WE sent you {O Prophet} for not but as a Mercy to all creatures.   Q (21: 7)

Muhammad is a Mercy for all creatures. That declaration by the ONE GOD, our CREATOR LORD has many facets to it, both in the readily known and the unknown* as is everything else because this is a multidimensional universe.

*The unknown, that is, at this time. For example, the following verse seems simple enough:

“Say: ‘Journey in the land, then behold how HE {ALLAH} originated creation.’” So ALLAH will produce another creation for ALLAH has POWER over all things.    Q (29: 20)

Books have been written about that statement and continue to be written! It can be said about the simple Bedouin or Arab, “What did they know of how the world was formed from gasses of the universe and then its various star-types?” Nor did they perceive that the land evolved many times from the internal presence of heat and lava from within the earth or how minerals and soils formed and weather and long distant climate patterns impacted this earth not to mention the forces of tides, gravity, meteorites etc. had on shaping the planet.

So each land shape has had its original shapers as it were forming different habitats and landscapes in various stages of development going all the way back to the Supernova that set off the formations to be produced in the future. So  a ‘journey in the land’ can encompass a walk in the park or a detailed study of geology, astronomy, chemistry, physics and the like –  this coming from such an ‘Eternal Message’ – The Glorious Quran. A journey ‘throughout the land’ can be a walkabout or an academic study of the phases of that particular creation or strata or formation and what came before it.

One can’t expect a simple Bedouin soul without deep-seated knowledge to encompass how ALLAH originates creation, destroys it and morphs it into something else. So the Quran can be as deep as deep can be and as simple as just what appears as a simple verse.

In a related aspect the problem that cropped up amongst the Christian Ummah was the aura or expectation of that entity known as the Messiah** and when he came, he offered up proofs which made people marvel. In addition to this, following the writings and discussions – mostly from the Presbyters – would eventually boomerang into perceptions of an ‘other world-type’ creature of fantastic powers who came to Earth to save mankind – sort of.

By concentrating on such foofaraw, much of the real message of Jesus (pbh) became lost and hence we find the prophecy in the Gospel of John that ‘the Spirit of truth’ had to be sent basically because the people had become accustomed to a church-made ‘fake Jesus’. Therefore, by GOD’s WILL, it would be up to Prophet Muhammad (pbh) to set the record straight and complete the religion. Under Islam, meanwhile, the chance for any deification of the Prophet (pbh) became impossible as Islam is straightforward and clear. It is true that Islam has its dynamic points but its clarity of message has mostly kept the mystical perversions at bay.

One area that we should be grateful to ALLAH for is the ‘change’ in scenery this world has taken since the entrance of Muhammad (pbh) in this world. A look at the ‘evolutionary’ or transformational development of the Arab/Muslim world from ignorant and other ‘spin the wheel’ cultures to a development of many civilized practices that eventually helped other nations to climb out of the dark, barbarous living standards. The science behind the outlay of streets, the need for cleanliness and social order at all levels of society etc. are all good examples.

A lot of these activities receive no credit or thought and why should they! People generally take a lot for granted and being clever, happy and progressive tends to render gratitude to GOD an afterthought. A lack of spiritual insight would be akin to the following: ‘Take the money and run’! A look at the world PRE-Muhammad and how much drudgery there existed gives a glimpse of social decrepitude and a life of misery for the common man. After Jesus (pbh) left this world, mankind didn’t fare too well in the ‘humanitarian condition zone’.

Good sound belief in Truth and correct living was a rarity amongst the so-called civilized world pre-Muhammad (pbh). If truth in religion followed by correct behavior as opposed to corrupt practices leads to a chance for Paradise, then the world was in definite ‘hot’ water before the entrance of Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

The contrast between Muhammad and his rightful followers and what was existing at the time in other places in the world were like night versus day. After all, the REAL PURPOSE man was created for is to worship THE ONE GOD AS HE MADE KNOWN AND BY HIS RULES SO AS TO GIVE A LAID OUT PLAN OF ADORATION TO HIM ‘IF ONE WERE TO BE TRULY GRATEFUL’.

What was to follow the ‘Islamic experience’ was a blooming of the world in advancement of science, medicine, culture and the treatment of peoples leading to fair practices and an awakening of a sorely absent GOD CONSIOUSNESS of sorts.

European and other parts of the world absorption of ‘fair and humane treatment’ was to eventually happen in the vast majority of cases through a process of ‘clever theft’ throughout the world. That is, one can hate Islam, ignore Islam but see the cleverness of behavior of Islam and then go forth to‘re-write’ the customs and modes of the people without giving credit to Islam. This fact is well established and well preserved in the records for those who dare to reflect.

