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The Proof is in Tasting the Pudding

Some Christian sects have used some of the verses of the Quran in trying to suggest that a ‘fair Quranic Book’ shows the proof of the New Testament but as a Holy Book, the Quran, falls far short of being Read More →

The Man Who Fought for the Believers

We as Muslims believe in all the prophets sent by GOD and we do not make suggestions that some prophets (in their respective and varied categories) are better than others. It is GOD that hands out distinctive features according to Read More →

The Magnitude of ALLAH

The wise know and trust in their LORD and the example for the human success story to follow – Prophet Muhammad’s (pbh) Way (Quran and his Sunnah) in the ‘blessed kingdom’ under the Christ-soul and Madhi to come. For their Read More →