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Creeping Apishness or the Great Denial

The world’s technology is taking off at a fantastic rate but the people from country to country are behaving in a kind of lost, moralistic way or as in the case of conservative evangelicalism in a dogged, false superior, pat Read More →

A Deeper Dive into John (7:38-39) and John (10:17-18)

He that believes on me {as to my true nature of being that one who is created and a true prophet}, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow {the sound of} rivers of living water. But Read More →

The Hollow Giant Must Crumble

There comes a time when the ‘piper must pay’ for the tunes he laid out. That is only a natural law and it has been repeating itself for as long as history can be remembered. It is a peculiar trait Read More →