It is a fact of life and well-known by those who study history that Islam brought a lot to the table of human endeavor but, for example, was Europe going to give credit to the Arabs and in turn to Islam for the sciences as to helping them climb out of the ‘Dark Ages’? The answer is definitely NO!!! So the transition from barbarism to a so-called ‘enlightened culture’ was either credited to the Greeks or to themselves.

Part of this upliftment would also be transferred around the world in a certain off-handed fashion for OTEs by the colonizers who brought advancements to various places – not always featuring immediate positive results – OTEs which equals other than Europeans.

While the ‘beast’ of moving forward in advancement was to make the ‘colonies’ more productive and worth more to their ‘masters’, people did become aware by reading and learning. They became more capable of being able to investigate their spiritual needs and therefore could learn about Islam and whatever that would entail. They could also learn ‘other things’, nasty and perverted things, to help them crush others in their race to superiority and enslavement.

So while cultures started to flourish with advancements in the sciences and medicine, it could be said that a better, freer life could be had for many humans. Now take away Islam and the world would look quite different than it does today.

By the way, most people wouldn’t get a chance to know and love ‘their’ GOD without Islam because the powers that were had reduced the religion of Jesus, for example, to a near total mess. Whoever thought that a man like Galileo would be put under house arrest for several years because of the ‘crazed’ notion that it was the Earth that revolved around the Sun instead of the other way around as a science example? And science, including hygienic science, has made the lives of hundreds of millions of people much better.

People steal and adapt ideas from others, of course, without giving credit where credit is due. So, certain comforts enjoyed by people today have their ‘spinoffs’ coming from Islam. Other things happened also. Biblical ‘thinkers’ coming in contact with Islam either would have to have Islam blink first or they would have to blink first. They were the ones to blink first!

Yes, a lot more people change their religion from Christianity to Islam rather than visa versa but I’m not talking about that. The Christian bastion of standing by their so-called unalterable Word of GOD came crumbling down, especially when it faced Islam. How is that?

Islam pushed Biblical researchers into admitting that their Testaments have phrases like the ‘Only begotten Son of God’, which should not be stated as such, unless one is willing to admit improper and hideous sexual innuendoes about their GOD! Also, Christian religious scholars, if they were honest had to admit that the New Testament of today was not the exact replica of the original.

The result of all of this is that life for many became more tolerable for the purpose of either advancing forward in religious thought for a chance at Paradise and conversely to ‘suck up’ the ‘good life’ while frittering away the chance of the ‘Blessed Realm’. It’s not so strange to find that it works both ways like the proverbial ‘double-edged sword’.

However, one doesn’t go into a bank and get ‘free’ cash just for the asking. A similitude of this is a child who gets to have free candy for six months without parental guidance. To many a kid, it would be six months of pure joy! Now comes the wakeup call: The kid visits the dentist pre-1950s and low and behold the pain that is to follow.

So it is. On this world, people never get something for nothing! Ouch! That is got to hurt. Being like Jesus (pbh) or any other prophet, is about thinking more about THEIR CREATOR rather than about the self and doing this by praising HIM in good times and in bad times, praising HIM for being HIMSELF – The SUPREME ONE (AL-KABEER) and THE ONLY BEING (AL-AHAAD) WHO has neither beginning nor end – The AL-QAYYUM WHO IS THE ETERNAL, ABSOLUTE, SELF-SUBSISTING ONE TO TURN TO.

Religious tolerance and thinking goes a long way in trying to repay the debt for being human – a form of elevated creation compared to many other created things. And one of the best ways man can ‘acknowledge’ his CREATOR LORD is by telling the truth AND being prepared to follow it. In this current world, that is not so simple due to the complexity of man’s ego and love for the transient life which, in truth, the vast majority of us have in various degrees. After all, we are only human.

But those who are at the top and who generally think that their rise and climb to success has been through their own geniusness, are loath to see the real reality. Take for example Dr. Zakir Naikh who has been accused of being a criminal and is prohibited from entering certain so-called civilized nations. Well, the easy answer to that is to investigate the reason why such actions have been taken. It seems that Dr. Naikh, through his own use of astute logic, is a threat to Hindu/Christian cultures when it comes time to propagate the Islamic Faith.

Therefore, a fix had to be put in place to either silence him or discredit him or both. If the Hindus or Christians could read AND FOLLOW their own scriptures that they often ‘pretend’ to admire and believe in, they would see the truthfulness in the vast majority of statements made by Dr. Naikh. However, the Heraclius Augustus’ example given in the article For Whom the Bell Tolls or Our Current State of Affairs on this website suffices for the explanation of these delusional people. Although men plot and plan, ALLAH is HE WHO is the best in planning.

