The use of the symbols { } are for the purpose of bringing more clarity to the text.

‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that matters.’

“Say: None in the heavens and the earth {truly} knows the Ghaib (Unseen) except ALLAH”…  Q  (27: 65)

“And We did not create the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, for {just plain} mere amusement.

WE created them ONLY FOR JUST ENDS {according to OUR WELL THOUGHT THROUGH PLAN}: but most of them do not know.”                          Q (44: 38-39)

The probability that intelligent, machine-building, space exploring life, superior mechanically to human life on this Earth is ‘theoretically’ very, very high. It can be estimated, when a thorough study is completed that the probability of intelligent, machine-building, space exploring life, besides our Homo sapiens’ species, is extremely probable.

In trying to form a limited but intelligent opinion on this subject a few things have to be kept in mind which will be helpful in providing a very balanced approach to this subject. Islam has it all! That doesn’t mean that we can fully comprehend it, however.

Some of the categories that need to be explored concerning intelligent-huminoid life on other planets are the following:

  1. Possible evidence for extraterrestrial vehicles
  2. Quranic material/hadith material
  3. A simple understanding of the soul/spirit complex
  4. Some basic knowledge of time
  5. Some knowledge of basic human existence along with history

However, one cannot form a total foundation of truth based on a theory alone because any theory should not be considered conclusively as sound evidence. If such theories DO NOT disagree with the Quran and Sunnah, then what one day may be a theory, the next day may prove to be a FACT which, if in reality is  truly factual, may lead others closer to the truth and a better appreciation of that truth.

One of the most intriguing thoughts of modern times is the question of ‘are we alone as an intelligent, machine building, space exploring society’? For sure, even the plants on this world we call Earth have a form of ‘intelligence’. Certain creatures like the whale-dolphin types have very complex languages and even some birds have some familiarity with using tools.

However, that is by ‘LAW’ which is subservient to the order laid down concerning man’s dominance on this particular ‘rock in space’ as even inanimate objects have shadows that bow down to HIS WILL in prostration. The most glaring defining point that we can understand is that no plant, or animal has shown the ability for constructing craft for space travel.

“And to ALLAH ALL do prostrate {in obedience} EVERYTHING that is in the heavens and earth, whether moving {living} creatures (dabbatun) or the angels: for none are arrogant (before their LORD)”.                                                 Q (16: 49)

According to what is found in the Quran and an understanding given by ‘Umar bin al-Khattab about the one who was given an excellent and deep understanding of the Quran (‘Abdullah ibn Abbas* – “the young man of understanding/maturity”) it can be surmised at this time that we are NOT alone in this Universe. However, it appears that we are alone as a type of species we call Homo sapiens or Earthman-type found in the third dimension. How can this quandary be explained?

Put a whale in the middle of the desert and a camel in the middle of the ocean and see how long they can survive. Although both are mammals, they were created as to evolving over a period of time for a special and specific type (regional area) of adaptive life as their bodily functions cannot survive in an ‘alien’ surrounding. In other words, they are limited in their perspective body-type adaptations.

This has much to do with their body structure not their soul-complex. As an idea of the soul-complex: when one pours water into a square object it becomes square shaped; when one pours water into a circular object it becomes circular in shape. The physical shape is the body adapted to its particular, born-in surroundings and the water represents the mystery of the soul taking up habitation within that particular body.

Finally, there is the idea of Spirit which I define as something very similar to the soul but somewhat different – ALLAH alone knows best! The physical body dies but the ‘soul’ continues on and exists on some level about which we can not state with any sense of complete clarity at this time.

However,  a man will remain only a man in the spiritual sense. Physically, a man may resemble anything with one head, two arms and two legs. Our problematical thinking is that we have declared ‘man’ as beings like us or Homo sapiens. The problem with that is we don’t really know what a ‘man’ truly is.

For us human beings living on Earth, a man can be stated as a male or female of the human race. That, however, is very questionable when considering the complete definition of MAN.

In fact, the ‘movement’ of the soul across time and space for possible developmental reasons would include other Genus-species types other than Homo sapiens. Theoretically, it could include higher types as well as lower types of a group called ‘generic man’ of which the ‘physical’ Homo sapiens-type is only just a part of this man-type complex.

