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The knowledge concerning Muslim governmental leadership, the public in general and the state of affairs of various nations has been revealed in hadith literature. We hear of great things to come from scientists and those who call themselves ‘futurists’ but we see, if we care to look closely, a world that is on the verge of turmoil.

Of the {various} people {on Earth} there are some who say: “We believe in GOD and the Last Day.” But they do NOT (really) believe.  Q (2: 8)

Putting the hadiths together will NOT tell us when this age will crumble but will give us signs for that deterioration that will lead to the END of this ERA.* Most people will ignore the warning signs or are in such a ‘feeble’ way (a station of being weak and powerless) that there is nothing one can do to ‘right the ship’!

Well, this state-of-the-world-ship is going on its merry Titanic way and that is the way it is supposed to go. People who didn’t ride the Titanic still died but NOT in the way of utter uselessness. And death is death so there is that. BUT WHAT ABOUT WHAT WE CAN SEE NOW THAT WILL GIVE US A CLUE TO HOW WE CAN SEE THE FUTURE?

*The so-called talk concerning the ‘clash of cultures’ (somehow boiled down to Islam versus the West) is idiotically stupid but IS GROWING INTO A MOBILE MONSTER WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE** FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS ‘SEWER OF POLITICS’ AND TWISTED SPIRITUALISM.

**People do not live their lives or do certain deeds by chance or accident as if they existed in a universe with an absent GOD. No, the inner thoughts of man often can be defrocked when the chips are on the line and show forth their inner and real intentions kept hidden even from surface, personal surveilance.

So warn mankind of the Day when the WRATH will reach them: then will the wrongdoers say: “Our LORD respite us (if only) for a short term: We will {most certainly} answer YOUR call and follow the Messengers!” What!!!!! were you not want to swear before this that you would suffer no backsliding decline?     Q (14: 44)

For example, the Anti-christ will not somehow change into a repentant, good guy and somehow ask for a ‘new lease on life’ based on the desire to escape the Fires of Hell! Man does not escape his QADAR (Divine Destiny) but builds upon it***; hence, the saying that ALLAH took out from the back of Adam, before he even walked on the face of the Earth, those who were destined to go to Hell and those who were to go to Paradise.

***You shall certainly travel from stage to stage.   Q (84: 19)

People will note that the growing popularity of ‘NATIONALISM’ or POPULISM is spreading throughout the world as well as in Europe and Russia. The key phrase of nationalism is the feeling that we as a nation are OK but that ‘OTHERS’ are possibly**** either out to get us, harm us, limit us or somehow out to derail us.

****Possibly means that we as a group of people being aligned against this other group (foreign or domestic), which can be interpreted as racial or religious affinity, must join hands to ‘combat’ the so-called ‘alien element’ that would try to conquer us or do us in. So, come down hard on the ‘bad’ that may walk among us in order to cleanse society.

That is to say that not everyone of so-called ‘us’ is OK because there are people even amongst us who would become traitors to OUR CAUSE. Hence, we should be wary of different colors, religions and backgrounds as they tend to be breeding grounds for the subversive behavior planted amongst us to disrupt and cripple our so-called righteous, manifest destiny.


Those who can think straight can see how the man called Trump has helped change the landscape of politics but he isn’t alone. Europe and Russia have their right wing fanatics also and it is from here that we can see the last battles between religions take place and why the ‘bastion of Islam’ must be attacked.

When it comes down to it, only one group will be victorious with the deformed-type (or false) so-called members of various faiths (Christian, Jewish and Muslim***** adherents being in reality only one face in the mix) being lumped together as wayward individuals living a twisted reality (but not in their own minds).

*****What a man or woman calls him or herself doesn’t really matter – liberal, conservative, white or black, Christian, Jew or Muslim. If one stands in front of a mirror and calls himself a tree, does he automatically become a tree? So, it isn’t what one calls one’s self that counts. It is what one is finally judged to be that really matters.

With the fading away of one of Europe’s most powerful and leading lights, Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany, who has read the proverbial writing on the wall as to her dreams and ideals for Europe, comes the knowledge that nationalism will supplant the new world order. Of course this takes time.

