The whole philosophy behind all of my writings deals with the concept of oneness. The One who created this universe has left His Print on His creations that may be seen if one is careful enough to see it. This subject actually is so vast that one lifetime is not enough to cover all of its aspects. However, since the beginning of time and since the beginning of the creation of the human race in various places and ages the Oneness of the Creator Lord has been there to see if man would but try. Oneness means a type of harmony and unity but definitely not stagnation.

Oneness also means a sense of wonder and awe in submitting oneself (a kind of debasing the arrogance of self-will or self-ego-type pampering) and waking up to the only thing that matters – His Will. Although we are human and make mistakes, there is no need to rejoice in our foolishness but rather we can all learn the ‘virtues’ that have been put in place for our edification. In a religious sense the following excerpt from one of my books discuses in a nutshell what this site is about.

“Granted the world in its present form is often on a hectic and confusing pace. The same might be said for those who try and study religion. Of course there are the good people and the people whose agenda behind doing these things are not good. Such is the way with the world and those who live in it.

One would think that the simple declaration concerning ‘there is only ONE GOD’ would be a simple matter and a joyful thought amongst the believers. But look closely at the so-called defenders of the faith and truth (any particular faith) and one can see that some people have their own minds about this matter and would prefer self-gratification than truthful research – at least some of the time. A simple coming together of them minds in peace and harmony sounds simple but the ‘human factor’ makes it overly complex.

The basis for what man calls religion is for SALVATION and human guidance as well as the understanding of who we are, where we came from and the duties we owe to our Creator Lord. Is that so difficult to understand? Logically, it is not difficult but in practicality it appears daunting. And we have been given certain ‘keys’ to help us seek out a proper understanding. But many people refuse this notion because they want some sort of glorification of the self and that raises friction between certain groups – hence the idea of envy/jealousy/pride being allowed to darken the ‘light’ of understanding.

When the light of understanding (Universal Logic) is allowed to penetrate the soul, it is not becoming of one to go around blaming the One God but rather seeing the corruption in the self. And ALL have that certain corruption but to various degrees from minor to major. Hence, for those who can see, let them see and in nowise are the blind equal to those who can see. It doesn’t take a mystic (of whom I simply mistrust for the most part) nor does it take a genius to figure out what is going on in some so-called religious circles. However, that is life and that is that!…

The first principle in religion is that there is, has been and will only ever be but ONE GOD. He is the ONE Who has no partners, peers or relations and HE is so far above any of His creations that the minds of the best of peoples (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad) peace be upon them all – cannot fathom His complete Greatness or Essence. They felt it deep within side their souls but as to containing that Greatness none of the creation, even if it was stacked altogether to take a part of that understanding, could ever hope to achieve the sum total of THE GOD!

The next thing is that He, out of His Mercy and Kindness, elevates those of His creation as He chooses and provides support and guidance unto His creations so that they will be reinforced spiritually and guided rightly – as they so choose. For it is up to those who are of the dominate groups (those having free will) to chose between His Way or their way. This in no way declares that, for example, man has to break his head to become perfect but that he must follow the pathway that acknowledges His Greatness plus a willful attempt at enduring the many trials of life to become obedient unto Him. And because of His greatness, He showered man with an easier road by sending not Angels but other men of high and excellent quality to be followed and obeyed as much as one could. Hence, the brotherhood of prophets came into being.

All of the prophets gave understanding to the BASICS needed for the final goal to be obtained which is SALVATION. And this salvation is based on Trusting in the Creator Lord – The One God. And over one-hundred thousand prophets came to refresh this belief to mankind so that no person would be left behind – unless of course one chose another route. And even if one chose ‘evil’ and insisted on it, that person would still be rewarded by negative growth for the ONE GOD is not unjust.

However, enough said about that. The important thing is that there is one brotherhood of prophets who served THE ONE GOD in harmony and unity having the same goal in mind – Salvation.

Not only do we speak of the One God but now we speak of the one brotherhood of prophets. The one brotherhood of prophets is a body of the highest believers who are in agreement with each other and who do not form contradictory pathways for salvation. And with a few of these ‘higher’ prophets came ‘Books’ declaring the harmony and oneness of what man calls religion but more specifically called THE WAY, meaning HIS WAY. This ‘road map’ to The Way was to act as a guide to those groups of people given it. However, what does true history tell us about how these prophets were treated? So, when those prophets died, how would one expect the books that they brought, as in knowledge that they contained, would be treated?

Some of mankind are criminally abusive and want to breakup UNITY by either altering the proven WORD or by twisting it verbally as to bend THE WAY into their way being likened to fancy flights of fiction. But even thus, the records still retain the flavor of harmony and unity. So the records, especially those records taken from those who are called ‘People of the Book’ as they are so honored because they retained the more purified way, ARE ONE!

So far we have the ONE GOD, the One brotherhood of prophets, the One Way and the Oneness of the records. But we still have the oneness of mankind to deal with.

(According to Islam) In the beginning, of which we hardly know anything about, mankind was composed of ONE NATION. It wasn’t the One God that scattered the peop0le to and fro but it was on their heads that caused the separation. Like their father Adam (pbh) they did manage to wander off the pathway and it is no blame on him for what they did. However, the One God knew about these things (beforehand) and He provided those pathways for the so-called ‘superior set’ (mankind) to find out just how dependent they were on Him. But that is another story and He alone knows the full truth about that.

The whole concept of any true religion is to submit to His Divine Will in bowing down to His Way and that may confuse some who falsely are led into believing that their way is His Way. Just by going to the basics shows how wrong those people are. That is where the saying ‘being full of oneself’ comes in. They haven’t understood the practice of the ways and actions of obedience called Sunnah of their Spiritual Leader (prophet) in their heart and therefore even if they follow something religiously, it counts for nothing because if the heart is corrupt the deeds that they do will be corrupt and likened to nothing. Hence, there is the description in the Quran of some peoples’ ‘good’ deeds being turned into dust and rejected (Arab or non-Arab).

However that may be, human beings are not the ones to decide these matters or act as stand-ins for the One God and His Perfect Judgment. Allah is not in need of man’s so-called brilliant deductions. Yet see how man operates with his logic by vindicating himself so as to gain advantage over others! An example of this can be taken from the story of how the idea of the ‘sons of God’ started.