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Pick Up Your Cross and Own It: The Real Meaning of the Cross

And whoever does not carry his {own} cross and follow me cannot be my disciple {a true believer in me or a follower of me}. Luke (9:23) The parallels between Christianity and Islam can sometimes be overwhelmingly amazing. And to Read More →

Who Are the Gog and Magog Peoples?

Believe it or not, there is much confusion over the identity of the Gog and Magog peoples with a lot of the blame going to those who are in a position to know better but who don’t. The Gog and Read More →

The Strength of Belief Requires a Depth of Perception

If religion means anything more than just parroting or spewing a bunch of sayings or beliefs, then it must be based on a ‘firm foundation’ that is non-racial, non-prejudicial, non- detrimental and non-self-serving. In other words, it must be balanced Read More →