Therefore, get ready for more of the ‘us versus them’ type mentality leading eventually to the great, last conflict between cultures before the coming of the Anti-christ.

This would be the last great battle of ‘cultures’****** and shortly after that comes the Anti-christ to try and dominate a fractured and very much weakened world centered in the hot-bed Middle East or the last remaining bastion for the leadership of REAL FAITH .  And so it goes!

******Historically, in troubled times, people turn to religion and political strongmen to bail them out. The ‘rats’ (the general, disbelieving but frightened population) become nervous as they see their livelihood becoming endangered. Forget about the Hereafter, the so-called almighty livelihood is what rules the day with the ‘REAL GOD’ coming last while the ‘worldly god’ gets top priority.

This is a period where evil can shine by focusing on the imagined ‘warts’ of others. Or to put it more picturesquely, when you are starving and in a boat alone with a tiger lost at sea, the tiger is the one who will starve last!!!!! The result would be confrontation with the purpose of conquering and dominating the so-called opposition. So, welcome to the CRUSADES PART 2!

Some more notes on Quranic verses concerning the Antichrist                          (7: 175-178):

Relate to them the story of the man to whom WE SENT OUR SIGNS but he passed by them: So Satan {due to this} followed him up {took him under his wing} and he went astray.

IF it had been OUR WILL, WE should have ELEVATED him with OUR SIGNS: but he inclined to the earth {a greedy disposition – non-spiritual} and followed his own VAIN DESIRES.

His similitude {as to the depraved part of the human race} is that of a dog: if you attack him, he lolls out his tongue, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls out his tongue {they accomplish nothing of any real lasting value for themselves}. That is the simlitude of those who reject OUR SIGNS; so relate the story; perchance they may reflect.

EVIL as the example are people who REJECT OUR SIGNS and wrong their own souls.

Whom ALLAH guides, he is on the Right Path: whom HE rejects from HIS GUIDANCE – such are the persons who LOSE!                                     Q (7: 175-178)

We know that the Anti-christ like the real Christ (pbh) is only a man. Man being that creature that the ONE GOD actually had direct involvement with as HE created ‘the Adam’ with HIS very own Hands as a personal form of created being!

And from this very own Adam came the representations of the human race. This direct form of creation is somewhat different from a creation coming into being through a state of evolution as ALLAH is AL-Baree THE EVOLVER WHO creates then makes from previously created matter.

However, the physical man was created or molded with a mixture of ‘physical mud and physical water’ and that makes it fall into the category of those who follow the Divine Laws related to the body physical. Hence, upon death, the normal ‘physical’ person reverts back to dust – from dust to dust as they say.

Yet, man is a creature of distinction with a soul created in splendor but with the caveat of a modicum of free will to use its ‘talents’ or thoughts and/or ‘spiritual expressions’ in a manner for its growth or detriment.

You shall certainly travel from stage to stage.   Q (84: 19)

So these verses would discuss a ‘high’ level individual created ages ago that like other souls were filled with wonder and awe at being brought forth to an awareness (of self and surroundings). Destined for a type of greatness (positively or negatively) that soul would have been free to be attracted to what might be called ‘spiritual awareness’ and exploration into that awareness.

No soul is left to ‘dangle’ on a rope all alone and so ‘it’ was presented ‘SIGNS‘ as a helpmate to wander pathways that would be beneficial for a positive growth – for the soul does indeed grow in various ways.

However, that Anti-christ soul by free choice (free will) ‘took no heed’ to the SIGNS offered for its help but rather chose to ignore them. This allowed Satan to hatch a plan of misdirection viz. corruptible rewards so as to build upon his hold upon that soul.

Had ALLAH desired to ‘force’ that soul into the ‘light’ and away from darkness, it would have been accomplished for there is no will – no power and no strength except in ALLAH.

