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Blessed Are the Poor

Then he {Jesus} lifted up his eyes toward his disciples, and said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of GOD”.  Luke (6:20) It was originally planned that these 70 or so articles found on this website be Read More →

Are We in Troubled Times?

Because ALLAH is AL-Mubeen/AL-Zaahir (THE EVIDENT) we can use Comparative Religionin a constructive way showing the unity of the GODHEAD when it comes to the 3 religious expressions of Monotheism (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). We call upon HIM (the – Read More →

The Gyroscope Effect of Earth: an Answer to Why We Have Societal Clashes

The human spirit was, at one time, universal and harmonious in nature. Then came the self-explorations leading to divisions over the untold millennia. Thus, we tend to dig our own joyful grave or a grave of regrets while living in Read More →