If that is the case, the term ‘MAN’ is much more complex than we have previously thought. In addition to this, the concepts put forth in the Quran amazingly covers all aspects of the problem. No book on this Earth can render these things in such an erudite manner thus showing the CREATOR’S SUPERIOR INTELLECT.

These concepts that we are only currently able to grasp may go forth to explain partially the ‘primitive’ basics that as Earthly humans we cannot overcome easily and, in fact, we need not overcome them because, quite frankly, it is NOT OUR CONCERN OR OUR BUSINESS TO KNOW. THESE THINGS ARE NOT THE PRIMARY PURPOSE WE HAVE BEEN PLACED HERE ON THIS PARTICULAR PIECE OF LAND CALLED EARTH.

The job-at-hand is told to us by our CREATOR LORD:

I (ALLAH) have created the jinns and mankind THAT THEY SHOULD WORSHIP {Serve} ME (Alone).”      Q (51: 56)

The purpose of the created beings in a nutshell no matter who they are or where they may be is to worship/obey THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD; to love his brother as himself or to want for his brother what he would want for himself; and to be in the world to eventually leave it in a better condition than when originally entering it or to find a way to give back to the world in being thankful for HIS GRACE and BENEFICENCE.

ALLAH is HE Who created {the} seven Firmaments and of the earth {as having} a similar number. Through the midst of them (all) descends HIS Command {ORDERS}: that you may know that ALLAH has power over all things, and that ALLAH TOTALLY UNDERSTANDS all things in (HIS) Awareness.         Q (65:12)

The Glorious Quran should be looked at as the perfect ‘product’ or compilation of the thoughts turned into ‘reality’ from THE DIVINE INTELLECT. That being the case, this great book can be both simple to understand as well as vastly complex.

So one can define ‘and of the earth as having a similar number’ as to meaning  levels pointing geologically downwards as in Earth’s strata as well as there being seven ‘abodes’ likened to Earth as types of worlds containing  highly intelligent beings as well as others not so highly blessed.

That means simply that in all probability there is intelligent, machine-making, space exploring life on other planets besides our Earth.

Some go a step further and discuss the number seven as to meaning much more than ‘only seven’.  However, according to a Companion of the Prophet (pbh) who gave great advice**, there is no need to strive to reach something that is NOT going to be useful or obtainable. In other words, general knowledge is fine but chasing after the proverbial rainbow and the supposed ‘pot of gold’ at its end will only lead to frustrations and away from the REAL importance of the job-at-hand.  A quick look, however, may be forgiven.

But HE (ALLAH) fashioned him (man) in due proportion {to exist in the right condition wherever he finds himself} and breathed into him something of HIS SPIRIT. And HE gave you the faculties of hearing and sight and feeling and understanding: Little thanks do you give {in your praise and remembrance to HIM and HIM ALONE}!  Q (32: 9)

Suppositions are fine but concrete examples are better. We only need one to prove our point but three will be given that can be further looked up by the interested party. All of the following examples, I believe, can be found in the book published by NICAP (the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) for the U.S. Congress many decades ago and which information can be found on the Internet:

  1. Fastest speed clocked by a machine (theodolite) on another machine-type structure (UFO) clocked in at around 12 thousand miles per hour.
  2. An advanced spy plane with highly classified detecting equipment was being shadowed by a UFO and with the equipment on board the plane being turned on, the plane recorded measured signals of some ‘radar-type’ communication coming from the UFO.
  3. The Lonnie Zamora case featuring a policeman’s close encounter with a landed UFO which left measurable traces after its takeoff and included other interesting phenomena.

In my earlier works, I talked about most UFO-type foolishness as to being Jinn, especially the type that live in the sky as reported by the Prophet (pbh) in hadith literature. While I don’t doubt that that is the case for some UFO reports, I believe that there is a case for other civilizations from other ‘Earths’ that have been visiting our planet for many centuries. Remember, it only takes one concrete example to make such a thing a reality.

Even if one takes the speed of 12,000 mph and triples it, the thought of space travel to the stars is still quite prohibitive. One cannot imagine a practical solution or outcome to spending tens of thousands of years of cooped-up flying trying to reach our Earth and spending tens of thousands of more years in a return flight.

Therefore, what these ‘hypothetical beings’ would be doing in visiting Earth is either jumping dimensionally through space/time or crossing parallel universes in some way. A dimension based life form (ours is the third dimension) hypothetically could do that.