And we know this because ALLAH has declared that ‘IF, and only IF it were HIS WILL, all would become believers – all people living on Earth’ because HIS WILL IS DOMINANT, IRRESISTIBLE BEING THE OMNIPOTENT ONE WITH THE WILL AND POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN or AL-QAHHAR!

IF it had been your LORD’s WILL, they would ALL have believed, ALL who inhabit the Earth! Will you then compel mankind, against their (free will) to believe?

No soul can believe, EXCEPT BY THE WILL of ALLAH and HE will place abomination on those {determined} NOT to understand.                    Q (10: 99-100)

But man has a ‘free will’ and being this is the decision of ALLAH, it must be carried out!

And by doing right for his soul-growth, ALLAH would have ELEVATED him further as HIS REWARDS far out exceed the actions of man. But, that soul, by its own choice, preferred other forms of ‘gratification’ as he inclined to ‘the Earth’ or things not clean or spiritually wholesome but rather became greedy for knowledge and power about matters not harmonious with the ‘true Spirit’. Hence, he became that twisted soul known by many as the Anti-christ soul who used, for example, ALLAH’s GREATEST NAME for illegitimate purposes.

So, he is a man in a group of men/women who voluntarily turned off the pathway of salvation to explore avenues to enhance their various ways to spiritual greed or power of the (twisted) soul. Hence, they wrong the purpose of  their own soul-creation due to their VAIN DESIRES WHICH ARE REINFORCED BY THE SATAN.

So many people find a certain level of success by being crooked and Satan reinforces that as a person being on the ‘correct pathway’ to GOD or even without a GOD or yet even with many ‘gods’ whereas they are heading in the opposite way from the preferred direction and therefore are kept away from the LIGHT.

In reality what have they truly accomplished in the end when all is said and done? The answer is nothing of any value except supposedly of some miniscule, Earthly significance which we are told is soon vanquished as if it never really existed. Such was their reward – an illusion!

They have achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! That is why they call out on the Last Day for another chance when, in fact, they already had so many chances.

If you could but see when they shall be made to stand by the FIRE they will say; “We wish that we would be sent back! Then, {if we were to be sent back} we would not reject the SIGNS of our LORD but would be amongst those who {truly} believe!”

For sure, in their own (eyes) will become manifest what before they concealed. But IF they were returned, they would certainly RELAPSE TO {do} THE THINGS THEY WERE FORBIDDEN {to do}. FOR THEY ARE INDEED LIARS!      Q (6: 27-28)

And like a ‘dirt-muddied road’ that will form deep ruts in it due to heavy traffic, the damaged soul that begs on the Last Day of Judgment for a ‘return’ to Earthly life so that it may do good (after so many failed chances) has those well-rutted characteristics imprinted on it******* which would easily cause it (the soul) to return to its former misbehavior that it is said to them: ‘Indeed, you are LIARS’!!!!!

*******Every soul has that special ‘imprint’ of the DIVINE on it from its MAKER and it either accords as ‘one with THE GOD’ (New Testament description found in the Gospel of John, “I and the FATHER are one********)  in purpose and intent, which is the harmonizing of the soul by being ‘in tune with its MAKER,  OR  else it is rebellious and becomes twisted, ugly and deformed by its various alien ‘adopted’ nature.

These are the people who refused HIS Guidance and therefore ALLAH is rejecting those people from HIS LIGHT. Hence, they are incapable of finding THE WAY by themselves as their ‘former behavior’ sets a Road-Map for their actions and choices… a fitting reward for those who hated ALLAH and HIS MESSENGERS.

You shall certainly travel from stage to stage.   Q (84: 19)

They followed their self-made god (themselves and their twisted desires) right into the FIRE! A fitting reward for those who hated ALLAH and HIS MESSENGERS!

********In a peculiar way, this declaration by the New Testament goes forth to show that Jesus (pbh) was NOT crucified. It also goes forth to show that the New Testament is, as this author has proclaimed, a valid though not totally correct type of testament historically speaking, speaking in this testament of things not easily understood.

By making Jesus (pbh) one with GOD in purpose and intent, which he, being a true servant of ALLAH was and is, then the verse found in Hebrews (5: 7) must therefore be NOT about Jesus (pbh) and him trying to weasel out from a ‘death by crucifixion’!