And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned and ALLAH too planned and ALLAH is the best of planners.       Q (3: 54)

Well, the times are growing interesting in this ‘shake and bake’ world. In a nutshell, in shake and bake, the peoples are being sifted, graded and either approved or disapproved and therefore marked as to their destination – Paradise or Hell-Fire based on their actions and their inner lusts or desires (plots and plans).

We are seeing the seedlings of the future unfolding. We see an America going downhill for some obvious reasons and other not so obvious reasons. America is/was a giant but a giant with ‘clay feet’. We see Europe awakening to its need to grow in strength and power basically because American leadership has become so unstable. We see Russia as cat-like ready to usurp the role of the United States through any means available – unfair play is not a limiting factor. We see Iran with fantasy visions of so-called ‘Islamic dominance’ willing to foment problems amongst Muslims – notably in Yemen which lies behind Saudi Arabia. Why? It’s all because of doctrine and which is, in reality, based on nothing but hooey like the Roman Catholic system of saint worship. We see Saudi Arabia spending tons of money on weapons which they believe is a need but in fact it is really overkill and they should know it.

We see all of this coming together in its infancy but growing in its designs so as to produce future events (recorded in Daniel chapter 11) and shown in hadith literature:

Mustaurid al-Qurashi reported: I heard ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) as saying: The Last Hour would come (when) the Romans {Christians} would form a majority amongst people. ‘Amr b. al-‘As said to him (Mustaurid Qurashi): “See what you are saying?” He said: I say what I have heard from ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh). Thereupon he said: “If you say that, it is a fact for they have four qualities. They have the patience to undergo a trial and immediately restore themselves to sanity after trouble and attack again after flight. They have the quality of being good to the destitute and the orphans, to the weak and, finally, the good quality in them is that they put resistance against the oppression of kings.”              (Muslim)

“Dhu Mikhbar told that he heard ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) say, “You will make a secure peace with the Byzantines, then {both} you and they will fight an enemy behind you and you will be victorious, take booty, and be safe. You will then return and alight {come down} in a meadow with mounds and one of the Christians will raise the cross and say, ‘The cross has conquered.’ One of the Muslims will become angry and smash it and the Byzantines will act treacherously and prepare for battle.” Some transmitters added, “The Muslims will then make for their weapons and will fight, and ALLAH will honor that band with martyrdom.”   (Abu Dawud)

The Byzantines are sometimes called the Romans or the Bani Al-Asfar or can be equated as some hadiths do with the Christians. Indeed, some might even find out that in some instances one can use the term ‘westerners’ but under a restricted sense.”

Yusayr bin Jabir said, “A red wind (or storm) erupted in the city of Kufa. Afterwards, a man came shouting and repeating the same words, ‘O Abdullah bin Mas’ud! The Hour has come.’ He (Yusayr) then said that he stood up after he was leaning (on his side) and said, “‘The Hour (of Resurrection) will not come until people will NOT be able to divide inheritance, nor rejoice over booty’. Pointing toward Al-Sham (Syria), he said: ‘An enemy will gather forces against the Muslims, and the Muslims will gather forces against them.’ A companion asked: ‘Do you mean the Romans?’ He said: ‘Yes, and at that time, there will be fierce fighting. The Muslims will send a battalion (or brigade) to fight to death, and not return unless they are victorious. They will fight until night intervenes, neither side will be victorious, and the detachment will perish. (On the second day) The Muslims will send another battalion (or brigade) to fight to death, and not return unless they are victorious. They will fight until night intervenes, neither side will be victorious, and the detachment will perish. (On the third day) The Muslims will send another battalion (or brigade) to fight to death, and not return unless they are victorious. They will fight until night intervenes, neither side will be victorious, and the detachment will perish. On the fourth day, the remaining Muslims will go to fight, and ALLAH will cause their {the Islamic} enemy to be defeated. This will be a battle the like of which has never been seen, to the extent that even birds flying (above the battle field) will not pass without falling down dead. Out of a family of one hundred, only one man will survive. So, how could a person rejoice over any war booty or divide any inheritance? While they are doing this, they will hear of an even bigger calamity: they will hear a scream amongst them that the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) has appeared among their families that they left behind. They will discard what they have in their hands and proceed.

