedience to the ONE GOD. But the ‘criminal element’ amongst them refuse the real Islam and have gone off the deep end to bring destruction instead of salvation.