During THE DAYS {days are not a few hours spent in a garden whining about one’s so-called fate but rather synonymous to one’s life} of {adam’s or the Christ-soul’s} Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the ONE {GOD} who could save him from death, {spiritual death while missing the ‘goal’ that he originally came to accomplish} and he was heard because of his reverent {earnest} submission.                             Hebrews (5: 7)

 The reason being is that Jesus (pbh), being in a mind of unity of purpose and intent with his CREATOR, would be glad, respectful and willing concerning ALLAH’s CHOICE in the manner of his death. And if HIS choice was that he (Jesus) should face ‘death’ by the cross, then he would gladly, respectfully and willingly be in favor of that choice as a truly dutiful servant and not trying to get out of a duty deemed necessary by THE ONE GOD!

Obviously, this verse is not about Jesus (pbh) but rather, not so obviously, it is about adam, as the Christ-soul that he would become, who like all of us have fallen from perfect GRACE. And adam fell so that he, IF CHOSEN BY ALLAH’s WILL, would rise again! So ALLAH chose him to be the ‘standard bearer’ for ‘the faithful’ NOT IN FORGIVING OF MAN’S SINS but rather in ‘CHAMPIONING’ a cause for salvation.

Hence, the reality and the positiveness of him (Jesus) being the true Messiah for the whole of the faithful and the ‘headman’ or head Muslim (Believer), if one wills, for the leadership of the entire and complete Islamic world with a deference given to the Mahdi in that section of the globe as the hadiths do imply.

It’s more or less like a ‘pathway’ shown to man through the ages as the gift of the prophets. In reality, this is called Islam or The Way in any sense of the word, not so much by language but by intent as can be seen in today’s often fractured world.  This is shown by Yusef’s (pbh) Islamic prayer:

{O ALLAH} Take my soul (at death) as one submitting to YOUR WILL (as a Muslim) {Arabic word: Musliman} and unite me with the righteous.    Q (12: 101)

{Indeed! without a doubt} You shall certainly travel from stage to stage        Q (84: 19)

And furthermore, as understood in the Gospel of John, when Jesus (pbh) declares that the Spirit of truth (Prophet Muhammad (pbh)) will receive what is mine, that is, what shall be given to him is not only prophethood but also that pattern in spiritual form called the universal true belief or ISLAM.

Where we have ONE GOD, we have ONE Pattern and that pattern encapsulates the truth we have come to know as ISLAM!

As Adam (with a capital A) was the physical prototype for the human being we call MAN as he represented being the father of MANKIND in that when Jesus (pbh) was asked, as is found in the New Testament, ‘Whose son are you’? He replied truthfully that he was the ‘son of MAN’.  Then came adam (with a small a) who spiritually took on the journey towards salvation: FIRST FOR HIMSELF********* and then as a helpmate for others as is also reported in the New Testament.

*********Who needs not daily, as to those {other ordained} high priests, to offer up sacrifice, FIRST FOR HIS OWN SINS {failures} and then {again} for the peoples {as a representative or Sign}: FOR THIS HE DID ONCE, when he offered up himself {prayed to be THAT PARTICULAR ONE to bring GLORY and HONOR to THE LORD} Hebrews (7: 27)

Thus he became a standard also or pattern for salvation as was shown in Yusef’s prayer and in the life of the Christ-soul as it bowed down to ALLAH’s WILL in true submission or surrender to ALLAH’s DESIRE and WILL.

ONE GOD, ONE brotherhood of prophets teaching submission to ALLAH’s WILL, ONE true faith (submission to ALLAH’s WILL IN (Islam), and ONE true Messiah.

And the ‘pattern‘ was set in him, who came before, that we, UPON ADHERING TO THIS PATTERN CALLED TRUE FAITH (Submission to ALLAH’s WILL), WOULD RECEIVE REDEMPTION AND THUS SALVATION as he himself has received redemption and salvation from his LORD!!!!!