Whatever the case might be, the study of man as to the physical and spiritual aspect may put these things into a better perspective but that requires careful thought which borders on interesting but mostly non-productive speculation.

It appears that we do not know much about what a man really is. His body decays but not his soul and of his soul we know very little and of the Spirit (which I claim is similar to the soul but not quite the exact same thing – ALLAH KNOWS BEST):

They ask you concerning the Spirit. Say: “The Spirit is one of the things, of which the knowledge is only with my LORD And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little.”     Q (17: 85)

And WE have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and confered on them special favors, above a great part of OUR creation.  (Quran 17:70)

And among HIS Signs is the creation of the heavens and the Earth and the living creatures that HE has scattered through them {the heavens and the Earth}: and HE has THE POWER to gather them together WHENEVER HE WILLS.  Q (42: 29).

ALLAH’s POWER is STILL TOO IMMENSE TO contemplate if the phrase ‘HE has scattered through them (the heavens and the Earth)’ is taken to mean only the Earth and its surroundings. Adding in the thought of other life forms including highly advanced ones, the mind simply reels and cannot cope with this thought very easily but must acknowledge HIS INCOMPREHENSIBLE GREATNESS ON HOW HE HAS PLANED AND ORDERED ALL THINGS.

WE did indeed offer THE TRUST to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: But MAN undertook it; He was indeed unjust and foolish.    Q  (33:72)

The key word here is ‘MAN’. Once again, are we talking about Homo sapiens or something else? If the word ‘MAN’ has a broader definition than what we normally think about, then the answer to other possible life forms, which can be classified as man, will simply pose no problem.

We don’t know when this activity took place but it may have been sometime after the formation of the Earth four and one-half billion years ago but when the world was very young. The Christ-soul (pbh) is called ‘ancient’ and Solomon (pbh) has declared his witnessing the creations.

Our problem is in thinking that our ‘soul’ as being somehow created or manufactured just about the time of our birth here on Earth.That idea in reality and according to Islam is really ridiculous.

All that means is that we have a mystery upon us. Take away the archaic beliefs of the soul being manufactured recently and think that the soul does not remain static such that it travels (all under a controlled process Q 65: 12) and we get closer to a concept of a possible ‘transmigration of souls’ idea, meaning here, just soul movement, but without the fraudulent aspects of this philosophy.

Not to rock the boat but this topic is just like the topic about the so-called crucifixion of Jesus. It is what the ‘priest-class’ ended up doing with the knowledge they had and DIDN’T UNDERSTAND. So they interpreted it with their own desires and eventually built up a  false story surrounding it.

Say: “Everyone acts according to his own disposition {whispering secret agenda}*** but your LORD knows best who it is that is best on the WAY {correct pathway}.”      Q (17: 84)

***This is not just a fancy story as the Prophet (pbh) has mentioned that everyone has a Jinn inside of him including himself but his Jinn bowed down its will to ALLAH. Those Jinn are there in every human being, in part, to suggest ‘urges’ to the human being. That is euphemistically called temptation or suggestions to lead one towards a goal which is pleasing to the inner heart’s desire.

The case in point: the topic of possible ‘soul travel’ (for the soul goes somewhere when the physical body dies****) at the end of one’s current Earthly life seems to have been a universal, ancient, little known item in the world’s older religions. And Islam acknowledges that there has been over 120,000 prophets given to the human race.

****So everything Prophet Muhammad (pbh) said about ‘death’ is absolutely true and generic enough to cover all the bases that we have been talking about.*****

***** Abu Hurairah reported ALLAH’s Messenger as saying, “I have been given superiority over the prophets in six respects: I have been given words which are concise but comprehensive in meaning; I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies); spoils have been made lawful to me; the earth has been made for me a place of worship and ceremonially pure; I have been sent to all mankind; and the line of prophets is closed with me.   (Muslim)

When a person dies, he/she will return to the grave to receive his or her rewards/punishments. ALLAH always keeps HIS WORD and so the belief and trust in HIM is no less than a statement of bond or contract****** between HIM and the individual soul.

The final completion of the ‘contract’ is the one on ONE contact between the individual and his/her CREATOR with the Final Resting Place being those conditions explained in the Quran. ALLAH is THE ABLE, THE CAPABLE of bringing HIS PLAN to the perfect and just conclusion – THE AL-QADER! And that does NOT depend upon whether a person knows this concept or not.

