Monthly archive February, 2023

The Tipping Point

In analyzing the major events of anything there always seems to be a tipping point in which some action results in the bringing in a new concept or a new dynamic to affect a change in the critical thinking or Read More →

The Quran Is the Greatest Miracle Known to Man

Following the writing called, The Final Solution, we can see the Quran in a new application that to my knowledge has never been applied before. However, it has been said ‘that history teaches man that man learns nothing from history’. Read More →

What Is Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander

The topic of religion is a sensitive topic especially for those who fear it! Those who fear religion as a topic are those who either don’t understand it well and perhaps are afraid to be thought of as being ‘childishly Read More →

The Eternal Contest between Light and Darkness

To us it may look like a contest in the so-called struggles of light versus darkness but in reality the end of those who chose darkness over light has already been determined as ‘The Pens’ have stopped writing. Nobody can Read More →

The Search for Truth

This is more or less a true account expanded to take in the teaching points that were once made clear but which were forgotten and abused by many charlatans who have had their hands in the till so to speak! Read More →

The Bare Bones about Paul and the Circumcision Issue

Some scholars use the circumcision topic to dis a certain Paul of Tarsus thinking that this issue will disqualify him from being a truthful person. The advice I would give is to check your own house before casting stones! We Read More →

Don’t Confuse the ONE WHO Sends with the One Who Is Sent

It has been said about Islam that Islam is a solution for humanity, principally stated by Peace TV. So one would expect Islam to provide answers especially to subjects of human concern and solutions to human problems. Humanity has reached Read More →