They will send ten horsemen as an expedition force. The Messenger of ALLAH (pbh) said, ‘I know their names and their fathers name and the colors of their horses. They will be the best horsemen on the face of Earth.’ “                                 (Muslim)

Abu Huraira reported ALLAH’s Messenger (pbh) as saying: The Last Hour would not come until the Romans would land at al-A’maq or in Dabiq. An army consisting of the best (soldiers) of the people of the earth at that time will come from Medina (to counteract them). When they will arrange themselves in ranks, the Romans would say: Do not stand between us and those (Muslims) who took prisoners from amongst us. Let us fight with them; and the Muslims would say: Nay, by ALLAH, we would never get aside from you and from our brethren that you may fight them. They will then fight and a third (part) of the army would run away, whom ALLAH will never forgive. A third (part of the army) which would be constituted of excellent martyrs in ALLAH’s eye, would be killed and the third who would never be put to trial would win and they would be the conquerors of Constantinople {taking Constantinople back from the enemy}. And as they would be busy in distributing the spoils of war (amongst themselves) after hanging their swords by the olive trees, the Satan would cry: The Dajjal has taken your place among your family. They would then come out, but it would be lies. And when they would come to Syria, he {the Dajjal} would come out while they would be still preparing themselves for battle drawing up the ranks. Certainly, the time of prayer shall come and then Jesus (peace be upon him) son of Mary would descend and would lead them in prayer. When the enemy of ALLAH would see him, it would (disappear) just as the salt dissolves itself in water and if he (Jesus) were not to confront him {the Anti-christ} at all, even then it would dissolve completely, but ALLAH would kill him by the hand of Jesus (pbh) and HE would show them his blood on his lance (the lance of Jesus Christ).     (Muslim)

When will these things occur? ONLY ALLAH KNOWS FOR SURE. So the when and the where may be in doubt but several years after the first event should come the Great War in part due to worldly conditions as planet Earth will, acting as an agent (servant) to the LIVING GOD, will make life uncomfortable for the people living on it. The Great War will be a war that will be waged for all the chalk, cheese and marbles which is slang for the winner takes all!

**In a few of my writings, I have stated that the mother of Jesus, Mary, was covenanted (by common agreement with the members of her parent’s religious sect)  and impregnated in a place called Qumran (the Dead Sea Scroll sect) an Essene community near the shores of the Dead Sea. Neither the Christians nor the Jews have this story in their scriptures. Is there any proof of that in the Quran? By thinking about it, there is.

An analysis of this issue is like the analysis done on the NON-CRUCIFIXION event, i.e., what is done is done piece by piece, and coordinated in stages using the available records with the Quran taking the lead as always.

Naturally, one has to envision the world as it was back then as to norms, customs, religious sects and psyche of the people which, in this case, was driven by religious expectations due to the fact of being repressed by a pagan conqueror – the Romans. The majority of the people of Palestine (Jews) were looking for a way out of this predicament and were hoping and praying that ALLAH would send them a Messiah-type individual to save them from further humiliation at the hands of those Roman foreigners.

Several false Messiah-types came and went in Palestine causing forlorn anguish while some (well-placed) Jews (the non-practicing kind) laughed off the concept of the coming of the Messiah as nothing more than a wives’ tale. Most Jewish sects had interpretations of their own type of Messiah and that he would of course favor ‘their sect’ above the other Jews. The Jews, in truth, didn’t mind turning on each other if it was for a good cause. So we can see that there was intense Jewish rivalry at times. The big question was, how to have GOD send the Messiah there amongst them?

The only two records available at the time for ‘interpretive reading’ would be the Old Testament sayings and what the Jewish sect Essenes declared was their Old Testament or a purer form of Testament than the Pharisee sect had. That plus the ‘interpretation of those records’ were to play an important role in what was to occur pre-Jesus.

In short, the Essenes were strictly looking for a man-child to be born from the vessel of a pure woman and GOD would favor this child and grant him certain powers to save the ‘believing folk’ especially from corruption (by following and living the truth) and foreign exploitation (as we know now that will be on his second coming).

Being that is the case, there would have to be a ‘control’ group set up to oversee this task or type of worshiping sacrifice to bring in that Spiritual Channel needed to give birth through their prayers to their ONE GOD. It would also have to be very private for obvious safety reasons or else it wouldn’t work.

That sets the stage for what happened. The Essenes were a Jewish sect that was not liked at all by the popular and controlling but freewheeling Pharisee sect or the majority of Jews. In fact, the Essene Community was mistrusted and feared by the Pharisees. So a lot of their stuff was naturally done in secret such as the setting up of the study and sanctuary at Qumran.

When Mary the mother of Jesus was born she was born into a state of holiness and prayer for dedication to the ideals of that Essene Community. At a young age she was ‘given over’ to the Community to nurture and isolate so as to create, as it were, the perfect holy, clean and righteous atmosphere and vessel that was thought needed to bring forth a child – when the time was right of course as to the manner of being the vessel for the birth of a holy child (to be gotten from inspiration on how to accomplish this). This could be looked upon as ‘seeking guidance from the LORD’.