One of the keys to the understanding of man is that men are organized into troops or groups as the hadiths (Abu Hurairah and others) suggest. This would make their lives into ‘phases’ for human interaction on a grand scale of which we practically no nothing about. When one’s ‘term of appointment’ is up {whenever and however that may be}, all we can say is that it is up.

Men have been, since time immemorial, guessing about this issue while bringing more invention than truth. Certainly, ALLAH is HE WHO is THE IRRESISTIBLE COMPELLER WHO sets right all the affairs of HIS creatures (AL-JABBAR).

******WE did indeed offer THE TRUST to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: But MAN undertook it; He was indeed unjust and foolish.    Q  (33:72)

Just knowing that it happens BUT NOT KNOWING the when, where, why, what and how of the matter would cause quite a temptation for unscrupulous, scheming people to take advantage of mindless leaders and enrich themselves through greed while securing their ‘job importance’ and therefore polluting a part of society with their gobbledygook; hence, creating as it were a new (false) religion. Today this is called feathering one’s nest for prestige and profit.

So there came the sorcerers {high priests} to Pharaoh: They said {to Pharaoh} “Of course we shall have a (suitable) reward if we win {defeat Moses}!”

He said: “Yes, (and more), for you shall in that case be (raised to posts) nearest to me {in rank and in power}.  Q (7: 113-114)

The proof for this is the mummification processes found in various places around the world. Supposedly, the dead traveler would travel to some place in the universe to be reunited with his body and possessions at the end of his journey.****** The invented stories and grandeur of this whole business can best be seen in the priest-class and their fables in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and how this book and quasi-religion affected the society back then.

******Islam has practically the same idea as the above but without the added or altered nonsense. On the Last Day of Judgment, in the raising up {traveling} to get the final reward, the people haven’t received their final ‘coverings’ yet that they will so richly and justly have deserved – called Judgment Day. Therefore, they are raised up ‘naked’. The first person to be dressed or covered or given that outer layer of what is to be his immortal covering will be father Abraham (pbh) according to Prophet Muhammad (pbh).

The people of ‘blessedness’ will then enjoy conditions like what they were used to, for example, certain fruits as they had when alive on their physical abode (planet experiences) but of course with much greater pleasure and intensity that the mind cannot imagine.

But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is GARDENS, beneath which rivers flow. Every time they are fed with fruits therefrom, they say: “Why, this is what we were fed with before,” for they are given things in similitude; and they have therein spouses purified; and they abide therein (for ever).    Q (2: 25)

The moral of the story is quite obvious which can also be reflected in the nonsense found in the Dark Ages. The priest-class held a position of power and influence as they held the ‘crucible’ of the soul through their outlandish inventions bringing their newly acquired power to bear on the masses supposedly sanctioned by the Creator Himself.

Who could or would want to go against that kind of power? Hence, the church had immense say in the politics of the day while also enriching itself on the backs of home-grown superstitious people trying to get blessings from statues or paying ‘bribe’ money to have one’s sins forgiven.

In modern times, we have slick televangilists preying on the weak while stealing their money for their own self-enrichment and going so far as to ask sick and troubled people to ‘touch’ their television screens in order to be healed. This is done in the guise of GOD’s NAME and such actions show how some men have become, in reality, spiritual predators on their own species.

Such is the mystery of the soul, man, dimensional travel and even civilizations way out there in space where there are presumably lower as well as higher advanced races of ‘generic MAN’.

The best thing is that we don’t have to worry about such problematical events. The great teachers (the prophets) came to us and directed mankind to a way of behavior that would produce future excellence for the progress of man’s soul. So in this we should be most cognizant of.

And in this cognizance, we should pay attention to the advice given in Islam concerning ‘losing our selves amongst the stars’. Earthmen should get the value of what this land, this Earth, produces and know enough to leave the wild goose chasing to people who have nothing better to do than to run around in circles.

** Qutadah said: “ALLAH created these stars for three purposes: to adorn the heavens, to stone the devils and as signs by which to navigate. Whoever seeks anything else in them is mistaken and does not benefit from them, and he is wasting his time and effort in seeking something (about) which he has no {adequate} knowledge.”      (Bukhari)

The hadith basically tells man that it is better to concentrate on the job at hand as was discussed earlier. And indeed, in the Old Testament advice was given to basically put one foot in front of the other, step by step in building a more solid and substantial base for ‘human existence‘.

