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Why the Quran is THAT TESTAMENT or Anatomy of a Puzzle

Without a doubt it {The Quran} is (announced) in the {previous} revealed Books of {the} former peoples.  Q (26:196) Indeed! The Quran by all accounts featured in the ‘Holy Books’ is the REAL NEW TESTAMENT that follows Jewish (old and Read More →

The Great Puzzle

Prophet Muhammad (pbh) talked to his audience of his day in the way that they could understand while giving absolute, 100% truth to those matters he wished to impart. His immediate followers did not need science, Comparative Religion or lengthy Read More →

Introduction: To Understand Religion KNOW HIS NAMES

Anything worth anything in life is a thought process. To understand this, a simple question needs to be asked: ‘Did Prophet Muhammad (pbh) ever speak about the personage of Judas Iscariot’? Most deep thinkers would probably say no and that Read More →