Now in reading the Quran we get an idea that a child (Mary) has to leave home for some purpose and that is a religious purpose as we will see. Why do very young girls leave home? There are bad reasons and good reasons for this.

Poverty, no food and prostitution are bad reasons in the religious sense so that is thrown out. Very young girls when moving away from their loving parents need to go to a place that will foster and protect them especially if their parents dearly love that child and are deeply committed to their religious views, which they were.

Behold! The wife of ‘Imran {the mother of Mary} said: “O my LORD! I do dedicate to YOU what is in my womb for YOUR SPECIAL SERVICE: so accept this of me: for YOU hear and know ALL THINGS.”     Q (3: 35)

When she was delivered she said: “O my LORD! Behold! I am delivered of a female child!” And ALLAH knew best what she brought forth. “And is not the male like the female. I have named her Mary and I commend her and her offspring to YOUR protection from Satan the rejected.”      Q (3: 36)

Relate in the Book (The story of) Mary, when she withdrew from her family to a place in the East.     Q (19: 16) Qumran is East of her birthplace.

The girl is going to be ‘argued over about her special care’ and lots will be drawn to settle the issue showing that this indeed was a big event!

This is part of the tidings of the things unseen, which WE reveal to you (O Prophet!) by way of inspiration: You were not with them when they cast lots with pens as to which of them should be charged with the care of Mary: Nor were you with them when they disputed (the point).              Q (3: 44)

Furthermore, with all this talk of GOD surrounding this topic it should be a religious place for dedication she was being sent to and not a ‘sweat shop’ for underage labor. Also, the act of being fed not by her caretakers but fed from above is a Divine Miracle and that also places the location that the young Mary stayed at as something religiously special.

Right graciously did her LORD accept her: HE made her grow in purity and beauty: to the care of Zakariya she was assigned. Every time that he entered (her) chamber to see her, he found her supplied with sustenance. He said, “O Mary! From where did this sustenance come to you?” She said: “From ALLAH,” for ALLAH provides sustenance to whom HE pleases without measure.                        Q (3: 37)


She said; “O my LORD! How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?” He {the Angel} said: “Even so; ALLAH creates what HE wills: when HE has decreed a matter, HE but says to it, ‘BE’ and it IS!      Q (3: 47)

To seal the deal, Mary is actually told how to worship as a keystone for her behavior as well as that she would be carrying a special ‘gift’ from GOD to mankind.

“O Mary! Worship the LORD devoutly: prostrate yourself and bow down (in prayer) with those who bow down.”       Q (3: 43)

It is a gift to mankind (as we now know) by studying the records and that there are two parts to this gift – the first entry into the world as Jesus (pbh) and his final entry coming under the flag of Islam as the king, not prophet, ‘Isa bin Miriam (pbh) to lead the Kingdom of Israel in the world meaning TO LEAD THE NATIONS IN ISLAM AS MUSLIMS (BELIEVERS – those in the act of obeying HIS WILL not their false desires).

“And ALLAH will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel.

“And (appoint him) to the Children of Israel, {as a Jewish prophet} (with this message)

It is ALLAH Who is my LORD as well as your LORD; then worship HIM. This is the correct Way that is straight.”         Q (3: 48, 49 and 51)


It is unfortunate that in today’s world there is so much ignorance, hatred and double-dealing, not to mention hypocrisy and quite frankly, false religious ignorance and propagation. It is true that what is known as ISIS is not in any way related to real Islam and that can be readily seen from the correct interpretation of the Quran and hadith literature.

It is also true that more people, for example in the United States, die from cigarette smoking and alcohol imbibing in one year than people who die from ‘terrorist’ activities in the United States over a whole century. However, it is the nature of the crime that is horrible. Acts in the name of GOD cannot be condoned when they are in the name of a false philosophy and done contrary to any known religious practice.

This just gives the ‘ugly’ souls, who could care less about truth, the opportunity to vent their hatreds and feel somehow important and self-righteous especially amongst their own kind as in searching for peer group approval. The devil has many servants and they act contrary to the ‘Code of Ethics’ of that particular religion (a Sharia-type Law for that religion) without feeling remorse is shown quite openly and clearly from the New Testament’s truth in saying:

‘By their fruits you will know them’! So don’t be fooled by politicians and or ignorant so-called friends who fail to practice what they are supposed to preach. That is what people ‘earn’ when they take their own religious code of ethics and throw it to the dogs!