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little {for growth to take place}.     Isaiah (28: 10).

The best way to do that is to have confidence in and trust in one’s LORD. For it isn’t the man who elevates but it is ALLAH that causes the increase – ALLAH AL-RAFI’ is THE ONE WHO elevates HIS good servants in rank!

There is also the story in hadith literature of the man who wanted to have all of his sins forgiven and pay back everything he ‘owed‘ to GOD in one shot by fasting continuously every day (kind of like being in a hurry and NOT depending upon his LORD for HIS Forgiveness and Mercy). The Prophet (pbh) found him walking around like a weak chicken and literarily gave him sound, living advice on going step by step for ALLAH is FULL of MERCY and FORGIVENESS – EVER THE ALL BOUNTIFUL AND BENEFICENT TO HIS SERVANTS.

On the Day {the length of which is known only by ALLAH} of Resurrection {whenever that may occur}, Death will be brought forward in the shape of a black-and-white ram. Then a call maker will call, “O people of Paradise!” Thereupon they will stretch their necks and look carefully. The caller will say, “Do you know this?” They will say, “Yes, this is Death.” By then, all of them will have seen it. Then it will be announced again, “O people of Hell!” They will stretch their necks and look carefully. The caller will say, “Do you know this?” They will say, “Yes, this is Death.” And by then, all of them will have seen it. Then it will be slaughtered and the caller will say, “O people of Paradise! Eternity for you and no death; O people of Hell! Eternity for you and no death.”                  (Al-Bukhari)

The Day {of Judgment} whereon they will (ALL) come forth: Not a single thing concerning {any of} them is hidden from ALLAH. Whose WILL {will} be the dominion that Day?” That of ALLAH, the One, the Irresistible!                                 Q (40: 16)

It is not a crime for people to study the Quran and acknowledge it as more than just a ‘religious book’ but it is a crime to go beyond the general concepts UNLESS INSTRUCTED OR THAT WHICH IS POINTED OUT BY THE PROPHET OR HIS COMPANIONS AND AS LONG AS WHAT IS STUDIED DOES NOT DISCREDIT THE FAITH ITSELF.

*Ibn Abbas ‘supposedly’ said concerning the verse of the 7 heavens and Earths, “If I explain this verse to you, it will {be made to} feel absurd to you. And you will think of it as a lie.” He also was reputed to have said: “How can I be sure that you won’t deny the extraordinary explanation of this verse {if I give it to you}?”

Ibn ‘Abbas was once reportedly asked about the verse Q (65: 12), “It is ALLAH who has created seven heavens and of the Earth, the like of them.” He replied, “Seven Earths: In every Earth is a prophet like your Prophet, an Adam like your Adam, a Noah like your Noah, an Abraham like your Abraham and a Jesus like your Jesus” (Al-Durr Al-Manthur in the  Tafseer Bil-Ma’thur by Imam Suyuti who adhered to the Sunni- Shafi’i madhhab or school of thought). The soundness or correctness of the above declaration may be in doubt.

Qutadah said: “ALLAH created these stars for three purposes: to adorn the heavens, to stone the devils and as signs by which to navigate. Whoever seeks anything else in them is mistaken and DOES NOT BENEFIT from them, and he is wasting his time and effort in seeking something (about) which he has no knowledge.”      (Bukhari)

Statements are statements and facts are facts. It is better to use science to help solve certain enigmas. However, an understanding of religion and a good glance at our foibles of our often ‘repeating‘ historical behavior gives us a better foundation into understanding who we are and what we should do in order to be a more successful species.

From the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament:

At that time {the time just before the coming of the real Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary (pbh)} Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of {great emotional} distress {and physical upheavals in the Earth} such {the like of} as has never happened {on this Earth} from the {time when} nations began until then {that time of worldly distress and upheavals}. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered. Multitudes {many} who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness {doing the right thing towards ALLAH and man}, like the stars for ever and ever.  But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the {this} scroll until the time of the end {when the end of this AGE draws near}. {And during those times} Many will go here and there to increase knowledge {on various subjects – science, technology, astronomy, geology, archeology and many other fields}.                                      Daniel (12: 1-4)

And so mankind is addressed! And in the end we shall be given that knowledge which we lack and which would today provide little benefit to most human beings except to reflect once again on the true job at hand!